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Because we all know Tek's true reason of being is discussing music. (there's a French term for this, but I suspect the board will eat it, as this board has been wont to do).

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

*No growling girls allowed*

Something goed! [link]

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

And the first bloody post is a bloody worship tune. This thread is doomed already.

I'm going to raise the quality immensely. My favourite trio doing my favourite choreo: Babymetal - Catch me if you can [link] (that dance is awesome, I knew what the song was about before I ever saw the lyrics).

// crae_evil / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG! There is so much going on in that vid I'm dizzy! Between the metal guys with white face paint and the lil ninjas in ballerina tutus! Should I swing my hair or go play with my Barbie Dolls?

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

hehe! I think you are right this thread is doomed!

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

Only "one" tune that possibly save this thread: [link]

/me goes dance with my mop! Yowza! (cleaning day today before work starts back tomorrow)

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

Alright, Mr Jon and his Boyz are acceptable. As long as they wipe their feet before they come in.

I was going to hunt down Galmet CDs, but instead spent the evening repairing a certain board that had mysteriously broken down. I'm completely puzzled as to how this board functioned at all with that part missing.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

What happened? At any rate maybe it is someone trying to tell you to fix things around here! You need to give Tek an upgrade dutchy (it is time)

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

Have you given any thought on what you want to do with Teknidermy? I mean are you happy just keeping a Ghost Ship afloat or do you have plans for it?

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

I will be nice and not jump in your mailbox but here we are today...


I mean I don't mind as long as you're on the ship with me but we really should do something with it since it's falling apart now.

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

It's not so much the place falling apart, but more software progressing annd Tek still being on its 2004 codebase.

I am a tad preoccupied with dancing and screaming yellow tails, er, I mean learning Japanese. It will take well into the summer before I am done with that and have time to focus on anything else. I barely have time to play games. Still have the last two years of three ninja concerts to watch too. No time for that either.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

I've learnt 640 of the 2300 characters I need to learn and I do eight per day. So if you do the math on that you can see how long I'll be busy. /me goes back to studying (way past midnight and should be sleeping right now, but discipline, discipline)

// crae_zzz / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

Aye, aye Captain!

/me goes back to scrubbing the decks...

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

I love this girl this song is soooo beautiful, something to make you drift off into la la land dutchy...

Check this out: [link]

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 5 days ago

I see you're preparing for your move to Oregon. That's a country song if I ever heard one. Why is she singing into a microphone and wearing in ear monitors when she's in the middle of the desert.

On to more important matters (or should I say "metters"?), time to get those Galmet CD's. I can pad the shipping costs a bit by grabbing the new Band-Maid album. But shall I get the Japanese limited edition which has a 32 page photobook (I'd rather get a bonus DVD) [link] (28 euro, regular is 22 euro) or wait until next month and get the UK release which comes with an undisclosed T-shirt: [link] (33 pound).

Ponder, ponder...

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 4 days ago

CDs ordered. If it turns out that that t-shirt has the same killer design as one of their earlier shirts, I may get the UK release too as well.

Earlier shirt example: [link] (I could buy this one, but this is a bootleg seller and the original one is completely unavailable). The artist is KAgaMI, she makes killer designs: [link]

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't know about Oregon right now (because I've got this lil problem when I get nervous or stressed) as I was about even thinking about moving to Oregon, I spend money and now I've got to pay off my car before I move to Oregon so probably a minimum of 10 years!

I will check out all your ninja toys when I get home.

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 4 days ago

I did get to go see those condos nested in the forest in Oregon that I hope to buy someday but I don't have the retirement age yet to be able to qualify me to retire from the County. I will be here for quite a while dutchy unless, I get lucky and hit the lottery! (Or stop buying cars or something)

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 4 days ago

That artwork is pretty insane. I like it too, great artist, I wonder if the only artwork she makes is dark? I will have to look her up maybe this coming weekend her artwork looks crazy. I can't even believe you are still buying CD's I stopped that a while back and just download tunes individually since I got fed up with paying for a whole CD just to get the (1) tune that I really liked on it! When I go to my car I simply plug in my USB stick and off I go (but these days I like listening to XM a bit more, plus it's less of a hassle)

Anyways, carry on with your Japanese fetish. *sigh*

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 4 days ago

Ridiculous! Everytime I think of you now I keep hearing that crazy song in my head "I think I'm turning Japanese I really think sooo" keeps playing in my head. hehe

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't believe in virtual goods. Everything I have is physical. Games, CDs, books, etcetera.

If you want that house in the hill, you'd better start saving now. Otherwise you still can't afford it in ten years.

I have one KAgaMI shirt: [link] (warning: a certain trio of ninjas holding my shirt), though mine has a different back print. These things are normally only sold at concerts and have rather limited print runs. You have to get lucky to get some of the remaining stock when it reaches their webshop.

I basically check the shop every day. And even then I miss out, as there were three designs added Friday which were already sold out before I even got the chance to see 'em. Gone in just a few hours.

They go for outrageous prices on eBay.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, a Fox? I thought it was a wolf? I seen that a lot in the artwork yesterday on your link.

Anways, I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

I'm turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so

Help! Help! Make it stop!

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

There goes the board eating my post...

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

What? Your post is right there. Don't be too repetitive or the filter thinks you're a bot. Especially if it's long words.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

No? It was not the same thing? It was about the ninjas but I think the message board doesn't like your ninjas either so it dug a hole and buried it or something.

At any rate get to your crazy studies you've got a billion more Japanese letters to learn...

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm not even kidding that stupid song is still stuck in my head! Thank you very much! Argh!

/me goes back to work...

Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so! La la la la la la laaaa!

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

No ninja post reached the server. Unless ofcourse my postlog is broken, but that thing has always been rock solid. /me goes learn the next eight characters (why do they have a character for "hundred million" and why do I have to learn it)

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

Who knows maybe cuz you might wanna say this in Japanese someday? [link]

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 3 days ago

Mike Myers. I used to watch Wayne's World (the TV show, not the movie) a lot. It was his previous character. It has not aged well.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

I think about you a little too much but I especially could not help but think about you when I was watching Dr. evil and that crazy dutch character in that flick! It was insane! I cannot post the link to the video clip here at work though...

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

A Dutch character who speaks German. As we say over here: he missed the board on that one ("de plank misslaan", to make a wrong assumption and make a mistake because of it).

Now if you keep thinking of me, I will have to summon London Beat [link]

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

That's funny, on this side of the ocean we say: he/she missed the "boat" on that one. (kinda, almost the same) hehe

And yeah, I'm always thinking that I don't know what to think about you!

Check you link out later, me no click on links at work.

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

you = your I hate it when that happens!

// Dor_work / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, actually, I've never heard that tune before dutchy (but it sounds good to me!)

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 2 days ago

That's probably because this particular British band had only two hits over here and then faded into obscurity. I doubt they made waves over on your end. Their other song was, no wait, that's another band...

Looking into it, it seems they had like eight hits here, but I can only remember two of them. The other one was: You bring on the song [link] (or in other words all kinds of sticky lyrics).

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

Great! This is what I got. hehe

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

Okay, I found it and yes that one is sticky. (but what is wrong with sticky anyways?) anyways, now you'll be on my mind and driving me crazy so me summons this one:


// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG dutchy, I never even get into this stuff but this is the first time we get a president that everyone is so upset and fighting against him being sworn in and taking office? I don't think this has ever happened before?

I don't like this guy myself but I think someone should pray for him that he does not get assassinated or something! (So weird to see all this the other day some nut actually set himself on fire in front of the Trump Hotel, ridiculous)

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, that was pretty interesting (and the first time in my life I actually watch one of these thingies)

This should really be interesting, he pretty much bashed everyone before him and made promises that only will be delivered by pure miracles being bestowed upon him...

Interesting indeed! hehe

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

Et tu, Brutus. What's happening here is that a candidate appeared that strongly positioned himself as being outside of the establishment (whether he truly is is a matter of debate) got voted in by people who don't particularly care about him or what he may or may not stand for, but are dissatisfied with said establishment.

Not that I see many interpret it like that.

Anyways, I don't watch news when I have the day off (does not fit my "schedule"), so for once I am the blissfully ignorant one here.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't know but me has a very uneasy feeling about it all. My tummy is even squirming inside from it! (Plus it does not help that we are having a flash flood warning blaring on my TV in between it and my patio is rising and flooding) hehe

But I'm just hoping this guy don't get too brave and get out of his car during some parade they are suppose to have because he might get shot. Riots are breaking out and it's just getting too crazy. I say the guy is in now so pray for him that someone above it all guides him (and protects him)

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

That's what his voters did.

Speaking of Jeebus, or mores specifically his mother, for some reason YouTube is playing Ave Maria. One of my Hate Forest CDs starts out with Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi [link]

There some times is a thin line between the heavy stuff I listen to and some of the more heavy classic material.

Anyways, the Ave Maria in this case was (ofcourse) three ninja shenanigans during one of their early concerts [link]

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

All I know of that Ave Maria is my Grandmother used to listen to it. And those ninjas will toss anything into their mix apparently?

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm dealing with my own lil nasty "trio" over here, three major storms and the first one just flooded my patio already (had to literally go out there and scoop water outside to keep it from coming inside) this is a first we never get this much rain in California. I love the rain but I don't particularly want to swim in it inside my apartment?

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

/me comes back to kick you whilst you are in la la land dreaming about baby ninjas, on quarter inch more I'd have been under water in my living room. Dexter loves water but when he went to the patio to see what I was doing he was like "Oh no you are on your own out there" and ran back in! hehe

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 1 day ago

Li'l Dex knows what's up.

One thing to add to the requirement list of your next house: make sure it's on a hill. Though you'd figure the building and municipality would have all kinds of draining tubes installed for this.

Back when the three ninjas had their first "solo" concerts they did not have enough songs of their own to fill the program. So there were some covers and a fair bit of theatrics. Nowadays, they have enough stuff for two shows, so they don't do those things anymore.

// craeonics / 378 weeks and 21 hours ago

Lil Dex was a coward and Sammy is laid up with the flu, anyways the third and worse storm is due tomorrow so I may go rent a pump because that was horrible having to manually bucket the water out and at one point I thought the storm was going to win! My arms are actually killing me today!

Stop trying to defend those ninjas they are all about "commercial enticement" and will use whatever method they can come up with.

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 18 hours ago

Commercial enticement is that fanclub of theirs with those oh so limited releases. I ain't joining that.

Anyways, I started on a new book, Japanese for Busy People III, as I am both people and busy. It comes with a CD of all the dialogues. My god, those people talk fast. I have to listen things multiple times before I can even make out the syllables.

// crae_zzz / 378 weeks and 9 hours ago

/me comes to sneeze all over you & your ninjas, I either finally caught Sammy's flu or being out in that water yesterday got me.

/me goes back to sipping on tea, Slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 378 weeks and 6 hours ago

Being sick every once in a while is good for you. Gives the immune system some much needed exercise. Just don't go throwing up everywhere.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 6 days ago

Can't even remember the last time I was sick, I don't really mind being sick but I will if I need to go into the rain for an hour and bucket water out of my patio in this storm so that my ship don't sink. Sammy is laid up with the flu and wheezing so he can't even walk. Oh well, me goes babysit this rain today and my patio...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 6 days ago

And here I thought you liked rain... Plus side is that you can't get anymore sick than you already are.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually do love the rain but this is more like a waterfall, I've never experienced this before (at least in all the years that I've lived in California) Anyways, the owner of the property sent over someone to drill a hole in my patio wall which in turn caused the water in my patio to flood over to my neighbor's patio which in turn caused his patio to flood over into his neighbor's patio etc. not really sure what is going on now outside cuz I hear alot of commotion but all is well for me now. hehe!

/me goes crawl into bed early, pretty exciting day today...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 6 days ago

Wasn't there this Byrds song "it never rains in sunny California"? Oh wait, it was Albert Hammond (who the hell is Albert Hammond) and it was Southern California [link]

It get the impression your building did not have proper drainage. This should not be happening.

/me goes order new three ninja blurays...

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG! how do you find such horrible tunes? I am pretty sure the drought we were having in California has ended with whatever this crazy rain was, and yes my patio did not have proper drainage but hopefully today they will finish resolving the problem.

As for you, I think you might need to move to a bigger place to live so you can house all those ninja CD's you are buying!

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

That's old people music. People in the 70s basically had no taste. I mean, orange and brown walls.

Alright, so I painted my hall orange.

My three ninja inventory is, let me think, four albums, three singles, one split, four blurays and two t-shirts. They technically only have two albums, but I'm operating in collector mode.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

Orange? Ummm, you are not operating in collector mode but you are operating in craezy mode again. I still do not know what in the world you see in those three dancing Japanese ballerinas? And then dancing all over to heavy metal? But oh well to each his/her own? hehe

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

You can't see past the cute girls dancing to loud music bit. If it were beardy man, you probably would not have mind(ed).

I missed one. I have five albums. I have two more ordered from that shop that is still ignoring my mails (and that of many others, judging by the complaints I see). I'm waiting for the European release of one bluray (number five), which has been out in Japan for months, and since I'm too impatient to wait for the bluray following that one to get released here, I preordered it (number six) from Japan.

Fortunately for my wallet and my sanity, they don't release new stuff very often.

When I like a band, collector mode takes over and I tend to buy everything they release (unless it becomes really bad). So for instance, I have everything Ulver released, even though I really only like the first album. Everything except the last releases that is, because of a certain shop that won't ship my order. I have every Immortal release except Abbath's last album. Again, that sorry excuse for a shop. Every Amon Amarth, except, etcetera.

// crae_zzz / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmmm, me thinks I should put a tutu on and dance to Lil Jon and record a ton of CD's if you go into collector mode buy them all I will be rich!!!! hehe

I can relate to it to a certain degree cuz there is nothing quite like buying a new CD and ripping open the wrapper and smelling a new CD but I seriously think you will soon need to rent a garage for storage space with your obsession! The most I have are about two boxes and they are so scratched up from all jumbling and moving I do it's ridiculous that I still keep them.

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 5 days ago

But can you sing and dance? I think Mr Jon has no shortage of candidates to do some twerking. And his music is meant to dance too. Not too sure what one is supposed to do with metal.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

Nope, and you can disregard that post because it was my cold medicine talking/typing not me cuz I wouldn't be caught dead in a tutu...

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

I'll send out a memo to your lawyer to have that last will altered ("Doreen would very much like to be interred in a tutu and would like the following music to be played: ...").

// crae_evil / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

/me smacks the Hell out of you! Well, I half lied, I do actually sing but only on the inside (I'm totally silent on the outside) so that wouldn't do you any good as for the tutu that part still stands you evil guy! Dancing? nope, I only dance with you and here on our message board.

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

I think we need to bring in a better sound system first.


* craeonics is listening to: Band-Maid - Don't let me down [link] (2015)

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

Or at least uncheck that mute button! hehe

I'll check that out later, slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm beginning to wonder if small disasters are following me, first the flooding in my patio and now today I finally call to have maintenance replace my overhead lights that burned out "only" because the other secretaries on exec row and my boss were annoyed that my light bulbs burned out two weeks ago and I didn't call to have them replaced. #1 I didn't call because I've been so busy and I forgot and #2 because it felt better on my eyes and we really have enough light from all the other lights all over the office! Well, today I finally called to have them replace them and the entire building blew out so we had to evacuate and everyone in the building got to go home early! (something happened, maybe a transformer blew who knows) at any rate me is a happy camper!

/me goes check your link...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, well you've moved from tutu's to maid uniforms (which is cool with me since you can never go wrong with black & white color blocking) and then they are singing in English! I actually liked that one alot!

/me goes have her head examined now...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 4 days ago

Wait. Who are you and what happened to Doreen? Now, I like that song too. Then I ordered the album and noted the rather explicit lyrics.

Daylight is better on your eyes anyway, I'd say. I unscrewed the light above my desk. Colleagues prefer to sit in a greenhouse unfortunately.

// crae_work / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

If you want a hard tune then you best be able to handle explicit or ridiculous lyrics. (they seem to go hand in hand) ie: Big Timerz - Get Your Roll On etc.

It's a good thing that the only lyrics that can actually penetrate me are lyrics from worship tunes (which seem to bypass my ear drums and go straight to my heart)

And these lights they replaced over my head are like flood lamps my whole head is hurting.

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

Wear a hat. Big sombrero.

I find it interesting that you dislike every Japanese song I post, except the one with the lewd text. Conclusion: Doreen needs nasty lyrics.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, maybe my eardrums are perverted! Actually, I think I did like one other Japanese tune you posted but now you got me thinking if it was the same band?

/me goes check that other thread and see if I can find that comment.

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

OMG dutchy, I would never be able to find that one comment in that sea of chit chat! But, I do recall you posting one Japanese song and I did actually tell you I liked it. I'm wondering if it was the same band?

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

From what I gather, you liked Bridear's Scream [link], noting that "if you take out that yellow tail and the screaming demon it's actually pretty good". Which must have been because you were in a good mood because your prodigal son returned for a surprise visit that day.

More Band-Maid, their latest single: [link] (all their songs have a similar vibe).

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

You are right they are nasty, nasty, nastyyyy alright! Well, I mean, the fact that they don't ever seem to change that maid uniform! (do they even wash it before each performance?) hehe

Come on can't you even see that big wiggly worm they have on their hook when they fish for guys who have that maid uniform fetish? These girls are all using obvious bait but it seems to work.

Alright so their music is catchy but they definitely need to mix it up a bit more with their costumes the maid outfit will get old quick...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

If I had to choose that flavor it would be something along this lines I suppose: [link]

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 3 days ago

The maid costume thing is so deeply engrained that it's even in their band name. The singer with the twin tails and the guitar used to work in a "maid cafe" and thought it was a good gimmick. They're well aware of using their looks to get people's attention (as stated in an interview that has since vanished from the web).

The music is consistently good though and that's what matters to me.

And now you're posting Aldious? Dear me, those medicines must really be affecting you.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 2 days ago

Well, I cannot argue with you, the maids are actually *cough* decent as for me liking Aldious because of my cold medicine, nope, I like them but more specifically that one tune seems to be their best one (for me which could be since I have a Dracula or neck fetish) hehe

But yeah, I normally don't take even an asprin since I fear drugs but I've been so sick with this flu I caught from Sammy or being in that stupid rain for hours trying to save my ship from sinking that I've been having to take NyQuil every night which has had me completely stoned! (I'm a total light weight and too clean for my own good) I've been taking it at night and I'm still light headed at work all day from it!

// Dor_work / 377 weeks and 2 days ago

They have a few good ones and they can honestly even make me turn to Heavy Metal and you know that is really not my thing but these girls are good, my mostest fav so far is that Sweet Temptation but this one is not bad either: [link] I cannot find the other one that I liked.

/me goes search again...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 2 days ago

I think it was [link] and this one too: [link]

They still bank on their costumes (but at least they have a better choice of wardrobe) and they also have raw talent...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm falling from the couch in surprise here and the floor is hard. Seems this mind expansion thing is really a thing (no, I'm not going to try it).

You forgot Dominator: [link]. The problem with Aldious is that they put one awesome tune on their albums, then one or two decent tune, and the rest is completely forgettable or downright awful. And then ofcourse there's always a ballad or two...

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

I did check that Dominator one out and it's okay the only problem I have with them is the "singing" (I just like all the sounds going on in the background) but on that Sweet Temptation the singing in that one was not bothering me at all. At any rate show me even one CD that has "all" good tunes and I will faint because it's always the same that they toss one or two good tunes as bait and then the rest of the CD has garbage for filler (which is why now I only buy the one tune I want rather then the whole CD) so I get more for my money these days.

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

I want the physical discs.

Anyway, if I go through the three ninja's first album in my mind, out of the thirteen tracks six are excellent, four good, and three okay. Of the twelve tracks on the second album three are excellent, six are good, and three okay (first album is always best).

There are no bad track, though that second album has a couple of tendencies that I'd like to see absent on a future album (too much emphasis of fast instead of heavy).

Suffice to say I like 'em quite a bit. There's more to it than "dancing girls in tutus".

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, you jusss got a tutu fetish. hehe

Niet goed dutchy, stupid cold med from last night caused me to fall asleep in the dry sauna (I feel like a bag of bleached bones in the desert)

/me goes drink a few gallons of water and bring myself back

Anyways, I've not listened to these guys for a while and nothing sounds good to my ears today but this one might help:


I just needed to come snuggle with my dutchy to feel better (even though you have that stupid tutu fetish!)

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

By the way that is actually their "only" decent tune. (thank God I did not buy that CD)

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

That is the type of music I imagine they play at your sauna. I'd fall asleep at that too. I suspect you had it on repeat when you fell asleep and now it's engraved in your memory.

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope, In the sauna it be like this: [link] (which is smooth & creamy like coconut oil)

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

Prob with the gym is some ppl confuse it for a pick up joint rather then what it is "suppose" to be used for (which is annoying) I go there to escape the world and relax so I normally stick a towel over my head in the sauna and zone with my headset and pretend I don't see or hear them but today I forgot my headset, put my towel over my head and leaned back and fell asleep. hehe! I normally don't fall asleep (can be dangerous since it's hot as hell in there)

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

I think Dexter has his own toxoplasmosis and is losing his mind cuz he's purring and giving my pillow a massage and looking at me funny. hehe what in the world!

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

I had to go look that up and it says that it's called "kneading" if your cats do that it means they are content and love you, how cute, but it would be better if he'd learn how to clean his own litter box.

/me goes get busy cleaning...

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 1 day ago

My cats do it all the time. Can get a little painful when they're sitting on your lap and they make holes in everything, but they look so content while doing so, so what can you do?

// craeonics / 377 weeks and 21 hours ago

Since I had groomed him that one time and cut his hair it grew back 100 times thicker and I even think he grew a mustache with it now, basically he's turned into this man cat so yesterday I did not know what to think when he as massaging my pillow and purring loud enough to shake the windows and looking into my eyes kinda strange and drooling I didn't know if that mean I needed to get him a female cat? Apparently they have some kind of glands inside their paws and they mark their territory when they do that (which means I need to wash my pillow today)

// Doreen / 377 weeks and 17 hours ago

You're entire house has probably already been marked. You just don't notice it because it's a gradual thing.

My little white devil was in heat again. I think it's the sixth time since December. Runs around the house loudly screaming day and night, peed on my bed twice. I don't like surgery, but this is getting ridiculous, so I'll call the vet tomorrow and get her sterilised. Better for her, her mother's and my sanity.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

Yourrr... These bloody homophones are murder. And why do I always spot the typo the minute I hit "submit"?

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

Really? Yuk, I hope not! I've never seen him doing that kneading thing before but at any rate he already owns me so whatever, I think the females cats have an issue with peeing or something cuz my Mom has that issue once in a while with her two cats and Dexter has never even one time peed outside his liter box never. One time I awoke to my throw carpet being folded on the floor and I thought maybe I had accidentally kicked it or something and when I unfolded it flat there was this disgusting thing that I told you about which was a hair ball but he even tried to cover it up so I would not see it. I'm still trying to figure out how in the world he got that rug flipped over like that to cover it!

As for fixing your little white devil that sounds like a good idea when you get them fixed they say they calm down, I had Dex fixed early on so I don't even know what he would be like if I hadn't.

This morning he was on my pillow licking my forehead with his sand paper tongue so I turned around and then he started playing in my hair and almost strangled himself got all knotted up. He's just so adorable I cannot imagine getting rid of him now.

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

Dutchy, I just did a quick search and maybe your cat has a urinary tract infection? Or you need to clean that litter box with bleach, my cat has an attraction to bleach so when I clean his litter box (or anything in my kitchen) with bleach he goes crazy trying to roll in it! Try cleaning the box and use bleach so the scent stays in the box and she will be attracted to the scent maybe.

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

Another thing I just thought of is my Mom uses a horrible cat litter, I use "Scoop Away" it's in a purply'ish color type bag it works really good I "never" smell anything but I also keep him on a certain food too. It could be so many things I suppose?

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

They're both proper cats that go to the litter box. Funny, since they're technically feral cats and I never "potty trained" them.

When my late tomcat was nearing his end he peed on the bed and on the couch. I think the little white devil may have taken some notes then.

She always goes to the litter box, but when she's in heat she sometimes marks her territory. To attract the boys, I guess (cue Kelis). And what better place for that than that big old bed.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

Feral cat? So in other words she's a street walker? Hmm, I would send over Dexter to go visit her but she sounds like she is a freak in the bed and he is more of a romantic so I'm not sure how that would work out. hehe

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

My neighbor up on top right has a cat that sits on their window balcony and Dex goes out on our bottom floor patio and they stare at each other like Romeo & Juliet all day long.

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 6 days ago

My cats originally came from the trailer park where my aunt spends her weekends (that's a thing here). So one of their ancestors was a house cat, but these two were born "in the wild", so to speak.

So I'm here at work and playing some Missy and YouTube wanders off and eventually I end up with...


* craeonics is listening to: Big Tymerz - Still fly [link] (not a very good track)

// crae_work / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Umm, hence why I keep saying I now only purchase the tunes I like and stopped spending half my paycheck on CD's. (the only tune I like from the Big Tymerz is "Get Your Roll On")

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

The lyrics of course are gross but the beat is the meat...

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Same with Missy I think she only has like 2-3 tunes that are actually worth purchasing.

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Have you heard her latest track though? She's using these minimal beats that are popular these days: Missy Elliot ft. Lamb - I'm better [link]

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

I will definitely check that out when I get home, as for right now since I cannot listen to tunes at work because bangin bass and worship tunes are a no no here in the office (where you can hear everyone's stomach growling it is so quiet) I'm currently singing "Touch the Sky" on the inside (but I'm quiet on the outside)

My heart beating, my soul breathingggg

I found my life when I laid it down

Upward fallingggg, spirit soaringggg

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

Find me here at Your feet again!

