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Is this thing on?

Hmm... I should link some kinda news. I really should.

/me looks around...

Sheesh, I've been looking for over an hour! Here we go, though.

ATV2000 released







"New version of ATV2000 released.

- fixed setting of graph clock for capture drivers with audio pin

- fixed window resize on aspect ratios 16:9 Crop and 24:10 Crop

- fixed some memory leaks"

Glad to see that app is still around. I need to update the link at skinnables.org, though. Way out of date. Thought it was a goner. Special thanks to plastic for keeping skinnables around (used it as a software list), the way back machine (had the old page with a link to the new site), and crae for making the forum.

Ya... I still got it. >;]

// RedBoo / 827 weeks and 1 day ago

Look at ole man Boo Boo still posting news!

// Doreen / 827 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait... I'm forgetting something. Oh, ya. Gotta write an article and post it everywhere.

Oi... should I dust off my DA account? Eh... dunno.

/me goes back to bed...

// BooBoooo / 827 weeks and 20 hours ago

And maybe I should post some news. However, I stole my cousins PS3 and a stack of games (since he's on a holiday), so I've been hikikomori all weekend, playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

// craeonics / 826 weeks and 6 days ago

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