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Sorry to mess up your board dutchy but that thread will not load anymore, I'm listening to car alarms and dodging live zombies...

// Dor_work / 536 weeks and 5 days ago

Starting a new one each year is a good move. Not that I'm listening to anything, other than the news.

// craeonics / 536 weeks and 4 days ago

Yikes! This loaded like lightning. And yeah, now I can easily count the years I've been chit chatting with you! I've lost track...

And me is listening to California Love (probably not appropriate for me at work but they've still not fired me)

// Dor_work / 536 weeks and 4 days ago

Look, it's the girl who sings like a goat:


* craeonics is listening to: Nelly Furtado - Maneater

// crae_work / 536 weeks and 3 days ago

There you go picking on Nelly again! I'm just on my lunch hour listening to beeping car horns and passing trucks (and of course dodging live zombies again)

// Dor_work / 536 weeks and 3 days ago

It was the radio that picked the tracks.

That being said though, it is now weekend.

/me scoots

// crae_work / 536 weeks and 2 days ago

Good for you, enjoy, I don't get to start my 9/80 schedule until mid May of this year. (It's been grueling)

// Dor_zzz / 536 weeks and 2 days ago

The tempation to make prison jokes... But since the sun is shining I'll just go bask in its light next to my cats (chores to do).

// craeonics / 536 weeks and 1 day ago

Grrrrr wise guy, well, I made it! It's now the weekend and me is going to change and run to the gym to melt in the sauna! (gym is empty on Friday nights cuz everyone else is out drinking and partying)


// Doreen / 536 weeks and 1 day ago

So now every time I see those commercials with those mgical fitness tools that are so much better than the tools they advertised a month ago, I'll think of you.

A song to go with that: LNR - Work it to the bone [link] (1988)

// craeonics / 536 weeks and 21 hours ago

You'd be thinking of me for nothing cuz I'm not into that stuff I simply run to the gym for melting my stress away in their blazing saunas and/or to jump on any treadmill for a quick bust a run once again to release pent up stress (or decompress so to speak)

/me goes check out your link...

// Doreen / 536 weeks and 15 hours ago

Ummm, not to sure what to think about that one. (never heard of it before)

// Doreen / 536 weeks and 14 hours ago

Because it's as old s dirt.

So er, you escape the sweat shops and treadmills of live by going to the gym and doing the exact same thing in a different setting? There is some irony in that.

More gym songs (with a video catered to the male demographic): Eric Prydz - Call on me [link] (2004), sample taken from Steve Winwood's not particularly stellar "Valerie" [link] (1987).

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, I've never thought of it quite like that but yes, with the difference being when I walk into work I'm soft and relaxed like a wet noodle however when I leave I'm wound up tight like a rubber band and when I walk into the gym I'm wound up tight like a rubber band and when I leave I'm soft and relaxed like a wet noodle?

/me goes check out mijn dutch dj's tunes...

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

hehe! Oh boy, that's about what it is like at the gym. (zombies and pervs there too) ppl there for different reasons of course. As long as the pervs kick back it's good but there are strange ppl...

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes those two songs are the same? I had to back to listen again but yes, it is!

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

You have me at a loss here. I don't know any songs about wet noodles.

// crae_zzz / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

I do have another gym song though: K-Liber - Viben [link] (date on the video is 2008, but I think's it much older). I semi-regularly imitate the fat guy's bit. His voice is ridiculous.

// crae_zzz / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, I don't care how old that tune is or is not or how ridiculous you say his voice is I loved the entire tune! Every bit of it. hehe

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

Slaap lekker mijn crazy dutchy...

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 6 days ago

No sleep for the wicked. Back at work already.


* craeonics is listening to: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

// crae_work / 535 weeks and 5 days ago

/me is listening to the sounds of the city all around me.

Good night non-wicked one...

// Dor_work / 535 weeks and 5 days ago

I still have those yellow claws stuck in my head [link], however, I'm currently listening to... the news.

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 4 days ago

Well it sounds alot better than the news so that's good.

/me goes crawl into my bed...

// Dor_zzz / 535 weeks and 4 days ago

Flashback from the 80s. This guy went on to host MTV shows for a decade after this one hit.


* craeonics is listening to: King - Love and Pride

// crae_work / 535 weeks and 3 days ago

So I went to the dentist today and he gave me his "you need to floss" lecture again (his favourite subject next to using an electric toothbrush). So he flossed two teeth as an example.

Guess whose teeth gum hurt like hell at the moment.

That's why I never floss. It's craziness.

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 3 days ago

Stop being such a big baby. If you floss regularly your teeth and gums "wont" hurt like hell (they only hurt cuz you're not used to it.) And also use a mouthwash daily that helps to keep your gums healthy. Unless of course you prefer to look like a pumpkin in 10 yrs?

// Dor_work / 535 weeks and 3 days ago

One thing I'm learning now that I'm aging having led a boring life and not having been a party animal has preserved me a bit not that it matters time catches up with you sooner or later (but I suppose later is better)

Anyways take care of your body and your body will take care of you...

// Dor_work / 535 weeks and 3 days ago

I say flossing is a conspiracy cooked up by dentists and the manufacturers of dental supplies, along with electric tooth brushes and mouth wash.

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh really? All you need to do is simply look at someone who has done some upkeep w/ their teeth and then look at a homeless persons teeth and the truth shall be revealed!

// Dor_zzz / 535 weeks and 2 days ago

You need to brush your teeth and brush them well. That is all.

Some silly song that seems to get a big push but I find a bit lacking: Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke - Blow [link] (probably because the first guy hasn't put out anything I like).

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 1 day ago

Nothing too stellar (but not all that bad either)

Anyways, three day weekend for me! /me goes run to the gym tonight to relax and turn into a wet noodle again...

// Doreen / 535 weeks and 1 day ago

I've got various candidates to go with for "weekend", but I'll settle for this one: De La Soul ft. Q-Tip & Vinia Mojica - A Roller Skating Jam named "Saturdays" [link] (1991). Mix is a bit different than what I remember, but it's two decades ago since I last heard this one.

// craeonics / 535 weeks and 20 hours ago

Only one true good tune by De La Soul (and you already know this to be true)


// Doreen / 535 weeks and 15 hours ago

I always had the idea that of the De La Soul guys are brothers or even twins. They look so similar. /me goes look it up

Apparently they are not... /me goes hide in his cave again

// crae_old / 534 weeks and 6 days ago

Insert a "two" in that first sentence somewhere. I'm such a fleet typist that my fingers miss the key words.

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 6 days ago

Don't feel so bad it took me until yesterday when I dropped that link for you that I just realized at the beginning of that vid what he meant when he was talking about the water and food coloring!!! That we are all the same (water, but some of us are just different colors) hehe

I actually never knew what he was talking about...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 6 days ago

I still don't know what the guy is talking about, since I've never seen that video from the beginning until now.

And someone came and stole my weekend. How can it be over already?

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 6 days ago

La la la laaaaa! /me still has another day off tomorrow but as of right now I have to go dance with my laundry (which means lil jon time!)


// Doreen / 534 weeks and 6 days ago

/me enjoys the day for mijn dutchy *cough* since you have to work today and I don't...

La la la laaaaa!!!

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago


While you were crunking with the laundry, I arrived at work hearing the French national anthem being played somewhere. Turns out the French president was in town on an official visit.

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh boy you Europeans!

/me goes back to crunking (but now w/ the dishes) and now I'm trying to figure out who stole my three day weekend!?

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

I've never heard the French national anthem before is this what it was? [link] if so, I'm not missing much my ear drums are weeping right now...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmmm, since I am Italian I should actually listen to the Italian national anthem atleast once in my lifetime right?


My eardrums do NOT know how to process any of those sounds for a groove? But my biological makeup recognizes the sounds from the Italian one as sounds from my Mommy. (and my grandparents) hehe

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

National anthems don't have beats. They're supposed to be serious and solemn. And slow too.

// crae_zzz / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

I forgot you cannot see my face to know when I am joking around w/ you. Very dramatic and diplomatic sounding! But I am serious when I say I don't know how to process that stuff (since I've never heard foreign anthems before) The Italian one however sounds Italian for sure.

My ears probably recognize that sound/vibe from the crazy old Italian music my grandparents and my mother and father used to listen to that I may have heard when I was a baby (who knows)

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy btw I was "tormented" w/ this one when I was growing up so this was our family anthem...


// Doreen / 534 weeks and 5 days ago

That's what you get when you grow up in a mafia family.

I've been hearing a new track by Ms. Perry which is rather high on the haunting effects, plus a deep bass. One of her better outings I'd say: Katy Perry ft. Juicy - Dark Horse [link]. Not sure if there's a real video of the song. Every "official" vid I tried was scammy.

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 4 days ago

I posted that one for you a while back but I think the vid was a collage of various other vids of hers pasted together remember? Anyways, yes that one I think is her best one yet. (but now that it recently caught on it is getting over played)

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 4 days ago

Yup, I had to dig around in our other thread and I see that I posted that Katy one for you 4 weeks ago. Men!!! They never really listen! hehe

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 4 days ago

Let's just say that's probably why it sounded familiar.

// crae_work / 534 weeks and 3 days ago

Both my post from work today did not post here dutchy. It's no big deal but at this new Dept that I'm currently working for I only have access to DB's but no internet access at all (hence why I use my phone) but the issue I have when coming here seems to be on and off? I can post from my Note III but it seems to be hit and miss from my iPhone. (which I use when they release jailbreaks and I update my themes etc)

Anyways, all I listened to all day on my radio was that Katy Perry tune (Dark Horse) it seemed as if they played it 100 times today! and it was the first tune playing when I first turned my radio on in the morning when I got to work. hehe

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 3 days ago

I see two posts from you that were posted via proxies. Proxies are blocked in the filter since that is what spammers tend to use.

Besides, you're supposed to work at work. Even if tormented by Ms. Perry.

// crae_work / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

When I'm at work I'm indeed working wise guy! At any rate there is always Wifi at this cozy lil cafe for my note here. But what I don't understand in regards to that proxy issue is if I'm using the same AT&T service and the same UC Browser though be it on different phones why is my iPhone posting via proxies but not my note?

// Dor_work / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

And this cafe music is going to put me to sleep I better get myself in gear and get to the office upstairs.

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy.

// Dor_work / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

The two posts up here were sent from a Samsung device over a sbcglobal.net line. The one before that over rr.com. The two that got blocked came from an iPhone over a mycingular.net line via an attws.com proxy.

Those names don't mean much to me. It could be that the wifi network in your office is supposed to be more secured than the one in the cafe.

Anyways, why are you in a cafe at work? /me cracks the whip

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

Bloody hell, I type "cafe" with the correct spelling (accent on the e) and my post gets eaten. If I hadn't written this stuff myself... Grrr...

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

Annoying! (I left a stupid book underground earlier for you) What is bugging me is that I've used my iPhone in the past at work to post and it's worked and I still don't see what the difference is since it is still the same service provider on either phone. My Samsung Note I don't like to use as a phone because my hands are too small and it's like holding an iPad up to your ear to talk on which is one of the reasons why I run back to my iPhone and I keep my other one for reading books and using for videos since the big screen is easier on the eyes.

Anyways, no big deal cuz just look at all the important stuff I post about...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 2 days ago

You may use the same carrier, but apparently those two phones go on the web over different networks. But I don't have a mobile phone, so I remain in blissful ignorance over it all.

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 1 day ago

Well apple is quote the control freak so it should not surprise me. But for all I know the issue could also be the jailbreak on that phone since it's crashing constantly now. My note though be it hard to handle in my hands is much more dependable and stable...

// Dor_work / 534 weeks and 1 day ago

Cept the auto correction spelling can be annoying...

Quote = Quite

// Dor_work / 534 weeks and 1 day ago

Moving on to new music. This one has been getting airplay for some time now: Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster [link], again with a minute before the music starts.

// craeonics / 534 weeks and 21 hours ago

Katy and Ke$ha were going toe to toe on my radio yesterday at work so my ears do not want to hear anything today.

/me goes get an early sweat on at the gym...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 16 hours ago

This calls for... Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence [link]

// crae_zzz / 534 weeks and 8 hours ago

/me kicks you!

Actually I did indeed enjoy the silence today, ran to the gym, came home and fell asleep!? I'm so full of energy now I know not what to do.

But I have the season finales of Dracula and American Horror Story recordings to catch up on.

/me goes kick it some more...

// Doreen / 534 weeks and 6 hours ago

So full of energy that you morph into Ms Couch Potatoe.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 6 days ago

I was a complete couch potato yesterday and when I awoke I had a surge of energy (but it was too late to go run a ton of errands) and today I wake up with not a drop of energy and early enough to go get everything done! (the joys of getting old)

/me goes try to get in gear...

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 6 days ago

/me hands Doreen her walker

I don't even have to run now. With that walker you can never catch up with me.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 6 days ago

Pfft! When and if the day comes that I cannot walk I will bypass the walker and get me a cool motorized scooter w/ shiny rims and drop it and when I scoot by you peddling on that old bike of yours I will just leave you in the dust!

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 6 days ago

Anddd me is listening to Beyonce and her hubby opening up the Grammy awards. (I still think her haircut sucks though)

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 6 days ago

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 5 days ago

So Daft Punk wins everything, have Pharrell as their mouthpiece and everyone ignores Nile Rodgers. And apparently Beyonce's backside was a sight to behold, except the news did not provide pictures thereof.

/me goes sulk in the corner

/me goes sulk extra because the accent on the e caused the post to be eaten again. This is very strange. I never had a problem with that before.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 5 days ago

/me smacks the hell out of you for wanting to see Beyonce's backside. (I seen it and you didn't miss much)I will say that Katy sang her Dark Horse tune and the show they put on to her song was perfecto! (that was the best part)

And it seems your own messageboard is turning against you!

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 5 days ago

Hey! They actually already have a vid posted of it: [link]

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 5 days ago

The video is removed by now. And this board is betraying me too.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 4 days ago

It figures, maybe this one will stay put long enough for you to view it: [link]

Anyways her whole stage performance and setup surrounding her song was excellent (or atleast I liked it) everything else during the Grammys was so so...

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 4 days ago

Setup looks good. Audio on the other hand... I don't know what happened there, but it seems to be rather muted.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 3 days ago

The audio was just the typical YouTube user posting homemade poor quality video stuff.

// Dor_zzz / 533 weeks and 3 days ago

New music: angry rappers trying the ballad thing: Ronnie Flex ft. Mr. Polska - Zusje [link]. Not much speed or bass, but has a bit of a reggae beat going on and lots of echo.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, I liked it! Plus it was a nice change from the obsession the radio stations currently have over playing KeSha and Katy Perry, I swear for two weeks they have been playing them two back to back. I like like Katy Perry's tune but come on not every 5 mins all day longggg and on every station!

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 2 days ago

Rain tonight Dutchy!!! (We're having a severe drought over here cuz we've not had much rain this winter) I know I'm going to sleep good in la la land tonight w/ this rain but tomorrowwww it means a 3 hour commute instead of the usual 2 hour since it'll be a smash up derby on the freeway with a few drops rain.

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 2 days ago

I suspect that Ke$ha song is actually a Pitbul song featuring Ms Ke$ha. Similar to the Rihanna track that's actually Eminem. Funny how singers overtake rappers in perception.

Anyways, we're having eastern winds here, which means frost. I'm packing 'em in boxes and sending the lot over before the plants on my balcony freeze to death again.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 1 day ago

I got excited for nothing cuz it turned out to be nothing but a light mist still everyone on the freeway freaked out cuz the road was semi shiny (if it snowed I cannot imagine what everyone would do!)

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 15 hours ago

Maybe you should get a spraycan of fake snow and spray that on your car's windows. Ofcourse, that's more a Christmas thing to do.

// craeonics / 533 weeks and 10 hours ago

Nah it might cause an accident...

// Doreen / 533 weeks and 7 hours ago

Don't do it while driving ofcourse.

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

Silly, I meant if ppl look over at my car and just "see" the illusion of snow they will crash. (ppl over here don't even know how to drive when we get a drop of rain it is ridiculous)

I cannot even count how many times since I've started at this new job downtown that I've almost gotten smashed frommm (me strains from saying bad words)

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

Strains or refrains (all the same)

/me goes run off to the gym...

Heb a goed dag! (or something like dat)

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

What you need is a vehicle with a bullbar. Just like they hve in Australia. So you scoop all the idiots who got their driver's license in a cereal box.

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

What I need it to probably ride a bike like you do, around all those crazy ppl and that stupid traffic but it's too many miles away from where I live.

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

Yeah you're lucky you are in la la land about now...

La la la laaaa!!! I haven't heard this for a while

He is jealous for me,

Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,

Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.

When all of a sudden,

I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory,

And I realize just how beautiful You are,

And how great Your affections are for me.

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually avoid a certain street because it's full of people who got their driver's license in countries with no cities by driving around the village pump, who like to cut corners without looking, plus people from places with no traffic, since they think they can cross the street without looking.

Fortunately this behaviour is largely restricted to one particular street.

And... you turned into a tree? Congratulations?

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 5 days ago

I suppose it is worse for you (more dangerous since if you get hit you've got no protection!) Be careful!

As for that tree remark...

/me pokes you in the eye w/ one of my branches!

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 5 days ago

Just to annoy you further w/ my worship tunes: [link]

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 5 days ago

Amazing really, that we are all just floating around in space in our perfect bubble of protection around this planet and as wretched as we are he still has not just poked the bubble of protection and let this world just fizz into nothingness yet? (I find it amazing anyways)

/me goes unwind from my day and get ready to go visit la la land whilst you get your booty in gear for your day soon...

// Dor_zzz / 532 weeks and 5 days ago

Nothing amazing about it if you leave out the imaginary friend.

Apparently it's been 120 years ago that the saxophone was invented. So the Belgians did a Top 50 Saxophone Songs thing. I only caught part of it and ofcourse I missed my favourite: Guru Josh - Infinity 1990 [link]

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 4 days ago

I also find it amazing that you still don't realize that you cannot keep me on topic on message boards? (though you really try hard!)

Anyways, I suppose he (my imaginary friend) would not want to destroy us no matter how wretched we are since it would be similar to a parent though their children may not turn out the way they planned they wouldn't actually kill or destroy them?

Alright! Enough of my ponderings...

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 4 days ago

I've not heard that Infinity tune for a long time (a bit too jazzy for my taste though)

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 4 days ago

It's because of the saxophone. Relic of the 80s.

And on-topic is for wusses.

// crae_work / 532 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm listening to the sound of some serious rain! Finallyyy, even with the brutal two and a half hour commute home I loved it!

/me goes visit la la land...

// Dor_zzz / 532 weeks and 2 days ago

This rain needs to stop in a bit though. I have to go out and get groceries. Preferably without getting drenched.

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 1 day ago

/me tosses you a carrot...

// Dor_work / 532 weeks and 1 day ago

Carrots will work well to improve my nightvision but to little against rain.

For some reason I have the solo to this song in my head: Within Temptation - Enter [link]. It's a bit of a rain song, I guess, but I haven't heard it in year, so no idea where that suddenly came from.

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 20 hours ago

And upon closer inspection I meant Restless, not Enter. More suited for ears that can't stand growls too.

Took a bit of searching, but this is the most recent live performance I can find of it in someting close to the original arrangement: [link] (beware of bad audio). It's another band playing it (Delain), but with the original singer as guest vocalist. Within Temptation themselves play it with a violin instead of guitars these days, which makes it way too low key for me. They went soft a long time ago, so I stopped at their third album.

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 19 hours ago

Oh boy, mijn dutchy yeah, I remember you dropping a link in the past to that song before (she sounds a bit dramatic and Opera'ish)

I need to dig me up something hard, loud and with heavy bass to get my booty in gear for the gym today cuz I'm super lazy and still apparently in my rain coma...

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 15 hours ago

And these lil churping birds singing outside my window are not helping me (they sound like a fake nature screen saver)

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 15 hours ago

Not very hard, not very loud and not very low, though the title certainly suggests so: Dev - Bass Down Low [link] (we call that false advertising). There's a bit of a missed opportunity in this song.

Can't find a remix that actually goes deep, but I did stumble across a half decent wobble version: [link]

// craeonics / 532 weeks and 8 hours ago

Not that bad (though you give it to me after I don't need it anymore)

No Drac no American Horror Story, what is a girl to doooo!

// Doreen / 532 weeks and 5 hours ago

In the category "crazy videos", more Yellow Claw: [link]. definitely not their best outing really. But the video goes from "what the hell am I watching?" to "what the hell am I watching!".

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes! Had I not thought it was too convenient that they suddenly had a plastic body bag practically in their back pocket I would have believed that vid was real or something! Disturbing way to start the day...

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 6 days ago

That was probably the effect they were going for. But I doubt burglars walk around with guns over here. Or not these type of burglars.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 6 days ago

If anyone ever breaks into my house, my guard cats will probably hide under the bed or something.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 6 days ago

Over here dutchy those burglars would not have been so polite, before they shot her and chopped her up they would have also raped her. It's not too nice over here on this side (so us females master kick boxing) hehe

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 6 days ago

It's not that we have polite burglars. It's more like most burglaries here, according to police reports, are impulse decisions. "Oh look, an open window. Let's go break in". So they don't want trouble, but they do have a lack of understanding of property.

Anyways, Winter Olympics have started, so the only thing on TV now is sports, sports, more sports and evaluations.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 5 days ago

Typical guy go watch those yukky sports.

/me goes look for lunch...

// Dor_work / 531 weeks and 5 days ago

There's no escaping it. Sports, sports everywhere.


* craeonics is listening to: Artfull Dodger ft. Craig David - Rewind

// crae_work / 531 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmm, you're right it's on every single channel... Ack! I miss my Dracula!!!

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 4 days ago

Craig David's only good tune: [link]

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 4 days ago

Craig David all over you.

One of my colleagues decided it was time to scare another colleague away by putting on some guitars, so I found myself listening to, among other things, these Brazillians: Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots [link]

My colleagues are softies.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 3 days ago

Hey what happened to my post? Now this board is eating my post from home too?

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh well now it's being nice and letting me post. Anyways, that Sepultura are "immature" growlers. hehe

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 3 days ago

Too short perhaps. I did drop the minimum number of required words to more than three, I think.

// crae_work / 531 weeks and 2 days ago

Note to self: Never post only 3 words. (I'm getting beat down between work and commuting so 3 words right now is hard!) hehe

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Dor_zzz / 531 weeks and 2 days ago

Some recent French stuff: Maitre Gims - J'me tire [link].

There's supposed to be an accent circonflexe (^) on the i in "maitre", but somehow something under the hood seems to have developed a taste for munging diacritics. It can't have been the filter, because the post does get through, but gets lost beyond that point. I'll have a looksee when I have some time (as in: when watching rasslin').

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 1 day ago

rasslin = wrestling?

I think the messageboard is finally breaking down and doing it's own thing now.

*sneeze* /me comes share my cold with you...

// Dor_zzz / 531 weeks and 1 day ago

It's become sentient. The code has essentially been unchanged over the past ten years, so whatever is causing this, it's probably at a lower level. Maybe the host updated some of the underlying software.

Anyways, I had a headache, a stuck neck and was super sleepy yesterday, so keep that cold over there.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 21 hours ago

Well it seems to be standing the test of time (ten years!) and I suppose it's still stands true if it ain't broke don't fix it. How often do you need to type a special character/symbol on your keyboard anyways?

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 16 hours ago

/me goes look up that sentient word...

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 16 hours ago

Stupid cold!!! I've got 3 days off and I was all excited thinking about all the things and places I wanted to do and run to like, go to the mall and then go to the gym and then go to the mall and then go to the gym and then go to the gym and then the mall (well you get the idea?)

Now, all I want to do is go to bed! Argh!

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 16 hours ago

Technically speaking, over here, if you become ill during a day off, it counts as a sick day and not a day off. I've never played that card. Then again, I'm never sick.

// craeonics / 531 weeks and 11 hours ago

Whatchu talkin bout willis?

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 10 hours ago

All I know is 3 more months and I've completed my 6 months and I get my 9/80 work schedule which will be more doable cuz what I'm going through right now to obtain my Secretary III Item is murder. (though I rec'd a letter of commendation yesterday from the Director for a special project I had been working on)

/me brags! =)

I never rec'd anything like that working at that hospital I finally left. But it's just really hard trying to keep up w/ the hours and the commute is making it near impossible trying to keep up with it all.

// Doreen / 531 weeks and 10 hours ago

And this bragging leads us to... Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote [link]

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

Now that's the way to wake up in the morning (and mijn dutchy always manages to pull something goed out of his pocket) So strange even when we get what we ask for we STILL complain. God forgive me.

/me stops all this complaining and grabs this tune to add to my playlist and get ready for the gym...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

That being said, the dub behind Murder She Wrote pops up in so much dancehall, it's become a bit trite. I like one hit wonder Kevin Lyttle a bit better: Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On [link] (for some reason the original no-budget video has vanished from YouTube).

First listen to that one, then check out the oh so similar Mohombi [link]. It's almost the same mix.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

Trite? hehe

Dutchy your vocabulary is adorable, I'd have probably said "overkill" but then again my vocabulary is lacking (or better yet sucks)

/me goes check out your links...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes! I forgot about that one and how good that one is too! I seriously need to revamp my playlist again.

/me goes back to listen some more...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

Second one is a total rip but who cares it's good too! (I'm grabbing them both!)

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 6 days ago

A little bit after this I realised that neither song is what I was thinking about. But I can't remember artist nor title.


* craeonics is listening to: Sheena Easton - The Glamourous Life

// crae_work / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Ack! Sheena Easton (you were probably thinking of Vanity 6)

/me enjoys the day off for you!

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

I was thinking Sheila E actually. But in the end, it's all Prince.

And further torture (the Belgian can play sucky music too):


* craeonics is listening to: AC/DC - Highway to Hell

// crae_work / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Sheila E, Vanity 6 (both pretty much the same breed)

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Suddenly me wonders after all these years if you have some special code written in this site for yourself with that:


// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Anyways, me is listening to chirping birds and I'm a wet noodle from the gym, getting ready to jump in the shower...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

I type that nonsense by hand. It's a bit of nostalgia from when we still had an IRC channel.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

I've not used IRC since then (I think kinky_crae ruined me for life!) hehe

Anyways, this is the same thing as IRC to me.

/me goes to the mall which is another thing, the pay increase I rec'd for my new position I'm spending on cloths to keep up w/ that job!

Yeah, yeah I knowwww stop complaining!

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Women + money + malls = ample time to watch sports.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Men! I only watch the Olympics to make myself fall asleep faster...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

Been browsing the site thought I would say Hello :P

// Katscratch / 530 weeks and 5 days ago

A visitor! And just when there's dust everywhere.

// crae_work / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

So I stepped into the office today and was greeted by Forever Young. Before all Doreens run for the hills, they also played Usher ft. Ludacris & Li'l Jon - Yeah [link] today.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

/me steps out from behind you and puts the baseball bat down (I thought he was an intruder not a visitor) we need to break out the cyber snacks!

// Dor_work / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

We're like a bunch of hillbillies, getting scared when someone visits our remote hideout in the mountains.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

Welllll, what year was it when our last visitor came? And the bigger question is where do they go after they say hello? Do they suddenly fall into the Teknidermy's abyss?

/me goes check out your link...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

Lil Jon comes to the rescue and saves Usher of course...

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

I got busy today and didn't even have time to fiddle w/ the dial on my radio so once again my ears were beat up by Ke$ha. (that song of hers makes me dizzy and nauseated it's so horrible)

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 4 days ago

Maybe our visitor will return, maybe not. Ke$ha can go though.

The Belgians play more hiphop than our "own" stations.


* craeonics is listening to: Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

// crae_work / 530 weeks and 3 days ago

The Belgians have also been playing this stuff a lot: Chvrches - Lies [link]. Very rough electronics, so probably not your cup of tea.

And then they played that Italian song your family loves.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 3 days ago

Wu-Tang? They've aapparently got good taste!!! I'm still being tortured with that Pitbull & Ke$ha tune since I've got to be reserved while at work. (Petey Pablo's Freek a Leek might not fair well whilst I'm at work)

// Dor_work / 530 weeks and 3 days ago

I finally listened to that Chvrches tune (not easy to follow links from my phone at work) anyways, it's not that I didn't like it but just that my ears seriously get confused w/ foreign sounds so I don't know what to think about it?

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 3 days ago

I'd say playing something like Jailhouse Rock would be suitable at your job.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 2 days ago

/me pokes you

Veryyy funny wise guy...

// Dor_work / 530 weeks and 2 days ago

I thought long and hard about that. It's the only prison song I could come up with, other than "Working on the Chain Gang".

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 1 day ago

Ummm, Ummmmm (actually, I can't think of any!)

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 1 day ago

Well a vid popped into my mind but the song really has nothing to do w/ the vid! [link]

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 1 day ago

"Telephone" has a jail setting, yes. Labi Siffre's "There's something inside so strong" as well. It's a bit gospelly, so perhaps of interest to you: [link] (1987).

Meanwhile, I've got "Rock the Boat" stuck in my head for some reason.

// craeonics / 530 weeks and 21 hours ago

I see or hear the word gospel and this sound jumps into my mind (however, the tune has nothing to do w/ gospel) [link]

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 13 hours ago

I hear that War intro and the Flower Travellin' Band springs to mind: [link] (1971).

// crae_zzz / 530 weeks and 9 hours ago

Ack! You're kidding me right? Anyways, been listing to stuff you don't like today: [link]

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 7 hours ago

Time to get the nails trimmed: listing = listening

// Doreen / 530 weeks and 7 hours ago

It must be Sunday. And your imaginary friend was punishing you. And speaking of punishment, the cat thought it was a good idea to eat some flowers (they can't digest that) and then throw up... on my carpet!

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah, part of my day was my Mom punishing me when I went to set up her new tablet and remove a ton of virus' off her laptop when I set her up it's always the same thing when I need to connect to her Network, Netflix and email accts etc:

Me: Mom, what is your user name or login and password?

My Mom: Ummm, Al (my Dad) do you remember when we changed our passwords what are they now?

My Dad: Ummm, Honey didn't I tell you to write that stuff down?

Me: Ummm, letzzz do this thing Mom cuz I need to get home before midnight, we can either remember them or find them or create new ones and get this going!

It normally requires me 10 mins to fix whatever issues she has and 8 hours to recover her passwords for everything!!!

/me goes hit the gym...

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

That "I don't know my login details" thing is the prime reason I'm not doing computer maintenance anymore. Aside from the fact that it's bloody annoying in the first place and they always act innocent when I ask them where all that suspicious stuff comes from (or give different answers each time I ask).

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

There is nothing suspicious about it, no matter how innocent they try to look, it's from them going to those stupid online gaming sites and probably porn sites (they should be ashamed of themselves at their age)

But, as annoying as it is for me (and it drives me insane!) I know I will "never" say no to them...

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, on to some tunes and tackle this house now: [link]

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

I have less scrupules. I said "no" to my uncle when he was stuck installing Windows 8.1 and apparently my aunt "shed a tear" (her words). So I guess I'll invite them along with my annual dinner in six weeks as a consolation of sorts.

// crae_zzz / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

Don't be surprised if they bring their PC along w/ them...

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 6 days ago

They're not that devious (yet).


* craeonics is listening to: Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

// crae_work / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

And I'm listening to Dark Horse for the 10th time so far today (repeat hell on the radio again)

// Dor_ / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

And I'm listening to Dark Horse for the 10th time so far today (repeat hell on the radio again)

// Dor_ / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

And I'm listening to Dark Horse for the 10th time so far today (repeat hell on the radio again)

// Dor_ / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

What I get for trying to post from work...

// Dor_work / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

Repeat hell in the forum? You should be working, not playing. And there are much, much worse things than Katy Perry. Bastille's "Things we lost in the fire" [link] getting played at least every hour for instance.

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

And since we are posting the worse tunes let me drop the ultimate worsest Zedd- Stay The Night

// Dor_work / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually dutchy that link of yours is not too bad...

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 5 days ago

It's horrible. It was on the radio when I just walked into the office, so the days is already off on a wrong start. As for that Zedd song, I may or may not know it (have to check).

// crae_work / 529 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh, and now they're playing your favourite song. Ms Perry doesn't get that much airplay on this track really.

// crae_work / 529 weeks and 4 days ago

Looked up that Zedd song: [link]. It is indeed quite horrible. Or the word I'd like to use for tunes like these: "infantile".

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 4 days ago

That's the one and it most certainly should not be played on the stations they play it on since it does not fit at all "anywhere" hehe! (It's just, ack!)

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 4 days ago

Time for some good new stuff. I really don't like our Belgian friend's previous two tracks (Formidable and Tous les Memes) and they get played to death, but his new song is very good: Stromae - Ta Fete [link] (rather dark video though).

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 3 days ago

What in the world was that!? I think I liked it but that ending was yuk!

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 3 days ago

Very strange video, yes. But in a way all his songs are dark.

Oh, I think they're singing about me again:


* craeonics is listening to: EMF - Unbelievable

// crae_work / 529 weeks and 2 days ago

Yes they apparently are sillyyyyy, I'm listening to the sounds of the city and it's cold outside so I'm heading back to the office.

// Dor_work / 529 weeks and 2 days ago

It is time for the annual trip to the vet where my cats get their annual shots against various cat diseases. This means I have to catch them, put them into their baskets and hops on over to the vet. All this accompanied by a never relenting orchestra of cats crying foul and murder (or in other words, they complain loudly during the entire trip).

Fortunately the vet is just down the road.

// craeonics / 529 weeks and 1 day ago

By now things have calmed down and you're back home with your kids I mean kats! And the trauma is overwith...

On this end it is stormy, rainy and windy and all I can think about is being in my warm soft bed with my soft and fuzzy blankee!

// Dor_work / 529 weeks and 1 day ago

The tomcat did not quite appreciate us trying to give him anti-worm drops after taking him to the fed, so he jumped out of his cage with such force that he apparently broke my mother's nose (I let my mother give my cats those drops so they don't suspect me having anything to do with it) and my right arm is covered in scratches.

I think she was exaggerating, but who knows.

// crae_zzz / 529 weeks and 10 hours ago

Coward! Making your cats dislike your Mom like that!

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 9 hours ago

Huge thunderstorm over here and it's 2:30pm in the afternoon and it looks as dark as 9:00pm!

// Doreen / 529 weeks and 9 hours ago

When you get up you can grab a bucket and come over to my house and help me bail out this flood sleepy head. I've never seen such a downpour I got flooded w/ hail and water.

// Dor_zzz / 529 weeks and 4 hours ago

You are inside and your roof is functional, is it not? And you're hopefully not living in a valley or incline. If so, no problem.

/me goes look up some rain tunes... Some Draconian always works well with rain [link]. And I need to get me some new CDs. Last batch was a year ago, I think.

// craeonics / 528 weeks and 6 days ago

Having a roof had nothing to do w/ it dutchy...

The sky turned black as night in the afternoon and then there was a flash (like a camera flash) that literally blinded me! Seconds later the sky opened up w/ a "waterfall" (not heavy rain) but a waterfall then hail was pounding on my windows which I don't know how I don't have busted glass? Then within a couple mins, rising water poured in from under my doors and also the sliding glass doors etc.

I've seen alot of storms in my lifetime but this was a bit different...

// Doreen / 528 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, I didn't drown and I'm still alive but I will have to check that link out later I'm still scared!

// Doreen / 528 weeks and 6 days ago

So apparently it either never rains in "sunny" California or they don't know how to do proper drainage there. Great fun, mopping your house on your day off.

// craeonics / 528 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah it rains, I'm not sure what that was though...

(I normally love thunderstorms but that was some kind of explosion storm!)

// Doreen / 528 weeks and 6 days ago

Be glad you weren't riding a bike in the middle of it.

What does my ear hear? Is it the George?


* craeonics is listening to: Wham! - The Edge of Heaven

// crae_work / 528 weeks and 5 days ago

No be glad you were not riding your bike in that you'd have been swept away in the flood or river! Seems the storm is gone and we're back to normal (though my house is not back to normal it's a mess!)

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 5 days ago

I walk when it storms.

And look what they're playing now! Excellent music to clean up the house to.


* craeonics is listening to: Alphaville - Forever Young

// crae_work / 528 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't know what you see in that horrible tune! And since I can't be in two places at the same time, cleaning my house will have to wait.

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 4 days ago

And now I'm home and do I feel like cleaning my house? Nope!

/me goes watch this Pharrell interview...

// Doreen / 528 weeks and 4 days ago

My cat figured this morning was the opportune moment to throw up on my new carpet. So I had to do some cleaning, even if I didn't want to, or my carpet would be ruined.

// crae_work / 528 weeks and 3 days ago

Boy those kids of yours! I mean kats!

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 3 days ago

I am quite sure she did it on purpose. I chased her off the carpet when she started throwing up, turned around and so did she. Little demons are probably smirking afterwards.

Anyways, enough barf stories.

// crae_zzz / 528 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm only tolerating your barf stories cuz you've been patient enough to listen to my lil wheezer stories over the years so carry on if you mustttt...

// Dor_zzz / 528 weeks and 3 days ago

Those little weezers should have moved out by now. Ofcourse, they're half Italian, so they don't leave the house until thirty.

// craeonics / 528 weeks and 2 days ago

Gino moved out a few weeks ago with his girlfriend or fiance (but he keeps coming home so much I can't even tell) and when he is over there he is calling me constantly. As for Sammy I'm trying to teach him how to drive so he can get independent but he won't let me. He will though when I scare him and tell him I'm thinking of moving closer to Los Angeles since I cannot deal with this commute much longer...

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 2 days ago

Over here we normally jump ship at 16 Gino just turned 22 so that's like 30 in LA years...

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 2 days ago

Thinking of moving? I thought you were living in your dream house now.

// craeonics / 528 weeks and 1 day ago

I love the house I currently live in dutchy but I don't love having to get up at 4:00am everyday to deal with the commute to work and depending on the traffic getting back home takes me anywhere from 2 to 3 hours some days. (It's brutal on top of difficult work hours)

// Dor_work / 528 weeks and 1 day ago

Decisions, decisions. Either keep up commuting; move closer to your job; or find a new job that does not require a three hour drive.

Alternatively, get a pied-a-terre close to your work and stay there during the workweek and retreat to your dream house during the weekend. Costly though.

// crae_zzz / 528 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, yesss I've got several options, but one option I will not opt for is Sammy living in Los Angeles so first things first, I'm trying to get him to let me teach him how to drive and he needs to finish up High School and if I move to Los Angeles he can go live w/ his brother and attend College w/ him. I refuse to spend the next 20 years of my life commuting to LA and that is where all the Secretarial positions are located.

/me goes turn myself into a wet noodle and sweat off my grueling work week...

// Doreen / 528 weeks and 1 day ago

So I went to Youtube to look up songs about wet noodles, but then figured I'm recommended to many crazy stuff already and can do well without pasta. I also got distracted by a documentary.

A song about work then: Desmond Dekker - The Israelites [link] (1968)

// craeonics / 528 weeks and 19 hours ago

I like this link you dropped better: [link] (would you believe I've not heard it once yet over here on this side?) Seems to have the deepest vibes that scratch all the right spots on my eardrums.

Anyways, off to clean up a ton of leaves and tree branches left from the storm all over my patio. Here's a good version of Three 6 Mafia again but this version is minus thugs and fast heavy breathing...


// Doreen / 528 weeks and 13 hours ago

There's a 44 year difference between Desmond Dekker and that Skrillex tune. People have figured out how to seriously drop the bass in the meantime.

I don't think I've ever heard a Three 6 Mafia song on radio or TV on this side of the pond.

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 6 days ago

I just adjusted to the last time change exactly a week ago from today and now they've changed the clock again!!! (Which means when I get up at 4:00am it will really be 3:00am) My biological clock cannot be trained according the time whoever that person is that decided to keep changing the time like this. OMG how in the world am I gonna deal w/ this 3:00 thing! And I cannot force myself to sleep at certain times when I'm not tired. This is just ridiculous...

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 6 days ago

Imminent burnout! Fortunately we don't have that nonsense until the end of the month.

Meanwhile, we're stuck in the 80s again.


* craeonics is listening to: Blondie - Call Me

// crae_work / 527 weeks and 5 days ago

Burnout indeed, just when you think it can't get any harder but oh well, such is life. And I'd take Blondie over this never ending loop of Ke$ha over here...

// Dor_work / 527 weeks and 5 days ago

They also played some worship tunes. Well, it's technically a worship tune, but I don't think anyone takes it as such: Third World - Try Jah Love [link] (1982).

// crae_zzz / 527 weeks and 5 days ago

Ancient, not heard that one in quite a while. I did hear a semi good one though it too be an oldie: [link]

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 5 days ago

I may or may not have heard that song. No audio hear, so I can't check. Currently being tortured by some screaming midget.


* craeonics is listening to: Prince - Purple Rain

// crae_work / 527 weeks and 4 days ago

Ah, yes, that "In my house" song was the one I expected it to be. The old fogey staton is having an 80s week (as if it isn't like that any other week of the year), so I've probably heard that entire list of related videos.

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe dutchy screaming midget? Prince? (I take it not your boss?)

Anyways, I was tied up in a meeting for 4 hours and then the only sound I listened to thereafter was of me typing on my keyboard so there were no tunes or Ke$ha for me today.

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 4 days ago

The boss never screams. He only looks disappointed.


* craeonics is listening to: The Cure - A Forest

// crae_work / 527 weeks and 3 days ago

Yummm that's a good one! And I think somebody else got tired of Ke$ha and called into that radio station cuz it's a bit better today.

Whata man, whata man whata man whata mighty mighty good mannnn...

(What I'm listening to at the moment)

// Dor_work / 527 weeks and 3 days ago

Hey, I knowww I did not change the radio station since this is the only station I can get reception so what is up?

War - Lowrider

Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip to seeee

Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with meee

// Dor_work / 527 weeks and 3 days ago

I will tell you this, an 80s week means that they play way, way too much Prince. Far more Prince than, say, Michael Jackson or Madonna.

Well, at least it's not Kesha.

// crae_zzz / 527 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm not too sure what happened w/ that radio station but not one time did I hear Ke$ha played on it today and the playlist though it played lots of oldies it was totally fresh!

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 3 days ago

At first I thought the Belgians were only playing songs by dead people today, but then I noticed they all died of drug related causes and as the day progressed the theme turned out to be drugs.

As to the why of things, I do not know, but they did play Rock to the Beat [link] (1988). Granted, not the orignal version by Reese and Santonio, but good enough.

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 2 days ago

I think you've posted that before several years back (I like that version better I think)

And I've just been busy so my ears have not been able to relax long enough to listen to the radio but they did happen to catch a few seconds of your little screaming midget today! hehe

Can you imagine so busy that the radio is actually on and playing and you cannot even pay attention or hear what is playing. =(

I never even knew that was possible!

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! I just looked up at my TV and they had a commercial on and the car was driving down the streets of LA right where I work. (last thing I want to see)

// Dor_zzz / 527 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, new episode of The Big Bang Theory, I'm happy again! (tired but happy)

// Dor_zzz / 527 weeks and 2 days ago

The term for it is "being in the zone". Rarely happens for me because I have colleagues popping up at my desk all the time.

I think Big Bang Theory is to have three new seasons even. There's some long term planning.

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 1 day ago

What is the term for when you have been working for several hours before you notice you didn't even get to turn your radio on! Now this is getting crazy, I get jumped on before I even get settled into my desk and ready for my day!? The only good thing about it is that the day goes by super fast...

// Dor_zzz / 527 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait! Three new seasons!!! Hooray! (I didn't know that!)

/me goes hit the gym and turn myself into a limp wet noodle...

// Dor_zzz / 527 weeks and 1 day ago

There's a whole article on what you're experiencing: [link], although they paint it as a positive and enjoyable state, which may not always be the case.

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 21 hours ago

Hmmm,bleh, I agree w/ your first comment of being in the "zone" when I'm at working and working on a project "everyone" and "everything" around me suddenly becomes invisible and I simply go into my own little world. I can get the job done to perfection in one quarter of the time it would have taken the average person (if even the average person could even complete the tasks at all)

The problem w/ the way "I" function, is that most "everyone" takes advantage of me and I'm a stupid easy target.

And as for now I'm going to run back to the gym for my morning wake up and zone out everyone around me there as well cept, at the gym I "can" focus on what I'm listening to so I need to fill up my nano w/ some goed tunes!!!

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 17 hours ago

Boy, how in the world am I a secretary? Check that mess out! (Only by the grace of God)

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 17 hours ago

Good tunes with dubious lyrics for Ms Secretary: Dr. Kucho & Gregor Salto - I can't stop playing [link] (from a good number of years back).

// craeonics / 527 weeks and 10 hours ago

Dutchy you'd probably make a better secretary than a Webmaster w/ that vocabulary of yours, dubious? Had I not been hanging around w/ you for all these years on stupid messageboards my vocab would be null.

As for that vid that girl might be playing w/ herself to avoid having to stroke everyone's egos...

I got to the gym and after 10 minutes my music player's battery died leaving me at the mercy of the gym's overhead music which is always stuck on the 80's tunes. *sigh*

// Doreen / 527 weeks and 9 hours ago

I picked up my English from watching the A-Team (among other series).

Did you say 80s tunes? Did someone call for... Flashdance? Michael Sembello - Maniac [link] (1983). It even has an electric drumkit and a key guitar (or whatever you call those things). And... cellos?

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 6 days ago

You forgot Boy George And The Culture Club?

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 6 days ago

Boy George was in A-Team once, I kid you not: [link].

You'll have to make due with just that commercial, as the only versions of the actual episode I can find on YouTube are either from compression hell (blocks and glitches everywhere) or by some wise guy who figured taping shows is done by pointing a camera at your TV set (and not even at a straight angle).

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 6 days ago

Interesting, was that when he kinda realized he is actually a boy?

// Dor_zzz / 526 weeks and 6 days ago

I think that was his parents' fault. If I recall correctly, they wanted a girl, so he wore dresses and stuff. Hmm, no mention of it on the wiki so probably just gosip.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

Really? Poor guy, all I know is the first time I seen him I thought it was a girl for a few seconds then years later he seem to dress as a boy so I figured he was confused who he is?

But to me a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy and a duck is a duck (does not matter how they dress it nothing will change it)

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

Course these days there is surgery still you cannot change what you are DNA wise (nature is pretty stubborn)

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

DNA-wise there is a whole spectrum between XX and XY. Things are not always as clear cut as they seem. And that's without bringing orientation into things.

That being said, the 80's were an affront to fashion (and even I who don't care much about fashion can see that).

// crae_zzz / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

Everything on earth has an opposite sex, the fish in the ocean all the animals on land, and "Humans" etc. It is nature and "natural"

Is it natural for a woman to love a woman and a man to love a man? Yes, totally, natural but, when they decide to corrupt that love into their own personal "perception" of love, then nope it's no longer "natural" it's now altered (every time people alter stuff they mess everything up)

Be honest, does it "fit" natural? Nope, Does it "look" natural? Nope

They can put on a dress or use a fake dildo or whatever it takes but still it wont fit or look or ever be "natural"

Do I have people close to me that are totally 100% gay? Yes. Do I love them? Yes. Do I agree w/ their sexual orientation? Nope, and they know it.

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

Answer me this, now that the law says it's okay for either sex to use the same bathroom do you feel comfortable peeing with some strange girl in there? I don't feel comfortable or safe with strange guys in the girls bathroom! Some of the guys are not gay just pervs! hehe!

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 5 days ago

I take it that Doreen World must be a particularly nasty place. La La Land is much more amusing.


* craeonics is listening to: Rick James - Superfreak

// crae_work / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

Particularly amusing (or annoying, depending on point of view) is that we have municipal elections tomorrow. So what do the TV stations do? They host debates by politicians who operate on a national level. Pretty pointless when it's about local elections.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

I sure hope you're not dancing around in a dress over there in woodenshoe land or I might have pissed you off? (I'm sorry)

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

/me not Scottish

Oh look, they've wisened up and are showing some local debates now and follow those up with national debates. Still silly though, because whatever they think in other municipalities has nothing to do with the elections in my town. But at least it's something.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

Dutchyyy hehe

I'm sorry, but look at you saying my world is nasty cuz I expressed how I feel about it?

I told you that I have close friends "and" family that are gay and we talk about it even though we don't feel the same about it. To me there is a difference about it when peoples preferences are "forced" upon you and now they have unisex bathrooms and you just don't understand how it feels being a female and having a male follow you into a bathroom in downtown Los Angeles (#1. You are a guy so you don't know. #2. You don't know Los Angeles)

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

And "elections" are completely boring (my nasty opinion!) however, I will leave them on my TV if I want to fall asleep faster...

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 4 days ago

Queue "Nasty Girl". Except that I've forgotten whether it's Janet Jackson, Vanity Six, Appolonia Six or someone else...

// crae_work / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

Say my name, say my name (decent mix up today on the radio)

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

[stupid diacritics bug ate my post, so here I go again]

I think I've heard a bit too much Beyonce/Destiny's Child today. Shakira has a new collaboration with Rihanna out: [link]. Song is up-tempo but otherwise unremarkable. I even suspect Shakira is not even singing here, but just showing off her impressive vocals capabilities. Now if only she'd do better songs.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

Alot of collaboration going on between recotding artist lately and I like her on a show I watch called The Voice. I'm not sure if it airs over there.

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

That show probably has spin-offs all over the globe. Originally a Dutch concept apparently: [link]. I'm not particularly keen on talent shows though, so I don't watch it.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

Say what??? /me goes and reads that again, Holland?

I don't normally like talent shows either (unless that is all that is on TV) but the Voice I got hooked on cuz it is different to me since the judges cannot see the talent only hear them so they cannot judge the singers by their first appearance so they judge by "true" talent.(totally different than the norm talent shows)

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 3 days ago

Strange as it may be, apparently "we" are big in TV-concept land.


* craeonics is listening to: Tears for Fears - Shout

// crae_work / 526 weeks and 2 days ago

And what do my ears suddenly hear playing? Nasty girl...

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 2 days ago

And what do my ears suddenly hear playing? Nasty girl...

// Dor_work / 526 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, what is that? Well it'was one of those dayzzz.

I keep hearing that Beyonce tune you dropped a link to for me "Drunk in Love" and yes it does indeed have some good banging deep bass but I keep having a mental image of her and Jay Z going at it in the kitchen so it sorta ruins the tune? hehe

Anyways, nasty day, off to la la land early...

// Dor_zzz / 526 weeks and 2 days ago

The video on the other hand has not much kitchen action going on, but more of Ms Knowles hanging out on the beach at night or so.

Back to the "nasty girl", I don't think I've heard anything new from Janet Jackson in a decade.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 1 day ago

Janet Jackson? Nah, [link]

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 1 day ago

I knew I was mixing them up... I'd say that was her only hit over here.

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 21 hours ago

Oh, and in the category "crazy videos you find online", DJ Snake ft. Li'l Jon - Turn down for what [link].

// craeonics / 526 weeks and 20 hours ago

Okay, now that is most definitely the craziest vid online I've seen so far, though I'm certain if I searched I'd find something even crazier (since crazy has no limit)

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 17 hours ago

Hmmm, you seem to be right about Vanity 6 I poked around and basically that was her only decent tune? She had a couple more but I could not stand them (seemed prince put her in the spotlight to mask himself or something on her other tunes) but Nasty Girl was the best...

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 17 hours ago

Lenovo B750-57323558 29" All-in-One PC with Intel Core i5-4440 Processor,6gb Memory,1TB Hard Drive,Nvidia GTX760A Graphics,BD-R Combo,Wifi,HDMI,Windows 8.1

Mmmm & Yowzaaaa! 29" love at first sight! Time to see what WOW possibly looks like on this baby!(though work keeps cramping my style so I might just download a trial)

// Doreen / 526 weeks and 7 hours ago

Uh oh, Doreen is slipping into the game world again...

As for our screaming midget, he did this a lot. Sheila E, Sheena Easton, Vanity, Appolonia, Wendy & Lisa. All kinds of artists who sound a lot like what Prince would write, because it was (partially) Prince behind the scenes.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 6 days ago

They were just a pretty faces to put in front of "his" music I think. (seemed to work for a song or two, but apparently nothing too long lasting for any of them?)

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 6 days ago

Not much different from other producers then.

Oh no, suddenly the weekend is over! How did that happen?

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't know dutchy...

I do not want to go to work tomorrow I didn't get to download WOW! No time, I've just been uninstalling all the preinstalled software on this new machine and trying to tweak it to my style and that's about it since I got it!

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm in favour of building your own machine. Saves you from spending an evening uninstalling crap.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 5 days ago

You're a guy so I would assume that. My All in One choked on me after all these years (and two major repairs) so I had to finally lay it to rest.

// Dor_work / 525 weeks and 5 days ago

RIP All-in-One. But out with the old and in with the new.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 5 days ago

I remember the days I used to buy a new machine every six months then I bought that HP and stayed on that machine for so long it became a part of me (actually miss it, as slow as it was!) but I can get used to this one soon enough! This screen is unbelievable and seems to stretch from one side of my room to the other and when I open and stick two windows side by side it's "exactly" like having two monitors (freakishly longggg display, the res is 2560 X 1080)

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 5 days ago

You mean you're becoming sensible. Computers these days last for years. This netbook is almost six years old now. My desktop is even older, but I simply do not need the extra processing power.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 4 days ago

Sensible? Me? Nah (now I'm buying phones every six months) but I am aware and working on it (wellll, sometimes)

// Dor_work / 525 weeks and 4 days ago

Wisdom comes with advanced age. Except for me, as I was born old.

New music (okay, they've been playing it for months): YG ft. Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan - My Hitta [link]. Reminds me a bit of Luniz' "I got 5 on it" from way back.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm already advancing in age and it still is not happening apparently...

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmmm, who dat be!? (I don't think I've ever seen or heard of them before) but I definitely like them. If I were not so tired from my day I'd have to go search them out some more!

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 3 days ago

Meanwhile, I (and my colleagues) are completely fed up with London Grammar, for instance [link]. The singer sings on top of her longs constantly, without much variation and that gets old really, really fast. That it gets way too much airplay does not help either.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 2 days ago

That vid is not supported for mobile devices so I will have to check that out later.

/me goes walk among the zombies for lunch...

// Dor_work / 525 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't like to go by what others say (I gotta make my own mind up) but after checking her out better and listening to this: [link]

I have to totally 100% agree w/ you here...

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh lord she must have a really good music producer that really has it out for her? She is pretty but, that voice? What in the world!

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't even know what she looks like (well, I do now). She obviously has the singing apparatus to produce sound at such an intensity without going false or nasal. However, I prefer a more ebb and tide style of singing, and not constant maximum output.

Almost headache inducing.

// craeonics / 525 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, I don't know what I like, but my ears do! (when they hear it)

// Doreen / 525 weeks and 1 day ago

Right now, the only music I hear is the tomcat meowing somewhere in the house. Since I don't speak cat and the cats don't speak human, I don't know what he's on about.

// craeonics / 524 weeks and 6 days ago

And apparently summer time kicked in today, so I'm going to be miserable the entire week (and after that I have a week off to acclimatise).

// craeonics / 524 weeks and 6 days ago

Can't trust anything on this date, but apparently producer Frankie Knuckles died today or yesterday. You probably don't know him, but like DJ Kool Herc was the innovator of hip hop, Frankie Knuckles is responsible for the genre known as "house". Sample of his style: Baby wants to ride [link] (1987).

// craeonics / 524 weeks and 4 days ago

Back to other old stuff.


* craeonics is listening to: Joan Jett & the Black-Hearts - I love Rock 'n Roll

// crae_work / 524 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm barely calming back down. It's not been good over here in Cali since Friday night dutchy. Not good for anyone living within a one mile radius of my house! I'm thinking God is literally trying to "shake" some sense into me?