Everything I am, reaching out, I surrenderrr

Come sweep me up in Your love againnn

And my soul will dance!

On the wings of foreverrr!!!

My heart beating, my soul breathing...

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Yikes, Missy E has not lost it, she is still as crazy and freaky as ever. (I liked it!)

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Quite the jump from my other old fav of hers: [link]

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Which of course YouTube will always take you for a different ride, I never seemed to have caught this awesome vid of Ciara: [link]

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 5 days ago

Missy is one of the greats of hiphop. Her stuff is always good.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 4 days ago

Well, I don't know about always (I've yet to like everything from anyone) But, still she is unique and funky like no other so she has my respect.

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 4 days ago

Meanwhile, my neighbour has been running around his house screaming and shouting for the past few hours. He's obviously got mental issues, but he seems perfectly normal when you see him.

Now, as long as he doesn't blow up his apartment (and mine with it), I only find it somewhat amusing. Yes, amusing, I'm evil like that.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 3 days ago

And speaking of insane, I just preordered the European edition of the new Band-Maid album, even though the Japanese version is already on its way via banana boat (if it does not get lost in the mail). Why would I spend around $40 on an album I already have ordered elsewhere? Because it comes with a KAgaMI t-shirt: [link] and I really dig her artwork.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 3 days ago

Gotta love the crazy neighbor syndrome. If I was not immune to Sammy screaming during gaming I would kill the kid that is over my bedroom screaming during gaming at 3:00 in the morning but I think I am pretty patient with him compared to his neighbors on the other side of him (whom I hear giving that kid death threats at 3:00am) hehe!

I will check that link out when I get home I like that artwork myself. And you are speaking to someone who thinks that money is meant to be spent!!!

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 3 days ago

Nah, that one looks too girly/frilly for you so you need to give that one to me!

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 3 days ago

It's mine! Mine alone!

It still has not dawned upon me that I bought a purple shirt.

The little white devil went to the vet today. She screamed bloody murder after I put her into the basket. I don't think I've ever seen such an angry cat. At the vet she managed to escape after he gave her the sedative and ran through the building, then fell asleep while hanging from a radiator (and kept hanging).

She's back home now, stumbling across the place until the sedative works off, giving me all kinds of dirty looks. And then there's momma cat. You'd expect her to give her daughter some moral support, but instead she's gone in hiding and is hissing and grownling whenever daughter comes near (because she smells differently).

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 2 days ago

Poor kitty! It's for her own good though because them hormones will cause her to make her great escape and you will never see her again. I lost my dog in the past because I refused to get him fixed and he flew out of the door between my legs never to be seen again. I could not catch him (I had just taken his tags off the day before for his bath)

This cat thing is new to me, I never seen myself as a cat owner but here I am!

When I got Dex fixed they sent me home with a collar for him so that he would not mess with his stitches but when I put the collar on he turned into a Tasmanian Devil! He spun around in a circle and flew up the stairs and ran into the wall then fell down all the stairs and stunned or knocked himself out! I was so upset I took the stupid collar off and I will never ever use that again on him. He did just fine without it.

Your kitty is older though so I hope she heals quickly, but watch out for the collar! They don't like that!

// Dor_work / 376 weeks and 2 days ago

My late dog ran away a few times, but she would stop at the corner and look back with a "come on, what's keeping you" look on her face. Fortunately, I could always outrun her.

By collar, you mean the cone shaped thing that makes your pet look ridiculous. Vet said he used "subdermal stiches" and that they usually don't touch that.

Morning has broken and mother and daughter still don't see eye to eye. Daughter needs to come out from under the couch so she can eat. Mother needs to stop stalking her kid and stop hissing at her.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Now the strange thing. I'm not particularly worried about these two (everything will be alright eventually), but for some reason the past days have left me rather exhausted.

I'm turning into a surrogate parent...

How to fix that... Ah yes, three ninja videos.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

As for my dog Golith, I think it had more to do with that at the time I had roofers fixing things and he got spooked or something (but I never seen him again after he took off)

And yes, that cone thingie, Dex went into crazy mode and it was horrible I will NEVER use that on him again. Most likely since your cat is female and mine is male the stitches were done differently cause his were outside but he never had issues without that cone so all was well. Strange that the momma cat is not sniffing and comforting her daughter (dogs would) but cats are so different than dogs.

/me has to hit the gym early today because I myself am in collector mode and I need to get this when the store opens up since coach only makes a limited edition of these!

Myyyy precioussss: [link]

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Stupid site bounces me back to the front page. I suspect you were linking to a bag.

The vet used an antiseptic to sterilise the wound area. So now she smells differently than before. And apparenty go by the smell to identify others. So mother cat thinks there's a strange new cat in the house. Smell should wear off in a few days.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope, I cannot touch the bags (they are ridiculously over priced)

I want this small clutch: [link] if you click on the image it might take you back to the right spot (the black and pink one!)

Even the clutches are ridiculous but I have the matching apple watch strap on order for two months already they only are making 125 apple watch straps in black/pink and I got one secured!!!

Anyways, pouring rain and the store is not open yet so I'm going to run over there in a bit and see if I can grab the clutch they sell out too fast.

/me sends off healing vibes for that little white devil, keep her separated from her Mom until she heals or she may get into a fight with her and open up the internal stitches or something...

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy that is so strange? yeah, I see the links don't change when you click on the diff colors? [link]

Anyways, it's just a small tiny black clutch it has black and pink leather flowers sown onto it and it's insanely cool!

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Jesus H. Christ, that price tag... I could buy three long out of stock three ninja shirts on eBay for ridiculous scalping prices with that amount. /me checks... Oi, my fox shirt now sells for almost five times what I paid for it. Crazy people.

I do hope you do not have a closet full of clutches?

Then again, with my crazy collections I should not say anything.

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

No you shouldn't! But no, I only have about 4-5 which is not a closet full and the bags are way too much I normally only buy the small clutches or crossbodys (just enough for phone, keys and money etc) I don't like carrying my house with me like most other females do.

I doubt this link will work for the apple watch band but: [link] applique strap

By the way, I already killed your mailbox with some pics but you can't reach me to slap me and I can't hear you so you can't scream at me either. hehe

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 1 day ago

Link does not work, no. Weird site.

And my spam filter protects me against Doreens or grandmothers sending pics of their grandchildren ("oh, look at how cute your niece is here").

/me grabs a shovel and goes scoop through the spam folder

Alright, I'll reply here. My poor inbox. Li'l Dex is sleeping like he owns the place. That's good. Means he's totally comfortable in your house. And I think I prefer the bag your clutch came in over that clutch. Then again, you don't ever see men with clutches, so that may be a factor.

And what might "glovetanned leather" be?

// craeonics / 376 weeks and 22 hours ago

I had two choice, go spend an hour trying to find a free host your pic here website that would have had blinking flashing porn pop ups or or spend two seconds and kill your inbox? (choice was easy peasy for me)

Glovetanned leather be: That clutch will out live the two of us by at least a billion years and at some point in time in the long distant future an Alien from outer space will unearth it and find my leather flowers and think he discovered a new species of flowers or something...

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 18 hours ago

OMG! My preciousssss (me just glanced at it's brilliance in handcraft & perfecto color combo)

// Doreen / 376 weeks and 18 hours ago

The alien is going to take your bag!

Did a quick google and just about the only thing I can find about "glovetanned" is that Coach uses it. Either Google is getting more useless everyday or it's just a brand name.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 6 days ago

Only over my dead body! I suppose I did not describe it correctly for you? Let me try againnn, Glovetanned leather be: Leather that feels soft as can be but is simply indestructible, you cannot tear it or really wear it down and it only looks better with age since the color of the leather begins to pretty much shine threw. (I suppose that is the best I can describe) some leathers dry out and crack and tear and look horrible over time but this one does not kinda like patina which gets super shinny, darker and softer. (They actually look better than when you first buy them)

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 6 days ago

The color of them changes too but in my case I always buy the black so all I ever see over time is the "shine" come through the brown ones probably look much better over time most likely.

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 6 days ago

/me is listening to my neighbor upstairs screaming in Korean at that gamer kid who apparently has a super bad case of Whopping Cough he sounds like a seal or a walrus at the beach!

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 6 days ago

We should take that kid and my crazy neighbour and ship them off to the glovetan factory to make more bags.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 5 days ago

Not too sure they'd pass through inspection. At any rate it seems more quite tonight so gamer kid must be on the mend...

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 5 days ago

In other news, I got a new mini computer: [link]. It's tiny, quite cheap (hence me buying it), passive cooled, so completely quiet, and comes with Windows 10.

Now Windows 10... It thas this rather clean, flat look. Nothing wrong with that. Except that the windows are bright white and there does not seem to be an option to change that. Surely someone out there must have whipped up something to get rid of that white. It's hurting my eyes.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 4 days ago

And to think that you used to be a skinner?

1. Settings

2. Personalization

3. Colors, "Dark"

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, that looks interesting (and compact) hard to keep up with all the options we have these days. I don't spend as much time behind the computer at home as I used to since I stopped telecommuting years ago.

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 4 days ago

Dutchy make sure to scroll down so you can see where it says "Choose your app mode" then select "Dark" there are other ways to set things up but I keep things black/pink.

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 4 days ago

That only applies to "app" windows. I you run regular programs, like Explorer, the windowws are glaringly white. It seems like there is a thin layer of new interface which has been restyled and you can make dark, but it takes very little to poke through that and end up with the regular hard coded white interface.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 3 days ago

You need to do the same steps through the settings for MS Edge etc. a bit redundant. I don't spend enough time on it to theme all the elements like in the past I've got the tiles & app windows black/pink and my wallpaper is black/pink, my keyboard, mouse & mouse pad rotate glow colors of black/pink.

As a last resort I suppose you could just toss on a pair of really dark sun glasses?

// Dor_work / 375 weeks and 3 days ago

So basically I can change the colours of the bits I never use and only the title bar of the bits I do use.

You can switch to a high contrast theme and tweak the colours thereof, but the interface is rather retarded. No preview of the colours and if you hit apply, you have to enter a name to save a new theme. If you enter the name of an existing theme, Windows will hiss. Using a high contrast theme disables some other options, so no go.

Another option is to export a Win 7 colour scheme and import that. And so I ended up with a frankenstein theme where bits that were also in Win 7 were the right colours, but new elements were still full white. So no go there either.

I've only been using it for two evening and I've already stumbled across so many regressions, things that don't work or things that are stupid. I don't know how they test these things, but the testers must be hare brained.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 2 days ago

I think there is an update coming so maybe an option for better customization may come but picture-in-picture is supposed to come which will be good for YouTube or Netflix while you are working on other things etc.

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 1 day ago

This guy is pretty new (to me at least) but this tune caught my attention: [link]

/me goes grab this one! cool beat...

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 1 day ago

Argh, Ed Sheeran...

and double argh, the hard drive of one of my machines just failed. I've already spent way too much time on computer things this week.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 1 day ago

Probably your hard drive got tired of all those ninjas and took a dive to escape? Either that or it was about a 100 years old and finally died...

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 14 hours ago

It was five years old and it could have given a hint. Or maybe it did. I had three mysterious lockups in the past few months, but could not figure out the cause. This machine runs 24/7, headless (no monitor) and unsupervised, next to my router. If there was a monitor it would have probably displayed an error message.

Anyways, new drive arrived. Win7 installed again. Thing has been running updates for the past four hours. Can't install what I want to run on it until that's done.


The good news is that I did manage to salvage the import three ninja videos, that were not yet mirrored on another machine.

// craeonics / 375 weeks and 13 hours ago

You may be running updates for days but Win7 is still the best from what we have to choose at the moment. Win10 is coming out with an update I think but not sure when that hopefully fixes some issues.

If your hard drive has issues again then you can be sure it's the three ninjas that are causing the problems and you really get rid of them.

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 9 hours ago

really should get rid of them. Seeee they even cause my fingers to crash when I'm typing!

// Doreen / 375 weeks and 9 hours ago

Your fingers are crashing because they are frozen by the snow that's falling over here. People here always go "it's December, it's winter", but in my experience the real cold only hits around February, lasting deep into March.

I let the cats on the balcony. Did not see them go out, but I do see deep paw prints, so at least one went wading through the snow.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 6 days ago

That has got to be pretty (but also murder to have to go out to work in the early morning) over here we are getting unusual rain fall but we need it I had even forgot what green grass looked like but now "everything" is totally green again!

// Doreen / 374 weeks and 6 days ago

There's a damnready to burst up North, so you won'have to worry about that drought.

The snow here had melted come dawn. It freezes at night, it thaws during the day.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 5 days ago

Those are some very odd typos... I need to hit the space bar harder and aim better. Typing with four fingers.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, in actuality, if that dam does burst we will still have to worry about the drought because all that water will go to waste. What is wrong with these architects?

// Dor_work / 374 weeks and 5 days ago

But then again, I don't know if we ever had this much rain? It has been really weird, I never seen this much rain before. Now that my patio is no longer flooding I say Bring it onnnnn!!! I Love this rain!

// Dor_work / 374 weeks and 5 days ago

Let the owner install some proper drainage first, then rejoice. That dam thing is apparently something that was known for years but never dealt with due to bureaucracy.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 4 days ago

They already did right after that flooding incident I had. They made an emergency hole in the neighbors wall and also created a trench so now I have to worry that my cat will creep through to my neighbors patio and become a snack for his monster dogs. I keep it plugged and when it rains I lock Dex in and open up the plugs for the rain to drain etc.

Huge storm coming again in a couple of days hooray!

As for that dam wellll, we "never" get this much rain so they most likely didn't think it would be a problem. I'm sure they never seen this coming, we've been having crazy rain.

// Dor_work / 374 weeks and 4 days ago

Alternative, don't plug it, but put a roster in front of it. Something like the stuff they use to make fences for chickens (we call it "kippengaas"), like this: [link]

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 3 days ago

If Dex puts his paw inside any of those holes those monster dogs will literally rip it off in a second. They are ferocious. Dex is stupid and will try to play with them but they on the other hand will eat him in two bites if even that. I have the trench and hole plugged up with sand bags.

// Doreen / 374 weeks and 3 days ago

Li'l Dex should get some body armour. And maybe try a self-defense course.

I'm not sure what my trailer trash cats would do when confronted by a big dog. Probably run and hid, but they're probably ghetto enough to rough up the dog first.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 2 days ago

Your cats are street wise so you don't have to worry about them (they have survivor skills) but Dex is not and has absolutely no survivor skills at all. Dex wants to actually go play with those Dogs! They are going insane to get to him growling, drooling and ripping at the wall because all they want to do is tear him into little bite size rieces pieces and eat him for a snack. He has absolutely no sense or fear of them when they are ripping at the wall? I see him going to the wall all curious without a drop of fear or caution and wants to go play with those wild dogs. Kinda reminds me of myself when I was younger and stupid and played around with the wild dogs and got bit by a rabid wolf...

// Dor_work / 374 weeks and 2 days ago

So basically, you're saying Li'l Dex is Li'l Dor. I suspect that means his ambitions in live are living under a bridge somewhere (but fortunately he'll end up in some stable secretary position).

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't know about stable dutchy (I'm moving again) but this time it will be a lateral position (not promotional) a couple of days ago I went over to congratulate another secretary that works in the Dept because I heard she was retiring and one thing led to another. She had the cert list in her hands and was telling me she was getting ready to begin the process of calling the girls on the lists to get them scheduled for interviews with her boss to fill her upcoming vacancy and she joked and said do you want my spot!? (she really didn't feel like working the lists) and I joked and said wellll, do you do Budgets, renew contracts, licenses, PRs, and plan big events and parties etc. etc. and she said nope, he has his Division Managers that handle all that stuff I just handle his calendar and do secretarial duties such as maintaining the mandatory Divisions training etc. so I said YES and she hooked me up with an interview the next morning and I got hired on the spot! Her last day is March 30th so I will transition over sometime in April. I know I said I would NEVER work for a man again but during the interview I could feel this man's spirit and he felt kind, gentle, calm and at peace with himself. I'm still a bit nervous about the move again but this time I think it will be a good fit. He designs and constructs LA County's main Data Centers! I think this will be an awesome job!

// Doreen / 374 weeks and 1 day ago

Congrats. Now you won't have to book those parties anymore (I think that's more a personal assistent type of job). I think at this point in time they should put your desk under wheels, so they can just roll you from department to department.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 22 hours ago

I typed "your desk on wheels". Somehow my mind interpreted it as "wheels on your desk". I corrected it to "under" and somehow ended up with that mess up there.

// craeonics / 374 weeks and 22 hours ago

Dank je mijn dutchy, I had been praying that God would open up an escape door for me from my current job and this happened very unexpected and fast (so I'm still trying to process it) but "if" this position is as good as it "seems" it will take a stick of dynamite to get me out of it because I hate all this moving.

/me goes swim to the gym (crazy rain again, it's been totally awesome!)

// Doreen / 374 weeks and 18 hours ago

Perhaps it's time to invest in a rubber boat.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 6 days ago

I know you won't believe me but there are actually a few streets around by me where you could float a rubber boat! (it's insane this rain)

And Dex is insane too cuz he keeps drinking that rain water by the buckets outside as if it taste like a milkshake to him?

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 6 days ago

Cats are weird like that. Mine prefer to drink the filthy water that has gathered on the balcony over the clean water in their bowl.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, Band-Maid now has an official shop and I spotted two KAgaMI shirts. Really not her best work, but still. Expensive though. Shirts are $30 a pop. Add $20 shipping. Add customs intercepting the package since this is registered shipping, so $12 handling fee plus 21% tax.

I'm on the fence.

Yet the fact that I'm considering it would suggest that I might just get them. I think I'm finally mentally turning teen. Walking around in band shirts at this age (never did that as an actual teen).

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Sammy keeps freaking out about it (I just think it's crazy) but obviously it taste good to him so there must be something different in the taste that they go for. At any rate he is making me curious about it. hehe

I keep telling Sammy that I seriously doubt he will die from rain water!

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Could be a mid life crisis you are having? And I'm playing with you. I think if you have a free spirit and just be yourself at any age you can't go wrong. Just don't start wearing or doing that Pokemon stuff (cuz then I will worry about you!)

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Let me see what three ninja stuff you are looking at now. (that artist is pretty good)

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh wait you said Band-Maid? I'm curious, so that artist designs for both the three ninjas and Band-Maid? I thought I seen one design for those ninjas that I liked better then the rest (It had a dragon or something)

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

Was poking around again, it just seems that her artwork has so much hidden detail that you could look at it for days and keep finding/seeing something new or hidden in the details, eyeballs, flowers, skulls, birds and on and on. That is a good artist though the art is constantly the same (dark) I wonder if she does lighter art?

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 5 days ago

I think she only does rather dark stuff.

It's the first two on this page: [link]. Definitely not her best work, but I'm going to get them anyway (the moon must be full). I'll probably get that third t-shirt too, just to justify the shipping cost (I blame lunacy). The other shirts are not very interesting.

I actually did spot a KAgaMI on the three ninja webshop yesterday, but it was only available in XL (and sold out in about an hour). I need somewhere between M and L.

Now I have to take a gamble as to how big a Japanese L is.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, no offense dutchy, I think that is more for us females? (I would totally get that pink, purple & black one!) course whatever floats your boat though.

As for a Large in Japan (remember they eat alot of sushi) I hardly ever see fat Japanese so I'm going to guess or assume a Large in their size would be more a Medium? I seriously don't think their large is like our larges? (but who knows)

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

Anyways, I took the day off just to stretch out yesterday's Holiday and me has to go get some shopping done myself, but I'm totally lazy today...

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

Stay away from the Coach shop or you'll walk out with yet another bag.

As for the pink thing, I already have the Revelation shirt: [link], which is predominantly pink (or purple, depending on your definition of pink). I'm wearing my orange glasses, so I can't judge colours correctly at the moment anyway.

I'm going to guess L will be my size and order those things, then wait until April before I finally get them (and for customs to intercept them).

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

Eek! Shipping costs for one shirt is $20. Three shirts is $33. Do they want me to go bankrupt or something? I've dropped the third shirt. Shipping's now going to cost me a "mere" $26.

I know the cheapest option to send something from Japan is around $5. That takes about three weeks and is unregistered (hence less chance of customs). But they don't offer that option.

I think I'm being robbed somewhere...

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG! That Revelation t-shirt. Not one, not two but three wolves! Ack! I've had enough of one particular wolf to last me a life time dutchy.

Ummmm, I wasssss going to the coach shop but I needed other more important things (like a new perfume, Black Opium) sick of my usual. Anyways, I say when you want something you're not shopping for a pretty price tag you're shopping for a pretty item! Another words I NEVER look at the price tag, I look at what I want or I will NEVER get what I REALLY want. (course I do alot of praying when I cannot pay some bills but so what) hehe

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, I suggest you start scoping out some bridges to live under. Just as a precaution.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 3 days ago

Hey! I've already thought that out which is why I bought that lil black MX Miata (I will always have my car to live in!)

Yes silly, I'm a bit reckless but I do know my limits and I know I will be working for a long while so I might as well have fun while doing it. (I need to get my years in no matter what so I can't retire early anyways)

My point issss if you want those t-shirts don't focus on the price, shipping or customs (or any of it) just get them! You wait so long worrying about all of that stupid stuff and that is why when you finally go to get them they are already sold out!

// Dor_work / 373 weeks and 3 days ago

Yeah, so about those shirts... Yesterday the US Three Ninja store put up two overstock tour shirts. One only in size S, so no use to me. The other one in S and M. US size M should fit me well. Shipping costs were murder and customs is going to spoil my party and make this my most expensive shirt ever, but I (ofcourse) bought it: [link]

I think I need to start scoping out bridges myself.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 2 days ago

Good! I'm glad you got it! Dutchy life is for living, common sense kicks in when it needs to but if you are simply living but not enjoying anything then you are not really living. I've seen too many ppl save every single penny for their future or retirement and then kick the bucket right when they think they are going to enjoy life. (I think it's stupid not to enjoy the "moments" of life) whatever it is that makes you happy get it! I'm glad you got em!

I have to check that link out later, I can't have anything possibly popping up (possibly this is the "only" site on the internet that always feels save to me)

// Dor_work / 373 weeks and 2 days ago

I was just thinking I sure hope he don't toss his t-shirts in the washer/dryer and they (I cannot find the word!) dissolve? on you! hehe

You have to be careful how you wash those...

// Dor_work / 373 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, I checked out that link for your t-shirt, and I have to say though I don't know you, but I know you? Now THAT I could see on you! That is a perfect t-shirt for mijn dutchy. (worth whatever it ended up costing you!)

Be careful when you get these t's cuz if they are not silk screens and are any form of iron on and you don't hand wash them in cold water and hang them to air dry you'll ruin them in one wash or dry (they will crack and crumble)

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 2 days ago

The two I already have seem to hold up fine. Thick prints and I don't think they've shrunk or faded so far. Not that I know anything about washing. When I bought my washing machine the sales lady said "just put it at thirty degrees" and I've been doing so ever since.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 1 day ago

They are either one or the other (silk screen or iron on) just wash them inside out to protect the print and keep them out of the dryer or they will eventually crack and fade etc.

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 1 day ago

Everything will crack and fade eventually. It the nature of things. If I want them to remain in pristine condition, I'd best not wear them. But I'm not buying clothes not to wear them (that's craziness).

The inside out thing may be a good idea though.

// craeonics / 373 weeks and 21 hours ago

Just keep washing them in cold water (like you do) and inside out and they will last for a long time. They will probably outlast you.

// Doreen / 373 weeks and 17 hours ago

I've got cats.

I like to pick up those cats.

The cats tend not to appreciate that and do what cats do.

Ergo, most of my t-shirts have holes and claw markes and probably won't outlast me (none of my three ninja t-shirts have been harmed thus far).

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 6 days ago

Dex has switchblades too but he NEVER pulls them out on me, he is so gentle but I see what he can do when I look at my furniture and hear him going at it on his scratch post! He could slice me in half if he really wanted to with those claws he has.

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 6 days ago

Little devils is what they are. One only needs to see how they yawn.

So my two Band-Maid shirts were described as having "Japanese sizes, so pick one size up if you want Western sizes". So I ordered them one size up. A week later I checked the site and suddenly they're listed as having "Western sizes". Grrreat...

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 5 days ago

Dexter being void of a nasal bridge looks like an alien from space when he yawns...

I think what happened is the ones they had in stock at the time you placed your order were probably Japanese sizes and then they may have rec'd more inventory that are now Western sizes. (hopefully) if not you could mount them and frame them for your wall?

// Dor_work / 372 weeks and 5 days ago

Or wash 'em real hot and see if they shrink. I'll need to get them first. These things won't ship until the end of next month.

I've been hearing some moderately interesting stuff lately, but MTV only shows the name of the artist at the beginning of the song (yes, they still play music in the morning), so I never know who or what it is.

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 5 days ago

I put things in the dryer for an hour (or more on hot) when I want to shrink my cloths but I highly would not recommend you put something that has any ink printed image (even inside out) because it will definitely fade the colors and "crack the print" for sures. Don't even try it...

// Dor_work / 372 weeks and 5 days ago

That trick will only work good on shrinking jeans and solid colored cotton shirts.

// Dor_work / 372 weeks and 5 days ago

Meanwhile, I'm still wondering if I heared anything good lately. So far nothing comes to mind.

