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About a year ago, I had started work on a message board, but then totally forgot about it. Until I came across it again yesterday.

What you see right now is that message board, hacked into the current site system. And these hacks are quite dirty, with evil SQL, nasty redundant/inefficient code. So I expect this board to fall over any second.

That also means that this isn't a super-duper ultra-deluxe board with all kinds of shit that'll take your server down. Right now, it's just a work in progress.

// craeonics / 615 weeks and 1 day ago

And naturally, things completely broke down when I put it up. Goddamn discrepancies.

Also note that this board is governed by the same filter (more or less) that keeps the soapbox clean. This filter is hostile, so posts can disappear without warning.

// craeonics / 615 weeks and 1 day ago

I see a few things are randomly acting up dutchy, but go sleep and just work on it here and there atleast we have a msg board! Hooray!!!!! =)

// Doreen / 615 weeks and 1 day ago

Actually dutchy I love it cuz it's very light and it floats on top! (Goes perfect w/ the original layout)

// Doreen / 615 weeks and 1 day ago

I see more than one thing acting up. But I'll deal with that eventually.

// craeonics / 615 weeks and 1 day ago


(so nice to have this feature)

// PK / 612 weeks and 1 day ago

Jusss be sure to hide the link outside from aafuss please. hehe

// Doreen / 612 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy, Gino went to grab one of our T-shirts to wear today and it had a huge spider on it! actually it was a big spider egg (looked like a cotton ball on it) hehe

// Doreen / 612 weeks and 1 day ago

Umm... yuck!

// craeonics / 612 weeks and 22 hours ago

I could see the rest for extra cuz now they come w/ their very own pet tarantula egg!

// Doreen / 612 weeks and 18 hours ago

see = sell oh brother

// Doreen / 611 weeks and 1 day ago

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