// Dor_work / 524 weeks and 3 days ago

Dutchy I just checked out that link you dropped for Frankie Knuckles and nope, I've never heard that before (not once) where do you come up with this crazy stuff?

// Dor_zzz / 524 weeks and 3 days ago

You need to tell that invisible friend of yours to turn down that bass.

As to where I get my stuff, the term we use here is "algemene ontwikkeling" (or in other words, keeping ones eyes and ears open). I hear and see a lot.

// crae_work / 524 weeks and 2 days ago

I did, and he turned it down a bit, the one that woke me up for work gently shook me up. (either that or after experiencing 300 of them over the weekend I'm finally getting used to them)

// Dor_work / 524 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh, so it was just your fancy new alarm clock then?

And speaking of "fancy", new music: Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy [link]

// craeonics / 524 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, and no use even discussing them with you, no matter how smart you are, you've absolutely nooo possible idea how scarey they feel and sound dutchy since you live over there in woodenshoe land...

Currently listening to: (Dont know by who) - She used to be my girl

// Dor_work / 524 weeks and 1 day ago

Hey I think it's mijn crazy I mean crae_zzz dutchy's 16th birthday today! Right? Or am I getting confused at my old age now?

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 1 day ago

Just checked your link out. I was wondering who sang that fancy song...

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 1 day ago

That'd be that Charli girl with the fake accent.

Now, what would be a fitting tune to go with this world crae day? I'm going to go classic here: Paradisio - Bailando [link] (1996, so sixteen years back).

// craeonics / 524 weeks and 22 hours ago

Charli girl? I seen her and was not sure what in the world to think! As for your link...

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country." (why are you such a royal pain in my behind!)

/me goes find another link but I think I know this tune anyways.

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 17 hours ago

Yup I know that one...

/me comes back and dances a quick dance w/ you who is the world's oldest sixteen year old and then runs off to the gym...

Happy birthday mijn dutchy! Heb a goed dag! (or daag, pick one cuz I'm not sure) hehe

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 17 hours ago

Went out for dinner. Restaurant was more a beachclub than a restaurant, but so was the price, so I ain't complaining.

When I ever move on to the ripe old mental age of seventeen (doubtful), I'll be playing this tune: Ladytron - Seventeen [link]

// crae_zzz / 524 weeks and 9 hours ago

Well, since you are sixteen I'll pretend it was with your Mom!

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 8 hours ago

Okay, you've dropped that link to that song before and it still is completely sucky...

// Doreen / 524 weeks and 8 hours ago

You mean it is completely awesome. /me goes play it again

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

It fits right in with your Forever Young tune...

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

Which is completely awesome too. Also great is this one: The Flirts - Passion [link] (1982), though this extended version stretches it out a bit too much.

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

On second thought, that 12" extended version is rubbish. It's missing the hook. This one, from Italian TV even, is better: [link]

// crae_zzz / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

You do worry me some dayz...

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

/me is just listening to outside my window sounds: fu fu dogs barking, birds chirping, airplanes, neighbors talking and yelling.

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 6 days ago

And a cat purring while sleeping on my leg, since I have the week off. Cue Madonna, no wait, cue MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Holiday [link] (this stuff is so bad it almost loops around and becomes good again).

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 5 days ago

You brat! I'm at work currently listening to a sucky song "Never knew love like this before"

// Dor_work / 523 weeks and 5 days ago

hehe dutchy, first time I hear that version of Holiday (and you are right)

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 5 days ago

Unfortunately, time flies. It's tuesday already. The only I know about today is Ruby Tuesday and it stinks, so not looking that one up.

Some Mobb Deep instead: [link]

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 4 days ago

That seem to load fine on my phone? Normally they don't and since there is a pesky bee that keeps following me I think it's time to head back to the office now...

// Dor_work / 523 weeks and 4 days ago

It's you cue to get back to work.

While getting some new plants for my balcony, I overheard this song playing at the gardening shop: The Beloved - Sweet Harmony [link] (1992). It's like they knew I was there.

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 3 days ago

Mijn crazy dutchy... I don't know why when I first looked at the name of the song I automatically thought your link was taking me to listen to The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (which is my favorite tune)

And since the sound of this truck is annoying me I'll take it as a cue to get back to the office.

// Dor_work / 523 weeks and 3 days ago

While you slave away at the office, I'll go play some Sisters of Mercy: [link] (the Belgians play this one a lot)

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 2 days ago

Who's slaving at the office? Not me, not today!

La la laaaaa!

/me goes start my day off w/ my favorite tune! [link]

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 2 days ago

What? Get back to work you! Who's going to keep the economy running if you have the day off?

// crae_zzz / 523 weeks and 2 days ago

Don't know, don't care! Today is be selfish and do what you want day!

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 2 days ago

Shall I share the horror story of what my tomcat did this morning? On second thought, these things persist forever on the internet, so I'll spare you the details. But in short: what happens when a cat eats a long (human) hair and later goes for a number two?

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 1 day ago

Umm, I'd say he made a hand made beaded necklace? But, since he's a cat I'll guess he made a butt made beaded necklace for you?

// Dor_work / 523 weeks and 1 day ago

And after that he was running around the house. I'm glad it just "dangled" instead of being dragged around the floor (and carpet).

The joys of pets.

A song about them: Baha Men - Who let the dogs out? [link] (which is technically not about dogs).

// craeonics / 523 weeks and 22 hours ago

There is no way around the hazards of long hair. (you should see what I have to "cut" off of my vacuum cleaner's rollers) My hair gets so wound up on it that it stops spinning. Every time I finish cleaning the rollers I wonder how I have any hair on my head since there is so much stuck on the rollers!

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 17 hours ago

/me is listening to strange birds outside my window and faint automobile sounds in the distance...

I'm trying to get my lazy body up and drag it off to the gym but these birds are telling me go back to bed!

// Doreen / 523 weeks and 17 hours ago

I think the birds are just gossiping about that lady who's loosing all her hair and you are eavesdropping (strange word) on them.

/me googles...

Apparently "eaves" is the edge of the roof and "eavesdropping" originally meant you were standing so close to the house you could hear the water drips from the roof.

// craeonics / 522 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah, I've still got plenty of hair (thank God) but I think I go through some sort of "molt" at certain times of the year.

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 6 days ago

That is called "spring".

And someone came along and stole my holiday. Now I have to go back to work again tomorrow... Woe is me!

// crae_zzz / 522 weeks and 6 days ago

/me stashes your Holiday under my bed...

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 6 days ago

Next one is up in six or seven weeks (I have too much days off stacked up).

Saw all kinds of new music, but as I am getting older, I can't remember name or title. Did I post this one? W&W - Bigfoot [link] (still not too keen on this style but the video is good).

// craeonics / 522 weeks and 5 days ago

Nope, first time I see you post it. (I thought both the music and vid was cool)

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 5 days ago

Back at work and back to oldtimer music.


* craeonics is listening to: Sister Sledge - We are family

// crae_work / 522 weeks and 4 days ago

Once again, I had my radio on all day at work and cannot even remember one single song I listened to? Too much work and tight deadlines apparently torturing both me and my ears...

// Dor_zzz / 522 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm never that focussed. It's 80s day here again.


* craeonics is listening to: A-Ha - A View to a Kill

// crae_work / 522 weeks and 3 days ago

/me stops by and runs back to being focussed.

// Dor_work / 522 weeks and 2 days ago

Hooray!!! I survived the week! Do I know what I listened to this week? Nope, not a clue and yes that radio of mine was on all week. (heavy work load) but theeee weekend is upon us!

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 1 day ago

And it's an extra long weekend over here (Easter is two days on this end). I don't know any Easter songs except the theme from Jesus Christ Superstar, but I do know a few about bunnies, for example: Konijntje Wiebel [link]

// craeonics / 522 weeks and 21 hours ago

What in the world was that dutchy? hehe

I've just spent about an hour trying to find a tune I heard on my ipod's radio at the gym but to no avail. Searched by a few lyrics I grabbed and tried to find it off the radio station that it played off of also to no avail. Argh!

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 13 hours ago

The radio station I normally listen to and why in the world did they discontinue the playlist? [link]

// Doreen / 522 weeks and 13 hours ago

I would say that playlist is broken. Reminds me of some local TV station whose playback froze somewhere during the weekend, so they showed the exact same frame the entire day until someone finally fixed it.

Sloppy things.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 6 days ago

Problem with lyrics is mishearing them. You don't get far with the wrong lyrics.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 6 days ago

Obviously I had the wrong lyrics cuz I never found it...

Anyways, It's Easter today but since I don't want to be a hypocrite and run to Church the one day out of the year me goes play some Brandy and get ready to run to the gym: [link]

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, instant float around and don't wanna do nothing! [link]

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 6 days ago

Enough with the Christian documentaries today! One more confusing than the other and these people talk as if they were walking the earth during that time? Reminds me of when they air the documentaries of space, these people narrating talk as if they have been out there in the black hole themselves and seen one first hand.

/me goes watch a scarey movie instead...

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 6 days ago

If you break things down to the fundamentals, Christianity is basically an End-of-Days cult (and perhaps the other two Abrahamistic religions too). In the beginning all was well and perfect, until a certain someone had to eat an apple (and blame it on a poor snake). Fast forward a few centuries through ages of misery and some guy pops up who says "Hang on there, I'll be back in a jiffy to take all of y'all to the promised land where we can hang on clouds all day long".

A disheartening thought really.

I can take this in two directions, Joe Smooth's "Promised Land" [link] (1987) or Rammstein's "Engel" [link] (1997).

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 5 days ago

I can't debate you since I'm clueless and not gotten to the other side yet. When it comes to religion ppl begin to make their own along with their own set of rules. As for God that is something I'm personally unable to deny (from my own life experience) but that does not mean I could explain him nor understand him any better than anyone else.

I'm listening to some tune that should be buried but i don't knw the name of it...

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 5 days ago

Okay, you and your freaky songs dutchy!

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 5 days ago

I only post decent song.

How about this new Shakira track: Empire [link] (where she sounds rather not like herself).

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 4 days ago

Ack! I only like her whenever wherever style...

/me goes grab lunch somewhere since you didn't make me some!

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 4 days ago

We have lunch set up at work here. No need to bring my own. Ofcourse, they get every type of food except what I eat, so it's not all that.

// crae_work / 521 weeks and 3 days ago

Ah, here's that song the Belgians play all the time, but of which I've never managed to catch the name, until now: Cassius - I love U so [link] (2010, that old already?)

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 3 days ago

Ummm, dutchyyy "you" never managed to catch the name of that song!? Even I who never really listens to lyrics can tell the name of that tune since the only lyrics in that tune seem to jump out at you because all they repeat over and over again is "I love U so" (Never heard that tune before but I liked it)

As for today, it was Administrative Professionals Day = Treat your Secretary good day (so I was spoiled rotten) but tomorrow it's back to the shackles and whips...

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 3 days ago

"I love you" is so generic I don't even date google it, Ms Secretary.

Right now I'm being tortured by a Grease song. Cover version even...

// crae_work / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

Generic by default...

I'm listening to hmmm, not sure what the name is but it sucks, me goes fiddle around and try to get another station it's hard to get any good stations in these LA high rise buildings (you'd think they would be more technology friendly) everyone is always complaining about reception issues

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

And the only other station that semi tunes in is playing your favorite screaming midget...

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

One good thing about time progressing is that people play way less Prince. I remember the year 1999, when they played that blasted song of his the entire time.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

Time is progressing? I would not know it by these oldies they keep playing on this station today.

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

They play Coldplay instead of Bon Jovi on the old fogey station. You probably don't notice it on a day by day basis, but there is change.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

Hey you two lovebirds. ;)

Head over to [link]

We've rounded up all the 'old-folks' and 'has-beens' for a lill reunion. :D

// Snowman (Yep, the one and only) / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

Welllll, since my lovebird over there is in la la land I guess I will go head off to the party w/ you snowy!

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 2 days ago

I thought the frosticle had retired? Stop living in the past!

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, I would say that my account still seems to exists, but my password is gone (tried all possible combinations and variations) and those recover-your-password emails arent's arriving (not in spambox either). Ergo, don't expect me.

Oh, and XSS warnings. StarDock should fix that bit.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

Oh, here finally come the emails. And a retarded password policy to enter a new password. If I want to enter a one letter password, I should damn well be able to do so.

Reminds me of a certain amphibian who used the name of his company as his password. Now there's security for you.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

You just described (to the exact) the process I went through last night to get myself logged in, I started to think that maybe froggy banned me from his site!

// Dor_work / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

I'll let you represent me there. Too much of a hassle to get back in.

// crae_zzz / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

You NEVER take me out anywhere!!! We are always all cooped up in this dusty old thread listening to the same ole tunes day in and day out! I want you to take me out to wincustomize!

Alright, so I already went over to wincustomize and represented you yesterday, and told everyone we got married so now I have to practice being your nagging wife...

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 1 day ago

Yeah, I saw that. I want a divorce! My lawyer will be contacting you shortly.

// craeonics / 521 weeks and 22 hours ago

Oh be quiet you grump and go visit your cyber brothers. I spotted that DavidK had passed away last night and I got so sad and thought why in the world is this making me so freaking sad I never even met the guy and like an idiot I realized that I had! I'm happy our lives somehow touched, he was a great person that I had the privilege to meet through skinning. You on the other hand I'm still trying to figure out!!!

/me goes get my behind in gear...

// Doreen / 521 weeks and 18 hours ago

The height of this thing was almost two decades ago. And some of the folks back then weren't the youngest ones even then. There will be a day when you or Ken or Plastic or me will be gone and that will be the end of Tek.

// craeonics / 520 weeks and 6 days ago

I suppose you're right dutchy. Oh look! Your divorce lawyer finally arrived!

/me grabs his pen and goes sign on the dotted line.

// Doreen / 520 weeks and 6 days ago

And before I forget: I want half your money!

And I want my weekend back too...

// crae_zzz / 520 weeks and 6 days ago

Did a little snooping, but I can't find any mention of DavidK passing away in between Jafo repeatedly saying his health is deteriorating (to you three years ago no less) and the mention of his passing in that reunion thread. So it must have happened somewhere late 2011 or in 2012.

// crae_zzz / 520 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, we've not kicked the bucket yet? And 79 weeks and 4 days? How many months is that? (I don't like doing math so I will never know)

// Doreen / 441 weeks and 1 day ago

And I also see that this board is still making posts disapper into thin air.

Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew

// Doreen / 441 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait, what? Who is this?

I still have plans for this thing called Tek, but I move at a mollusk's pace.

// craeonics / 441 weeks and 22 hours ago

Well, at your rate it most likely will not happen in my life time (or anybody elses for that matter) but as long as Ken has not taken Tek down yet...

Justin Bieber - What do you mean

// Doreen / 441 weeks and 13 hours ago

And yes, I had to go look up a Mollusk (you could have just said snail?)

// Doreen / 441 weeks and 13 hours ago

I was actually thinking more of oysters. Which can actually move, but very, very slowly.

// craeonics / 440 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, not really worth even making a 2015 thread?

/me is listening to golden silence.

// Doreen / 440 weeks and 1 day ago

I thought I was out of harddrive space, so I have a dozen CDs ready to be ripped of which I have no idea what they sound like. I'm not listening to much music when I'm the computer or vice versa.

// craeonics / 440 weeks and 1 day ago

My listening to music has slowed down a bit when responsibilities sped up on me but now I'm hoping I can get back to me again...

// Doreen / 440 weeks and 1 day ago

Though come to think of it, I doubt either of us missed much from what music I've heard lately.

// Doreen / 440 weeks and 1 day ago

There's way too much Ed Sheeran on the radio. Oh, and the old fogey station we have at work has discovered Avicii, so I hear that rubbish a lot.

// craeonics / 440 weeks and 22 hours ago

Never heard of Ed Sheeran before but on this side of the ocean all that's been playing is Adele and Justin Bieber. As for when I'm at work if I played either my Christian tunes or my ghetto tunes I think I'd catch some grief...

// Doreen / 440 weeks and 16 hours ago

It's probably not what you think when I said "Library" dutchy. I'm not working in a quiet Library filing books wearing glasses etc. I work for Library Headquarters, I'm Secretary to the Head (who oversees 90+ Public Libraries in L.A. County) It's pretty interesting seeing what goes on behind the scenes in those "supposedly quiet & cozy libraries" that most ppl "think" that they are...

// Doreen / 440 weeks and 16 hours ago

Drama, politics and probably some backstabbing. Anyways, you've really picked up on this secretary thing. Quite the difference from the stay-at-home Doreen from days of yore.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope, more like vomit, poop and indecent exposure, ppl seem to think that public libraries are free babysitting agencies and shelters for the homeless. And I've learned I like working for females better than males as a secretary (they're less territorial) I had to respectfully decline my last promotion offered due to I'd rather stay put with my current boss she is comfortable to work for but when she retires in three years I may be on the move again...

Are you still in the business of building websites and data bases dutchy, or have you switched gears as well?

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm like a tree. I don't move (much).

But from the sounds of thing, you are in the library, weirdos and all, and not in a seperate building.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 6 days ago

No, I am in a separate building away from the circus. (I work for the head who runs the show) I just envisioned libraries being different, it kind of took the enchantment away or something. hehe

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 6 days ago

Try university libraries. No riff raff allowed there.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 5 days ago

Nah, I don't want to add shootings & bomb threats to the list. We are obviously living in two diff sides of this globe. Anyways, me grabs a bite of mijn dutchy and goes dabble on our article for lunch. Goodenacht.

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 5 days ago

/me evades bite

My cat just attacked my toes, so my reflexes are sharp like lightning.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 5 days ago

You, like lightning!? That's not the dutchy I know. I recently became one of those *cough* cat ppl like you a few months ago and got an exotic short hair. He is turning me into a zombie! He creeps into my bed ritualistically at 2:00 a.m. I get awaken by a purring ball of fur that has either his nose pressed against mine or is licking my face to wake me up. I'm still adjusting to what I did to my life by getting him.

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 5 days ago

Seems I cannot post links here anymore to show you but anyways he's winning my heart over slowly. (he's a lot more work than I expected a cat to be)

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 5 days ago

Something's eating your posts. I expect it's your cat.


* craeonics is listening to: Heaven 17 - Temptation

// crae_work / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

Probably because I tried to post a generic link to show you the breed. I'll post an actual pic of him at some time in the future. And of course, today, I'm dying again because he seems to be completely nocturnal and wants me to be as well so I'm sleep walking today at work!

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

I have no idea why your post got eaten. Well, I do have some notion as to what may be the cause, but it's coded, so hard to decypher.

Regardless, that's one sad looking cat.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

Sad, nope, that pic is a generic just to show you his breed. He's an exotic short hair and looks nothing like his name. I have to show you an actual pic of my cat. When I got him a few months ago he was an adorable cute tiny ball of fluff, now he looks like a mutation or cross between the abominable snowman and yoda! But it's too late to return him because I've already fallen in love with him.

// Dor_lunch / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

Dutchy, you're going to have to save me from myself with this article. I don't want to over think it or I will change it 50 million times depending on my moods and you'll never get it, so when I'm done in a couple weeks I'm tossing it to you to edit, shape it, and hopefully mix yourself into it okay?

// Dor_lunch / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

/me looks up "exotic short hair"

/me shakes fists at the heavens for all the defects

A pox on those breeders.

My three cats all fall into the "European short hair" category, which is so broad it can mean anything and basically boils down to "parents and breed unknown".

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

You can take as long as you want.

However, I do prefer to edit it only once and then publish it (in some shape or form).

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

You have three cats? I thought you had two? (one is more than enough for me) I'm not enjoying the litter box part of owning a cat that is for sure!

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 4 days ago

One of my cats (the calico) died right after christmas last year. Suffice to say I was not happy.

Early summer, my aunt said she had two stray cats strolling around her trailer, a mother and her daughter. So they caught 'em and those two are living with me now and keeping the big old tomcat company. Stray cats are rather wild, so it's been, shall we say, interesting these past few months.

// crae_work / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm sorry dutchy to hear about your cat, that's one of the nasty things in life is death. But, I'm glad you got two new trouble makers to keep you busy. If I had more time I would have a small zoo but work pretty much sucks the life out of me. Dexter is keeping me busy enough, Friday I'm off and I'll be spending it at the vet...

// Dor_work / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

Dexter don't want to go to no vet.

My two new strays have never even been to a vet (though the mother was sterilised at some point). Hell, I'm not even able to pick up the mother. Last time I tried she somehow managed to rotate herself in her skin and slit my wrist.

Little demons they are.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

You can't even pick her up? She must be wild, mine follows me around like a minion in world of warcraft, he even stays at the door outside when I take my shower! And Dexter is going to the vet (because he's been on antibiotics) I'm hoping he doesn't have a serious issue he had blood in his stool. I didn't know about the risks of these special bred cats they also have breathing issues because they've got hardly any nose. (But I'm use to breathing issues from my kids) hehe

Anyways, the lady I got my cat from is a breeder and competes in cat shows she made sign a contract to agree to get him fixed because of his blood line and the competitors she got his parents from don't want the offspring competing or something like that. I was like yeah yeah gimme the papers and the cat I'm not into shows or breeding I just want him as my pet. Boy did I not know what I got myself into. (But I love him) Next month now I have to get his furry snowballs cut off in order to get his papers. I was told though he will not spray his territory or stray etc I'm freaking out about doing that to him though.

// Dor_lunch / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

It's either that or Dexter will hit up on the ladies on his walk around the block and will sire a string of kittens.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm not as worried about that as much as I am of him getting stolen in 5 seconds flat. When I took this creature to the vet he drew a crowd around him as if he was a movie star. hehe

Goedenaht dutchy

// Dor_work / 439 weeks and 3 days ago

Li'l Dex will be screaming bloody murder on his way to the vet.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 2 days ago

Dexter's furry Lil snowballs are still safe (for now) tomorrow's vet appt is just a follow up.

Dutchy since you're into history can you remember what year we were visiting skinz.org? You were there before me. Was it 88,89 or 1990? I need the year for my Frankenstein article.

// Dor_lunch / 439 weeks and 2 days ago

And what happened to my post? Anyways I had to read our own article to find out it was 1998.

// Dor_work / 439 weeks and 2 days ago

In my mind it's 1997. But in reality, it was just a relatively short period between 1998 and 2001 perhaps.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 1 day ago

T'was 1998 (I had to go read our Toasty interview) and it felt like needles in my heart dropping Dex off at the vet. (they have to do blood work on him cuz he's still bleeding)

I've no freaking clue why I did this to my life! I think it was empty nest syndrome when Gino left for Oregon last year to go to University. But I'm seriously losing it getting myself bonded to a cat now (rediculous!) plus Sammy is allergic to Dex but he's already fallen in love w/ him too. Argh! What did I do!!!

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, it's worth it! The way he reacted when I went to pick him up today. Apparently his labs came back good and all the vet did was double his antibiotics for another 10 days and I have to keep him on a prescription diet. Just some kind of I can't remember what she called it but he's basically got a sensitive digestive system.

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 1 day ago

Translation: your foster child is a picky eater.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope, if I don't close the shower door or the lock the bathroom door now he'll be licking the inside of the shower and drinking the toilet water (gross!) I called my Mom to ask her if that was normal for a cat? She still has those two cats which, by the way, I think are immortal (since they are still going strong) and she said her cats don't do that, he gets into everything. I didn't know I needed to cat proof my house!

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 1 day ago

It's actually quite normal. Cats prefer fresh water, but their definition of fresh differs from that of ours. My cats for instance prefer the watering can (why is their no real English word for this?) or the dirty bird basin on my balcony, instead of their cups.

// craeonics / 439 weeks and 22 hours ago

Really? I never drink sink water (tap water) I only drink purified bottled water, so that is what I give to my cat, maybe that is the culprit to his irritated digestive system and causing the bleeding because of the alkaline balance or something. (not something I thought to mention to the vet)

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 17 hours ago

Hmm, according to Mr. Google:

Cats are animals. They drink out of puddles and toilets and other nasty places. It's safe for him to drink tap water. But if you insist on bottled water...it's fine.

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 17 hours ago

Okay, now "I" know you are blocking my links dutchy...

// Doreen / 439 weeks and 10 hours ago

It's still a mystery why only your posts get randomly blocked.

It could ofcourse be that a lot of folk have false positives and we are actually not the only ones talking here.

That being said, I never get blocked.

Back on topic: rather odd that one would not drink the faucet water. That's what its for, is it not?

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 6 days ago

No mystery, I'll assume not to post links unless I want them to go underground.

And my water faucet in my shower is to wash my body with and my water faucet in my kitchen is to wash my dishes with? Actually, in New York I will drink out of water faucets (because it has no odor and taste sweet) but here in California I smell sulfur and the water taste scary therefore, I only drink purified bottled water here. (even for my tea and coffee)

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 6 days ago

With all that talk of California drying up, you might as well import your beverages.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 6 days ago

Not really talk it's actually true. They are trying to figure out different ways to deal with this drought over here...

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 6 days ago

Your favorite presenter just walked on stage at the AMA's Prince! And J-Lo is hosting, you'd just love this. hehe

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 6 days ago

/me kicks Prince off the stage

That old coot recently released a new album. I hear it sounds exactly like the previous two dozen.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 5 days ago

It looked as if he's frozen in time and needs to be defrosted badly.

// Dor_lunch / 438 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy is that email address for you in the contact link below still valid? Or what address are you using these days? Mine is still my first name at me .com please send me it when you have time this week, I'll wrap up our article this weekend for you. (Almost done)

// Dor_lunch / 438 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh, the contact address works alright. I get plenty of spam on it daily.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, I'll finish it and send it to you on Sunday dutchy, it's not much but it's at least a lil something.

// Dor_lunch / 438 weeks and 4 days ago

Not much? I thought you were going to write a book. I had a publisher lined up and everything. Alright, I'll cancel the publicity photoshoot on Thursday.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 4 days ago

After I started writing it I realized it was heading to be more of a skinning biography rather than a skinning article, so I switched gears in order to not have you sitting at the chopping block all day fixing my mess since I seriously doubt you even want to be bothered having to tag it up.

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 4 days ago

But since I'm not all that nice I'm sending it to you in .doc format rather than in your preferred .txt format...

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 4 days ago

Which means I won't be able to open it, since I don't have Office installed. I don't mind short or long articles, but incompatible formats are problematic.

// crae_work / 438 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, so, I'm thinking presentation is everything and you want me to just put it into a brown paper bag and toss it to you? Alright but if I have to strip it down naked you better dress it up good after you get it!

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 3 days ago

If presentation is everything, you'd put in into a format that is used in the print industry and designed for fidelity.

Or in other words: save as or print to PDF.

Word on the other hand, is extremely fickle and stuff breaks in between versions and what not.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 2 days ago

Fidelity does not exists on earth. And .pdf = work and when I'm not at work playing lil secretary I don't even want to see anything that resembles those letters not even .fdp

Birthday plus Holiday means my family will be forcing me to eat too much and have fun so I will be finishing it up and strip it down to .txt before Sunday.

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 2 days ago

Run, turkeys, run! The hairy apes are after you!

// crae_evil / 438 weeks and 2 days ago

And my family will most definitely take down one more poor turkey for Christmas...

Nothing but a hazardous obstacle course for me, all I do is a lot of bobbing, ditching weaving and running to avoid all the poison. (I like being able to still see my waist "after" the Holidays)

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

One down and one more to go!

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

I think it's someone's birthday. Beware of the cake!

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

Birthday was two days ago and nope no cake. A few years ago I developed a hypersensitivity to sugar I can flirt with about one bite but if I go past that I'm dizzy and sick, some might call it a curse (I call it a blessing in disguise)

Black Friday on this side of the Ocean and I'm avoiding the temptation of spending my hard earned money and avoiding the stampedes of crazy ppl that are spending all their hard earned money under the camouflage of sales...

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

In this day and age, you can do your discount shopping online as well, oh diabetic birthday girl. Less fisticuffs and scuffles that way.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

Diabetes? No, the only health issue I suffer from is Chronic Anemia & Vitamin D issues all the time but that's about it. What is fisticuffs?

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG, dutchy where do you find these crazy words you mean throwing blows?

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy, I sent the article tonight while you were in la la land if you don't see it in the morning check your spambox or let me know.

Thanks, (I hope it's not too much work to fix)

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 1 day ago

With proper caps and puntuation even. And that weird double space after a period used by people who've had typing classes.

I'll go have a looksee.

// craeonics / 438 weeks and 21 hours ago

With me there is no such thing as proper anything. The hardest part of writing the article is knowing that you Mr. Educated will first be tossing it under a magnifying glass before tossing it up.

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 16 hours ago

Anyways, coffee and gym and then to see if it's safe outside to hit a store and get some shopping done. Don't rush, you can post the article whenever or like I said even after the Holidays if you want.

// Doreen / 438 weeks and 16 hours ago

Waiting until after Christmas and New Year is a bit late though.

// craeonics / 437 weeks and 6 days ago

Whenever you want dutchy, don't worry about it.

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 6 days ago

Kristain Stanfill - Even So Come

Amazing instruments! But, I know if "you" listen to the actual lyrics you would not be able to stomach it. Let me see if I can post an instrumental version. (this board no longer allows vids though so it would be a miracle if it post)

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope, you've got it on lock down now...

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Shoot! I cannot find an instrumental one without lyrics still showing but this has acoustic, electric, killer drum, piano all of it. Oh well...

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Problem between keyboard and chair, I'd say. Though it's probably a caching thing.

/me googles...

Waiiit, these be worship tunes. No, I think the filter was right on this one.

// crae_evil / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Hey! there is nothing wrong with my skillz, it's just that you have corrupted our open minded message board! I bet if I drop one of my booty tunes the message board will allow it.

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope you definitely got this board on lock down for vids dutchy...

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 1 day ago

Gosh darnit, it's seems to be genuine. I never coded an URL block though. No time to investigate now though. Have to be elsewhere today.

// craeonics / 437 weeks and 19 hours ago

And I need to stop saying though, though.

// craeonics / 437 weeks and 19 hours ago

It's okay because me can still come over here and "sing" my tunes if I cannot post links to them! (course I'm not listening to anything at the moment to come irritate you with)

/me goes get busy in this day too...

// Doreen / 437 weeks and 16 hours ago

I'm going to get to the bottom of this and fix whatever is causing it, but I do think I'll leave in a worship tunes filter.

// crae_evil / 437 weeks and 8 hours ago

Hmmm, okay, then...

La la la laaaaa!

*cough* Hillsong United - Ocean (Where feet May Fail)

You call me out upon the waters

The great unknown where feet may fail

And there I find You in the mystery

In oceans deep

My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name

And keep my eyes above the waves

When oceans rise

My soul will rest in Your embrace

For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters

Your sovereign hand

Will be my guide

Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me

You've never failed and You won't start now

So I will call upon Your name

And keep my eyes above the waves

When oceans rise

My soul will rest in Your embrace

For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made strongerrrr

In the presence of my Savior

// Dor_Worship / 437 weeks and 6 hours ago

/me gets the broom and sweeps it all out

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 6 days ago

Relaxxx, you can put the broom down. Today it's catch up on cleaning this house so it will be more like:

YG - Twist My Fingaz

// Doreen / 436 weeks and 6 days ago

Meanwhile, I still have not investigated things. I did however take a look at those PNGs of your and it turns out they were transparent after all, but the tool I was using to crunch down the massive filesize destroyed the transparency.

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

Of course they were transparent. The only way they would have a black bg is if I was diabetic and chose passwords of 123456.

// Dor_work / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

And I'm being sarcastic of course. If you need the originals in another format or resized let me know and when I get home tonight I will check if I still have them.

// Dor_work / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, your family comes first and it's the Holidays so please don't worry about that silly article okay.

// Dor_work / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

It would be easier to have the originals, so I could save those as JPEG and do the compositing and layering in HTML/CSS. Would bring down size a lot and people wanting to see the originals could click through (if I'd add a link to each image).

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

And on second thought, I think your password was Hello123.

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

I think I chose that when I was sixteen and used it like forever but now that I've gotten "older" and wiser I changed it. hehe

/me kicks the Hell out of you!

I will send you the originals later when I get home.

// Dor_work / 436 weeks and 5 days ago

A few years back I randomly stumbled over a dump of usernames and passwords. It had a very old password of mine. The accounts listed would suggest it was an older skinsite, though I don't know which one.

The fact that it was out there means that a) said site stored its passwords in plain text (big security no-no); b) it got hacked at some point in time; and c) the list got distributed.

If it is any solace, froggle's password was even worse.

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 4 days ago

Ummm, was it stardock123? And I'm thinking yours was ChaKraMa666? (and now I'm getting so old I cannot remember what was the title of your old skinz, that had that weird name)

// Doreen / 436 weeks and 4 days ago

You're fairly close on the amphibian password.

// craeonics / 436 weeks and 3 days ago

It's alive! (me types in my bestest Frankenstein voice)

// Dor_work / 435 weeks and 4 days ago

Ah yes, Frankenstein. Such a sad story. None of the movies accurately capture its actual plot. Not that I can recall what it was about exactly.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 4 days ago

That's because there are way too many different versions to remember...

// Doreen / 435 weeks and 4 days ago

One novel, many adaptations. Scientists creates a living being from corpses. The "monster" escapes, befriends a (blind?) girl until he is uncovered and flees. And it somehow ends with some kind of final confrontation between Frankenstein and his creation in the arctic. There may have been a murder in there somewhere as well.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 4 days ago

Strange, I just watched some modern version of it a couple weeks ago (but I think I fell asleep because I can't even remember the ending?) I do remember it was not a blind girl but a blind old man that befriended him and fed him or something (and the only thing I consistently remember in all the versions I've ever watched is I feel sad for him because he is innocent) hehe

// Dor_work / 435 weeks and 4 days ago

Well, I'll be skipping the adaptations. It's really a sad story at heart. Unlike, say, Dracula, which is a thriller.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 3 days ago

Dracula for me has always felt pornish (most likely cuz I've got an over sensitive necck or something)

// Dor_lunch / 435 weeks and 3 days ago

Vampires in general fall into that category. Hence the whole Twilight thing (which I've managed to avoid).

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 3 days ago

You missed nothing there (they basically ruined any decent mental image I ever had of a real vampire)

// Dor_work / 435 weeks and 3 days ago

Ofcourse, it's aimed at "young adults", which is a point in time we've left years behind us. Or it just refers to tweener girls.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't think age has anything to do with whether or not you can enjoy anything in life but rather more about whether it's done right? That movie was not done right. If I can get a break I'm hoping to go see The Good Dinosaur.

// Dor_lunch / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

Doesn't mean I deny my age or anything like that it just means I'm fully aware we are only here on this earth one day at a time so each day my age has absolutely nothing to do with the decisions I make. There are other things more important to base your decisions by. Dutchy I think you're older than me!

// Dor_lunch / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm as old as the world. But of youthful spirit.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

I've no clue what you are. But, you range from 16 to 85 yrs from post to post in my head. hehe!

Still your mijn favorite (and only dutchy)

// Dor_work / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

Ugh! Dutchy, I forgot to tell you that tomorrow morning I've got to take Dex to the vet to get his furry snowballs fixed. (I am so dreading it) when I got home right now and looked at him I feel horrible! He has to fast from tonight to tomorrow for his surgery. And this cat can drink a river! I can't even stand not giving him water!

/me goes play cat nurse...

// Doreen / 435 weeks and 2 days ago

I'd expect fasting to mean no eating. No drinking would be a bit odd. Cats usually don't drink that much though (they're desert animals in origin).

Alas, poor latent offspring of Dexter, we hardly knew ye.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope, no drinking or eating as of 9:00 p.m. last night and of course this gremlin got into some water under the Christmas tree that Sammy got me. This cat is not a desert animal he is from the North Pole. Well, I will see what the vet says this morning now that he got some water...

(I've no clue how you deal with three cats this one is driving me crazy)

// Doreen / 435 weeks and 1 day ago

All is can say is that two of 'em are rascals, and one is particularly naughty. Half the groceries I get these days are catfood. My old tomcat on the other hand is not feeling well, so he's playing recluse.

// craeonics / 435 weeks and 22 hours ago

I remember your tomcat (from your shaky camera pics) you better keep a close eye on him, he might need an antibiotic or something? One is more then enough!

// Doreen / 435 weeks and 16 hours ago

The trouble with cats (or pets in general) is that you don't know if they're seriously ill until they have one foot in the grave already. The tomcat does not want anyone around him right now, so I'm not going to stress him out more with vet trips (he and his late sister hate trips) unless he shows signals. We're close to the threshold though.

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 6 days ago

That's your decision. Though I don't know anything about cats I do know one thing in general, anything living requires water and food (water being most important) so once Mr. Tom stops drinking and eating whether he likes trips to the vet or not you should take him or you will be taking him for a trip to the pet graveyard.

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 6 days ago

What I do is pick him up out of where he's hiding, then drop him next to his food and wait until he eats it. He still eats his food, so that's good.

And look what we have in the other thread. Spammersss...

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 5 days ago

/me sees no spammers? (I suppose you got your broom already)

As for Mr. Tom you may need to just change his diet to make him feel better. Or depending on when his sister died it could just be depression? Do pets get that?

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 5 days ago

Cat depression is a thing, yeah. He has his off days every now and then, but those usually don't last this long. This is more an off week.

Ah well, at least he's eating, still using the litter box and still responsive.

// crae_work / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

That don't sound too good dutchy (and I think you already know what you have to do) I kept putting off taking my cat to the vet when he was sick with that bleeding issue, hoping it would just go away (plus I didn't want the vet bill) finally, when I gave in and took him I ended up having to crush antibiotics into his food both morning and night for 20 days! Because I was being stubborn. There is something wrong with him, give yourself some peace of mind and get him checked. (I bet he needs an antibiotic or a change in his diet or "something")

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

Actually, this has happened before, some months ago. I took him to the vet and he said there's something going on, but his readings are okay. And then he gave him a magic shot just in case and I had a happy cat again.

But you don't want to rely on such magic, so for now I'll stick to observing. He's not bleeding or throwing up or anything. Just hiding and being scared of everything.

// crae_work / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! (such magic?) well, I'm certain you know more than I do about cats so you will do the right thing. I didn't know and waited way too long (still the outcome was good, no more bleeding)

I wonder what could be the problem, maybe the other two cats are ganging up on him when you're not around.

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

One of the things about owning a cat that I'm finding completely disturbing is that every single time I take a shower if I don't remember to close the shower door after I'm done when I go back into the bathroom I find him in the shower licking the inside of the tub. Totally disgusting! Is he addicted to soap!? I just threw him out of the bathroom again, he does this all the time and I cannot for the life of me remember to close the door to the bathroom when I'm done. Does your cats do this? Is this a cat thing? I don't understand it and I'm worried the soap will make him sick again. (and I'm sick of visiting the vet!)

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

Cats are crazy. But they're not stupid. If the soap would be toxic, li'l Dex would not drink it. My crazy cats like to drink from a dirty dish on my balcony, which is filled with rainwater and has all kinds of algea thingies going on.

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

I hope you're right, and balcony rain water seems harmless but soap? At any rate my cat has a clean mouth which is better cuz he wakes me up at 2:00 in the morning licking my face. I also thought that cats were suppose to be afraid of water but mine apparently loves it.

Anyways, me sends Mr. Tom strong healing vibes...

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

For creatures that groom their fur all day long, cats sure do have smelly breath. That's probably why Li'l Dex uses that soap.

// crae_zzz / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

Dex still has kitty breath but his tongue is like sandpaper. He's got no nose so I get waken up at 2:00 every morning with his flat face smashed to mine trying to lick me with his sandpaper tongue, purring and hugging me with his two furry paws. (totally gross) but, I Love him!

Good night mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 4 days ago

I always suspect cats do that to see if we're still alive or if they can start eating us.

// crae_work / 434 weeks and 3 days ago

Your cats may eat you but my cat is a soapetarian so I'm safe.

// Dor_work / 434 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm suddenly reminded of this "bath soap" thing that was a thing over on your end a few years ago.

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm almost afraid to ask but, whatchu you talkin bout Willis?

// Dor_lunch / 434 weeks and 3 days ago

The correct word would be "bath salt". It's what your old neighbours are tripping on.

// crae_work / 434 weeks and 2 days ago

Bath salt? I'm still not sure what you mean dutchy? At any rate, I caught him in the shower this morning yet again all wet and licking the soap. (crazy cat)

/me comes to wish mijn dutchy a Merry Christmas eve (and I see you're stuck at work as well?) I'll be getting home from work at 7:00 tonight and then have to cook all night long since I've got my whole family coming over tomorrow. (should be challenging)

// Dor_work / 434 weeks and 2 days ago

So everyone seems to be doing Christmas dinners the day before. My Christmas dinner will be on the day itself. And then we'll finally be freed of those god awful tunes.

As for your bathroom licker: first hit on google for me.

Bloody link parser seems to have gone belly up due to (unannounced) server changes some months ago and is probably what has been eating your posts (and mine just now).

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 2 days ago

Every year I say this is the last time I'm doing the Christmas dinner for my family (and then I feel bad and do it yet again) so much work on top of work! I must be insane or something. But, Gino came from Oregon to visit and everyone wants to see him since he's been gone a year.

As for your link getting tossed underground now at least I know it's not something personal that the board has against me!

// Dor_lunch / 434 weeks and 2 days ago

We need a Tek Christmas theme.

Correction: no, we don't. Then I'd also have to make an Easter theme. And a New Year's theme.

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 1 day ago

Oh boy, jussss try to think out of that box you live in for once. You could simply dress up the Tek Bunny & Skull logo with a Christmas hat for Christmas and then take the logo off the site or whatever. For Easter welllll, he is a bunny right? Use some imagination!

// Dor_tired / 434 weeks and 1 day ago

Foods all in the oven cooking and fridge ready and now comes the real challenge to try to make myself look all bright eyed and busy tailed for everyone when I've not slept in two days! (which won't be easy at my age!)

Have a goed Christmas mijn dutchy

/me tosses you a hug...

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 1 day ago

/me steals the food

// craeonics / 434 weeks and 21 hours ago

Sheer madness

/me hands you the bones that are left...

// Doreen / 434 weeks and 13 hours ago

Now I do have some folk in the family that like to gnaw the marrow from bones, I myself stick to just the meat. No drumsticks for me.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 6 days ago

I've got a few too that gnaw at bones for the marrow. (gross)

I'm just relieved it's all over with (for the moment)

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 6 days ago

Except for the bit where they left you with the dishes and the mess.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 6 days ago

No kidding, you got that right. I was worried about my cat being traumatized from all the craziness so I put his litter box and food upstairs expecting him to run and stay upstairs. I kid you not that everyone formed a circle around him and my cat was spinning and break dancing the entire time he was entertaining everyone of every age. Total freak.

What is even stranger is that when I went to the lady's house to who was a breader of these exotics I went to pick up his brother, who is a dark chocolate seal point (white with chocolate boots and tips and eyes etc) but when I got to her house and took one look at Dexter when he came downstairs it was love at first sight and I had to beg her to let me buy him because she wanted to keep him (he was not for sale)

Mine is a cream point so he is as you seen in the pic white with kinda orangie/beige seal points and boots (though you most likely could not see much from the pic)

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 6 days ago

Some cats are better with people than others. I've got one shelter cat and two stray cats, so they all avoid people like the plague unless it's feeding time.

/me goes look up this "seal point" thing...

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 5 days ago

Dex stayed by my side greeting and partying with everyone the whole time. He was a better host than me!

// Dor_work / 433 weeks and 5 days ago

Speaking of hosts, check out the guest we're hosting in part two of this thread. I have a funeral to attend in a bit (and ofcourse it's raining cats and dogs right now), so I'll clean it up later.

To the reader, it's obvious that this is spam. For a computer it is not. I can think of some filters to intercept this, but I wonder how many fake positives it would generate. Plus I don't want to make filtering too language specific.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 4 days ago

Dutchy, all those words you typed and the only word I see is "funeral"

/me sends you comfort vibes that saturate and surround you. (depending on how my healing vibes worked out for Mr. Tom you may either welcome or run from my vibes) hehe

// Dor_work / 433 weeks and 4 days ago

I've long known that people die. Except me ofcourse. It's a sad thing, but all part of life.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 3 days ago

When my Uncle died a few years back, my mom and sister had to drag me to his funeral kicking and fighting. I'm not into going to them (I'd avoid attending my own if I could)

// Dor_work / 433 weeks and 3 days ago

One should not be forced to attend anything. However, I do think it's the right thing to do to show someone proper respect. Even thouhh said person won't be seeing it. This whole funerary thing is more about the "survivors" than itis about who passed away.

This service, by the way, was heavily Christian, with Jesus this and Jesus that and "oh, what would we do without your guidance". And there I was, the heathen, straight in front of the rev.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 2 days ago

Exactly, hate being forced to please everyone! they've already passed into the spirit world so there is no need to attend to "show" respect since they have left their vehicle and now can see your heart/spirit (so they know "exactly" how you feel) no need to go stare at their empty car.

Anyways, that must have been totally awkward for you listening to that Rev who was probably boring and annoying to you. (What a job they have)

Religion = Names (or rather labels) to make people think they know or understand the truth. The fact is, faith should not be given a name or whatever.

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 2 days ago

I never really looked up the definition of Heathen?

hea⋅then /[link]


a person who does not acknowledge your god

Interesting (when you look up words) hehe. Everyone likes to label my religion and if you had to mine would be closest to Christian but I don't think it's good to label religions and be placed into that category or box. I don't even think God can be put into words. All I know is I have faith he exists and when I die, I'll find out for sure. (and I'm hoping he don't send me to Hell) hehe!

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 2 days ago

/me stokes up the furnace in anticipation

// crae_evil / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, I'm starting to get fed up with this broken filter.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

When you look up words, though, always search for the etymology (I'll help you on this one: the origin of the word). The description you found paints to broad of a brush. Originally it simply denotes someone who is not Christian.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

In a derogatory fashion even. Heath = uncultured land, so a savage.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

So you're a savage? (I already knew that cuz you eat meat)

Anyways, God is not something you can teach, either you feel him or you don't. I felt God's presence before I was old enough to figure out what to call it. (Maybe 5-6 yrs old)

Gino mentioned to me the other day he is Agnostic (I've not even looked up the proper definition or spelling of that word so I hoped I spelled it right?)

What is surprising to me is that he taking up a major in Physics so he is basically very educated and studying the cosmos and distant galaxies or whatever, and he cannot see God right there in his face. hehe

Happy new year! (now we get to write 2015 instead of 2016 for 6 months)

Gino will be leaving back to Oregon today, I thank God that Gino cannot see my spirit cuz it will be crying and in pain today! I hate it dutchy that he is leaving but I'm so happy and excited for the path he is on in his life.

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

And there went my post dutchy, oh well, gotta get ready for this day...

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

Cheer up. You've got Li'l Dex to fill that empty nest.

// crae_zzz / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, I handled it pretty good (but I could see he was not handling it too good) I'll be fine, there is always Netflix (but can't find anything decent tonight for some reason)

Goedenacht you Heathen...

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 1 day ago

So many channels, so little of interest.

Or perhaps it's because there's so many stuff that it is hard to choose. Whereas in the ye olden days there was one channel and you'd watch whatever it broadcasted.

// craeonics / 433 weeks and 20 hours ago

For me, I think the issue is too many programs and nothing of quality that catches my interest. I can't seem to get into just anything if it don't pull me in. There's a ton of garbage programs...

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 15 hours ago

Well, Dex just got his two week check up since being fixed and all is well (cept he lost his mojo) I've been meaning to ask, how is Mr. Tom doing over there?

// Doreen / 433 weeks and 7 hours ago

Mr Tom threw a fit and peed on the floor when I tried to get him off my stack of T-shirts and bring him to his food, since Mr Tom prefers playing scarety-cat instead of puss-in-boots.

So I'm now trying a different approach. I'll just let him be. I'll bring his food to him. If he does not want to eat, fine. If the little trailer trash cat eats his food, fine.

So far this seems to be working quite well. He's a lot more visible these days, but still very far from the energetic cat he used to be.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

Sounds like he is getting better but, don't you think maybe the other two cats are messing with him when you're not around? Could be why his behavior changed (he's getting bullied and ganged up on)

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

Mine constantly plays puss-in-boots with me but I know already he's a demon in disguise. I have a spot set up on my bathroom counter top where I've got my blow dryer and stack of various scrunchies (cloth hair bands) every single time I got to grab one to put my hair in a ponytail I cannot find one because he jumps up on my counter and grabs them and hides them from me I have to freaking my waste time hunting and searching all over my house in the closet and under the beds, downstairs under the couch to find one! Like I just noticed he did it again. (time to hide them from him now)

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

Cats are little demons. Watch their mouth when they yawn and their true devil face appears.

It took some time for Mr Tom to get used to the first trailer cat (the mother), but he and her got on fine in the end. Then the daughter was caught and brought in and at first the big red one was curious of this timid white creature. But she's all used to her new house now and parades likes she owns the place. The tomcat probably has no idea how to deal with such brashness, so this is going to take some months.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

hehe! She parades around like she owns your place? (That's just a female thing I suppose) When my cat yawns since he has no nasal passage he looks more like a catfish or something. He turns into a different creature for a few seconds.

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

Right now he's got his leg all stretched out and is licking and cleaning himself. He's soooo fluffyyyyy! (I have to go get him right now!)

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 6 days ago

Li'l Dex is enjoying his peace and quiet to do some grooming.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 5 days ago

Lil Dex does not look so cute and fluffy at 2:00 in the morning. (I need to lock my bedroom door tonight, he's a royal pain after midnight)

// Dor_work / 432 weeks and 5 days ago

Poor Dex. All alone at night.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

Poor Dex!? He doesn't have to be away from home 13 hours to work, he likes to sleep all day and play all night!

// Dor_work / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

Well, yes, that's because cats are demons. They hunt for souls at night.

In all seriousness, depending on their age, cats have this half-an-hour-of-madness once or twice a day, usually around dawn or dusk. Although, my demons like to go crazy like that in the middle of the night. They run around like maniacs and then go back to sleep like nothing happened.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

That about describes my Dex. (I know nothing about cats) I never seen myself as a cat person but I wanted a fluffy pet and dogs need to walked, because of my working hours I need something low maintenance (hence Dex) however, since I've had him he's everything but low maintenance. I even have to clean his eyes everyday because of the type of cat he is and his tear ducts etc. He is ritualistic and comes to my room shortly after 2:00 a.m. every night/morning to wake me up and he's so irresistible I start cuddling with him and then I can't fall back to sleep!

// Dor_work / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

I forgot to mention that I think my cat sees dead ppl too, he's always staring at things in the air and chasing invisible things (I always think he is chasing a bug but there is nothing there) not sure what he is hallucinating on. (could just be all that soap he consumes) hehe

Right now he is attempting to run up the walls like spider man and attacking me and running around, he gets crazy when I come home...

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

And I don't know if it is my imagination but when he gets playful and crazy his eyes turn red? Dutchy is that even possible? (or is my cat possessed?) hehe! I'm serious they turn red, I keep thinking it must be the way the light is reflecting on his eyes but it seems to only happen when he is crazy playful.

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 4 days ago

You normally don't see the white of a cats eye. Cats (and dogs) do have a reflective layer on the back of their eyes, which means that if you stand in between a cat in the dark and a light source at the right angle, you will see the light reflected in their eyes. They will seem to be glowing.

Normal cats are low maintenance. Ofcourse if you pick a breed with deformaties because they "look cute"...

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, now I really want to smack you. Unfortunately, you're right but I found out about this type of cat and certain issues he has "after" I bonded with him. (so I'm tied to him 'till death do us part)

// Dor_lunch / 432 weeks and 3 days ago

You're hooked now. You'll never want to get rid of Li'l Dex.

// crae_zzz / 432 weeks and 3 days ago

Nope not getting rid of him, I'm married to that cat...

// Dor_work / 432 weeks and 3 days ago

What? I missed the wedding! Was there cake? Was it any good?

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 2 days ago

Yes, it was a small wedding. (so small I didn't even know it happened) now I'm washing his dishes and cleaning up after him and he doesn't even take me out!

// Dor_work / 432 weeks and 2 days ago

Sounds like the real thing all right. At least you won't have to iron any shirts.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 1 day ago

On the other hand, I wouldn't be cleaning up poop & pee for 15 years straight? Even with kids it's only for the first several months. (It's a good thing he has deformities and looks so cute)

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 1 day ago

Unless your kid had a severe handicap ofcourse. Parents like that are thrice cursed: 1) kids; 2) they will never regain their lost spare time and will always have to take care of their kids; and 3) the kids will never amount to anything.

// craeonics / 432 weeks and 19 hours ago

I thought having kids was the most sacrificial thing I've ever done in my life and that they have taken me outside of myself to teach me love, patience and kindness but this cat is taking me to a new freaking level! And you having (3) "wild cats" must be a Saint or something.

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 16 hours ago

Atleast with kids you get some space! This guys is wrapped around my ankle ever moment I'm at home and he seems to know my every move and is there two steps ahead of me. This morning once he "made me" get out of bed he was then waiting at my contact lens case and then near my toothbrush. If I don't lock him out of the bathroom he will jump in the shower with me. I seriously do not think this is normal behavior for a cat and if so I never signed up for this!

// Doreen / 432 weeks and 16 hours ago

You're the only othe creature the cat sees, so it's trying to socialise. Contrary to the myth, cats are very much not solitary creatures (just solitary hunters).

When my cat died, the tomcat would roam the house, meowing, looking for his sister. He would cling to me from the second I got in.

Now he has two new sisters and he's going like "What are these creatures? What do they want from me?". But at least he's not searching for his real sister anymore.

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually thought cats were solitary creatures (that stayed hidden until they come up to you for a 2 second pet & cuddle) I didn't know they were so clingy, I like my space so this is really going to take time for me. I can no longer wear black (which is my whole wardrobe) thanks to his white fur and there is nothing I cannot do that does not involve pulling him either off of me or pushing him out of my way. This might be a love/hate relationship. I can't imagine getting rid of him (because I do love him) but this is going to take me some adjusting for sures.

Sorry, to be bending your ear off about this cat stuff, I just don't know about cats, and I suppose I probably should have read a book first before getting him (but you already know how me and books get along)

// Doreen / 431 weeks and 6 days ago

I know nothing about cats other than having experience with them. I've always had cats and dogs around. These are cats #7, #9 and #10 for me, I think. No dogs for the past decade.

You can forget about keeping your cloths hair free. I'm always covered in them. You can brush the cat every now and then to get the loose hairs out (and cats like that). But that's a drop in the ocean.

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 6 days ago

I think with that many you are an expert. As for the hair, I'm going crazy and you must not need to even put a coat on in the morning!

// Dor_work / 431 weeks and 5 days ago

You can't fight it. You can only accep it. Hairs everywhere.

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 5 days ago

I suppose so. And I will have to change my wardrobe colors from black to white and learn to be more patient with him bexauseat this point I cannot part from his fluffy behind.

// Dor_lunch / 431 weeks and 5 days ago

Sorry, my nails and cell phone keyboard are not compatible.

// Dor_lunch / 431 weeks and 5 days ago

/me hands Doreen the scissors to trim those nails

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 4 days ago

My nails are fine it's these microscopic and flat keyboards on phones that need revising.

// Dor_lunch / 431 weeks and 3 days ago

Next up: finger guards you can slide across your fingertips (like they used to use whem sewing back in the days).

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 3 days ago

Voice typing would be more ideal, though, I doubt it would be appropriate to be at work and someone hearing:

/me is listening to Wu Tang - Shake Tha Booty

Which reminds me I need to create a 2016 listening to thread this weekend (or sometime before 2017)

// Dor_work / 431 weeks and 3 days ago

I'd say you'd have to be very disciplined and the software highly trained on your voice and pronounciation for voice typing to work.