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 4 days ago

Only thing good that I've heard in a very long time that is fresh and new (to me atleast) is that tune by Ed Sheeran - The Shape of You (and I think he made two other remixes of it collaborating with others) but I've not had time to track them down yet to check them out.

// Dor_work / 372 weeks and 4 days ago

I think I saw that one this morning. Or at least it was an Ed Sheeran song I had not heard yet.

Something from the Orient, Chanmina - Fxxker [link] (I'm not sure whether or not she is censoring it or that is the actual title). Not the best of songs. Not the best of rappers. But when that bass kicks in... So deep, I can actually feel my subwoover picking up the signal (it's usually dormant).

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 3 days ago

This video contains content from Victor Entertainment, Inc.. It is not available in your country.

It figures...

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 3 days ago

Some companies just don't understand the global nature of the internet. And strange anyway that it's blocked for you and not for me. It's not like you can get her stuff here.

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 2 days ago

No kidding, to put up road blocks on the internet defeats the person of the "internet" itself?

Anyways, I finally got around to checking out one of the remixes of that Shape of You tune and it was yuk: [link]

I still need to find the other one (I heard there were two or something)

I normally go for remixes better then originals but in this case most likely nothing will beat out his original version.

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 1 day ago

Person? Where did that come from? hehe "Purpose" of the internet.

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 1 day ago

/me goes try to find some new tunes to freshen up my playlist for the gym...

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 1 day ago

That Mercules version was pretty okay for what it was. A short cut of the song looped and a guy singing/rapping over it. It lacks a punch, but these things always lack a punch.

Meanwhile, customs has intercepted my three ninja shirt... Or rather, I can see from the tracking status that it is currently stuck at "customs clearance". Now they're going to sit on their hands for a week, then finally send me a letter telling me to provide them with payment details.

Then a few days later the mailman will show up and I have to pay at the door in cash, which I ofcourse don't don't do. It's 2017. Who still uses cash at this point? Then I'll have to tell the mailman to drop it off at the post office and wait until it arrives there, before I can finally go over, pay all the fines and taxes and get my stuff.

Such a hassle. Why don't they streamline this process (send me an invoice or something)...

// craeonics / 372 weeks and 20 hours ago

Hassle indeed, you should go to an ATM get the cash required and drop it off at your mom's house and have the PO send the package to your moms so she can pay and sign for it. (eliminate some of the hassle)

I have my own delivery hassles going on at the moment too, I checked my matching pink/black leather tearose applewatch strap and after two months now it's still showing on backorder! But the good thing is when it finally does ship I have it going to the Coach store in the mall so that they can sign for it cuz when I get things shipped to my apt they will either get stolen off my porch or if they require signature (like this one does) I am never home since I live at work these days. *sigh*

The lady at the store will simply sign for it call me when it arrives and I can run down there on my day off and pick it up.

(that's if they ever decide to actually ship it!)

// Doreen / 372 weeks and 18 hours ago

You frequent that store so much they probably think you live there.

I ship to the office, since I'm usually at work during delivery hours. Ofcourse the the packages I'm most eager to receive then tend to arrive on a Friday or on a Friday just before a holiday.

The rush to the ATM thing does not work, because I do not know how much extra I have to pay until the mailman shows up.

Back to music, I've finally caught the beginning of that one song I've been hearing a lot lately. It's that Twenty One Pilots duo you mentioned before: Heavydirtysoul [link]. It has drums and bass and I like drums and bass. Not too sold on the singing, but we can't have it all.

// craeonics / 371 weeks and 6 days ago

Well though we can't have it all in one single tune we probably could have it all if we build our playlist right, the only thing missing in mine is opera (too dramatic and just weird) but that might change since I found myself eyeball to eyeball with my stepdad's biological daughter yesterday at the hospital and she is a famous opera singer. If opera is as angelic and pretty as she looks it might not be as bad as I think.

Anyways dutchy, my stepdad (my dad) is not doing good and I need to hold my Mom up for a while so though you don't believe in God I could use some prayers. My body might hold up but my heart is in total agony (need some prayers of strength and guidance)

Later gator...

// Doreen / 371 weeks and 5 days ago

I predict an influx of worship tunes.

Go help your mom. I hope she's realistic about things. Her life will go on even if your dad passes away. And she still has her kids and grandkids and what not.

// craeonics / 371 weeks and 5 days ago

Just for that comment: [link] (I especially like the part where she sings "This don't feel good right now")

Mom, is having difficulties processing things but she is realistic and we will get her through it. Not sure which way this is going me and him really never talk religion but I hear him calling to God and I'm feeling he won't be with us longer but he's a strong man so not sure.

And of course I got a pop up on my phone that they finally shipped my pink/black watch band yesterday as overnight due to be delivered today at the coach store (great timing) and suddenly I could care less if I ever get it...

// Doreen / 371 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, I shan't link to Madonna's Material Girl then.

If this are your father's last days, you should spend some time with him. Memories will be all that keeps him alive in your mind. Although, that may not fly anymore with everything on video this day and age.

Then again, if I were dying, I'd tell everyone to sod off and leave me in peace. There's a time and a place to be accommodating and that would not be it.

// craeonics / 371 weeks and 4 days ago

Nope, not wanting "these" memories (I hope they get erased quickly) but I of course already have the best memories engraved with him. He is strong so he is still hanging in there but the only words we hear from him is "Heaven" now so either the meds are really good or there is really a Heaven, either way he won't be with us for much longer.

And when it is your time you will tell everyone to sod off and be on your death bed with your lil tiny laptop visiting Tek while I continue to annoy you to your last breath. (If I have not kicked the bucket first)

/me goes crawl into bed to recharge my battery, its at 1% right now...

// Doreen / 371 weeks and 3 days ago

I could implement a dead man's switch on Tek. If I don't post every so many days, the site could show a final message.

Silliness ofcourse. It's not just my site and I'm too lazy to do so anyway. And what if I'd had a sudden internet outage or what not.

// craeonics / 371 weeks and 2 days ago

Yeah right, then I'd probably have to throw on that weird Bathory anthem tune (can't think of the name of it right now) and mourn you and then you'd suddenly pop up out of nowhere a few days later only to post about a new album coming out from the three ninjas or something...

I have two step fathers the one my Mom is/was married to and my choochie brother's father (the one that was going to Italy this coming June/July) well my brothers father got into a car accident and died so we've put them both to rest now. Too much in such a short period of time dutchy. Most would seriously question God at a time like this but I have never seen him more clearly. I had alot of questions for him about all of this but I got them answered. At any rate if I drop off the radar for a bit it's cuz me is running on empty and need to make sure my Mom is solid (which she is doing surprisingly well through it all)

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 4 days ago

Two funerals? Not good. We have a superstition in my family that death always comes in threes. Take heed and care.

The Bathory song would be "Bond of Blood" [link] (but I have added a three ninja song to the list, specifically [link]). I'm going to annoy the hell out of anyone attending my service and make a lasting impression.

// craeonics / 370 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh boy, now my dutchy is getting old and senile on me. No, I think the name of it was Hammerheart? The one that sounds like an anthem? (It always sounded like a funeral anthem for a viking or something like that)

I think God has a sense of humor because remember how I swore I would never have more than one cat? My Mom has two cats and I've decided that she is going to live with me. All the lil old men in the complex where she and my Dad were living got news he died and they are swarming around my Mom and there is no way in Hell I want another stepdad, it was hard enough losing these two within a week of each other. She will live with me and when she gets bored with me she can drive herself over to visit my sister for craziness or to Las Vegas to visit my brother for madness but she will have some stability with me. I'm getting my home today strange there was a home I looked at buying last year and it never sold it was as if it had my name on it so I'm completing the paperwork today to get it and then when escrow closes I'm moving, it has three bedrooms, one for Sammy, my Mom. I'm not as excited about getting it this time around but that house was meant for me I suppose.

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh by the way "This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

Ha! I didn't want to hear three ninjas anyways!

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 2 days ago

Bond of Blood is still good...

I need to find them CD's (I'm sure I will find them when I move again in a box)

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 2 days ago

The name of the album was Hammerheart.

And how the hell can a fan-made video be blocked. SME (Sony Music) has nothing to do with them. They are signed to Amuse Inc. Shenanigans!

Here, some decent hipperdehop from the Far East [link] (which will probably be blocked on your end for no good reason and I can't enter their names because the filter will eat it).

Anyways, moving again? You're really fast at switching places. It would take me months.

// craeonics / 370 weeks and 2 days ago

I know, and this move will cost me (because I have to break my lease) I opened escrow the day before yesterday so as soon as I get the move in date to my new home I will need to notify where I currently live to let them know I have to break my lease and I don't think they will have any mercy.

I hit a road block when I wanted this house last year this time around everything was different (even the listed agent is different) I asked him how come the house never sold (spooky I thought maybe the house was cursed) he said that there were alot of people that attempted to buy it but nothing panned out for any of them, one couple was approved and ready to go in and they divorced right before things were to close. Right now there "was" a guy wanting to do a cash deal but he's been sitting on the fence and they don't know why.

I took my Mom to see the house because she wanted to stay living where she currently lives but I don't want her to be alone she will be lonely without him. I thought she would fight me on this because she is very strong willed but when we walked through the house she said she felt something and said yes. I contacted the new agent to talk to him about this and I expected to hit new problems but it looks like a slam dunk. I didn't even need to negotiate the price because since the house is new but now is listed as a 2016 rather than a 2017 he knocked off 6 grand off the top of the selling price? Either that house did really have my name written on it or there is something terribly wrong with this house. hehe!

I don't know but I will find out soon enough...

And I am transitioning over to a new job the first week of April this will really be challenging.

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 14 hours ago

OMG! Japanese rappers? That is just insane and they pulled it off? Totally awesome and cool beats too!

// Doreen / 370 weeks and 14 hours ago

Wait, you're moving into the dreamhouse you saw last year? And it has not gone up in price (housing prices only ever go up around these parts)? You know there can be a silver lining on things and this just might be it.

Then again, living with your mother might drive you up the wall eventually.

The Call of Justice video I linked to was a one-time collaboration of nine young rappers for an animated movie of the same name. But it does sound like your average Japanese rapper would sound.

I pick one track and let YouTube auto-pick the rest, so I've been hearing a lot. Quality is very hit and miss. Some songs have good beats. Some songs have crap beats. The vocoder unfortunately shows up at times.

Painting with a broad brush, I would say Japanese hip hop is about having a single repeating melody and then rapping over it. Flow and lyrics seem to be the important bits. A bit like Wu Tang songs.

Another decent one, this DJ Ryow remix [link] has a nice bass going on.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

Not so sure if I can call it silver lining but maybe God's will or something. Most definitely will be challenging living with my Mom, though she is skinny she is a super carbaholic & carnivorous, I eat fish and avoid carbs, she is super hyper I am not but she has her own car she can go visit my sister or brother when we get on each others nerves. I'm always at work or the gym so won't be home much.

I have a feeling since I won't need a 3 bedroom later on down the line when Sammy moves out and she goes to be with my Dad I will move over to Redondo beach in a small condo, then when I kick the bucket I can simply get tossed into the waves (or whatever)

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, that is interesting. I would never in a million years think that the Japanese would have that flavor of music?

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

That third bedroom is for when the grandkids come over ofcourse.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 5 days ago

Welp, life is full of surprises and I'm not in control of too many of them...

// Dor_work / 369 weeks and 5 days ago

Back to music, Bridear has a new video out: Ignite [link]. Their sound wavers between very heavy (good) and over the top melodrama (bad). Unfortunately, this song falls into the latter category. Apart from some short riffing this one is not very interesting.

Their latest EP is on its way to me by banana boat, so hopefully the other songs are a bit better.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmmm, I seeee you are trying desperately to put me back on topic (which you already know won't last long) but okay!

/me will check out your links later gator...

// Dor_work / 369 weeks and 4 days ago

Ack! Not goed dutchy, yeah hopefully the other songs are better (cuz that one royally sucked) pretty soon I think you might have to check out some rental space to store all those horrible CD's you've been buying lately!

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 4 days ago

I need to receive those albums first. They're still out there somewhere.

Meanwhile I spotted and ordered yet another three ninja shirt: [link]. Unlike the previous ones, this one is a bit of an acquired taste...

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 3 days ago

hehe!!! Ummm, three ninjas dressed for Halloween as ghost in black sheets?

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay now that is so funny and ridiculous I actually had to laugh audibly...

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm going to look like an idiot wearing that.

Then again, I also have and wear a bright yellow tie-dye shirt, so nothing new on that front.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 2 days ago

And if I remember correctly you said you wear orange glasses too? Good thing I talk to you blind folded or you might make me dizzy or something...

// Dor_work / 369 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm a shining beacon of in the darkness of blandness.

Some music from your neck on the woods: Kendrick Lamar - Alright [link] (2015). Video gets progressively weirder.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 1 day ago

You mean you're a total hippy.

/me goes check out your madness...

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 1 day ago

Weirder indeed, but at least they put some effort into the vid most others these days don't.

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 1 day ago

Not much to choose from these days to please the ears but this is zo zo...


// Doreen / 369 weeks and 1 day ago

Guy thinks hard of a name and decides to go with "Ty Dolla $ign".

Which reminds me of this band from Taiwan which has a guitar player going by "Evil Dan": Silent Hell - Reject [link] (2013). Warning: very much not safe for Doreens. First half of the song is pretty good, then it sort of fizzles away.

Also something weird going on with this band. It seems that after this album all members except Mr Dan left for some reason. My Taiwanese is rather poor, so I don't know the how and why.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 21 hours ago

Ack, too loud & noisy to listen to that today. Though the guitar player looked interesting...

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

There was three so I'm talking about the one on the left which I doubt was Mr. Dan...

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

The one on the left with the long hair was Mr Evil Dan indeed. The faces he makes during the solos, we call that "apen" (monkeying) in our family. Being so focussed that your yaw starts moving around on its own.

Something recent that may be a tad easier on the ears: Teddyloid ft. Aina the End - To the End [link]

// craeonics / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

On an unrelated note, I find that I am flipping the position of the "bijzin" (dependent clause, why is English so verbose) a lot these days. This is one hundred procent because of all the Japanese I've been exposed to. They talk in reverse (a bit like Yoda).

// craeonics / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

It's probably like: English is left to right, Japanese is right to left and Spanish is inside out. Strange though, when you try to learn a new lingo your mind has to completely rethink the order of speech all over again.

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

I have a feeling you moved over to Japan?

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

Since I'm still over here on this side it's the same ole booty tunes: [link]

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 6 days ago

I've seen that Iggy pop up, but I don't think I've heard it yet.

Me no like travel so me not going nowhere. Though I indirectly know someone who moved there and is now teaching English there to young kids at a private school. Guy has zero teaching credentials. Craziness.

// craeonics / 368 weeks and 5 days ago

My choochie brother has plans to travel abroad and teach English as well but he is getting his degrees etc.

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 2 days ago

Being in front of a class of little runts... I'd rather not. The horror, the horror.

World crae day is approaching, so taking family and friends out for dinner tomorrow. Normally I'd strictly do that on my actual birthday, but I'm hearing "think of the little ones" left and right, so it's going to be on a Saturday in a kid friendly restaurant at six so the little gits can all be in their beds by nine.

Got a song with a happy beat: K-yo ft. Young Hastle & DJ Ty-Koh - Strong Zero [link], and you'd be right in thinking this song is about booze. "Strong Zero" is a liquor with high alcohol and no sugar.

// craeonics / 368 weeks and 1 day ago

Well good, then I don't need to go through all that hassle of cooking you up another viking cake for your birthday again. Been busy between transitioning at work and yesterday I signed on the dotted line and made my house official. I've been so busy I've not had time to be excited about anything.

/me goes check out that tune...

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 1 day ago

This video contains content from Blues interactions. It is not available in your country.

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 1 day ago

Is this it? [link]

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 1 day ago

No, that's a different one. Title of that one translates to "every day I drink alcohol". These guys are going to end up completely wasted.

The one I mentioned is... nowhere to be found elsewhere.

Stupid region blocking. It would also nice if they'd mention those things somewhere on the page so I would know.

Anyways, congrats on the house. Let me go dig up a song to help you with moving... Here, Ree l2 Real [link] (1994).

// craeonics / 368 weeks and 22 hours ago

I know all the stupid road blocks on the internet are totally ridiculous, I mean really a music video?

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 18 hours ago

Argh! That one again! (my choochie bro loves that silly song) anyways, packing is niet fun at all but oh well it will be worth it this time. My official move in date is set for May 1st but I will probably physically get into my house in two weeks because they said they will give me the keys in a couple of weeks to start my move. Still not sure what I'm feeling about all of this so weird my feelings have not even caught up with me yet?

// Doreen / 368 weeks and 17 hours ago

Do you need to do home decorating first or can you move right in?

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 6 days ago

I can move right in. When I went the other day for the walk through to sign the papers and make it official the house still looked beautiful, it's as if it stood still in time since the last time I seen it a year ago. (cept this time it's really mine) I just think it's probably because I'm too overwhelmed to get excited or feel anything yet, I'm still numb from the deaths and have not had time to process anything (which could be a good thing) and I've got too much going on at work, and my hyper Mom is like packed and ready to go already but I've not even got the keys yet, this time I will hire professional movers and get the move done faster.

Anyways, mijn dutchy is turning a big number soon! =)

(but of course you're still sixteen) hehe

Happy early Birthday since I know you mentioned you had to celebrate early.

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 6 days ago

I am forever young. Wait, wasn't there a song about that... [link]

I've actually had a colleague tell me I was timeless. Then again, it could have also meant I look like an oldtimer.

Anyways, good luck with the moving thing. Best let the movers handle it, then let you hyperactive mother unpack, while you focus on other matters.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 5 days ago

And so I discover Laura Branigan did a cover of Forever Young [link] (1985). I am not completely sold on some parts of it and she did turn it into a power ballad, complete with down-mixed guitar solo. But this song is strong enough to weather it all.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 5 days ago

I have no idea why that tune is so popular? I still think it's the corniest song I've ever heard in my life...

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 5 days ago

That may be so, but it's still good.

It would never fly in that form today. Not even among those in their teens at that age.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 5 days ago

It's not good it sucks and will always suck no matter who tries their hand at a remake of it...

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 4 days ago

Since it is world crae day today I'm going to play three ninja tunes allll day. No wait, I don't because they haven't released anything new the past year.

Something else, this "Check your mic remix" thing is pretty good: [link]. I especially like that last fellow with the half singing style.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, welllll dat is some pretty decent yellow tail. hehe

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 3 days ago

I've noticed there are like three types of rappers over there, first you have the "gangster" types who rap about money and drugs (no surprise there) have been listening to Snoop too much. Gratious use of vocoders abound. Example: Kowichi & DJ Ty-Koh ft. Young Hastle & K-Yo - Stoner Life (remix) [link]

Then there's rappers that write about not so much about the self-side of life but more social issues and such. These tunes are more about the lyrics than melody. Example: Creepy Nuts - (kanji reads as "help perform man actor/superior commend", but I don't know what it says) [link] (video is about management wanting them to change their image).

Finally there's freestyle rappers, who do rap battles where's there's lots of improvisation. These are primarily bout wit and flow. Example: Chanmina vs Reichi [link]. I can't understand a word, but I suspect Reichi lost here because she was screaming, while Chanmina remained cool and had a better flow (and a very intimidating stare).

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 2 days ago

This video contains content from Blues interactions. It is not available in your country.

Apparently the bouncer blocked me at the door...

But basically you described what rap be like everywhere not just over there dutchy.

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe! I don't even know what to day about that last link there...

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 2 days ago

day = say (I'm totally confoozed!)

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 2 days ago

There's a version with a backstage shot. She gets off the stage, sits down to cry, spots the camera and runs off. I think all contestants in this show were (and are) still teens.

Anyways, when she's not screaming in the mic, she does have a nice flow to her lyrics: [link] (bit of a slurry style).

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't even know how to digest that? So funny, Betty girl? It feels like it's lacking one important element? (or soul)

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 1 day ago

Total imitation (but still a good try)

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 1 day ago

I've still been hung up on this little strawberry: [link] I actually never liked his tunes before until this one. (I keep seeing songs being done to crazy choreography)

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 1 day ago

Uh oh, Ed Sheeran. He has so many songs out. It's like the new Justin Timberlake (and where did he go anyway?).

I woke up with this 80s gem in my head: The Flirts - Helpless [link] (1984). I think I'm going to annoy my colleagues with this next week.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 21 hours ago

Uh oh, someone down the block just started playing Ennio Morricone at full volume.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 21 hours ago

And now Simon and Garfunkle...

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 21 hours ago

I never heard of those Flirts but check out their choreography! hehe! (nor do I know Ennio Morricone or Simon and Garfunkle) but I think I heard Simon and Garfunkle's names before I have to see who they are...

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 18 hours ago

Oh yes, I heard them before horrible mushy style, very slow...

// Doreen / 367 weeks and 18 hours ago

Ennio Morricone did all the musical scores to those 60s spaghetti westerns. Rather iconic music. And utterly dull if you listen to a full album.

My TV YouTube has managed to forget its history again (happens every few months for some reason), so I'm back to the terrible defaults and have to find everything again.

If those defaults reflect what the average Joe around here watches, I can only conclude this is a country full of idiots.

// craeonics / 367 weeks and 2 minutes ago

I seriously need to find me some fresh new tunes but I've not had time...

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 6 days ago

This is about the only one that has recently caught my ear drum's attention: [link]

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 6 days ago

Does that track ever get started? We're talking Stone Age Rock 'n Roll melody here.

I just got passed this one: Stitches - Brick in yo face [link] (2014). As the title implies the lyrics are a tad... rough, and there's something odd about this guy's face, but that trap beat is quite nice. Bit repetitive perhaps.

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 5 days ago

Nope it never gets started. hehe I think she was shooting for that stone age style but it works for her...

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 5 days ago

Yes that one you got passed is goed! It has some Lil Jon vibes coming off of it and yes that trap beat is excellente, hopefully that guy was not stupid enough to have that as a permanent tat on his face but it could be!

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 5 days ago

Going by this recent article and the accompanying mugshot [link] I'd say those are real tattoos and he's not the sharpest stick, even though he may carry one.

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 4 days ago

I confess after I checked out your link last night I went to check out more of his tunes but I ended up scaring the Hell out of myself that guy is psycho! I even had nightmares last night!

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 4 days ago

I would say that those trap rappers are closer to the whole gangster side of thing than most gangster rappers. The genre is named after being "trapped" in a criminal lifestyle.

Hmm, to I have some tunes to quell the nightmares... No, but I do have the three ninja's darkest and heaviest track: Nightmare Rondo [link] (lyrics are about a dream wherein Su is pursued by something shimmering at the edge of her vision but can't escape the darkness).

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 3 days ago

What? You are now on a first name bases with them three ninjas? Anyways it was good until that lil demon came up from the center then it all when down the drain...

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 3 days ago

You mean that's when the awesomeness truly starts.

I got to listen to "music to concentrate" to at work. Suffice to say it was quite hard not to fall asleep (terribly dull). Church bells chime and they start complaining that they can't focus. Window is open and its too cold. Sun is shining outside and they pull down the blinds and put on the lights.

I think I need my own office.

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 2 days ago

Grrrr! Your obsession with them!!!

/me is listening to gamer kid upstairs already starting up. I'm still waiting for escrow to close so I can get my keys to my new home. I decided to have them install central air conditioning because I don't want to regret not getting it done after I move in with the heat waves we sometimes get so they have to install that. Hopefully I will have my keys 7-10 business days and I'm moving! Getting a little excited now!

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 2 days ago

Getting big things done before you move in (like a new kitchen or bathroom) is best. Otherwise you'll be stuck in a big mess while they're busy.

My three ninja obsession is in a quiet period. They have not actually released any new material the entire year, aside from some concert recordings. Right now they're in Doreen land opening for Red Hot Chili Peppers, judging by all the live fancams YouTube has been suggesting.

People go to concerts and then spend their time staring at the screen of their phone while they record things in potato quality, with crap video and worse audio.

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 1 day ago

The entire house is new though it's been sitting a year now nobody has ever lived in it. They built it with all the vents and thermostat thingy but the buyer of course needs to pay to have the central air unit installed which is stupid expensive so I'm just having them break it up into the mortgage payments over the long haul...

Those three ninjas of yours are performing over here!? Ack!!!

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 1 day ago

And I don't see why they record concerts because then they are missing the entire concert trying to record it. (ridiculous!)

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 1 day ago

And the worst part about it is that they film in portrait mode. I don't know why people film in portrait mode. Whenever I see that, and that's not often because I can't stand it, I always feel like I'm peeking through curtains or something.

Then again, there are also people that go to concerts and then scream the entire concert...

// craeonics / 366 weeks and 23 hours ago

I don't know because I still think the best seat at a concert is a home in your own comfy spot with no ridiculously long lines to a dirty bathroom and you can hear the concert without be stomped on or crazy ppl screaming in your ear or being to close to you and touching you...

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 18 hours ago

Crazy news dutchy between North Korea and our new pres with the over bloated ego about whose got the most powerful weapons (as if they "own" portions of this earth and have any rights at all here) I always wonder what would all these ppl in power do if God decided to toss a few tinyyy lil (non nuclear nor technical) metal rocks at earth and show they both who is really in charge of the earth. Totally embarrassing watching these ppl think they are in charge of things here on our planet...

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 18 hours ago

Gino called me last night to tell me he loves me out of no where just in case because he is freaking out about the news which I believe if we ever have a war it will be because of the news gearing both sides up and our psycho ppl in power are reacting to news reporters and external sources rather then going straight to the main source. *sigh*

// Doreen / 366 weeks and 18 hours ago

It would be interesting if your imaginary friend, of whom today is the most important day in the year, by the way, would show up. And since when are you watching the news anyway?

