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Every once in a while, I run into groups of skinnable apps I've never seen before. It's very strange, there are usually a number of days or weeks between these discoveries and when they happen, it's always more than one.

Anyway, since I'm slacking on the news, I'll just create this here little thread to keep track of them.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 6 days ago

Ditto Clipboard Manager

"Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats, ..."

- [link]

From the looks of things, it has changeable colour themes. Not really skins per se, but close enough.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 6 days ago

Pixel Ruler

"Know the exact size and position of any element with this screen ruler.

Pixel Ruler features horizontal and vertical orientation, dynamic mouse measurement tracking in pixels, cool design."

- [link]

Apparently has skins. Not that I've seen any on that site.

Built on a platform called Mio, which looks rather interesting: [link]

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 6 days ago


"PomoTime is a software tool for Windows that helps you with the PomodoroTechnique."


Unsure if this is skinnable. It's made to look like a piece of paper with notes and what not, so it theoretically could be.

Little helper for Pomodoro time management: [link]. The basic premises seems to be defining a list of tasks to do, set an alarm clock and take a break when the alarm rings.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 6 days ago


"This is a multi purpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of windows run. The program originated as I was sick of spending too much time searching for programs through my ever growing windows start-menu, and also I missed a tool that could ease and optimize my daily work flow. There was of course already programs like this available, but each had it's annoyance or missing features or too(!) geeky."

- [link]

Basically a Launchy clone. If you haven't run Launchy yet, you really ought to. Some of the concepts of Launchy and its ilk made it into Vista's sorry excuse for a Start Menu.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm so out of the loop when it comes to Desktop apps but that PromoTime looks pretty cool...

No matter what launchers Ive tried I seem to keep returning to "RightClick" and after alllll these years guess what? I finally broke down and purchased it! Since this last time I installed it I realized (for me) I can't seem to find anything that works better for me. However there's a royal pain in the behind bugg in it where even if you configure it to auto start when you start up windows it wont! (Drives me crazy that I have to manually start it)

// Doreen / 757 weeks and 6 days ago

Just put a shortcut in your startup folder in you start menu.

// crae_work / 757 weeks and 6 days ago

I tried that already but for some reason on Vista it does not work? That always seemed to work on previous windows but it still won't load RightClick on start up...

// Doreen / 757 weeks and 5 days ago

Check your system error log. Maybe it starts and instantly stops for some reason.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 5 days ago

Okay thanks but for now me gets excited I smell rain in the air!!! You know that asphalty smell that comes really strong? (it's unmistakable)

// Doreen / 757 weeks and 5 days ago

It rains half the year over here. Smells like wet dogs.

// craeonics / 757 weeks and 5 days ago

Well this don't smell like wet dogs it smells more like salty concrete? (if that makes any sense) hehe

// Doreen / 757 weeks and 5 days ago

Now PomoTime is skinnable. Please refer to the link


to view/download the last version.


// xoring / 750 weeks and 4 days ago

Continuing the dump:

AIMP aims to be a "light weight" WinAmp replacement. It looks like it anyway: [link]

Speaking of WinAmp, 5.57 build 2765 beta is out: [link]

// crae_work / 749 weeks and 2 days ago

FSL Launcher: [link], does what the name implies (ergo: start programs).

// craeonics / 743 weeks and 5 days ago

Another launcher: Appetizer: [link]

// craeonics / 743 weeks and 5 days ago

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