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 2 days ago

Better yet "thought" typing? (but if it had auto correction that could cause serious problems for some)

// Doreen / 431 weeks and 1 day ago

The mind wanders. You'd spent half the day correcting the output.

// craeonics / 431 weeks and 21 hours ago

True, better to have the nails wandering once in a while...

// Doreen / 431 weeks and 15 hours ago

Okay, so now the board don't let us create new threads? Oh well,

/me goes back to the World of Warcraft it's more stable these days (then this board!) hehe

// Doreen / 431 weeks and 15 hours ago

It all falls (or fails) under the same filter.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 6 days ago

Sort of like Russian Roulette I suppose (though the odds for posting vid links are better in the outside lobby message box)

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 6 days ago

There once was a messageboard that had a dinosaur named Romh as its mascot. Disappearing posts were blamed on him (or her?). I suspect the dino moved here.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 6 days ago

Then Romh is to blame for my disappearing new I'm listening to (2016) thread! Actually, I've been jumping into WOW since Sammy activated my account (of which I've not played in ages because of time constrictions) and "he" apparently created a few of his own characters on a while back. (sneaky kid)

However, now that he is in college and is working (welcome transition to the adult world) he found out about true time constrictions (hence why I'm now jumping into the account so he don't *cough* waste "his" hard earned money) hehe!

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 6 days ago

Right, just to maintain his characters. Make 'em all pink and girlie girlie.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

hehe! I noticed he even deleted some of mine to make more room for himself to create more characters. I've not played for so long I'm shocked to see all the new upgrades to the game. (pretty good changes)

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

Course in one single day I can surpass ever level character he's been working on to level up.

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

/me goes jump back into Dungeons listening to:

Yung Joc - It's Goin' Down

(which "severely clashes" with the enchanting sounds all around in WOW)

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

You need a lowrider, blasting ghetto tunes, to cruise around in WoW.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, there are silly looking rides in WOW however, I do enough of that in real life so when I do get to play I always choose my mounts to be crazy beast or animals etc.

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy, sorry to bother you again but what does a hair ball look like? I gave Dex a bath yesterday and brushed him for 30 minutes! When I was done I had enough fur in pile that looked bigger than him! And there was still hair falling out all over the place and he kept licking himself off. Anyways, this morning when I got up I noticed a rug flipped over that I though Sammy must have kicked up by accident and when I kicked the edge back flat I seen this weird thing that I thought Dex pooped but it was not that it was (I don't even know) but I almost vomited cleaning it up! He never has gone on to the bathroom on the carpet before so I'm thinking is that what a hair ball looks like!? So disgusting! I was thinking they were just a ball of fur they cough up all tidy and neat NOT that mess I seen. OMG it was horrible.

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm still trying to think how in the world Dex got the throw carpet folded over it trying to hide that hideous mess of whatever it was.

// Doreen / 430 weeks and 5 days ago

He probably tried to bury it. Cats do that, since they tend to be proper tidy. Hairballs look like sausages made of wet hair. They can have quite a nauseating smell.

If he's throwing up, he probably needs to be combed to rid of the loose hairs. If he does so after being combed, it's probably a one time thing.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 4 days ago

Yuk, yup, that was exactly what it looked like dutchy (which makes one wonder, why in the world they call it a "hair ball" since it looked nothing like a ball) wellll, now I know what a hair ball looks like (and I pray I never have to clean one up again!) totally gross!

// Dor_work / 430 weeks and 4 days ago

If they start throwing up hairballs, it means it's brushing time. Over here they start shedding when winter is over. I have not brushed my trailer trash cats yet, so that should be interesting once spring hits.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 3 days ago

What's interesting to me is that I've been told cats hate water/baths but mine is obsessed with water so all I have to do is leave the shower door open and I can kill two birds with one stone.

// Dor_lunch / 430 weeks and 3 days ago

The one thing that is driving me crazy about him is hides my contact lens case from me and now my makeup which is causing me to be late to work in the morning since I'm having to search the house to find his hiding places!

// Dor_lunch / 430 weeks and 3 days ago

Get him some toy mice to play with so he won't go after all your small cases.

// craeonics / 430 weeks and 1 day ago

My mom being a cat person like you thought the same thing so she went out a bought for me the favorite toy that her cats have played with forever (it's a soft mouse that has a small motor and when it gets swatted it squeaks and runs around. When she brought it over, she was the only one excited about it, my cat looked at her as if she was totally crazy and the mouse has been sitting there collecting dust. Plus I have bought numerous toys but he's not into toys.

Bottom line is I'm now having to hide in either my drawer or small boxes anything he notices that I use on a daily basis. I cannot leave one single thing on my counter top like I used to do. Toothbrush, contact lens cases all my lipsticks or eyeshadows ANYTHING!

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 6 days ago

My trailer trash cats got some rabbit sized mice. These are basically kids plushies from Ikea (not assembly needed), but these two are predators, so they're very much into catching them. After seeing them "play" with these things, I wouldn't be surprised if these two had caught a lamb or two during their stray days.

The tomcat doesn't give a rat's behind about them though.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 6 days ago

In other news, I've added some debug code to the filter, so I can identify the exact filter that's triggered when a post vanishes into nothingness. It won't solve the problem, but it will help identifying a possible cause.

Next step: get a post to get eaten.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 6 days ago

I would post a vid and help you there but I'm not actually listening to anything at the moment. But I suppose I could find something decent for you?

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay there you go, it just went underground.

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 6 days ago

The good news: it's not the filter.

The bad news: the post still vanished, so it's something else. There are some other checks in place, so I'll have to search elsewhere.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 5 days ago

Isn't there a way to simply write an exclusion into the script? Such as, based off of the "your name" field? If either your name or mine appears in that field it will not filter the post? So we could be excluded from the spam filter? Hard to explain what I'm thinking and most likely this type of scripting is not doable here on this board.

// Dor_lunch / 429 weeks and 5 days ago

That will only work until the spammers figure out your name is the magic key. I don't like to tie it through specific terms.

No, it's either that messages are being posted too fast or that some of parsing goes haywire, leaving only empty messages, which both get skipped.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, if there is anything that you think I might be able to help you with dutchy, let me know.

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 5 days ago

Just continue posting like you normally do and tell me when something gets eaten so I can investigate.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 4 days ago

You could start by investigating why the Lobby shout box functions for vid links and the message board does not. (though the links posted from YouTube are exact) I know you said the filter is the same but something right there seems strange.

// Dor_work / 429 weeks and 4 days ago

I think I found one gremlin. Namely me filtering the wrong field on the board. Let me see if I can post a link now...


* craeonics is listening to: Yellow Claw ft. Ayden - Till it hurts [link]

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

What!? No Burzum? (thank God) and I figured it was something simple dutchy.

/me kicks you for taking so long to fix it!

// Dor_lunch / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

I had set up a no-links filter on the name field. Or so I thought. Turns out I had it hooked up to the message field. So no wonder posts with links got stripped.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

Also, Yellow Claw is the cat's payamas (at times).

// crae_zzz / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

Believe it or not I actually have their "Shotgun" in my library. Probably from you turning me on to them some time ago because they certainly don't get air time on this side of the ocean...

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

Most in my library have already fallen off the map, such as this:


// Doreen / 429 weeks and 3 days ago

Fallen off the map, dead, or in jail, I reckon.

I only pop in for a quick check and I already see three spammers that got through. Grrr... Trouble is, there's nothing about their post that is particularly spammy, other than that what they say has nothing to do with what is discussed and there's a random link at the end.

Makes for an interesting puzzle.

// crae_work / 429 weeks and 2 days ago

And even more interesting is that they are not in this thread? Track them and I'll send a few pit bulls over to their house.

// Dor_lunch / 429 weeks and 2 days ago

Yeah, it's strange. They always seem to pick older threads. It's almost as if they have a list of URLs to post to or something.

But I think I've seen the pattern in their messages, so I can make a new filter (which will probably eat your posts as well).

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 2 days ago

What? You mean I won't be able to post links for you of my important cat pics and tasteful vids again!? Just because of that spammer!

// Dor_work / 429 weeks and 2 days ago

It will be all peace and quiet again. I'm going to let the spammers play around for a bit (it's weekend after all) and then I'll clean up the mess.

Nobody ever told me running a message board was like being a janitor.

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 1 day ago

Quiet!? Well, then I best drop my last link before we go quiet again...


// Doreen / 429 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, I really cannot believe I was listening to that back in the day (well, I do still love the beats but those lyrics?) hehe

Anyways dutchy, I was looking for a something up in my closet and found my ancient Lacuna Coil CD (t'was like listening to this for the first time again!)


// Doreen / 429 weeks and 1 day ago

Mmmm yowza! Yup, that one is going with me right now in my car (tons of appts today) laterz mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 1 day ago

If I recall correctly, you weren't a fan of the lyrics back then either. /me goes clean up spammers

// craeonics / 429 weeks and 21 hours ago

Such is the life with the internet, spam everywhere! Even in legit applications that you've purchased.

// Doreen / 429 weeks and 16 hours ago

Yeah, but they're really out of the woods now. I know how to deal with these specific ones, I just have to cough up a filter for it. Meanwhile, there's a spammer called Doreen active in all those ancient threads all of a sudden.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

Filter added. Already blocked one of those sods. Now I can return to eating my breakfast in peace and quiet. I'll clean up the topic listing later.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

Oh be quiet I couldn't help it, even your old posts make me still laugh. Well, I never laugh but you make me at least grin silly...

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

I'd make us a new I'm listening to 2016 thread but actually our threads are more like anything goes these days? Plus right now I'm only listening to my clock ticking on the wall. (which at times less sounds is better)

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm watching the news and am laughing at the spammers, Ms Evil Grin.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

Pouring rain on this side, so I'm in for the rest of the day, going to grab my fluffy cat and turn on my fake fireplace and go veg out on the sofa for the rest of the day mijn dutchy...

// Dor_lazy / 428 weeks and 6 days ago

I've got a fake fireplace app on my new TV. I'm still not convinced of apps on TV, although the YouTube app is nice. I did not buy a bloody TV for silly "smart" features.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 5 days ago

You'll get used to it old man. I love my TV. As for the fireplace though, mine was apparently a real one that the owner had to seal closed because of some kind of ordinance in the town home village. I don't own, but, someday hopefully I'll get my real fireplace.

// Dor_lunch / 428 weeks and 5 days ago

The thing with real fireplaces (my parents used to have one) is that the room with the fireplace is warm, while the rest of the house is cold. Not to mention smoke everywhere, no matter how good and clean your chimney is.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't care, I'll run around the rest of the house wrapped in a fluffy blanket with smoke goggles on. I want one.

// Dor_lunch / 428 weeks and 4 days ago

While your longs are gathering ash deposits, I'm still laughing at the spammers.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 3 days ago

/me pokes you in the eye. There are a million ways to die so dying from fireplace exposure sounds okay by me.

// Dor_work / 428 weeks and 3 days ago

Not if the exhaust fumes from your daily transit traffic jam don't get you first though.

/me runs

// crae_evil / 428 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, you have a point there Mr. Evil. I was commuting 3-4 hours a day to Los Angeles (though I'm only 25 miles away from there) the traffic is sooo bad I cried some mornings and prayed on my knees every night to be rescued! The very day I signed my papers that I had passed probation and secured my promotion someone spotted an opening for a lateral transfer 10 mins from my house. I went for the interview and got the job. I thought I was in Heaven then 9 months later a new Director from Germany promoted and she happen to live in Long Beach so I was moved to the Long Beach District Office when she was moved and then I had to take (3) freeways to get to work. I was back on my knees praying and crying and then I got called for another promotion (big one!) back closer to home and I went for the interview and got it! Been there since, recently, I got two new offers for yet another promotion of which for personal reasons I had to respectfully decline. (after experiencing working as a secretary for a man, It will never happen again) the woman I currently work for is wonderful however, she will retire in 3 years which means I will be back on the move again most likely.

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 3 days ago

When I think back to all the changes and experiences I've had in just the last few years dutchy it blows my mind. Lots of mental growth, God kept forcing me out of my comfort zone, but he keeps rescuing me as well so all is good I suppose.

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 3 days ago

That's quite a difference from stay-at-home Doreen. I'd say it's all for the better. Getting all those job offers means you're doing a good job. And you get the luxury of picking and choosing.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 2 days ago

Dutchy, I'd stillll rather be at home telecommuting like before (by nature I am a hermit) but, hence my faith in God, because most candidates on the list also come with papers yet I seem to still get chosen and I've got nothing! I'm always surprised and thankful (but I know it's just miracles)

// Dor_work / 428 weeks and 2 days ago

Experience trumps papers any day of the week.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 2 days ago

I'd be lying if I said I had experience for the recent jobs I've been chosen for. I've gone to three different Departments. Public Health, Probation, and currently Public Library Headquarters (each have absolutely nothing in common at all) I started each job with no experience but left each one with experience only to move onto the next dept knowing absolutely nothing about their department and I made that clear during my interviews. Made no sense to me? At any rate I feel thankful and blessed.

// Dor_lunch / 428 weeks and 2 days ago

This current Library Dept is the best and though I have no control over my future I hope to stay in this dept. The two recent offers of promotions were from Probation and the other was Public Health. But, like I said both offers were from male bosses, which is not gonna happen again, I had one bad experience and I'm not willing to chance it again (not for "any" amount of money)

// Dor_lunch / 428 weeks and 2 days ago

I still find it strange how you say you have no control over your future. It always sounds like you're some kind of commodity being tossed around. In the end only you yourself are responsible for the choices you make in life.

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 1 day ago

/me ignores the "she must be one of those religious naive girls" (or better put, stupid girl?)

Anyways, dutchy, you might work for the private sector?

When you work for the County you actually are a commodity or a better more precise description is you are an "Item"

If I were to email you from my work email account you would see a .gov at the end of my email address because the County is of course part of the Government therefore, when you apply to work for the County you need to literally go down to HR and have all ten of your fingertips fingerprinted so that they can submit them to the FBI (yesss, I said FBI) for clearance, then you have to go down to the DMV and purchase your entire life's driving record to return it back to the Humane Resources Office (just in case you have any DUI's and may need to once hired, have to drive a County vehicle for a meeting that they may send you to attend in Booneytown! (or some God forsaken city) then you need to sit down behind a computer with the person who is processing you in HR and sign an affidavit that you have revealed to them "all your online social media accounts" in which at that point and time they make you sit down and sign into Facebook or Twitter so that they can read "and" print your wall or whatever they call it and place it into your personel file. This entire process is called "Live Scan" and if your clear "Live Scan" then they require your last two Performance Evaluations along with telephone numbers to call your last employers to speak directly with them, and two years of attendance records. (hence why you best not burn your bridges on your way out of any department)

Each "Department" is Budgeted by the BOS (Board of Supervisors) and is allotted a specific amount of "Items" for example: Items = (1) Dept. Head, (1) Head Assistant, (1) Administrative Assistant I or possibly II, (1) Secretary (of which could be various levels such as Sec I, Sec II Sec III or Senior Sec I, Sec II or Sec III etc. (I'm currently now at Sr. Secretary II but could've been a Sr. Sec III if I took the other two recent offers) then (1) Senior Typist Clerk, (3) Intermediate Clerks etc. etc.

You are simply an Item. Now if for example when my Boss retires in 3 years and the BOS does not fill her Item and/or they decide to no longer fund or budget our specific dept for whatever reason yesss, they can simply toss my behind back to downtown Los Angeles to go work for someone else wherever the need of the County is. I have no say so at all.

I actually should not be posting to you from my work computer because I have to sign into the internet with a specific password assigned to me for tracking purposes and could be fired for using county equipment for personal use however, I could argue that "you want to fire me for browsing the internet? When you have sexual predators and thieves sitting on higher paid items?" I don't think they would want to go there. (but I should just come chit chat with you on my lunch) At any rate, I think you get the picture?

Bottom line is you don't really have any idea how things are on this side of the ocean and I don't have any idea how things are over there. I have choices yes, but I choose not to be homeless or end up in court fighting idiots that work for the county either. The process to move is by Divine timing of things. Another words when God opens up doors out of nowhere that just happen to be at the right time and right Item and right location.

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 1 day ago

Yikes! Wellll, how in the world can I correctly explain this to you dutchy!

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 1 day ago

With walls of text, I suppose. Be glad the filter didn't eat any of that.

The upside of it is that this work seems to have improved your spelling vastly. I see comma's and periods and capitals in the right places. So you may have sold your soul to the devil, but at least you got something out of it.

// crae_evil / 428 weeks and 21 hours ago

Oh boy, sorry about that. hehe

And if it were all that simple about choices in life I would kick you at this moment.

/me goes run to the gym...

// Doreen / 428 weeks and 16 hours ago

Now don't you go thinking that punching bag at the gym is me!

// craeonics / 428 weeks and 9 hours ago

Hmm, that's a reallyyy good idea.

/me goes run back to the gym...

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 6 days ago

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 6 days ago

Let me try to post some music, as that is what this thread was about originally.

In the category "camp that will make you question my sanity and taste in music", Eddy Wally - Cherie [link] (1966). It's a terrible, terrible song, but this guy was an icon in Belgium, mainly due to the fact that he always looked at things from the bright side and had an air like he was the greatest thing ever and everyone always played along with it. I'm quite certain he aware of that. Alas, he passed away yesterday.

And it seems the board is still not at a hundred percent, because it just ate my post because of an accent d'aigu on the first e of cherie, grrr...

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 6 days ago

I already know your sanity and taste is probably as crazy as mine is (just in totally different directions) hehe

Anyways, if I am doomed to spend the rest of my life with you on this stupid board the least you can do is fix it already!!!!

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 6 days ago

Encoding glitches may have been around even before the server software shuffle threw the filter off kilter. I can recall a number of empty post going back years.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, well, I suppose I shouldn't complain since you did fix most of the issues with vid links getting eaten etc. But you could still paint the walls or something!

// Dor_work / 427 weeks and 5 days ago

In due time. I have an article to publish first. Need to figure out how the (completely unfiltered) commenting was hooked up, since it's been over a decade.

I have some ideas about a makeover, but as you know, I'm ridiculously lazy.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 5 days ago

You are more than ridiculously lazy but, hopefully you'll do it in my life span. Hopefully this will post because I'm tethering from my phone to my tablet at lunch again.

/me test Tek...

// Dor_lunch / 427 weeks and 5 days ago

And it seems it didn't get moody on me! Now to figure out why the message box is zoomed on me. Dutchy also, if and when you do refresh Tek you need to trash all my mindless chit chat. (Probably will just do it again) but yes, please clean my mess off.

// Dor_lunch / 427 weeks and 5 days ago

Asking someone who studied history to erase history... Tsk tsk...

Meanwhile my tomcat is suddenly peeing all over the place. He has never done that before (give or take one or two "accidents"). This is a very ill omen.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

I get the feeling that Mr. Tom has never really recovered from losing his sister or that other cat that died. Is he eating normally? If not, you might be visiting the pet cemetery soon. And since I just spotted a cat hair on my lunch I might be coughing up a hairball soon...

// Dor_lunch / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

He's eating and drinking aplenty. Vet thinks he may have kidney failure. This sudden peeing all over the place reeks (literally) of blatter problems. I'll have to monitor his behaviour. I still need to catch a urine sample, but if this keeps up, I'll have plenty of opportunities for that.

He's still quite active and responsive though. He just jumped on the couch to demand food a minute ago.

People, pets and things that are old suddenly have all kinds of problems.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

He sounds fine then, maybe he's just marking his territory because of the other cats or something? And getting old is just another challenge in life that's all, it's how you look at things and deal with things that count, you better get him checked again lazy guy...

// Dor_work / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay and there went my post!

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 4 days ago

Your post is logged as an empty message. So for once the filter was not to blame for this.

The big red tomcat has a blatter infection of sorts. So the vet gave him antibiotics and some stuff to lower his urge to pee all the time. The tomcat won't be enjoying all those extra pills.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 3 days ago

Poor Mr. Tom, give him some cuddles! Yup, the vets seem to give antibiotics for "everything" (good thing they simply get smashed into their food)

My post was not empty but cut and paste does not play well over here. Most the stuff I read said that cats are very prone to Urinary Infections and something called Crystals. But that stress can cause them to get sick frequently as well. Therefore I'm still thinking Mr. Tom is not happy about his new room mates...

// Dor_work / 427 weeks and 3 days ago

He's not the happiest about the little white demon pussycat, but they're not fighting or hissing at each other. During an earlier examination the vets used a drain to extract some urine. It may have caused the infection (my theory).

I do hope I can move about the house now with having to check everything (like the couch or the bed) for sudden wet spots.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 3 days ago

I can't imagine that (and hope I never have that happen) Since I brought Dex home he's not had one single accident and he was only a few weeks old. I couldn't believe she had him potty trained for me so young. Anyways dutchy I hope Mr. Tom gets better quick on those antibiotics and things get better for you.

/me sends healing vibes...

// Dor_lunch / 427 weeks and 3 days ago

My half-wild trailer trash cats have had no training whatsoever and went to the litterbox from day one. No "accidents" ever. Cats are rather tidy creatures. That's why they're grooming their fur all the time.

No random wet spots today. Alas, my couch still reeks.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 2 days ago

Well, while they seem to keep "themselves" clean our pads are stinky and full of hair all over the place. hehe I'm not even joking there is not one single place in my life that does not have his hair on it. You should see the black carpet in my car, you'd think he's been riding shotgun with me and I suppose it's my shoes tracking it all over the place. At any rate, I love that pain in the behind. I'm so happy to hear Mr. Tom is doing better. Those antibiotics work fast, hopefully the vet gave you a long enough prescription. Mine was on them for 7 days for another issue and when he stopped them his bleeding returned so they extended the meds for almost a month and finally he was cured.

// Dor_lunch / 427 weeks and 2 days ago

Ten days of antibiotics and he already has a pill a day for his kidneys. He runs for the hills when he sees me get them.

As for the hairs, I can only say I'm used to them. I can't remember it not being like that, since I've always had pets (even though I'm allergic to 'em).

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe runs for the hills? Mine is a lil piggy so I was just simply crushing them and mixing them into his food.

// Dor_work / 427 weeks and 2 days ago

With three cats, hat's not a viable strategy. Putting him separate isn't either. Can't won't understand what's happening and get frustrated and what not.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 1 day ago

No wonder Mr. Tom is running for the hills then. You're traumatizing him, so most likely the best solution would be to give him a treat immediately after so he connects the dots that after the abuse he gets a reward or something.

My cat is a freak of nature. This morning I was cleaning up the kitchen with bleach and he was meowing and rolling around on his back in the bleach! But when my Mother brought over that stupid mouse thingy she said that cats like catnip so she put the catnip all over the mouse and he took one sniff and never touched it again. He hates noisy toys. But bleach turns him on!?

Then when Gino came to visit me he brought his dog Cosmo with him. I thought my cat would run upstairs and hide, instead he greeted the dog and the dog ran upstairs. If this cat gets loose outside and pitbull comes up to him he will probably shake his hand/paw or something. Total freak!

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 1 day ago

I believe Lacuna Coil is coming out with a new album soon but I've still got to poke around for more info and their tour dates for 2016.

Check out 1:33


// Doreen / 427 weeks and 1 day ago

Hairless cats look like gremlins. Oh, and apparently cats like bleach.

There's not enough movement in that Lacuna Coil track. It's basically a pop ballad with heavier guitars. You could swap out the guitars and put in a banjo.

// craeonics / 427 weeks and 21 hours ago

It would be a nice solution to the hair issue but they are wayyy too ugly. Lacuna Coil has something in the works and yes I will try it but the fact is nothing beats their Comalies CD (absolutely nothing) so I'd be surprised if they came out with something that can beat it...

// Doreen / 427 weeks and 16 hours ago

In the category "customers who bought that also bought", did I ever mention Sengir [link] It's quite similar to Lacuna Coil, although the singing is a bit rough on this one. I was actually looking for a different track, but the only one I can find on YouTube has no audio.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, the sounds are good but the female singers tone is yuk. (it's got nothing, almost monotone)

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 6 days ago

It was their first album back in 2003-ish. Give 'em some room for growth.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah, I will wait for Lacuna Coil's new album that's coming out in May'ish (and keep my fingers crossed)

/me comes toss mijn my dutchy some candy hearts for Valentine's Day. Have a good one dutchy...

Off to a BBQ at my friends, family etc. (rather be playing World of Warcraft) if I wrap that visit up real quick I can make it back home and play!

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 6 days ago

Barbecue? Over here winter has suddenly realised it needs to get its act together or we won't be taking it serious anymore, so it's been freezing at night.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 5 days ago

So I was just looking at the database and how commenting was rigged on articles. Judging by all the empty tables, I seem to have had all kinds of grand ideas over a decade ago, that never came to fruition. But I can't remember what they were.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 5 days ago

And at the rate you move you probably never will...

Anyways, in the 90's over on this side dutchy and it's a Holiday weekend so no work, and since I've got a new toy: [link]

/me goes into the World of Warcraft in outrageous panoramic detail! Yikes!

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 5 days ago

I cannot even believe the game actually loads full screen on this crazy curved screen and the detail! I may never get to work tomorrow. hehe

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 5 days ago

As long as you don't browse the web full screen at that ridiculous res. Yes, people actually do that.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 4 days ago

Nah, I bought it because the sales guy took off an additional $400 from the Holiday sale price and I couldn't refuse it. But if I keep buying stuff I will surely die before I can afford to retire someday. I'm already invested for the next 20 years. (I'll be using it for gaming and Netflix) It's insane for gaming.

// Dor_work / 426 weeks and 4 days ago

Wait. Hold up. Who are you and what have you done with Doreen?

The old Doreen was planning to end up under a bridge somewhere.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 3 days ago

My spending habits unfortunately will most definitely keep me working for at least the next 20 years. (unless I remember to buy a lottery ticket and win!)

// Dor_lunch / 426 weeks and 3 days ago

How is Mr. Tom doing? Are you still force feeding him antibiotics or is he okay now?

// Dor_lunch / 426 weeks and 3 days ago

He still doesn't like it and he's learnt to fake swallowing the pills, so it's great fun. According to my mother, antibiotics taste horrible, so she's not surprised. Three days to go. He doing fine otherwise though. But key thing with antibiotics is too always finish the complete set or you get resistent bacteria.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 2 days ago

Well, come to think of it they are sneaky! hehe

Good. Then if he is still around then he will pull through.

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 2 days ago

This would be where I plug some new music. Were it not for the fact that I haven't been hearing much new music lately. Or at all for that matter.

I used to have the TV set to a music channel when I was at home surfing the web, but those seem to gone the way of the dodo. Perhaps I should use the YouTube app thing on my new TV and let it randomly play stuff...

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Same here, life is getting in the way of my music listening however, on my way driving to work and driving home I'm normally blazing my tunes (to keep myself awake) something I listen to since my ears love to play in the slums and party: [link]

/me runs off to the gym...

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Yes, that sounds like your tunes alright.

I've set my TV to play some trap and it's now strolling from weird mix to weirder mix. Most of it unfortunately not being up to Yellow Claw level.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Some Claw for mijn dutchy:


// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

A classic from over hear with a good shot of L.A. for you. hehe


/me goes dance with the laundry...

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Krokobil! Dare I explain what it is all about?

And that tune of yours really sounds like a tune of yours for sure. It's that WAR thing, thirty years later.

// crae_zzz / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Thazzz because there is real and then there is imitation...

I'm clueless what they are singing about in that Claw tune but I like it (therefore, it is most likely like most of my other booty tunes)


Goedenacht dutchy...

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

One more decent classic one for you to send you into dreamland over there. [link]

(I never get sick of that one when I hear it)

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy, before I forget, look what I came across while at the mall: [link] [link] When I went to take a closer look at the shirt I seen at Nordstrom was $85.00 with a tiny lil familiar bunny, they even have one with the ear bitten into like yours.

Do an image search for a company called "Psycho Bunny"

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, interesting apparently in "2005" he happened to sketch this image on a napkin. hehe

Inspired by the 17th-century non-conformist maritime marauders and secret societies like the infamous Skull & Bones, Godley sketched a logo on a napkin during a meeting with a friend, an English weaver. His adventurous and aspirational vision replaced the traditional human skull with a rabbit’s head, and an icon was born. The standard was set for what the Psycho Bunny brand would come to represent: classic style, redefined.

When you wear the Psycho Bunny logo, you’re wearing the distinguished wit and unrivaled style of its founders. When people ask you what it means, tell them what wearing Psycho Bunny’s unmatched quality means, and how it’s inspired you to search for the exceedingly unique in your own life.

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 1 day ago

We've been robbed!

Do note though that that is basically a human skull with two big teeth and hears. More hare ears than rabbit ears, I'd say. Whereas my bunny, which is years older, tried to look the part.

Plus, I prefer my skull and crossbones with the bones behind the skull.

// craeonics / 426 weeks and 21 hours ago

I see the obvious differences however, when I poked around for a minute I spotted in his earlier sketches even your lil piece of the ear missing. But like I said there is real and then there is imitation.

/me goes drag myself to the gym (I'm totally lazy this morning)

// Doreen / 426 weeks and 16 hours ago

I need to update it one of these days, but that's very low on the priority list (with #1 being publishing that article).

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, get to publishing then. Dutchy, I "tried" to figure out how long I've been talking to you (but I literally became dizzy & faint) hehe

Umm, do you realize how long we've been talking but not talking? It's insane to even try to mentally process it.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, if you do actually ever publish it I miss your sketches. Add some sketches to it you lazy bunny.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

Sketches won't be happening. But the article should be up one of these days.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

One of these days will probably be tomorrow. Just looked at the commenting code and how things are hooked up to the database. I need to add a column so I can indicate if an article is open to comments. Right now I just have all commenting code, err, commented out to disable things.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

No dutchy, It's niet zo goed when I stop and think about things. I don't want you to hassle with that. "It's ridiculous" Just drag it into the recycle bin (I "promise" I don't mind, so please don't think that I'm playing around) I'm not sure why I even bothered giving you more work then you need. I will however be upset at you if you post it. I'm sorry about that dutchy.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 6 days ago

Sudden stage fright? Should I refrain from posting it?

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 5 days ago

No, it's definitely not stage fright, I'm not sure what it is? (I think it's just hormones) and yes, drag that into the recycle bin.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 5 days ago

More like archive it next to other shelved articles.

/me goes look up some news to post

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 5 days ago

Great, so you're apparently a hoarder too? Just throw it away.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 5 days ago

Yeah, but history! Creative effort has gone into this. Can't just delete it like it has never existed. Besides, now I've got stuff to blackmail you with. I demand your high level WoW equipment or the article gets it!

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG, you are crazy dutchy. (I don't care what you do with that silly article, it's up to you) I called off sick today to mope around which means I probably should sometime today go take my character to the auction house and go buy her some decent armor the last time I played I got slaughtered and spent most my gaming time (what little I get) running back from the cemetery to reclaim my dead body over and over again.

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 4 days ago

So basically what you're saying is that WoW is gangland. Don't they raise the max level every time an expansion comes out? If so how do they prevent high level players preying on low levels ones? What's in it for the high level players anyway, except being sociopaths.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 3 days ago

Yes they raise the player levels with each new release of the expansion packs etc. and PVP (Player vs Player) is of course on certain realms (of which I don't play on) I play against the game but what happens is there are spans of time that I don't play the game (cuz of work etc) and then when I logon to play the whole game has changed and I have to learn it all over again (new spells, buffs, realms etc etc) I end up wandering off into a new zone and get slaughtered by creatures that I'm not familiar with.

// Dor_work / 425 weeks and 3 days ago

Had to run off for training this morning anyways to answer your question regarding what's in it for the higher level players well, they go to the realms that have battle grounds and pvp they can get unique armor there that the lower level players drool over. I only go into those realms when my brother comes into town and or now when my son Gino wants to hook up with me in Game world and group.

// Dor_lunch / 425 weeks and 3 days ago

I find it more enjoyable playing solo because when you group you have to deal with everyone's nonsense just the same in real life. Their weirdness still comes through in the character they are playing.

My brother for example is the same exact nutcase in the game as he is in real life and I want to kill him (but the difference is I can actually kill him in the game if I choose to do so) hehe

// Dor_lunch / 425 weeks and 3 days ago

Fratricide. Be wary of big angry monsters. It's usually a sign you shouldn't be going in that particular direction yet.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 2 days ago


/me wonders just how big your dictionary is...

// Dor_work / 425 weeks and 2 days ago

Take a random noun, add -cide to it and you've got yourself a new word. Nothing new about "fratricide" ofcourse.

Back when I was still studying History, we used this book: [link] for General History (broad overview of things from the Middle Ages to the 1960s). The author had the habit of using a new obscure word every paragraph. Many trips to the dictionary were made.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 1 day ago

Yikes! (I got bored just reading the description) Dutchy, I actually think it's more of a culture thing. Possibly due to the climate differences? hehe

Over there the focus is more on education over here it's more on body image and toys. But on the broader spectrum of History, body, toys it all turns to dust so who cares...

Anyways, one thing remains constant until the last breath: [link]

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 1 day ago

Course with that said I will be listening to this today: [link]

Mmmm mmmm mmmm!

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 1 day ago

You also need that Laffy Taffy video in the suggestions list to clear out that worship drivel.

// craeonics / 425 weeks and 21 hours ago

And there you go with that drivel word (I had to go look that up) For me when I listen to worship tunes it's kinda like when I go to the mall and I'm smelling so many perfumes I can't smell the differences anymore so they hand you a jar full of coffee beans to sniff so that you clean out the senses in your nostrils and then you can smell again? (either that or I have one ear that is possessed by the devil and one that is saved and Holy)

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 16 hours ago

Right now all I hear is a crow outside my window and I've got a gaming hangover (I've not had one of those for years)

// Doreen / 425 weeks and 16 hours ago

Time to call Gaming Anonymous.

There's something worse than perfumes, like when you walk into a Chinese store and a wall of incense comes crushing down on you. That stuff is foul. I don't know why people burn it.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

I think it's the video card (I can see moss in between the cobblestone, I've never seen that in the game before) It's amazing on this computer. As for perfumes 99 percent all smell so synthetic therefore I need to sniff a thousand before I can find the one that is just light, fresh and fruity enough (I'm too picky to even stand myself)

Incense is always nauseating, makes me dizzy and nauseated "every" single time I smell it.

I've completely wasted my entire weekend off from work doing nothing productive (and it felt good!) hehe

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, looks thick and foggy outside this morning what to dooo?

Gym or Game, gym or game?

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

Jog. Then game.

Traveling along the highway back from my sister's place it struck me just how many twigs and branches the leafless trees (because Winter) along the road had. The level of detail. The insane resolution needed to capture that.

Conclusion is that I'm using computers and tech a fair bit too often instead of being out there. However, it's also freaking cold outside.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

You couldn't capture that if you tried anyways. Remember what I said about real and imitation.

Anyways, I kinda thought maybe you were off sick from work or someone died again. (I'm glad you were visiting your sister)

I ended up running to the gym, I'm a bit of a creature of habit and though I know that skin and bones aren't too attractive I always feel better to sweat out anxiety or stress each day to keep (or try to keep centered if that makes any sense) hehe

I can only get there 3 days a week now that I'm working 4 long days so I can't skip it.

Goedenacht dutchy...

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

I upgraded my phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge and guess what they are giving me for free? A Virtual Reality headset and one year of Netflix for free? Can you imagine between us having to work chained behind our computers all day for work and then as addicting Netflix is and now VR is basically being handed to us on a silver platter? We will never see real things again!

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 6 days ago

Count me out though. Those images of people in VR headsets are like blind moles popping their head out of the sand and something I've previously seen in nasty science fiction stories.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 5 days ago

Mine will be going to Sammy to play around with, they are huge and horrible looking

// Dor_work / 424 weeks and 5 days ago

Secretly tape it and send the video to his friends.

// crae_evil / 424 weeks and 5 days ago

Sammy and his friends are all nerdy geeks they will probably all take turns with it. He's got one friend that looks like Gollum or something. (strange bunch)

Goedenacht evil guy...

// Dor_work / 424 weeks and 5 days ago

Careful with that Gollum guy. If he sees your rings he'll go all "My preciousss... Give it to us" on you.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 4 days ago

Nah, no rings. Sammy seems to choose his friends differently (obviously not by their looks) but judging by the looks of his friends (though Sammy is a looker) I'm not too sure what he will be bringing me home as his soul mate someday. (should be interesting)

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 4 days ago

Or when he'll say "my girlfriend is pregnant" and you'll go "nooo, I'm too young to be a grandma".

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 3 days ago

// Dor_work / 424 weeks and 3 days ago

I do however have a feeling when that day comes and you become a grampa that's something you will day Mr. I'm gonna be 16 forever. hehe

// Dor_lunch / 424 weeks and 3 days ago

Day = say

/me slaps this auto prediction keyboard

// Dor_lunch / 424 weeks and 3 days ago

I am forever young. My mental development has stopped at sixteen. Given the adagium "mind over body" the mind is trying its best to enforce that onto the seemingly inevitable physical decay.

I have a nephew who's in his twenties, so if he hooks up with someone and starts breeding in the coming few years, I'll be a grampa (technically "great uncle") way before I'm up for that.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 2 days ago

So silly, I actually assumed in all the years I've been chatting with you that behind the scene you've probably been married and divorced once or twice and have kids.

// Dor_work / 424 weeks and 2 days ago

While in reality neither will happen. Marriage is (or should be) a completely unnecessary thing. While kids would impede on my already scarce time. Three cats and household chores is enough of that already.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 1 day ago

Wellll, you seemed to have not seen this in the Dictionary or Wiki: (copy n paste)

Common-law marriage, also known as sui juris marriage, informal marriage, or marriage by habit and repute, in which the couple, usually a man and woman, lives together for a period of time where a couple is legally considered married, without that couple having formally registered their relationship on as a civil or religious marriage.

Umm, we've been living on this message board together for so long we are married. Which means you actually have (4) cats "and" kids. What is it our 20 year anniversary? Which means China or Platinum?

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmmm, during the course of our marriage we even moved several time to various message boards, skinz.org where we had our honeymoon making up silly words and then skinnables.org etc. etc. (I didn't like wincustomize too much not enough privacy and the walls were a bit too sterile (not homey enough or something over there) hehe

/me goes grab some tunes and run to the gym before I piss you off. I actually did try to divorce you once but that didn't turn out too good for me (cuz I missed you everytime I listened to music)

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 1 day ago

And we aren't even discussing music...

The sui juris thing exists because some laws are written with marriage in mind, in cases like inheritance or who governs the kids and other kinds of responsibilities. It all dates back to previous eras of backwardness.

// craeonics / 424 weeks and 21 hours ago

Hmmm, you have a point there about the discussing music. Now I'm really getting nervous. I'd tell you to be quiet you are giving me a headache! (but I can't even hear you) and I'd tell you to go away! (but you are already far away) hehe

I have to confess that I never seen the sui juris thing before I only heard of the "Common Law" thing over here in California but it figures you would already know it!

/me gets moving in another day...

// Doreen / 424 weeks and 17 hours ago

/me dons historians cap

Or maybe I should not put on that cap. I was going to say something about how there are different ways of codifying law in different countries. Except that the proper details elude me at this point. Let's just leave it at that there's the letter of the law (what is written down) versus the spirit of the law (how it was intended) versus common sense (what needs to get codified and what not).

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 6 days ago

Dutchy, I awoke to pouring rain and thunder and now I come to read history? I am going to fall back asleep and I've got a million things to get done today!

Anyways, there would be no need for written laws if everyone simply had (3) things. Love, respect and common sense.

// Doreen / 423 weeks and 6 days ago

And live under a rock.

As long as there are people within shouting range of each other there will be strife.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 5 days ago

Well seeee you seem to have common sense!

// Dor_work / 423 weeks and 5 days ago

Or observational skills.

I like to gaze out of the window at what happens in the street at work. It's a single lane one-way street with lots of restaurants, so there's a lot of trucks unloading. Enter the well-to-do in their big cars, who for some reason opt to go through this street and then find themselves stuck behind a truck.

Watching the temperature rise is great fun.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 4 days ago

You are an evil bunny! You would never believe me if I told you the things my eyes were able to behold from my office window when I worked downtown Los Angeles. Where I currently work when I look out my window I see no people at all only beautiful quiet trees that sometimes sway. (I love it!)

// Dor_work / 423 weeks and 4 days ago

One day (when I was working at that particular office downtown LA) one of the other secretaries asked me out to lunch so I decided to be a dare devil and went. When we were crossing the street there was a man in front of us screaming and waving his arms all over and she said to me "Don't make eye contact with him, don't make eye contact with him" but it all happened so fast and I was curious what was he screaming about. I made eye contact with him and he seemed to not see me or something and she was right behind me, he chased her with a box cutter (that was what he was waving in the air in his hands) we both ran back into the building. hehe

// Dor_work / 423 weeks and 4 days ago

I somehow doubt it was much "hehe" at the time.

Unless it was an acquaintance of yours.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 3 days ago

No not any acquaintance of mine and no not funny at all cept that I thought it was strange that she told me not to make eye contact and I did and she did not but he chased her not me. Anyways, point is downtown LA is full of mental cases just walking the streets like zombies.

// Dor_work / 423 weeks and 3 days ago

What a contrast to the place I go now to have my lunch where I'm under a tree that has blossoms already budding away from all the madness that resides in Los Angeles. I rec'd a call for a promotional interview downtown LA again yesterday and I had to guard my mouth and respectfully decline.

// Dor_lunch / 423 weeks and 3 days ago

Wake up sleepy head, I've got some good news I want to share with mijn dutchy. I got another call today for a promotion, (apparently the list I'm on is still active because I'm still getting a few calls) and the position is in the ISD Dept., a tad bit closer to home and also has the 4/40 work schedule and my boss is female. I sent in all the requested items for their review and now I have to wait and see if I get the interview. I'd ask you to say a little prayer for me but you might combust into flames or something so I'll just say wish me luck! I'm excited for this one!

// Doreen / 423 weeks and 3 days ago

Hurray! They're fighting to hire you, so you get to pick and choose. I say that calls for cake.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 2 days ago

They are not fighting for me they are fighting for their next slave. hehe

Anyways, the list was supposed to have expired Nov 18th of last year but for some reason they must have extended it? At any rate who cares! My current boss is not too happy about the news but she is a really nice person (one that does actually have love, respect and common sense) so she is happy for me too.

I sent my paperwork yesterday before I left work for them to review and this morning they already have me scheduled for my interview on Monday at 9:00am.

I'm nervous!

I'm nervous!

I'm nervous!

/me grabs that cake for lunch...

// Dor_work / 423 weeks and 2 days ago

Oi, where's my piece then?

9:00 AM interviews are murder.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 1 day ago

/me tosses you the whole cake. Can't eat cake right now I don't wanna be dizzy, cloudy and nauseated, I've got to be clean, shiny and sharp! I'm going to the mall today for a Super Spinach Quinoa Salad (with green apples & spiced pecans) and have them toss a few chunks on top of Blackened Salmon!

Mmm mmm mmm!

Actually dutchy over here the County Facilities open at 6:00a.m. I start where I currently work at 7:00a.m so I'm normally up between 4:30 or 5:00 (or whatever time Dex comes purring on my face)

// Doreen / 423 weeks and 1 day ago

What kind of heathen hours are that? I'm supposed to be at work at nine. In practice it's nine thirty. I find that's way too early for me already.

Oh, don't forget to brush your teeth. And don't eat garlic the day before.

// craeonics / 423 weeks and 1 day ago

If you think that is bad, I just found out that we need to put our clocks forward one hour on Sunday night! I think you already know how I feel about them messing with the time (I just barely adjusted to the last change a few days ago)

Don't be silly, I'm Italian of course I'm gonna eat garlic. And I'm kidding I wouldn't do that the day before. I've got everything in check on the outside dutchy but all kidding aside though I come talk (type) a lot to "you" I'm freaking out on the inside. Sitting down before the interview panel is stressful. (this part I'm "not" excited about)

// Doreen / 423 weeks and 1 day ago

No need to stress out, it's only your future that's at stake.

But in all seriousness, it's not that they drew your name from a hat filled with papers with names. If they invited you, they know your credentials. They just want to see how you are in person.

Wear a pink tracksuit, golden chains and chew gum non-stop.

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 6 days ago

First off, what time is it? I'm totally confused again, the clock on my computer, my walls and my head are all telling me different times again. (I hate this!)

Secondly, I never know whether to like you or hate you! and Thirdly, at this point I seriously don't care if I get this job or not all I want to do is get tomorrow over with cuz it's stressing me out.

/me gets myself to the gym...

// Doreen / 422 weeks and 6 days ago

Wake up! You'll be late for your interview.

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm so lost with this stupid time change you have no idea. I just got into my office and my clocks here are all telling me different times and I cannot believe it's almost 11:30! (this is crazy!)

Anywaysss, I did it! I did it! I went, the interview went well. Felt like a good fit. (at least for "me" it felt like it) now I have to sit and wait, once they clear the list I should know by Friday or Monday. "IF" they choose me, I will accept this one dutchy.

All I know is I'm soooo happy it's over with. It'll take me a week to decompress from that. hehe

// Dor_work / 422 weeks and 5 days ago

Hurray! So, where's my cake then?

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 4 days ago

There will be cake if I get it...

// Dor_lunch / 422 weeks and 4 days ago

Speaking of cake, how about this Gloria Gaynor cover by Cake: [link]

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 3 days ago

I won't be clicking on that link because:

#1. It's Gloria Gaynor

#2. I'm at work

#3. It's Gloria Gaynor

// Dor_work / 422 weeks and 3 days ago

It's a cover. There's no Gloria Gaynor in there anywhere.

Besides, you should be singing "I will survive" at work. Or at least whistle it while walking down the hallways.

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 3 days ago

What is it with you and these freaky tunes? Are you serious? that tune is horrible! And I'm not sure I will survive, the suspense is killing me waiting, I really want this job. I will be working as a higher level secretary for a woman who oversees 47 software devs that develop software for the County. I want this one dutchy...

// Dor_work / 422 weeks and 3 days ago

I got nervous, maybe I did not talk enough to stress to them how much I want this one, maybe they felt since I'm coming from the Library that I'm not plug n play enough for that since it's in a different department and they'd have to train me. I hate waiting, I would have rather then just said yes or no on the spot.

// Dor_work / 422 weeks and 3 days ago

Don't doubt yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 2 days ago

I do doubt myself (I'm only human) and if you dare to drop a link to that freaky I'm only human tune I will kick you! I rec'd an email from the lady this morning inquiring clarification on one of my references which means I'm actually in the race. I still don't know the outcome yet.

// Dor_lunch / 422 weeks and 2 days ago

Two songs come too mind: 1) The Editors "Are we human (or are we dancers)", and 2) The Human League "Human". Fortunately for you I don't like either songs.

Instead, some Matthew Wilder to boost that confidence: [link] (someone explain to me why there are six people in that band, while I only hear four instruments max).

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG dutchy you have the worsest taste in music! hehe

I'm ok if I don't get it, competition over here in Los Angeles County is totally fierce (you are probably unaware since you live in woodenshoeland) the fact that I put myself out there and apparently I've been chosen to look closer at (which means I'm in the race now) "if" they don't select me I'm totally fine. Maybeee I will be alilll disappointed to be honest (I actually think I wanted this one) but the last couple of promotions I got were more than I ever expected and the current lady I work for is wonderful. Before she even finishes telling me what she needs I've got it done (there is great chemistry between us) This other women looks like a challenge and these days I'd rather be calm and comfortable not stressed and having to jump through hoops all day long. The reason I think I may not get it is yesterday she contacted me a couple times in the morning asking me questions about my references. "ALL" my references are outstanding (Honesty speaks bounds) However, one particular male Director I worked for in the Probation Dept. had diff ideas of what a secretaries duties are. I ran away from him the day after I signed my papers to secure my item (a position opened up for me that day by the grace of God, I'm serious!) and I "think" he might throw a monkey wrench into this for me. If so, then whatever, it just was not meant to be for me and I'm happy and ok where I am.

// Doreen / 422 weeks and 1 day ago

And from that wall of text, we can go in various directions. From the "putting yourself out there" we can go to the completely inappropriate: Kelis - Milkshake [link] (and I wouldn't be surprised if the Neptunes had something to do with this track).

// craeonics / 422 weeks and 21 hours ago

Dutchy, I put walls of text in an attempt to "try" to explain things better (but I think I make it worse?) hehe

Putting myself out there = I tried. (I ain't putting anything else out for the creeps looking for free milkshakes) I think our cultures are way too different for me to even try to explain anything to you?

Lets put it this way, bottom line: I miss working in the shadows behind the scene telecommuting. This other way of having to work now is too much crap and totally stressful! Takes me wayyyyy out of my comfort zone. There! That sums it up.

// Doreen / 422 weeks and 17 hours ago

Andddd, if this job don't happen I'm done with putting myself out there! (too stressful and not worth it at all) you cannot put a price tag on peace of mind, which I think I now understand better from all this mess. hehe

Andddd, that was most definitely the best tune that Kelis made!

// Doreen / 422 weeks and 17 hours ago

Peace of mind is why I have a four day work week. Baby Jesus did not create us to toil our days away. /me looks at household chores...

As for Ms Kelis, let's not forget this appearance: Ol' Dirty Bastard - (Baby I) Got your money [link]

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

I agree 100% with you on that.

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

How in the world do you find these crazy videos dutchy? hehe

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

Which of course always seems to help me suddenly spot some outstanding old classics of my own: [link]

/me does a quick dance over here with you and then get busy doing those horrible household chores you mentioned up above...

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

Dutchy, I still have three Teknidermy T's in my closet.

(1) Long sleeve - Large

(1) Short sleeve - Large

(1) Short sleeve - XXL

I was just thinking if you can come up with an idea of who you want to donate them to or hold a contest here at some point and time? I don't know, they are just sitting in my closet. Just let me know if you can think of something okay? Of course they need to pay the shipping. (I'm not that nice)

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

Problem is they are all absolutely huge.

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 6 days ago

Ohhhh dutchyyyyy! [link]

I got it! They get the executive approval on 4-7-16 and then we move forward for livescan etc but they chose me!

// Dor_work / 421 weeks and 5 days ago

Some git took a bite out of my cake!

Congratulations. As a present, you can have three Tek-shirts. They're a bit big, but you can sleep in them or something.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh boy, what is a git? I'll toss them back in the closet tonight for another 10 yrs. Or until they turn to dust. (I cannot throw them away)

// Dor_lunch / 421 weeks and 5 days ago

Git = Dirty rat, I thought you were speaking Dutch. Turns out you're speaking Crazy. hehe

// Dor_lunch / 421 weeks and 5 days ago

Now, I'm thinking what in the world did I do!? I have to actually go do that job!? And stop rolling your eyes, I know I will survive.

// Dor_work / 421 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm not saying anything, but you know it's never too late to (re)visit Ms Gaynor.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 4 days ago

If that stupid song jumps in my head right now I'm going to... (actually nothing cuz I cannot reach you to smack the Hell out of you) but I hope that tune haunts your dreams tonight!

// Dor_work / 421 weeks and 4 days ago

# First I was afraid

# I was petrified

Err, I forgot the rest of the lyrics.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 3 days ago

#Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side. (that's about it for me)

// Dor_work / 421 weeks and 3 days ago

Dutchyyyy!!!! I hate you!

/me goes back to work with Gloria... (stupid song has a curse on it)

// Dor_work / 421 weeks and 3 days ago

# Now I've spent so many nights

# Feeling sorry for myself

# But I feel strong

# And I know how to get along

What's worse though is that I have had Milli Vanilli stuck in my head all week. No, I'm not going to look it up. My YouTube history is a big mess already.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 2 days ago

Milli Vanilli? Mijn dutchy is getting crazier by the moment! As bad as I'd like to go copy n paste some of their lyrics to get stuck in your head, I cannot even bring myself to search those guys out.

// Dor_lunch / 421 weeks and 2 days ago

And I literally woke this morning with that tune in my head before I even fully awoke and recognnized what theme it was!

// Dor_lunch / 421 weeks and 2 days ago

# Whatever you do

# Don't put the blame on you

I think it's because there's this commercial which features the one remaining member singing with a caption "Fab's real voice". Not a particular effective advertisement, because I cannot recall the product, but it did stir up some memories.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 1 day ago

I think I have a mental block with them (or built in protection mechanism) because I don't remember their tunes other then the controversy surrounding them for not really singing their tunes or something like that?

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 1 day ago

/me drops one of the tunes I'm grabbing to take to the gym this morning. Mmm mmm mmmmm!


// Doreen / 421 weeks and 1 day ago

Seems like there is nothing good lately just the same old tunes but since I've got him collecting dust so I need to blow that dust off and grab some of his tunes to take...

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 1 day ago

Uh ohhhhh!!!!! [link] (forgot about all these good ones)

// Doreen / 421 weeks and 1 day ago

/me tosses all Nelly tunes out of the window Uncle Phil tossing Jazz style

In hindsight, that (and Carlton) was the only good bit about The Fresh Prince.

// craeonics / 421 weeks and 21 hours ago

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 6 days ago

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 6 days ago

OMG! Again? hehe


// Doreen / 420 weeks and 6 days ago

I call divine intervention on this one. Whatever you posted, it never made it to server. Log shows empty posts. And the log logs raw input, before any filter touches things.

That being said, it's odd how these empty messages get through, as that should not be happening.

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy, you waste too much time trying to find a reason for everything. (sometimes things have no logical explanation)

For example, you won't believe me when I tell you that stupid tune was haunting me like crazy, when I turned on the TV it was everywhere! Sound bites and short vids of her singing only the lyrics you knew. hehe

Apparently, the Library of Congress declared Gloria Gaynors "I will Survive" tune a few days ago (anyways, you'd never have believed me)

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 5 days ago

So windy today and perfect that all the blossoms are blowing off the trees and looks like snow flakes all over.

// Dor_lunch / 420 weeks and 5 days ago

And causing hay fever everywhere... I sure won't survive that.

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 5 days ago

So dramatic. Since when has a little bit of wind and blossoms ever killed anyone? (that's what allergy meds are for anyways!)

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 5 days ago

Don't make me sic Elton John on you. Wait, too late: [link]

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 4 days ago

No way am I going to click on that link here in the office (you will ruin my image!) Elton John are you for real!?

// Dor_work / 420 weeks and 4 days ago

My ears! My ears! I'm in agony!

Now I'm going to have to hurt you...

/me goes scoop up these blossoms all around me and toss them in this thread!

// Dor_lunch / 420 weeks and 4 days ago

It was probably a stroke of nostalgia. Old age does that to you. Though I must say that, for instance, this mix of Tiny Dancer [link] is quite nice.

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 3 days ago

hehe! OMG Dutchy, wellll, though getting older makes us wiser apparently it does absolutely nothing to improve our taste in music!

// Dor_lunch / 420 weeks and 3 days ago

The whole being wiser thing is a combination of weariness and life experience. If you're old and tired and have seen things, you know better than to do stupid things and it takes too much energy anyway.

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 2 days ago

In us, I meant in general. I personally think when I was younger I thought I knew it all but as I am actually getting older now I realize I know more and more "less" with each passing year. But, my trust or faith seems to grow more and more each year (because of my personal experiences, I never can figure out logically how things seem to work themselves out for me)

// Dor_work / 420 weeks and 2 days ago

I know you are more of a logical thinker so you will just assume I have on a pair of rose colored glasses or something but for the last five years or so I have been jumping off of cliffs and I having hit the ground "yet" (but it's been scary)

// Dor_work / 420 weeks and 2 days ago

Hit with by a windmill more likely. No, I think you've been doing great. Moving up in the world and all that.