Frankie Goes To Hollywood had a song about this back in the 80s: Two Tribes [link] (1984). Then again, a lot of the songs from the early 80s have a war theme, even if it's not immediately obvious.

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 6 days ago

Trying to deny my imaginary friend (as you call him) would be like trying to deny that we are living on this round ball of dirt and metal and water floating suspended in space and then "pretend" that a mortal man created this round ball and runs the show. (that to me is totally ridiculous) hehe

I'm watching news to see what is upsetting my Gino so bad. It's frustrating...

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, never seen that one before (I only know that relax tune)

Anyways, I meant that I cannot believe this world was created by some strange explosion or combustion and BOOM here is this perfect place we float on that mortal man thinks he now has the right to just destroy and run the show? That to me is so silly that we cannot see beyond ourselves?

Happy Easter dutchy. I'm not going to Church because I would be a hypocrite that only goes to Church on that one day a year. I'm lazy and don't like crowds! But I do love God (my imaginary friend)

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 6 days ago

Tell your imaginary friend to do something about this cold spell. It's April but it feels like Winter. I have the impression that Winters are gradually starting and ending much later.

And for some reason I have Murray Head stuck in my head: One Night in Bangkok [link] (1984, again).

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 5 days ago

My imaginary friend said to tell you that if he sends you some hot weather you'll be complaining about that as well...

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy where do you find these ridiculous tunes? OMG...

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 5 days ago

It's called the 80s. People did strange things then.

YouTube now wants me to listen to this: Dimlim - Aharewata [link] (note: rather bloody video), but I don't like it one bit. Well, the bass is somewhat nice and that triggered drumming is fancy, but that singer... I don't know. And then there's a sudden non-fitting solo. And I'm not even talking about the look.

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 4 days ago

Nope, that is not a vid I will watch at this time of night because I don't want nightmares when I go to sleep. Nope, no thank you...

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 4 days ago

It's not very good anyway, so you're not missing much. And for some reason YouTube now thinks I need to see more of that. Terribly tacky stuff.

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 3 days ago

/me is packing and listening to my usual nonsense: [link]

I've not really had time lately to search out new tunes to download (which means I've been playing a lot of older stuff I already have all over the place)

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 3 days ago

Playing older stuff is nice if you haven't heard it in quite a while. Or not so nice if you discover your taste in music has changed.

Aldious has a new video out: Utopia [link]. It starts like a coming storm, as if something incredibly heavy will follow. But then the singing starts and it all goes to hell. I could actually tell before the singing started because the intro ends on a high note (which suggest an upbeat song) and not a low note (which would suggest something more menacing).

Now, I am who I am, so I'll probably be preordering their new albums even though I have low expectations.

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay you apparently are still going through your Kenray phase...

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 1 day ago

"Oh my god, there's Japanese women in this video! How horrible!".

And speaking of horrible, YouTube suggested some stuff I had not seen before and I ended up with a number of terrible symphonic metal bands. One had a violin even, but it was so lost in the mix you wouldn't have noticed it if the player did not show up in the video.

Lucky for you I can't recall any of the band names.

// craeonics / 365 weeks and 21 hours ago

No, what is horrible is that you have such a spell on you that you cannot see how funky they dress AND sing! All about marketing and raking in the money off of guys like you that are under their spell! hehe

(but that is not my business)

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 15 hours ago

YouTube has no clue what to recommend for me since I listen to hard core gangster or gang banging tunes one minute and then worship tunes the next.

Today, it's birdies outside or quietness (me is tired from all this moving going on) I get my keys on Thursday!!!

// Doreen / 365 weeks and 15 hours ago

Completely independent self-funded and self-directed band that's been toiling for over a decade. But seemingly none of that matters because they were dresses. For shame.

They should have worn pants and all would have been well.

Anyways, better start packing. Is your mom moving in at the same time or later?

// craeonics / 364 weeks and 6 days ago

Completely independent or not they are completely ridiculous! (and yes, I've no clue why they annoy the Hell out of me)

I'll be packing until the last minute because I'm running on empty, Mom will be moving at the same time because I will have the movers for only 2 hours to get everything done. Hopefully this will be the last move in my life until physically move off the planet because it's exhausting.

// Doreen / 364 weeks and 6 days ago

You seem to have a visceral thing against Japanese women, or perhaps Chinese and Korean too. Here watch, I'm going to post Daoko's latest: Haikei Goodbye Sayonara [link] (posted four hours ago, I'm fast). You will roll your eyes. And then I'll add that for someone who hid her face for years this girl is ridiculously photogenic. And you will probably be throwing up.

The movers are going to move everyting in two hours?

They must be really efficient. Whenever I help someone move it's usually two or three days.

// craeonics / 364 weeks and 5 days ago

Fast? You mean you are totally obsessed with them!!! Grrrrr!

/me goes throw up...

Yes, I'm only paying for two hours so they better put those muscles to work fast. All we need is them to pick up the heavy items we can't and put them in the truck, drive them to the house and unload. Me and my Mom can handle the unpacking etc.

// Doreen / 364 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, ask them if they can clean up the barf here as well.

Caught a new Yellow Claw tune this morning. Somewhere along the line the bass got lost: Good Day [link]. It's no good with no bass, although that keyboard thing at the end is nice.

// craeonics / 364 weeks and 4 days ago

They are movers not maids. And you mean you posted a link to something other than Asian chicks for me to check out!?

// Doreen / 364 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay now that one was goed even Dex liked it cuz he jumped on my desk and began meowing...

// Doreen / 364 weeks and 4 days ago

It was good? But, but, there's no bass!

// craeonics / 364 weeks and 3 days ago

It was good because finallyyy you posted a link to something different other than your Asian fetish over there! And actually I think Dex jumped on my desk and began meowing because he was hungry not because he liked it?

/me comes to jump up and down and scream over here because I'm getting my keys later on today!!!

// Doreen / 364 weeks and 3 days ago

Mr Kris and Mr Kross had a song about that: [link] (1992).

One of the two has already died from all the bouncing.

// craeonics / 364 weeks and 2 days ago

Boo! Can't check your link out because my connection sucks. New home so I'm still waiting for them to run the lines outside underground before they can run the wires inside for TV & Internet so I had to tether from my phone to come say hello to the Dutchman.

I've just been spinning around in a great big life storm getting moved into my home and adjusting to my new job etc. My Mom is doing better now but it's just alot of adjusting for me right now.

Hope you are doing well dutchy and I'm sure you are...

// Doreen / 363 weeks and 2 days ago

In a way, you've technically moved back in with your mother. So she can do the cooking and cleaning and laundry, just like old days. Then again, she'll also ground you for not taking out the trash.

// craeonics / 363 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, it's not like that dutchy. I'm a royal pain in the a** I like things a certain way when I clean and my Mom is old school Italian and eats pasta and Italian food every night (it drives me crazy) I like grilled Salmon and Salads and Healthy vegan type foods and I'm picky so this is REALLY an adjustment for me! I've been praying for God to change my heart (I'm horrible!)

Plus we've got my Dad over here in his temporary urn until we get the new one delivered. Originally when we talked about when that day would come in the future (we didn't see it happening the way it suddenly happened) we would laugh. My Mom said I'm going to sprinkle you in the ocean and my Dad would tell me "Dor make sure you sprinkle me on the sand at the beach NOT in the ocean because I want to peek up at all the girls in bikinis" My Mom would punch him and we would all laugh.

Now that it happened me and my Mom are not ready to let him go so we have him here in my house in his temporary urn! So now I actually have them both living with me! We are waiting to get this urn we both chose to keep him in: [link]

In a couple of years or when the day comes and we both feel ready we will take him to the beach to release him (but of course I will actually sprinkle a small amount of him on the sand)

// Doreen / 363 weeks and 1 day ago

We were going to order his urn when we got the internet all hooked up but because nobody ever lived in this house before when they came to hook up our internet and TV the guy said we need them to drop lines outside first this is taking these knuckleheads forever to get it done! So apparently I will have to tether for a while off my phone to my pc. Anyways, my Mom wants me to order that urn today while I am off work so I need to go purchase it now to have it shipped. Right now my Dad is in some ridiculous metal ice canister thingie my sister came up with (ridiculous) and then my Mom taped a pic of my Dad on the outside of it smiling at us. Soooo Tacky!!!!!

I really need to do an overnight shipping or something to get his urn quick! hehe!

Later gator...

// Doreen / 363 weeks and 1 day ago

That urn looks more like a miniature tomb than an urn. With urns I think more of cocktail shakers.

When my grandmother died we dropped her ashes in the sea (with incoming storm, so heavy waves) and then had dinner at a restaurant. I held the urn thingy (not really an urn, more like a pipe shaped thing you ship posters in) a bit too high, so grandma partially ended up in everyone's hair.

With regards to the cooking, perhaps you two can alternate it a bit or mix it up. Meet each other halfway. Ofcourse, old habits etcetera.

// craeonics / 363 weeks and 22 hours ago

My last Grandparent passed a few years back but she was buried (most everyone now days wants cremation)

I've actually never seen an urn before nor ever had to shop for one but I don't recall seeing one shaped like a pipe? We just browsed around and both liked that one my Mom loves angels so she fell in love with it. I don't know where we will set that up once we get it right now my Dad is sitting on my Kitchen counter top and besides having to adjust to my Mom living with me now I'm still trying to process looking at my Dad in that shiny metal thingie with his pic right there! (not really a word to describe the feeling)

Anyways, yup, we will be alternating quite a few things including emotions dutchy. Really, really going to take some time adjusting.

Finally got Spectrum to set up my house yesterday! They were underneath the house for like 4 hours doing all the wiring inside and out and it seems like I have better speeds then I had before. Sammy is loving it since he goes online to game once in a while and he ran a few speed tests.

// Doreen / 363 weeks and 18 hours ago

OMG dutchy! I just remembered what type of music my Mom listens too! You need to pray for me!!!

// Doreen / 363 weeks and 17 hours ago

Or I can supply better. I got some three ninjas over here you might like...

What? No ninjas? Alright, something new, which primarily caught my eye due to the architecture in the video: The Blaze - Territory [link]

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 6 days ago

Well that was interesting, I liked it. Hopefully soon I can get back into exploring music again (you have to appreciate that YouTube "sometimes" can give you pretty good tours around musicland exploration)

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 6 days ago

For example, from Blaze YouTube will take you to crazy stuff like this: [link]

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay though that tune sounded pretty good the vid make me a little nauseated (probably too early in the morning for gross visuals) hehe!

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 6 days ago

Video makers try everything to stand out these days.

Parents are in South America at the moment, so I get to cat sit for two weeks. And clean the litter box...

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 5 days ago

/me hands you some masks & a shovel. Hopefully they don't eat tuna (like my Mom feeds her cats)

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 5 days ago

Different type of litterbox filling. I use clay stuff and have to scoop things out every day. They use sawdust thingies and have to completely replace it twice a week. And it leaves sawdust everywhere.

Ofcourse while emptying the box I managed to miss the garbage can, so I had some sweeping to do as well.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 4 days ago

Joy Joy! Sounds like you are having some fun. hehe

Sawdust thingies? Good for a hamster or mouse but probably not good for a cat, I had to try several kitty litters before I found one that works good for Dex. (saved his butt in more ways then one cuz I was almost ready to get rid of him at the very beginning)

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 4 days ago

As cute as he was/is I was struggling with the litter box thing for a long time. Now I'm over it (thanks to that good litter)

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 4 days ago

It's like doing laundry. It's a hassle, but you get used to it.

Some new stuff, Dio's been out of the spotlight for years, but now he has a new single out: [link]. I'm not entire sold on it.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 3 days ago

Mmm mmm mmm my ears like that flavor, I will have to check that out this weekend a little more...

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 3 days ago

That kind of stuff is quite popular over here. People are trying to conjure Summer by playing Caribbean tunes. I'll post some other examples tomorrow. Right now I'm dead. This catsitting is wearing me out.

// crae_zzz / 362 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm so dead I don't even have the energy to get bootleg three ninja shirts: [link]

I am not dead enough to not drop that link. /me runs

// crae_evil / 362 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! /me barfs! Dutchy, are you seriously wearing that!?

Anywayssss, my computer got held hostage during a 5 hour window update last night (of which I cannot see what was the big deal about that update yet?)

And yes, please post me some more of the Dio stuffezzzz!

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 1 day ago

Awesome! I really like that Dio one you dropped up there. Listening to it now. Lots to do today, trying to put all the finishing touches on my house! So excited! Dutchy, you've no idea the life storm I just went through I was on my knees praying so hard that not only my knees were below ground but half my body if I went one inch lower I would have died! (so much was going on) anyways, God apparently heard all my crying and despair and now that I'm off my knees what he has blessed me with is beyond words! I'm soooo happy!!!!!

/me goes jump around in this thread and scream and dance!!!

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 1 day ago

/me goes back to listening to that Dio tune and get busy!

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 1 day ago

Dutchy what is he singing about?

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 1 day ago

I haven't paid particular attention to the lyrics and I can't recall what it is about, but the title refers to "cutting loose", as in "going all out".

Have not heard more new Dio stuff. The one before this that got airplay was Tijdmachine [link] (2008), nine years ago.

Also quite big over here are these fellows: Jonna Fraser ft. Broederliefde - Do or Die [link] (2016). Girls love 'em. Don't know why, most of their songs seem to be about relationship troubles.

Oh, and I ordered the black three ninja shirt, fanart or not. I suspect I'll be getting a visit from the vice department to confiscate my machines.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 23 hours ago

I looked up the Dio lyrics: [link]

To the surprise of absolute no-one it's about (overdemanding) girlfriend problems. "Los" in this case would refer to "breaking up the relationship".

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 23 hours ago

I actually remember the Tijdmachine one from the last time you dropped that link a while back and that Jonna Fraser one is awesome! Judging by the assumption of the lyrics I guess it's best to continue to ignore the stupid lyrics as long as the beat is good. hehe

I'm going to have to make a playlist for myself of that dutch stuffezzz...

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 14 hours ago

By the way the artwork on those three ninjas t-shirts are just too female. (I could wear them) but they don't look like they are something that a guy would wear?

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 14 hours ago

Well, maybe the blue and electric green one possibly (the others are too female looking dutchy) But whatever floats your boat...

// Doreen / 362 weeks and 14 hours ago

Specifically, I ordered this one: [link] and I had some doubts about it (both on the contents and it being not official), but I am, as they say, "to deep down the rabbit hole" by now.

This song probably did not hit your coast back in the day, but apparently the artist died a few days back: Robert Miles - Children [link] (1996). Old Trance classic. Bit too soft for my taste, but something I can play at work without getting complaints.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 33 minutes ago

Speaking of complaints, one official t-shirt shipment has gone missing. The shop is playing hooky and says I should inquire at the post office. Ofcourse it's not there and ofcourse the shirt is not available anymore. So being quite miffed about it all I ordered that black shirt.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 29 minutes ago

Ummm, you do see that there is a girl wearing that right? But again, whatever floats your boat. hehe!

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 6 days ago

Strange, I do remember that Robert Miles tune but I can't remember if it was that I heard it from you dropping a link to it or if it did hit the coast over here or not?

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 6 days ago

As for your missing t-shirt shipment, I've totally lost all faith in our post office system. Something has gone terribly wrong. I think since email they are struggling to stay afloat so they have cut staff by so much it's hurting the "Quality" of service now. (and has been for some time)

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 6 days ago

I'll pester them some more in due time.

There are also picks of a guy in that black shirt. Except that I think the shirt is shopped on and they're not actually wearing it.

If I weren't so lazy I could design my own shirts and sell 'em there.

Back to music, I see this video every morning: Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee - Despacito [link]

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 5 days ago

Seeee, now dat iz the goed stuffezzz (not those three ninjas!)

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 5 days ago

Uh huh, it's "chicks dig it" music. So bound to be a hit.

Meanwhile I've got a refund on my lost shirt. I'd rather had the shirt, but ah well.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 4 days ago

/me thinks the refund was better...

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 4 days ago

Because you're jelly of my three ninjas.

Look! Look! We've got a spammer that got through! I'll clean it up in a bit. First have some more catsitting to do.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 3 days ago

Well yeah! Of course I'm jelly you spend more time and money on them then meee!!!

And yes, I see that dirty lil spammer last night when I got home. That intruder broke in while you were sleeping! (or cleaning cat poop)

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 3 days ago

You're lucky the three ninjas haven't released anything new in over a year. My machine has spent the past week transcoding three of their blurays to HEVC, so I can watch 'em on my TV.

While looking through the database I noticed there were actually a handful of crooks that got through the filter, but only partially, so they did end up in the database but somehow now on the site.

Sometimes I am puzzled by my own code.

Anyways, more dead people, the lead singer of this band just died: Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun [link] (1994). The main thing I remember about this song is Barbies on the BBQ.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't even know who that is but that vid has got to be the most disturbing vid I ever seen! Horrible!

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 2 days ago

Majorly big if you were a teen in the 90s.

Anyways, parents have returned from holiday, so I can go back to slacking (read: more time for kanji study).

In the meantime, I heard something that's probably straight up your alley: SBMG ft. Lil Kleine & DJ Stijco - 4x Duurder [link] (2017). Video shot in Paris, judging by the architecture and the sudden Eiffel Tower appearance.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 2 days ago

Yup that is definitely up my alley, that lil black sports car they are riding in looks almost like mine too. (fun to ride in by if I get into an accident I don't think I will be walking away from it) Glad to hear you are off cat duty.

/me grabs that tune for the gym...

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 1 day ago

If I could predict lottery numbers like that, I'd make a killing and be living on a boat somewhere.

Or perhaps not, boat maintenance is a hassle and you have no normal toilet.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 1 day ago

Boats make me dizzy and I get sea sick. I'm not into them at all...

// Doreen / 361 weeks and 17 hours ago

You'll get used to it. I can think of bigger downsides, like the thing can sink and there are creatures lurking below. There are actually people living on barges in every town here. Used to be sort of gypsy types (we have those too, they live in houses that can't move but still have wheels bolted on), nowadays yuppies are driving up the prices.

// craeonics / 361 weeks and 4 minutes ago

Nope, never been used to it nor will I ever get used to it. (my Father has always had a boat/yacht) I'm okay in the dock but as soon as he would try to take me out to the ocean, I get dizzy and head down low into the bottom area into the bathroom compartment and hug the toilet until he drives the boat back to the dock (even it is hours) hate it! If the boat stays inside the marina driving around I'm okay but once it hits the Ocean it's all over for me...

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 6 days ago

Guess who is cat sitting now? The good thing is since my Mom is living with me when she goes running around visiting my brother over in Las Vegas or her sister out of State the cats are already with me so it's not too much of a hassle.

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 6 days ago

Hold up, hold up. You mean Li'l Dex finally has a playmate?

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, as much as he can play with cats that are as old as the hills. Dex is a little over a year and my Mom's cats are old now and one of them she recently gave to a friend since two is more than enough for me to handle. But Dex is pretty happy that he has someone else to play hide n seek with (other than just me) only problem is that Dex is sneaking into his food and turning into a lil piggy now eating his food and my Mom's cat's food!

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 5 days ago

Yeah, but good that he has a cat to hang out with, instead of hairless apes.

Big anniversary party at work today. Guess who snuck out before it started.

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 4 days ago

Don't even remind me, tomorrow is our annual employee appreciation day, but, since we get to wear our jeans and they are giving us all a free t-shirt I should not complain (still, I'd rather they just give me the day off!)

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 4 days ago

What does "employee appreciation day" entail? Is the boss going to go around and fetch you coffee?

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 3 days ago

Employee appreciation day entails getting to wear jeans (and not have to pay $5.00) we got a free t-shirt with our Dept/Division logo on it, the patio was set up with tables outside with blazing tunes (all of which my ears did not enjoy, Oldies & Rock) and our bosses served us ice cream and fresh hot churros (of which I get sick when I eat sugary sweet stuff)

It was a very nice gesture but I truly would have liked it better if they just simply give us the day off with pay!

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 3 days ago

You have to pay a five buck fine if you don't dress up?

That would not be a suitable workplace for me. I look like a mountain hermit right now.

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 3 days ago

Mountain hermit? hehe!!!

Well, not a fine but when they have charity events like March of Dimes in the month of March, every Thursday if we "donate" $5.00 we get to wear our jeans. (alright, so it feels like a fine) I pay it gladly.

Unfortunately every job I've ever had it's been mandatory to follow the dress code and I despise having to dress for success (as they call it, but I don't like being forced to dress to impress)

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 2 days ago

Dress to relax. It's funny, there's a particular style people in certain circles tend to gravitate to. I'm not sure if they are aware they all dress the same. Or go to the same places on holidays for that matter.

On mountain hermits, I think I subconsciously got that from one of the kanji I was learning, which is written as man + mountain: [link]) (warning: wall of text). Then again, in some countries people dress as mountain witches: [link] (I need not explain which country this is).

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 1 day ago

Even being forced to wear those cloths I feel so awkward and out of place. (will never get used to it)

Actually that first link is invalid for me and that second link you know I ain't reading all that but I did check out the pics on the right and that looks completely ridiculous!

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 1 day ago

Just add the ) at the end of the first link, like wiki suggests and it will work.

Moving on to "music Doreen will hate", I spotted a new Band-Maid video: Daydreaming [link]. The good news: they've got some new costumes and Saiki (lead singer) does not look like she's wearing a garbage bag anymore. The bad news: it's a ballad...

It's funny how with watching music on YoutTube on my TV every day, these get suggested basically the minute they get posted (okay, some hours later). This is without me having an account, just Google doing data snooping.

// craeonics / 360 weeks and 23 hours ago

The music is not bad it's just all that ridiculous overly obvious "contrast" clashing all over the place that annoys me. (crazy girls & costumes)

Anyways, this looks more up your alley to me: [link]

YouTube was tossing this at me when I went to check out your link.

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 18 hours ago

Argh! Dutchy! You know I get dizzy with walls of text! So what is that then? Xian = Wizard?

// Doreen / 360 weeks and 18 hours ago

Pronounced as "sen" in Japanese, written as "man + mountain", meaning a "man on a mountain", with an implied meaning of meditation to gain supernatural abilities. Most characters are not as straight forward to write, so this one is easy to remember.

Who lives on mountains? Crazy hermits do. With wild, unkempt hair, wavy beards and long fingernails.

Or in other words, I need to shave (before food supplies start to deposit there) and cut my nails (it's rather hard to enter your PIN at the supermarket with long nails).

Now, I see you mentions Bridear. I happened to stumble across a video of one of their guitarists playing one of their songs, without the woefully dramatic singing: Remedy [link]. It actually sounds better this way than the full version on the album.

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 6 days ago

I have to agree that does sound better...

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 6 days ago

Meanwhile the other guitarist seems to have a thing for minions: [link]

I can't play it at work, because it's too loud for one of my "roommates". But we seem to have settled on ghetto tunes, which have terrible lyrics and are rather simplistic, but can sound quite decent and are not too "distracting" for those with concentration issues.

Example: I Am Aisha ft. Dio & Spanker - Zulke dingen doe je [link] (2015)

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 5 days ago

Well that is goed! /me grabs another one for my Dutch ghetto tunes playlist. hehe

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 5 days ago

The colleague that prefers "chill" music so she can concentrate today played... Burzum. I kid you not. Unfortunately it was one of his repetitive keyboard only tracks.

And in other news, my three ninja fan shirt arrived. Very strange, it's actually a white shirt that has been fully printed. Except at the spots where there were creases, you there are some sharp white lines near the edges.

Got another bloody birthday party coming up this weeking (niece's first birthday). Perfect opportunity to wear that shirt and shock the family.

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmmmm, maybe she is trying to impress you? (I cannot see any female getting into that creepy Burzum at all)

As for that shirt you niece will recall you as the crazy Uncle with the weird shirts. hehe

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 4 days ago

you = your (you seriously need to have some kind of auto correct filter here for that)

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 4 days ago

She was completely unaware of what Burzum was.

Oh, the panic when I explained what it was and what Varg did.

I don't think we'll be heaing that one again.

// crae_evil / 359 weeks and 3 days ago

So she actually had to have you "explain" it to her? So you mean her ears were not even smart enough to figure it out just by listening his creepy music?

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 3 days ago

She listens to rather dull and repetitive music. This was Varg in his instrumental phase, which is rather dull and repetitive.

New music time: Telecide [link]. Popped up in the JuJu suggestions. Five women band (so you'll go in hating it), one singing (a tad dramatic), one growling (a tad forced). I think they're all Japanese, but the singer looks not Japanese at all. Borderline rock with some metal elements.

A tad too soft for me (think: Paramore), yet I keep on playing it...

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, dull and repetitive? Cool, carry on... hehe

And nope me no wanna look at your Japanese girls but would rather check out more of this stuff that you dropped recently:

[link] (this is the bestest!)

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 2 days ago

There's no accounting for bad taste. First SBMG song I'm aware of was this one: [link] (2014). They're basically young guys from a shabby neighbourhood singing about money and fame.

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 2 days ago

Oeh Na Na, La Laaaaa! /me likes dat (and don't care if they are singing about the Easter Bunny) it's just good stuffezzzz!

Once that 4x Duuder kicks on at 0:30 then I'm on!

/me goes see what I can download from them...

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 1 day ago

One of 'em does the "barking dog" voice.

It's strange that my colleagues don't mind that, but can't handle DMX.

// craeonics / 359 weeks and 1 day ago

Argh Dutchy, not sure how in the world you do this stuff. Now that my Dad died and my Mom has bounced back she is doing alot of traveling to visit her sisters etc (which means I am doing double duty with these litter boxes) Dex pees in nice lil balls and her cat pees & poops like a horse! This so not fun at all! One cat is really more than enough for me!

