#13 the bunnyless issue

december 2003 / december 2004

So what's up?

Where has Tek been the last eightteen months? And where have the bunnies gone? crae explains all that and the mysteries of the universe as well.
Before getting struck down by some personal tragedies, Casper the Ghost could be found everywhere. Doreen managed to track him down back when things were still well for him.
Doreen describes this man's work as being ‘vivid’ and ‘cute’, I'd replace that last monniker with ‘morbid’. The girl is twisted, but what about fizzgig himself?
A fantasy airbrusher, a style I associate with swords, sorcery and scantilly clad women. Especially that last category. And lots of it.
“But what about skins?”, you say. Hold up, we're getting there. From walls to icons, an iconist from Poland with a My First Sony style.
pearls & skins
A young and fresh skin site with an all-female staff. Will that give it a distinctly different taste or will it be more of the same? Doreen asks owner Pearldrop.
pocket pc skinning revisited
The first article Doreen ever wrote for Tek many suns ago was about skinning on the Pocket PC. Years later, it's still her prime passion. Time to see what's changed.
The story of a LiteStep module developer who went stellar. Doreen talks to Rainy, author of the highly popular Rainlendar and Rainmeter apps.
To commemorate the return of Redllar's apps online, Kenray wrote this lookback at the events that transpired around his favourite dev.
The place where the people who worked on this issue get to claim some glory themselves. Feed their egos and give 'em praise.