This wisdom talk reminds me of this song: Bathory - Man of Iron [link] (yeah, yeah, the guy was a terrible singer).

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 1 day ago

You've been reading me and my typing for years (gotta be miracles) hehe

I was contacted by my new dept this week I had to look up every other word in the dictionary. (I will be processed over by the end of this month or first week of May. I'm both nervous and excited!)

Anyways, me goes check out that Bathory tune of which I "think" that one was my most favorite on the CD...

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 1 day ago

Ack! Nope, that one sucks. This one was the one mijn invisible dutchy turned me on to and I fell in love with: [link]

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 1 day ago

But, I won't be able to get my sweat on at the gym with Bathory I need something much more delicate and tasteful:


// Doreen / 420 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm going to let them play Bond of Blood [link] at my (long distant) funeral to annoy the hell out of everyone. I hope the center has decent speakers, because the bass is essential to the song. Then again, I haven't told people this yet, so when it happens they will probably pick some random piece of drivel they find fitting.

I'm not sure if Petey Pablo would be appropriate.

// craeonics / 420 weeks and 21 hours ago

Dutchy, do you realize that tune is 25 years old now? Unreal, and yes that one was goed!!! Just tell your family to contact me I know your playlist for the funeral. hehe

I already told my kids no funeral, just cremation and toss me into the ocean. (I've eaten enough fish in my lifetime so it'll be payback time for the fishes when I die)

// Doreen / 420 weeks and 17 hours ago

My grandma used to say "stick a sausage in it and let the dogs drag me away". It was a cremation in the end with the ashes being spread across the waves. Although I held the dispenser a bit too high, so I suspect it ended up in everyone's hair.

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 6 days ago

hehe or everyone inhaled her! I personally only find my true peace and refuge by the ocean so that is where I want my ashes. Anyways, you have yet another birthday coming at you old man, so happy (16th) birthday to mijn dutchy...

Yes, I remember because mine is around turkey time and yours is around bunny time.

// Doreen / 419 weeks and 6 days ago

Party time is tomorrow. I have the week off to do absolutely nothing.

Or so I wish. There's always chores. And the chores you put off until you have a week off. Right now I need to get groceries, but after a week of sunshine, it's suddenly pouring.

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 5 days ago

Pouring rain, no work all week!? Lets trade places!

// Dor_work / 419 weeks and 5 days ago

And I'm going out for dinner and have to pay for everyone. But that was my own idea. Don't want to show up for dinner soaking wet.

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 4 days ago

You're paying!? Good thing they haven't implemented time travel yet! Have a goed dinner birthday boy...

// Dor_work / 419 weeks and 4 days ago

It's my party, so I treat my guests.

/memo to self: don't take meatballs as a starter and then more meatballs on the main coarse. I think I can skip dinner the next few days while digesting this.

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 3 days ago

Hence why I only eat meat 1-2 times a month... I rec'd a call yesterday from my new department to report this morning downtown L.A. for Live Scan (which I just returned from) procedure normally takes all of 5 mins but of course took an hour for me since the person doing my fingerprints said "Where are your fingerprints?" apparently, I hardly have any? Hopefully the process goes fast and I should be working in my new job in 2-3 weeks!

// Dor_work / 419 weeks and 3 days ago

You don't have fingerprints? Aliens snatched you and replaced you with a robot? Will we ever see the real Doreen again?

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 2 days ago

Silly, I must just be deformed. hehe

Strange though because when I came to this current Library Dept. the guy told me that he thought his machine was broken and he could not figure it out and told me before I left that they may have to call me back again for figerprints (but obviously they never did) and yesterday the other dept said that has never happened before and she thought her machine was broken. Anyways, I'm just hoping everything goes through quickly, I gave them a copy of my ID's etc. I must just be deformed. hehe

And "you" get back to work your birthday is over!!!

// Dor_work / 419 weeks and 2 days ago

What in the world! I had to find out what it could possibly be since this keeps happening to me with two diff depts. now (I thought maybe dehydration or something) But, there is something called Adermatoglyphia maybe I have it? Can you imagine if I were born a criminal! I'd have it made! hehe

// Dor_work / 419 weeks and 2 days ago

No, you're definitely a robot. Remember way back when you were the only one who could operate that report generating machine? That's because that machine was actually one of your relatives.

// craeonics / 419 weeks and 22 hours ago

No, actually, I had a special love affair with that machine. A lil birdie told me that after I left that machine never spoke to another single living human being again, therefore they had to shut the whole program down. Could also be the reason I don't have fingerprints come to think of it (they worked my fingers to the bones)

// Doreen / 419 weeks and 17 hours ago

Dutchy, they released a sneak peek of Lacuna Coil's new album yesterday. I think they turned totally demented or something! I know you are still enjoying national crae_week but you need to check it out because it might be up your alley. Not mine though (it sent me running under the bed) freaky, I think the band got possessed by the devil! hehe

Check out The House of Shame (I think that was the name of the one tune off the album they released yesterday as a teaser)

// Doreen / 419 weeks and 17 hours ago

Here it is dutchy I found it: [link]

What are they thinking!?

// Doreen / 419 weeks and 16 hours ago

It's not that different from their usual sound, it it not?

Reminds me of something I heared over a decade ago, but I can't remember what. Thought Machine Head at first, but that's not it.

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 6 days ago

It's wayyyy different from their usual sound. Apparently they sold they soul to the devil in order to sell more albums.

Yesterday I went to get my taxes done and I got completely slaughtered! Then whilst waiting for the paperwork to sign my life away they played on the overhead speaker that cursed song I will survive (double freaking punishment!)

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 6 days ago

I think there are tracks on the single album of theirs that sound a bit like it.

The tax mafia wants me to file my taxes digitally. I say "sod it" and let the guy who does my parents' tax do it. This digitilisation of government operations is a bad thing. You need that paper trails in case things "vanish".

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 5 days ago

Tax Mafia? hehe

You got that right! They wiped out my entire life savings (and stole my fantasy of renting by the beach) with my upcoming promotion it will only get worse I suppose unless, I marry a house but I'm not committing myself to another thing in this world dead or alive.

Dutchy, you can simply keep a printed copy if they file your taxes electronically. As a matter of fact they always print out a copy by default so it's really no different than doing it the paper route and by snail mail etc.

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 5 days ago

What is this "printer" thing you speak of?

The less accounts I have to keep track off, the better.

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 4 days ago

Besides not being able to avoid death and taxes I'm pretty sure electronic filing is another one to be added to the list in the near future...

// Dor_work / 418 weeks and 4 days ago

I eagerly await the first mass breach of hacked tax data.

Not I know what hackers would want with any of that.

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 3 days ago

You do realize that whether or not you file electronically your tax info is being submitted into basically the same database right? Mailing it don't change a single thing (other than processing time)

// Dor_work / 418 weeks and 3 days ago

You remind me of my mother who won't use her credit card online no matter how bad she wants to purchase something. She always ask me if she can use mine!

// Dor_work / 418 weeks and 3 days ago

Your mother is absolutely right.

/me has no credit card

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 2 days ago

Dutchy, dutchy, dutchyyy. I will take my chances with my one lil credit card just as I do when I cross the street each day. hehe

I bet you have a ton of grey hair?

// Dor_work / 418 weeks and 2 days ago

It's official. I got my release date for my promotion, I start on April 25th!

I'm nervous!

I'm nervous!

I'm nervous!

// Dor_work / 418 weeks and 2 days ago

My cats give me grey hairs. Crazy little demons.

Congrats on the new job. Don't be nervous, you've done this a dozen times by now.

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 1 day ago

You know that I'm playing around with you because if you do have grey hairs it's only because you are a wise old man which is why I come looking for you to snuggle on you. (you always ground me or something)

I've no idea how you can handle three cats (specially when I have to clean his litter box) this one lil demon I have is more than I can handle. Now he discovered how to open up all the cabinets in my house so when I come home it looks like someone has ransacked my house and robbed me or something! Right now he is trying to get me to go play hide and seek with him.

And to think I got him because I no longer need to change diapers so I suppose I felt lonely and now I will be cleaning a litter box for the rest of his life! Plus, I cannot even claim him as a dependent on my income tax! I don't know why I do the things I do! (but I love him so I'm stuck)

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 1 day ago

/me goes burn some of this nervous energy off at the gym...

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 1 day ago

And right now he tossed my contact lens case on the floor to piss me off. I'm telling you this cat is a possessed demon for reals!

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 1 day ago

Cat needs some toys. Nothing fancy. Mine like to play with clay marbles (the kind you put in pots with plants to keep the water from evaporating). I get to pick those up from all over the place to put 'em back in the pots on a daily basis.


* craeonics is listening to: the neighbour singing along to NSync...

// craeonics / 418 weeks and 22 hours ago

My cat has toys but prefers to interact with me. Because I do realize he needs another cat (but me is not committing to another living thing ever again)

// Doreen / 418 weeks and 17 hours ago

Cats don't always get along with each other anyway.

Right now one is using my lap as a bed, so I'm stuck on the couch.

// craeonics / 417 weeks and 6 days ago

so cute dutchy, it's amazing to me too that this ball of fur can control me the way he does. (he owns me completely)

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 6 days ago

There's a germ in their litter that can cause a disease called toxoplasmosis. It makes you susceptible to the cat's mental commands.

I'm only half lying here.

// craeonics / 417 weeks and 5 days ago

Don't even remind me of that because my cat is void a nose bridge therefore when I wake up in the mornings his face is smushed flat against my face licking and purring (which means I most likely already have that disease)

// Dor_work / 417 weeks and 5 days ago

That buzzing you hear is Li'l Dex giving you mental commands to bring food.

// craeonics / 417 weeks and 4 days ago

Actually, I meow to him and he meows back and we go back and forth like that. I've no clue what I'm saying to him but he sure behaves as if I'm speaking fluent cat lingo. hehe

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 4 days ago

Or he thinks you've gone ga ga.

Which would not be too far from the truth... /me runs

// crae_evil / 417 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh be quiet you! Just for that I'm gonna punish you by spamming your inbox...

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 3 days ago

Plus I have to take my meds today to calm my nerves! But I will be nice and share the lower dose with you! [link]

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 2 days ago

I think I'll pass on those pills. I suspect they cause hallucinations and cause people to mail cat pics.

// crae_evil / 417 weeks and 2 days ago

Don't make me send you a pic of my pet fish too! I was just too lazy to upload it and post a link here. (sorry about that you grump old evil guy!) hehe

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 2 days ago

Back to music, since this is supposedly a music thread.

The TV's been all Prince since his death yesterday. I've heard quite a few of his songs over the years, but I can't say there's one I'd listen to voluntarily. His music feels so sticky. Very much not my thing.

// craeonics / 417 weeks and 1 day ago

That's cuz you're a grumpy old man! And it's raining purple over here too, of which I don't much care for his music or the color purple either.

/me goes jump into this day and get busy...

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 1 day ago

What's weird is how certain media (like CNN) went crazy over it, like it's the end of the world. I usually have a news station on in the background, but one story dominating the broadcast the entire day is not how things should be.

Meanwhile, I still can't think of one of his songs I like.

// craeonics / 417 weeks and 22 hours ago

I think you described him well as too sticky (but I'd add screaky, screechy & frilly) for my taste but if I had to choose a tune I could almost tolerate it would be:


// Doreen / 417 weeks and 18 hours ago

I'm thinking he took something he thought was harmless (but caused an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) as we age we shouldn't mess with things and just ride out the pain, mood swings and cravings (I think anyways) but most will run for a quick fix whether it be from the corner seller "or" the corner drug store...

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 18 hours ago

Talk about a complete butcher (they should be arrested) : [link]

Anyways, here is "decent" cleaner version of it: [link]

// Doreen / 417 weeks and 17 hours ago

Maybe he was frequenting Michael Jackson's doctor.

I wonder how close that specific tune is to things like W.A.R.

Meanwhile JuJube is giving me weird recommendations: [link] (Mongolian stuff).

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, well though Prince was a few years older than me I was forced to listen to him on the radio but I suppose the difference would be something like this?

W.A.R. = [link] and Prince = [link]

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 6 days ago

hehe! I suppose that JuJube has got you right?

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes! Tomorrow I start my new job! (Curse these nerves that God bestowed upon us mortals)

/me listens to music that transcends!

La la laaaaa!


// Doreen / 416 weeks and 6 days ago

/me sweeps out the worship tunes

My ears are clogged for some reason, so I can't hear 'em anyway. Good luck on your first day at the new job. Try not to get into fight with your co-workers.

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 5 days ago

Thank you dutchy. I can't even believe it, I'm actually sitting on Executive Row. (so no boxing allowed) hehe

My boss oversees the group of Devs that are responsible for creating software applications for all the various departments in Los Angeles County (which means I will be overseeing the devs on her behalf) My nerves were a bit fried today, so me goes grab Mr. purring dex and hit the bed early...

Hope you feel better dutchy (you might have a ear infection brewing)

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 5 days ago

Good for you. Smack those devs around!

In sadder news, the big red tomcat has taken his final trip to the vet today. Pets bring great comfort, but their lives are so much shorter than ours.

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 4 days ago

Unless you buy a turtle, one lived up to 152 years old! (but they're not as cute and cuddly)

But, on a serious note, I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Tom, you just stuck a pin in my heart too just hearing the news dutchy, I assume you had to put him to sleep? So hopefully he went out on a cloud and didn't suffer. I'm sorry dutchy...

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 4 days ago

He went quite peacefully. No anger, no fuss.

The trailer trash cats don't seem to miss him, which is just typical of cats. Then again, he was in hiding most of the time the last few weeks.

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm glad he went peacefully, and he fulfilled his purpose here on this planet of bringing you some joy and happiness (which knowing you might be a hard one to please, I'm sure he had a very tuff job!) but I feel bad for you dutchy I was just looking at Dex and I can't imagine losing him, though he is a kitten (under a year still) I know that time does fly by quickly.

/me sends you a tight hug...

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 3 days ago

Just checking in on you dutchy. Sorry, currently being a bit overwhelmed learning but wanted to see if you are okay?

// Dor_work / 416 weeks and 2 days ago

I've been coughing for three days straight. These things apparently affect me physically. The big tomcat will be cremated and his ashes scattered across the North Sea, or so I've been told.

That's more for my peace of mind, for none of my cats have ever seen the sea, nor do they like water.

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm the same way, if I get stressed out my body acts up on me. You either have an ear infection brewing or a head cold. If it gets worse you might need an antibiotic. If Mr. Tom didn't like water I'd have chosen another place to put his ashes? (Dexter on the other hand is a freak for water so I will keep this in mind for him when that day comes)

Anyways dutchy since I'm officially one of those crazy cat people (like you and my Mom I can relate alil better now) there is a time for grieving (and you need to) BUT as you obviously know about death, there's not much TIME so try not to stay down for too long okay... I was tripping out recently that the Queen was recently celebrating her 90th birthday and Prince suddenly dropped dead at 57 (who would have thought)

I already said this to you but time is just an illusion so stay in the moments and try to feel better quickly. Go get a new book or go ride your bike in a forest or something. I clean when I'm stressed (cuz I can't sleep) so with this new job situation my house is so clean you can eat off the floor right now. hehe

Bleach that litter box and clean up so the other cats don't get sick.

Also, one more thing, there are people you can reach out to touch to feel better and people you can't reach out to touch but, you can still feel their souls and mine is available for you dutchy you know how to contact me. Feel better soon okay.

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 1 day ago

Yikes! Sorry about that. (but you're a book worm so I just left you a book to read?) hehe


// Doreen / 416 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy, here is a band aid to put on that cut you just got: [link]

(course my ears drums are once again partying in a dark alley today) *sigh*

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 1 day ago

I think worship tunes are the cause of my condition...

This is a good exercise for my body's resistance. They've been slacking, so a bit of drilling should do them good. I'd just wish they'd be a bit faster about it. The coughing needs to go. Fast.

// craeonics / 416 weeks and 21 hours ago

If it's the worship tunes, then good! That means they are doing their job. Worship tunes are suppose to purge the mess out. (hence why I listen to them to do my cleanse after I fill up on all the mess I normally listen to)

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 18 hours ago

Pouring rain over here and Dexter is sitting at the window wanting to go out and play in it.

// Doreen / 416 weeks and 17 hours ago

If those worship tunes were any good, they'd purge the house for you.

Let Li'l Dex go out. Watch him get wet and change his mind in thirty seconds and run back in again. And then he'll want to go out again a few minutes later.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope, my neighbor on the right has/had one of those lil fu fu dogs and one of our neighborhood coyotes decided to come eat it for a snack when she let it go out.

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, It's May? Wellll, me knows what I will be listening to!

/me drops off some goed stuffezzz for mijn dutchy...


// Dor_war / 415 weeks and 6 days ago

Little fu fu dogs are technically big rats. Dog only starts if their height is taller than, say, a human knee.

Anyways, coyotes need food too.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 5 days ago

I've always been attracted to lil fu fu dogs but in my past I've actually "only owned" the type of dog where I would say "Oh you wanna come look and talk to me?" I dare ya! Can't really find anything decent but basically Pitbulls (which are a adorable as pets but super fierce protectors)

Now that I've officially entered into old hagg land (I'm a late bloomer) I think it's safe to own a fu fu dog but, It seems I ended up getting a fu fu cat (my Lil Dex)

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 5 days ago

They look all sweet and innocent until someone comes up close to the owner then suddenly their fangs appear and their whole face changes. Nobody will mess with you. (not sure if this link will work on your end)


// Doreen / 415 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG! look at that face!

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 5 days ago

If I got a pitbull again Dex would probably kick his behind!

Dex is not afraid of anything, not sure if he is just super brave or just plain stupid. Gino brought his dog down for a visit recently for the Holidays and I thought his dog would scare Dex but Dex sent Gino's dog running up the stairs hiding. hehe

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 5 days ago

Pitbulls or any fighting breed are rotten to the core. If you hear stories of people getting mauled, it's rarely a labrador or a collie.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't live in woodenshoe land I live in Los Angeles County where you have a dog like a Pit bull for a good reason (to prevent being raped or robbed) anyways these days I reside in a safer environment therefore I don't require a Cujo dog.

// Dor_lumch / 415 weeks and 4 days ago

I know just the song to go with that: Baha Men - Who let the dogs out [link] (technically not about canines, as one of those presidential candidates over there knew damn well when he said this: [link]).

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 4 days ago

I've not heard that tune in ages. (and of course I'm clueless of what that tune is about)

/me goes check out the lyrics...

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, I still don't get it? hehe

(The only thing that comes to my mind instantly is when a guy is barking at a girl like a dog) But after looking up the lyrics I don't see that?

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 4 days ago

This is age old secret Men lore that has withstood the tests of time, and apparently still does, so I shouldn't be spilling the beans.

But... "who let the dogs out" = "who let the ugly girls out".

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 3 days ago

Ahhhh, sorry dutchy, my brain is a bit exhausted (I'm in training for the next six months) by the time I get home I can't remember my own name.

Anyways, regarding the above, it's quite the opposite over here because if you hear any man barking or howling for that matter it sure ain't cuz you're ugly.

// Dor_lunch / 415 weeks and 3 days ago

That's funny though cuz the girls (on this end anyways) we call the guys dogs because they bark and howl like a dog (with no class) when they're trying to pick up on a girl.

// Dor_lunch / 415 weeks and 3 days ago

All I know is that the Brotherhood of Men has revoked my membership now.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 3 days ago

I get the feeling mijn dutchy is in a club allll his own anyways. hehe


// Doreen / 415 weeks and 3 days ago

Which brings us to Mr Cent, whom I haven't heard anything from (music-wise) since he stormed onto the scene many, many years ago: [link] (well over a decade ago already).

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 2 days ago

He's around over here popping up here and there in movies etc. And he's making more than 50 cent.

// Dor_lunch / 415 weeks and 2 days ago

I thought he recently filed for bankrupcy. Curious how you can be both bankrupt and still swimming in money Scrooge McDuck style.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 1 day ago

Who knows how they can get away with that, he obviously is swimming in money. I understand "nothing" of this world except you can pretty much stick everything into the four categories (good, bad, ugly or beautiful that's about it)

The worship scene needs to release more than one good tune a year this is ridiculous. But I found something decent for my day...


// Doreen / 415 weeks and 1 day ago

/me hides the worship tunes

It's Saturday and those little demons woke me up at eight.

// craeonics / 415 weeks and 23 hours ago

Eight? My alarm clock starts at 4:30 no matter what day of the week it is.

He jumps on the bed at 4:30 purring and I feel two furry paws wrap around my neck and then a sand paper tongue licking my entire face, then, he begins harmonizing various tones and sounds which translate into "Please, get up!"

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 18 hours ago

I can see who wears the pants in that relationship. If you ignore those cries for attention for a bit Li'l Dex should stop and will wait until you wake. It works on my cats. My cat always have a filled bowl of "dry food", so it's not like they don't have anything to eat.

// crae_zzz / 415 weeks and 9 hours ago

I always have dry food in Dexter's plate as well. I think the reason he is so clingy is because he does not have another cat to hang with like yours. (but there is no way I will sign up for taking care of another cat) and ignoring him is impossible since he does not take no for an answer so I actually have to get up and put him out of my room and lock my door (but then I cannot fall back asleep when I do that anyways)

// Doreen / 415 weeks and 3 hours ago

And Li'l Dex goes "no, no, don't lock me up".

I do hope he can at least look out of the window at the birds.

My two trailer trash cats like to sit on the balcony and gaze at the cats below (I don't know why people let their cats roam about like that).

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 6 days ago

Unfortunately, having extraordinary looks comes with a lot of set backs so if I let Dexter go outside he would either become a cupcake for one of our local Coyotes "or" be stolen in 5 seconds flat. (He comes from a line of show cats and is worth a few thousand dollars) when I bring him to the vet I have to rip him out of everyone's arms to get him back because he attracts crowds and it's not fun at all. But, of course he sits on the windows and stares at the lizards and birds running around outside.

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 6 days ago

He's an Exotic so he's a lot of work for me such as expenses with grooming, eyes, breathing, digestion etc just various health issues and he is still just a kitten! (which means it will probably get worse) I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into but I already fell in love with him so I cannot get rid of him though I get offers all the time...

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 6 days ago

You're surrounded by crazies.

In other news, my new TV is a smart TV, so it comes with a YouTube app. So I can use it as a poor man's jukebox. So yesterday, I searched for a Immortal song and let the app decide for itself what to play next. After a while it ended up with Bathory. And since Bathory released quiet a lot, it gets stuck on Bathory.

So I picked another Immortal song and let it run for a bit. Lo and behold, again it converged on Bathory.

I can only conclude that YouTube thinks I should listen to Bathory whether I want to or not.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, you can't go wrong with Bathory because it's unique from all the usual common styles of music (and constant "repeats" that normally play on the radio)

Or you can totally confuse YouTube by doing what I do, play worship tunes one minute then play ghetto music? (My YouTube never knows what's safe to recommend for me)

// Dor_lunch / 414 weeks and 5 days ago

You're going to end up with MC Hammer: [link]

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm not clicking on that link here. hehe

(but I am pretty sure I can guess what it is silly)

// Dor_work / 414 weeks and 4 days ago

/me slaps some of that Hell out of you! I've not heard that one in a while... when I listen to worship tunes it must be void of rap and when I listen to rap it must be void of worship (those two don't mix, sorta like oil and vinegar)

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 4 days ago

I hear there's quite a long Christian Hip Hop out there. I avoid it like the plague, but it exists. Music is best characterised by the sound than the lyrical contents anyway.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 3 days ago

On a Tek related note, I'm still pondering over the best way to set up a system that is both flexible, easy to maintain and fast to write. A system aimed at providing an overview of the various skinnable apps out there, with categorisation, releases and what not.

Because that is the direction I see Tek heading.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 3 days ago

Noted. I'm sorry dutchy, I wish I could help you here but I've got a lot going on with learning this new job at the moment. When it calms down in a few months I will try to help you but you'll need to toss me some ideas for what you want okay?

// Dor_lunch / 414 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, because things can be read or interpreted wrong trying to communicate on a board, let me write a book in a futile attempt to explain myself better to mijn dutchy...

1. I totally get it that you deal with developing websites for a living therefore, the last thing you probably wish to do when you come out to play is work on a website?

2. I obviously don't have the same skill set as you, but, if you need me to help with something (since we seem to be the last two still standing) toss me some ideas that you feel I could handle and help you with okay?

3. I feel Tek is our playground when it becomes work it's done. If you still have that article I tried to put together and don't feel it's too silly and want to post it go ahead as "filler" until we can do something maybe more substantial for Tek?

Things will calm back down for me in a few months and I will try harder to come up with something to do for Tek like you are trying to do as well.

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 3 days ago

Andddd to get back on topic (OMG! you are alwayssss going off topic!)

As for saying "Music is best characterised by the sound than the lyrical contents anyway" I couldn't have worded that any better...

I think you should listen to Lacuna Coils new album when it comes out later this month. I have a feeling judging by the sound you might like it. (It has that sound that sends me running under my bed) hehe

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 3 days ago

I have a dozen albums I still need to listen to (because I don't have a CD player and rip stuff to disk, but my harddrive is full). And there's half a dozen albums out that I still need to get.

When the time is right and I've code up that catalogue of skinnable software you can help by naming apps I may not be aware off.

It still has a long way to go before we are at that point though. Got to have a working system first.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 2 days ago

Anddd you still of course need to fix that issue where this board apparently likes to eat my post periodically?

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 2 days ago

I think that's more of a connectivity issues, wherein the message never reaches the system. It could happen anywhere along the line. Perhaps there's a firewall I'm not aware of in front of Tek that eats those posts.

Or it's related to the phase of the moon.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 1 day ago

Then I'll blame it on the moon...

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 1 day ago

Whatever you do / don't put the blame on you / blame it on the rain.

Damnit, now I've got Milli Vanilli mulling in my head again.

// craeonics / 414 weeks and 22 hours ago

I only know one tune that does that to me and I don't dare even think or type the name of it...

// Doreen / 414 weeks and 2 hours ago

# Girl, you know it's true

/me runs

// crae_evil / 413 weeks and 6 days ago

The last time I heard any of their tunes is well over 25 years ago. Curious how those lyrics have grafted themselves into my memory.

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 6 days ago

Hence the power of music...

I never cared for them, not even sure I listen to one of their tunes all the way through one single play. They just bored me that much.

// Doreen / 413 weeks and 6 days ago

Meanwhile, I pointed my Smart TV to a random song again and after a dozen songs where did it end up? Bathory.

And speaking of weirdness, I've got the weirdest email this morning. Someone alerting me to a broken link. Okay, that's nice. A broken link on a news article from twelve years ago. Right, so what's the point in fixing that? It was news twelve years ago. It's history now.

The catch ofcourse it that the suggestion was to replace it with a link to their site. Which is not ever going to happen.

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 5 days ago

I need to see what new stuff Battery has come out with. Hopefully they didn't do what Lacuna Coil did and shift change too much. Strange about that email you got, and regarding something posted twelve years ago? That makes no sense?

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 5 days ago

Battery? Stupid auto correct so annoying...

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 5 days ago

I blame bots.

And if you meant Bathory, remember that it was a one-man band and that man, Quorthon, died in 2004 [link] (my god, that long ago already).

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 4 days ago

That's right he died. I only bought two Bathory CDs But, I do remember being instantly transported to another dimension everything I played it. Nothing like it on this side...

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 4 days ago

/me goes see it I can turn off this auto correct on my phone after fighting with it trying to change my on to one word!!!!!

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 4 days ago

I had to find my CD's, one is Twilight of the Gods and the other one is HammerHeart. To be honest I really only liked the Twilight of the Gods. (the other one I hardly played much) which is why it is missing from my CD case!

/me goes try to find it...

// Doreen / 413 weeks and 4 days ago

Now, I'm trying to remember what it was that was so weird on my CD? Remember there was something on my CD that yours didn't have? Oh forget about it! How in the world could either of us remember it was that long ago! hehe

// Doreen / 413 weeks and 4 days ago

If I recall correctly on your or my version of the album the two first tracks were fused into a single track or something like that.

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 3 days ago

I think mine had some kind of eerie start track that yours didn't have. Anyways, the CD that I hardly played was in the case and of course the one I like is MIA and I could not find it anywhere last night.

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 3 days ago

Li'l Dex ran off with it and plays it when you're asleep.

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 2 days ago

I wouldn't be surprised. He's not only opening up all the cabinets in my house, now he's pulling everything out on the floor. I get home from work and then I've got to clean up the whole house from the mess he makes!

// Dor_lunch / 413 weeks and 2 days ago

Looks like he's enjoying himself exploring the mansion of the big hairy ape.

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 1 day ago

He's an evil gremlin, disguised as a cute Lil purring ball of fur!

// Doreen / 413 weeks and 1 day ago

If you've ever seen a hairless cat, there can be no doubt where gremlins actually come from. So don't go feeding him after midnight.

Fun fact of the day: the term "gremlin" originates from British pilots during World War 2, who would claim small creatures of said name were sabotaging their aircraft(s).

// craeonics / 413 weeks and 21 hours ago

Okay, only "you" would know that fun fact. As for those hairless cats they have got to be the ugliest things on earth! (how in the world do you cuddle with that?)

// Doreen / 413 weeks and 16 hours ago

They're for people with no taste or who claim an allergy to cats. I have an allergy for fur too, but it has never stopped me from having pets.

I got the origin of gremlins from one of (the late) Roald Dahl's novels. You may not know the fellow, but he was quite a prolific British children's book author with, always with a macabre element in his stories.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope, never heard of him (though I'm strangely attracted to things with a macabre element)

And I realized that I don't own Dexter, he owns me now and instead of me training him, he has me trained! I think cats come with some kind of inbred magical powers? (which could be why the Egyptians had a fascination with cats)

I don't know but I cannot believe the power this little ball of fur has over me. I get so upset over the stuff he is putting me through but, every time I look at him I completely melt! (It's just so freaking frustrating)

I finally caught him in the act of this thing he is doing with all my cabinets. My cabinets do not have any handles on them, he stands on his hind legs like a human and grips the top of the cabinet with his paws and uses his body weight to pull back the top and grabs the side until it opens up and then jumps in and pulls all the stuff out all over the place! I'm going to shoot him!

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

All my small trash cans are toppled over and the trash is all over the place he continues toss everything on top of my shelves onto the floor he is completely driving me insane! But, I can't get rid of him.

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

And yes, he has a ton of toys of which he could care less about because it seems he is on a mission to completely drive me crazy and annoy me to the highest level I can possibly tolerate or something! Dutchy, I cannot believe what I did to myself by getting this cat.

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

/me goes clean up this mess he made again...

Speaking of macabre, this tune is my fav, it's a mix of gansta & haunted sounds (probably not your cup of tea) and you'd really need to drill down a few layers to hear what I mean because the rap is very distracting.

Tune I'm talking about: [link]

Ripped mix from: [link]

and also if you listen 3:53 on the top link you will hear that ripped part from: [link]

Put it all together and you've got a haunted gangsta rap mix. hehe

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

Yeah, I need to update my playlist but for now: Mmm mmm mmmmm! I need to go dance with some dishes...


// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

Uhh ohhhhh what is this? Some Soul for Real? Mmm mmmm mmmm!


// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

Don't evennn ask me how this one got on that playlist? I normally have these type of tunes separated but oh well it will get the job done! Last room to clean and I'm done with my party over here today: [link]

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 6 days ago

Three 6 Mafia has fallen victim to the record mafia, who have blocked access to that Lolli Lolli song based on country. Even if I search for it. Best I can find is a sped up version or the song used for a workout routine. Ridiculous, they don't understand the concept of a global audience.

But the song has a similar vibe to this track by Li'l Dex' uncle Jon: [link]

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 5 days ago

So strange that they still put up those road blocks (no wonder why cultures stay so divided)

// Dor_lunch / 412 weeks and 5 days ago

They're too busy swimming in their revenue streams.

Meanwhile, I saw a song with cats in the video yesterday: De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Manon [link]

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 4 days ago

First off, that back drop has got to be the most perfect color pink I've ever seen! secondly, it made me miss Dexter. Hehe

// Dor_lunch / 412 weeks and 4 days ago

And today I'm sleep walking at work cuz he decided he was not getting out of my face until he made me get up at 4:00 this morning.

// Dor_lunch / 412 weeks and 4 days ago

Heard these guys today and had to come look them up tonight: [link]

Hmmm, not bad, but there is not much fresh stuff worth listening to these days...

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 4 days ago

Don't know who him and his side kick buddy is but, they've definitely got it! [link] crazy cool...

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, no, I'm going to pass on those guys. Way too mellow for me.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 3 days ago

New to me though apparently they've been around since 2009, I like em, the singer reminds me of my crazy choochie brother.

// Dor_lunch / 412 weeks and 3 days ago

Which my brother was suppose to come visit but he got a job as a security guard lined up working for Celon Dion and he calls me and says who is this Celon person? He's so crazy he didn't even know she is a mega star. Hehe

// Dor_lunch / 412 weeks and 3 days ago

He's right though. I know Celine Dion, but I am unaware of a Celon Dion. Maybe that's an imposter doing covers.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

Can you be anymore of a smarta**? I may not know how to spell her name but at leastttt I kinda know who she is?

// Dor_work / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

Celine Dion represented Switzerland at the 1988 Eurovision [link] (terrific outfit) and won. Now the real question is how a Canadian could represent Switserland, when the whole point of the competition is that each country sends one of their own countrymen.

Because if you can bring just about everyone in, it becomes a matter of hiring the biggest star out there, regardless of their nationality.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

Wellll, to be perfectly honest I only know that she is a mega singer star, I'm not into her music (I heard her speaking French on the Billboard awards the other night)

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! Sorry but I cannot stand to listen to her on that link you posted. What is that?

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

When it comes to nationality it's just weird. I'm allllmost 100% Italian (I have a drop of French from my Grandmother on my Mom's side) and everyone assumes I am Hispanic over here and from what I read/see most real Italians from Italy would never consider me Italian either because I was born in New York not Italy. But what does any of it matter anyways.

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 2 days ago

I would figure you'd be Italian if you were born in, say, Italy. And of Italian descent if born outside of Italy. Now in your case, you've been exposed to the Californian climate for too long and people get confused over your last name.

But yes, Celine Dion is terrible. Still, there is a market for that type of music... somewhere... among the crazies.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 1 day ago

I gave it serious thought about going back to my maiden name (Frisone) but after finding out the expense and work involved to change everything it would be silly and does not matter in the bigger scheme of things.

You wouldn't get it unless your parents had brought you somewhere else other than the Netherlands and your grew up with different life experiences.

What I do admire about people that have been born and raised in their natural habitat is the proud and strong culture that gets "naturally" instilled into them. They are solid and never sway. It doesn't get washed out and diluted like us that get moved over the generations to other places and seasoned so differently. All I can be proud of is, me, myself, I have no culture to back me up! Though I am pure Italian. hehe

But I do make a killer lasagne. (that no person in Cali can touch!)

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 1 day ago

But you can without a doubt "feel" the differences even without ever having met you dutchy.

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 1 day ago

I must agree. No culture whatsoever. /me runs...

Migrants tend to be more appreciative of their culture than their actual original countrymen. To such an extend that they can be very conservative and it becomes a caricature. When they travel back to their country of origin after having been gone for a few decades it's a big culture shock: the world has moved on without them, for better or for worse.

// craeonics / 412 weeks and 22 hours ago

I don't know, my brother is in the process of getting his passport in hopes of "someday" actually going to live in Italy and I don't understand it at all because that is not his home and him just being Italian will never make it feel like he actually belongs there? But it will be good for him to see and feel what it is like over there. If he actually moves over there I may end up visiting him and getting to see Italy myself and experience it who knows.

// Doreen / 412 weeks and 17 hours ago

He's joining the mob!

From what I, who does not travel, have been told by those that do visit Italy, it's basically two countries. The North is the wealthy and developed half, while the South is like you stepped into a time machine.

Anyways, he'd better start practicing his Italian and talk with his hands a lot.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 6 days ago

Just witnessing what he is going through to get his paperwork is totally ridiculous but he is ridiculous so it will be interesting to see how that turns out for him. I assumed it would only take him a month or so to get his paperwork apparently it takes years (when you are moving there not visiting)

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 6 days ago

I would assume they want all of his papers, going back to his boy scout days. "Aha, so in March 23rd 1981 you did not help this old lady cross the road! You sir, are in deep trouble".

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 6 days ago

Not only his paperwork but our Mother's "original" birth certificate (and his father's original birth certificate) to prove he is Italian and just basically all kinds of hoops he is having to jump through.

My Mom though divorced from my Father stayed with her own breed so my brother is pure Italian as well (though different last name, Marcello) my maiden name is Frisone.

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 6 days ago

My brother can speak Italian, Spanish, and Korean (don't even ask me about that Korean) hehe

I already told you he is crazy...

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, meanwhile on this side it's still a Holiday weekend, what to doooo? gym, shop the sales along with the stampeding cattle? Or finish watching the X-men marathon and go catch the latest one at the show? I know one thing for sure, I ain't spending it cleaning!

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 5 days ago

Play games. Those X-Men flics are terrible.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 5 days ago

Ah, a thunderstorm. We have autumn like weather at the moment. With some luck I'll see some flashes.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 5 days ago

Lucky you, my favorite weather. Was warm and sunny as usual on this side. And I should have played games instead I opted for grabbing some sales (but spent more than I should have)

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 5 days ago

Spiral of doom. If you work more, you have to unwind more, so you shop more (or less efficiently since you have less time), which leads to you having to work more. And so on.

The understorm was rather underwhealming. One nice blast and it was over again.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 4 days ago

Aside from the understorm, the thunderstorm was underwhealming as well. Too fleet a typist for the keyboard to follow.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 4 days ago

I thought you meant to type understorm since it seemed fitting since the storm was underwhealming. hehe

And you nailed it spiral of doom. New promotion = New wardrobe. It is costing me more to keep up with moving up? I'm more comfortable in jeans and sneakers this is so not me dutchy...

// Dor_work / 411 weeks and 4 days ago

Wear jeans and sneakers and then watch them go "Yo, who's that new hip secretary. Much better than the previous stuck up ones. I've got to get her number".

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

Over here us secretaries have to pay $5.00 one day a month to donate to the March Of Dimes if we want to wear our jeans and sneakers (and actually have to wear a badge on that day to permit/allow us to wear our jeans!) been a secretary but on diff levels for a while now but, I'm still having trouble with fitting into their mold. I shouldn't complain though my job is the envy of most females in the County I suppose...

And nope, no number going no where. My cell phone is for theming not scheming.

// Dor_work / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, how about jeans with a wrap around skirt so they don't see? You can remove the skirt when there are no snitches around.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

If I didn't think wrap around skirts were totally disgusting I might consider that...

I've got no wiggle room. I'm sitting eyeball to eyeball with the executives. But what I do love about my job is I'm working for one exec that is overseeing developers and that part feels right just being connected to that theme of work but the secretary part feels chokingly tight for me? (Hard to explain dutchy)

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

This is decent to me (I'm not a flasher and hate to show skin) it's not exactly comfortable in Cali weather but thank God the building is always cold.

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

Course the link won't post but anyways I'm not sure who would wear a wrap skirt?

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 3 days ago

The filter sure does not like wrap skirts.

Crack the whip at those lazy devs.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 2 days ago

Yup, I've already been warned about these guys not meeting their deadlines. I'm seeing them being more upbeat. We just gotta make it fun over here thazzz what it needs. (Bit stuffy right now)

// Dor_lunch / 411 weeks and 2 days ago

Happy developers are slacking developers. They have to be miserable to meet their deadlines.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 1 day ago

Everytime my Boss sends me to go deal with them they look so intense with frown lines and I notice it takes them a minute or so for their face to un-contort. I think if they relax a bit more they would be more productive. (or at least blast some tunes with earbuds while working to relax a portion of their brain)

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, your either out partying or sleeping over there. It's triple digit heat over here!

/me comes to complain and leave some sweat on the message board...

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 1 day ago

Sweat? I've got just the inappropriate song for that: [link]

Those devs are frustrated because they get harrassed by managerial types all day while trying to get things done.

// craeonics / 411 weeks and 21 hours ago

Nah, I'd say that's totally appropriate. (you know me likes la la la laaaa)

Anyways, they've got their annual Division Meeting this week and guess who they tossed that mission to? And I'm still not really acquainted with the job and everyone nor understand precisely what all they do other then develop applications for the county system and provide customer service apps etc.

But after reviewing what they did for their last year's Div meeting and peeking at their PowerPoint presentation I gasped! (tacky colors, theme and clip art) I'm going to step it up, make the devs feel like their important enough that all the visuals, theme and meat of the meeting focuses on "them" so they feel important enough to actually "want" to attend their annual division meeting and look forward to it (not dread it) I need to somehow bridge the gap that I feel is there between the execs and their developers. Should be challenging! (and not what I wanted to do over my weekend) but first me goes hit the gym with that la la song now stuck in my head...

// Doreen / 411 weeks and 18 hours ago

And skin that presentation a little bit better.

I'm getting the weirdest mails again. Just received one that thinks Tek is about games and wants us to put up an article they deliver, containing links to a gambling site.

It boggles the mind why anyone would want to do such a thing.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, could be someone that thinks we have more than two readers over here?

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 6 days ago

They're desperate to set up their link scams.

Fortunately for us I do have integrity.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 5 days ago

Thank God, cuz if you didn't have your stubborn integrity I'm sure by now we'd probably be swimming in banners...

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 5 days ago

We'd be all skinz.org and up to our ears in banners and popups. I dare not look, but I suspect that zombie is still prowling about.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 4 days ago

Yeah, probably not a good idea for us to look back at it or we might turn into a pillar of salt or something. Though it would be crazy if it were still up (and pretty stupid)

// Dor_work / 410 weeks and 4 days ago

I just paid the zombie a visit. It's still touting things like MySpace, so I'd say it's not moving much.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 3 days ago

Are you serious? Well, I refuse to look at it, "you" are as far as I will go back to visit skinz.org...

// Dor_lunch / 410 weeks and 3 days ago

I usually skip the annual company trip, because it's always boring exhibits and lots of drinking and hanging about and I don't do drinking or hanging about. But this year we went to some climbing park, so I spent the afternoon playing monkey: [link] (not my vid, just an impression by someone of the park).

The fact that I am typing this now means I survived the ordeal. Lots of chickens among my colleagues saying they're scared of heights.

// crae_zzz / 410 weeks and 2 days ago

Wow! That looks totally awesome! Did you do it!? I've never seen anything like that before. The climbing event type things we have here are just a straight wall with pegs you grip and pull yourself up as you step into cracks and crevasses. (hard to explain) but totally boring simply climbing up a straight wall and pretending it's a mountain or something. At least yours looks fun and has variety! Very cool...

Anyways, funny, today I had that Annual MISD Division Meeting I was telling you about, anddd, it was a mad success! I managed to pull it off! (though I awoke up at 3:00 this morning staring at the ceiling having anxiety attacks and freaking out) I've never had to organize such a big event before it was my first time, plus I don't know anything about this department still.

After it was over I had a flood of emails when everyone went back to their work stations and it was all good.

/me goes to celebrate! (which means I'm going to get me some goed sleep, I'm not into drinking or partying either dutchy)

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 2 days ago

OMG dutchy that is crazy cool! I've never seen anything like that? They must have some insane insurance to cover their behinds at that park.

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 2 days ago

Good job, Ms Project Lead.

While going through this obstacle course (because that's really what it boils down to), you're constantly anchored to a lifeline, so if you slip you don't fall down.

I did all four courses. Some involved hanging and clinging to elements which stinks (the muscles in shoulders are complaining right now). But it's mostly about finding your equilibrium.

I let all my colleagues go first, so I had to wait quite a bit with all those slowpokes in front of me.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe! The first thing I thought of about you today is he must be sore! (you just used muscles you've never used before) that vid was long but I had to watch the entire vid and I seen there were reallyyy small kids doing that I'm surprised they let the really young kids do that I would assume the age range would be set to atleast 15-16 and up but some looked really super young? Anyways, that looked totally cool.

/me goes hit the gym and wake up and get this day going, I'm in crawl mode this morning...

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 1 day ago

Muscle ache usually sets in on day two. Today is day two. I'm in hell.

The requirements for the course were simply that you were taller than a certain height (1.4m I think), lighter than 110kg and fit enough to "be able to get up again". I forgot to ask what that last bit was supposed to mean.

// craeonics / 410 weeks and 20 hours ago

Well, you got some good exercise now it's time to go hit the show and kick back. (go see Warcraft) but "only in 3D" if you have an IMAX Theater. The reviews were bad but I never go by anyone's review, I still have to judge it for myself and the movie was awesome! To be honest I didn't expect it to be but the armor and detail to the spells etc stayed true to the game. The bone, leather, wood and metal and just everything was pretty good!

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 17 hours ago

Not your cup of tea I'm sure (but definitely mine) not sure the link will work:


// Doreen / 410 weeks and 17 hours ago

Hey! you do have it over there now: [link]

// Doreen / 410 weeks and 17 hours ago

Yeah, I've seen the commercials.

I've actually played WarCraft in the past for a bit, but that was the third game, not the online one. A friend of mine was completely addicted to it, so he set me up. But micromanaging dozens of troops and jumping all over the map was not my kind of game. I prefer lazy games, not work games. Plus, I dislike the rather bulky character designs.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 6 days ago

Bla, bla, bla, jusss go see it (and make sure it's in 3D) they pulled it off decently. As for the bulky characters just play a warlock or mage (I only play warlocks) their main armor is robes, pets and spells so though they are not bulky and rather weak they make up for it with their spells, buffs and pets...

(I've not even been able to play due to the constraints of my job, I miss it)

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 6 days ago

The biggest problem I had with the movie is that I was so stuck on looking at the details of the chips and cracks in their teeth and the bone and skulls and detail to their armor and stuff I missed half the freaking movie! [link]

Some things such as their hands and finger nails were a bit out of proportion (but actually in the game they are too, so they stayed true to the game) but the grit and dirt under the nails and just alot of detail that kept distracting me too much!

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 6 days ago

Sorry the link don't seem to take you to the teasers...

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 6 days ago

I'll probably see it in due time or not at all. I don't see much movies these days. I only watch TV for news. Also, 3D is terrible.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 5 days ago

You've probably not seen good 3D. At any rate I'm pretty sure they'll make a second part judging by the ending.

// Dor_lunch / 409 weeks and 5 days ago

The phrase for that phenomenon is "no true Scotsmen".

Anyways, I somehow got hold of the cable to the stereo at work. So I've been streaming trap and other stuff I like for the past few days. Colleagues have yet to complain.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 4 days ago

Trap? Whatchu talkin bout Willis? And I'm serious, I had seen a few 3D movies before I actually seen one done correctly...

// Dor_work / 409 weeks and 4 days ago

This be trap: [link] (long intro, beats only start at the end of the first minute). It's what you get when you mix Southern US hip hop (also called trap) with brostep-like drops. Deep basses plus bleeps and glitches, so I like it.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmmm, that does really sound goed! I'm going to have to go explore that a bit more and check it out betterrr...

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 3 days ago

Yummm, yes, I will definitely have to go explore this a bit more: [link]

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 3 days ago

This one is totally outstanding! I love it! But it messes with my head big time. (Throws off my equilibrium or something) [link]

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 3 days ago

Quality varies greatly between each song. I particularly like this one: [link]

The nice thing about this genre is that it checks all the boxes: it has beats, alpha waves, bleeps and wobbles, and it's not an onslaught against your ear drums. So I can put it up and my colleagues won't complain (much).

There's just one effect used I'm completely fed up with and that's the "plane lift-off" effect right before the drop, which sounds like a rapidly rising pitch. It's way overused.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 2 days ago

Or the shell casings dropping to the floor from the shot guns or whatever they keep mixing into it (from the ones I checked out)

I'll check out your link when I get home (of course cannot play it here at work)

I actually liked that Beautiful Heartbeat one so much I went to buy it and was surprised there were about 6 different versions of it! I "only" like the Nine Lives Remix one (I hated all the other ones)

// Dor_work / 409 weeks and 2 days ago

Outstanding, get so bored listening to what is on the radio I forgot how good it is to listen to something good again...

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 2 days ago

It's even like repeat Hell on the Christian radio stations now.

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 2 days ago

In a way, life is hell in the Christian world view. Waiting for the end to come.

The one luxury problem with listening to those two or three hour mixes on YouTube is that you don't know what song you're listening to (artist/title). Also, some of the "mixes" are just crossfades. Hell, some of the "mixes" don't even bother with crossfades and just jump from one song to another.

I mentioned how this genre was derived from hip hop. A sample of that style: [link]. If you're thinking Li'l Jon, you're not that far off.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't really know what other Christians believe, I only personally believe that there is a God who created all this madness. I'm not very obedient or Christ like so if there is a God for reals I may be going to Hell.

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 1 day ago

Just checked out your link. Yeah, the sounds in it are definitely familiar to me (and in my past I've definitely been around on those very streets as well) I hung around with some wild people 99.9 percent of them were not very safe to be around but I somehow seen good in them and the reason I know there is a God is I walked away from that alive and whole. (yuk that was not really a good feeling looking at that) hehe

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 1 day ago

Don't you get lost in side links now when you go to YouTube? I need to grab some more new tunes and get myself in gear.

And no dutchy, I'm not black. I'm pure Italian and as white as snow so when I think about all the hood rats I was around and all the bad things (that should or could have happened to me) it's just unbelievable & miraculous to me! I was always given respect and protection while alot of bad things happened to everyone around me.

Anyways, me goes get busy, thanks for the pointing me to that trap I like it!

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 1 day ago

So basically I had a trap beat going on in my head as I read your comments. Funny how things go. The genre (the original hip hop one) got its name because it's themes are about being "trapped" in a world of drugs and crime. Somewhere along the line, some producers from over here got their hands on it, stripped most of the rap, added some bleeps and glitches and trap (the dance music) was born.

/me has a family BBQ on the other side of the country today and it's raining cats and dogs...

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 22 hours ago

That is strange... And, I wasss basically trapped (and stupid) when we came to Cali we (my mother, sister and I) ended up moving on a dead end street. I remembered yesterday after I typed that mess to you, that one day I was crossing this dead end street where we lived (this was when I was a teen, 19 yo) and a group of girls from some gang surrounded me in a circle like a pack of wolves and hit me up, the biggest baddest chola says "Where you from" me being a stupid idiot over here in Cali said "Brooklyn, New York" hehe

She was asking me what gang did I belong to but, at the time I was clueless. Normally, at that point you get either jumped which means beat to a pulp, shanked (stabbed) or killed, if they were jealous they would cut your face with a razor to scar you but they looked at each other and walked backwards and dispersed and left me alone. Apparently they did not know how to handle "stupid and clueless" hehe

One other time a girl I met dragged me off to one of those streets in that vid you posted up there (this was before I got grounded over here) and I didn't know my way around and two black men came after us I was lost I didn't even know where she was taking me or where I was. She ended up getting raped the other guy that was getting ready to rape me seen me cry and he stood still, looked down with sadness and sheltered me and got me home safely after he took me over to his sisters house. I was completely lost and alone. (the other girl was not as lucky that night) I pray that guy was blessed for the decision he made at that very moment when things could have gone another way. I could go on and on but basically, you would never believe me. But, when I look back I see wayyyyy too many times when God changed the outcome of things in a split second. (I'm pretty sure alot of victims that cry or get themselves in stupid places in their lives don't always get spared)

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 18 hours ago

My crazy brother was born over here and came later after we came to Cali., of which he is visiting me this weekend and driving me crazy today he wants to go over to visit my Mom and run around. I wish I had your rain dutchy but we are in the midst of having the most dangerous heat wave they said we will go from 110 all the way up to 120. I'm not looking forward to going anywhere today.

// Doreen / 409 weeks and 18 hours ago

Tell your mom to get some ice cream.

And you know there's only one sung to go with those memoires of yours. I need not even look it up, because it's bound to be playing in your mind right now.

// craeonics / 409 weeks and 11 minutes ago

Nothing playing in my mind. And my mom will need to drive and come to me today because nothing is taking me away from my air conditioner! It's horrible...

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 6 days ago

Our telepathic link is weakening. You should have Gloria Gaynor going on (again).

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 6 days ago

Unfortunately our telepathic link is not weakening.

/me comes to smack the Hell out of you! Send me some rain dutchy it's 106 right now!

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 6 days ago

I found something new. Except that it's actually not new and I seem to be the last person on the planet to find out about it: [link] (hold on to your seat at the 1:50 mark, because that's one of the hardest things I've ever heard).

It's also probably not your thing, but we can't have it all.

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh boy, only light I've got is my cell phone. We are all sitting in the dark in the office because there is no electricity and with it being 109 outside they won't let us effacuate. This ugly heatwave came out of nowhere. Ack!

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm hoping they release us to go home soon because it's getting hot in here now. I'll check that link out when I get home dutchy. It's spooky in here and I'm not sure if you have a demon in that link! Hehe

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

No demons. Well, maybe one in the background.

But er, why is the power down? Grid can't handle the heat? What can you do in the office with no power? Everything is computers these days.

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

They finally released us hostages and I'm home now. Apparently, Edison (Southern Cali electric Co) went up in partial flames due to the heat and overload. Fires are everywhere right now and the temps are breaking records there was no lights working at the intersections driving home but I have power here at home so I suppose it's random areas. I don't know what is going on but me is happy to be home and my air condition is working!!! Hooray!

/me goes check your link...

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

Ummm, I'm speechless? hehe!

What the? Well, I did make it to the 1:50 mark but that was about all I could handle of that craziness. hehe!!!! Dutchyyy.

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

Yikes! I was trying to see what was going on (cuz all I know is that it issss HOT) we are reaching up to 122 in some areas, I didn't even knew that was possible? I seen on the other side of the hill coming home a huge fire cloud in the sky and hear sirens all over from fire trucks and stuff but I hope it don't jump the hill and come get me!

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 5 days ago

Sounds like it's party time on your end. It hasn't made the news here yet, so the apocalypse is still a bit off.

As to that Babymetal link I posted. I'm still on the fence about it. We have here a manufactured group of teens singing pop with backing from seasoned masked musicians shredding on guitars. Some parts are so, so good (like that bridge at 1:50), yet at the same time other parts are completely tacky (the synth lead).

To their credibility, they are touring around the world, playing at various (metal) festivals. That's quite a bit better than your average girl band.

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

It's about 20 degrees cooler today but the fires are still out of control. It got so hot yesterday dutchy that everything combusted! (Dexter at home is having a hard time) Anyways, about that girl band, I think that will last all of 5 mins. Asians are a big turn on for some therefore, toss some metal in there too and they probably see a few dollar signs or something? Who knows...

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

*cough* They've been around since 2010. *cough* I kid you not. That's six years ago. I suspect two of the three were not even teens then. A more recent song: [link]

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, I will check that out with more open ears when I get home. To be honest, I had a hard time getting over the stupid masks and I don't know so maybe I think my ears closed off at that point. hehe

(but I'll check those cats out later, can't listen here)

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm serious dutchy, I listened with open ears and that is like trying to mix oil and vinegar (plus I cannot even process that!) hehe

At one point I thought I heard a quick Lacuna Coil vibe mixed in there but for me all the beats and music are pretty good "untillll" those girls open their mouths and then their tone of voice makes it all fall apart into ashes. (but that vid was a notch up from that first one you posted of theirs)

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, to be fair I actually thought maybe it's just those two since normally there is one that is good but this was the only one I could find that sounded halfway decent. The metal in the background is consistently good but again it's just their voices sound ridiculous against that hard metal...

This one is so so though: [link]

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 4 days ago

You managed to pick the ballad.

Given the genres I listen to, I'm used to selective listening, filtering out certain sounds, so I've almost grown accustomed to their voices and the weird/bad mix of genres.