// Doreen / 359 weeks and 17 hours ago

I forgot you told me you were playing Uncle crae at your nieces birthday party and I'm bugging you with my litter box crisis. hehe

/me goes clean those boxes...

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 6 days ago

I was busy hanging above my barbecue (which I managed to defuse the coals instead of heat them up) and chalking bunnies on my sister's fence.

If a cat pees a lot, like my old tomcat did, it may have kidney problems. Lots of cats have kidney problems. I've noticed that since my tomcat is gone, I have a lot less litter box cleaning to do.

Also, the type of filling you use helps. I use little clay balls, which means I have to scoop out clumps every day. Parents use sort of wooden stuff, which only has to be done twice a week, but then you'd have to replace everything and the sawdust ends up everywhere.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 5 days ago

I should add, kidney problems in cats are usually untreatable. Yeah, there are pills and stuff you can feed the cat which might help, but the cat won't like it. In the end, I had two feed both of my late cats two pills a day. They absolutely hated it.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 5 days ago

My Mom probably won't bother if that happens because she will just make her cat be as comfortable as possible until it's his time. Right now he's old but he's still healthy and active but I seriously thought he was going to die when my Dad died because he went into a sort of depression for about 6 weeks and was acting like he was going to die until I took my Mom and her cat (the other cat she gave to a friend) I can't handle more than two cats because one is really enough! Anyways both my Mom and the cat bounced back and are doing fine (and now driving me crazy but it's all good)

So, did you scare your niece with your silly t-shirt?

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 5 days ago

I think she (the four year old) thought it was interesting, but the presents were much more interesting. Even though they weren't her presents. Her sister, the now one year old birthday girl smiling all day long.

There were like fifteen (screaming) kids running around the place. Good thing I could do BBQ duty otherwise I'd gone insane.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! Adorable, dutchy...

Yeah, I don't do kids anymore (those screaming sounds annoy my ear drums badly) hehe

Sammy was born and old man and now that he grown up and is in College (and working) he's pretty much invisible, it's totally peaceful. I bet you went back home after that BBQ and really appreciated your peace and quiet!

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 4 days ago

Adorable... The bad news is that her big sister's birthday will be next month, so I expect more screaming little terrors then.

Perhaps I can retry the BBQ and not extinguish the thing before the cooking happens this time.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 3 days ago

When you said: "There were like fifteen (screaming) kids running around the place. Good thing I could do BBQ duty otherwise I'd gone insane"

I had a flash in my mind and I seen you (hard to explain) but it was adorable since I can imagine what that was like for "you" hehe

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 3 days ago

If it involves me roasting those monsters, it's all good.

So I ride my bike home, when suddenly I feel the saddle break off. My father for some reason always has spare parts laying about, so I walk all the way over there. Surprise, surprise, he has a spare saddle.

Saddle replaced I leave and wait at the corner to cross the street, when suddenly I feel some unstoppable force push my leg, followed by something heavy rolling across my foot.

It was a driver not paying attention and rounding the corner without looking.

Cars are quite heavy, I can now say from experience.

Guy was completely apologetic, but I was "I'm fine" because I already wanted to go home and even more so at that point in time.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 2 days ago

Dutchy, you could have been road kill! Please go get your foot checked you most likely have a fracture (if not several) you were very lucky he could have killed you and "I'm sorry don't cut it!" he could have killed you!

// Dor_upset! / 358 weeks and 2 days ago

Completely apologetic yeah right...

I hope you got his information cuz when you get your foot checked if you do have fractures you will need that apologetic guy to pay the bill (then you will really see how sorry he was when he runs the other way like he never seen you before in his life)

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 2 days ago

Such bloodthirsty people.

He really was quite upset. Probably because his wife and kids were on the sidewalk watching daddy almost running over someone. I suspect he'll see flashes of cars running over his kids.

Foot is fine as long as I don't walk. From the looks of things, it's just bruises. Now if it would stop raining, I could hobble to the supermarket and get groceries.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 2 days ago

Unless you are Superman or are drinking several gallons of milk a day you probably sustained some hairline fractures. I don't know how you would just walk away from having a car run over your foot dutchy without some physical damage. And with each passing hour whatever happened to that foot of yours will become more evident. Your choice Mr. nice guy, I think I'm more pissed off than you! This guy could have freaking killed you because he was not paying attention.

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 1 day ago

I had a lady hit me from behind at a stop sign and she was hysterical and worried and sorry etc. I was like, I'm fine, my car is just a car there was not much damage so I told her to calm down and relax and have a good rest of day and we parted. No biggy, but you were on a bike that guy could have actually killed you, totally different! Most of the time they only freak out because of the liability for being in the wrong so I can see letting someone off the hook if there really is no reason to ruin their day but this is different the guy ran your foot over and actually could have made road kill out of you.

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 1 day ago

Most likely now you cannot get yourself to work cuz you need your foot to drive your silly foot mobile and you can't walk to get around and if you do indeed have some hairline fractures (though they probably will heal on their own) you should actually get that X-dray to see if anything needs to be realigned and casted so it will heal properly or for the rest of your life your foot won't feel right when the bones fuse etc.

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 1 day ago

X-ray not sure how that "d" popped in there! Just feel better and stop getting me upset!

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 1 day ago

The only thing I seem to have sustained is several bruises on my foot. I hobbled to the supermarket yesterday and although I could not fully roll my foot, I was still faster than the fossils that inhabit that place.

If walking still aches in a week, then there may actually be a fracture, but so far that does not seem to be the case (it's hard to tell with the bones in your foot).

Listening to the three ninjas makes one tough.

// craeonics / 358 weeks and 23 hours ago

/me "accidentally" steps upon that foot because of that three ninja comment. (but I sincerely apologize so you let me off the hook)

If you wait a week and it still hurts and you finally get it checked out I just hope you realize that they will need to re-crack the bones that will have already begun to fuse to realign things.

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 19 hours ago

My left foot is just as crooked or straight as my right foot. It's just bruises.

The first ever three ninjas song I heard was about not giving up: [link] (don't worry, no ninjas in sight, it's just the translated lyrics, with native speakers trying to interpret the cryptic parts).

Ergo: listening to them makes one tough as nails.

And as fate would have it, they just popped up YouTube.

She sings "run", but I don't see that happening right now.

// crae_evil / 358 weeks and 10 hours ago

Argh! Such an obsession!

/me stomps on your other foot... (but apologizes again)

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 9 hours ago

/me is listening to my neighbors wind chime, it's awesome (the tone of it) hard to find the right sounds with wind chimes this guy is the nastiest guy around according to my other neighbors but at least he has a good wind chime.

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 9 hours ago

Since you can't walk or dance me drops something to get you going: [link]

// Doreen / 358 weeks and 9 hours ago

I had a big wind chime. I hung it down from my balcony.

Within a few days an old hag from down the block was at my doorstep complaining, as old hags that spend all day observing their neighbours are wont to do.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 6 days ago

So what happened? She made you take it down? I wouldn't have! Tell her to put on some ear plugs!

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 6 days ago

It's the nagging hag variety. She rang my bell continuously for a straight minute. And my bell is a hell lot noisier than my big wind chime, so I moved it.

What I did not move, was my smaller wind chime which is out of her line of sight. And then autumn came and I took it down because of storms and never bothers to put it back again.

Back to music, so far Telecide has two EPs and five videos. I like all five of their videos so I went looking for those EPs, only to find out they are digital only.

Do they want me to pirate or something? I don't do digital. Give me a physical release, grrr...

Some ghetto music for Doreen: SFB ft. Broederliefde & Ronnie Flex - Nu sta je hier [link] (2015).

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 5 days ago

Okay the ONLY reason I am niet going to stomp on your sore foot (for almost posting more obvious Japanese girls) is cuz you posted something insanely cool for me of which I need to go back and hear it again!

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 5 days ago

Mmm mmm mmmm! That one got me groovin in the chair! Last time I was looking for some of that other one I couldn't find anything dutchy its because your music seems to be on lock down for us on this side or something, (which is strange since you'd assume it's the internet and you should be able to get anything from anywhere) but that is not so...

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 5 days ago

By the way, in case you are wondering (pretty sure you're not) but, the reason I don't come visit our bunny from work anymore is because the Dept I work for has everything locked there was some kind of attack/virus and security has everything locked down (we cannot even access our Gmail or google Drive etc. for our documents from our work computers anymore (or at least until they decide otherwise) a lot of employees spend their work days on YouTube all day long but all I did was come once a day to say hi to you (seriously)

At any rate it's not just us secretaries it's everyone including the execs.

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 5 days ago

It's because you have to work at work, not play.

Regarding the ghetto tunes, perhaps you'll find more similar tunes if you look at the producers, as it is usually the producers that determines the sound. For example, everything Li'l Jon, Missy or Timbaland had a hand in sounds similar

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 4 days ago

Yes, I know that Mr. crae_work but, but sometimes you want to just either stretch your legs or look away from work for a moment or two. I feel like I'm in prison not being able to browse for a minute over here. (and by the time I get home I'm pretty much on empty)

As for the producers you know I'm clueless about dutch producers but I will try again searching this weekend on the few you dropped for me.

Slaap lekker mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 4 days ago

Producers like to announce their presence, so all those YouTube vids have names like X ft. Y - Z (Prod. magic_producer_name).

There is ofcourse always a risk that this one song you like deviates from what that producer normally does.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 3 days ago

Or some times the first song you hear is absolute killer and then all the other songs are much lighter material. Looking at you, Aldious.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 3 days ago

You mean: [link] Which I think I liked it is because I watched the vid and it had vampire undertones (I've got a neck or vampire fetish)

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 3 days ago

I first heard Sweet Temptation at around two in the morning. The bass was so loud (but that's because it was all quiet outside). So I bought the album and it is basically the best song on the album by a large margin. The other songs are not nearly as heavy.

The singer likes Avril Lavigne and the new drummer likes rock, so that's quite an ill omen.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 2 days ago

Whatchu talkin bout willis, two in the morning? What are you a vampire? /me exposes my neck. (just kidding don't go running for the hills)

Anyways, I keep hearing a song by Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me where the tones/sounds come in and out & back and forth, hate that song it makes me dizzy (It's totally horrible)

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 2 days ago

Weird vid but here is the tune: [link]

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 2 days ago

It sounds like a DJ technique called "transforming". Here's a guy taking forever to explain it: [link]. Basicallly, you juggle the volume real fast so you get some sort of start/stop effect and the sound gets chopped up.

Alternatively, they may have sampled her backwards and are hitting the keys fast, interrupting the sample abruptly.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't know if it's that it's just my brain gets dizzy enough that it makes me nauseated (I'm probably just way too over sensitive to things) that tune if I am driving I literally change the station now before it happens.

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 1 day ago

It's one of those glorious triple digit heat waves over here on this side. (thank God for air conditioning)

/me goes hide under the bed with the cats...

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 1 day ago

The cats are looking at you with mild distrust in their eyes.

Over on this end, the weather faeries predicted rain, but so far nothing. Guess I'll have to go water the plants on my balcony myself.

// craeonics / 357 weeks and 23 hours ago

And to spoil your good day, my favourite ninjas were over in your neck of the woods and they played the one song on the album they never played before. Crowd went crazy and as a results all videos are filled with screaming fans. This one was shot from three blocks away, so while you can't see anything, you can at least here the singing: [link].

You've probably already tuned out as soon as I mentioned "ninja', but this song is interesting for a number of reasons: 1) it's only on the international version of the album (which I actually don't have), so most Japanese don't know it exists; 2) it's a very atypical atmospheric song with heavy distortion and echo on everything, so people were wondering how they would ever play this live; 3) the text seems to be in English, but no lyrics sheet exists and due to the distortion no-one could ever make out what exactly they were singing (except the "break"); and finally 4) it has never been played live before until now.

// crae_ninja / 357 weeks and 23 hours ago

I actually have been at that Hollywood Palladium when I was about 16 or 17 (feels like a small auditorium) anyways, once again the band plays outstanding in the background but once the cartoon ninjas begin to sing the whole thing falls apart...

// Doreen / 357 weeks and 18 hours ago

I can't hear a thing because of all the screaming.

But I did spot a camera man, so perhaps it will be on bluray at some point, probably only available in a limited fashion through a lottery system through their cash cow club for outrageous prices.

Anyways, this was their first full concert since October. They've only been doing openings for other acts in between. Ofcourse, they still need to go to school and all that.

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 6 days ago

Sounds like you just said it yourself, they are all about the money. But I suppose all music artist are...

I still cannot believe they actually have a following!

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 6 days ago

If you want to see commercial, look no further that what's happening on my TV right now: Deepgirl [link] (2015). This is straight up pretty girls singing pop songs, but because for some reason a certain trio are being successful with that combination, let's add some guitars and screaming. There's a whole range of acts like this.

Except that said trio is metal first and distant pop second, not the other way around and the fact that it has an appeal is, as Phil Collins put it, against all odds.

I should now post Phil Collins, because you probably don't know that song: [link] (1984).

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 6 days ago


/me barfs...

Just please don't invite me to your Asian wedding which is inevitable with this obsession you have going on.

Ken warn him about that please. hehe

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 6 days ago

And that Phil Collins tune is drama city...

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 6 days ago

I actually don't like Deepgirl. Or choir singing in general.

But Telecide does seem to have a tune about dor_jelly: Telecide - Closed Minds [link] (2017). These girls should hurry up and release a physical disk, I don't do downloads.

// crae_evil / 356 weeks and 5 days ago

In other news, it's thirty degrees in my house, the cats are too hot to come beg for food, and some git thinks this is the perfect opportunity to go do some home decorating and is making noise with heavy machinery outside.

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 5 days ago

She sounds like she swallowed a disgusting demon and is throwing it back up!

/me sends you even more of our triple digit heat wave to torture you for posting that gross tune!

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 5 days ago

I am sending this message from the depths of hell. It's actually cooler here than in my house. They were playing Ed Sheeran at first, but I had a talk with management and they agreed that the three ninjas works better on the populace.

I had to get used to Telecide's growler, but if she doesn't force it too much, she is quite good. Them not having a physical release must be tied to my visit to fiery pits.

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 4 days ago

It must be the same Hell as the one I am in right now it is 91 degrees...

As for that insanely forced and phony growling she was doing the only reason you think she is "quite good" is because of your obsession that you have with these Asian girls or something (you're currently under some voodoo spell from them and their goal is to empty your bank account)

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 4 days ago

Yikes! Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy Dead at 42 (I actually thought I read that wrong)

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 4 days ago

They can only empty my bank account if they release a physical album.

And sometimes they miss out on money due to strange business practices. I bought a three ninja shirt on eBay yesterday. I was one of their limited fanclub members exclusive things. If I had bought that through official means, I would have had jump through the following hoops: 1) buy the article that comes with the registration code for their fanclub site; 2) pay exorbitant shipping (way north of $20+); 3) wait for the package to arrive; 4) register; 5) hope they have the shirt available in the shop and it is not sold out (they sell out like lightning, even there); and 6) pay more overpriced shipping.

Right now, I pay a rather hefty markup, but I get free shipping and it's still cheaper than going the official route.

Ofcourse, they guy has to ship it first, which has not happened yet.

They're losing money by their silly business practices.

Anyways, regarding the dead rapper. Those guys come with limited warranty and a short life expectancy.

// crae_ninja / 356 weeks and 3 days ago

Why oh why did I even click on the thread when I already seen crae_ninja outside!? And I am thinking you are well beyond obsessed with these ninjas!!!

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh well, since my hand cannot reach your face: [link]

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 3 days ago

Says the one linking to Cher...

Flustered Yui is the best thing going on this week: [link], but I suspect dor_jelly would prefer classy ghetto tunes like Migos: [link] (2016).

// crae_ninja / 356 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh shut up you!

/me was listening to this: [link]

which is as old as the hills now but still has it's own sound which is all over the place and has bits where it goes so off course and out of tune it's ridiculous (yet it still somehow works)

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 2 days ago

And completely and utterly stolen from this Bollywood song: [link] (1981). Seriously, even the beat is there. Indian producers for some reason always raise the loudness the singing on their tracks to ear piercing levels.

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 1 day ago

Ack! That's not even close? Though the Indian vibe is of course there.

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 1 day ago

Which I actually think the Pussycat Dolls tried to rip that vibe off in this tune. (and which I think was Nicole's last decent tune by the way) [link]

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 1 day ago

That's not even close? It's 99% the same song. Dre heavily sampled it, added an R&B singer and a rapper and amplified the beat. The record company got sued over it because it was done without permission and got a massive fine.

I can't even recall that Pussycat Dolls song. They have really fallen off the radar.

// craeonics / 356 weeks and 23 hours ago

I think she is more into her acting career these days...

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 18 hours ago

Yup, and she should have stuck with the music industry better: [link]

// Doreen / 356 weeks and 18 hours ago

Girl bands or boy like these have a very limited livespan. They usually stop making waves within five years, only to be replaced by the next generation of girl/boy bands.

TV probably is a better source of income. Notice how regular people will only say "X was so good on Y" about TV (and to a lesser extent, movies) and not music or books.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 6 days ago

Maybe, but she definitely made a bad choice choosing to do a remake of a classic movie such as Dirty Dancing along with the most ridiculous cast I've ever seen in my life. What a complete bomb.

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 6 days ago

I remember the original Dirty Dancing, or I should say, I remember one particular song of Dirty Dancing, because that was a big hit and got played every day for at least three months. I've never seen the actual movie (nor do I want to).

Band-Maid has a new song out: Choose Me [link]. Now I was eating crisps while this was one, so I couldn't hear much, but I'm getting the impression they're moving in an "easy listening" direction, which is not my cup of tea. But hell, I've had this album/EP/single/whatever on preorder for quite some time now.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 5 days ago

I think you'd enjoy the original Dirty Dancing flick better then those dancing singing Japanese barbie dolls you keep playing with...

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 5 days ago

But as for that remake of Dirty Dancing I am serious they have the worse cast I ever seen in my life! They even have J-Lo's boy toy cast in the remake. Which I thought he was just a backup dancer I never knew he had any past acting career? Anyways, it's horrible and possibly the worse thing I ever seen on TV.

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 5 days ago

Yet you watched it and did not have "the time of your life".

I'll see myself out.

So on second listen sans crisps, Band-Maid's new single actually sounds remarkably like a rehash of a previous song of theirs. Some bands are doomed to release the same song again and again. Let's hope they will not travel that path.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 4 days ago

Umm, welll, it was kinda like when you pass by a horrible accident and cannot help but look at it? (only could stand to watch about 15 mins)

/me sweeps away your crumbs from your crisps and drops some banging funky stuff for you: [link]

Have to buy this one for my Yowza playlist...

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 4 days ago

Argh! Great, I ordered something from a site online and failed to noticed it was being shipped from Switzerland when I just went to check on them I just noticed it shows:

Arrival at origin border point

CH-8010 Zürich 1




The consignment has left the origin border point

CH-8010 Zürich 1




Arrival at border point in the destination country


So then I went back and seen on my order on the bottom...

IMPORTANT: Please note that shipping charges do not include customs fees, tariffs or taxes. Depending on local country import and tax regulations, VAT and import taxes may be charged by the carrier.

But I didn't notice any of that on my charges? (I don't even know what tariff is?

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 4 days ago

You're sunk. Or not. It depends on what the threshold is. Over here, if your package is worth more that €22 (roughly $22), expect to pay. €13 "handling costs" + 21% tax + possible extra tax. So basically I get to pay extra big time for everything.

That Cazztek track sounds very French. A bit like Cassius.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, I don't know but I guess I will find out when it comes.

/me goes peek at where it is now...

As for that Cazztek not sure what it is but I will most certainly take a closer look at it this week when I'm not dead from work.

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 3 days ago

Sleep at work. Party all weekend.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 2 days ago

I forgot to post some ghetto tunes: KOWICHI - Shouna Bitter Sweet (prod. ZOT on the WAVE & Lil' Yukichi) [link]. Japanese ghetto tunes with lots of yellow booty.

I actually don't like Kowichi. He's your run of the mil auto-tuned rapper with equally generic tunes. But I've seen that guy with the dreadlocks in some other videos. Hmm, could that be the producer? Does not look like his light shines brightly.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 2 days ago

You most likely sleep at work and party all weekend but me no visit partyland these day, too old now and nothing but wolves & vampires there...

/me goes check out what yellow tails you are chasing after now... *sighs & rolls eyes*

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, okay now that is just plan silly imitation or something, not even sure what to think about it my brain just flat lined...

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 2 days ago

plan = plain (my fingers are even in shock over that)

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 2 days ago

And just plain bad. We got these goons over here too: Gers Pardoel ft. Jairzinho - Valuta [link]. And there is a lot of crap like this.

But I am actually surprised the video worked for you. Normally you get geo-blocked.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

I got Ed Sheeran vibes from it...


/me smacks you for looking at all that booty! Argh! And Dexter is climbing all over my desk sniffing my monitor right now.

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

And now here goes YouTube trying to seduce me, come on over here my dear click on thissss link... [link]

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

Of course that was not the link it was some dutch link (but it was actually pretty good) don't know where it ran off to because YouTube is tossing all kinds of madness at me now thanks to you pointing me to all those crazy links of those Japanese girls you are obsessing over! Now my recommendations are everywhere both mine and yours!

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

I was trying to find some more of that Cazztek but not sure anything can top the first one I heard and linked which is this one: [link]

Only other one half way decent is this one: [link]

I'm just going to buy the first one...

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

Argh! Can't wait until the day when they can email packages! It's still sitting at the stupid border!

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 1 day ago

They've got their dogs sniffing all over it.

My latest t-shirt apparently shipped from Japan to here in two days, then spent three or four days in a warehouse god knows where.

More ghetto tunes for Li'l Dx to check out and to mess up your recommendations: Ronnie Flex ft. Boef - Come Again [link]. Again, I don't like this guy (especially his dependency on auto-tuning), but the producers in this case are quite good.

// craeonics / 355 weeks and 23 hours ago

Well, I seen a $4.08 additional charge pop up on my cc yesterday so I suppose that is not too bad for the international charge, (my fault for not paying attention) and it still has not moved. I was hoping to get it while I'm off work since I'm stretching it out until Wednesday. But well see, sometimes they don't update the shipping info right away. Next time I will run to Amazon first they have same day shipping or two day shipping and I'm impatient!

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 19 hours ago

That was not too bad but the beats are not hard enough and dull tones overall still it would make it to my playlist.

/me goes dance with my laundry...

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 18 hours ago

And there goes YouTube seducing me again with other recommendations:


// Doreen / 355 weeks and 18 hours ago

Ridiculous, YouTube got me pegged: [link]

Stop it YouTube!!!

// Doreen / 355 weeks and 18 hours ago

YouTube's got your number and knows where your house is at.

To further mess up your recommendations, a new song (rather noisy) that kids should not be exposed to, because they will keep repeating it over and over ad nauseum: Jebroer ft Stepherd, Skinto & Jayh - Banaan [link].

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 6 days ago

No kidding, and the beats on that one are pretty decent too, of which YouTube is telling me to check out Yellow Claw & The Opposites (but I already know of them) [link]

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 6 days ago

To quell your good mood, new Telecide video: Cycle of Addiction [link]

Still like all their songs. They're not super, unlike a certain trio, but they're good enough and well above average.

Still no physical release, grr...

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 5 days ago

Who says I'm in a good mood? But I did finally receive my shipment and the extra charge was only $4.08 so that was not too bad.

/me goes check out what madness you are still obsessing over since I'm only being lazy today...

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 5 days ago

Okay now I'm slightly annoyed and agitated. Nothing I can't get over in a few mins cuz I'm free today from work!

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 5 days ago

/memo to self: find more stuff to annoy Doreen with

I'm out of new material.

Oh, wait I got one: Riton ft. Kah-Lo, Mr Eazi, Davido - Money [link]. I thought it was some African outfit (which gives them some leeway), but apparently, it's a British producer.

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm already annoyed, just cuz the calendar shows it's the 4th of July everyone goes into instant party mode and I can't switch my moods at the drop of a hat just because of a date on a Calendar. It's hot today and will be noisy all night with shot guns & M-80's and tomorrow is work already!

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 4 days ago

Your tune actually helped my B-mood a bit (something fresh and different)

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 4 days ago

Really kinda liking these Chainsmokers the more I hear of them:


// Doreen / 354 weeks and 4 days ago

There are a fair number of songs with the name "Don't let me down". I ofcourse prefer the Band-Maid one: [link]

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 3 days ago

You would but mine is better!

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 3 days ago

Thunder storms is better. And we just had one. It rained so loud that I could not even hear my TV. Alas, it is already over.

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 2 days ago

Mmm, I have to agree, please send me some of that rain dutchy it is killer hot over here, another horrible heat wave.

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm keeping my thunderstorms. They're my preciousss...

Though really, I do want to hear my TV, so next time they should be a bit quieter.

// craeonics / 354 weeks and 1 day ago

Our board apparently eats one linerz, (ate my all important post from yesterday) anyways, it's so horribly hot over here even the birds are not making a peep outside.

// Doreen / 354 weeks and 17 hours ago

The board eats low content sentences. You need at least six words, if I recall correctly.

Another weekend, another bloody birthday to visit. I'm done with birthdays for the rest of the year.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 6 days ago

Umm, we are now in July so the parties will just soon begin all over again...

