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Yet another Media Player: [link]

Don't know what it can do or anything. Heard about it here: [link]

// RedBoo / 804 weeks and 6 days ago

You mean to say I never posted about it? Curious. Been using it for years. It uses some built-in codecs which work quite well on low-end machines. Unfortunately, its support for advanced subtitles leaves a lot to be desired, so when I need subs, I look elsewhere.

// craeonics / 804 weeks and 6 days ago

I didn't know about it. That's what all these "news to me" snippets are meant to imply. No time to write/distribute articles. It's too late for that.

I'm off to bed. Night!

// RedBoo / 804 weeks and 6 days ago

Man I was tired when I wrote that. =^.^=

Seems most my newsing is small scale here these days. 8)

Better than nothing. >;]

// RedBoo / 804 weeks and 5 days ago

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