They are manufactured as hell, but for some reason the formula works on me. Even though I'm not completely sold on any of it except for the execution. Perhaps it's because these three are just so ridiculously happy and innocent looking. The Dutch word for it would be "ontwapenend".

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 3 days ago

First off, I don't know what in the world a ballad is? You are talking to someone who listens (as you know) to Lil Jon

Secondly, they smell of marketing cept that one that I posted was so so.

Thirdly, two look innocent and one looks like a demon in disguise.

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 3 days ago

She actually gave me some nausea and a stomach ache!

// Dor_work / 408 weeks and 3 days ago

Guess what I'm watching at the moment... I'm beyond help.

A ballad is a down tempo song, usually about love and romance.

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 3 days ago

Those three ninjas? And they didn't seem to be singing about love and romance? But then again they are so commercial there's not much soul mixed in their singing.

// Dor_lunch / 408 weeks and 3 days ago

Cue "James Brown is dead" [link] ('91, though I don't recall that rapper).

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, I agree then, mijn dutchy is hopeless...

Don't know who that is either. Never seen him before.

// Dor_lunch / 408 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm more hopeless or helpless than you! I can't believe I had to search out the only song I liked of his and listen to it. Can't seem to post the link from my phone and it seems he had quite a few songs with the word funk in them but the one that I like is named "Gonna Have A Funky Good Time"

// Dor_lunch / 408 weeks and 2 days ago

Last night I've no clue how but I ended up getting sacked into a program about Janis Joplin (these older singers screamed their souls out when they sang or something) but it was so sad dutchy. I only liked one of her tunes Take a piece of my heart or something like that. Her singing was annoying. Gotta run lunch is over...

// Dor_lunch / 408 weeks and 2 days ago

Sacked? Sucked. hehe yikes gotta run. Goed nacht...

// Dor_lunch / 408 weeks and 2 days ago

Hold up, wait, you don't know who James Brown is? The "Godfather of Soul". Next up I'll have to explain Michael Jackson...

Meanwhile, I still have the "three ninjas" in my head, probably because that Megitsune melody is based on this traditional Japanese song: [link]

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

No, I don't know who that guy was that was singing in that vid you posted about James Brown silly, I would have to be an alien from another planet to not know who James Brown is/was. I only liked one of his tunes he was one of those screamers like Janis Joplin (annoying) and what about Michael Jackson? I still don't know what all the fascination was about him either? I didn't think he was all "that" great?

/me goes check out your link with hesitation that always gets subdued...

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, you just stunned and hypnotized me. What in the world is that stuff?

/me smacks the Hell out of you, I was going to run to the gym and now I feel almost zapped and paralyzed...

(thank God I've got my trap to take to the gym, I actually bought a few tracks)

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

/me comes back to smack the Hell out of you again to get those three ninjas out of your head!!! I have to admit if they were removed the metal is outstanding (that said from someone who normally don't care for metal)

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

Time to get into cleaning up this mess that Dexter has made sooooo me needs me some good beats: [link]

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, got all my ammo for cleaning and I'm off with my towel!


// Doreen / 408 weeks and 1 day ago

So based on the timestamps, you were zapped for six hours and then needed ten minutes to clean up the cat mess. Not a bad score.

// craeonics / 408 weeks and 22 hours ago

Nope, a bit longer than ten minutes. (I purchased a new fridge that has a built in water dispenser and ice machine) when the delivery guys came to install it yesterday afternoon and hook it up when they moved my old refrigerator out ummm, welll, Dex apparently has been playing alot of air hockey with all my missing rubber bands that I use to put my hair up in a ponytail and my missing eye-shadow cases and one contact lens case and all the things I've been searching for upstairs under my bed and everywhere for months along with a mixture of a ton of dust bunnies it was a mess cleaning up everything.

// Doreen / 408 weeks and 18 hours ago

Heat wave rolllll onnn (me has ice cubes!)


// Doreen / 408 weeks and 14 hours ago

Oh no, not Li'l Dex' secret stash! He worked so hard on collecting those things.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 6 days ago

Dex is worse than having ten kids and my happy dance was short lived when my ice maker shot out one cup of ice and died. Apparently the geek squad hooked up the water lines incorrectly and now I have to wait until Monday. (of which I work so I'm not sure how they will fix this issue)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 6 days ago

They'll either break into your house; knock on your door in vain and never return; or be on your doorstep at five in the morning.

Meanwhile my weekend seems to have come and gone.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 6 days ago

Sam works and goes to College, Gino is now over at University in Oregon State (training to be a mad scientist) so I may need to train Dex how to let them in to fix it.

Fridge works, it's just the ice maker seems to be not working. It is so hot outside I'm thinking it can't get cold enough to produce ice. Hopefully next weekend I will have them come back and trouble shoot...

Good night dutchy and yes the weekends go wayyyy too fast. Never enough time.

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 6 days ago

Cue Tiga (covering Nelly, but I don't like Nelly and this version and video are much better): [link]

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmmm what to do with you??? Actually that was wayyy better than Nelly, I agree. hehe

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 5 days ago

What you should do roll your eyes, because I'm still enthralled by the "three ninjas". /me runs...

This does have me wondering where that "eye rolling" thing comes from. Could it be that you look up to the sky for divine guidance.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

/me rolls my eyes and says a quick prayer... Heavenly Father please allow me someday to be able to physically smack the Hell out of this invisible Dutch guy!

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

I forgot to say "Amen" and I looked it up it says something about lust, love or something completely opposite than what we now think it means. I only roll my eyes when I'm completely & totally annoyed. (I think) but it's a reflex so who knows. hehe

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

Every explanation I see basically boils down it being flirting in the middle ages but having shifted to signifying annoyance in the last fifty years. Followed by a lot of very, very loose psychological reasoning.

No mention of my religious theory.

I know I'm right, damnit. Why doesn't anyone see that!

/me rolls eyes

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

I forgot to post today's ninja video: [link] (this one's quite good, not so bloody poppy as some of their other songs).

// crae_evil / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

I will check that out later when I get home but as for the rolling eyes, I think you are right because it only makes perfect sense (to me atleast) when I get annoyed I automatically roll my eyes and pray God help meeee! (then normally I feel cursed and guilty instantly for not having any patience at all with whomever is driving me up a wall at that moment with craziness)

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

I see it as either "god, give me strength" (for the religious) or a "why, god, why" (for the lesser religious). Specially if accompanied with a sigh.

/me goes investigate strange smells coming from the litter box

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

Hehe dutchy type, you are completely insane.

/me goes check out those three ninjas

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay now that just confirms that she is possessed by a Demon. That lead singer nauseates me.

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay and I cannot believe how horrible this auto correction is on my phone dutchy I cannot even make out what word I was trying to type to you when it tossed the word "type" in there!

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 4 days ago

Right, right, so now I am a Dutchy type. There's also a song about that: [link] (don't worry, no Japanese girl in there). I had no idea what they were singing about when I was their age and this was a hit.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

There better not be a Japanese girl in there! I was beginning to think you are probably going through a Kenray phase or something!

/me will check it out on lunch. I'm always afraid to click on links at work because you might have a demon jump out at me here.

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

It's four or five completely harmless black English youths with a song from the early 80s with slightly dubious lyrics (especially given their age).

/me goes watch more ninjas

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

Argh! /me rolls my eyes! of which now I don't know if I am just totally annoyed or flirting but leaning more towards totally annoyed about you and these three ninjas!

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

Basically, I have about two years of CDs still waiting to be ripped, but my drive is full and I'm too lazy to buy a new one, so I have no idea how they sound. Plus, I don't have that machine on much anyway. I have some more CDs on the way, but the shop lost my order and haven't responded to my inquiry as to why it is taking a month to ship those things thus far.

There's little music on TV these days. MTV only has music in the morning, so now we know what that M stands for. And it's all so bloody generic.

So I happened upon these three ninjas while watching wresling (one of their songs was used as a theme for a show) and I was intrigued. And the more I see and hear, the more intrigued I get.

Long story short: it's (what we call) "cucumber time" in music land and Babymetal is the best thing going on right now.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

And as you know, once I am intrigued by something, I can't shut up about it.

// crae_evil / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

I actually think just the very word "Babymetal" is completely nauseating to me now, just look at it seriously, Baby & metal? Those two words put together to form one single word fit just as horrible together as the very sound of those three baby ninjas (one of whom is a Demon in disguise not a baby) and super hard metal players. What in the world joins that together in any format of a union is just plain strange to me!

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

Format = form (at least that auto correction seems to make some sense to me)

Let me go check out your link before I send you some serious a** kicking vibes.

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

I remember that Dutchy song (and I loved it, and still have absolutely no clue what they are singing about) hehe

What is that about? I have to look up the lyrics but as for now I'm late! Lunch is over...

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

"Pass the Dutchy" = "Pass the joint". So it was a bunch of kids singing about marihuana. Rastafarians love their ganja, so it's all fitting, but still. Bit too young, no? One of their other songs was aptly titled "The Youth of Today".

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

Ummm, this is a perfect example of why I never pay attention to lyrics and only listen to the sounds in music:


Music happen to be the food of love

Sounds to really make you rub and scrub

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side

It a gonna burn, give me music make me jump and prance

It a go done, give me the music make me rock in the dance

It was a cool and lovely breezy afternoon

(How does it feel when you've got no food?)

You could feel it 'cause it was the month of June

(How does it feel when you've got no food?)

So I left my gate and went out for a walk

(How does it feel when you've got no food?)

As I pass the dreadlocks' camp I heard them say

(How does it feel when you've got no food?)


Love the song, but that is totally ridiculous!? Nor does it seem that kid singing is singing about ganja, blunt, marijuana, pot, weed, smoke, herb, mary jane or all the other names they call it (though I've NEVER heard it be called Dutchie)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

In my day they simply called it a joint, blunt, herb. When it was pushed on me and I tried it all it did was give me a severe panic attack (my heart almost raced out of my chest) and that was about it so I never messed with the things being passed around me (of which were a ton of drugs)

Music can make me dizzy and high so you can only imagine what a drug would do to me and since I know this everyone used to think I was just clean because I was stuck up or as you call it Religious? The real reason is I'm just unable to handle it. (total light weight) maybe God just made me a total light weight so I couldn't dive in with everyone else who knows...

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

Here's another example. "LOVE" this song: [link]

But, Shoot an apple off my head???

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 3 days ago

No, no, not bloody Coldplay. I should run to my ninjas, but I'm watching the news at the moment.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

All there is in the news on my side is ppl blowing themselves up, getting shot or who is dying, which recently I think I heard that Slice Kimbo died? Wasn't he just a couple years older than you? I never heard though what happened to him. Then again, the news has more action and sometimes is more exciting then some movies...

// Dor_work / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

The name was Kimbo Slice, but I'm not familiar with MMA. /me googles... He was 42 and died the 6th of heart failure.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

I remember him knocking ppl out in backyards so when I seen him on TV that stunned me. Kind of enjoyed him better in the backyards it was more real then. He got all caught up in the media. Anyways, sad he died he "looked" healthy as an ox?

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

When I call you Dutchy now I'm going to think I'm calling you a joint. hehe

Just kidding, I cannot even think of calling you anything else. (cept if you are looking at those ninjas again)

Heb a goed weekend mijn dutchy, I can't wait to finish this day so I can enjoy a long Holiday weekend.

// Dor_lunch / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

It's uncommon, but not unheard of, that completely healthy athletes drop dead in the middle of a game. And as far as I recall it's always heart failure.

I am ofcourse currently looking at the ninjas. /me ducks... Here, some guy translating the lyrics, so we can learn the language: [link]

I may have to watch that entire series. It would be my fourth attempt at learning Japanese.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

I think the only thing that might give me heart failure is "you"

stop looking at those ninjas! I cannot believe you are trying to learn Japanese, maybe Ken can help you but I don't think he got too far.

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, at first he looked like a crazy nut but he is actually a pretty good teacher? (that does not even look very difficult to learn, looks easier than Dutch)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

Actually, I think I might be enthralled and learn some Japanese myself! [link]

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, nevermind I think with the many ways you can express the same words that would be wayyy too confusing and time consuming to learn it would take more than a life time to learn. Even the Japanese themselves probably have a hard time deciding how they want to say or write what they want to express! That is crazy.

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 2 days ago

The grammar is simple, but the homonyms are murder (think: there, they're, their) and the writing requires deep knowledge, since a kanji character (the complex ones they borrowed from China) can be read multiple ways. But the real killer is the rote memorisation required to remember all the words.

There's got to be something better out there than drilling to remember vocabulary. Alas, all language learning seems to work that way.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

One thing I have learned thus far is that with the will, a good teacher and most importantly "time" you can learn "anything" you put your mind to. Whether you are an educated person or uneducated. That I have learned from me being veryyy uneducated and working with extremelyyy educated people. We all have the same tools (a brain)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

The thing that looks interesting to me about the Japanese language is it's pretty to look at visually. Almost like an art or something.

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Many moons ago when I used to listen to DC Talk later I come to find out recently that what has drawn me to Audio Adrenaline is the lead singer was from DC Talk! I didn't even know that!

This guys voice completely excites my ear drums! I think Toby Mac got a little too big for his britches or something but I just realized it was always "this guy" that I loved from DC Talk not Toby? (don't listen to the lyrics just listen to some of his tones so cool) [link]

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

And yes, me is listening to worship tunes today so I will not bother you as I know you hate them!

// Dor_worship / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Alright I lied but I don't care. OMG dutchy this is the same guy? I didn't even know it! Check this out. This was the tune that got me hooked way back on DC Talk: [link] (if you blank out Toby you can hear that other guy I'm talking about his voice is crazy!) But he don't even look the same? But that is indeed him...

// Dor_worship / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

The only DC Talk tune I know is "Jesus is still alright with me", which I always found to be a weird title for a song.

Now, I'm still going to avoid those tunes.

What's also weird is that some idiots down the block are having a party and they are singing in the middle of the night.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Speaking of cool looking scripts, the Mongolians used a script called Phags-pa: [link]. It's very dense, but looks great.

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Strange I never heard that one? I think there was one called "Jesus Freak" (or something like that)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Weird but then look at some of the ancient Egyptian writings? Anyways, I rec'd a call from the lady I rent this town home from apparently she is going through a divorce and needs to sell this place and asked me if I want to buy it I hate this moving stuff but at the same time I seriously don't want to be owned by a house either and what she is asking is insane and unreachable (everything in California is insane to buy or rent)

If I buy it will most likely be many many moons from now in Oregon. But for now it looks like I'm a nomad yet again. (I'm so upset)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 1 day ago

Damnit, and I thought you had finally found your dream house. Can't she just not divorce?

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 21 hours ago

hehe! I know! Really, but oh well, such is life. I just got all panicked after she called and do what I usually do (which is think it's the end of the world and forgot to just pray) I found a few places already looking online that I need to go check out today and one has a real fire place! My only problem is some don't take pets and Dexter is going with me even if I have to smuggle him in and hide him. I think I might even be excited now, it's just the hassle of the move so I need to go hustle and me some homies (since I need muscle)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 18 hours ago

What's up with all these places not allowing pets. Maybe that's just to protect themselves against crazy cat ladies with sixty cats in a tiny flat or big barking dogs.

Anyways, good luck on your hunting.

I've decided to up the ante on my third learning Japanese attempt and ordered some more textbooks. One of which uses (real published) comics to explain things, which sounds ideal for a slacker like me.

So on that occasion, it's time for: Alphaville - Big in Japan [link]

// craeonics / 407 weeks and 18 hours ago

Well, I had a bird named Loki this parrot used to scream and shake the cage because he was always wanting to either follow me around or be on my shoulder my neighbors complained about it so much that my previous manager said either the bird goes or you go. (needless to say I had to get rid of Loki) But I can't part with Dexter sooooo guess what! I made a wrong turn looking for an address on one of those places I was suppose to check out today and it turned out that it was not a wrong turn (I suppose it was the perfect right turn) because it led me to my new Hobbit House!!!

I asked the man that was working on the house to give me some information on it because there was a big sign on it and we started talking and he took me inside and Dutchy this house was being built for "me" I'm serious everything was perfect (and I'm picky as Hell) he was telling me the original house burned to the ground and he has been working on it for months building it and it's brand new everything in it is brand new but I'm a mouse (5"1) I have never lived in a place that I can actually reach all the shelves in the cabinets the kitchen and appliances are all brand new and the wooden cabinets are for some reason set low to where I can reach them. My Hobbit House! (or mouse hole) anyways, price was right it's brand new top to bottom and everything in it perfect we will close escrow by the end of this month and I'm moving next month. Sooooo excited!

/me jumps up and down all over in this thread!!!!!

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 8 hours ago

Ack! Dutchy you've got the worsest taste in music ever! hehe!

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 8 hours ago

It has all new appliances so I had to call when I got back home to set up having my new fridge returned back to the store since I won't even need that, anyways, off to la la land early, check your mail I sent you a peek. Those are not wooden flooring those are like yours (I forgot what he said they were but they look just like wood?)

// Doreen / 407 weeks and 3 hours ago

That's, er, quite fast. Over here people can spend many months looking for the perfect house.

/me goes dig up your mail

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 6 days ago

As picky as I am and the fact that I was not looking to buy anything (plus I was lost when I found that place) I assumed it would be many "years" for this to happen. Anyways, I ran to my Mom and her husband for guidance on my decision, her husband is a wise old man who I always run to for guidance and he never ever steers me wrong. He knows about real estate too. To make a long story short after he heard and seen it I would be a fool to pass up the investment and I could down the road flip it for double profit if I still decided to move to Oregon. He even made it happen and gave me the money needed (cuz I was short on the down) and there were two other bidders on the property and I was the third. I told the man if you agree to install central air conditioning it's a done deal and he chose me out of the three to decide upon to give it to...

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 6 days ago

I went back last night since I had second thoughts on what I did and looked at it from a night time vibe and my patio and tiny backyard is up on a hill, I could see the city lit up at night (killer view) It settled my nerves on everything right then and there. Even if I had gutted the house myself and chose the paint, carpet and flooring and cabinets and appliances I would have chosen everything "exactly" the same it's as if this man had my taste when he built it. I'm freaking picky so that was strange to me. Anyways, lots to do...

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 6 days ago

So you're buying this house instead of renting it? I'm always in favour of being the owner, since it then is your house and you don't have to deal with others. Exception being when it's an appartment and the home owner association that handles things like maintenance is comatose (like in my case).

Downside is that it costs a fortune and you're basically tied down. You can't move as easily as when you were renting.

Haven't listened to the three ninjas a few days. Here's a weird one (weirder than usual), which is almost instrumental: [link]

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 5 days ago

Yes buying and no association fees. I don't want anyone telling me anymore what I can and can't do (or whether I can have a bird or a cat) Just very nervous about the whole thing but the wheels are already in motion. The good thing is maybe I won't be slaughtered with my income tax anymore not sure how this will all play out yet, but time will tell...

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 5 days ago

As for that Babymetal, I still cannot look at the work itself it ridiculous and if you take the metal guys and throw in that girl from Lacuna Coil and flush the baby ninjas down the toilet it might have a chance.

Ack they are horrible dutchy as soon as the Japanese vibe comes up it clashes with the killer metal...

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 5 days ago

work = word (I'm running on empty)

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 5 days ago

You'll have your very own house (well, technically the bank owns it) and you can paint the walls any stylish or garish colours you want, you can knock down walls if you want (except for support walls) and you can have as many Li'l Dex's as you want (until the long arm of the law shows up to investigate that awful smell).

And you can play the three ninjas all day long.

The big downside: you'll have to do handle all the maintenance yourself.

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 4 days ago

Not sure what to feel about all this because I HATE commitment and I'm already feeling locked or boxed in and I haven't even moved in yet! I even had to go back several times to keep feeling the vibes over there to assure myself I'm doing the right thing (I do trust my step Father but I don't trust myself and my choices) He keeps telling me this is the right thing. Yesterday when I went back again my new neighbor came out to me to introduce himself to me he is French (been here from France for only three months) strong accent but I could understand his English perfectly well and he assured me the neighbors are all good and I will be happy living there etc. I will officially move in Aug 1st. I'm just so nervous Dutchy...

As for your comments:

1. Bank won't own it for too long

2. Not painting a thing cuz it's already done

3. Not knocking down a thing or building anything cuz it's already done

4. One cat is more then I can handle

5. I use the best kitty litter and never smell a thing really.

6. And lastly, I hate those three ninjas!!!

// Dor_work / 406 weeks and 4 days ago

You're right about one thing, The Three Ninjas is a terrible movie. Someone gave it to me as a present on DVD. Suffice to say, that DVD still is and forever will be wrapped in its original plastic.

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 3 days ago

Umm, how come you don't just tell me to shut up and go buy a diary or something? Sorry, me lets you enjoy your vacation...

// Dor_work / 406 weeks and 3 days ago

Because I know I only have to mention the three ninjas.

Unfortunately, my holiday is almost over. I take a week off every seven weeks or so, but the downside is that a week passes by very quickly.

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

In other news, one of my cats stole a slice of cheese from my bread while I was out of the room. Instant karma got her though, as not long after her entire meal got regurgitated (and I had to go clean things up, again).

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

/me rolls my eyes (okay now you are reallyyy annoying me!)

// Dor_work / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

Here be some other ninjas and their "cold as ice" friend: [link] (1991). Bare with it, music does not start until like two minutes in.

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

Dear Diary,

Today I had an invisible Dutch guy annoy me to death with his attraction to three baby ninjas!

// Dor_work / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

Alright Ninja Turtles are actually acceptable...

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 2 days ago

Go ninjas, go ninjas, go!

I had not heard this song since, well, I saw the movie in the theatre back in '91. To my horror it turned out to be New Jack Swing. I truly can't stand that genre. Another example of said era: Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison [link] (1990).

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 1 day ago

In 1990 I was grooving to Janet: [link]

And now at 50 yo she is barely having her first baby (who'd figure that)

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 1 day ago

I've not heard Poison in many many moons!

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 1 day ago

The only Poison I ever hear is the Alice Cooper song: [link]

Janet Jackson is having a baby? Risky business at that age. Now I dropped biology in school, but I'd think there are some biological challenges to that as well.

// craeonics / 406 weeks and 23 hours ago

She's always looked clean to me so if she is using a fertility specialist to create a Frankenstein baby or something she might get away with a baby being born, but at 50 there would be much more challenges down the line for both her and her baby. Sad, that our main function is to procreate not chase careers and money but since that is what happens by the time some figure that out they are having their babies too late. Then again on the flip side is they are more mature and might be better parents? Who knows...

I didn't know what in the world I was doing but somehow was blessed (I see horror stories with other parents and kids)

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 17 hours ago

OMG dutchy, that is horrible (not into Alice in wonderland or whatever that guy is)

// Doreen / 406 weeks and 17 hours ago

That guy was quite popular over on your side in that era. Meanwhile over here we were listening to things like Milli Vanilli.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 6 days ago

Alright, that's all the peace and quiet you get over here! (Sorry, been going crazy with things and not wanting to bore you with my drama) hehe

I seem to have contracted a disease from past experiences and every time someone hands me a pen to sign things I get dizzy, nauseated and faint and my hand begins to tremble, but I got past it all and survived!

As for that Alice guy nope I must have dodged that era or something...

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 4 days ago

I do hope you signed the right contract and not some form saying they can harvest your liver or something.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe silly...

No, I just have some serious trust issues or something. I actually prayed for direction before I embarked on my mission to find a new place to live and like I told you I got lost and found that place and it seemed tooo perfect to be true so after I calmed down from being all excited I got cold feet! I backed out of the process after I started it then I chased my tail in a circle until I had a nervous breakdown and exhausted myself and somehow ended up at square one (a bit more educated in the process though) and now I realize that house is actually perfect for me. I ended up re-signing for my Lil Hobbit House just yesterday.

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 4 days ago

Umm, you can add "Dear Diary" at the beginning of that? hehe

Goedenacht mijn dutchy...

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 4 days ago

It's all good. When are you moving in? It's a turn-key situation, right? No need to do some home decorating first.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 3 days ago

Yup, all plug & play upon move in! Apparently, this house had burned to the ground and a person bought the spot and had the house built from the ground up and then either their credit fell through or money ran out (I can't remember what the story was) but the man I happened to bump into that day when I got lost was actually showing the house to another person to try and sell it, he had just put the sign out. Long story short I seriously don't even know how I got this place but I did and escrow should close on the 28th of this month approximately.

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm still nervous about it (but I don't know why) I definitely know this was meant to be my Lil Hobbit House. When I got my cold feet and back out the next person in line began the paperwork so I assumed it was sold and when I went back the lender said they had submitted loan docs but they could not get them approved so they were rejected. So stressful (should be exciting not so stressful)

Anyways, good night dutchy...

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 3 days ago

You were at the right place at the right time.

Getting a mortgage means you're at the sluggishness that is banking. I think it took six weeks for those gits to approve my loan.

After I bought it, it took almost four months before I moved in, because I would not move in until I had working internet there. But the ISP did not deliver, so after a few months of waiting I cancelled and ordered it somewhere else.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 3 days ago

Not just right place at the right time I think all the stars and the moon were perfectly aligned as well. The lender told me that when someone normally backs out she shreds the docs but for some reason she hung onto my docs so we are still pretty much on track. As for my internet, I've already got my service scheduled to be transferred over for Aug 1st that was the first thing I scheduled (because what would I do without my living and breathing Diary)

This process will be fast they opened escrow yesterday should close no later then 28th but she said it might close as early as the 22nd.

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 3 days ago

Fingers crossed.

On second thought, it's hard to type with fingers crossed.

In other news, the colleague that guards the cable to the radio is on holiday, so I finally get to play my tunes and annoy the other colleagues with, well, you know what.

I do take note of what they can or cannot handle, so that did not last too long.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 2 days ago

Silly wabbit, (if it's those ninjas again and you keep that up you might get yourself fired!)

// Dor_work / 405 weeks and 2 days ago

It's more like some people have a (very) hard time thinking outside of their box (or comfort zone). Similarly, I was playing trance like Chicane [link] and it's a good thing some of my colleagues were not around, because they simply can't handle it.

Ofcourse when everyone was out of the room it was three ninjas all the time.

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 1 day ago

/me finds a pebble with a very sharp edge and goes to the edge of the ocean and tosses it so it can skip & dance all the way across the ocean and hit you right upside your big head!

// Doreen / 405 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe funny! I just clicked on your link and the video has a picture of the ocean.

Anyways, me goes listen to what other madness you are listening to...

// Doreen / 405 weeks and 1 day ago

Actually that one is pretty good (long though, I will have to go back to listen to the whole thing I got half way through)

I need to get busy today so it will be my usual old stuffezzz: [link]

// Doreen / 405 weeks and 1 day ago

Not really my normal taste but for some reason everytime I hear this tune playing in the background my ear drums get drawn to it...


// Doreen / 405 weeks and 1 day ago

I was going to say I haven't heard either of those, but I actually think I do know that first one. Just not very sure if it this version. A short google later, I think it was covered like this last year: [link].

// craeonics / 405 weeks and 22 hours ago

Hmm, I've never heard that version before? (not as smooth as the original) but the beats are good and though I normally don't care for remakes that one is actually really good!

// Doreen / 405 weeks and 18 hours ago

This week at work I was spinning some old tunes. So I picked up the always awesome: Guru Josh - Infinity [link] (the one with what you call the "monkey sounds"). That piano solo at 3:40 is so good. I can't stand it if people do that on guitar like this, but here on piano on this track it just works.

And then I read the description to see what year this was again ('89 or '90) only to find out that Guru Josh died last year. There goes another piece of my childhood.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

Unbelievable! As if the ocean is not enough between us. hehe

"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

I had to poke around to see what happened to that Guru guy of yours (he was 51 and committed suicide?) strange, another suicide over depression? Depression is just a part of life, it's normal right? hehe

I don't know, I just think it's strange these ppl that have fame and money don't know how to just deal with it. I'm still pissed off at Robin Williams over his suicide I was looking forward to part two of Mrs. Doubtfire!

I "think" depression has something to do with hormones and you just need to ride it out with healthy choices such as lots of fish and exercise. I keep seeing everyone else choosing pills and alcohol and that seems to make it worse for them?

Anyways, off to get busy (been cleaning and packing) I'm soooo tired...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

Getting my tunes ready for the day and when I went to grab this one I noticed it is from that flick the Suicide Squad (which had bad reviews but I want to see it anyways, don't care)

This tune kicks booty! Mmmm mmmm mmmm!


// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

Not hearing no bass. And Twenty One Pilots again? And I thought I was the one getting an obsession.

As regards to depression (and other ailments of the mind). Oh, I understand completely. If you can't trust your own thoughts, then what can you trust? What is there to live for if everything is doubt.

Before you start to worry, that's just empathy. I'm in full control of my faculties and would never have such thoughts.

Ofcourse, there might be a stroke of madness somewhere... Mmm, thrrree ninjasss...

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

Here's the shorter single version of Infinity [link]. There's also a 2008 reworked edition [link], but it can't hold a candle to the original.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

I will agree that you definitely have a stroke of madness since you have that thing for those three ninjass! (and I must be mad as well since I've no clue why it is irritating the Hell out of me!)

Being a human being means you feel "all" emotions (both good & bad) it's what keeps us balanced. Empathy is healthy because then you can understand what someone else is feeling if you lack that then, you are missing something good and are probably void of feeling emotion. If you didn't have that dutchy you'd be torturing your cats not taking such good care of them.

Depression is normal but how some/most people deal with it where the real issues pop up. If you say you never feel down then you're not human or your a good liar. hehe

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay, I got as far as the monkey sounds and had to stop. (that is horrible)

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually liked the second one better, that one I could tolerate but not that monkey one...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 6 days ago

I am at times not content, but I am not ever down. Master of your own destiny and all that jazz.

I was not content a few days ago when I heard the cat throwing up on the floor in the middle of the night and when I got up to investigate I found out she had thrown up a little earlier. On the bed. And guess who stepped into it.

At the moment I am not content with the shop where I've been buying my "demons in forests" albums the past fifteen year or so. The bastards are ignoring my last two orders and my inquiries about them (one of those orders is from two months ago already). I want my ninja CDs, damnit.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 5 days ago

Really? Hmm, well then maybe it's just cuz you're a guy? I have issues once a month still so my hormones get me crazy still. (but that won't be lasting forever)

You've been having problems with that shop where you buy your CD's for as long as I can remember so you must love to frustrate yourself since you still keep buying CD's from them?

/me sends a curse on those ninja CD's so they get sent to the wrong address...

// Dor_work / 404 weeks and 5 days ago

And you seriously need to switch your cat food or something dutchy!

// Dor_work / 404 weeks and 5 days ago

Oi, not touching my ninja CDs. Give us the preciousss...

The thing with this shop is that it used to be a fast shop with lots of obscure stuff where everything was in stock and got delivered fast.

Then they went through a phase where there's 50% chance of things that were listed as being in stock in fact being out of stock.

And currently they seem to be comatose. Depending on how this ends up I might take my business elsewhere in the future.

As for the cat, maybe she was just a bit ill. No more barfing after this weekend. For now...

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 5 days ago

/me drags a huge boulder to the edge of the ocean and fixes up a large sling shot and sends it across the ocean!

// Dor_work / 404 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, that boulder will never really reach you but sending some scorching heat will! Take that, you & your ninjas! (looks like you are cooking over there dutchy?)

// Dor_work / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

One day I'm going to fix the special character handling of this board. Typed the degree sign and something ate my post, but after it had passed the filter.

Encore un fois:

It was (and still is) 30 (degrees) C(elsius) when I got home, even thought I had the blinds shut. The cats are so floored by the heat they did not even come to welcome back (which they only do because they get food).

Now speaking of the three ninjas, they did a (dreadful) show this week with this fellow you may know if you listened to guitar music in the 80s or watched Beavis and Butthead in the 90s, Judas Priest's Rob Halford: [link] (and I suspect you won't like it, but at least stick around until oh so catchy chorus).

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

Ha! Even the board is attacking you for me! And you "suspect" I won't like it? What part of "I hate those three ninjas is it that you don't get?" (however, I have morbid curiosity so I will check that link out later)

// Dor_work / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

That video was shot about twenty years before the three ninjas were born. Fear not, it's the original song. No Japanese in sight. It does have Brits though.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, my ears do not even know how in the world to process that craziness...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 4 days ago

And this is how later generations learnt of this song: [link]. I don't know why I watched that series. It was awful.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 3 days ago

I never did watch that because it WAS so awful...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 3 days ago

In my travels through Japanese music I've encountered as lot of so-so material, but also the occasional gem. Yesterday I struck upon the Wagakki Band: [link]. That song is ridiculously catchy. What I've heard of their other music is rather ho-hum though.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 2 days ago

I actually like that one alot. Specially the flute...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 2 days ago

Dutchy all the stars fell out of alignment on me and I had to back away from my hobbit house yesterday. The loan company said that the partial payment of cash that my Mom and her husband gave me could not be used for the down because it had not been "seasoned" in a bank acct for a period of 30 days. All cash on this side of the ocean for purchasing property needs to be traced via bank accts because of all the terrorist running around over here in the states trying to nest. I could give it back to my mom to deposit it in her acct and wait the 30 days and have her re-gift it back but then I'd have to move to meet my move out deadline and then move again. All the rentals require yearly leases and I'm in no position between work and trying to move twice so I'm apt hunting again and looking for a home for Dex. (I'd toss him to you if you were not so far)

Anyways, I may drop off the map for a bit I've got a lot to do, I'm in boxes and have 9 days now to find a place etc. Send me some prayers evil one. I sure wish God would speak more louder and clearer. I seriously thought that house was meant to be but when I see road blocks jump up like this I think it's best to let it go...

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 2 days ago

Well, god damnit.

You've found your dream house and now you can't have it because of technicalities. Couldn't that loan company check essential things like that earlier. Bloody clerks.

/me sends good luck vibes

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 1 day ago

No kidding, but I was dealing with the builder who was handing most of the finance stuff and he had never dealt with cash deals etc. no use crying over spilled milk or whatever that saying is. I've got to cancel all my utility appts etc. and I must have caught that toxicplasmosis or whatever that cat disease is because I'm going crazy, I must be! I cannot believe that I am even thinking about paying a 500 dollar deposit and 50 bucks a month added to my rent to keep Dex! I seen a place online last night that I have an appt with today to check out that accepts cats. My Mom has two and her landlord won't allow a third, my sis has her daughter living with her and she is allergic to cats and when I look at Dex and he looks at me it seems he reads my thoughts and knows what is going on! hehe!

I can't do it dutchy, I might be under a bridge after all (but with a cat!)

Anyways, thanks I will need a miracle. I've got to find a place that is close to Sammy's work and College too lots of criteria to fill on short notice now.

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 1 day ago

"Sam, mom is moving in with you for a while."


Good on you for trying to stick with Li'l Dex.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 22 hours ago

Moving in with Sam? Umm, dutchy you must be confoozed or something Sammy never moved out he is still in his teens and cannot even drive yet. Gino moved out a year ago to attend "Oregon" University where he is doing his double major in Physics and Math and works for two Professors at the University etc. Gino is just unreal he has scholarships coming at him from Nasa! Sammy barely started College and has a little job at the local Theater. Hence why me and his friends get passes to see all the cool movies! (great perks) hehe

Anyways, you misunderstood, I meant that I needed to find a place close enough for him to walk to work and take the buss to his College. Probably best this happened because once Sammy does finally move out I won't need the extra bedroom so I can get an even smaller hobbit house and maybe even with a fireplace that I always wanted to have who knows. At any rate, I found a place yesterday and signed a lease for a year and I can keep my Lil Dex. I swear I think Dexter knew something was up because he was extra clingy recently was sticking to me like glue! Everything is upgraded all new carpet, appliances and has a gym on the premises so I can cancel my gym membership fees and save money there. I get the keys this coming Friday, very happy. (and relieved)

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 18 hours ago

Mmm mmm mmmmm! [link]

Need to decompress and jump into this day. I kid you not I was actually wondering if I might end up under a bridge w/ a cat for a min. hehe

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 18 hours ago

DMX always sounds like a barking dog.

I figured both your boys had moved out by now and you had taken the cat as a surrogate of sorts. Don't laugh, people actually do that.

Anyways, you move fast. If I go house hunting again it will take years.

// craeonics / 404 weeks and 15 hours ago

Hmmm, is that what you did? hehe jusss kidding dutchy

I did kinda get down when Gino left so who knows why I ended up getting Dexter. I already told Sammy when he moves out some day that he could take Dexter with him if he wants originally and now I'm not so sure I would like that idea since I've found myself attached to this silly cat. There is no way I could see myself with more than one cat though I actually think you and my Mom are completely nuts having two and when you had three I personally thought you were insane (sorry)

// Doreen / 404 weeks and 10 hours ago

Three was a bit too much, but I did not want to split up (mellow) mother and (crazy) daughter. So I had three. And then nature ran its course and now I have two.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, my Mom's two cats are very different than Dex, they pretty much stay out of site most the time so you'd not even know that she has two cats. Dex on the other hand wants to be the center of attention at all times so when someone comes to my house he basically has to walk up to them like a dog and sniff them and shake their hand and offer them something to drink. (another words he is not a normal cat he is a royal pain and can be very annoying) he is like a guard dog.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

Cats, like humans, and dogs, have different personalities. My trailer cats are ghosts whenever someone that is not me is around. My sister on the other hand has a tomcat that will walk up to you with no care in the world.

Oh, and my aunt had a cat that would pretend to want be petted, and then proceded with shredding your ankles. A vile creature that was.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

hehe your Aunt's cat sounds like a character. I agree with you now that I've got Dexter they do seem to have more personality then I originally thought.

I used to be a dog person not a cat person as a matter of fact I never understood why my Mom has those two cats until I got Dex and now I get it. I cannot believe I had to center my decision on Dexter yesterday where I would sign on but I did so I must officially be one of those crazy cat people now! However, I still think having more than one means you are totally crazy or insane.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

Or empathic. I don't want the cat to be alone when I'm at work, so I have two that can keep each other company. It's also why I don't have a dog, as dogs are much more social creatures (plus no having to go for a walk four times a day, oh and dog taxes).

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

Well then you certainly have more compassion than I do because I would rather my cat be lonely then me have to put up with double trouble. Dutchy this cat is seriously not a normal cat. He must study my every waking move because he is always 10 steps ahead of me or he must be a mind reader or something. I get up in the morning he is already at the shower then he is waiting inside the sink where I brush my teeth, then he's already in my closet waiting for me to get dressed, then he's down stairs waiting by the coffee pot. I think he is not normal, but I feel he is smothering me sometimes when I don't have the patience for him, I'm constantly having to navigate around him 24/7 you probably don't get what I'm talking about because your cats stay hidden like my Mom's cats do but this cat does not.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 6 days ago

My cats are hidden when other people are around.

They are glued to my ankles when people are not.

It's a cat thing.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 5 days ago

Then I'm pretty sure you are walking around at work looking like me, like you have on white fur boots everyday.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 5 days ago

Fur comes with the territory.

Which reminds me that I should go sweep the floor. Hairs everywhere. Alas, too hot for that.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 4 days ago

You're not kidding! I'm surprised that I'm not coughing up fur balls with Dex...

// Dor_work / 403 weeks and 4 days ago

Remember I was telling you about Gino? Well, here is a typical conversation:

Gino: Its our interferometer, built with a grating. It splits the laser beam into multiple beams and then we isolate all but three and have one beam pass through a sample while the other just go through air. Then we have some optics that recombine the beam and produce an image of the grating on a screen (the big white thing). Before the sample is inserted, we have a normal image, but after the sample is inserted, a phase shift occurs (part of the light was slowed down in the sample) and we get a shift to the right in the image.

Me: Yeah, okay all I understood was (the big white thing)

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 3 days ago

While I did spent most of my days in school staring out of the window, I still listened to what the teacher was saying. So it's not complete hocus pocus.

What he means is that a known signal goes in and a shifted signal comes out. The shift tells you something about the sample it went through.

Think sunglasses.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 3 days ago

It figures you would understand that mumbo jumbo. As soon as he hit the University to attend College over in Oregon two Professors grabbed him and hired him to work during the summer. He is doing research on some multi-million dollar equipment and he's very excited. I feel bad that he calls me and text me all day telling me about his adventures and I don't understand him at all.

Sammy finally decided recently that he wants to compose music for games and movies (he writes music, the musical notes on paper etc) I can't understand it when he shows that to me either!

I think what happened is I watched too much Big Bang Theory and listened to too much music while they were growing up or something. That is why I said I was blessed because I seriously don't know how this happened. I don't read or speak either of their languages! hehe

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 3 days ago

I'd show you the pics Gino sent to me but it's a hassle to upload but the machine is called Big Titan! Some kind of monster scope. To me the lab looks a bit like a Frankenstein laboratory.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 3 days ago

The other Professor has him working on laser beam research (which is what he was explaining to me up above earlier)

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 3 days ago

If he manages to keep those connections hot, he'll be set for life. No need to go flip burgers.

Meanwhile, one of my Babymetal CDs shipped!

Not from that idiot shop that to this day still have not shipped anything, nor has it responded to any of my emails. Those are the two studio albums.

The one that got shipped is a limited edition live CD. Limited to 10 000 copies, which is basically a factor bigger than the pressing of the albums I usually buy, so I'm not quite sure what's so limited about it.

Oh, and they're shipping it to the office, so I can't get my hands on it until Monday.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

Too clarify, I ordered that third CD elsewhere. I'm not buying anything at that idiot shop ever again.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

I can only hope when they attempt to deliver it at your office that the receiver refuses to sign for it or something. OMG! hehe

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

Packing and moving so I'm not returning to the office unto Aug 8th (if I survive this move) anyways, need me some energy beats so it's stuffezz like this playing at the moment:


/me goes dance with some boxes...

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

I've never heard that one, but if it's moving you're doing, you can't go wrong with Real 2 Reel [link] (1994, I'm old).

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

That's my choochie brother's favorite tune! He's always chasing me around with that stupid tune. hehe

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

I wish he was living over here to help me move but he's over in Las Vegas, he actually got that security job I was telling you about for that singer! She is currently on tour until September then she returns back home so he's just been reading and catching up on his studies (in school to become a teacher during the day) while things are quiet he said.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

Earlier when I went over to drop off some boxes at my new place I can hear my new neighbors dancing on my head. That is not going to be goed! But everything else feels good, my cable will transfer over on Friday (moving close by where I currently live) so the move itself it not as bad as it could have been.

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

You can add "Dear Dutchy Diary" over that again. hehe!

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

Why in the world am I even talking to you for 20 or 50 years or whatever in the world it has been dutchy!

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 2 days ago

It will be twenty years next year.

Don't forget to get a broom you can bang against the ceiling if the neighbours are being noisy.

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 1 day ago

That is just unbelievable! Dutchy when we hit our 20 year anniversary you better make me my animated crae_voodoo doll or I willll, hmmm, what will I do? (Talk to you for another 20 years probably!)

Anyways, neighbors up above attempted to torture me with very loud tunes today however it was not torture at all because it was all the tunes I normally listen to (Lil Jon and the Eastside boyz) suppose they wanted to initiate me into the apt complex and let me know this is how they roll but they have no clue. hehe

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 1 day ago

So basically, your neigbours are your clones.

Odds are I don't have the source of that voodoo pic anymore. That machine died a long time ago. I probably do have a backup of the drive somewhere, but where?

// craeonics / 403 weeks and 22 hours ago

Not really, I seen one neighbor this morning that scared the living Hell out of me! I think he just got released out of prison. I'm going to be doing alotttt of praying. hehe!

Anyways, dutchy so what you are saying is even when we hit our 20 year anniversary I won't be getting my animated crae_voodoo doll right? While moving I'm finding all kinds of hidden treasures and so many boxes of CD's that I didn't even know I still had! I found a couple external drives that I'm pretty sure but not certain that I think that crae_voodoo doll is on and if so that means it really does have some voodoo on it or something, I will let you know if I find it just for some nostalgia (I hope I still have it!)

// Doreen / 403 weeks and 16 hours ago

I mean the source files. I drew a lot of those things, including our Tek logo, in Flash, but I don't have Flash installed anywhere anymore. Probably because I've been in a consumer phase the last decade instead of creator phase.

There's so many things to consume I don't have time to create anything.

Maybe you should keep an eye open for a new dream house you can move into when this lease expires in a year. Especially with regards to the thirty-day-frozen-funds situation.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 6 days ago

You mean you got old and therefore have no more time to be creative anymore? hehe

Nah, no maybe for me. By Aug 1st of next year I will be buying my dream house that will be the last house I move out of (physically anyways)

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 6 days ago

From a creative point of view, buying this netbook was the worst thing I ever did. I figured I could sit on the couch and be just as productive. In reality once you're on t couch, nothing happens.

Plenty (of) ideas but so much to do I don't even start executing them.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 6 days ago

That's because nothing is really that important to you and that's fine. The thing about life is we get to make all our own choices and nobody can force us to do a single thing we don't want to right? So, if you can honestly say you are happy doing nothing then, for you (you personally) are on the right path.

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 6 days ago

Key is to break it down to bite-sized chunks. You have to divide it into tasks that you can complete within an hour. For instance, I'm serious about learning Japanese this time, so I spend about an hour each day working on it. Less during work days and more during the weekend. The way I do it is ofcourse mostly passive by reading, so not much productivity there.

Speaking of Japanese, I've got my CD (not from that idiot shop, which still has not responded). It comes with a DVD and it was pressed in Germany. You may wonder what Germany has to do with anything. DVDs produced in Germany has a massive age advisory print on it.

In this case, it's a sticker stuck directly on the cardboard underneath the plastic wrapper: [link] (bottom left).

The bastards! How am I to remove that without messing the thing up...

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh, and what also does not help is that things never work as they should. Especially when writing code, so 90% of the time is spent debugging (also known as "why is this not working and why am I not getting a decent error message").

// crae_zzz / 402 weeks and 5 days ago

Blah, Blah, Blah, all I know is I want my animated crae-voodoo doll! And now you're so obsessed with those three baby ninjas and learning Japanese cuz you caught that virus from Kenray I'll never get my animated crae_voodoo doll!

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 5 days ago

You're never going to get that animated voodoo doll!

I'm going to keep it all to myself!

*insert evil laughter here*

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

Speaking of Japanese, not only do they have young girls doing metal, they have grampas too: Ningen Isu - Namahage [link] ("ningen" = human, "isu" = chair, "namahage" = a type of ogre).

It's a bit too old fashioned for my taste, but quite a good bass.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

Umm, no thank you. I love sushi but not as much as you do apparently.

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

The thing I was fuming about yesterday has to do with this character chart: [link]

It's basically all the characters you need to know to be able to read Japanese. If you print that it can fit on a regular A4 sheet of paper.

I figured it looks mighty fancy, but I seriously doubt that thing was crafted by hand. So after some searching I found a big XML list of all the characters, with things like the meaning, reading (pronounciation), frequency of use (in newspapers) and at what age they teach it at school over there.

I figured I could make a chart like that, but then add reading and meaning. And then print it on A3 and put it on the wall further study.

And then I spent three hours cursing at the XML parser that would not return the bits I needed but gave no useful errors either. Computers...

// crae_zzz / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

You spent three hours on that and in almost 20 years you won't spend one hour to make me my animated crae_voodoo doll? I'm seriously going to nag the Hell out of you about that!!!

After attempting to learn a few languages I realized the only true way to learn it is to travel to the land of the lingo and spend time there (possibly 6 mos to a year minimum) where you can practice and listen to and "hear" the true and authentic sounds and pronunciations of it. Or you will only end up learning it half way (if evennn that much)

Plus no matter what you learn if you don't practice it on someone who speaks it authentically periodically you just forget alot of what you learned.

Another words if you don't go to Japan or marry someone Japanese over in the Netherlands that you can learn and practice on you are wasting your time. (and please don't tell me you are marrying a Japanese girl, cuz I don't want to hear that at all)

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

And now I have a stomach ache just thinking about that!

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 4 days ago

If it it any consolance, I don't have yellow fever.

I do however play a lot of games coming from... Japan. And I watch cartoons coming from... Japan. And there's that certain trio you can't stand from... Japan. So I get plenty of practice.

Sushi is blegh though.

Besides, grammar is completely different from Dutch or English, so it's an interesting puzzle to try to grasp. It reminds me of Sumerian in both word order, the use of suffixes and the agglutinativeness (that's going to be a trip to the dictionary).

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 3 days ago

If you really cared to console me then you'd make me my animated crae_voodoo doll...

/me goes look up the agglutinativeness thingie word

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 3 days ago

It says: 1. The quality of being agglutinative.


/me goes look up the agglutinative thingie word now...

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 3 days ago

Agglutinative means that all that pre and postpositions we use are glued to the main verb. Example from Sumerian (from what I remember):

Dingir-Ningirsu Gudea Eninnu-ki munadu.

Dingir-Ningirsu-a Gudea Eninnu-ki m-en-a-n-du+0.

goddess-Ningirsu-to Gudea house-Ninnu-place here-for-her-he-built-it.

Gudea built the temple Ninnu for the goddess Ningirsu.

Or something like that. Basically Yoda speak.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

Sounds like a spell to me anyways, stop trying to change the subject! I still want my animated crae_voodoo doll...

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

I've been trying to understand cat lingo. Dex officially turned 1 year old so he is no longer a kitten and what is so strange is that I've had him since he was 12 weeks old and he only communicated with me by his eyes and since I moved over here I hear him constantly crying and meowing at me and I don't have a clue what in the world he is trying to tell me! The first day I brought him over here he cried and panted with his tongue hanging out for hours just pacing the house all frantic and I didn't know what to do (cuz I didn't expect that reaction) I assumed he would just be curious and sniff around and that's it but he almost died on me. He seems fine now but he keeps trying to speak to me around the clock and I'm not use to hearing him make any sounds at all, I've only been used to him communicating with me by jumping on me and staring at me all the time. He is so weird!

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

Are you in your new house?

Put whatever he likes to sleep on/in, his food and the litter box in a room and leave him there. He then has a safe space to hide and can go exploring at his own leasure (in the middle of the night probably). Cats are creatures of habit and are very much not keen on change.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

Not a house, I was renting a town home but something happened to the owner and she asked me if I wouldn't mind breaking the lease earlier due to her situation because she needed to sell her property and there was no way I was going to give her a hard time about it since if the situation was the other way around I would hope the person renting my property would understand. Hence all that rushing I was doing without taking the time to think (but God saved me from myself as usual)

Anyways, I'm renting an apartment around the corner from where I was which, will give me time to be better prepared for buying my house next year. Sammy can walk to work from here and bus it to his College so it all worked out.

Dex went into some kind of shock over the move and I thought he was going to die on me (for reals) it took a day for him to bounce back but he is eating now and looks better. Except he just keeps making sounds that I've never heard from him before, different kinds of meows and staring at me like he is trying to vocalize something to me.

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

When he jumps on me he literally hugs me (puts his paws around my neck) and stares right into my eyes and tries to communicate to me by meowing but I've no clue what he is trying to tell me! hehe

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 2 days ago

He's saying "why did you do this to me, human".

This is Li'l Dex when you're not around: http://i.imgur.com/LXCBsEd.gif

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 1 day ago

/note to self: add single letter subdomains to URL regex (one day)

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 1 day ago

He does stranger things than that when I am around, like sitting up against the wall in an upright position like a human.

// Doreen / 402 weeks and 1 day ago

It's actually a furry robot piloted by midgets.

// craeonics / 402 weeks and 21 hours ago

A new day, a new word: kakistocracy: [link]. It means an entity is ruled by those least deemed fit to do so. One would wonder how they came into power then, because someone must have thought they'd be a good candidate.

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 6 days ago

You must be watching things on our side, though I never get into politics or vote etc. even I have been watching a tiny bit of the circus going on over here. (kinda like when you are driving on a freeway and there is a fatal accident and you try not to look but you cannot help it?)

We have a female lady up for presidency and a guy that has no empathy and is also a dictator. First off, a woman is the weaker sex (even if she takes steroids or thinks she is a man and vice versa for a man that thinks he is a woman and does a sex change and takes hormones etc) she will always be a woman and he will always be a man.

Therefore, if she wins what is she going to do if she wins? Cry when things get rough? and/or try to over compensate to "pretend" she is stronger than she is? And if Trump wins here we go again with Hitler stuff or some nuclear war. Maybe the last "real" president we had was Abraham Lincoln? Everyone after that has just tried to be a president...

// Doreen / 401 weeks and 6 days ago

God likes to keep things real so when he created his little doll house here on earth he gave us "free will" to keep things fun and real (so we can make our own decisions and not be little robots) but look at all our crazy decisions we make? He must laugh and cry alot at us.

// Doreen / 401 weeks and 6 days ago

Therefore it is good that you don't vote.

The word came up in a discussion about Turkey which seems to be shifting into dictatorship by popular demand. Only education can stop the moronisation of the populace.

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 5 days ago

I catch a lot of attitude about not voting over here but I don't care to be a part of the craziness. Education has nothing to do with stopping dictatorship or morons (it seems to be more connected to a genetic abnormality)

// Dor_work / 401 weeks and 5 days ago

I know some veryyy well educated people who are complete idiots.

// Dor_work / 401 weeks and 5 days ago

Education does not mean whatever degree one has or whatever school you went to.

Anyways, new music. While travelling through the Orient in the middle of the night, these Korean girls suddenly blasted through my speakers: Blackpink - Whistle [link] (I actually saw their other track first, but this is the better of the two).

I'm not sure if that bass is seriously loud or it was because the volume on that video is much higher than usual, but I was expecting my neighbours to come knocking on my door to turn the noise down.

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh boy, from Japanese to now Korean music you are really traveling the world!

Mentioning neighbors, I'm not sure what is going on with mine. This morning when I was getting in my car to leave for work I noticed my car had been broken into but I didn't see anything missing until I was halfway to work and seen that my work picture ID badge was stolen so I had to complete a police report and call the leasing office where I live to inform them what happened who in turn tells me that he didn't want to freak me out but at 3:15am someone tried to break into the leasing office as well and they seen him in the laundry room via cameras doing something disturbing so now our laundry room which they normally keep open 24/7 has to be locked at 10:00pm because of this incident. It's a gated community so they are not sure how this person got in but I have an idea I seen this guy before and assumed it was a neighbor. Anyways, not a good way to start my day. Plus I am totally creeped out he has my ID Badge etc.

// Dor_work / 401 weeks and 4 days ago

I say it's an inside job.

Not a good start of living in your new house. Day one: move in. Day two: get robbed.

Which reminds me of this Chris Rock show [link] (specifically, the bit at 1:30).

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe dutchy! But actually I think the guy was white and full of tats. There was a guy wandering around by my back door pretending to be talking on his cell a few days ago. (he looked to me like he just got released straight out of prison and looked like he was high on speed) whether he lives here or was just wandering around I have no clue because I am new over here but this is a gated community complex and he just gave me some serious bad vibes and creeped me out really bad when he looked at me. I'm still freaking out at the thought whoever broke into my car stole my ID badge (creepy feeling)

// Doreen / 401 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm as for that Korean link you dropped ummm, I actually liked it! hehe

But yes that is super loud on my end too.

// Doreen / 401 weeks and 4 days ago

The worst bit is all the paperwork you have to go through now.

Blackpink's other single is: Boombayah [link], which is even louder (even though the bass does not kick in until 1:20). Those Koreans must be deaf or something.

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 3 days ago

Royal pain indeed. (not just the paperwork that was involved) but I don't feel the same living there now, this morning I was checking the backseats of my car before getting in to come to work! and since this creep has my work location and badge etc I had to park in a different location now. I will check out that link later gator...

// Dor_work / 401 weeks and 3 days ago

Actually I could get into that myself, I'll have to explore them more when I get into a better mood. Feeling horrible right now.