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 6 days ago

The only party I can't avoid is my father's birthday. All the other ones, I'm going to make myself scarce. This one was my niece's fifth birthday, so screaming kids everywhere.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 5 days ago

Yikes! She's five already? Well some parties cannot be avoided. Some ppl even live for parties. I despise parties and cannot remember ever going to one that I literally was not dragged off to kicking and screaming (alright actually complaining) but I got dragged off to one recently that was not too bad because for once it had decent music but when they started trying to get me up dancing that was it, party mood over for me I'm just not into acting crazy. (boring is my middle name)

Anyways, sweet of you to show up for your nieces special day dutchy...

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 5 days ago

I could also not show up, but that is how family feuds start.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 4 days ago

Yeah, but then you would have to live with their overwhelming guilt trip that they will put on you for not going!

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 4 days ago


I am quite immune to that though. But it would not be nice. My sister is thinking of combining her kids' birthdays. They're like three weeks apart. That would save me from one party.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 3 days ago

If you are worried enough about not being "nice" then you should just say you would feel guilty, hence why we both get dragged off to parties we don't really care to go to...

Anyways, such is life (doing things everyday out of responsibility that we don't even feel like doing)

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 3 days ago

I was just looking at the calendar and Aug 3rd would have been his birthday. You betterrr get your lazy behind to your Dad's birthday party for sure when it comes (cuz that will be one you could someday regret if you miss it)

I'm thinking about all kinds of only if I coulda, woulda, shouldas now that he passed...

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 3 days ago

I keep my dad active. I live on the fourth floor. He brings the kitty litter and gets rid of my old paper. And then complains he ran out of breath.

There's no doubt that he (in his seventies) is in the autumn of life, but I expect him to last a few more years at least.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 2 days ago

Don't expect anything, play it safe. I was having lunch with him and he was laughing and eating like any other day, then suddenly after I left their house when I was still driving home I got a call that my Mom had to call an ambulance for him so I had to go straight to the hospital (where I think a bunch of bad calls by the Medical staff is most likely what killed him in the end) but at any rate nothing will change the outcome of what happened so, no use crying about something you can't go back and change.

Just remember to make the most of your time with him dutchy, and if he does kick the bucket it might be because you have this guy doing all that crap for you! Are you serious? You've got him carrying a 40 lb. bag of kitty litter for you up four floors!?

/me smacks the living hell out of your lazy a**

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm not taking my Mom for granted anymore I was avoiding her before because of my own lazy a** but I'm making the most of every moment with her. Now I've got her computer over here since she lives with me so I don't even have to get pissed off when she needs it fixed. The only thing driving me crazy is when she talks to her sisters she freaking screams (Brooklyn New-York gals, you've no clue how they sound!)

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 2 days ago

Her sisters are far away, so she has to raise her voice so they can hear them.

Parents like to help their kids, so my father doesn't mind fetching the kitty litter. Though these days he will phone me in advance and have me carry half of it upstairs.

By the way, you should set up a non-admin account for your mother so she can't install stuff and mess things up. And tell her not to open suspicious attachments.

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 1 day ago

Yes, her sisters all live out of state but no that is not the problem, (cuz I can hear their whole conversations just fine from the other room!) the problem is they put their cell phones on speaker and I hear one of my crazy Aunt's screaming at her to turn the TV down so she can hear her and then on my Mom's phone I can hear my Aunt's noise going on in her house in the background while they both shout back and forth! Craziness! (plus they both have potty mouths and now I think it is rubbing off on me!) hehe!

Anyways, it's just like having a teenager in the house all over again and I noticed my son Sammy has been running out more, poor kid...

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 1 day ago

As for the computer stuff trust me "nothing" will fix the problems "she creates" on her PC, I've given up now out of frustration and just fix the mess (at least now I don't have to drive down to Anaheim to fix the stupid thing every day.

I've been doing alot of praying to keep myself focused on the important things in life for my own sanity. Have a goed day/night mijn dutchy, me goes hit that gym to decompress and vent a bit to begin my day right...

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 1 day ago

Here, I've got some bad music for you.

I've been seeing this heavy bearded producer fellow pop up in videos recently. The red line of all his music and videos is that they are all really bad: DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts [link] (note the Santana sample).

// craeonics / 353 weeks and 22 hours ago

Too many different flavors going on in that song. (not a good mixture at all) Yuk!

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 17 hours ago

I think everyone "attempts" to meld with Santana but this is probably the only one that passed the test semi-okay: [link]

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 17 hours ago

I actually never really cared for Santana (he was not my cup of tea) but this one I think was his best: [link]

// Doreen / 353 weeks and 17 hours ago

Santana is like easy listening for people past their midlife crisis. Meanders forever with no real bite.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 6 days ago

Yup, old skool easy listening. (cept the younger generation are still trying to toss him into the mix even today and he's probably better solo I think)

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 6 days ago

It's dull beyond belief. And speaking of dull, this is what's popular among women in their thirties who drive cabrios: Armin van Buren ft. Josh Combee - Sunny Days [link].

Meanwhile I'm over here waiting for Telecide to drop an album. Judging by the view count of their videos I account for like 5% of all views.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmm, well that Sunny Days does not sound like anything you would like (too happy, happy) I've never heard it before but it was even too upbeat for me to handle.

As for that Telecide I think you probably should save your money until you get past that phase you are going through...

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 5 days ago

Seeing that I am apparently a significant part of their audience, that album is not happening. Or perhaps they post on other media in the orient. NicoNico Douga is the Youtube of Japan.

I played your boy Petey Pablow to my colleagues today, since they can't handle music with a bite.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 4 days ago

Try playing some Ying Yang Twins for them next and see what happens. I suppose it's a good thing we are not allowed to play our music on exec row or I'd probably get fired on the spot. I'm on both extreme sides of the extreme spectrum with either my Religious music or totally offensive music (as you already know and both flavors seem to always offend "everyone"

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 4 days ago

Shake it like a salt shaker!

I work with "sensitive" people to whom getting out of bed is already a struggle. There's a church bell that plays a tune every minute. Fine, you'd think. Gives the city some colour. But no, it drives my colleagues insane.

In other news, new Yellow Claw, ft. Moksi & Jonna Fraser - Open [link]. Annnd, I don't like it. Too soft. Too generic.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 3 days ago

Or your colleagues might like this one betterrrr: [link]

There is one city I pass through that has a Church Bell I hear once in a while the Bell has the most perfect tone/sound I've ever heard and I doubt I would mind hearing it all day long (it's soothing)

/me goes check out that Yellow Claw...

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 3 days ago

Yikes! I got all side tracked w/ those Ying Yang Twins and some Trick Boom: [link]

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, I happen to agree with you in regards to that Yellow Claw or maybe because the Ying Yang Twins messed me up & my ears could not adjust after them (cuz I normally like that Yellow Claw) hehe

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 3 days ago

Too much Ying Yang, no doubt.

Played a couple of (moombathon) mixes from this guy today: [link]. Not bad, though it gets a bit repetitive after while. And for some reason I just knew he was from here. Something about that attic he is in.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 2 days ago

Not too shabby but it's 33 mins long! /me checks that out tomorrow cuz I'm going to crawl into bed early. As for that attic it looks more like a shoe box! Hey, what happened to that thingy you bought several years back and was playing around with? I remember you made some pretty good sounds out of it?

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 2 days ago

If I recall correctly, you were laughing at my sounds. No the whole problem with making music with instruments like midi-boards is that you first have to spend an unholy amount of time to get the sound you want and only then you can start making actual music. And then you reconsider the sound and everything starts all over again.

The lyrics of A Forest come to mind: [link]

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 1 day ago

Umm, noooo, if I remember correctly I was laughing at the fact you actually bought one of those thingies but I liked the sounds you put together. Yes, it would most likely take a boat load of time to master that ridiculous looking thing BUT someone such as you that has a good ear could be outrageously good with that thing.

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 1 day ago

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.


// Doreen / 352 weeks and 1 day ago

[link] (Yup, freaky dude but insane music. I LOVE his music)

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 1 day ago

A Forest was before his freaky phase.

I think his wife had said something like she has gotten used to him over the years.

And YouTube should display region blocks up front, so I can pick different videos.

// craeonics / 352 weeks and 1 day ago

Hi wife? I assumed with the lipstick and all he was most likely gay? But then again look at that wham guy (who knew)

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 18 hours ago

I know I recently dropped this but this deserves several drops: [link] Hasn't been ANY really decent tunes around for quite a while.

/me gets to some cleaning...

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 13 hours ago

Unreal dutchy the Linkin Park guy died at 41 yrs old? What a lazy coward and what a thing to teach his six kids? When the going gets tough or you can't deal with a challenge just check yourself out? He should not have brought six others into this world w/o having the balls to show them how it's done. Can't believe it! (plus I liked his tunes) same thing with Robin Williams! Now we will never get that Mrs. Doubtfire sequel!

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 12 hours ago

He did good with that one! [link]

(but I seriously doubt that you ever seen Mrs. Doubtfire?)

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 12 hours ago

So ridiculous? Have you ever heard of a baby coming into this world laughing? Probably because we are suppose to be crying right? Anyways, I think everyone expects to be happy all the time but I don't think it's suppose to be that way...

// Doreen / 352 weeks and 11 hours ago

Baby's are born crying because they are taken out of the confortable zone that is the womb into this open world where you have to fend for yourself.

And if they don't cry, the nurse will spank their behind to make sure they do (so they can check if it is a normal child).

I remember when Linkin' Park came about, which was around the same period when DevArt started to grow. There is a lot of overlap between the two. Emo stuff.

Anyways, yes, it's the "easy way out" (is it really?). But some times people are just conflicted.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 6 days ago

I see a few key statements from you up there, normal child should cry and this world that we are suddenly born into is not comfortable and you have to fend for yourself. God's first lesson. Then he gives you family and friends to bring instant comfort and feel good vibes to calm your behind down right? The Linkin Park guy was a lazy coward w/ no balls, he brought six kids into the fun zone and set a crappy example of how things are done around here. *sigh*

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes! Dutchy, I used to love this song but I never listened to the lyrics check this out: [link]

Anyways, can't wait to see what this madness this day will bring but first me goes hit that gym...

Later gator!

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 6 days ago

That whole genre is about self-pity.

Now I could say that entire generation is a bunch of whiners, but that would paint me as an old coot. Then again, working with people from that generation...

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 5 days ago

Dutchy you were born an old coot but if you are not an old coot just blink a few more times and you will be one too. I used to pride myself that all my friends starting springing grey hairs in their early thirties but I had none until my late forties but now I'm noticing more and more! I'm turning into an old hag! Oh well such is life (now I suppose I can lay off streaking and highlighting my hair)

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 5 days ago

Old hag detected.

Have you been browsing the fossil catalog yet? You may be in need for a walker soon. And those "stand up" chairs. I've never caught one of those in the wild.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 4 days ago

No way! I'm gonna get mes one of those lil motorized thingies they drive around in when the day comes. Going to paint it midnight black and drop it in the back and toss on some spoke rims and a good sound system and I'll be good to go!

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 4 days ago

I see them driving around in those funky things and they always put a silly flag on the back of them wobbling around up high while they are on their scooters or whatever they are. hehe!

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 4 days ago

It's much, much worse then that here. The inbreds drive around on those with the back support rotated backwards, so they can fit two or even three people on those things.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 3 days ago

And they actually get that scooter to move with three ppl on them? I would not think the motor could move with that much weight? Crazy, but they don't do that carpool (scooterpool) thing on this side or they'd probably get a ticket on the sidewalk or something. hehe

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 3 days ago

It's usually a (fat) mother with one or two kids. Usually with a perm, leggings and a cigarette.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 2 days ago

Well then you guys must have a more powerful motor in your scooter thingies cuz the ones over here look like they struggle to drive down the street with the bags of bones they carry around here on this side...

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 2 days ago

It's all flat landscape here.

You may need to clean your eyes and ears after this, but this song [link] embodies the type of people who would go around on those things, the way they look and the songs they like to listen to.

I shouldn't judge, but it truly is dreadful. And it is no joke either, that is a sincere singer.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 1 day ago

"This video contains content from rinuszingt. It is not available in your country"

So frustrating *sigh* let me see if I can find that title on another spot or something.

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 1 day ago

This one? [link]

Quite diff from over here...

(I think our old folk age a bit differently on this side) hehe

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 1 day ago

Over in the States, they pretty much look like this over here: [link]

(note the funky flag)

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm starting to turn into an old hag now but my ride is exactly like this (color and all) [link]

But I never open up the top because...

1. I hate the sun and number 2. I don't like to attract attention. When I officially hit olden agehood I'll simply turn my car into a self driving car.

Those scooters attract wayyyy too much attention to yourself (specially with the flag!) hehe!

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 1 day ago

Not to mention that they're trashy. The video you found was a parody of the one I posted.

Your cabrio looks fine. The only problem I foresee is that those things are low and you have to crawl into it. That's going to be difficult when your hips and back give in.

// craeonics / 351 weeks and 22 hours ago

I don't know what a cabrio is?

/me goes check that out...

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 18 hours ago

Ack! Not quite, (and my wallet agrees with that) as for crawling into it? Yes, your behind is on the ground and I fear big trucks since they apparently cannot see me and I've almost been squished like a bug on the road twice already, however, you can be crossing the street on foot and get squished by a truck as well right?

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 18 hours ago

You're talking about this one right? [link] (not low enough, too square in shape and no style at all, boxy?)

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 18 hours ago

The very next month after I bought my ride they came out with one that has a retractable top (RF) [link] (but they did not have a jet black one) for me I wanted the hard roof only because I never open it up like most other ppl do and I cannot take my car to the car wash because the roof will rip because it's cloth so it's a royal pain. (but I still wanted my car in black and they RF's only came in grey)

But those ones open up by a push of a button, my mom though she gave birth to a vampire such as me is the opposite and is a sun worshiper so I open up the top for her to give her a thrill ride...

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 18 hours ago

Cabrio is just what we call a "convertible" here. People who drive those must be the optimistic types, because with the weather over here, you can only open the top a few weeks each year.

For instance, it's the middle of Summer and it's raining cats and dogs.

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, I don't know about being that optimistic on this side, for me it's just fun to drive and a cool looking ride...

But you can send me some of that rain it is ridiculously hot over here (couldn't even sleep well last night)

// Doreen / 350 weeks and 6 days ago

You can have the rain. But only today.

I have the week off so I'm finally going to clean up my balcony, maybe work on Tek a bit.

Okay, the odds of working on Tek are very low. But that balcony is getting done. It's developed into quite the biotope.

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 6 days ago

A biotope sounds cool, and Tek could use a little paint on the walls though I know better then hold my breath for that. Anyways, enjoy your week off...

// Doreen / 350 weeks and 5 days ago

Tek indeed can use a little paint. I think I concocted the current look fifteen years ago.

I want to split the front page into "happenings", which covers the increasingly rare news bits as simple headlines, and "talk", which is the shout box. It is highly doubtful that a new issue will eer be done, so I'm putting all that under an "archive" or "articles" section.

Other than that, the styling could use some work. Needs to be simplified. Needs to be more responsive so it can fit on multiple screen dimensions. Since Flash has gone the way of the dodo, I can't open up the source material anymore.

Anyways, as everything with me, long term plans.

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 4 days ago

That all "sounds" good but lets "see" what you got old man. (or atleast update that bunny with some glasses and a cane!)

Ridiculous, 94 degrees outside and raining with flash floods, is this even possible? If I didn't know better I would think you actually sent the rain dutchy from the Netherlands! But, where ever it came from "Thank God!" it's been horrible over here and now I might be able to sleep tonight...

// Dor_zzz / 350 weeks and 4 days ago

If I ever change the theme, I'll add a pink one.

The rain still has not left. That is to say, it's not actually raining, but it feels very humid. Like moving through a cloud. Makes everything sluggish.

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 3 days ago

That moment when your music player goes from Hate Forest to Joe Smooth...

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, welll when Hell does freeze over and you actually make that pink theme make sure that it's the right shade of pink, that baby smooth soft powder pink (not that tacky purplish pink) I'm picky!

/me changes your music player back to the Forest tunes and kicks out that Joe Smooth yuk!

// Doreen / 350 weeks and 3 days ago

Baby smooth soft powder pink...

What's wrong with Joe Smooth now all of a sudden? Promised Land is awesome [link]

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh boy that is way too corny...

/me washes it out of my ears with some of this: [link]

// Doreen / 350 weeks and 1 day ago

That is a nice one. That artstyle though is positively antediluvean.

YouTube on my TV goes through a phase of amnesia every few months. It forgets what videos I watch and I end up with the default recommendations which apparently is what's popular over here. Predominantly god awful vloggers...

// craeonics / 350 weeks and 22 hours ago

I think I rely most on Shazam. When I hear a good tune on my way to work or home on my satellite radio I Shazam it for my playlist or whatever.

// Doreen / 350 weeks and 18 hours ago

The algorithm behind Shazam is quite interesing and quite simple. In short: it chops up the song in X second intervals and within each interval finds the top Y biggest frequencies (or tones if you will) and uses that as a fingerprint of the song. The devil is in the details of course.

But what this means is that Shazam can only recognise songs it knows about.

Which begs the question: where do they get their music?

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 6 days ago

And I thought it was a Genie (hence the name Shazam!) all I know is I've been using that forever when I want to buy a song and need to know the name and I cannot remember it not ever getting it right within a second or two. Hmm, I wonder if it will know all that yellow tail music you listen to as well? Do you use it?

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 6 days ago

That'd be rather hard, seeing as I don't have a phone.

I flicked on the TV this morning, swam to MTV (which still plays tunes in the morning) and lo and behold, the first song I saw was that very song you mentioned.

Haven't listened to radio in ages. It's all YouTube recommendations. I can find all my yellow tail tunes by searching for "skew lines" and clicking through the videos half a dozen times.

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 5 days ago

Well then buy a phone? Actually, they have Shazam for windows as well...

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 4 days ago

You're saying I should get a phone so I can install an app to recognise songs played on the radio I don't listen to... Riiight.

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 3 days ago

For me when I hear a tune not just on the radio but even if I hear it somewhere else all I have to do is whip out my Shazam and I can get that tune but on the other hand if you had a phone you could have that YouTube you're obsessed with now in the palm of your hand at any time and any place. (prob is you have no clue what to do with a phone)

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 3 days ago

I think you can use it to call people.

I don't like being called. Conversely I don't like calling people either.

For some people mobile phones are a godsend though. One my friends was incredibly hard to get a hold on before cellphones. He was never at home.

Back to music. I just was the 4000th viewer of Telecide's Cycle of Despair video. It was released some 40 days ago and I watch it like twice a day on average. So that means I'm 80/4000 = 1/50th (2%) of their total viewcount.

I think I deserve a medal by now. But I'll settle for an album, so drop one already, damnit...

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, lemme think what you can do with a mobile phone...

Umm, you can customize it and theme it!

Watch YouTube Vids on the fly

Read your books when waiting on line or waiting for appts.

Read news alerts on the fly

Use the map app to find place or navigate you somewhere

Take pics whenever, wherever

Listen to your playlist anywhere, anytime

Check the current whether at a moments notice

Break out your calculator in your hand

Type notes & reminders on the fly

Host Spark board meetings

Use killer fitness apps

Annoy ppl with text messages

Break out your dictionary when you need it (I use it every second)

Use it to translate or speak for you in a diff lingo

Pay your bills with your bank app

Pay at the cash register with it

Use it as a flashlight

Browse the internet

Ohhh and I think you can even use it to make phone calls...

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 2 days ago

I'll be over here not cracking jokes at that dictionary comment. You forgot to add that you can use it as a mirror too.

Back to music, the yawning neighbour is playing Boy George and Brittney Spears. Kids these days probably consider Ms Spears to be a classic too.

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh shut up! Yeah, I spotted the whether word up there which has more to do with being dead tired rather than not knowing how to spell "sometimes" hehe

Anyways, I have total burnout so I'm taking off work for two weeks! Hooray! One of those weeks I will be taking my Mom to visit Gino over in Oregon, he wants to take her down to the University into his Frankenstein Lab and show her the experiments he is doing for his Professors etc. Plus I think my Mom needs to take a few hikes in the Forests over there and recharge her soul a bit.

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 1 day ago

I want her to see Oregon and see what she thinks about it cuz I'm still on the fence about possibly relocating over there in 9 or 10 years. I have a magnetic pull towards Cabins & Forest or something. But then again a Condo near the Ocean is cool too. (but that's only if our nutty prez don't make the Koreans blow us up first)

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 1 day ago

As for zipping back into reality and the moment?

/me grabs my tunes & goes bust a sweat at the gym...

// Doreen / 349 weeks and 1 day ago

Nuts can fire missiles at your cabin in the woods too. I wouldn't worry about that.

What I would about is how grandson wants to take grandma to his secret lab and run experiments on her.

// craeonics / 349 weeks and 22 hours ago

I turn around for one second and Telecide releases a new video: Abstract Romance [link]. High output, that's how it's supposed to be. But wait! It's a ballad? And why is growling girl not growling? Her growling is the best part of this band...

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 6 days ago

/me travels all the way from Oregon to the Netherlands just to smack you for looking at those yellow tails again! I'm listening to a raging river from my window. Pretty breathtaking views over here Dutch, these forests are amazing (all you ever get to see in Cali is palm trees or cactus) they had a heat wave over here Gino said but today its raining! Hooray!!!

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay so the setbacks on mobile phones is that auto correction dutchy

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 6 days ago

While grandson is running experiments on his grandma and mum is on her phone hiding behind auto-correction, I am reminded of this recent Macklemore track, in which he takes his hundred year old grandmother out on her birthday: Glorious [link].

Not a very interesting song, but the message in the video is sweet (fake or not, can't say).

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 5 days ago

I'll check those two vids out when I get back home on Fri or Sat I'm super lazy right now. No experiments on his Grama silly (of whom is wearing us out! She's hard to keep up with)

The University has a lab under ground (I call it the Frankenstein Lab) Gino as I think I told you gets to play with multi million dollar microscopes one is named The Titan and conduct experiments & research for his professors and apparently now they are paying all his expenses to travel abroad! He will be going to England to do a presentation. He's very blessed/gifted.

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 5 days ago

Tell him to bring an umbrella. It rains 360 days a year there (which is why Brits are pale like ghosts).

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 4 days ago

Oregon is giving him pretty good practice so he's actually already used to the rain. His professor said he will be getting his first publication out of this. He's doing things on one particular microscope that's never been done before. I'm just totally blessed myself getting to physically see all the things he's been ranting to me about over the phone (and these forests I swear are the most amazing creations on earth dutchy)

I decided though that I doubt I will relocate here because from what his professor told me on the side it's pretty certain that Gino will not settle down here he's going to travel the world. (which means I'm going to keep my mouth shut and let him fly like bird)

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 4 days ago

Um, yeah, but him not staying there does not mean you can't move there. Unless you want to be close to the kids.

I shouldn't say anything, my parents live a stone throw away. My sister used to live right around the corner.

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, I'm not sure but the chances of me relocating here if he is not settled here are slimmer now. He originally wanted to do his double major and eventually get his Phd and become a professor here at UO but they frown upon that. They made it clear he has to travel that's what they are requiring of him. Not what he wanted but is willing to do. I believe if my instincts are right that he'll come full circle and eventually return here and become a professor like he wants but only after he does more traveling then he ever imagined or wants to do. As for me I probably shouldn't think to much about what I'm going to do it doesn't matter I'm pretty much done. But these forests!!! I've done enough hiking deep in a few diff forest to keep me content for a couple years at least. Insanely breathtakingly beautiful and they smell so good.

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 3 days ago

They want him to visit other universities and conventions and what not and mingle with other scientists. Looks better on his and their resume if you have someone who's been around.

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 2 days ago

It would be foolish to turn down an opportunity of traveling the world all expenses paid. Though he is nervous he is definitely not foolish. His first trip is Wales. Anyways,I'll be back home by tomorrow night and I think Oregon was too slow for my Mom's pace and taste but it was perfect for me.

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 2 days ago

Wales, which has a red dragon in its flag: [link]

If you see those names it's like reading a fantasy novel.

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 1 day ago

And then it was early Saturday morning and someone in the neighbourhood thought it was a good idea to go monkeying about with heavy machinery in the garden. Meanwhile, I'm trying to sleep.

I wonder if the world was a quieter place before every Joe and his dog had a shed full of mechanical tools to make noise with.

// craeonics / 348 weeks and 23 hours ago

And then it was early Saturday morning and I'm not so happy to be back home (I already miss Oregon) Sammy was the cat watcher for me and my Mom's cat so of course he as very happy to see us because now he does not have to deal with cat poop. hehe

/me goes check out your links...

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 18 hours ago

Okay, (though I'm ashamed to say it I actually liked that yellow tail one) even though you said that was one you didn't like cuz it was void the growling. As for the Macklemore guy I don't normally like that vid made me fall in love with him. (I will assume that is 100% legit)

/me goes check out that last link...

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 17 hours ago

Alright that is too much reading for me but since it has a dragon it's awesome. (and he will love it cuz me and my boys like dragons) hehe

He's getting excited about that upcoming adventure (nervous but excited) the only thing is that he cannot take his fiance with him for these trips the university is sending him out too so that part will be difficult but good for the both of them since she is busy with school as well.

/me goes hit the gym to get off the couple lbs that seem to have crept up on my behind from Oregon! My Mom actually did not find spending a week in enchanting forests as enjoyable as I did because it was too slow for her taste (she's a party animal) I was seeking out deers and bears and my soul was at peace in those freaking forests I swear I could live inside any of them forever! I came across a bee hive dutchy that was big as a beach ball! I would send you the pics but I don't need a yellow tail coming after me with pointy chop sticks to stab and attack me. (If you ever redo this site put a way to upload a pic that possibly dissolves the photos after a certain 2 week period or something like that so we can easily post pics)

// Doreen / 348 weeks and 17 hours ago

Image hosting is not too hard to implement. Were it not for the limitation that you do not want every Joe and his dogs to dump their photos here. Which means you have to implement user authentication, which implies accounts.

