Tek's star reporter with a taste for the macabre. Always on the lookout for new victims to interview.
Ken Ray
Founder, former editor. The international man of mystery behind the scenes who gives our bunny angels their assignments over the phone and pays the domain name bill
The evil that lurks in the basement, code munger, site maintainer, editor and the dude who gets to do all the chores that keep things running.


Bunnylovers who aren't staff, but more or less regulars. Our very own groupies:

The paper boy. Responsible for spreading the gospel of Tek throughout whenever a new issue is released.
Globetrotter, yellow alien, dead animal-fetishist and soapbox reanimator
The man with the hot gossip and noteworthy tech news, straight from the ghetto.


Alias ‘Panda(99)’, the man(x) who's been carrying Tek around on his server since late 2004.


Kudos to some folk without whom Tek would have never gotten where it is today. Former staff members Jumbles (co-founder) and migellito, previous hosts gorman and iMike of DeskMod and ModBlog fame.

so what about us?

Teknidermy is an ezine focused on the customisation of your computer's GUI, which primarily comes down to skinning, but sometimes also ventures into the realms of shells and wallpapers. It's aimed at those that skin or in any other way customise their interfaces.

Our content persist of interviews with skinners and artists, reviews of skinnable applications or shells and articles about other fitting material.

Tek's is published on a “as soon as it is done”-basis, seeing that deadlines only give you headaches. We prefer to take our time and present you with something we are actually happy with, rather than rushing and clogging things together just to publish on time.


Tek is an ‘open’ ezine. Meaning that anyone can submit an article to us and if we think it fits within our scope, we'll publish it.

If you think you have written something you'd like to see published here, drop us a line. We publish just about everything that shows integrity, so don't worry about poor spelling, wording and such.


Aside from publishing said ezine, we also try to post news about things happening within Skindom, which usually comes down to reporting new app releases or developements within skindom.

In the far and distant future, news posting will have a webbased interface, but until then, just mail 'em to us.

Mind you, if you're posting about your own app, be honest. We've been around and are very sceptical of superlatives and ‘award winning’ apps.


Tek has gone through a number of phases. From the initial, tightly published ezine, through the second incarnation base on phpNuke, which added news to the package, the third version where the content slipped, but the eyecandy grew, onto the current fourth Tek site which is more about news than the ezine it once was.

phase one: the launch

Somewhere around September 2000, on the skinz.org messageboard of the days, Kenray and Jumbles decided to create an ezine about skinning. Not soon thereafter, the name ‘Teknidermy’ (a cross between ‘taxidermy’ (stuffing animals) and ‘technology’), was chosen.

The inaugural issue was published in November 2000, with the aid of Migellito, fearoffours and Doreen. And from then on it was published on a bi-monthly schedule.

The second issue, released in January, saw a redesign by Alexandrie, which was a massive improvement over the first issue.

phase two: nuke

Tek saw its second incarnation in October 2001, when Jumbles introduced ‘Teknidermy NewsStand’, using the PHPNuke publishing engine.

This enabled us to make the site more dynamic by posting news. Before that, an issue came out and then the site was dead for two months until a new issue came out.

Downside of it all was that articles were now also published using this engine, which looked, well, rather nuke-ish.

phase three: enter the bunnies

Due to Real Life™-issues, Jumbles, who had until then been the site admin, had to quit Tek. Somewhere along the line I (crae) was dragged on board and when J left, I took over her tasks and became responsible for the site and putting the issues together.

Since I had long loathed the PHPNuke-engine, we chose to drop it (at least in regard to the issues) and spent way more time on the looks of the issues and the ability to comment on articles. However, this meant that the bi-monthly schedule was no longer feasible and we change to the current ‘publish when done’-schedule.

Also, up until then we had been hosted by Jumbles. So now we had to move. Luckily, Dave & Mike from DeskMod came to our rescue and Tek was hosted from Mike's bedroom.

phase four: skulls & crossbones

We still used the Nuke engine to post news, much to my annoyance. I long promised to recode Tek, but since I work very slow the years flew by with no change. In January 2004 though, a new site was finally launched. It was not the site I long promised, but in my book it was a leap forward.

Staff- and issue-wise though, things were in decline. Over the years, the scene had changed quite a bit. And so did Tek. Our favourite sites bit the dust one by one and our staff members were dropping like flies. By the time this version was launched, Kenray had almost completely dropped out, occupied by his work, study and band as he was, bringing the staff down to two.

As an omen, late november 2004, iMike announced that he could no longer host Tek. We weren't serverless for long, as panda integer of Skinnables fame jumped in and set us up on his server.

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