/me bookmarks that link for when I'm in the mood for Kimchi...

// Doreen / 401 weeks and 3 days ago

I think they only have two songs. Bit of a weird project.

Then again, I'm more into a certain trio that shall remain nameless.

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 2 days ago

Yeah, you better not say their names. hehe

Anyways, mijn dutchy, too much drama going on so I won't be checking much out about what you're listening to. Had another incident yesterday and the owner of the complex is going to have to move me to keep things safe. (everything is fine) cept, I have to move again now. *sigh*

Later gator...

// Dor_work / 401 weeks and 2 days ago

Oi, that sucks. Stay safe.

I'm going to invoke Matthew Wilder on this one: [link]

// craeonics / 401 weeks and 2 days ago

Let me test if this still works...

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, seems to be? Did I miss all the action? Sorry dutchy, been busy filing police reports over this creep that is desperately trying to turn my life upside down and inside out. (sick world we live in) but oh well, I'm not going to let him!

So what is going on? Something broke?

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 4 days ago

/me smacks the creep

I'm thinking of songs about creeps, but I don't like Radiohead's "Creep" and I don't think Rockwell's "Somebody's watching me" is appropriate.

Server had a software upgrade. That server upgrade removed the database functions Tek uses. So I got home Monday to an empty screen and had to swap out some code in my three database libraries. I have no idea why I have almost the same database code in three different places, but unfortunately I do.

I'm surprised that was just the only thing and that it is still running.

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

Hopefully the police will get to smack that creep. I just got pretty frightened and shaken up over it all but I can't live in fear over that weirdo.

Anyways, good you had several copies of the DB and it seems ok so all is well I suppose.

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

Not copies of the database. I have almost the same code to read and write to the database in three places. So I had to go through three files to replace function calls.

I actually don't have a database backup. Perhaps it woud be a good idea to make one...

I know a song to go with "beyond fear": Amon Amarth - Without fear [link] (completely not your cup of tea and I actually only like the last thirty seconds)

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

Well that sounds a bit redundant (yup me is learning new wordz) hehe

As for Amon Amarth they actually are my cup of tea, they were over here performing in Los Angeles a few years back and Gino went to see them and brought me back some pics and vids from his phone. (I'm not into wild & crazy concerts but I almost wanted to go)

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

But, but, there's a big (bellied) bearded fellow growling...

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

*cough* I actually have one CD from Amon Amarth. (plus he's so grisly & gnarly he looked a bit interesting to me, scary but still a bit interesting)

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 3 days ago

This is me putting on a surprised expression.

That idiot shop that still has not delivered my orders nor responded to my inquiries must have shipped that CD to the wrong address and it somehow ended up with you.

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, funny that surprised expression looks exactlyyy the same as all your other expressions look to me?

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm a man of many faces and they all look the same.

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 2 days ago

Wellll, true that. We do only have one face...

// Dor_work / 400 weeks and 2 days ago

Coming up this weekend: sorting out tax returns.

Normally I pay little attention to it and all goes well, but now they want their money (my money?) back so I have to go through about half a decade of records to see how they come up with those numbers.

I look oh so forward to this.

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 1 day ago

It's a strategy they use... They sit and wait until you've either forgotten everything and/or lost all your receipts to save yourself. Since you're a man I say save some time and toss them the money as I'm pretty certain you did not save your receipts and are just a lamb that is going to get dragged off to the IRS slaughter house.

I still don't really want to be owned by a house but next year I have to buy one because it's the only way I can stop them from slaughtering me every single year and I'm sick of it!

// Doreen / 400 weeks and 1 day ago

Here I've got one for you: [link]

// Doreen / 400 weeks and 1 day ago

I knew what the melody was going to be from the first note. That's some god awful singing.

But do I have something better that is not Abba? Hmm... How about Dead Prez: [link] (nasty subject, but good chorus).

// craeonics / 400 weeks and 22 hours ago

Never heard of em before. Anyways, me is in need of some good tunes today but I've not had time to search around for what is out there (and most likely it's the same ole, same ole stuff)

// Doreen / 400 weeks and 16 hours ago

I had melted my wireless earbuds in the sauna so I had to purchase a new killer set and now I have to find something goed to try them out today...

// Doreen / 400 weeks and 16 hours ago

How can you melt your headphones? Were they made of wax or do you visit exceptionally hot saunas?

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

Exceptionally blazing hot. Seems to melt the components inside my wireless headphones. I don't dare bring my phone into the sauna like some ppl do but I do have to bring my tunes so that I can zone out and relax. I got some really cool wireless earbuds that allow me to transfer my tunes right into the buds therefore I don't need to bring my phone inside the sauna the only problem is the heat sometimes damages the inside (so this time I just got the extended warranty)

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay, here goes the cannot post links issue again. *sigh* let me try one more time with added text: [link]

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

There you go, anyways, these are more geared towards fitness so they are worth the money. Love em!

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

I find it odd that those things would melt, but your body would not. And extended warranty won't save it from melting. Maybe you need some vulcano-proof ones.

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

Umm, my body does melt it's kinda the reason ppl hit the sauna.

I've been a gym junkie for 7-8 years now, I think everyone has addictions but since I don't drink (cept on rare occasions once or twice out of the year) but I don't do drugs, smoke or all the other nasty lil things I see everyone else addicted to however, I'm sorta addicted to the gym and sauna etc. that is my go to when I need to release pent up stress and feel good.

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

As for the extended warranty now I can toss them back and get a new pair everytime I melt them or they stop working with no questions asked. I'm pretty sure i will get my moneys worth, since I need disposable headphones the way I go through them.

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

So, how did it go with your taxes dutchy? Are you going to have to eat top ramen soup for the next year or were you able to break even?

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 6 days ago

I ploughed through ten years of correspondence and bank receipts and my conclusion is that I probably have to pay back about 60% of the advance returns I got the past decade.

It's strange. They give me a higher advance each year, while I am actually eligible for less each year. Don't give me money if I have to pay it all back anyways, doofusses.

It's a good thing I have buffers, otherwise I'd be on water and bread.

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 5 days ago

That's what I thought. When I am forced to pay $5.00 to wear my jeans once a month at work I actually go as far as getting a receipt for my taxes each time now.

Even if you give something as small as a "pencil" to someone dutchy get a receipt, at the end of the year you will be surprised at the total dollar amount you have for tax purposes.

It's ridiculous but I'm so tired of them taking my hard earned money. I keep getting slaughtered too so like I said now I am going to have to get that house next year to put a stop to this madness.

// Dor_work / 399 weeks and 5 days ago

I got just the song to go with that. I was thinking of Iron Maiden at first, but a better fit is... Madness - House of Fun [link] (1982). They also did "Our house", but that song is overplayed.

/memo to self: pay back tax

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

I'll have to check that out later but you best hurry up and pay those taxes cuz if think just paying the taxes due is bad enough the interest and penalties will royallyyy kick your behind!

// Dor_work / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't know how it is over there but you can avoid all that mess if you act quickly and just bite the bullet and pay $100.00 to set up a monthly payment plan (that way by the year 2025 you can have them paid in full) hehe

// Dor_work / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

Payment plans are for plebs. I scheduled the entire thing to be transferred a week before the due date. This is the third time I have to pay this stuff back this year. First two I actually forgot to pay, because they normally deduct things from my advance returns. Only opened those letters after the due date. Got a reminder four months later.

It's 2016 and I got billed seperately for 2013, 2014 and 2015. I'll probably be rid of them until next year.

// crae_zzz / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

Well then I am a pleb (what is a pleb?) anyways, my logic is that I have heard that there are only two things certain in life

1. Taxes

2. Death

So, I figure if I pay them in full and die the next day then those rats got all their/MY money however, if I pay them in payments over a really long time and I die before the payments are made then they don't get all my money!

Goedenacht mijn broke dutchy...

// Dor_work / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

In the end the tax man will have the last laugh anyway, so I might as well get it over with.

// crae_zzz / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG dutchy what in the world is that tune? Yes, definitely pure madness. hehe

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

I can only relate to this my house tune: [link]

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 4 days ago

I think I've heard that song hundreds of times over the years (though not recently), but I never knew who the artist was, let alone having seen that video.

And speaking of music, the cat^H^H postman dragged in my favourite song [link], straight import from the land of the rising sun (well, through a local store, me ain't got no credit card).

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 3 days ago

Ack! Why oh why do I click on your links!?

// Dor_lunch / 399 weeks and 3 days ago

Because my links are the bestest links!

// crae_evil / 399 weeks and 3 days ago

I think you infuse them with nasty voodoo!

// Dor_work / 399 weeks and 3 days ago

It's my magnificent aura.

We have or are close to a heatwave over here. Got home yesterday and my house was 30 degrees (that's like 240 degrees Fahrenheit). Got home today and it was even more. 32 degrees. I'm dead.

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 2 days ago

Wimp! Stop complaining, our highest temp was 134 degrees (t'was 100 years ago but, still)

// Dor_lunch / 399 weeks and 2 days ago

Morning hath come and it is now 27 degrees. I am actually typing this from the afterlife after having succumbed to the scorching heat.

Fun time is over next week. We'll be back to "normal" temperatures then.

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

/me looks to see what your temp is right now... Hmm, 73 degrees at 4:00pm and mine at 7:00am is 73 which means your highest temp today is basically my morning weather. hehe

You really are a wimp! But seriously, you are just not used to it however, over here in Cali we hit triple digits all the time and it's something we have to live with all the time now...

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

Different climate. Different humidity. I've been to the tropics and the temperatures were higher there, but the humidity was way lower, so much more bareable.

I thought I was seeing barbecue smoke here in the afterlife, but it may have been something else burning. These fellows all have hornes, hoofs and forked tails for some reason...

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

Well then you are going to fit right in crae_evil. I got news right now that the place the owner is moving me into is finally ready so I'm moving this weekend. I hope I can have my internet transferred quickly (me forgot about all the switching etc) even though it's just a diff apartment still the work involved is the same. Argh!

Later gater...

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

/me throws cloak of darkness so you can escape the nutcase and move without being see

// crae_zzz / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

Doubt that will really work. (but thanks) This nutcase is pretty brazen however, the new place is right by the main leasing office where there are cameras & security etc. I "feel" much safer. Though when someone wants to do something, they normally will find a way. I don't plan on being a sitting duck and I've got my radar fully activated (plus I know I'm in God's hands) but, I still cannot stop looking behind me and I never get in my car anymore without first opening up the back doors to see if anyone is in there. (My windows are all tinted black so I cannot see the inside) I'm just totally freaked out by him, nothing time won't heal, anyways, goedenacht mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 1 day ago

So reading that, the corniest song ever came up in my mind: Stan Bush - The Touch [link] (watch at your own risk).

// craeonics / 399 weeks and 20 hours ago

OMG Dutchy you are a nutcase! hehe

Thanks for the laugh. (I felt like crying today)

/me goes get in gear & get ready for this mess today...

// Doreen / 399 weeks and 18 hours ago

One thing I've noticed is that everytime something really bad happens something really good comes out of it. Dutchy the apartment is absolutely beautiful and perfect! (one thousand times better than the one I had) and they even lowered the rent for me!!! The neighbor has a watch dog that you could put a saddle on and ride he's so big (so that even makes me feel safer) plus I suppose this made me stronger so now I don't know whether to kick that nutcases a** if I ever come face to face with him OR thank him! hehe!

/me gets my earbuds loaded up and get movin...

// Dor_happy / 399 weeks and 14 hours ago

Hurray! So now that you've got a (next door) watchdog, some DMX is in order: [link]

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually was listening to that in my earbuds yesterday while moving. Dutchy, remember I mentioned to you that Dexter never made a peep (cept purring) when I lived over in my other townhome? Then when I moved into these apartments he went into shock and almost kicked the bucket on me? During the time I was in that apartment he kept trying to tell me something (I never even knew he had vocal cords before!) but the entire time I lived in that apt he kept coming to me and staring into my eyes and trying to vocalize something with different kinds of meows "constantly" I thought it was funny and weird but Dex was trying to tell me something. (I'm thinking the creep was around and he knew it but I didn't) I know that sounds crazy but I brought him over to this knew apartment and he checked the place out and when he was done he ate and drank his water and kicked back as if he has always lived here! He loves it too! Very strange but his reaction in that other apartment was extreme.

Anyways, I've got to tether for a week off my phone until they transfer my internet (or I won't be able to come annoy the Hell out of you) Bottom line is, this place is goed...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, I'm glad Li'l Dex approves. I shan't zap you bandwidth with more videos until that line of yours has moved.

I've got no songs to go with "Li'l Dex" or psychic cats anyway.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually, I wouldn't go so far as to say psychic as much as I think Dex reads vibes from people. I think I know who it is. This guy makes my skin crawl, looks dangerous, and looks like a total druggy (bad news) and he may have been lurking and Dex seen and felt what I did/do (who knows) but "now" I know (the guy that I'm thinking it is) does live here cuz yesterday he was in my parking structure "again" with jumper cables trying to apparently get the white jeep jump started that has been parked next to my car, so, either it's his car or his friends or something and when I was moving yesterday I noticed he folded my side car window (mine folds shut and it has to be "intentionally folded to close) so it was definitely him who folded it, but nothing extreme was done, I just don't know if it is him and the cops didn't dust for prints etc. They just made me do police reports for the two diff things that happened. I just think Dex felt something bad, just like I feel something bad with this guy. hehe (I don't know how to describe it dutchy) at any rate, you can cross a street and get hit by a bus so nothing to worry too much about.

I just was expecting Dex to go crazy in the new place and he loves it and alsooo he is not meowing at me frantically either he is calm, quiet and happy! He never stopped crying at the other apartment the entire time I lived there, every single day it was annoying and very strange...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

Or perhaps Li'l Dex picked up your vibes. Anyways good that you've moved. I hope there's quite the distance between the old place and the new one.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

Who knows but one thing is for sure is that it ain't my imagination because Sammy noticed the same exact thing he is as different as night and day now. I thought he was sick or in pain (I couldn't figure out what he was trying to tell me!) hehe

At any rate thanks for letting me vent on you dutchy, and yes, this is a huge apartment complex. I'm moved over in the safest spot. Plus, like I said I'm not going to live in fear cuz I could just as easily get killed or something from crossing the street and getting hit by a bus. But, at the time I am more cautious when I get in and out of my car! hehe

Goedenacht mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 6 days ago

What? Are you still in the same complex?

In other miraculous news, that idiot shop finally responded to my inquiries and says it's going to start shipping my orders this week.

I'll believe when I'm holding the CDs in my hands.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy, I signed a lease therefore I cannot just up and move "out" of the complex now for one year. They tried to move me to another spot to resolve the issue however, any doubt I had about who the creep is has now been confirmed yesterday towards the evening, and now the creep has a hillbilly psycho friend and the two of them are making it known they got plans. I'm leaving work early today to go deal with the leasing office to get security beefed up with this two psychos and/or I'll have to break this lease and move "out" of the complex but there is more to this then I am financially or physically up to right now cuz I'm freaking tired of all this moving in between trying to keep up with this new job etc. What a nightmare...

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm getting Mad Max vibes here.

Get out of that complex and move far, far away from there.

And speaking of Mad Max, some Tina Turner: [link]

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

These two guys make the characters from Mad Max look like choir boys. Anyways, when I got home I went into the leasing office and the manager busted the one I was telling you about in the act. (he is apparently not on any lease over here but living with his hillbilly psycho friend) The owner told the manager to give them 24 hours to move out or they will be arrested if they are caught on the premises and they are installing dead bolts on my front and back door and having security patrol and now that they know who we are dealing with hopefully this will dissolve away. I'm still going to get some pepper spray for bears at the camping store and sleep with my baseball bat and if the neighbors dog barks at night I'm calling the police. hehe

These creeps are freaking me out (I cannot believe it) I've been around trouble before but something is creeping my "soul" out this time. At any rate this should be over soon.

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

/me comes back to smack the Hell out of you for that link...

I'm serious this is not funny right now! (but still thanks for the giggle)

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy, oh boy: [link] (that is kindaaa close but nope, these guys are a bit more crazy) hehe

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 5 days ago

I saw the original Mad Max at an impressionable age. The sequels are very tame in comparison to the first movie.

Good that this whole mess is now sorted out. Mr Jon would say the following about this: [link] (warning: angry rappers).

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 4 days ago

Angry rappers got nothing on Yahoo Hillbillies so I fear not, but still, I dare not click on that link at work...

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, what is a Dutch guy doing listening to Lil Jon? hehe

(did I get you hooked on him?)

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 4 days ago

It should be no secret what three ninjas I am hooked on at the moment. Yesterday I stumbled across what seems to be an official video of one of their early songs: [link] (2012), with quite a different look from what they look like nowadays. Except that there is not supposed to be an official video to this song... Or is there?

Apparently it was distributed as a bonus clip on one of their exclusive for fanclub members limited edition CD-singles. So no way in hell I can get my hands on it.

I say shenanigans. Grrr...

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

Clearly you are trying to "agitate" me today (yup, hanging/typing around you I probably should learn a few new wordz)

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

Fanclub members? Are you actually going to go that far! Boy, you ARE obsessed with these three samurais!

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm dying to click on that link to see if in their earlier songs they were in diapers or something... What in the world!

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

/me no join no fanclub nowhere

Those fans are incredibly creepy. "Fan" is short for "fanatic" (frenzied), so it should come as no surpise.

However, I am very much a collector. So if they've released stuff, I want it. But I'm not a complete idiot, so I'm not joining no club to get anything, nor will I pay exorbitant prices to acquire "exclusive" stuff.

Then again I did preorder a limited edition Japanese edition of their second album which costs twice the normal price, sooo...

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

Ummm, did you just read yourself right now? Give me your left arm so I can give you a shot to inoculate you from that yellow fever you apparently do have (even if "you" don't know you have it)

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 3 days ago

It's only a slight obsession. I can quit anytime I want. I swear. Honestly.

Mmm, more stuffzzz...

// crae_work / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

Hey where did my post go? Okay, now I am really annoyed!

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

I only see spam in between my post and your post. So whatever you typed never reached the server.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, must have been all my "hidden" annoyance vibes of mine that interfered with my post. hehe

Anyways, I simply said la la la laaaa! I shalt not allow you to annoy me with your three Hello Kitties since, today is Jean day at work and also I have a long Holiday weekend approaching me...

(but of course you are totally annoying me with that yellow fever of yours!)

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

Long holiday weekend? I got next week off. Hmm, now what shall I listen to all week...

And I (again) have got the perfect song for this situation: Aventura - Obsesion [link]

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

You might be able to calm my eardrums down with that killer tune but I'm still totally annoyed with you right now.

// Dor_work / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

You seem to have a sudden stroke of three-ninja-itis. The best cure for that is if you get more exposure to them, like so: [link] (2015).

// crae_evil / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh boy, I reallyyy need to learn me some bad words in Dutch to say to you...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

/me goes wash the Hello Kitties out of my ears with some: [link]

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 2 days ago

That song is now twenty years old.

And speaking of delinquents, we have good-for-nothings here too. For example, some time ago there was a shooting at a party and afterwards some of the party people got interviewed: [link] (specifically the bit at the beginning and from 1:23).

So what do you do with soundbytes like that? You add a beat to it: [link]

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

Is it? Well, a good song remains timeless...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe! They actually pulled that off pretty goed! (all I understood from the first clip was "AK in the back")

How strange that looks to me even your shoot em outs look all clean and proper? The guy had a chain around his neck and studs in his ears and he looked all proper and clean shaved and spoke with an accent that seemed all clean and proper. hehe! Even the car that had the window shot out was all intact.

Over here the same scene you'd see the car completely smashed on it's side with smoke billowing out and some bloods all tat down with speaking fowl language to the cops (or shooting the cops during the interview) Helicopters, sirens, yellow tape around the crime scene, crowds of people screaming etc. (the usual party everyone seems to thrive off of)

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

I even have to look at that again! A clean & proper crime scene! I'm shocked they're not serving tea and crackers?

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmmm, here's a "small" example of what I just tried to explain:


// Doreen / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

Some more of the crazies on this side dutchy: [link]

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

Simply put: people don't have guns around here. So there are not as many shootings. Yes, the crooks don't care about the law, so they can use as much heavy weaponry as they might see fit, but perhaps they don't see a point in doing so. The nastiest it gets here is a corpse in a burned out car (always related to the underworld).

Amd you do live in what once was called the Wild West.

In any case, the second guy in the video was high as a kite, so he wouldn't hurt a fly (and would probably injure himself if he tried). The first guy was a tad too enthousiastic. I hope his mother did not hear him talk (like riff raff) like that.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

I still think your criminals are a bit more "polite" than ours. hehe

At any rate, bad comes in all the colors of the rainbow. I just think it looked different looking at it from a different angle. And strange that you guys don't have guns because over here almost everyone has one yes, even females. I don't cuz me is afraid of guns. (I've had bad experiences being around them in the past)

// Dor_zzz / 398 weeks and 1 day ago

Historical reasons mostly. And I suspect there's an element of fundamental distrust of the government.

Note that the guys in that clip were not the crooks, just people at the party. But the first guy certainly did his best to sound like a rapper.

// craeonics / 398 weeks and 23 hours ago

I suppose it took his 5 minutes of fame with the news media and ran with it. Remember you said when your cat was sick he went into hiding? Dex went into hiding yesterday and has not been acting right, he normally sleeps all stretched out on his back in adorable positions or sits up leaning against the wall and all he is doing is hiding in the corners in some balled up position on his paws (like normal cats do, but Dex never does unless he is cold)

I got up at 2:00am to check on him and stepped into something I thought was poop but it was a big hairball and this morning he won't eat his food so I know he is sick. Taking him to the Pet Doctor as soon as they open...

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 17 hours ago

I just got him back $150.00 and now I'm sick. He's okay, they said he is not handling all the moving very well so they gave me a ton of meds and things to get him through it all.

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 11 hours ago

Cats, old folk and trees are things that don't like moving. Give him time. As long as he eats (at least once a day, skipping a meal is okay) and drinks and goes to the litterbox there's nothing to worry about.

Some new music to get Li'l Dex on his feet again: Cho ft. Stefflon Don - Popalik [link] (don't worry, no ninjas in sight)

// crae_zzz / 398 weeks and 5 hours ago

Now you tell me, $150.00 too late! I assumed since you are off for the week you jumped on an airplane to go to Japan to join that fanclub and be a groupie for those three ninjas! I got really scared (I thought he was going to die) he apparently was sick though they gave me some feel good pheromone to spray around the apartment to snap him out of whatever he is going through and it is working, plus he has allergies and all the dust and moving has his eyes swollen shut so he has medicine that I have to put inside his eyes around the clock and meds to sprinkle in his food etc. (rediculous) what in the world did I do!? He scared me half to death!

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 2 hours ago

I don't think that did much for Dex but it did for me, what is dat dutchy?

// Doreen / 398 weeks and 2 hours ago

I have no idea what it is, it popped up during my nightly YouTube adventures in between you-know-who. No, wait, I was actually done with JuJube and changed the channel and lo and behold, MTV was playing music and the music was actually not crap.

So basically, if you surf the airwaves at four in the morning, the M in MTV might actually mean something and you may even hear good stuff (like in the olden days). Imagine that.

Good to hear Li'l Dex is recovering. I missed a perfectly good opportunity to play Nyan Cat: [link]

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

I basically only watch MTV for the award shows these days. Wow! Did you see the numbers of views on that link of yours? (I only lasted 10 seconds)

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, Dexter is about 90% back to normal. Hopefully, today will be my last day of unpacking and my life can get back to being semi-normal. Hmmm, lemme seeeee what I need to get moving...

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

This might do: [link]

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

And maybeee this one too (cuz my ears are super hungry today!) [link]

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

I always forget how goed De la Soul was/is: [link]

/me is overdosing on my old stuffezzz today...

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 6 days ago

Click one further and you'll get Saturday, which is one of their songs I heard a lot. Also note how Q-Tip always pops up in De La Soul videos.

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 5 days ago

Q-Tip? I don't recall that name? I'll have to check that out, at any rate, I found theee most beautiful worship tune I ever heard in my life. I'm going to wear it out today. (I'm certain it will send you running for the hills screaming in insanity) but I love it!


// Dor_worship / 397 weeks and 5 days ago

Q-Tip as in "one of the rappers from A Tribe Called Quest", like so: [link]

I spent day one of my holiday gathering (pro) videos of live performances of a certain trio, so your worship tunes can't touch me. It also means the harddisk on that machine is completely full now and I'll have to get a new one one of these days.

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

La la la laaaa!

Thy will be done

Thy will be done

Thy will be done

Like a child on my knees all that comes to me is

Thy will be done

Thy will be done

Thy will

I know you see me

I know you hear me, Lord

Your plans are for me

Goodness you have in store

(It's stuck in my head) I'll check that link of yours out when I get home. Enjoy your long Holiday off mijn dutchy...

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

You're the place, You're the place that I call home

You're the fire that I feel inside my bones

You're the One, You're the One that won't let go

My soul, it sings to You

Oh God, You are my refuge

I will cling, I will cling to You

My shelter through the storm

My peace when waves of troubles roll

I will cling, I will cling to You

I could search the stars

I could swim across the seas

And never find a love

That's as strong as Yours for me

You are my refuge

(sorry, my brain is in worship mode. hehe)

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

So quiet over here on exec row that I cannot even sneeze without them hearing me! So I have to come sing over here!

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

You're supposed to be working at work.

My schedule is so overbooked I rarely have time to goof. Then again if the project managers would learn to actually, you know, manage projects and not agree with every retarded idea or redesign or new feature the client comes up with, I might have more time to goof.

All work and no play makes crae listen to Japanese girls.

Oh wait, I have the week off. Argh, only two days to go.

// crae_zzz / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

I am working (just singing in my head over here) Anyways, stop complaining the customers/clients are always right, don'tcha know that by now? (actually they are not always right but you have to pretend that they are)

Goedenacht mijn dutchy (I still have 45 minutes left)

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

And stop listening to those Japanese girls!!!

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmm, I checked out your link and I don't know how I missed that Q-Tip guy? (probably did hear him but never really noticed him or something)

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 4 days ago

He's in a lot of songs from people from that scene or area (I don't know how to describe it).

Anyways, back to Japan. If you watch one band JuJube gives you "suggestions" for other bands, which are rather hit and miss and usually more miss than hit. I listen to metal and it tells me to listen to generic pop and rock bands.

This one is nice though, sort of steampunk metal: Fate Gear [link] (but an absolutely terrible video).

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 3 days ago

I will check that out later but if it is more Japanese girls I will scream so loud in my head that I think you will actually "hear" me!

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 3 days ago

Fortunately I sleep like a rock, so I won't hear a thing while I dream of things unsaid.

Okay, actually I don't know what I dream about. I rarely wake up in media res.

// crae_zzz / 397 weeks and 3 days ago

OMG! Actually, those two make the three ninjas almost look good.

/me goes scream the loudest quiet scream everrrrr!!!

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 3 days ago

I think I've got just the right video in response to that. I just need to see if it's online somewhere... Ah, here's one: [link]

/me runs for the hills

// crae_evil / 397 weeks and 2 days ago

I'll just go ahead and smack you in advance before I even view it later!

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 2 days ago

La la la laaaaa! My brain is still in worship mode, normally I'm done after a day (if that)

Where you go, I'll go

Where you stay, I'll stay

When you move, I'll move

I will follow you

Who you love, I'll love

How you serve I'll serve

If this life I lose, I will follow you

I will follow youuuuu!

Light unto the world

Light unto my life

I will live for you alone

You're the one I seek

Knowing I will find

All I need in you alone, in you alone

In you there's life everlasting

In you there's freedom for my soul

In you there joy, unending joy

and I will follow

// Dor_work / 397 weeks and 2 days ago

I am listening to, as I have every bloody day this entire week, to some fellows working on a roof. There's never peace and quiet in this neighbourhood. Always someone doing some home redecorating.

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 1 day ago

You are supposed to "Love thy neighbor" (cept when they are trying to rape you like mine was)

If it will make you feel any better I hear the kid upstairs screaming during his gaming, like Sammy does (so I am immune to that) and my neighbor on the right has a dog barking in his deep dog bark (but that does not seem to bother me) and on the left it's as if ghosts live there (cuz I never really hear much)

I've looked at the moon from a reallyyy powerful telescope and it looked pretty surreal and peaceful and I thought what it would be like to be there but the quiet over there might be totally deafening...

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 1 day ago

[link] No work today!!!

/me goes hit the apple store and touch and hold and smell the new apple iPhone (and get excited for exactly one minute) I doubt it will impress me but still I have to go see it...

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 1 day ago

YouTube says I can't watch Braveheart. Thinks I'm in the wrong region.

YouTube would prefer if I were to watch clips of a certain trio. Can't argue with that.

While you're throwing the bible at me, the full phrase is "love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18), which is usually interpreted as "treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself".

If we're to go with that, obviously those gits doing the home decorating all day long would not mind me doing home decorating all day long.

The flaw in the reasoning is that it assumes everyone has the same ideas on how how one wants to be treated. This only works on an abstract level. You need to establish common ground first.

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 21 hours ago

I'm not throwing the Bible at you, I've not read enough of it myself to do that. (plus I'm certain you've read more of it than me!)

And who knows dutchy, the problem with religion is religion. All we do is try to explain and analyze everything to feel a sense of control in a place we don't control.

It probably just boils down to love, trust & faith. Believing in God is only as crazy as coming to terms with the fact that we are not just in our cozy little homes but rather floating on a ball in infinite space.

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 18 hours ago

I think God had good intentions but he made the mistake of letting us have free will. Still, I'm sure it keeps things very real and interesting for him. Who knows, but one thing is for sures when we die and our spirit is released into space we will either find out "or" finally get some peaceful rest right?

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 18 hours ago

Or nothingness more likely.

The problem with people is other people.

And speaking of people my father is throwing a party at some beach joint for his seventied birthday. I expect there to be lots of family and old people and old people music, so I'll be parking my backside in the sand and ignore everyone.

Until my niece comes along and starts pulling my hair.

// craeonics / 397 weeks and 14 hours ago

I have a hard time thinking nothingness when I look around at the perfectness of things (even the best artist cannot capture the perfectness of the beach and what is in the ocean etc.)

Anyways, you're an old man yourself now so you should fit right in... hehe!

Have fun dutchy, the beach is perfect!

(my Mom celebrates her birthday for the "entire month" she drives me crazy) but we need to be thankful we still have our parents! So enjoy!

/me send happy birthday vibes across the ocean to your Dad...

// Doreen / 397 weeks and 12 hours ago

Turns out my mother only had half the venue. The other half was rented to a double 50th birthday celebration. We had a DJ, they had a live band. The DJ couldn't play while the band was playing and the band was rather dull. That other party was, as one of our guests called it a "dead fish" party.

Two parties in the same venue at the same time who have to wait on each other to play music is incredibly awkward.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 6 days ago

So, I take it they did not get to play any of your three ninjas? That does sound a bit awkward having to share a party? At any rate, for me personally (and you already know I'm boring and weird) Beach + Party don't mix. When I go to the beach that is the "only" place I don't want to listen to music but rather listen to the sounds of the beach they are medicine to my soul. The horrible part is I never get to go to the beach because I am too busy and the beach is a long drive from where I live so I only get there maybe 3 times a year.

Sorry to hear it was maybe not what everyone was expecting. I hope your Dad was happy and enjoyed it? That is the main thing to give him what "he" wanted. (not everyone else)

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm pretty sure that just the fact that you were there and everyone was there was what made him most happy dutchy...

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 6 days ago

So weird dutchy, I found one of my external drives and was going through my stuff and found that Voodoo_crae it looks like you had it dated 09-2001.

/me goes back to look at it...

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 6 days ago

I'll clean up that image one of these days. No more Flash on my machine, so I need find a vector package that is as easy to draw with (Illustrator is terrible).

And while doing so I'll be playing three ninjas music ofcourse.

Back to the party, my mother went on the warpath and sent the band packing (after midnight), so we head the DJ play terrible music at a terrible volume. Everyone was happy, but my ears are still ringing two days later.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

And, you are still complaining two days later?

/me smacks you! The party was for your Father not you! hehe

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

After the party my father spent half an hour counting all the money and booze he got. Oh, he was happy alright. And my mother managed to get a discount because of the DJ/band situation, so she was happy too.

I'm skipping all parties the rest of the year though.

// crae_zzz / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

Hence why I am considered boring.

/me no like parties and getting drunk and acting stupid...

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

Course once or twice a year I get pressured and riddled with guilt from my family and end up getting dragged off to dutchy. But, glad to hear your parents were happy and things turned out good for them!

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

My Mom's birthday is in January and she gets each of us to feel guilty if we don't make the entire month special. Since I hate parties I "try" to get away with just taking her out and spoiling her rotten for a day with whatever she wants (I'm more a one on one person) but nope, it never works she gets me to take her out and then I still somehow end up getting dragged off to the party my sister throws or brother throws for her since they are both complete party animals and if I don't show up I catch hell from "everyone"

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 5 days ago

Walk into the party, congratulate everyone, then wander off to catch Pokemon.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 4 days ago

Ack, are you actually playing that stupid game? Oh boy...

// Dor_work / 396 weeks and 4 days ago

How can I play that game if I don't have a phone?

There's a bunch of addicts at work though. They suddenly go for a walk during lunch.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 3 days ago

You must be the only person on the planet without a phone? I don't know I assumed since you listen to them three baby ninjas you also played Pokémon? I walk on my breaks and lunch too and I see the crazies walking into trees and almost getting run over while on their phones. That game is totally ridiculous. (my opinion only)

// Dor_work / 396 weeks and 3 days ago

The sheep emulating each other are the true ridiculites (I'm coining this word right now). I suspect there's more of a social competitive edge to it than that they actually like the game. Trying to fit in by acting in a simila manner, et cetera.

I live in an old fossil neighbourhood (proof: the queues at the supermarket), so there must be more folk around here with no mobile.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 3 days ago

Back to music, I really like this live performance: Aldious - [link]

I like how the (now ex) drummer, who is awesome throughout, starts singing along as soon as the singer starts singing. The singer moves around the stage in an incredibly nonchalant, but self-confident manner. Her voice is much, much better than the original singer.

I'd get some of their albums if they did not contain some truly horrible ballads. Perhaps in due time.

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, me cannot take but a few seconds of that but I'm pretty sure Kenray will join you for that?

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 3 days ago

I think the Kenneth One has went from yellow to black.

Something else, for Ms Picky:


* craeonics is listening to: Chicane - Saltwater [link]

// crae_work / 396 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, I see your ears have not yet been destroyed by listening to that nasty stuff you've been listening to? Now, "that" was pretty goed! I listened the whole way to the end (and that was longgg)

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 2 days ago

I managed to wrest control over the radio yesterday and proceeded to play old trance like that all day. Well, up until closing time when I put on the Good Stuff.

You've got to keep track of your colleagues' sensibilities, so I can't go playing high energy stuff all the time ("Can you put on something a bit more relaxing" and so on).

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 1 day ago

Here's something a bit more relaxing...

/me goes float on it to start my day:


// Doreen / 396 weeks and 1 day ago

/me kicks out all relaxing music

Frankie Goes to Hollywood had this to say about relaxation: [link] (little did I know what that video was about back then).

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 21 hours ago

Oi, oi, my dad that just phoned that a mysterious envelope just landed in their mailbox (I never use my own address for packages). What could it be? Could it be one or two singles from a certain trio?

The suspense is killing me!

// crae_evil / 396 weeks and 20 hours ago

La la la laaaaa! [link]

// Dor_worship / 396 weeks and 17 hours ago

My heart beating, my soul breathinggg

I found my life when I laid it down

Upward falling, spirit soaringgg

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground!

What treasure waits within Your scars

This gift of freedom gold can't buy

I bought the world and sold my hearttt

You traded heaven to have me again

My heart beating, my soul breathing

I found my life when I laid it down

Upward falling, spirit soaring

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

Find me here at Your feet again

Everything I am, reaching out, I surrender

Come sweep me up in Your love again

And my soul will dance

On the wings of forever

(I've heard this song a thousand times dutchy but never heard the lyrics until yesterday)

// Dor_worship / 396 weeks and 17 hours ago

So strange it's like I just hear music sometimes as white noise in the background when I'm doing things and never hear the lyrics, but I finally heard those lyrics yesterday and was stunned how beautiful they were!

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 17 hours ago

That would probably be because you already like the song.

You don't often hear people say "great lyrics, shame about the music though".

// craeonics / 396 weeks and 10 hours ago

Umm, or it could be my ears are trained not to listen to lyrics due to the stuff I normally listen to who knows. I just don't seem to catch lyrics all that often (sometimes never on certain songs)

So what was in the packages at your Dad's house? Handcuffs from the IRS or your long forgotten lost CD's from that crazy shop finally came? (I'd rather it be handcuffs from the IRS)

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 9 hours ago

Finally got my new toy! Tired of frying my hair everyday for work and this one is not suppose to burn your hair check this out: [link]

/me goes play with it!

(Took forever to come to the States)

// Doreen / 396 weeks and 9 hours ago

Or like, not dry it. Bad for your hair anyway. And to much of a hassle.

The package contained singles two and three of three of a certain trio, which were released in 2013, before their first album came out in 2014. So basically I already know these songs (they're on the album after all), but what is a collector to do?

As for that shop that never shipped my CDs, ignored my emails and then suddenly mailed me a couple of weeks ago that they were going to fix things... Still nothing.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't mess with it on the weekends but not too cool if I walk into work looking like a wet poodle for the entire day...

I am surprised that shop even answers their phone when you call to find out what happened to those CDs you ordered 10 years ago.

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

Argh! Dutchy, rediculous that old ext drive I found your voodoo thingie on died before I could pull all my old tunes off of it! I thought it was just the usb plug on my pc but there are three and it won't kick on on any of them though anything else I plug into them works. Argh! so frustrating... I checked the power plug on that brick but the light is on and the drive will not appear on my pc?

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

Anddd if all the common sense ways don't work go the stupid route and simply restart your pc. Got it!


I found an old gold nugget but I just noticed when I came to post a link here that I've never heard the lyrics to this tune either (I just always liked the sound of it but those lyrics? OMG! Rediculous) hehe!

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

Can't say I ever heard that one.

Better move your data off that disk pronto (see, I know some Italian too). This could just as well be a last sign of life before it croaks.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

Wait, I do know that one. The sing with these old 80s songs is that I usually do know the song itself, but not artist, nor title (nor lyrics, never the lyrics).

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, I know I do need to move the data off of it but I cannot find my SD cards and adapters I still have a few things lost during the last two crazy moves. Dutchy I even found some dutch hip hop on that old drive! (I've been talking to you for way too long!) hehe

I was like what in the world is that!??? Then I remembered you turned me onto those a long time ago!

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 6 days ago

I suspect that must be The Opposites.

In other news, the CD I had preordered a month ago was supposed to be released the 16th. The 16th came and went, but no CD and no message from the shop (not the shady shop a different one I've been ordering from since forever).

So I log in and check the status of my order: "being processed, to be delivered on the day of release".

Okay, so I click through to the product page and it says "not available".

So I contact the helldesk and ask them how a CD I preordered can be unavailable. Their response: the CD is not available, they don't know when it will be available and the order will remain "being processed" until it becomes available or I cancel it.

I must be cursed or something.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

What I am going to do right now is to try and rescuccitate my moribund PayPal account, skip all this bullshit and order my stuff directly from Japan.

Or so I thought. Now PayPal is giving me grief when I try to recover my password. Grrr...

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

Umm, when I sent you your voodoo doll I actually put my own voodoo on it so that you would not be able to order anymore three ninja CDs.

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

It's blurays I'm after now.

If I go to paypal.com and try to recover my password, it keeps bouncing me between two pages continuously.

If I go to paypal.nl, I get bounced to .com, and now I can actually get to the phase where they send me an email. Problem is, those emails take forever to arrive. I went through these hoops at work, waited two hours, went home, found the email, but the mail contained no link to enter the code they sent. So here, home, I tried again an hour and a half ago. So far, still no mail.

And no, it's not in my spambox.

I better make sure my browser does not crash and keep the window where I am to enter those numbers open, just in case that email arrives in three days...

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

Three hours later and I finally receive that email. By now the session has expired and it's useless. And here's the kicker, I can see from the mail headers they actually sent it three hours later.

Suffice to say I am not happy.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

Annnd I finally remembered my password. I log in and *bam* I get stone walled with a request to phone me because "my device is not recognised". Problem: that's a very old phone number.

I have two internet lines, so I tried the browser on my TV and managed to get in through. Then tried my netbook again. Still no luck. Then tried the TV again and now I'm blocked there too.


// crae_zzz / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

/me sprinkles more anti three ninja voodoo over here.

Goedenacht mijn grumpy dutchy...

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

Oooops! I missed a spot!

/me sprinkles more on your head, jusss to be sure you cannot order any more of their CDs (or blurays either!)

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 5 days ago

You missed a spot. I got in here at work and change email and phone number. Last time I used this account is so long ago I can't even see what it was for (but I remember, it was for pekomon so he could get his Tek shirt).

So when I get home, and am not blocked there, I'll add some money and then it's party time.

// crae_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG Dutchy I never even knew you had this kind of determination in you! (you got that yellow fever bad!)

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

/me sprinkles voodoo all over you PayPal account!

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

you = your (that is the one time it truly annoys me when I make a typo)

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm a high threshold impulse buyer. I can resist impulse buys forever but when I decide that I want something I must have it.

PayPal won't let me though.

I could log in fine at work.

I come home and I can't log in. Click on the "contact us" link and they ask you to log in, Jesus Christ...

I try on my backup line that's attached to my TV (yay, smart TVs) and I can login just fine.

Hook up the netbook to that line annnd... I can't log in.

Try again on the TV and now I can't log in there either.

They have me blocked at some level.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

(Which confirms that my voodoo has more power than yours!) ha!

/me conjures up some powerful anti three ninja voodoo and dumps it all over you to turn you off on them!!!

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

Your voodoo failed!

I finally managed to log in, dump some funds on it and then proceeded to order those two blurays in the land of the rising sun.

Now let's see if and when they ship it and if I actually receive it and then the heart attack I'll have when I see the added tax bill and what not I have to pay to customs.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

I actually think I like Burzum better than them! Anyways just seeing the word "customs" brings me some comfort and means hopefully you will never receive them...

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

Tsk, Dor_hater.

With my luck so far either their warehouse will burn down, or my payment will go walkies, or the plane carrying my shipment will crash, or the discs will suddenly be out of stock, or the mailman will swipe my package.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

Any of the above sound good to me! (cept the plane crash, that wouldn't be too cool) but the others sound good and give me hope!!!

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

Let's see, processing the order should be one day, getting both BDs from wherever they store them should be five days, shipping two days (I overpayed for that). God knows how long customs will take it hostage.

So whether or not my stroke of bad luck continues should be clear in a week or two.

// crae_zzz / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

I think with customs you are looking at a minimum of one month... I got home and turned on the news and hear that Angelina and Brad Pit are getting a divorce? After only 2 years and 50 kids!?

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 4 days ago

They've been together for over a decade, so it was time for a change. Showbizz people like to switch often.

Meanwhile, I did the math on how much I'm going to have to pay customs. I better make some hospital reservations (and next time I'm going to pay better attention to the various shipping options and their hidden costs and not just pick the fastest one).

// crae_work / 395 weeks and 3 days ago

Then there is only one logical thing for you to do? Cancel that order quick! quick! veryyy quickly!

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 3 days ago

Not on your life.

Basically from what I gather every shipping company prepays the customs fee (which is VAT plus potential import tax), but they add their own fee on top of it as a means of compensation. This is like a few percent of the tax they paid for you. However, it has a minimum value ranging from like $10-20. So in addition to shipping and tax I also have to that additional fee.

I hope they send me a bill and don't require me to pay in cash when the package is deliver (hasn't shipped yet though).

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 3 days ago

*insert bad words here*

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 3 days ago

While you're swearing, I'm going to use this board as my external memory for bands I need to look up more: 1) Hanggai (Mongolian); Yat-Kha (Tuvan). Right now I'm stuck in Korea with terribly cheesy pop.

// crae_work / 395 weeks and 2 days ago

Someone's eardrums are traveling abroad!

// Dor_work / 395 weeks and 2 days ago

How shall I put it? I quite like the aesthetics of the music from that region (to the North of China). Example for Hanggai: [link]. Wait, wait, why do I get the impression they're on a Dutch label? Should make it easier to get my hands on some of this stuff.

After I get my blurays that is.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, wellll, I must confess I kinda liked that particular one but, just that one!

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 2 days ago

Aha, I knew it!

And here's is Yat-Kha [link] (rather martial video). I sound like that when I get out of bed, before I've had my tea. I need to dig a little deeper to see if I can actually get their stuff over here, but so far no luck.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 1 day ago

Hurray, my blurays just shipped.

The email I got also states "The customs office of your country may randomly charge customs duties on incoming packages. Our shipping charge does not cover these charges. In case they are charged on your order, it will be your responsibility to complete them to receive your package."

I'm dreading those charges with great dread.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, now that one is horrible. Gave me a bad feeling (like burzum) hehe

Some sounds just freak me out inside or something.

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe! I just read what you said about that sounding like that in the morning before you tea. Silly!

As for your package being shipped how much do you anticipate the fees being? Can't be that much right?

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 1 day ago

As for me over here I am having a phone crisis. I bought my Note 7 in Black and they recalled my phone and I don't want the Silver one and I don't want the Blue one I WANT the Black one and of course my carrier cannot seem to get me the Black one! I have a pop up on my phone that will not allow me to use it because the battery apparently is a fire hazard. Not all of them were recalled but of course mine has been identified by the IMEI number or something. Rediculous!

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 1 day ago

As the Rolling Stones said, paint it black.

That phone of your is just like me and CDs that never get shipped.

I expect the customs levies plus the additional charge from the shipping company to be in the $30-40 range. If I the price of the BDs had been below, say, $25, I would not have had to pay all that. Those levies are ridiculous.

Let me check where my package is... Hrm, still waiting for the plane it seems. "Anticipated shipping date: Friday". Hello? It's Saturday, boys and girls.

// craeonics / 395 weeks and 22 hours ago

I can't paint it black cuz I will still know that it's Silver! Anyways, someone called me and saved me a Black on so I got my Black Note 7 and I'm a happy camper. (got my toy before you got your BDs) ha!

And lemme see it said shipping Friday you got all excited and it says "anticipated" shipping date Friday and it's Saturday soooo maybeee the Friday they are talking about resides in the year 2020? (I hope, I hope, I hope)

// Doreen / 395 weeks and 17 hours ago

Let me check... No, it'still waiting to be shipped. Or maybe FedEx does not update their status during the weekend.

Enjoy your new toy. How many phones have you had this year thus far?

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

They probably just have not updated the status over the weekend. (but a girl can hope right?)

Anyways, me has a plan with my carrier called Jump on Demand which means I can toss them my current phone and get any new phone I want 3 times a year at no extra fee. I grabbed that plan the first day they released it knowing that they would pull the plug on that plan within 2-3 months because they would lose money and sure enough they did but they could not remove it from my account so anyone new to the carrier can get JOD but they can only swap 1 time a year but I can still swap 3 times a year. (love it) but the real question is how many fitness gadgets have I had this year? (which is the reason I swap phones so much) they are specific to various phones so when they come out with new things you need to sometimes change your phone because of compatibility. I like to try new things constantly. I have been using fitbit as my health obsession for about 7 years now. I try all the new ones that come out but nothing can beat fitbit. As a secretary being chained to a desk I need to track more health and fitness to make sure I'm getting in my minimum of 10,000 steps every day so sneak to go walk around etc. (hate it, because I like to move, I feel trapped as a Secretary it's awful)

So far I think I love my Note 7 and fitbit the bestest!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

[link] They've now got two special editions (Black & Gold and Pink & Gold) I ordered the Black & Gold (but thinking about getting that Pink one too)

The shape and appearance of the device is a bit funky but it's the algorithms of the device itself and stats that keep me highly motivated with my fitness etc. (I eat, sleep, drink, exercise everything with that thing on)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

[link] This one I got for free when I got my free Note 7 it's good too but I think I've been using my fitbit for so many years now I cannot seem to part with it (I only last about a week on any of the other gadgets)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

The first time those smart watches came out, I already wondered about their (commercial) viability. First everyone gets rid of their watch because they use their phone instead. And then the tech companies introduce watches that are basically dumbed down smart phones with a smaller screen.

Anyways, when they introduced that Jump on Demand scheme they probably forgot about phone junkies like you.

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually mine is more geared towards fitness the other ones are basically your phone on your wrist so you are right there.

As for the jump on demand from the second I spotted it I KNEW God put that there jusssss for me. The plug was pulled on that right away after I grabbed it (how rediculous was that for them to even create such a plan almost suicide for their company)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, apparently my neighbor is having breakfast in bed or something and I'm getting grossed out by it so I'm going to go hit the mall and go look at more gadgets!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 6 days ago

It's certainly suicide for that company. That's probably why they cancelled than plan.

Meanwhile, my package spent the weekend in the warehouse. It's now finally "in transit", whatever that may mean, and due Wednesday.

// crae_work / 394 weeks and 5 days ago

I don't want the plane to crash but I wouldn't mind a hijack to Siberia...

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 5 days ago

Freddy (I'm going to call them Freddy from now on) sent me a tax authorisation form so I could let them handle my company tax.

Except that I am not a company.

I usually ship stuff to work, since I, like most people, am usually at work during the hours the delivery guys do their thing. So the address starts with a company name.

They must have seen the company name in the address, figured this was a business shipment, then googled an email address of my office and sent those authorisation forms there. Fortunately we have an alert receptionist and she forwarded them to me.

Not that I can do anything with them.

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 5 days ago

authorisation = authorization (I cannot believe what you are putting yourself through to get those BD's you could have just as well jumped on a plane to Japan, bought them and then returned back home already!)

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 5 days ago

Probably would've been cheaper too!

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 5 days ago

It's the collector's mindset. Must have it (all).

This is supposedly the fastest method. But I find the whole sleuthing my company email a tad intrusive. Next time I'm going to try a cheaper, slower method of transportation.

Meanwhile, the package is still waiting for the plane.

// crae_work / 394 weeks and 4 days ago

I agree with the slower method since I'm not looking forward to you actually getting them. (which is strange because I won't even hear them, but it is still bugging me?)

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 4 days ago

I dare not even look right now, because last time I checked where the package was at, it was still at the same place as the day before.

Now, when I finally get it, I'll make sure to take pics and share 'em with you.

/me runs

// crae_evil / 394 weeks and 4 days ago

If you dare to do that I will punish you with more of my cat pics! I still think it will take a month (or at least I am hoping so)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 4 days ago

They've arrived. Now I've got to pack my bags and go hide from customs.

// crae_work / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

/me hopes the CDs are defective. How in the world can they arrive so soon with customs involved in this shipping? That is abnormal isn't it? (even with express shipping) That was like they used some sort of time travel machine!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

That's called FedEx priority shipping. With an alledged shipping time of two days max. The actual shipping was two day because those sods waited until Monday to pick up the package. Bloody expensive, so next time I'll try something slower and cheaper.

FedEx have coughed up the initial customs bill and will charge me for it plus an extra fee in a few weeks. I wasn't aware of that extra fee before I went with this option (figured I'm paying for shipping already), but all couriers do this.

Now, you've been waiting for that pic, so here they are: [link]

Fancy black cases instead of that horrible blue the cases are over here. Already ripped the first one, currently ripping the second one. Then twelve days of processing to convert them to HEVC (giving the old computer some exercise).

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, I have to admit they do definitely know how to design a cool looking case for their BDs. The Metal portion of the music is good it's just the three ninjas that ruin it.

Meanwhile on this side, I just got myyyy special edition of Gold & Black fitbit Blaze delivery!(by FedEx too, minus of course the outrageous extra fee you had to pay) It actually makes the horribly designed square watch look good!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmmm black one for work and now I'm on the fence if I want to order that Pink & Gold one for play!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

You have to accessorise. Two watches ain't nearly enough.

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

accessorise - accessorize but yeah finally something we both agree upon!

Dutchy this apartment living is for the birds! I ran out to get a shelf for the pantry and apparently when I was carrying it in Dex ran out! About 30 mins later I was wondering where he was because he is normally glued to me and when I could not find him I was all panicked! I ran outside to the carport (where everyone parks their cars) and he was crying underneath a car several ports down! He came running to me when he peeked out from under the car and seen me! OMG dutchy I would have just died!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

I shoulda got a picture of his face for you (just to annoy you) but I was so panicked I didn't think of it at the time! hehe

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

/me goes snuggle my kitty...

I swear I would have died! And he definitely would have! This guy is no alley cat he's a spoiled rotten brat! Now his feet are all black from the car port dirt. (but that was a close call)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 3 days ago

Fortunately, he can clean his paws just fine.

Now you would expect that Li'l Dex would learn from this adventure and not do this again. But next time the door is open, he'll just try to sneak out again. I've developed this habit of first checking where the cats are at before leaving the house.

// crae_work / 394 weeks and 2 days ago

When I say they were black I mean black he was covered in black oil from the carports he was mopping up with his fur. Yes, I'm now checking where he is before I leave. (which is "normally" crying at my legs)

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 2 days ago

Black oil? Do you live in a leaky garage or something?

Best if you try and wipe that off before Li'l Dex eats it (and throws it up again).

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 2 days ago

No, he was a couple carports over and apparently there was oil (he's white as you know) so he came back looking like he was running around in the ghetto for a week! Even though he was only roaming the wild for 30 mins. hehe

I cleaned him of course but he still has stained fur on his paws.

Now stop listening to those BDs! (me is listening to typical office chit chat) *yawn*

// Dor_work / 394 weeks and 2 days ago

I can't watch the BDs yet. It takes a day to convert thirty minutes of footage to HEVC (fancy new video format my TV can play) and I have about six hours to convert. I'm looking at like twelve days of processing here.

Ofcourse I could upgrade that ten year old machine, but it's fast enough for anything else.

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

You must really love these three ninjas for you to fork out money for express shipping, customs and now possibly a new machine! (obsession)

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

Which that word of course reminds me of the same tune as it reminds you: [link]

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

Upgrading the machine is more trouble than it's worth. I'd probably have to reinstall the OS and all drivers. Very much not in the mood for that.

I'm just going to be very patient the coming week until all conversions are done.

And yes, they are the best thing in years. Even with all the flaws in concept and execution it just works so well.

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

Is there no challenge left in you? Reinstalling windows and updating drivers and having a new fresh clean machine is fun! As for the best thing in years I think you are just getting senile dementia. I still say that mix does not go together at all it's just rediculous. But whatever floats your boat.

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

/me flushes your three ninjas down the toilet and puts something decent here: [link]

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 1 day ago

My, my, Sean Paul can apparently still put out decent tunes. I haven't heard anything half decent from him since Get Busy.

Wait, is JuJube suggesting I go watch a Babymetal performance next [link]. Hmm, have I seen that one before in its entirety? No, I think I have not. Must archive for posterity...

Also, there's no fun in computers. Damn things never do what they're supposed to. Try finding a list of network connections these days. Last time I had to google to figure out where it is hidden (and in the end I had to run a command to pop up that window).

// craeonics / 394 weeks and 23 hours ago

/me goes get my voodoo_crae doll and poke some chop sticks into it several times!!!

// Doreen / 394 weeks and 16 hours ago

I's gots just the song for youse: [link] (and it's eleven years old by now). Also check out the next track YouTube suggests. Repetitive as hell, but great none the less.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

My YouTube suggest is all mixed up with viewing your links that it suggest those three ninjas sometimes!