Lots of moving parts. So I'd put it on low priority.

Perhaps your mother wants to be among people now that your stepfather passed, so being in the woods might not be her thing.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 6 days ago

Gino's fiance and I are planning to get her in touch with a group of relatives that go to a certain Jazz Club and listen to bands and dance that might be better medicine. I could be making things worse for her since we are so opposite by nature. I took her up to one particular dense forest and when you come out from the deep hike you end on top of a mountain that overlooks an ocean cove, she stood there stunned for about 10 mins and I realized she might have been thinking about him since they got married up on a hilltop such as that in Hawaii. She does not talk much from the heart so hard to tell what is in her head. But yes, the forest was not medicine for her soul...

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 6 days ago

But it was good for yours, so no harm done. If she likes jazz, that sounds like a good idea. You probably have to take care that she does not consider it to be overbearing. Or end up with a family feud.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 5 days ago

Gino's fiance and her family are all Italians so same culture most likely it will be fine. As for us being overbearing there is no way I can make my Mom do anything she does not want to do.

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 5 days ago

That's because she is your mother. Mothers have a way to play their kids. The other way around usually does not work, even though the kids will never stop trying (playing at maternal caring instincts aside).

But the attempts themselves can be regarded as overbearing. Or perhaps she appreciates them, only she can say.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 4 days ago

Well she most likely will not say she's not big on talking deep feelings etc. Anyways, it's Gino's fiance's Grandfather he lost his wife three years ago and he's very active man (like my mom) he lives close by and like to go to jazz clubs and listen to bands and dance and travel should be a good hookup. Since they both like the same things he will introduce her to a new circle of people. We'll see he is coming over at 2:30 today. He called her right away after Gino's fiance called him and told him about her. I already spoke to him and he sounds sharp. He drove the 16 hour drive alone to visit both Gino and his grand daughter a few weeks ago before we went so he must have some pretty good endurance to make that drive by himself at his age! Yikes! That drive kicked my behind!

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 4 days ago

Actually I think I am more nervous than her to meet him! He sounded like a really nice man though and I'm excited to meet him. I just want my Mom to jump back in the realm of living she's been so lost and well "lost" is the best word to describe her and maybe this man can give her some direction he's picking her up today with another friend of his and another lady friend of theirs so that she does not feel nervous (so it'll be a small group) but I seriously think that I am freaking out more than her!

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 4 days ago

Some ghetto tunes to get them in the right mood: SBMG ft. Latifah - Laag/boven [link] (2017). Nasty lyrics that probably trancend language barriers.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 3 days ago

/me snatches the ghetto tune for myself. As for my Mom's adventure, it went well. Charming guy, been around the block a few times of course and they hit it off great and they both have the same level of energy (which is too much for their age) I seen both their eyes light up and he asked her out again and she accepted, so apparently she has a new playmate! hehe

Gino and his fiance were excited as well. Anyways, such is life everyday is an adventure...

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 3 days ago

It's going to get a bit weird if both grandma and grandson are dating the same family. But good for her.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 2 days ago

Nah, at their age nothing will become of it other than companionship to hang out once in a while probably no different then if Gino and his granddaughter lived over here and we all got together for family events or whatever. But, they did both have some kind of sparkle in their eyes so who knows.

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 2 days ago

Sparkles in their eyes... Could it be that they are actually robots?

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 1 day ago

You know what I mean silly, looked like a few sparks were flying. hehe

Anyways they are going out clubbing next week so hopefully they have some fun.

I'm already dreading going back to work and I still have a few more days!

/me goes get some things done before I return to slavery...

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 1 day ago

You should get out some yourself before you get locked down behind your desk again. Not just chores all day.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 23 hours ago

I've done all the things I wanted to do (just not into parties as I've told you before) and my days are going by way too fast so doing "nothing" the next two days is what I want to do.

// Doreen / 347 weeks and 19 hours ago

The real problem is that time passes so quickly. For some reason it is Sunday already, so the weekend is almost over. And since I postpone the chores to the last possible moment, no rest for me today.

// craeonics / 347 weeks and 4 minutes ago

The real problem for me is that my sleeping pattern has changed over the past two weeks. It will be sheer Hell to try to get up at 5:00am now! I got used to going to sleep after midnight and getting up when I feel like it which today was after 8:00 yikes!!!

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't change my schedule on work days. I still go to bed way past midnight. But I still have to get up early. Which means I'm dead when Thursday ends. It's a good thing I work four days a week.

It also means I'm not very productive when off work during weekdays. Then again, I've never been very productive.

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, I'm a old hag now so I need more beauty sleep or something. Actually, it's that the type of work I do now is extremely different (I've got the main Division Manager and 72 staff in this Div) lots of squawking baby birds to feed now as a secretary...

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 5 days ago

Tell them "computer says no": [link]

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! OMG what in the world is that? (so funny)

/me goes back and watch that again!

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh no what is this crazy program? [link]

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 4 days ago

I will have to take a closer look at that madness this weekend. So funny dutchy! [link]

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 4 days ago

It's a British comedy series from a number of years back, poking fun at the Brits. It's very character driven though, so if you see a character you've already seen before in a new sketch, you'll know exactly what the joke is going to be.

British comedies are usually rather dark and absurdist.

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 3 days ago

Well totallyyy different sense of humor for sure, my brain even got shocked by it. hehe!

Dry (but, hilarious)

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 3 days ago

Meanwhile, YouTube has had a makeover. But I haven't heard anything new today, so no music to post. Colleague wanted me to play happy hardcore, so I did. I'm not so sure if the other colleagues in the room appriciated it.

If it were up to me, I'd play three ninja songs all day long ofcourse.

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! So apparently your office has you as their official Dutch DJ?

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 2 days ago

More like they're all to busy with the daily struggles of life, I don't seem to suffer from, to play music. The one that usually does the tunes (terribly dull ones) is on holiday.

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe! Well, our office likes or demands complete quietness (which is sheer torture for me!) I can even hear ppl's stomach rumblings! Horrible! I don't know why they don't let us play much and enjoy our work day...

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 1 day ago

The room where we keep all the project managers has no music either. But that's probably because they're on the phone all day.

In other news, after a quiet spell of forever, I finally scored some three ninja shirts from their last US tour. Well, technically. They popped up in their store and were still in stock when I ordered (now sold out). I won't be cheering until they get shipped and actually arrive. Last one I ordered vanished along the way.

// craeonics / 346 weeks and 22 hours ago

/me ignores your continuing three ninja fetish and drops this: [link]

(not my normal taste in tunes but it's grown on me)

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 18 hours ago

And here goes YouTube with it's suggestions telling me hey that stuffezz is not your normal tunes this is! [link]

It seems it does not want me to experiment with music!!!

// Doreen / 346 weeks and 18 hours ago

YouTube thinks you've been out in the woods a bit too long and it has detrimentally affected your taste in music.

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 6 days ago

Could be? But if it weren't so hot over here I waste my energy and try to smack you!

/me goes back to my binge watching of Game of Thrones...

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 6 days ago

Just be quiet and send me some rain!

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 6 days ago

Everyone and their dog is watching GoT.

No-one was discussing GoT ten years ago, when I read it. Aside from others that read it and complain about the author never finishing it (he still has not). He's going to croak before he does.

If it's not on TV it does not count apparently...

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 5 days ago

Read it? Most likely boringgg compared to "watching" it anyways, I don't care I've not found anything that has been able to keep my interest until I finally checked this out (Everybody has been telling me how good it is but I didn't believe them)

I've now GoT my next 6 weekends booked since this long Holiday weekend I was able to get through a full season. Spent today trying to catch up on all the things I've neglected being a couch potato. (of which I am now able to return to being a couch potato again!)

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 5 days ago

Insanely cool! I'm at the episode where the three dragons hatched!

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 5 days ago

In honour of that shallowness, a shallow summer tune: Deepend ft. Graham Candy - Waiting for the summer [link]

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, cool tune. Shallow, Mallow, who is gonna care in a 100 years? Why am I typing here when I can catch me three more episodes GoT before I crash tonight!?

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 4 days ago

At some point in time you will reach the end of the series. And then what? A black hole awaits.

Was playing some oldies at work today. Most are horribly dates, but this one is still good: Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance [link] (1990). That bass is awesome.

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, that sounds a lot like life? You forget that I live by faith. I seriously think that you think way too much, and you look too far ahead with all that thinking you do...

/me goes watch three more episodes!!! It's awesome!!!!!

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 3 days ago

You should know me long enough to know that I don't think. I go by intuition mostly and my subconsciousness moves fast.

Played goa psytrance mixes today. Every goa tune uses the same bassline, so that has grafted itself on my eardrums.

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, well from reading all that stuff you post about all the things you are gonna do to Tek (and then you do nothing) I assume that you go through the process in your head of thinking up things to do and at the end you get yourself exhausted from all the "thinking" and turn back into the lazy sloth that you are! (course I know you, I've been reading you for almost 20 freaking years now!)

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 2 days ago

My subsconscious comes up with things to do and then while coming up with things to do comes up with various other things to do.

And then real life knocks on the door and hands me a bag of chores to take care of.

And in the end I do one chore and then go play games.

We need more than twenty four hours in one day.

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

Because of my occupation I am encircled by extremely motivated individuals, but all I see is them chasing their tails all day (though they get a huge paycheck to do so) I don't get too impressed by any of that. (since we are really all marching in the same direction at the same pace each day)

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

La la la laaaaa! /me sees the word "games" up there and gets excited because I am off today and I get to watch my Game of Thrones!

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

I've been neglecting my worship (mainly cuz they don't release enough fresh stuff) but I came across this one that is pretty awesome! [link]

This isn't easy

For me to admit

I got a fire inside and some words I know I can't keep innnn

I see faith turning

Into a show

Of Sundays and sermons

And words getting caught in the flowwww

Oh, but we got real pain and real fears

Thirsting for the drying of our real tears

It's not satisfying anymorrre

Ain't it true that the veil was torn

I don't need no stained glass

To be washed in his blood

I don't need no perfect, put together pretty words

To be enough, nooo

I want Jesus and his real love

Something that I crave deep inside of my bonessss

So you can leave your religion at home!!!

Spent my life tryingggg

To keep all the rulesssss

Now I know it's about what he's already done

Not about what I think that I gotta dooooo

I don't need no stained glass

To be washed in his blood

I don't need no perfect, put together pretty words

To be enough, no

I want Jesus and his real love

Something that I crave deep inside of my bonessss

Sooooo you can leave your religion at home

I want real, realllll love, hey

I got real pain and real fears

Thirsting for the drying of real tears

It's not satisfying anymore

Ain't it true that the veil was torn

I don't need no stained glass

To be washed in his blood

I don't need no perfect, put together pretty words

To be enough, no

I want Jesus and his real love

Something that I crave deep inside of my bones

So you can leave your religion at home!!!!!

I want real, real love

I want real, real love

I want real, real love

Oh, ye—yeah, yeah

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmmm, interesting, I have heard her before? I just apparently didn't notice her before because this tune I've heard from her a thousand times before? [link]

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

My cats chase their tails too, at times. It's like they are unaware that it is a part of themselves.

/me has another birthday party to attend to today, so this day is lost

// craeonics / 345 weeks and 1 day ago

Yeah, but it's cute when cats do that. Enjoy your party I have a hot steamy date with GoT today again.

// Doreen / 345 weeks and 18 hours ago

Today is household chore day, so today is lost as well.

And I live in a neighbourhood where people like do to construction in their spare time. So right now I'm enjoying the symphony of heavy machinery, hoping for some accident to happen.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 6 days ago

Same here, it's catch up day for me too but first I have to drag my lazy bones off to the gym just to wake up...

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 6 days ago

You need more coffee. On second thought, coffee addicts are nasty, so maybe not.

The sun is setting and it is raining. The world is covered in quite weird orange light (no, it's not my glasses), as if we were on Mars.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 5 days ago

Sounds like when we get massive fires and you can literally look straight at the sun because of the red cast of haze. (it's very eerie)

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 5 days ago

In this case it was sunset in combination with full cloud cover, reflecting the light.

Tomorrow the prediction is up to windforce ten. I like storms, but I'd rather not have to ride against one. Especially since heavy wind here is usually accompanied by rain.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 4 days ago

/me pictures you riding your bike and being swept up into a funnel cloud. hehe

Umm, shouldn't you consider getting a car? Even if you only drive it when the weather gets tough on you? What will you do when you get all old and need to get around? Nevermind, I just pictured you driving one of those old fold go carts that we recently were talking about. hehe!

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 4 days ago

Argh this board! It ate my words again anyways, fold = folk my fingers are done typing for the day and said enough already! I'm not taking anymore orders from you!

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 4 days ago

/me points at the stack of orders yet to process

My fingers have long stopped listening to what I tell them to type. They are especially adept at skipping the most essential word in a sentence. Usually the key noun or verb or a crucial not.

I don't like driving, nor paying fuel tax, car insurance or a parking license. Idiot municipality figured people have to pay to park in the evening, everywhere in the city. Their official reasoning: "to alleviate the parking pressure". We all know what the true reason is.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 3 days ago

They have it like that over here too, if have more than two cars you need a parking permit from the City to park on the street. I've never had to deal with that but that is what I've heard anyways.

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 3 days ago

But, you riding a bike in the snow and all that crazy weather you get over there I think you are insane!

/me needs my seat warmers when the temps get cold!

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 3 days ago

Lots of checking the weather radar [link] to see how the clouds move helps.

Some new music: J Hus - Did you see [link] (six months old, but I've only seen the video recently). The dogs in the video have this "why are we here" look of disappointment on their face.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 2 days ago

Funny, those dogs stick out like a sore thumb in that vid (definitely don't fit in)

As for the weather radar how can that help you? All that does is let you know "in advance" how horrible your ride will be on your bike that morning?

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 2 days ago

I can hear my neighbor's wind chime and can smell and feel the rain coming! Hooray!!!!! Sleepy rainy night...

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 2 days ago

The weather radar takes away the nasty surprise of sudden rain appearing. When it's raining I check the three hour prediction, which shows clouds movements and then I can time my travel in between showers. This only works part of the time ofcourse (I'm not sticking around half an hour extra).

I also use it to poke fun at colleagues leaving the office as it is about to fall.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 2 days ago

When it's quitting time at my work I'm leaving at that very second I don't care if there is a hurricane outside!

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 1 day ago

You would if the options of the state when you get home were dry, moist or soaked.

I only slightly delay it though. I don't want to be the last one to leave, or I'd have to put on the burglar alarm. Machines angrily beeping at me don't fly well with me.

// craeonics / 344 weeks and 23 hours ago

I recently bought one of those fake fireplaces (but it has an electric heater built into it)so it "almost" looks & feels exactly like the real thing. So I'm praying for rain now everyday!

// Doreen / 344 weeks and 17 hours ago

Oh dear me. It's so tacky compared to the real thing. Though I admit I got the "fireplace app" for my TV. And then I discovered the YouTube app which is much more useful.

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, I've always thought the fake ones were tacky as well but this one changed my mind, has different settings for the flame heights and speed, colors so you can adjust the intensiveness or softness the flame and the heat can be controlled and you can set a timer so if you fall asleep you don't roast yourself in your sleep etc. Takes up half my living room but it's awesome I toss that on with GoT and I'm in Heaven!

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 6 days ago

Here it my tacky fake fireplace: [link]

Cost me an arm and a leg to have it delivered and two guys to assemble that monster but worth every penny cuz I've always wanted a fireplace. (and that's about as close as I'll ever get)

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually no after taking a better look at that link I posted it is not like mine and I'm not spending all night trying to find some free image hosting site to post mine so I am going to slaughter your inbox.

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 6 days ago

My poor spambox...

I don't think I've seen a wooden fireplace before. It's usually brick and metal. And smoke everywhere. Does it crackle and pop too?

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 5 days ago

No, I'm already ashamed of myself that I settled for a fake fireplace but I draw the line at fake crackle and pop sounds!

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 5 days ago

And I totally forgot about the fake smoke. Not much point in heating either in that Californian climate.

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 4 days ago

I freeze in the office where I work so by the time I leave the office I'm as cold as a corpse. The heat is good at night (that is when there is no heat waves of course)

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 4 days ago

I propose a transfer to the morgue.

/me runs

// crae_evil / 343 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, is that any way to speak to your message board wife! Anyways, I sit outside my bosses office and the air conditioner for that division is basically over my head so I now have to dress for snow and it takes me 2-3 hours to thaw out after I leave work. But, my plants are all perky and happy there!

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, maybe you could get your boss to sign off on a heater to install under your desk. Or maybe one of those fake fireplaces thingies.

My week off is almost over. Back to the daily churl next week.

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 3 days ago

Nope, the Safety Officer said no external heaters can be plugged in (old building, fire hazard etc) but County has decided to build our Dept a brand new state of the art office building which should be ready in 2020-2021 a few miles up the street. (however by then I most likely will have froze to death)

/me goes look up that churl word...

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, in that case you'll have to sit in your winter coat. A couple of my co-workers are incredibly sensitive to low temperatures. Everyone thing it's blazing hot and then they sit in blankets and complain it's so cold.

Meanwhile, I always walk around in a t-shirt.

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 1 day ago

My issue is real (air conditioning vent is overhead) but when they toss me up front (as a plug n play secretary to cover for the Branch secretary when she takes off) I need a fan, it's hotter then Hell up there.

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 1 day ago

I couldn't even believe they killed Jon Snow dutchy! I was in tears! (him and the dwarf are my fav characters) and then the witch brought him back to life! How they can even pull that off and still keep the story interesting is beyond me! Great writing! You never even see the sharp turns coming!!! Have you seen the series or you stopped after the books? I wonder if the books align with the TV series?

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 1 day ago

I refuse to watch the series until the author finishes the books. I think I read the first one twenty years ago. I recall reading a preview before that. It was all about white creatures praying on humans. That somehow got snowed under (no pun intended) with civil war stuff and such. The last book released (many years ago) has those wall guards go on an expedition North. And someone turns into a tree...

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 22 hours ago

Pray versus prey. What a difference a single vowel makes. Or is there...

// craeonics / 343 weeks and 22 hours ago

Ack! If that is all you gathered from reading the books you are missing out big time!!! I'm hoping they hurry up and finish Season 8 but it could take a year! so I'm only going to TRY and watch only one episode once in a while instead of overdosing every night on it.

// Doreen / 343 weeks and 15 hours ago

Reading comprehension... The preview was about white creatures. The first book started out as such, but then moved into the civil war direction that has dominated most of the series.

Oh, and the mandatory royal girl being captive in foreign lands bit, which is a really poor fit. It still has not lead to anything in the last book. Still in foreign lands, but now closer to "home", but with man-eating dragons.

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 6 days ago

TV Comprehension... The white creatures have icy blue eyes and are frozen un dead creatures that looks insanely cool.

Civil war... Exciting epic battles on the field with ridiculously cool swords and armor! Heads rolling everywhere! Lots of gore though (have to watch that covering one eye, cuz it's a bit overwhelming and grusome)

Mandatory royal girl... Characters are all casted perfectly, cool characters, cool armor and clothing!

Dragons... Spiky, fire breathing Dragons! Need I say more?

I have no worries at all that Season 8 will be done with a totally pleasing and tasteful ending. (I have faith)

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 6 days ago

Didn't the last episodes already leak weeks ago?

Anyways, my three ninja t-shirts arrived. And slipped right passed customs as the shop lied about the price on the packaging. I ain't complaining.

On a meta note: I have to resist the urge to type "past" instead of "passed". It looks weird...

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 5 days ago

In the category "creepy": I go get my bike from the storage behind the block and there's a big spider next to the lock. I'm not that squeemish, but then I notice this spider had attached his food supply for the coming winter there. Dozens of invertebrate corpses, needly spun into silk cocoons...

Very disturbing if you think about it.

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 4 days ago

Thanks, now I just thought about it *Shivers* I don't like creepy crawlers (specially the ones that jump, like crickets!)

At work we have paper mites from all the shredding bins and machines all over and they only seem to like drinking my blood cuz they don't bother anyone else but me. I scratch at my legs all day long. I actually seen one they are almost microscopic and have lots of legs. Atleast I think that is what what it was crawling on my folders, disgusting!

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 4 days ago

Ack! so disgusting now my skin is crawling just thinking about spiders and paper mites...

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 4 days ago

Your office needs better cleaning. Those things will eat your paper and damage your documents.

New music Doreen will hate. I was not too impressed by Lovebites' first single [link], a bit too light for my taste and not a fan of the singing. But their second single, Shadowmaker [link], has seriously thunderous drumming going on. It's not near Bridear levels of heaviness, but this is certainly a big stride in the right direction.

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 3 days ago

This video contains content from Victor Entertainment, Inc.. It is not available in your country.

I normally get all upset when I go to check out a link that you drop for me but if it's more of those yellow tails I don't feel bad this time. hehe

Well, second link worked so I'm currently being bombarded by fast hard beats which is cool but the Asian females singing completely destroys it and it annoying as Hell (as usual)

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 3 days ago

The singing takes some getting used to. I had some expiring bonus points with the Japanese shop where I buy my stuff, so I spent those on preordering their album.

Bought me a new netbook (Acer Spin 1). Old one had a 1024x600 resolution (I kid you not), new one is 1920x1680. Everything is way too small for me to read. Luxury problems...

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, mine is 3440X1440 and I read jussss fine?

/me jumps into tech support mode:

Right Click on your desktop, select Display settings find your scale layout settings and set your text to 175%

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 2 days ago

Text is set to 150%. Does not help with remote desktop activities unfortunately. I have to sit at ten centimeter of the screen to see what's happening there.

Also, the whiteness of Win10 is murder on my eyes. Why can't I makes the windows black, grrr... I could switch on high contrast mode, but then I'd have black windows and the rest would look like crap.

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, well, life can be a bit uncomfortable.

/me goes to the gym to make myself even more uncomfortable. (I must like to torture myself)

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 1 day ago

I almost got remote desktop to scale to a somewhat reasonable level.

Right now the neighbour is busy cutting garden terrace stones and causing an aweful racket. I hope he cuts off some bodyparts. Bloody noise.

// crae_evil / 342 weeks and 1 day ago

Where I live now all I ever hear is my neighbor's wind chime. Love the quiet...

No more gamer kid over my head screaming and laughing maniac profanities.

// Doreen / 342 weeks and 17 hours ago

Wait until your neighbour starts redecorating.

It's autumn now, so I expect there will less heavy machinery until spring.

// craeonics / 342 weeks and 3 minutes ago

Hopefully not, it's pretty quiet around here, right now all I hear is chirping & singing birds...

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't miss all my mad max neighbors where I was living prior. (It was crazy over there!)

If God willing I will sell this house when the time comes and I've decided I will go to Oregon even if Gino travels away from there (which he will) because it's where I feel most comfortable to settle down. But only God knows cuz I'm clueless, you can only plan but ultimately life takes it's own course...

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 6 days ago

But are you going to pack up your mother too?

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 5 days ago

Who knows? She already said she really does not want to live over there but she can always live with my sister or brother but who knows what will happen when that day comes. (for all I know North Korea's rockets can come get us when we go to sleep tonight)

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 5 days ago

Wagakki Band's Senbonzakura [link] (2014, a cover of a vocaloid song) deals with that topic. It's about a girl happily biking through the land while nuclear fallout comes down like thousands of cherry blossoms (sen bon zakura).

This is all a bridge to today's adventures of crae. I was peddling my bike to work tomorrow, drove off a curb (I tend take some low-traffic shortcuts) and my chain slips off.

This is a back-pedal bike, so when the chain comes off, I can't brake. And it was somewhat downhill...

The journey back home was a fortyfive minute walk with the bike.

The real bad news is that this is the second time this happens, it happened a few weeks back as well. I think my chain is done.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 4 days ago

"Tomorrow" is "this morning" ofcourse. I may be nine hours ahead of you, but I'm not that far from the future.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 4 days ago

Well no nukes yesterday, so I'm still here. Just some nutcase opening fire at a concert in Vegas killing a lot of concert goers.

Don't you think it time to upgrade at least to an electric scooter? You cannot drive your bike to work forever!

As for that tune, I believe I seen that one before it's not as bad as the other ones you normally post.

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 4 days ago

Scooters are for (fat) gits and other inbreds.

I'm currently using my mother's "shopping" bike. Which is my sister's old bike (so about twenty years old at least). Curious enough, I did not have to adjust the saddle, which suggests my mother's legs are as long as mine, even though I'm taller. Or perhaps she peddles with her toes.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 3 days ago

Or perhaps you are the craziest guy I never met! Get a car already, what in the world will you do as you continue to age and you have that crazy weather over there to deal with?

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 3 days ago

Retire? Then again, by that time they've raised the retirement age to 120. My parent's neighbour is approaching eighty and I see her riding her bike all the time.

We had storm today. Which was nice, since it was going in the right direction (I basically flew to work) and had calmed down (mostly) on the way back.

Meanwhile, I managed to scoop up two new three ninja t-shirts (technically shirts from US tours earlier this year), so today is all good.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 2 days ago

You are completely insane... hehe!

But, seriously you cannot drive your bike forever (specially a bike that is your Mother's and twenty years old!)

/me pictures a rusty old bike with a metal basket with plastic flowers & you riding it with a crazy pink ninja t-shirt? hehe!

Oh mijn dutchyyy...