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

My eardrums will be running around in dark allies today with things like this: [link] (my trash lyrics)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

my = minus (I'm needing good beats but not in the mood for the trash lyrics that normally accompany good beats)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

Beats are good. Gaps are weird. The lyrics usually cover up the gaps, but it's still weird.

My JuJube auto play thing somehow wandered away from the magic three it should be on and ended up with things like this: [link]. Now I like the pace of this song, but I can use a bit more, je ne sais quoi... Intensity? Power? Grittyness? Bass? Also, that singer has an incredibly annoying voice. Not really my thing, but fair enough to put on in the background.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

Ack! It needs all of the above and a different singer!

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 6 days ago

Terrible singers seems to be a recurring theme. The one from Aldious is good. The main vocalist of the three ninjas is good. The rest, not so much.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 5 days ago

I don't really listen to the singers anyways and as you know I have a protective barrier that surrounds my eardrums (cuz of the trash I normally listen to) but when I listen to this stuff sometimes my ears open up (not your cup of tea of course)


// Doreen / 393 weeks and 5 days ago

I think this girl oozes worship, I really need to find more of her tunes (just never have time)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 5 days ago

Ooops! Here she is, I think she is an Aussie or something not sure...


// Doreen / 393 weeks and 5 days ago

I think you're listening to religious songs to counterbalance the nasty stuff you normally bounce to. Now if they could combine the bounciness with the lyrics, you'd have like bonus points.

// crae_work / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

Could be. (I most likely need to get my eardrums Baptized)

And you are most likely craving sushi and don't realize it hence why you are hooked on those three ninjas!

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

Somewhat doubtful. I don't eat any seafood. I will be reading the latest trio gossip in a bit ofcourse.

I did order some more stuff from Japan though (but not three ninja related). This time through a shop in Hong Kong that is said to send stuff to Germany first and then reship from there. Let's see if and how customs will handle that.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmm, let me guessss, you ordered "Learn to speak Japanese in 24 Hours?"

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

I did in fact order an "Advanced Japanese" book, but I can get those here and don't have to frequent Hong Kong sites for that. I do wonder if I'm advanced or even intermediate at this point, since I still understand nothing and can say even less.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG! You and this Japanese obsession! What to do with you!


// Doreen / 393 weeks and 4 days ago

Got to keep the grey matter active. Language learning strengthens your overall comprehension.

Only if they properly explain the concepts that is, so not like how German or Latin was taught at school (my Latin classes only lasted one year for reasons beyond me, though my mother claims it were my grades).

// crae_work / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

The problem with learning different languages is that if you are not using it on a daily basis you won't retain much of it. I still don't know my own lingo (Italian) because my grandparents passed and they were the ones that spoke it fluently, my parents only spoke slang/Italian and not much of it, so I only learned a small amount of it. These days I hear Spanish so much that I understand it but won't speak it back (because I lack the accent) I actually did learn quite a bit of Dutch but since there is no Dutch over here I forgot most of what I had learned. The German lady where I used to live that spoke Dutch (because she grew up in Holland) we hardly had much time together which she just recently called to inform me last week that she was dx'd with a terminal illness. (which broke my heart)

Anyways, bottom line is if you don't use the language enough you won't retain much of it unfortunately, since our grey matter is not the sponge it once was when we were kids.

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

That is all very true. I've forgotten all my French. However, I'm going to invoke Matthew Wilder on this: [link]

And as we say over here "niet geschoten is altijd mis" (a shot not taken always misses, which refers to football).

I'm not retaining much vocabulary. But then again, I have not really tried to memorise that. I'm mostly focussed on grammar. I'm going to have to cram those words at some time though, grrr...

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

A Dutch guy that speaks French? (that sounds interesting) anyways, I know 3 words from the 5 words in your Dutch sentence up there "niet, is and mis" it seems the words you don't focus on memorizing are the one you will probably remember. Of course because of our time difference I say good night to you so much I will never forget how to say that!

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

I think I told you but I had this learning program that I used to learn Dutch called "Ear Worms" I think that was the name, it works by infusing the language inside of music so weird because I normally don't listen to lyrics in music but with this program I actually learned Dutch (lots of words!) the problem was trying to put them into proper sentences because of the difference in our sentence structure. (hard to explain) but I learned a ton of words of which I will never use. (like butter, milk, bread etc etc)

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

You guys pronounce things strange, like butter sounds like boater. hehe

I just was surprised by some of the pronunciations.

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

The underlying phenomenon is called the Great Vowel Shift: [link]

Anyways, we get English, French and German in school. And (classical) Latin and Greek is you feel clever. I had Latin, I wanted to take Greek too the next year, but for some reason ended up with neither.

In the end there were only three students in the Greek class. One other guy sometimes joined them so that there were four and they could play cards.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh, and we get Dutch where you learn the rules behind the talk and all of a sudden you go from fluent to stammering, until you decide to ignore the rules and just go with your natural language feel.

It also does not help that there have been two spelling reforms since my graduation. So now I'd have to spell "pannekoek" (pancake) as "pannenkoek". I refuse. There's only one pan, so I'm not putting in that n. Similarly, "hondenhok" (dog house) will always be "hondehok" to me.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh boy, you and that break my stride tune! I should have Cher slap you again!!! hehe

As for your language being upgraded that is strange, I don't think I'd obey that either. I normally make my own words though as I go but it annoys alot of people that I don't speak properly (ask me if I care)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

Here is that ear worms I used. Seems they have Japanese too:


// Doreen / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

Check the trials out here: [link]

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, I checked out your link: [link] (I've no clue what that means)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

For me I have to "hear" or simply "see" to learn I don't understand nothing from reading (some kind of learning handicap I have, I suppose) but communication goes wayyyy wayyyy beyond simple words I think anyways...

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 3 days ago

/me ain't got no portable audio thingies

Last portable I had that produced audio was a walkman when I was like twelve. Bloody thing ran too fast, so that lasted about a week.

// crae_work / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

Well you are different then me (you learn from reading and the music really sucks) but for me and the "type of way I learn" it really worked pretty goed! The Dutch seems to have gotten an upgrade from when I lasted used it (new music and words) so I may have to take a closer look at it this weekend. I know I will never need Dutch but I still want to learn it.

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

The best way to learn is immersion, as in: being surrounded by native speakers. I don't like people and I don't like travel, so that's not going to happen.

Hearing it a lot is a good second option. So I should be watching Japanese TV or listen to Japanese radio. Rather hard to come by for some reason.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

If you're picking up Dutch again, there's a massive amount of stuff on YouTube, but most of what I see is terrible vloggers. YouTube really wants me to follow their channels.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

I know what you mean (I'm not a jet setter either) and you really do need to be eating, breathing, talking, sleeping around with the people that speak the language you want to learn.

My crazy brother went to Korea for a year when he was in the service several years back and came home speaking Korean and trying to get us all eating Korean food! Then he married his wife who does not speak any English (Mexican, from Mexico) and now he speaks more Spanish than English but he also is learning Italian for when he moves over there in the future.

// Dor_work / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

He still has not moved? I thought he was working on the paperwork for quite a while now.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 2 days ago

Nope, he has his passport but to go and live over there requires more extensive paperwork and it is taking him forever to get that all completed the time they respond for each item requested is ridiculous so he is going to Italy with his Father May or June 2017 because getting the paperwork done over there in Italy will be faster. I'm wondering if when he gets there if he will really want to actually live there, maybe his fascination with Italy will be short lived while he is there doing his paperwork (who knows) but it is his obsession. He said even if his wife does not want to live there he doesn't care (she's giving him a hard time, but she should already know the nut that he is)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 1 day ago

I warned you about posting pics of your three ninja related things that I was going to counter attack with sending you more cat pics! Check your mail. hehe

Sorry, but I had to share with you Dexter's first haircut, they cut off about 10 lbs of fur. I could not take swimming in cat hair day and night and walking into work covered in white fur every single day, plus it was even getting on my contact lens etc. I'm sure you would disapprove of what I did (but who cares I still wanted to share it with you!) hehe!

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 1 day ago

My poor mailbox.

I still say that vet is ripping you off. Consider this: when a pet supermarket thing hires a vet, is it to drive up sales or to provide an extra service (and drive up sales). I doubt that vet has your pet's best interest in mind.

Then again, I am coming from the other side of the world and things might be different on your end.

// craeonics / 393 weeks and 22 hours ago

I was just giving your mailbox a small workout, but yes, I think I am going to stop going to the vet for monthly checkups like they currently have him scheduled for. I will only take him when I feel there is a real need to take him. He is pretty healthy, besides the eye issues that pop up now and then but I think that is due to his hair (which I'm hoping is resolved now for both of us!)

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 18 hours ago

Actually the vet clinic inside the petstore is very convenient and it feels clean and safe, I was going to take him to a vet that was a few blocks over but it looked horrid so I decided not to. Of course, having a vet inside a major petstore chain is good for business but the place is reputable and clean and solid not shady. Still, just like personal care we can choose to run to a Doctor for everything or simply live our life to the best by good personal care and only use the Doctor when we really need to. The problem I am having is I don't really know too much about cats so I'm probably over doing it, I don't know but it is definitely going to have to stop.

// Doreen / 393 weeks and 18 hours ago

While you're spending all your hard earned dollars on doctor's bills, I'm out here scouring the orient for those last few three ninja CDs I'm missing.

And in other news, yesterday I heard "let it go, let it go" or in other words Frozen come through the walls. I really need neighbours with a better taste in music.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, then I suppose I am not the only one wasting hard earned money!

/me is currently enjoying the silence (neighbors are still all sleeping, they've not woke up yet)

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 6 days ago

/me wakes Doreen's neighbours

Wake up, slackers! It's almost noon already.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 6 days ago

I've already woke them up with my cleaning tunes:

Mmmm mmm mmm! [link]

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 6 days ago

Not too convinced by that one.

The bill for the FedEx handling thingy arrived at work. It was more than forty quid, as expected. So in total I paid about $65 for shipping, handling, customs and tax over a $125 order. Suffice to say, I've taken the slow route with the rest of the packages (downside: up to three week delivery and I'll have to pay the postman at the door... in cash).

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

How bout this one then: [link] Mmm mmm! (alright, so it does have some minor Prince vibes but the beats are prettyyyy decent)

And yup, you are most certainly crazy to be jumping through all those hoops to get those Japanese tunes now. (actually totally insane!)

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, not that one does not do anything for me either. But this is on my netbook, so if there's a mighty bass pumping beneath it all, I can't hear it.

Remember how I said I give the cats anti-flea and worm drops twice a year as a precaution. I was just cleaning the litterbox and scooped out some droppings with something best described as transparent vermicelli sticking out.

That would explain why they've been so hungry the last few days. I don't know what these have been eating on the balcony, but I guess some more worm drops are in other.

Yay, pets.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG Dutchy, me goes throw up and then faint!

I seriously am going to make sure they keep giving Dex whatever shots are needed to ward off worms. I'm serious if he poops worms he's gone! Ack!

But today he is consuming my day off from work again driving me crazy with his cuteness!

Totally disgusting... Why did you share that info with me! hehe!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

It was a dead worm. They're always dead when they come out (front or back).

I must say my previous two cats never had fleas nor worms.

These two were strays, so I'm glad they did not have fleas. That would be a much bigger problem to deal with. I really do wonder what they've been eating while I was not watching.

Now I could tell you some horror stories about some cats I had decades ago, but you've thrown up enough for today. Throwing up and then fainting. You might land on it!

// crae_evil / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh no you don't! I don't want to hear it! By now you are in la la land so I suppose I am safe thank God. I was told that the worms come from fleas not something they eat, I think that is what the vet had told me (I can't remember, because after he mentioned the word "worm" my mind went blank) I'm learning to tolerate quite a bit with this cat but wiggly worms, no way!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 5 days ago

More likely these worms come from bird poop. Like I said, god knows what these two have been up to on my balcony. Temperature is dropping fast now, so they're staying indoors.

// crae_work / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

I went to let Dex out on the patio this morning and when I opened up the sliding glass door he apparently had a homeboy sitting outside waiting for him to come out to play. (a black and white cat) I don't know how this other cat scaled my wall to the patio because it is extremely high. Now I have to worry if Dexter will try to jump the wall if this other cat gives him lessons! Oh boy, I still don't know why I got myself into this mess, but if he gets out that will be that...

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

Just keep an eye on Li'l Dex. Unless he's retarded he won't jump down. And it's good that he has a cat friend. He can't be hanging around those big apes all day.

Also cats are ninjas. They're great climbers.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

Welll, just when I thought I had all my bases covered...

1. Poop Issue = Finally found the right kitty litter.

2. Food Issue = Finally found the right food for him

3. Hair Issue = Finally fixed that with the hair cut.

4. Wall Issue = Ummm, cats don't wear leases so I'm stumped!

Bottom line is I should not have everrr gotten a cat but alittle too late now.

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

leases = leashes (oh boy) I don't want to have to keep him indoors all the time but I don't want to have to babysit him either to make sure he don't jump that wall. If that other cat can jump in then it's just a matter of time when Dex jumps out to go romp around with him. Dex won't last 5 mins outside without either getting killed or snatched up and stolen.

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

No, but what you can do is to only let him walk around outside if you can keep an eye on him. At least until you're sure he won't do anything stupid.

// crae_zzz / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

I will. When I came home he tried to make a run for the patio but nope he's not going out there until I can be out there with him. Which will be a problem for me (cuz I seriously don't feel like babysitting a cat after a long day at work) but his buddy Felix the cat is lurking around here somewhere...

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 4 days ago

I sure as Hell do NOT want a second cat but Felix is now waiting & staring at me through my glass patio door in the mornings. I think he thinks he is going to move in on me! That cat is probably conning everyone cuz he's fat so he certainly don't look like he is starving or anything. If my cat has been treated for fleas if I allow him to go and play with him will I have issues? I feel bad chasing him away but if I let him think it's okay he will move in on me I see that he is getting more persistent.

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

The flea stuff works for about a month. So Li'l Dex is safe in the near future. Don't feed the stray cat. He probably lives somewhere down the block. Also don't let him in your house. That's Li'l Dex' territory.

Speaking of cats, here's a classic Felix track: [link] (1992)

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

By the way, you can also put the door ajar (if that's the English word), so they can see and smell each other but not touch.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay. Thank you dutchy. This cat is really complicating things now and I was unsure what to do. I feel bad chasing him away cuz Dex wants to play with him but my fear is that Dexter will start to jump the wall (of course that will be the end of my cat troubles) but I know I'll be miserable without Dex around. Plus, I'm afraid he will get fleas from that cat or even worser worms or something!

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

Which reminds me that I should toss those worm drops on the cats' necks. They're curled up in their basket now, but as soon as I move they'll probably be wide awake.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

And now they're onto me. Playing hide and seek. This is going to be quite a challenge.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

hehe! But yeah, you better catch them and deal with that or you will wake up and find a wiggly worm on your pillow! Ack! Totally disgusting!!! Just the thought of it!

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

I got them both. They're now giving me angry looks and are trying to wash their necks (that's why you put the drops between the shoulder blades, they can't reach that).

// crae_zzz / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

I've had the vet do the flea treatments cuz at first I thought the flea meds were going to be by injection but then I seen they put it on his back between his shoulders (like you just mentioned) so, I suppose I could just keep up with that myself. I definitely don't need to pay them for that! I'm going to be chopping off some of these unnecessary vet visits for sure.

Anyways, goedenacht mijn dutchy, I'll check your link out later, not clicking on links at work (cuz I need my paycheck)

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, you seriously have got some strange taste in music sometimes. (well, most of the time!)

/me goes get Dex off my desk he does not want me typing to you right now. He's walking all over my desk in front of my screen. hehe!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 3 days ago

Now you know where all those cat memes and cat pics on the internet come from. It's the felines themselves doing the typing.

// crae_work / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

No kidding, they're pretty amazing the stuff they do (I actually thought cats were stupid but they're not) Felix the cat scales my wall like Spiderman, he cannot make the jump in just one leap so he hits the wall like spiderman and then does the second leap from clinging on the side. I have Dex's nails clipped or he slices my wrist when we play so I don't think he can pull that stunt.

/me goes get coffee and jump into work mode.

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

Nails clipped, hair groomed. I'm not too sure if you're a pet person. Cats can take care themselves. They don't need all that.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

Nothing is normal about my cat. He's been trying to put vowels together to form words and speak to me again. As for clipping his nails, I have to because he attacks my legs when I walk past him and he like to play a lot but when I play with him I look like I got into a fight with Edward Scissorhands!

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

It's a kitten. They like to play.

If you thinks a playful scratch hurts, wait until they're serious. At any given point in time my hands and arms will have cat scratches. It comes with the territory.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm talking about when he draws blood. When I get them clipped then I just have a bunch of scratches but at least I'm not bleeding. His nails when they are not clipped are literally like switch blades. He'd need them unclipped if he were an outside cat but since he's an indoor cat I need to keep him in check with those claws of his. But I would NEVER be so cruel as to actually get him declawed like I've heard some people do. That is just sick.

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

You almost had me worried there for a sec.

That's one high maintenance kitty though.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

No dutchy, I'm not as crazy as I may sound over here. My cat is very high maintenance, he's just not a normal cat, had I known what I was getting myself into I probably would have never gotten him but I seriously did not know. I've had him a year now and I cannot imagine getting rid of him though, the thought does occasionally cross my mind! (but I love him)

// Dor_work / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

That's all because of toxoplasmosis.

New music time, I'm currently listening a lot to Raglaia: [link]. I'm not too fond of the voice of the singer, but that band... My god, it's so heavy.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 2 days ago

Hopefully this music is just a phase you are going through. Yuk!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 1 day ago

Now this is decent tunes: [link]

Mmm mmmm mmmmm! Yowza! me goes jump into my day...

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 1 day ago

"Pitbull" and "decent" in the same sentence? You must have bumped your head. If they'd make a list of most talentless performers, Pitbull would hover near the top, along with Akon and Flo-Rida fellow.

Speaking of Flo-Rida, here he is in a rap battle at a wrestling show earlier this year: [link]. Note how the wrestler, while (intentionally) being a rather bad rapper, still is miles ahead of Mr Rida.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 22 hours ago

Hmm, that actually almost made me want to watch some of that "totally fake" wrestling!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 18 hours ago

This is real fighting not that fake stuffezzz: [link] cept Ronda's head got too big and someone had to humble her out a lil bit...

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 18 hours ago

As for Flo not sure what you're talkin bout Willis? [link] Mmmm!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 18 hours ago

Uh huh. And take a guess who's responsible for the beats on that track. Hint: it's not Mr Rida.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 17 hours ago

And wait, wait, wait... Did you just call UFC "real fighting"? My cousin is a fan of that and had me sit through a PPV. 95% of a fight is circling and baiting and like 5% is actual action. And then the only thing they do is clench and stomp each other's head. Most matches are won on points which are handed out completely arbitrary.

So it's basically as exciting as tennis. Except they hit each other's head and not the ball.

If they want to make it "real" they should drop the point system and let them fight until one gives up or is knocked out. And not banning moves helps too.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 17 hours ago

Seriously? Andddd if you stripped away all that heavy metal and was left with just those three lil ninjas you would still like them? Hmmm, I don't think so.

And your cousin just picked one bad fight apparently, they go at it without "rehearsals" nor fake body and floor slams on that "bouncy mat" thingie

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 17 hours ago


But I've got to deal with my second exploding phone today, cannot believe this, I finally find the phone of my dreams and the stupid phone is apparently catching fire? My freakin luck!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 17 hours ago

OMG! Now, "I've" got a tummy ack! Those are brutal vids, sorry bout that but yeah, they are not fake, when I watch that I normally have to close atleast one eye! (but I like REAL fights not fake ones)

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 17 hours ago

Those PPVs go on for hours. So I saw at least three hours of it. Watching people slug at each other is barbaric. I have no love for boxing either.

Pro-wrestling, on the other hand, is a stunt show aimed at entertaining the crowd. People who yell "fake" seem to have a hard time understanding that. I always wonder if they go to the theatre or movies and yell "fake", because it's the exact same thing.

Which reminds me that I went to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the theatre ages ago, and a couple behind me walked out because they considered all the floating across rooftops fake. They must have never seen a wuxia flick before.

I'd like the three ninjas whatever they do. I've seen the other stuff they've done. It's so sweet it cause the coating on my teeth to crack.

Mr. Splitting Headache came visiting today, so I can't do much. But watching three ninjas concerts seems to quell the pressure a bit. Probably because I can't feel my head thumping above the loud drum and bass. Either the audio balance on these blurays is very weird or my system has decided to add extra bass to everything.

I suspect the neighbours hate me right now.

// craeonics / 392 weeks and 11 hours ago

I don't see how anyone can watch fake fighting? I think it's just that the acting is so overlyyyy done. Maybe they just need better acting or something. hehe

As for your headache, ummmm, the reason you have a headache mijn dutchy is "because" of those three ninjas that you keep listening to!!!

// Doreen / 392 weeks and 8 hours ago

So what you're basically saying is that you can't watch action scenes in movies and series. The overacting is intentionally so the people in the back of the room can see it as well.

Mr Headache has left the building. I am in full effect again. Oh, wait I'm getting visitors today. This weekend has gone to the dogs.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

No what I'm saying is when I watch a movie I "expect" acting (good or bad) but when I watch a fight I expect fighting. Though I don't really like to see anyone get really hurt my mind is expecting to see a fight not acting. At any rate glad you are feeling better dutchy, have fun! I'm already upset that my weekend is almost over. I've no clue where my three days off go it seems like it's not even three days!!!

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

A three day work week would be nice, but I'm not so sure if my boss would like that. And I'm not so sure if I'd like the 25% pay cut.

Meanwhile, I think I've cracked my molar. And I just had the six monthly dentist checkup. Too many sweet videos probably.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

I cracked mine (upper top right) last week and when I went to the Dentist they told me I used up my Dental insurance on cleanings and a tooth I had fixed already during the year so she quoted me $1000.00 to fix one tooth and I said nope, I will wait the 11-12 weeks until my Insurance kicks in on January. One stupid tooth! First time I ever have to pay but when I got this last promotion they changed all my Insurance and benefits I'm not happy about it. I think my benefits were better with my lower item! At any rate I ain't paying it, I will chew on my left side and just stick to my protein drinks and grilled fish and stay away from stupid popcorn kernels! I love corn nuts too but they do a number on your teeth.

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

Careful, you'll end up like some old hag with three teeth in her mouth.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah, I normally do good maintenance on myself (though I am still an old hag) hehe

But this stupid tooth is located on the top right far in the back (wisdom tooth?) most ppl just get them pulled out so I am NOT paying $1000.00 bucks to fix a crack? (I'd rather go shopping) hehe!

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 6 days ago

My dentist has an aversion to wisdom teeth, so I don't have any anymore. I still think it's nonsense to remove perfectly healthy teeth, but I probably would have crooked teeth if I hadn't (not enough space in the jaw for all teeth).

Anyways, look what I found of my desk at work today: [link] (I bet you already know what it's going to be). Photo is blurry, not so much because I now finally have that second album, but more so because my hands tremble always like an old man.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 5 days ago

My old Dentist was tried to talk me into that as well and I had one wisdom tooth pulled that had absolutely nothing wrong with it and I stopped right there and never had another one pulled. That hurt! This one that cracked will get pulled because I'm not going to spend 1000.00 to fix a tooth that I don't need but still just to pull it will cost so I have to wait until next my insurance kicks in (but I am not looking forward to that)

And you are lucky I'm at work or I'd retaliate for that pic with more cat pictures!

/me goes peek at your new toy...

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, those coffins suit them three ninja witches...

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 5 days ago

Very spooky photography on that album. Lots of coffins and veils.

// crae_work / 391 weeks and 4 days ago

Yup, kinda like ninja turtles dressed up as Dracula for Halloween.

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 4 days ago

Heroes in a half shell.

And then my colleagues starting playing Michael Buble tunes all afternoon. That is such incredibly boring music, it's torture. Music for people who don't actually like music.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 4 days ago

Maybe they are trying to simply pay you back for the music you torture them with when it's your turn to play music? hehe

/me goes see who this Michael Bubble Buble is...

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh yeah, I know who he is well, I've heard one of his songs...

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 4 days ago

And that's one song too many already, I bet.

// crae_work / 391 weeks and 3 days ago

The best I can describe it would be happy, jazzy?

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 3 days ago

I'd go with "utterly bland, soulless and spineless".

Something which the complete opposite of that is a certain three ninjas single that came from the orient today. I now have all their stuff (excluding exclusive stuff only crazy people would buy for crazy prices).

Oh no, such a tragedy. What am I to do now?

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmmm, what to do? You've already cracked your tooth because they are so sweet, you've already broke your bank account with customs fees so, what to do? Lemmeee guesssss what is next?

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 3 days ago

Plus you are crae_zzz I mean crazy...

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 3 days ago

Now I could always work on Tek some more.

But I think I'll have to focus on acquiring more Japanese vocabulary. I think I've got the important bits of grammar covered, but since I don't know the words...

// crae_work / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

But the very first thing I'll be doing... Getting a new contact lens. I just cracked my right one while cleaning it. Stupid thing flipped in the cup I use to wash it in, sucked itself against the bottom of the cup and cracked when I tried to get it loose.


// craeonics / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

See now because you are looking at them you're cracking your contact lens!? Give them up already, those three ninjas are bad for you! They're breaking your bank account, teeth and now your contact lens unbelievable...

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

I definitely don't want to see Tek revamped in Japanese someday either.

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

If I redo that voodoo doll, I'm going to add little ninjas.

// crae_evil / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

/me goes find three more pins to add to the big one that I already have for you!

// Dor_work / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

Ohhh dutchyyyy, guess who officially passed her probation today! I'm so excited! Course you are sleeping as usual...

/me goes celebrate!

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 2 days ago

Probation? Did the police come and pick you up? Or is this job related?

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 1 day ago

Job related silly! I just passed my probationary period for the Senior Secretary III item. The highest step and next step I would like to obtain is the Management Secretary III only if I actually get brave enough to apply for that one but, it won't be for at least one or two years because I need to gain more experience on my current item. Monday one of the Management Sec III Secretaries will be taking off and they are sending me over to fill in for the day for her Boss. (I've been Blessed with three promotions so far, I cannot believe it!) Trust me if you truly understood the process in LAC to promote you'd know what I'm talkin bout willis. Everyone is shocked that I know. hehe

(Been truly Blessed) anyways, I signed my Probationary Period Performance Evaluation yesterday. Which means my item is officially a done deal.

/me goes hit the gym and decompress today...

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 1 day ago

Hurray, hurray. Moving up in the world again. Soon you will be able to buy that dream house. But when you think of it in another way, what does "senior" actually mean. They're labelling you as an old person! A level 3 old person even.

// craeonics / 391 weeks and 23 hours ago

Either I'm getting so old or have been so busy I failed to notice another birthday is approaching next month again! Everyone keeps asking me how come you don't have any grey hair (but I do, I suppose just not enough that anyone can see it) I think it's just cuz I don't care enough to worry or figure things out in life like everyone else does. I think there is not enough time in life to have to know the reasons for everything in life! hehe

// Doreen / 391 weeks and 16 hours ago

Or it's that magic dye job. Just don't go with purple like the old ladies tend to do. I wonder if this whole perm thing will go out of fashion when these oldies finally hit the dust.

The thing with old people is not so much that they dress like old people, but more so that they dress like people dressed when they were a certain age (say somewhere in the twenty to thirty range) and got stuck there.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 6 days ago

Purple? I've not seen any lil old ladies on this side walking around with purple hair? That must be a Dutch thing. hehe

My Mom is up there in age and she dyes her hair either dark brown or black and I'm getting up there and I only highlight my hair during the Summer months. At any rate everyone ages differently dutchy, for me I think I'm simply aging half as fast as my family and friends due to my boring life style and handicap of being overly sensitive to smells and junk foods etc. I'm not a party animal, I get dizzy and sick if I smell eat certain things such as sweet junk (things like that) could simply be paying off for me now though it's been a curse for most of my life who knows...

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 6 days ago

It's because you're a vampire.

I live in a fossil neighbourhood, so I see plenty of dinosaurs every day. The upside is that nothing of interest ever happens here, the downside is slowpokes at the supermarket.

Spend an hour today memorising just eight Japanese characters. I already knew all eight, but I've got to build some discipline.

I was hoping it would go faster, but there's just so much to write down: the character itself, multiple possible pronounciations per character (this is a crazy language), sample words. So it's going very slow.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 5 days ago

If I were a vampire I'd be a veryyy special vampire since I'm Italian and immune to garlic (and crosses too!)

You seriously need to go to Japan already and get this obsession out of your system!

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 5 days ago

A rather diluted Italian that speaks no Italian and has never been to the "motherland". Oh, no you're a vampire alright.

// crae_work / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

Obviously we have two veryyy different perceptions of what a vampire is. hehe

I think the Italians over there are all cut out of the same identical cookie cutter (of which I would never fit into that mold) I'm pretty sure my brother will be in for a rude awakening when he goes to move over there. Though we are indeed pure Italians we would never be accepted as one over there (from what I've heard anyways)

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

When he has moved (and got settled), you should go hop over and pay him a visit.

Meanwhile, I need more than twenty four hours per day if I want to add an hour of daily kanji study on top of my already busy schedule (like typing here on Tek). Only doing it on the weekend won't cut it.

Mind you this is not my obsession.

My obsession (cue Aventura) is with a certain trio. That this language happens to be their language is pure coincidence.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

Coincidence? Yeah right (you've got yellow fever)

I will let my brother be a guinea pig first if the other Italians over there don't tie him up on a cross and burn him or stone him to death then I might go check it out for a week or two...

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

It's past nine. I've laundry to do, litterboxes to clean, cats to feed, myself to feed, wrestling to watch (alright, I only need half an eye for that), dishes to wash (read: run dishwasher) and somewhere find some time to do kanji. Woe is me.

The good thing is Mr YouTube providing me with a ninja soundtrack.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, your life looks about as exciting as mine does (minus the wrestling to watch) did I just type that out loud? hehe

And why are you listening to ninja soundtracks via Mr. YouTube when you own the entire ninja music market by now!?

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 4 days ago

We live interesting lives. Completely uneventful, as it should be.

I tend to switch between various artists and I don't have everything yet, so sometimes Mr YouTube is easier. Plus, it tends to wander off on its own and takes you to interesting (or terrible) places.

// crae_work / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

Exactly, besides you are more than enough company for me to handle!

As for Mr. YouTube, because I check out your links so much I end up getting directed to your ninjas & screaming demons in forest every once in a while...

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

Just as Jeebus intended it.

I should post some more links to mess up your YouTube recommendations, but none of it would be your cup of tea and I'm not a nasty person.

The problem with the three ninjas is that they have not released anything new since... April or so, so there's not much new to annoy with either.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

Or the Dabul (I'm not sure!)

I would post more Reli-rock tunes to annoy you too but they only release worship tunes like once a year or so and they aren't always any good. Plus, most even have that nasty country flavor after taste going on in them (which annoys me)

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

I hear the devil went down to Georgia [link], so that's why there's so much religious country music.

Or there's just not much to do out there besides alcohol and going to church.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

That, I seriously cannot handle, ack!

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

Here's a better example of what I'm talking about: [link] It's a great worship tune but leaves a nasty nasty country after taste in your eardrums. hehe

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 3 days ago

So you mean you feel inclined to go out and buy boots and a cowboy hat.

// crae_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Nope, more like I get inclined to throw on some Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz to flush that flavor out. (I only like the worship part) with worship tunes your ears literally need to dissect the good parts from the bad.

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, or actually maybe it's more like when I listen to certain music I listen to the beats and ignore the lyrics and then with some there are times I listen to the lyrics but have to ignore the sounds because they are so horrible. (I don't know) hehe

Anyways, heb a goed dag! (or nacht in your case)

Did I type/say that right dutchy? I forgot most everything I was learning.

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

The words are Dutch, word order is English (and the conjugation is off). But close enough.

Now what you should do is take those bouncy beats and mix in the worship lyrics. I'm sure the must a Li'l Jon clone that does this.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Obviously that will be the best I will every speak Dutch (speaking Dutch words all scrambled up incorrectly) and if I ever did take my bouncy beats and mixed them up with worship lyrics I already know the album art would be a Devil with wings and a Halo. hehe

/me goes look up that conjugation word.

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

"Con" means fraud, "jugs" are things to hold liquor (among other things) and "-ation" refers to reggaeton, so obviously it's about someone selling illegal moonshine at parties. Which can be lethal if it's methanol instead of ethanol (or was it the other around, I don't do distillery).

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, I must have looked up the wrong conjugation word? hehe

All I know at this moment is that the weekend is upon us and we/Cali finally have a rain storm heading our way arriving tonight, which means cuddly, cozy, comfy, sleepy night!

(yesss, me gets that excited over rain)

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Hey, it's raining! It's not suppose to rain until I get home first!

// Dor_work / 390 weeks and 2 days ago

Send some of that rain over here, otherwise I'll have to go water the plants on my balcony myself. Autumn is here, so there should be plenty of rain (if any weather gods are listening: no rain on my commute), but it's been mostly wind.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 1 day ago

/me comes to hand you the cup of rain we got...

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 1 day ago

Still dry here. There was a possibility of squishiness when I went out to get groceries, but the clouds must have changed their minds.

I'm doing some CD ripping and converting, so I'm behind the big machine again and so I can do this again:


* craeonics is listening to: Raglaia - Outer Dark [Creation, 01]

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 1 day ago

/me is listening to wind chimes, looks out the window and sees dark clouds but still nothing happening yet...

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 1 day ago

After 9:00pm over here and nothing! So much for my stormy weekend...

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy. (wait, actually I think you are approaching morning already)

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 1 day ago

Yeah, and got phoned twice already.

People should leave me in peace and quiet. Maybe I should go live on some deserted island in a cave or something.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 23 hours ago

That's what voice mail is for: Hey, this is my weekend, I'm off work, go away! But, if it's an emergency leave me a message and it betterrrr be good! *Beep*

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 17 hours ago

Work? They'd better not phone me. No, it was my mother ("oh, you're awake") and the lens shop (contact came in). So they were useful calls, but still.

// craeonics / 390 weeks and 13 hours ago

That sounds like my mom but it's like "Oh, so you're there" and I'm like, "Yes, you are speaking to me and not my voice mail?" but she knows I "always" answer for "her" (so it's strange she always says that)

As for you, now that you got your contact lens fixed you better stop looking at those ninjas or it will crack again! I was checking out that Raglaia and you are doomed!

// Doreen / 390 weeks and 6 hours ago

The problem with that album is that all the good stuff is up front and then it sort of fizzles out with a bunch of mind numbing songs.

So basically they know how to do good songs, but they fill up their album with crud. Same with Aldious.

When my mother calls it's always at least fifteen minutes of talk about nothing. The underlying motive is ofcourse the parent just wanting to hear their kid's voice.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

That's so true, I know I should call my Mom more but I'm getting the life sucked out of me from work so there is not much left for anything or anybody else...

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

And of course the news had everyone bracing for a mean rain storm and all we had a slight mist, what a disappointment (but at least we had some overcast)

/me goes hit the gym...

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

Maybe you can open all hot showers and create a mist and the gym. And get kicked out after that, no doubt.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't know how I managed to mangle that sentence. There's a disconnect somewhere between what I intend to type and what actually comes out.

Which makes one wonder, do we consciously formulate the words we type or does it just flow out of the fingers.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

The sky just opened up and it is pouring! (and thunder too) Hooray! At least I get one really good day out of my weekend.

As for your twisted words, I always know what you mean silly as I'm sure you do me too.

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

This morning I poured water over the rocks to make steam because the steam sauna is always broken and I normally go into the dry sauna anyways but yes, everyone wanted to kill me because then it gets so hot ppl can get over heated. (for me the hotter the betterrr, it melts your tension and muscles)

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

The weird thing with saunas having a higher air temperature than the boiling point of water. And people sit in there. Voluntarily.

If I'm not mistaken, the proper way to use a sauna, as is practiced in the Land of a Thousand Lakes during Winter, is to steam in the cabin for a bit and then jump in a hole in the ice covering the lake. Followed by precious alcohol consumption, I reckon.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

The weird thing is that I actually "hate" heat. Most ppl use the sauna to detox from alcohol and drugs. (they sweat it out of their pores and system) and others use the sauna to make their skin glow (because the heat causes extreme circulation) Almost "everyone" can only tolerate the sauna at the gym I go to for no more than 10 mins. (I do a minimum of 45 mins to an hour) but for me I "only" go to unwind and mentally "zone" when I finish I feel renewed or something though, I am most likely cooking my brain (at any rate I crave it)

However, when I am not in the sauna specifically running to the heat outside of the sauna I totally "despise heat" (I can't figure that out)

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 6 days ago

Perhaps it's the humidity?

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 5 days ago

There is no humidity in the dry sauna only the steam one. When I attempt to toss water on the rocks I get screamed at by everyone. hehe

Anyways, it's just a bad habit I should actually lay off of or cut back on but, only when I find something else to replace it with. (maybe yoga)

// Dor_work / 389 weeks and 5 days ago

Toss water on those rockss. Annoy the hell out of everyone, and then you'll have the entire room to yourself.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 4 days ago

That's what I normally try to do and boy, what I wouldn't give to be there "right now" *sigh*

// Dor_work / 389 weeks and 4 days ago

Get a laptop and handle business from the sauna.

The thing would probably short circuit or overheat.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

That would be nice but remember me being all happy about my new wireless ear buds that I was able to store my tunes on? Well, they didn't last long before they stopped working. (now I've got to go get another pair this weekend)

// Dor_work / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

Gazing in my crystal ball, I predict those won't last very long either.

Music time. In the category "next album I'm buying" as well as the category "all-girl groups from Japan" and consequently "stuff Doreen hates": Bridear - Light in the Dark [link]

I'm actually not too keen on the singing (too dramatic), but look at them go. How can they play like that?

Also: how to spot the bass player. Hint: it's always the one holding the instrument at knee level or lower.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

I have them covered with a warranty so who cares (I make them regret selling warranties)

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

Ack! Totally disgusting!

/me smacks the living Hell out of you!

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

What in the world is wrong with you? Look what happened to Ken you better stop looking at that!

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 3 days ago

/me checks off "get Doreen upset" on today's checklist

// crae_work / 389 weeks and 2 days ago

/me rolls eyes and grinds teeth hard!

// Dor_work / 389 weeks and 2 days ago

Don't grind your teeth. That will only rake up your dentist bill.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 1 day ago

True that, me goes beat up my voodoo_crae doll! Just don't come crying to me if you crack more contact lens and teeth on those "guys" wearing wigs and dresses (they seem to hide their faces alot in that music vid, marketing strategy) hehe

Dutchy it's that time again when they mess with the clock can you believe it!

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 1 day ago

They're girly girls alright: [link] (especially the fourth one), although that interview may not be completely convincing if one would be harbouring doubts.

This is all a cunning ploy by your dentist who's been sending me these videos.

We already set the clock back to the real, old time last week. Upside: I finally don't have to get up before sunrise anymore. Downside: it's now pitch black when I get out of work and the cats want food an hour earlier.

// craeonics / 389 weeks and 22 hours ago

Can you say "Milli Vanilli" from that other vid they "appear" to be playing but could just be a marketing strategy once again (since they know boys are fascinated by yellow tail)

Anyways, we change our clocks this weekend on this side but the clock cannot fool my sleep patterns! Hate it, all it does is confooze my biological clock!

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 16 hours ago

Funny, I was listening to this yesterday (but a blazinggg bass version) [link]

It had a rip from an ancient old tune [link] (the rip is at 2:14) but I cannot find the version of the one that was swimming in bass anywhere.

// Doreen / 389 weeks and 16 hours ago

/me has to go look up the word "yellow tail"

But I will say that that funky worm is probably the grandfather of every West Coast hiphop track ever. You only need to add some bouncing cars.

The bass probably only exists in your head. Memory pulls tricks like that.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope, that tune was definitely infused with added bass my ear drums "know" the different levels of bass. (that tune was messing with my whole head it had so much bass)

I get satellite in my car and it was vibrating my windows but it was a custom mix so I couldn't find it...

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 6 days ago

Or your woofers are amped up, as car speakers tend to be.

I was in the car with the parents and I had them readjust the audio, because for some reason the bass volume was way higher than the rest of the audio. Completely warped the sound. They're firmly in the "tech is scary" category (for some reason), so it's not like they configured it that way themselves.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 5 days ago

My woofers cause my car to appear like it's a "blur" from all the vibration going on when there is a good tune with a lot of heavy bass. I know you won't believe me but there are documented cases of deaths from ppl that when they are around heavy bass it can cause a severe arrhythmia and sudden death. (It's true too!) anyone with a heart condition needs to stay away from my car for sure.

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 5 days ago

Doreen's Death Machine cruising through L.A.

That must be one of the sillier ways to die (the other is a tree falling onto you in a storm, how is that even possible).

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 4 days ago

In other news, ordered some more "yellow tail" music. Shop says it takes two to three days before it's shipped. I order, fifteen minutes later status changes to "shipped". Auto-reply system or someone's really fast.

Now it's back to ye olde waiting game.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 4 days ago

You are definitely going to have a crazy music collection when you are done. (I already know pretty much what craziness you have over the years of course)

It's a ghost town today at work. Voting frenzy going on over here on this side and I'm having to dodge bullets because I don't vote. The slogan is "Your choice! Your vote!" (my choice is not to vote, but everyone around me does not get that part)

// Dor_work / 388 weeks and 4 days ago

Crazy thing is, there were four candidates, but people only pay attention to the big two. Nothing will ever change that way.

Back to music, I now use my TV as my main music player (with the music on an SD card), because a) it has no fans; b) it's hooked up to my stereo via optic cable, so no interference; and c) I can control it by remote. Hardware is good, but the software is atrocious. Horrible GUI and very limited functionality. Play, repeat song and repeat folder. That's all. And repeat folder means repeat the deepest folder, it won't branch out on its own.

The YouTube app is much better, but the sound quality of YouTube is less than my own rips, plus the volume is all over the place, there's commercials and, horror, horror, it keeps directing me to these evil yellow tails.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't know they bash each other like little children, pointing fingers and slandering each other and then when the election is over they shake hands and pretend like it never happened? And I'm suppose to feel safe in their hands? I never will get this stuff and I've never voted because of it. But the pressure everyone puts on me to vote is unbelievable you have no idea! I won't unless I someday feel something different about someone who is running.

Anyways, stop looking at all that yellow tail and get your Dutch tail back to work!

// Dor_work / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

I think I'm waiting for an election where there is a candidate that speaks of what he/she stands for without all the mud slinging that they do in an attempt to look better than the other candidate? Someone secure enough with themselves to stand firm and not to be swayed to participate in the craziness of everyone standing around them. (I never see that though)

// Dor_work / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

I would prefer it if people would try to gain support on their own merits instead of having to put down others. Pointing at others is weak reasoning. Things are different here, but the big party candidates here are no saints either. Hence me voting for small parties..

And I have this rainy week off (crap, it's almost over already), so I can watch tails in every colour all day long.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

Currently watching a Wagakki Band live show [link]. Big open roof stadium, pouring rain, terrible audio, but the audience is staying put.

Technically this is a bit too soft for my taste, but I really like some of their songs (and dislike a lot of their others).

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

Not fair! You have the week off "and" rain! Argh!!! Stop looking at tail, be more productive and make me my voodoo doll instead!

// Dor_work / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

Came to check out your link and that has got to be the strangest concert thing I've ever seen.

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 3 days ago

I think it's because of the messed up audio. You don't hear two thirds of the band and while the stadium is filled, you can't hear the audience at all. So it's hard to tell if the crowd was into it or just sleeping.

And then at the end they basically ran off stage. I'm not sure if this performance was a big success or not.

Also, at the start of the performance (part of a festival organised by their record label), the sun is still up and at the end, twenty minutes later, it's already dark.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

That was as if the band was playing and the audience was on complete MUTE or something. hehe

// Dor_work / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

Festival recordings work best if you can actually hear the crowd. Otherwise you might as well play the album.

Same band, different live show, better audio: [link]. Playing at the Budokan (sumo) hall is apparently a big thing over there: [link].

I'm still on the fence whether or not I should get their albums (I'd have to import them again). I really like this particular song for instance, but the rest is way less impactfull.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay that first link was actually tolerable I almost liked it (and there was no disconnect from their audience either)

/me goes to check out your second link...

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, wow even Santana played there?

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

Yowza! Okay, so my only fav tune of theirs but oh well...

Mmmm mmm mmmm! [link]

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 2 days ago

Everytime I hear Santana I expect Starsky and Hutch to show up. Or Kojak. Completely different music, but it has that era's vibe.

That Akatsuki no Ito-song gives me what we call "kippenvel" (chicken skin) for some reason. The English expression would be that it makes your hairs at the back of your neck stand up.

Rather strange song, there's a big build, suddenly the chorus, then it's over.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

Or perhaps I'm turning into an old softie from all those tails.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

My subconscious just informed me that the correct English for "kippenvel" would be "goosebumps".

/me goes listen to that song one more time [link] before yet another family birthday party is upon me (fortunately, this time we'll be going out to dinner; unfortunately, it's a bloody all you can eat "restaurant" and I'm supposed to pay for myself, what the hell...)

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

I get vibes to go watch an old TV show called Kung Fu that I used to watch many moons ago. But as much as I hate to admit it that is kinda cool.

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

It was a very different show that gave off very mellow vibes: [link]

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

Here's a better example of the show. (I was obsessed with it) almost got hypnotized when I'd watch it...


// Doreen / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

Stop it! Don't laugh but at 0:40 you will see what I mean. The sounds and theme were something I'd never been exposed to before on this side of town (or life)

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

Argh!!! Now I can't stop watching all the clips (It's been so long I cannot even remember those clips!) I need to watch them later, too much running around to do today and that is mellowing me out and hypnotizing me yet againnn!

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 1 day ago

If you've ever seen the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, it is alluded that Lee approach hollywood execs with the idea of doing a show around a Chinaman travelling through the Wild West, with him as the lead. The execs liked the idea, but were afraid of yellow tails, so they cast, as it is said in the movie, "a dancer" instead of Lee.

Imagine Bruce Lee doing that show. It would have been quite a different story, because I can't see him playing a meek character.

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 19 hours ago

Really? That is interesting. But for sures if anyone else had been cast in that role it would have never worked. He made the show being so different from the way everyone else is.

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 15 hours ago

Storywise it was just a western about a lone drifter. Difference being that not much happened (no wait, that's most westerns) and that this particular teacher was schooled by a blind monk in China (cue grasshopper flashbacks).

// craeonics / 388 weeks and 14 hours ago

Who even remembers, I was a little girl and the guy was twice my age and I was even too young to know what a crush was but I was "totally & madly" crushing on him. (everyone thought something was wrong with me and they are right cuz I still get turned on by solitude) hehe

// Doreen / 388 weeks and 13 hours ago

I only actually saw it because they reran it a couple of years ago. Back when I still zapped around on TV. I'm too time constrained these days to keep up with TV programs (learning a language where you have to memorise a few thousand characters to be able to read things keeps one preoccupied).

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

Not much time for TV on this end either these days. I have a DVR and try to record one or two programs so that on the weekend I can catch up but then here comes the weekend and I'm trying to catch up on cleaning, shopping and all the things I can't do during my work week (viscous cycle of life)

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

I did some math the other day. Not sure if it was here or elsewhere, but basically assuming I retire at some point in time and live for a few decades after that, those few decades only give me a few hours per day to catch up on all the stuff I have saved up as "later".

Or more simply put: if you postpone it for later, it's not going to happen.

So best do things while you can and decide now on what you want now, because saving it for later just does not happen.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

Ah, I found where I did that math. What prompted me to think this through was my uncle retiring at 65 and dying at 75.

Now, assuming you work eight hours a day for forty years and live ten years past that, the extra time you can make up for everything you postponed is: 8 hours * (10 years / 40 years).

Meaning you can roughly only set aside two hours of stuff each work day.

I actually can't reproduce the stroke of madness I had when I figured that out at the moment. Sometimes things just click in my mind and clarity ensues. Right now, not so much.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

According to the County of Los Angeles I need to work another 15-20 years to get 80% of my Salary at retirement. I don't want to work another 20 years.

I'm going to visit Gino over in Oregon (leaving next week for my B-day) to finally see him and meet his professors at the university he goes to and check out Eugene Oregon. No taxes, I would be able to afford to buy my dream condo or home by a river nestled in trees, it rains everyday and it's all green lush forest which sounds good to me. It's affordable and realistic.

Over here in Los Angeles it's too expensive to live and I don't want to work for more than 5 years more but realistically I may have to work 10 and then move out of LA.

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

BTW do you even realize how much time you just wasted of your life just doing that ridiculous calculation? hehe

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket today and if I win I will not even go to work tomorrow!!!

// Dor_dreamer / 387 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm not too sure if that lottery thing is a good idea, but it's good to have realistic dreams. I think you're living in one of the more expensive states. If another state is cheaper, go for it. We work to live, we do not live to work.

The calculation was mostly my subconscious doing thing subconsciously. The joys of not thinking.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 5 days ago

Nope, the lottery thing is niet a goed idea obviously. Anyways, realistically I'm looking at 10 more years and then moving to Eugene Oregon because of the cost of living and climate over there however, if, once I get there next week and I don't like it I will have to figure out plan B The trip is alittle over an hour plane ride or 16-18 car ride. I've not seen Gino since he left (which is now almost a year) he wants me to see the university and meet his professors etc. kinda excited though I hate travel I miss him so I'm going, plus, I need to figure out a way NOT to have to work for the next 15-20 years cuz that is just NOT going to happen if I can help it!

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 5 days ago

Wait, he hasn't come over to visit the entire year? Kid needs a spanking.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 5 days ago

He could not come to visit because he is taking up a double major in Physics & Math simultaneously and then in between College he had two professors (at the College) that actually hired him for work and research projects etc. and I could not go see him because I was passing two probationary periods with promotions etc. We've been busy bees but I will finally get to see him soon! Can't wait.

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, dutchy he came for a visit last Christmas this is already almost his second year over in Oregon. (but it's been almost a year since I've last seen him) time is flying by so fast I cannot even keep up with it.

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 5 days ago

I'd say he takes after his mother.

// crae_work / 387 weeks and 4 days ago

Gino is opposite then me being more of an extrovert (and me being a introvert) Which means he will enjoy life better since he swims with the flow of life and I swim against it. I'm happy for him it will go easier for him and he will get far in life!

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 4 days ago

And he's going to take your ghostly complexion around town when you visit, so you'll catch some vitamin D.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 4 days ago

He keeps telling me "Mom, you will love it over here it rains 24/7 and it's one big lush forest!" So, nope, no sun, which means no vitamin D.

He said the property is dirt cheap & beautiful. There is one he was looking at that is nestled by a river so I'm hoping if when I get there I like it because then I can retire in 5 years even if I only walk away with 1/2 of my current salary rather then going the full distance and never enjoying my life since the cost of living is half of what it cost here? (hopeful thinking)

But yes, I can already see the look on his professors faces when I meet them. "What the? How did Gino come from that uneducated Mother?" hehe

Leaving this Saturday...

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 4 days ago

Start packing. Bring an umbrella and boots.

Meanwhile, my Milli Vanilli CDs have arrived. Rather fast. They shipped last week, fifteen minutes after I ordered them. And I managed to slip past customs again.

// crae_work / 387 weeks and 3 days ago

Packing Friday. And you need to stop listening & looking at that yellow tail! The reason you got those CDs so fast is because they probably have a warehouse filled to the roof with those CDs and nobody but you is buying them! If it were in demand you'd be waiting for weeks if not months to get your hands on them.

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 3 days ago

Indie band, so probably only a closet full. One of the albums was actually rather hard to find.

Alas, no time to rip now, due to language learning taking up all my time.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 3 days ago

With all the resources online you most likely won't really need to purchase any tools to learn it. Once again, you probably will need to take that trip to yellow tail land to actually learn it right.

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 3 days ago

So you're saying I should cancel the grammar books I ordered from the far east? Hmm...

There are a lot of resources online, but most of 'em require you to sign up for things or wade through long diatribes first. I prefer my stuff more to the point and concise. And I can brush up on my recognition by listening to three ninja interviews (unfortunately, I don't understand a word they're saying).

// crae_work / 387 weeks and 2 days ago

True, and once you sign up for one thing it seems they will automatically sign you up for 100 other things without your permission! But, no, even though I'm not happy about you chasing yellow tails if you want to learn that lingo you know I'm for it silly. YouTube can teach just about everything these days so that is a good tool to probably use. Of course, "time" is the biggest enemy in trying to learn something.

// Dor_work / 387 weeks and 2 days ago

Speaking of YouTube, many months ago, while investigating a certain trio, I came across this: [link]. It's a Japanese gentleman who took it upon himself to explain their lyrics in English, pointing out the puns (like the name of the band), the school girl lingo used, and other idiom.

He did this with such enthousiasm, going through the entire first album and several songs of the second album, that it was one of the reasons for me to think "hell, why not give it another shot".

So, I am not studying this language because of a certain trio, but there certainly is an indirect link (no link with tails, regardless of colour).

Now stop rolling your eyes. You can't pack your bags like that.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 2 days ago

You showed me that already (somewhere in this thread) and I thought he was kinda interesting (or interestingly weird) that I even had to keep watching him. hehe

I'm not rolling my eyes, I'm too tired for that. I had so much work this week to wrap up before my vacation that now I honestly would prefer to just kick back at home and rest a week instead of go but I have to go now because I promised. Ridiculous this job is royally kicking my behind.

/me goes crawl into bed early...

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 2 days ago

Yeah, but now you have the week off. So enjoy.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 1 day ago

/me goes sweat work out of my pores first at the gym.

/me goes hit the mall and do some shopping for my trip.

/me gets some packing done.

I will. Thanks dutchy...

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 1 day ago

And while you're gone, I'll be cranking out more yellow tail music.

These two Milli Vanilli albums are a bit of a mixed bag, but that was to be expected considering the genre. Power Metal is happy music. I prefer doom and gloom, but everyone plays either this or Symphonic Metal over there.

Some of these songs though... Basses and drumming that sound like thunderclouds and oncoming storms.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, I shall be experiencing real thunderclouds and oncoming storms and heavy rain. I checked the weather in Eugene Oregon and it says rain "all week long" everyday! Which means I will be around "enchanted" rain forest (but hopefully no Demons)

// Doreen / 387 weeks and 1 day ago

Or you'll be enchanted the first day and miserable the rest of the week. Rain is only nice when you don't have to go outside and your roof is not leaking.

// craeonics / 387 weeks and 21 hours ago

Nope, I have died and gone to Heaven. This is my ghost talking to you right now. Constant rain and intermittent sunburst with vivid rainbows. Love it dutchy, he's at class right now...

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 5 days ago

The ghost of Doreen is haunting me! I must put on some yellow tail to exorcise it pronto.

// craeonics / 386 weeks and 4 days ago

There is a Dutch Bros. drive thru coffee thingie on every corner!!!

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 4 days ago

But have been scouting about for your new dream house yet?

In between yellow tails I stumbled upon some good dub. I'll post a link when you're back (if I don't forget).

// craeonics / 386 weeks and 3 days ago

My flight leaves Friday eve the airlines charge $300 more if I stayed over the weekend. And yes, dream houses cost half if not less than half what they cost over in Los Angeles so if I want to leave the working world in half of my time left with less than half of my salary it can be done in 5 yrs here for sures. I started working for LA County when I was a teen (19) so I've got enough time in. I just have to see how life plays out (I did not expect the reaction I got from my Mom, sis and bro)

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 3 days ago

I walked in a forest for two hours and it was something that can't really be described. But I'll try. Mossy trees with ferns, wild berries, mushrooms and bull frog floating on Lilly pads in a quiet stream. The sounds dutchy were amazing and sometimes so quiet and void of commercial noise it was deafening and therapeutic for the soul. Amazing.

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 3 days ago

I have no problem at all with solitude and boredom but I forgot about telling my family my plan and their reaction to move away shocked me.

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 3 days ago

What? They can't fathom you moving away?

// craeonics / 386 weeks and 3 days ago

Apparently not, and no use worrying them over things until the time comes. I should not even have mentioned it to them they acted like I was leaving for good at that very moment! hehe

Anyways, good to be back home but now I really miss Gino! It was beautiful over there in Oregon, the Forest are of what dreams are made of! It looked to me like Oregon suits him very well.

What is this? My own bed!!!

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 1 day ago

Now for the music I promised. It's wobbly wobbly dub from Merry Ol' England. First how I got there. 't Was this old track by Roots Manuva which put me on this trail: [link] (from 2001 I think).

// craeonics / 386 weeks and 21 hours ago

The good thing about vacations is you appreciate home! hehe

(I think I even missed you my invisible Dutchman)

/me goes check out your stuffezzz...

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 16 hours ago

Okay, I def didn't miss those stupid ads on YouTube. That wobbly stuff just messed with my head (I think the ear popping I kept feeling from the flight and different altitudes really messed up my head or something)

And I definitelyyyyy missed the gym (where I am off to now!)

// Doreen / 386 weeks and 16 hours ago

Holidays are supposed to help relieve stress, but I would say the getting ready to go and then having to unpack everything when you return adds more stress than that holiday can take away.

Not to mention it costs a fortune too.

More wobbles. So I was playing that Roots Manuva song at work and in the recommendations on the right up popped a fellow named Radikal Guru and he makes something that lies between reggae dub and dubstep, like so: [link].

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 6 days ago

You got that right and then look at the ppl that went on vacation on the Titanic, they became history!

/me goes check out your link...

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay, that one was a completely perfect mix of sounds...

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 6 days ago

But, too early for that so me will be floating with Brandon this morning (since I am in snail mode) [link]

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 6 days ago

Going by that title alone I'd say that reeks of worship stuff.

And speaking of worship stuff, there's this strange African woman who leaves presents like flowers, shoes, fabrics and other stuff around our office. No-one can get a clear answer out of her why she does this.

Anyways, today she left six bunches (how does one say this in English) of flowers. I said if no-one wants them I'll take and give it to my parents for their anniversary.

In the end I went home empty-handed because someone nicked all six.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 5 days ago

Every work office has one of them. In a prior work office that I worked there was a man who had retired and still though retired he kept coming back to the office with a bag of candies handing it out like it was Halloween everyday or something. I must have told him a million times no thank you I don't eat that politely but still he kept coming to me with his lil bag of candies. (I can think of a zillion other ways he could have spent his retirement but apparently he could not) Very strange...

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, come to think of it I wonder what exactly was put into that candy he kept trying to hand out?

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 5 days ago

As far as I know stories about people handing out poisonous candy are urban legends.

People dying from moonshine is a real thing.

I'd like to think those flowers were part of a voodoo ritual and whoever nicked them is cursed now.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 5 days ago

Maybe not poisonous but he did manage to make quite a few co-workers very fat!

As for you, stop being so cheap and go get your parents flowers and pay for them or it will mean nothing.

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 5 days ago

Office jobs will do that.

The word I was looking for was "bouquet".

They magically returned today, so they're not as fresh as they were yesterday, but I did get one to give my parents. And it did not cost me nothing. It's the thought that matters, not monetary value.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 4 days ago

Yeah, but I bet that "thought" did not pop into your head until you seen the free flowers? Hopefully they get them before they wilt, you need to put an aspirin into the vase of water to keep them alive longer.

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 4 days ago

I actually was thinking of asking my sister if we should send them flowers, but then I figured they'll be going on a holiday soon after their anniversary, so it would be a waste.

A day later those flowers appeared at work. Lucky coincidence.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 3 days ago

Alright, likely story. Jussss kidding!

And that was a sweet thought. Hopefully you got those flowers over to them from work and they liked them.

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 3 days ago

My mother was content. I thought my father always bought her flowers on their anniversary, but apparently he tends to forget that.

Their both getting a bit long in the tooth ofcourse.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 2 days ago

/me kicks all homonyms

My fingers don't know the difference between they're, there and their. Japanese is even worse in this aspect. Every character I learn (I'm at 280+ at the moment) seems to be pronounced like a dozen others I have already seen.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 2 days ago

You typed the correct "their" up there so your fingers are just fine!

My Mother gets the same deal every anniversary (he takes her out to the Olive Garden for dinner)

I never see that he buys her flowers and I am even cheaper than you because I don't even bring them flowers come to think of it (but hey, that is her hubby's job not mine!)

Anyways, good luck on your Japanese adventure, I still think once you learn it you will forget it. Still, I knowww it's the adventure of learning it.

// Dor_work / 385 weeks and 2 days ago

That's why a large part of it is recalling the characters to see if I still remember. And it costs me two hours a day, which is way too much. But I have a gap to cross (I am a hundred characters ahead with learning than with recalling), so I've got to double the workload.

This overly verbose video explains the program I use: [link] (and it's not as miraculous or effortless as this guy makes it seem).

Also, Ms Native Speaker, "their both getting" versus "they're both getting". The correct form would be the latter, because "they _are_ both getting" ("their" is possessive).

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

I was at work and only seen with one but I was actually referring to "their anniversary" I didn't even see the "Their both getting"

But, now at second look what does it mean "a bit long in the tooth ofcourse" I have never heard of that expression before dutchy? That sounds so strange. hehe!

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe OMG that guy is funny! (but what is salt & fruit?) at any rate what he is saying in that vid makes perfect sense because learning in overload mode never works the problem is "time" which is the reason we cram when we attempt to learn anything (we never have the time to do anything the way we want) but rather we learn by what time we have available to learn (which never enough, so we cram and overload ourselves by default)

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

Umm, Anki is $24.99 on my phone? I might have to think about that but at work I have so many things that I am trying to learn it might be a good tool to use to keep up with that as well as just learning a new language? I still want to learn your lingo someday better too. For me the "Earworms Program" was the best way to learn it was effortless and the Dutch words "stuck" in my head without any work at all. (the only problem is they don't have enough variety for Dutch) I got more out of that than any book I bought and I still remember alot of those words today. I just don't know how to put the words in proper sentence structures for everyday use.

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

I really wish you would give this a try dutchy: [link]

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

Scroll to the bottom and listen to the sample. (and yesssss, I know the music in the bg is horrible and corny) but there is something about putting those track on your head and going about your business such as cleaning (or for me sauna) and you don't even have to pay attention to it but your brain is sucking it up somehow and the words just get stuck in your head!)

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm not putting no worms in my ears.

Nor am I paying for software. Anki is free on the desktop. I would think twice about using it if I had to pay for it. It's certainly not an intuitive program for new users.

Just spent nearly three hours recalling characters, meanings and readings. I need a better hobby. Oh look, three ninja videos... /me wanders off

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

I downloaded the free version for my desktop as well and decided not to get the phone version (for 24.99 they could atleast have a decent GUI) there were a ton of better looking flash card phone apps for free anyways.

/me curses those three ninjas!

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 1 day ago

It's do-it-yourself software. The idea is that you make your own cards. To do so it provides you with tools to make a form to enter data (basically you're designing a database), templating (requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS and the templates actually work), and then you have to enter each card (ideally when you learn them).

No way in hell am I going to enter 2300 kanji characters manually. Fortunately there are productive people out who have shared their decks.

I've grabbed a few decks, stripped of the data I don't need (pictures) and then tweaked the templates to make it look better (and more suited to what I want from a deck).

It works well enough for what it does, but there is a learning curve (or cliff) to pass first.

// craeonics / 385 weeks and 21 hours ago

Then, they should probably pay "me" $24.99 to buy their app, no way I will spend my day off from work to work some more.

/me sticks with the earworms method...

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 15 hours ago

Actually, with this free desktop version after you put that much work and effort into building your DB you still won't have the benefit of it because just think about it, if you don't purchase the sync version for your phone how much time are you going to be behind your desktop using the program? Therefore, without being able to take those flashcards with you so you can pop them open on your phone when you are still half alive during the day when you are dead tired at night what are the odds you will even use that desktop version? On the weekends really, how much time do you have to use the desktop version too? The ideal situation would be to build the DB on your desktop and sync them to your phone and take them so you can pop the app open here and there throughout the day.

/me goes uninstall that cuz I already know it will do me no good.

Goodluck with that...

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 13 hours ago

Plus I have to say that app has the most ugliest GUI I have seen in years! I can understand it being that ugly for the free version but for the one they want to charge $24.99 they could at least invest in their app to put a good GUI on the stupid thing. (that annoys me to no end) I won't pay for an ugly app.

// Doreen / 385 weeks and 13 hours ago

Yeah, yeah, but it works decent enough for what it's supposed to do and it would take me more time to whip something up that would do exactly what I want. And then I'd have to do data entry...

And I have no phone. There's a digital divide between people with mobile phones (who stare at their phone all they long) and those that have no phone. The latter consists mostly of kids under four and fossils above sixty. And then me.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually no, even kids under four & fossils have phone so you are alone in the world without a phone mijn dutchy. hehe

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, I have yet to find a better instrumental version of this tune with harderrr drums and softer string: [link]

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 6 days ago

Worship tunes don't do hard. Jesus has tired ears from all those prayers.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 5 days ago

I think our message board is hungry today cuz it ate my breakfast post dutchy...

Anyways, me is listening to guess what? (Christmas music, oh boy)

// Dor_work / 384 weeks and 5 days ago

Here's the season to be skinning, la la la, etcetera.

Except that there's not much skinning going on these days.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 4 days ago

Nor has there been for many, many moons!

// Dor_work / 384 weeks and 3 days ago

Aye. I do wonder what happened.

Perhaps it became too much of a hassle for people. Or they use tablets for everything these days.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 3 days ago

Wonder no more, everyone is carrying their pc in the palms of their hands...

// Dor_work / 384 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm covering for another sec over here and guess what she has playing on her radio? "Forever Young" OMG! The sheer torture of this tune. Disgusting, I still don't know why you like this?

// Dor_work / 384 weeks and 3 days ago

People don't skin their phones. Well, you do, but normal people don't. Plus I think phones are used more as pure tools and not as something you customise.

And deep down inside you know Forever Young is awesome, you just don't want to acknowledge it.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 2 days ago

/me comes just to smack the Hell out of you!

(and that song sucks just as bad as Wham's tunes)

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 2 days ago

Take me to the edge of heaven?

Club Paradise drinks are free? Or was it Club Tropicana?

I think I still know a lot of Wham!'s lyrics, even though I haven't heard any of it in decades and never paid particular attention to them. Except that bloody "Last Christmas" song that just won't stop.

It means it's well written and engraves itself on your memory.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 1 day ago

Can you say Earworms? That's exactly how that program works you just put it on and go about your business and for some reason it sticks (just like those sucky Wham tunes do)

That Last Christmas tune is killing me over here too right now. I hate it! (it even makes me nauseated)

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait until you see the video (don't worry, I won't link it).

It's so 80s, it's like it's from another century.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 20 hours ago

Yeah, well I'm not as nice as you soooo: [link]

I will post the other one that gets enough air time every year to drive everyone insane!

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 15 hours ago

God no, not Mariah Carey.

Good thing I'm listening to a certain trio at the moment. No Christmas songs in my house.

// craeonics / 384 weeks and 12 hours ago

hehe! Isn't it just disgusting all this crazy Christmas music and everyone is just grooving to the vibe of it all. (I just cannot get into this stuff) and I am trying to deal with it since I have to put on the MISD Christmas Party for 50 people at work next week and I'm totally not into jungle bells at all dutchy. I find the whole going through the motions grueling! Does anybody even know the real reason of Christmas?

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 11 hours ago

And you with that trio! You are so lucky my arms cannot reach you! hehe

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 11 hours ago

I'm not sure what it is that gets to me, the marketing behind Christmas or the fact that people turn into a santa zombie for that month? Whatever it is I don't like Christmas.

// Doreen / 384 weeks and 10 hours ago

The real reason behind Christmas is people setting a tree ablaze to ward off the darkness and summon the light. It got cajoled by some desert religion about some virgin giving birth in a stable.

I know people who like this Christmas seasons. It's not the music, it's the sentiment. They like to be around people enjoying themselves (even if it's false sentiment).

My Christmas this year is having to get up god awfully early to go to some crummy restaurant with the (sister's extended) family to have three bloody hour brunch and then wrap it up with bowling.

The bowling is okay, but that three hour brunch... I'm done eating in half an hour.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, the bowling part sounds cool. hehe

As for trying to get through three hours of brunch, good luck with that. (I'm done in 5 mins) the food part of the Holidays is a nightmare nothing but sugar and sweet stuff everywhere (which I get sick on just the smells of it)

Just say a prayer for me and I will say one for you. I know you'll probably have fun.

I hope God can forgive my horrible black soul, I don't know why I feel such dread over it every year, I wish I could get into it...

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

Because, if you believe in that specific brand of imaginary friends, Easter is the holiday that actually matters (except that most folk have no clue why) and Christmas is that exact form of idolism that people should no be practising.

As for my special hell. Current situation is dinner at the parents as Christmas (I said no, but I can't leave 'em hanging can't I?) and the next day some bloody two hour brunch at the godforsaken time of eleven in the morning and then two hours of bowling.

At least it's not a three hour brunch anymore.

/me goes chase ninja idols

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

Oh, and my typing is getting worse at a progressive pace. Now I can't even keep "as" and "at" seperate no more. And dropping t's left and right.

Urgh, terrible.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm not into chocolate Easter bunnies either dutchy, as for imaginary friends (if you are referring to God) like I said if there is a God I'm pretty sure he is going to send me to Hell (my faith that there is a God is just something that is embedded in me, no escaping it)

And I'm laughing about your parents cuz I have the same thing going on, my Mom had surgery on her hand last week and cannot cook so she laid a guilt trip on my at 6:00 this morning that went something like this:

"Welll, you know that I cannot cook for Dad with my hand like this soooo, I was wondering if you were going to cook and could possibly bring us over something for Christmas, I don't feel like the craziness at your sisters house etc etc."

I say it ever year that I'm not dealing with cooking and the madness of my crazy family and here we go again...

So now I've got this massive office Christmas party to pull off this week and then I have to cook for my parents when I was not planning on cooking or dealing with Christmas this year!

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, as for your typing that is due to old age creeping in on you. hehe!

Wait till you start to forget things...

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm memorising 2300 Japanese symbols and over 7000 words associated with them (this process takes three hours every day). My memory is becoming completely scrambled.

What you should do is have a big Chrismas party at work and then bring your mother the leftovers.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 5 days ago

That's a pretty good excuse (but, not good enough, you're just getting old and forgetful now)

And no way I'm cooking Turkey & Lasagna for 50 co-workers (I'm just going to cater in some food & drinks for everyone)

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 5 days ago

Catering. Let the boss pay. Give your parents the doggy bag.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 5 days ago

Of course the Boss will be paying? I'm not the Boss, I'm the Secretary (we get tossed the credit cards and get told to go shopping) still, it's a ton of work to pull off such an event for a Division.

And no doggy bag for my parents they are getting up there and I never know how long I will have them so I don't like doing things half a** when it comes to them. I just thought I was off the hook this year that's all...

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 5 days ago

I have some bad news for you then. You will never be off the hook, unless they croak and then you can never be on the hook again.

Anyways, my mother called this morning: "My internet is broken! I only get red crosses! You have to come over!". And I'm like "You probably disabled your wifi again". Ofcourse she denied this.

So after work I go over and surprise, she had disabled her wifi.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! She sounds adorable. I go through the same thing as you know with my Mom. You almost wish you had never shown them the internet right?

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 4 days ago

My Mother's hubby like to play online games all day long and gets a ton of pop-ups so I always have to clean that mess off periodically (just so he can do it all over again and again!)

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 4 days ago

The computer is quite clean actually. She runs on a limited account and uses FireFox and ThunderBird. So no deep hooks into the system that can be bypassed. And I told her not to click "yes" on popups.

To celebrate her internet working again, she sent me pics of my nieces ("oh, look how adorable").

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 3 days ago

Me telling him not to click yes on pop ups does not seem to work and he has a pop up blocker on at any rate I think him and my Mom do things on purpose to get me over there! No nephews yet?

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 3 days ago

Only nieces so far. And I doubt she'll be having more. She's got her hands full with these two already. A bit further in the family I have a couple of nephews, but it's mostly nieces.

Funny how most are roughly in the same age bracket.

You can really see the generation thing happening.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 2 days ago

Maybe you were supposed to be the one to provide the males on your family tree but you are holding out.

// Dor_work / 383 weeks and 2 days ago

Uh uh. Not me. I fancy my peace and quiet.

My pointy eared "kids" are enough already.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 1 day ago

Probably if I had got a cat first my kids would not be here today? But then again with kids you only clean poop for one year and with cats you clean poop for 12-15 years!

Today we have buckets of rain falling, hmmm gym or bed?

/me jumps back in my bed!

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't remember the internet being so full of ads dutchy do you? (I mean it has always had "some" ads but this is getting totally ridiculous!)

One minute I'm reading news or checking out a vid whatever and then the next minute I find myself getting ready to buy a cute shoulder bag or boots! And I was not even thinking about shopping when I started reading!!!

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 1 day ago

Plus I think they prey on ppl like me that have some sort of attention deficit disorder (cuz I get dragged off topic wayyy too easy) hehe

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, we all know it does not take much to drag you off topic.

I tend to browse the web with JavaScript disabled, because so much of what it is used for makes my poor old netbook weep. This has the added side effect of blocking most ads.

Now that I use my TV as a big YouTube player I am definitely noticing the ads though. And they're long too and usually pop up when I have my hands full and press skip on the remote.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 20 hours ago

Insert a "can't" there. Of all the possible typos, the ones where a crucial word goes missing and the meaning of the sentence is reversed, is the worst.

// craeonics / 383 weeks and 20 hours ago

You should know that by now I can easily translate what you really mean or meant to type because I've been chatting with you for tooo long.

crazy = crae_zzz

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 16 hours ago

Sammy's B-day today which means once again I cannot escape having to cook. Oh boy...

// Doreen / 383 weeks and 16 hours ago

Yeah, and let's not forget that big birthday cake momma is going to bake. Congrats.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 6 days ago

Bake? Me bake? Nope, me no suzy homemaker. I made him his request (meat sauce & pasta) and off he went with his friends to see that Star Wars flick. (and some of his strange looking friends look like they could cast for parts in that flick without even having to wear costumes)

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 6 days ago

Not a lot of 'listening to' going on here..

'just saying

Aaaanyway; I wish all (both?) of you a happy end of 2016 & a joyful 2017! :-)

// PKtje / 382 weeks and 6 days ago

There's not a lot of listening to going on here cuz he keeps dragging me off topic!

Anyways, I wish you a happy & blessed New Year PKtje! (hope your fishing is still going well) hehe

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 6 days ago

Where's pekomon with his music suggestions then?

I listen to all kinds of things, but they make Doreen's skin crawl. She can't handle yellow tails, whatever that may be.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 5 days ago

/me is listening to R.E.M. - It's the end of the world (and I feel fine)

On continuous repeat. And singing along with my very own lyrics that involve a lot of "I don't feel fine" about -among other things- Doreens countrymen electing to have Mr. Trump be in charge of the free world.


// PKtje / 382 weeks and 5 days ago

What is this? Pick on Doreen day? I have no countrymen. I don't partake in the madness over here or anywhere because I don't put my faith in a President (or any man to save me) everyone over here on this side of the ocean is going completely insane over the election and I think it's totally crazy but I've no where to run since I live here.

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh, I'm sorry Doreen. I did not in any way want to suggest you, by virtue of living where you live, are responsible for the actions of others.

// PKtje / 382 weeks and 5 days ago

PKtje, I did not take that personal silly! Words posted on a msg board can easily get interpreted a thousand diff ways...

Anyways, I was just expressing how ridiculous this is over here. It's a joke that we have people in charge that have no morals or common sense. But we are only human and with that said I know that with God all things are possible so we better start praying!

Should be an exciting new year!

// Dor_work / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

/me kicks pekomon and his bad taste in music

Some CL to scare PK and annoy Doreen: [link] (lyrics video because for some reason the actual video is behind an age check).

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

Looks who's showing his bad taste here.. Isn't that one of the singers from 2NE1 though.. :-)

Highly annoying music.

[link] Now that's music.

// PKtje / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

Ignore the frog for a bit. How does this pekomon person know 2NE1? Doreen is going to be upset again.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmm, for some strange reason that first one up there did not annoy me at all? (any tune that has some lalala or nanana is cool by me)

/me goes check out PKtje's link...

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay PKtje's frog did however annoy me!

/me kicks PKtje...

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 4 days ago

/me offers a Na na naa peace-song to Doreen: [link]

Crae: I have a friend in Korea who's very into the local "music" scene ánd into sharing new finds with, well,.. unwilling yet somewhat entranced me. The 2NE1 concert photos were especially cutedorable.

And yeah, those k-pop songs all get stuck in my head :(

// PKtje / 382 weeks and 3 days ago

/me carts the na-na songs out of here

K-Pop songs are engineered to get stuck in your head. It's a well oiled music making machine they run there.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 3 days ago

Though I assume it "might" be safe to check out PKtje's link at work I think I will wait until I get home to safer grounds...

// Dor_work / 382 weeks and 3 days ago

Now that is definitely a PKtje nanana style tune for sures. hehe

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 3 days ago

New CDs arrived from Japan. My theory that picking the cheapest and slowest mode of transportation (unregistered SAL) will get you past customs without having to pay extra was proven right once again.

It be Band-Maid and sounds like this: [link] (a bit too soft for my taste, but since I play their tunes all day anyway, I might as well get their albums).

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

Now, you knowwww I will never click on your links at work. I can't have some Japanese Ninja Demons screaming/blazing through my speakers over here. But, of course I will check it out when I get home (cuz of my morbid curiosity)

Are you speaking Japanese yet?

(now I know I will get that "Turning Japanese" tune by The Vapors playing in my head all day)

// Dor_work / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

Tabun chotto nihongo hanashimasu, demo amari ii arimasen.

I can pick up things left and right, identify some grammar use. But my vocabulary is seriously lacking, so I'm working on that. The way they say some things comes across as highly convoluted to my western ears.

Example: "nihon ni kita koto ga arimasu ka", literally: "japan to gone thing (topic) exist (question)", meaning: "have you been to Japan?".

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, now you are making me hungry for Tamari seasoned Seaweed!

Anyways, that seems to be the same issue with every different lingo that is learned. The sentence structure is always jumbled around (which makes me wonder if it's just a reflection of our different cultures and their individual thought process)

// Dor_work / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

Over here we have so many different cultures and though we may be dealing with the same exact subject/thing each one is processing things so differently for some it's straight forward and for others it's backwards or inside out!

// Dor_work / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! The ninjas in the maid outfits are totally ridiculous. Horrible...

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 2 days ago

I actually forgot what that song sounds like. Aside from being sure you would not like it.

/me clicks... Oh this is funny, tab opens, but before any music starts playing I remember how the song goes again.

The thing with learning unrelated languages (oh, look, now I'm using Japanese structures), and with unrelated I mean from a completely different language family, is that it makes you reflect on how your own language actually works. And then you come to the conclusion that you don't know how it works, but somehow you know what is the right way to say something and what is not.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Very true. Which makes you think do we really know how "anything" works? (it all boils down to common sense and pure instinct)

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Mmmm! Yowzaaa! (me needs me something decent to get moving today) I will be nice and toss you the instrumental version since I know you probably hate this old stuffezzz...


// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Old people music is old. But I actually know that song. And it probably popped up in GTA too, so I've heard it a lot while I was causing virtual havoc in virtual California.

Which reminds that I should go check if GTA5 has dropped below thirty quid yet... /me checks... Thirtyfive quid. Almost there. Probably going to take another six months.

/me puts on some Bridear to ward off evil spirits: [link] (not safe for Doreens)

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe! Well before I even check out your link I will retaliate with some: [link]

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, strange, I must be finally getting used to you or something cuz if you take out that yellow tail and the screaming demon it's actually pretty good!

I forgot to tell you that remember I just went to visit Gino? Welllll, guess who knocked on my door?

"Gino" Surprise! I'm here for Christmas to visit you!!! Which = more cleaning and cooking and cooking and cleaning (but me no bake cakes or cookies, he will have to do that mess)

I cannot believe this year is just about done already. (Which also = looking at slide shows on TV of Prince and everyone else who kicked the bucket this year)

Have a good Christmas mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Actually needdddd me one more to get into the groove: [link]

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Hold up, hold up... You're not supposed to like my music. That just ain't right.

Anyways, enjoy cooking and cleaning for all your kids, plus the pointy eared one. I bet he brought his dirty laundry too.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, Gino is in his early twenties (and engaged) he has his girlfriend to deal with that mess now.

And the worse of my kids is that pointy eared one!

/me goes clean his poop box. Ack! Why oh why did I do this to myself I only have one kid in my nest and I would have been free of cleaning poop for the rest of my life!

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait until the grandkids happen and grandma get to do babysitting. And the diapers. And then spoil the kids rotten, because that is what grand parents do for some reason.

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 21 hours ago

Nah, I started playin house at 16, they have already told me over and over that they have no desire to have kids (probably due to raising me) plus they also have no doubt at allll that I am not grandma material...

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 16 hours ago

Gino and his girlfriend are both ambitious and will be in College for years to come (they know College and having kids don't mix and said they don't want kids) As for Sam, he is an old, old man and set in his ways he made it clear he doesn't want kids either. Right now he is getting his general Ed out of the way at a Community College by me and then maybe next year moving to Oregon to stay with Gino and attend the University Gino is going to.

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 16 hours ago

So the upside is that you have smart kids. People don't know they get into when they start breeding (read: no life for twenty years unless they either live through their kids or neglect them).

// craeonics / 382 weeks and 13 hours ago

Well they don't come with a book of instructions so it's like playing Russian Roulette. I see people that are well educated with money and a stable life wait until the so called "right time" have kids and things not turn out so well for them. I know someone above has to be looking out for me or something, I just feel blessed and thankful things turned out good.

Anyways, it's already Christmas on your side so "Merry Christmas!"

Christmas has not yet arrived on this side of the ocean.

// Doreen / 382 weeks and 5 hours ago

A pox on Christmas. I can't do anything today or tomorrow because of Christmas commitments. Maybe I should go live in a lighttower on some deserted rock somewhere, like so: [link]

Rather a hassle to do shopping though.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, that definitely looks peaceful. hehe

Same here, today I have to run to my parents and bring Gino (and food) over, they want to see him before he and his girlfriend return back to Oregon. Visits, food, visits food and more visits food. Oh boy...

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 6 days ago

I went to bowling hell today. Someone explain to me why people wander off when it's their turn to throw or have to go through each ball available before they throw.

To add to the fun, they played Christmas tunes on repeat. So I heard Last Christmas at least twice. I've got to wash this out of my ears with some yellow tail.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 5 days ago

They wander off cuz they get so bored waiting for their turn, and they go through each ball to see which one is the lightest one that they can actually lift up and throw!

And guess what? It REALLY was his Last Christmas this time? Now we can add George Michael to that slide show on TV we will be forced to watch along with Prince and David Bowie that kicked the bucket this year...

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 5 days ago

We have had buckets of rain on this side, I think Gino brought it from Oregon as my Christmas present. It's been awesome, windy and rainy and totally cozy weather! Waiting for him and his girlfriend to wake up so we can go get some grilled fish for lunch. (I've got the worsest tummy ache from nibbling on all the garbage everywhere) The gym was closed yesterday and finally today they opened up so I ran to it as a place of refuge! (feel mucho better now) I have no clue how anyone can survive this mess it's is poison.

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 5 days ago

/me comes back so smack the Hell out of you! Stop it with those yellow tails!!!

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 5 days ago

Poison? That'd be either Alice Cooper [link] (1989), which still has regular airplay, or Bell Biv DeVoe [link] (1990), that no one plays ever. And for good reason. Swingbeat is terrible.

With regards to the bowling thing, you'd thing people remember which ball they threw with. Anyways, today Mr Muscle Ache came over for a visit.

I think I need some yellow tail salve to sooth the pain.

And I have the week off, so I can listen to it allll day...

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 4 days ago

Argh! You and those yellow tails! Half the office called off with food hangovers so it's going to be pretty peaceful today.

Enjoy your time off mijn dutchy...

// Dor_work / 381 weeks and 4 days ago

It means you can blast your tunes and no-one will complain.

Or it means you have to take over their work because of deadlines.

Meanwhile, Mr Muscle Ache seems to have made himself comfortable. You'd think I never move or something. And I thought bowling was not a very physical activity. Maybe we should have played darts instead.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 3 days ago

I work on exec row therefore, I can never have Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz come out to play over here and yes just deadlines this week dutchy...

And bowling is a physical activity, you are lifting and stretching and tossing etc probably good exercise for you, you sloth!

// Dor_work / 381 weeks and 3 days ago

It was only two hours. Most of the time was waiting for my slowpoke teammates and the rest was mostly helping my four year old cousin throw (read: roll the ball from a ramp).

Mr Muscle Ache seems to be bend on staying. I'd better start building a guestroom.

Anyways, if Mr Jon and his Boyz would come over, I suspect security would escort them out of the building the minute they got in.

Government stuff is always last minute deadlines at the end of the year, because they have to spend their entire budget or they'll get less next year.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, could be that you're jusss getting old? Plus your climate over there might not be to your advantage? Who knows, anyways, life is just plan painful so stop complaining! hehe

(I'm surprised I don't have more aches and pains at my age but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth)

And you are right about this Government stuff it's a royal pain and I don't feel comfortable doing this since I can barely deal with my own tiny budget at home! (this job is totally ridiculous)

Note to self: Remember to buy lotto tickets on my way home tonight...

// Dor_work / 381 weeks and 2 days ago

plan = plain oh boy...

// Dor_work / 381 weeks and 2 days ago

I would look a gift horse in the mouth. Such a weird saying. You get a horse. You have to look after the horse. And then you may find out the horse isn't even well.

The saying means you should appreciate what you are being given and don't judge its value. But on the other hand, if the other party willingly and knowingly gave you a bad horse, than what does that mean and is it wise to accept it?

I'm going to tie Mr Muscle Ache to the fireworks I bought yesterday and set him off tomorrow.

And maybe post a little update on the frontpage come 2017.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, I know a gift when I get it so I don't normally waste time trying to figure it out much? I suppose there are two kinds of ppl in the world, those that just live life and those that spend their life trying to figure life out? hehe

I'm just thankful and just move on. (even the bad things that have happened to me normally reveal something good later on down the road somewhere) At any rate since you are stuck with Mr. Muscle ache you can be thankful for that cuz it means you are still alive? (cuz you can feel right?) I don't know silly, try to find something good about it, could even mean when you measure your skinny arm that it grew an inch and now you are move buffed out? hehe

Anyways, have fun with your fireworks and light one off for me, I'm not into parties and I think we are getting more rain so I am going to get my cozy fuzzy blankee and watch TV (hopefully they put more on then that slide show of everyone that kicked the bucket this year)

Actually, I think I hear rain right now!!!!!

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Mr Muscle Ache deleted my TV's YouTube history. So now YouTube is suggesting all kinds of sponsored crap, like bloody vloggers and a certaing formula 1 racer that should just crash and vanish from existence as far as I am concerned.

So how to deal with this specific gift horse? 1) Tomorrow I'm tying Mr Muscle Ache to a rocker and blast him off to space; and 2) I have to spend the rest of the day watching yellow tails.

Woe is me.

Found an interesting one, if you're willing to indulge me for a moment: DAOKO - Daisuki [link] (has some decent wobbles). And judging from her other song that followed, that's about her only decent one (sample size of two).

// crae_evil / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Sample size of three now. Four. Five even. Her other songs are generic bubblegum pop. A bit like Yelle (French artist), but Yelle has better beats.

And now I know why she was suggested. Same label (or parent label) as my favourite trio.

While I'm discussing trios, my favourite Japanese wrestling trio making a surprise appearance in a Californian promotion that usually showcases Mexican talent mostly: [link]. Most definitely not your cup of tea, but for me it was like two different world connecting (colliding even), so I was over the moon when I saw it.

And then I noticed this entire season was taped back in March or April, so I should have know really.

// crae_evil / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

As for your YouTube history getting deleted and how to deal with that specific gift horse? You don't! That is simply another gift for me! hehe!

And of course I will indulge you (been dealing with your crazy taste in music for what now? 20 years?)

/me goes check out that link of yours like a lamb going off to slaughter...

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Alright, so that was actually sounding pretty good and I lasted until I got to the part where she stuck her tongue out and looked like a serpent. (are you sure you don't really like sushi?) hehe

Do I dare check out your second link?

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Ack! Even more of your yellow tail obsession. When will it pass? I don't like to see females going at it, normally (cuz don't they worry about chipping their nails!?) But, I have to admit I like watching this girl go at it:


Anyways, me is just watching nothing really, one of those shows where they bring their friends on the show to let them know they are having an affair with their best friends wife or husband and then throw blows on the show. (gotta be fake like wrestling cuz who really goes on these shows knowing what the show normally is about?)

And why oh why am I evennnn watching this?

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Here's a sample of the show over here (not sure if it airs over there on that side) [link]

So totally ridiculous you can't even help but watch it! Plus I'm completely being lazy today!

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

From what I've seen Ms Roussey is old news these days.

But I don't like seeing real fights. I want entertainment, not slugfests. Fancy moves, stunts, that stuff.

This name I've been hiding behind has actually been somewhat inspired by a Jerry Springer show. It does not air over here anymore, but those early seasons were great. At some point in time it was all relationship drama and got to be a bit the same every episode.

As far as I know it was partially scripted. Plenty of nutcases around to fill those episodes though.

// crae_zzz / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Old news? I don't think so, she has a fight tonight but I don't like anyone enough to pay $60 plus dollars to watch...

As for that Jerry Springer show, I've no idea why I end up watching that but I only watch it once in a blue moon because I don't normally stay home much and watch TV, normally I'm out running all over playing catch up from work (shopping, paying bills, washing etc.)

Anyways, slaap lekker mijn dutchy.

/me goes watch the news...

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 1 day ago

Doreen watches the news. Earth stands still.

Last day of the year and I'll probably spend a good chunk of it with language acquisition.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 19 hours ago

Oh, and bad news. Your girl got knocked out in 48 seconds: https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--WjzuV_Uo--/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/rb9lifltrokwnjwn8rsk.gif (for as long as that link will last). Punches like that look so very nasty. I don't like boxing at all.

And bad news on my end, cat peed on the bed while I was sleeping. Woke up wondering why my feet felt wet. Pets do the darndest things.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 18 hours ago

Bad news number three is that my URL detector did not see that URL. Hmm, odd... Maybe because of the comma.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 18 hours ago

Yikes! The link still worked for me. Wow, that did look nasty. Oh well, maybe someone up above wants her to deal with her oversized ego. I like the way she looks and the way she fights but I don't like her personality from what I've seen on interviews she is not able to deal with defeat. (sometimes the true warriors are the ones that deal with defeat even better than winning)

She'll retire with the big paycheck now most likely...

As for your cat what is the deal with that? My cat has not peed outside his litter box since day one and he was only a few weeks old? My mom has that issue too with one of her cats, I think the problem is that the litter box is not being cleaned enough. Dex will scream at me if I don't clean his box and holds it then once I clean it he jumps in and does his business. He don't want to get his feet dirty. hehe

He actually tells me what he wants now and I'm his slave! Ridiculous!!!

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 17 hours ago

/me goes check out that link again. She got wobbled out no doubt! Hope she deals with this better than her last loss. Obviously someone up above is challenging her...

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 17 hours ago

Wow, that other girl royally smashed her. Yikes!

Anyways, me goes hit the gym cuz tomorrow all the ppl with new years resolution's will bog down the gym for a couple of weeks now...

Happy New Year to mijn dutchy!!!

// Doreen / 381 weeks and 17 hours ago

Yeah well, don't start hitting people in the gym now.

The cat situation is most likely that daughter cat is in heat and this was a little accident. She spends most of the day twerking like she's been listening to Mr Jon. This lasts about a week and then she's back to normal again.

Mother cat was already sterilised when I got her, so none of these shenanigans from her. She looks at her daughter like "look at how you're behaving, I didn't raise you like that" and then proceeds to smack her.

Enough cat talk. See you next year.

// craeonics / 381 weeks and 15 hours ago

Nah, I only go there to service my vehicle, most go there just to socialize and pickup, I put my headphones on and pretend I can't hear them if they attempt to speak to me, I'm not there to play around.

hehe! Sounds like your cat was born in LA or at least should be over here. I'm hoping having had Dexter fixed keeps him calm (so far so good) he has a great personality, a bit abnormal for what I thought a cat would be like but he's really turning out to be a neat pet.

And it is already next year over there. Eight more hours to go on this side before I hear fireworks and gunshot going up in the air.

/me goes settle in for the night...

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Who had the best fireworks in the street?

I had the best fireworks in the street.

Not particularly hard, since there were like three people setting off fireworks.

In the olden days (three decades back), there'd be riots, fires everywhere, cars set ablaze. These days nothing happens.

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T'was the usual over here, several hours of fireworks, m-80's, shotguns etc. etc. (ppl go nuts on this side because they want to break out their guns/toys and finally have an excuse to sneak them out) but you can clearly distinguish the sounds between fireworks and gunshot blasts.

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I can't. People don't have guns here. And old people neighbourhood, so very little activity of any kind.

Took a left turn yesterday and somehow ended up in Taiwan music wise. Some new music to haunt my colleagues with. For example, (no, not the video with girl or Doreen will get upset, ah this one), Silent Hell - Tsunami (2013).

Not safe for Doreens anyway, as it's quite a wall of sound and there's screaming going on.

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And somehow forgot the link: [link]

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Well, that definitely sounds like mijn dutchy's taste...

Holiday off for us County ppl so I will most likely go hit the gym and then grab me some sales at the mall today. Maybeeee listen to alil of this stuffezzz:


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Such nasty lyrics. Over on this side of the ocean, the only hit "X to the Z" ever had was that Paparazi track. He's probably much more known here as the presenter of Pimp My Ride (which too was largely scripted).

Meanwhile, I have this week of as well and I'm practicing my kanji (four bloody hours a day) and studying more language (two additional hours). Put on that Daoko girl again in the background for god knows what reason. Her songs are really the most harmless thing on the planet music wise. And the angsty "je t'aime moi non plus" whispering/singing/rapping she does is definitely not my thing and the beats are moving at a snail's pace.

Yet, it works oh so well when you're focused on something.

Or I am losing my mind.

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Come on you already know I am immune to nasty lyrics. I just like the crooning in it...

Enjoy your week off it's back to work for me tomorrow and I am not happy about it.

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/me comes back to distract you from your studies: [link]

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Yikes! I forgot how good that one was! I spotted some crip walk in there too! /me drops off alil crip walk in here to bug you whilst you study and then runs off to dance with my laundry...


// Doreen / 380 weeks and 5 days ago

I was randomly moving my feet to music like that back in '89 (also known as the "I don't know what I'm doing, but people think it's wicked" dance).

I was robbed, damnit!

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! Cross between a slide and a tap dance (who knows)

Anyways, back to the ole grind for me, enjoy your week off dutchy...

// Dor_work / 380 weeks and 4 days ago

I've got just the song for you: Desmond Dekker - The Israelites [link] (1969)

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 3 days ago

That looks familiar to me, I think you've posted that in the past somewhere before? I will check it out later, beside I need more then a good tune to get through this day...

// Dor_work / 380 weeks and 3 days ago

Classic reggae tune. I have only a handful of songs I always post.

Stumbled upon a bunch of imitations of my favourite trio. Unfortunately, it's all rather crummy. You can't just put a loud guitar under a pop song and let some young girls sing it. It does not work like that.

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, and now I put on the most popular tunes over there (because why not) and the first thing that pops up is some guy in a tacky outfit singing about "pineapple pen": [link] (English lyrics that make no sense whatsoever, beat is nice though).

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 3 days ago

Yup you've posted that Dekker tune before and it's still good (so you can post that one a hundred more times and I won't care)

hehe okay that pineapple tune is a bit too fruity for me...

// Doreen / 380 weeks and 3 days ago

# Get up in the morning slaving for breakfast / so that every mouth can be fed

That "most popular tunes in Japan" list grew a bit suspicious after it started playing Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 (ofcourse) and all of a sudden Indian, Thai and Vietnamese songs. And Polish even. No way. I find it hard to believe that kind of stuff is popular over there.

Then again YouTube always proposes Turkish and Indian songs as stuff popular over here.

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 2 days ago

I forgot to tell you that for some strange reason when I heard your Dekker tune I had a flash back of one of my favorite movies:





// Doreen / 380 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, Now I may have to watch that again, I've not seen it in years!

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Beetlejuice? No, no, no...

I mentioned that Daoko girl earlier. Aside from that one track her other stuff is a bit too sweet for me. Mostly. And then I ran into this one from 2013: [link]. Those beats... They're bizarre... High chance of this not being your taste at all, but those beats...

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 1 day ago

Beats are good yes, but her voice nauseates me horribly...

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Argh! The gym is a zoo right now with all the New Year Resolutioners!

You better run cuz me needs to fill up my gas tank today cuz I'm running on empty! My New Years Resolution is to have more Faith and keep my eyes on God cuz I'm horrible!

Since I went to this last job for my promo they have tossed me not one not two but recently tossed my my biggest and third event to plan and handle (by myself) I already told my boss

/me no do parties!!! I'm not into this stuff & I just finished getting the Christmas Party for our Division out of my hair! (Dutchy, I can barely handle all this diff Secretary stuff) anyways I cursed my self through this last one (I even started looking for a lateral transfer over to another Dept to run from it)

This lady that I had to plan the retirement even for has (45) years of LA County service under her belt! She is/was one (3) section Managers that works for the Division Manager I work for. So, I needed to find a place big enough to host the even and found a place had to collect several thousands of dollars etc etc etc. Was freaking out, what if I lost the freaking money! What if the ppl don't pay me! What if, what if...

Anyways, to make a long story short, yesterday by the grace of God cuz I was on my knees "practically" praying that God would help me pull this one off (but only after fighting with him and kicking and screaming through the entire process!) cuz I literally even at the event had to stand guard at the door and grab ppls money to enter (like a freaking bouncer at a club, unbelievable!)

I went inside to watch the speeches that her co-workers or colleges (as you call them) and her family made to her and listened to her speak while crying and I realized I REALLY need work on my horrible attitude and stay focused on faithfulness to God that he knows what I'm suppose to be doing here cuz I sure as Hell do not (all my choices are easy ones that lead me to self destruction!)

Good song to float on, fill my gas tank up with and meditate on these lyrics (which once I noticed a few weeks back) are perfect.

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Umm, the link?


Plus this is a perfect tune to annoy the Hell out of you, since I know you love worship stuffezzz, I've dropped it before so you probably clicked on it and ran in five seconds flat! hehe

// Doreen / 380 weeks and 1 day ago

It has a piano. If I hear a piano, I'm gone in like ten seconds.

No, what you need to do is not outsource your confidence to imaginary friends (and I don't mean those on the internet) and have some faith in yourself. You're selling yourself short.

The late George Michael had a song about faith: [link] (though I think he may have been after more carnal than spiritual desires).

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 1 day ago

Well then that is five seconds longer than I thought! hehe

I don't expect you to understand my ramblings (diff life experiences, diff culture whatever)

I understand why you would think your way but I'm just being realistic because of my life experiences. I've just had way too many experiences that force me to think this way, first off, by now you probably have an idea just how stupid I am. (I told you a while back about the big bad wolf I was married to) in one of his insane jealous rages he held a sawed off shotgun to my head and ended up pulling the trigger (I was praying while he was screaming) in the end he could not get his shotgun to fire. (I should not even be here)

I'm pretty certain since I cannot even count how many times God has rescued me during my life so far and me constantly crying to him that God is pretty sick of me. hehe

Bottom line I thought it was a smart thing to take this promotion because of the money, but it's not felt smart at all. It's royally kicking my behind! I HATED having to do this last event yesterday (and everything I'm doing in this job) but God opened my eyes yesterday at the end when I was able to "listen" to what was going on inside for that lady. I suddenly felt the money, work, hassle, preparation of it all was nothing. My part in it doing it for her gave "me" a blessing that I seen something in her event I was never privy to before. (Most ppl want a quiet exit when they retire no hoopla, just run from the county)

I was upset at my boss that she tossed the responsibility and burden on "me" to do this thing, I was pissed off actually.

I felt like crap last night when I thought about how selfish I am. If you seen the lady and everyone and heard what I heard during that event you'd know what I mean.

God does not put us where we "want" to be I think he puts us where we "need" to be or something. Who knows, I just need to stop constantly fighting with "everything" he lays before me. The lady gave me something special last night after the event that I will keep forever which really made me feel even more like crap but what she didn't even know is I had already gotten my gift from her experience.

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And I can't even think of even on single tune from George Michael that I ever liked? Ack!

// Doreen / 380 weeks and 1 day ago

That's because you have guilty feelings. And guilty feeling have no rhythm. /me runs

/me comes back for round two

So where do we go from here. We can go with Destiny's Child's Survivor, but I don't like that one. Or Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, which would be very fitting.

However, being who I am, let's go with this particular one for now, by Mr Cypress and Mr Hill: [link] (1993).

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 21 hours ago

Great, and now I've got you trying to kill me with bad George Michael lyrics.

And yes, he was insane (and me too, I was stupid as usual and young) but though I really should not be here like I said earlier up there he is not, he died suddenly and very young after we divorced etc. I doubt after he became worm food that the worms would even touch him (and if they did they probably got totally stoned or toxic)

He's either in a really hot place now or forgiven and definitely in a better place...

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In the cycle of reincarnation (samsara), how you end up in your next live depends on how you behave in the current. More specifically, the path you're supposed to take is called dharma and whether or not you stray from the path leads to a buildup of next-life debt called karma.

Misbehave badly in this live and you'll be a rock in the next one and people will step on you.

Appealing to dharma is a copout as far as I am concerned (you are your own master and not a puppet of fate or faith), but that is a lecture for another time (I should be rehearsing my kanji compound readings now).

I will ofcourse never admit to any folly on my part. I will grant that I thought I could do everything. Wait, I still do. The wisdom that comes with old age has enlightened me with the realisation that I simply do not have to do everything.

Then again, if you want things done right...

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 11 hours ago

I'm also quite full of myself.

But you probably know that by now.

// craeonics / 380 weeks and 11 hours ago

Well, contrary to what you might think based on me probably not putting into words correctly of what I try to communicate, I've actually no idea about religion dutchy, I sure as Hell am not trying to gather up any brownie points to make it through the bouncer standing at the door of Heaven. hehe

I only call God, "God" when I speak of whatever it/he is because I don't really know what to call my "idea" of what it is and it's solely based off of "my own life experiences"

After being rescued too many times you begin to think someone or something is there. My very first experience with this was when I was five years old which was before I was even old enough to know how to pray or even try to put "something" together in my head to run to spiritually to cry to! (something really bad happened) I guess you can call it that I "prayed" but it was more like I cried out to "something spiritually" not out load. (I don't freaking know how to put this into words, it even sounds crazy to me) and the situation changed instantly. You may think you are in charge of your life and to a certain degree you are but when you are a five year old kid dealing with a life changing event, or dealing with someone pulling a trigger at your head or a rape that was most certainly going to happen, or a terminal illness and you cry out "silently inside" to "something" and the situation suddenly changes with no explanation it's just strange. Of course, I carry on after such events thinking is it good luck? or is there someone that actually hears me cry out? hehe

But, like I said if there is a God, he most likely will send me straight to Hell when I die because I think I should be less selfish knowing something that most others have not experienced like me or something, I'm not sure but, in the end each one of us will most certainly find out whatever questions pertain to religion we have. (or just simply get some real rest right?)

// Doreen / 380 weeks and 8 hours ago

And yes, you may think I'm crazy putting my personal drama here on the msg board for you to laugh at, but, in a hundred years you and this msg board won't be around (and a hundred years goes by pretty quick!) hehe!

/me has been lazy today, cozy weather lately! I still need to find Beetlejuice on Netflix for tonight!

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Putting your personal drama into words is good for you. Just like it's freezing outside and I have balcony door open. It needs to vent every now and then. Clean air and all that.

Before I went into lecture mode I was actually planning on posting my next get-this-CD-from-Japan project. But seeing all this hell talk, I'll go with one of their older tracks first. It has (badly blue screened) fire and flames and stuff: Galmet - Promised Dawn [link] (2013).

Fair warning: 1) Japanese women; 2) lead singer does not sing but growl (and quite well too); and 3) something about that bass players creeps me out. She's left the band anyway.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 6 days ago

Your music creeps me out: [link]

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 6 days ago

All those nasty sounds and growling and bad wigs, I actually think you are turning Japanese, which brings me to of course the perfect tune for you, plus now I need to get that nasty grudge clip out of my head: [link]

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 6 days ago

Rather racist clip that there. Very much not the official one.

This is the closest one can get to an official video of that one: [link] (1980)

Not that I've ever heard that song. Probably not a hit over here or not one that gets replay.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

Speaking of The Grudge. I think that was a remake of Ringu. Every Japanese horror I've seen is, well, not very spooky. I've read a number their classical ghost stories and they too aren't that interesting. The ghosts don't really do much other than hang around a bit.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

You've never heard that song? It gets a ton of airtime on this side (and has been around for a while) but still, I've never gone as far as trying to locate a vid for it so I would not know what is the official video for it. I'll have to check it out later to see what it is you posted.

As for that Grudge any movie that has the right kind of sounds and "movements" will freak me out. Movements = if it crawls and suddenly jumps or moves fast. A cricket will send me running!

/me don't like anything that jumps towards me or moves fast. Though I suppose you are right it's not the most frightening style of horror.

// Dor_work / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

/me looks it up: [link]. Song does not have a Dutch wiki page (usually a good indicator) and I don't think it ever charted here.

Compare that to, ofcourse, Alphaville's Big in Japan: [link]) (wiki link, not a video link).

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

The only thing that spooks me in (horror) movies is the blasted violins when something happens. Play it on mute and I won't even blink.

Some games on the other hand. Dark Souls had this pitch dark cave, and then put these fellows in it: http://2.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com/65/58/865ebf700194ab0bfceb7f9146014aec.gif (they were quite tough to deal with and could kill you in one hit and then you'd have to run through the blasted cave again and try again). That game puts you in hyper focus mode because death lurks around every corner.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

Yikes! Yes, the link you posted to "Turning Japanese" is more likely the correct vid. (I don't always check the vids and what the vids actually show once I hear the tune playing) I didn't even know it was a racist clip! Anyways, yup, that one looks more appropriate as the official video.

As for the game, I despised getting quest that make you go into caves since I have absolutely no sense of direction nor memory trying to use the maps so those quests used to keep me locked on a level for days if not weeks before I could complete the quest.

That comment about "Violins?" I'm not sure how I can use that one against you but I most certainly am going to take note of that for future reference! hehe


// Doreen / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

Okeeee, that seemed to have backfired on me: [link] *Shivers*

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 5 days ago

Not like that.

I'm not going to look it up, because I'd probably have to go through the entire movie, but if you've ever seen Jurassic Park, there's a scene where people go hide in a bunker and the velociraptors get in. So you know the raptors are going to be busting through the door any moment. I could predict it to the second. There's nothing scary about that.

The scene is completely silent, but the moment the raptors bust through the door you hear violins shrieking.

They pull that stunt in every horror movie. There's nothing spooky about it, but that silence and then sudden violins...

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

Well, then I am a wimp because that other one began to freak me out a bit. hehe

I heard something good (and I've not really heard anything good in quite a while) on my XM satellite radio coming into work today and I happen to get lucky and catch the title of it, which was "I Believe by Weiss" I've got to look that up and grab that one when I get home tonight.

// Dor_work / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

This one? [link]

Bit of a car driving song, I'd say. Not much action going on.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

Can't click on that here to check it out but it was some Electronic/Dance. And knowing your netbook you'll not be able to even hear the beats much anyways. hehe

Had insane beats in it...

// Dor_work / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

This one & and I'm not certain if it's the exact same mix until I check yours out again.


// Doreen / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

It sounds so washed out and tame on YouTube (I've got some killer speakers in my car so like I said my windshield vibrates on the good tunes and this was goed!)

Anyways, I have to check out some of their other tunes.

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

The few other links to that weiss mixes I check out were yuk. I will need to explore more tomorrow (got me the next six days off to play a lil bit)

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 4 days ago

Soooo, much rain dutchy, back to back storms. Perfecto weather!

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

Good when you're inside. Not so good when you have to go through that storm and rain on your bike for twenty minutes to get to work. At least it beats snow and slippery roads.

From the sound of things, people can hear your car coming a mile three blocks away.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

A mile or three blocks away, that is. Figured a mile was a bit too much, so I changed it to three blocks.

Or so I thought. My fingers doing the typing went "yeah whatever".

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

I seriously do not know how you do it dutchy, I've been driving since I was sixteen and can't imagine not having a car but then maybe because it's just different over there than it is over here. As for my car and ppl hearing me coming, I normally keep my windows up if I am blazing my tunes. I'm stingy and don't want to share my beats with others sitting at the stops signs or red lights next to me. But still, I'm pretty sure they can hear or rather feel the vibrations emitting from my car.

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

"You can't hear my beats! They're my beats! I paid for them!"

I don't like driving. Plus cars are expensive, fuel is expensive, maintenance is expensive and then there's insurance... Oh, and I've played so much GTA that I seriously suspect I would drive like a maniac.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

hehe! Nah, just that as you know my beats can be quite offensive to others. And yes, expensive for sure, (I just traded in my car for a Jet Black Mazda Miata MX5) I figured if I have to work I might as well enjoy the ride there and back home right? Only problem now is I have to pay for it and it's so tiny that I'm like a bug on the road therefore the big trucks do not even see me so I have to stay clear of them, most likely my last ride since it will take me years to pay it off now.

I don't picture driving like a maniac but rather like a snail holding up a ton of traffic behind you. hehe!

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't picture "you" driving like a maniac (my fingers are not obeying my brain)

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 3 days ago

Went to sleep with it raining, awoke to pouring rain, it's not stopped raining for days now, I actually think I need a boat to get to the gym this morning! Streets are like rivers. Awesome!

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 2 days ago

Get a bigger car with bigger wheel so you won't get swept away.

While I was having my driving lessons (which is about the last time I drove a car), I did things like shift to second instead of fourth gear on the highway (engine revving up like mad), take a corner on my driving exam in third gear (wheee!) and my favourite trick, shifting up as fast as possible when the traffic light turns green. That last thing is very easy to do in a diesel and much harder in a regular engine.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't want a bigger car this is the first car that I don't need a ladder to get into (suits me perfect, me is a mouse)

but, I did almostttt drown in a puddle in it earlier.

Silly, first rule of going to take driving lessons "or" your driving test is get a car that has automatic transmission. I don't know maybe things are different over there because over here you HAVE to have a car, but then how are you dealing with snow? I mean I know you are crazy but really?

// Doreen / 379 weeks and 2 days ago

Everyone drives manual and it does not snow much here. I'd be quite happy with a winter with no snow, because that's quite nasty to ride across. We actually did have snow a week ago, but it was gone the next day.

// craeonics / 379 weeks and 1 day ago

I assumed it snows often over there, it's good to hear that it doesn't. I was just wondering how in the world you get up in the early morning and get on a bike and pedal in snow? I would think it would be dangerous! I think we are spoiled on this side of the ocea