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 2 days ago

No basket, but it did have transport bags at the back (my mother uses it for groceries).

My bike is fixed now, so hopefully this time the chain will stay put.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 2 days ago

Well hopefully silly. But you seriously need to get a car because it won't be good riding that bike in the snow when you are no longer sixteen! hehe

Then again, you don't have the headaches that come along with owning a car either so who knows...

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 1 day ago

At any rate, it's raining cats and dogs right now, so it's good that I don't have places to go. I'm going to be very annoyed if my roof suddenly starts leaking.

If I were superstitous I've jinxed things now.

// craeonics / 341 weeks and 22 hours ago

Which automatically makes me think of Missy and one of my old fav tunes: [link]

// Doreen / 341 weeks and 17 hours ago

I predict "I can't stand the rain"... /me clicks

If I always was the foresightful, I could make a killing on lottery tickets and the like.

New Daoko: [link] and it is god awful. She desperately needs a better producer. Her hair is on point though (as always). The shoes on the other hand...

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 6 days ago

OMG, that stuff makes my head spin. What in the world dutchy...

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 6 days ago

The music isn't even in sync with the video.

Something more up your alley: Jayh ft. SBMG & Broederliefde - Ballon [link] (if it works for you).

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 5 days ago

Yes, link worked and it is decent! Plus it helped to drown out my Mom's crying cat, everytime she goes to visit with my sister or brother I get stuck cat sitting and this cat does nothing but cry for her, Dexter stares at him like what is your problem!? Get over it already she will be back! (I swear her cat is ancient and has absolutely no personality at all)

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 5 days ago

And he pees like a horse dutchy! Dex pees in compact golf ball size balls (and it doesn't stink) but this cat of hers is a complete nightmare!

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 5 days ago

Please pray for me, I need a ton of prayers over here...

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 5 days ago

I see someone's having a barbecue over on your end again.

I do hope those things don't come close to your house.

Your mom's cat may have a kidney problem. My late tomcat did. I had to replace half the litter each day. My current trailer trash cats produce golfballs.

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 4 days ago

Dutchy you've no idea what happened yesterday. It was still and quiet (besides my Mom's crying cat) then suddenly a wind like I've never seen before kicked up out of nowhere, it was almost like a tornado? The dirt was all in the air so you could not see anything, then fires burst everywhere and the sky turned orange and black (eerie like it was the end of the world or something bad was going to happen) then the phones started blazing emergency evacuations for certain areas and ppl had to flee. I don't even know how I dodged that bullet but it skipped me even though it was super close! Today it looks like it rained ash all over the place so most stayed in doors because of the air right now. Just totally strange...

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 4 days ago

You might want to move to Oregon sooner than later.

I was under the impression that these big, out of control fires happen multiple times a year in California. I see them on the news all the time.

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 3 days ago

Yup, they do happen every year but this was no normal fire this was like a crazy Tasmanian Devil spun up out of the earth or something. Actually, I think the news said it was the worse fire in the History of California. Today though you can see the sky it is still muddled with brown air...

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 3 days ago

You need to dig a wide moat around your house, so the fire can't cross. I don't suppose they gave you the day off when all this chaos was happening.

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 2 days ago

Day off for a fire? Not unless our building burns down. Dutchy I work for Los Angeles County as you know so I am considered a "Public Servant" if I don't show up for work (especially when disasters hit) I could get fired. Even when we have earthquakes unless the roads are blocked we have to show up to be dispatched out. As a County employee you specially cannot take off during emergencies...

/me wonders what kind of job you have? You Dutch are so kickback. Lucky...

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 2 days ago

If my house were on fire, or one in the vicinity with a risk of spreading, I'm sure my boss would understand if I did not show up, granted that I inform in on the matter and give him an estimate as to when I would be back.

Then again, since there's a forest fire every month over on your end they probably just call it "Tuesday" and expect you to deal with it in your own time.

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 1 day ago

Quite different over here on this side dutchy...

If you work for Los Angeles County you are owned by Los Angeles County if any disaster strikes in Los Angeles County and you are an employee of LAC and you happen to be at work when the disaster happens you will get fired if you leave the building to go home and check on your own family because they expect you to perform as a Public Servant first.

However, if I see or feel trouble at home and my Mom or Sammy is at home I think you know I will run into "Auto-Pilot" mode and be fired on the spot.

As for this crazy fire over here right now I was at home when it blew up on this side it jumped over where I live and all was fine when I returned to work half the people there didn't show up because the roads were closed and they had to evacuate so they could not show up. IF the roads are blocked or our building burns down that is the only exception.

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 1 day ago

It's still burning (but more up North) yesterday and this morning I see and hear flocks of birds all over head probably migrating by me where the fire is not burning right now, if the winds shift it could be a different story. (Very strange fire and I've seen a ton of them)

I bought earthquake insurance on my home but I need to check and see if I bought fire insurance now. I didn't even think of what I was doing when I bought this house, I just grabbed my Mom when my Dad died and needed to bite the bullet and just get it!

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 1 day ago

Given the frequency of fires over on your end, a fire insurance sounds like a good plan. Be sure to check if it covers massive fires (disasters) like this as well.

// craeonics / 340 weeks and 23 hours ago

Yes, Monday I will need to bump up my insurance a bit. The news is sounding all grim but I don't really pay too much attention to it. That day when things hit on my side I had went out to run a few errands and I noticed the sky looked scary then in front of my view a block up from the direction I was driving I "saw" what looked like a dirt tornado (literally) but a HUGE one! I assumed there was some kind of major construction going on until I actually drove through it and where were no construction vehicles around and wind was whipping like a Hurricane (Horrific) anyways, the birds are not doing what they've been doing for the last two days and the feel is good so I "feel" safe. Birdies are back to normal over head and singing normally so all is well in Dor_land. (for now) hehe

// Doreen / 340 weeks and 17 hours ago

Back to music.

In the category "creepiest video of the year", I present thee: Chanmina - My name [link]. Beats are fine, but the overall pacing is a bit too erratic. I don't know what is going on in that clip, but it is disturbing. And I don't mean that overt Beats by Dre sponsorship.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, here I sit in the center of a ring of fire and you drop a "creepy vid?" *sigh*

/me goes check it out!

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay, now this is truly annoying me! "This video contains content from Victor Entertainment, Inc.. It is not available in your country."

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 6 days ago

Strange, normally I can find things at other places but that one is blocked in country "everywhere" (which is really creepy)

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 6 days ago

That's divine interference. The beats are quite good, but the pacing of the video kills the tune (long intro and pause in between). And it's very unsettling.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, I'll never know because it was blocked at every single turn I checked...

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 5 days ago

Something else then. A random new boyband appears: [link]

Note that beat. Then compare to Bell Biv DeVoe: [link]

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 4 days ago

First, yes, those beats are a total rip secondly me wonders why your music taste is sinking even lower? First the obsession with yellow tail and now it's boybands?

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 4 days ago

MTV wants me to listen to boybands apparently. They play that song every morning. YouTube wants me to listen to Demi Lovato. I'm really curious why that is.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 3 days ago

And since when did you become a sheep?

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 3 days ago

YouTube will take you straight to Hell if you let it, I go there to look at techy Gadgets etc and end up being dragged off to look at two head twins sometimes! I don't even know how I got there! Right now I was checking out a wallet and ending up being dragged off to a llama giving birth! What the Hell!?

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 3 days ago

Who calls who a sheep? I haven't watched them Demi Lovato videos.

So I was chilling in my crib, minding my own business (read: I just came home and looked out of the window) and I noticed some guy across the street on a scooter, stuck between a car and the curb. He was moving as if he was driving, but was not actually going forward.

A delivery van pulled up the delivery guy walked up to scooter guy to help out. Then noticed scooter guy was not all there mentally and spent the next few minutes holding the back of the scooter, while scooter guy was trying to drive off.

This went on until the police arrived who took about an hour to round things off and take scooter guy to the police station.

I have a sneaky suspicion that scooter guy is the idiot that lives around the corner.

Or in other words, this is the most action I've seen this year. Nothing ever happens over here.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe! OMG dutchyyy, that is too funny (and I needed a good laugh with the week I've had) anyways, your nut cases try to drive scooters and ours pull out machine guns (quite the contrast)

Plenty of action over here if need some, I'd trade places with you any day!

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 2 days ago

I was glued to the window for an hour, even though about 90% of that time nothing was going on. It's funny that you suddenly see people on balconies that are usually deserted.

Also interesting to note that the pizza delivery scooters suddenly abide by the traffic laws when a police car is present.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 1 day ago

So now you've turned into a peeping tom? Actually everyone abides by the speed limit only when a police car is present. When I'm zig zagging in and out of lanes speeding off to work late I too slow down and drive right when I spot that lil devil who parks his motorcycle in the center island between the bushes waiting to surprise attack me (but I've got eyes "all around" my head, I'm an alien)

That guy is breaking the law hiding & being a sneaky cop...

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 1 day ago

Cue "Breaking the law" [link] (there is a three ninja cover of that, but I'll spare you).

If I were to be a peeping tom, I'd need to get me some binoculars first. And have neighbours worth peeping on.

// craeonics / 339 weeks and 22 hours ago

Unfortunately that was was not blocked by country limits...

/me goes back to listening to my Mom's cry baby cat (it's driving me nuts all night and all morning non-stop and it threw up on my carpet!)

// Doreen / 339 weeks and 16 hours ago

The cat know that the best place to throw up is one where you either don't find out about it like three months later, like under the bed behind boxes, or where it is impossible to remove, like on the couch, in corners.

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 6 days ago

Great! Good to know, I'm trying to let my Mom find herself in this new chapter of her life (she's traveling for a week) and I'm freaking losing myself and my mind during this process...

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 6 days ago

Another cat fact: cats don't deal well with moving. It can take many weeks. But then again, I think your mother has been living with you for quite some time now. Perhaps the cat is just old.

Make sure it has a safe place where it can keep can eye on you and out of reach of Li'l Dex (easier said than done).

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 5 days ago

The cat is ancient and the cat is abnormally obsessed with my Mom, he also has a heart murmur and I'm shocked he has not cried himself into having heart failure yet.

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 5 days ago

Old kitty is just getting a bit senile probably. My late tomcat, after his sister had died, would wander the hall and howl at nothing. And if I would take a look what he was doing, he would give me the "what?" look.

Meanwhile over in three ninja land, fans are getting all excited over this: [link]. Don't worry, there are no ninjas to be seen nor heard. It's the promo for a US cartoon series. Alledgedly they did the opening tune, of which you hear a tiny fraction. If so, and I'm not entirely convinced yet, it would be the first new thing in like 18 months.

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 4 days ago

How could they have been so big and then suddenly drop off the map just like that? Or was it just an illusion that they were so popular? I heard possibly 3 seconds of them in that clip...

Anyways, nope I don't think her cat is senile yet he's just freakishly obsessed with my Mom, he won't leave her side even when she goes to the bathroom he waits outside the bathroom door for her everywhere she goes he follows her and when she is not here it is endless crying until she returns.

Maybe cuz he was an abandoned kitty when she found him and she had to feed him with an eyedropper not really expecting him to live but he did so he thinks she is really his mother or something? He rubs up against my leg just to let me know he's cool with me but he's obsessed with my Mom.

Me and Dex have an understanding I know when he don't want to be bothered and I respect that and he knows when I don't want to be bothered and he respects that but when I need cuddles or he needs cuddles we both know when that time is appropriate for us. hehe

Another words we are both moody like that but my Mom's cat is too clingy!

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh, it's one of those. Stray cats and dogs have or asylum pets have all kinds of attachment issues. My previous cats would cry murder when they went to the vet, probably because I got them from a shelter (the suspicion is that their previous owner died, but they don't provide that information).

The current cats are strays, but I suspect the mother was not one originally, because she's glued to me half the time I am home. The daughter is fully stray, so she comes to say hi and then runs off.

The three ninjas (18 and 19 now) still have school to go to. Last year there was a world tour, this year they've been opening for various (US) bands (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Korn). Lead singer turns twenty in december and in Japan that has special meaning (going from minor to adult). There's a number of shows around that period and expectations of something happening are high.

Meanwhile, the two shirts I ordered a month ago still have not shipped. I suspect they were actually out of stock when I ordered them. Grrr...

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 3 days ago

OMG! You even actually know her birthday? I'm sure you will be sending her flowers...

But, I think she is too old for you since you said you are sixteen right? hehe

OMG dutchyyy! They don't even have the decency to let you know the shirts are out of stock. Typical take your money and kick you to the curb.

/me goes cuddle with Dex he's in a cuddle mood and so am I

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 3 days ago

Too old for me? I could be their father. There are probably people out there my age who already have grandkids (and I don't mean the weird cases). It's terrible.

/me goes book a room in the senior citizen home

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 2 days ago

I was just playing around I know you're old man already, I'm older than you but I think you might even be too old for me!

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 2 days ago

I think I should have a look at the walker catalogue. Or go to the supermarket and put my cart in strategic places and generally get in the way of people.

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 1 day ago

I think you are still too young for that but everyone ages differently. It's probably more about physical activity (which you get daily on your bike) diet and mindset the number means nothing, it's your lifestyle that effects your aging process...

/me hands you a cane! hehe

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 1 day ago

I bought a cane when I was like twelve. Figured it would look good. And I could use it to poke people. But then you'd have to drag that thing with you everywhere, so I never used it.

// craeonics / 338 weeks and 22 hours ago

You are an old soul for sures, twelve years old!?

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 18 hours ago

Actually, I do recall that all the Pachuco's back in the day used to use canes to try and look cool (normally they were in their late teens though)

// Doreen / 338 weeks and 18 hours ago

Young spirit, ancient soul.

/me not know Pachucos... /me asks Google... No wait, Google thinks I'm a robot. Wiki says 1930s and 40s. Is that still a thing?

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 6 days ago

You probably found Zoot Suiters or something, there was a movie called Zoot Suit many moons ago so I know what they are though a bit before my time. Anyways, Pachucos are Zoot Suit wannabes, Mexican/Chicano gangsters from late 70's, 80's sporting canes and hat, totally ridiculous (looked like they were dressing up for Halloween) still a few around here in LA that think they are Pachuco...

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 6 days ago

Here is the flick about Zoot Suits that I was thinking of: [link])

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 6 days ago

Strange something went off with that link? Let me try again...

[link]) I think Tek cuts off some of the url?

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, Tek seems to be falling apart but I'll try one more. Here is Pachuco: [link]

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 6 days ago

My URL parser considers a trailing ) as not part of the URL. This let's me put URLs between parentheses without having to worry that it will get linked.

Which is all fine and dandy, since no-one uses parentheses in URLs.

And then Wikipedia walked in...

Anyways, I saw that last link yesterday, but could not make out when this was a thing.

Onto more important matters, on this day, seven years ago this song was recorded: [link], which, as you may have guessed, is the first ever song of the juonbu ("heavy music club"), better known as the three ninjas.

And to think I only discovered them last year.

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 5 days ago

Thank God you only discovered them last year or I'd have been tortured for more than I've already been tortured for this last year!

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 5 days ago

And I probably would have more now impossible to attain t-shirts or limited edition CDs. Or that first edition of their album with the bonus DVD with them providing commentary on all their videos up 'til then, grrr... /me goes sulk

Halloween today. It's primarily a US thing, so no pumpkins here. Played some Halloween songs at work. Colleague suggested this Dutch classic I had totally forgotten: [link] (1965).

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 4 days ago

OMG, what in the world is that? Yup, you Dutch are insane...

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 4 days ago

We've switched to winter time again. When I leave the office, it's pitch black outside, and it will only get darker. Daoko dropped the perfect song to go with that: Onaji Yoru [link] (translates as "same day"). Such sublime desolate eerieness. I like this one a lot.

And I can even play this at work without my colleagues complaining.

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 3 days ago

Well that is a bit more like you but then again maybe not? Get over that Asian fetish already! Spare me and your colleagues!

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 3 days ago

What? I only played it four times today. And I'm not quite done yet. I'm highly impressed with this one.

Daoko's output is mostly ho-hum, but at times she releases jewels.

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 2 days ago

Jewels? Okay now you are seriously losing it...

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 2 days ago

Your aversion blinds you.

Then again, I see Japanese news anchors fawning over your president's daughter's (now in Japan) fashion sense. She dresses like a sixty year old. Horses for courses, is the expression that comes to mind.

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG Are you like tracking everything Japan now? hehe!

The president's daughter must have alot on her plate being related to her Father, I'm certain she is being brutally attacked...

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 1 day ago

Horses for courses? I've never heard of that and I'm an old bat now (or at least I feel like one)

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 1 day ago

Rain is coming! Hooray! We were having temps of 105+ but now finally rain is coming!

/me is off work, in my oversized Tek T-shirt and I have warm coffee in hand! Life feels good today!

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm listening to that song that will make Doreen upset and it's giving me shivers.

Then again, those could also be caused by some illness I seem to have caught. Been coughing for three days now. Woke up today with my legs feeling rather heavy, but it was because of two cats sleeping on them.

The legends of succubi and such pressing on the chests of their victims in their sleep and drawing their souls, must surely have been just cats. Glowing eyes and all.

// craeonics / 337 weeks and 21 hours ago

I'm telling you that you need to get a ride dutchy, that riding a bike in the cold going to and from work is crazy. At your age I'm pretty sure your body is reacting to the elements differently now. What in the world do you do in the snow! Anyways, feel better mijn dutchy...

I bought this blanket that weighs a ton (but it's so insanely warm and fluffy/cozy) and Dex keeps jumping on my bed and massaging it with his big paws and his eyes glazed over as he stares at me. Totally freaky (I think he loves it even more than I do)

// Doreen / 337 weeks and 18 hours ago

Ummmm, happy birthday to me! I need to go to the mall today and check this Tea Rose out now! Why oh why do they come out with these awesome colors "after" I already bought one. =(


// Doreen / 337 weeks and 18 hours ago

/me sends virtual cake, sans coughing and bacteria

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 6 days ago

Not my birthday yet (still a couple weeks off)

/me goes spray that cake with Lysol and toss it in the freezer...

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 6 days ago

Some people consider it bad luck if you congratulate people before their actual birthday.

In other news, I's gots the week off. So it's going to be working on my vocabulary (twelve words a day, about six hundred words in of a list of five thousand) and brushing up on my characters (already forgot like 90%).

This all sounds like work, but it's quite interesting. Like there is some mystery looming below the surface that will suddenly unlock comprehension.

There, ofcourse, is none of the sort, other than cramming.

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 6 days ago

Wellll, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy you week off...

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 5 days ago

you = your (I hate when that happens)

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 5 days ago

Especially when you spot it right after submitting the form.

So here I am, enjoying my week off and I receive an email from my mother.

Her: Your brother in law is celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

Me: I've had my fill of boring birthday parties. I ain't going.

Her: We'll come pick you up at three thirty.

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 4 days ago

Like she didn't even hear you! hehe

Well, I have a suggestion to get out of future family parties, simply offer to bring the music and bring all that three ninja and some Burzum to play! I bet it will be the last party they invite you to!

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 4 days ago

That won't work. They'll be playing kids tunes on the TV with the remote hidden. Can't even get worse than that. Maybe I should go put on my most garish t-shirt.

After ads that run fifteen minutes if you don't skip them, YouTube is now inserting songs (this one: [link]) between my songs. I can't even tell if this is a bonafide singer or one of those dumb vloggers.

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 3 days ago

I think she's a vlogger or a really bad singer? hehe

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 3 days ago

I think TopNotch (her label) is not as top notch as it used to be. I think Opposites and the like were signed there.

Went through my Japanese bands to see if there's anything new coming out. Arrived at Bridear. Noticed there were four members pictured instead of five. Turns out one left over "musical differences". Now, some bands are a revolving door of members, but this one has had this line-up since the beginning (four or five years back), so I wonder how it will affect their sound.

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 2 days ago

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Opposites are goed!!! As for existing bands thinking they can just plug and play a new member it normally does not work because it totally changes the flavor when they add that one new spice. Look at Lacuna Coil for example, they turned all psycho (literally)

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't even recognize them any more: [link]

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 2 days ago

Actually you might like it? [link]

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 2 days ago

Not nearly as heavy enough. That second song reminds me of Fear Factory [link] (rather old stuff). The first one is Lacuna Coil through and through though.

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, and the baby ninjas are heavy enough? hehe

I need to find some fresh tunes today but first I need to drag this body off to the gym...

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 1 day ago

I went to look at a music vid on YouTube early and wasted 30 mins watching a documentary of a two head twin again that popped up. The baby had one complete body and the other twin only had the head fused into the head of the other baby but no body just a complete brain? Watching both babies grimacing made my brain almost flatline. So strange (and sad) not sure why God test faith so much...

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 1 day ago

It's because you watch freaky stuff.

Those kids have no chance of life.

I only usee the internet to watch cat pics.

I went to pick out a pic for my new machine's login screen and spent two hours scrolling through pics on WallHaven (and still could not find anything useful).

// craeonics / 336 weeks and 21 hours ago

I don't normally, but one time a two headed twin popped up on my YouTube Feed and then I looked at it (cuz I couldn't believe it) and now every two headed twin keeps popping up and also every other freak show and I'm not sure how to stop YouTube from pushing that to my feed. I probably need to clear history or something simple like that but I've just no time to figure it out.

Since when are you too lazy to create your own wallpaper? The hours it took you to scroll through generic vanilla bean walls you could have made your own customized wall? Aren't you a skinner anymore?

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 13 hours ago

That said from someone who currently has a generic GOT wall on her desktop. hehe!

// Doreen / 336 weeks and 13 hours ago

Wallpapers are not skins. And fairly easy to pump out (given inspiration or incentive and time). That's why there were (are) always multitude more wallpapers than skins on skinsites.

I usually set my background to black, but in this case it's the login screen which by default shows someone's generic holiday pics.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 6 days ago

You're missing the point, having someone elses generic holiday wallpaper on your desktop just don't seem right since skinnerz always have to customize everything to their own individual taste. But, time I am sure is the issue...

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 6 days ago

Time is very much the issue. And perfectionism (AKA "get nothing done ever").

Win10 is rather limited in its customisability anyway. You can't get rid of the glaring white, for instance. There's a dark theme, but it only affects "apps" and not regular programs. You can try to go through the high contrast themes and tweak those, but enabling that flicks some other settings that make things look horrible.

In other news, Aldious has a new (mini) album out at the end of the month. And with a new album comes a new video: We Are [link]. Sounds quite right up until the singing starts. After that it's sort of metal lite.

Which reminds me that I still need to rip their previous album and another one laying on the shelf.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 5 days ago

Ack! Totally not my cup of tea, anyways only tune that wakes me up on the radio is this one: [link] (though now they are beginning to wear it out a bit)

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 5 days ago

I've been hearing that one all Summer.

Win10 is picking a fight with me. Complaining I am running out of memory and "should close some programs". The only thing hogging the memory is the system itself. Bloody Windows Update is still slow as potatoes.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 4 days ago

Win10 sucks, when will they come up with something new fresh and actually stable enough to use and enjoy? I hear a boogieman running around in my background all the time when I use my desktop (I hear him running around now as I am typing this)

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 4 days ago

Other than me going blind from all the whiteness and Windows Update being stupid, I have no qualms with it. You can uncheck most of the spying. It even asked me at setup.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't have time to turn off all the tracking so the boogieman is running around in the background for hours upon startup trying to trace every move I make. I even had windows alert me right now to a package that it's tracking for me and I've not even launched my email yet!? (But who cares I've no time for paranoia)

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 3 days ago

Then again, in this day and age everyone and their dog post their entire private life on FakeBook anyway. And your pics too if you don't educate them about things. In vain probably.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 2 days ago

No kidding, but even if you try not to participate in the craziness that is this day and age you have no real control over it. I get locked out of my phone every single day cuz some idiot keeps trying to log into my mail acct and on the third try it locks "me" out. They apparently have signed onto about a zillion websites and I get spammed a thousand times a day! Today I got an alert that they attempted to deliver a package that needed a sig so I call UPS and ask that they attempt a second delivery today so my Mom can sign and guess what? The address they were trying to deliver to was not even mine! It belonged to someone else who apparently purchased something using my freaking email address sooooo annoying! My package that I am expecting is actually coming tomorrow so I thought it was my package but still, how do people keep using your name and email address and get away with signing up all over the freaking internet on various websites? My name is not common (or so I thought)

I just give up trying to fight it I just delete crap all day long and try not get upset about it since I've no control over the craziness on the internet.

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 2 days ago

Common or not is not that important. What matters is that it is in use. Some of these crooks stake out at your house to intercept the packages.

Anyways, I'm here eating my breakfast watching Japanese lessons (this one: [link]) and all of a sudden an army street sweeping cars start making a racket in front of my house, so I can't hear a thing.

Go back to using brooms, you gits.

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 1 day ago

Ummm, you know how when you go to YouTube to watch a vid and then you get that PITA advertisement you have to watch (or wait until the "Skip" button pops on before the actual vid you went to view starts? Well, I enjoyed the advertisement better than your vid!

Anyways, we will see what happens to that other person today that is using my email address to track her package because I just changed the password! I also now have her address which looks like it says Rochester, NH? (If it weren't out of state I'd go knock on her door I'm so pissed off) she has used my email address to sign up to a zillion freaking websites!

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 1 day ago

Plus you know what else I get? I get receipts from Uber. I have one right now showing a ss of a map that they have apparently driven me around in SINGAPORE! OMG! So frustrating, before I can even read my legit mail I have to sweep out 85% of garbage email...

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 1 day ago

And believe it or not but I just got a freakin pop up on my phone that her package was successfully delivered!

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 1 day ago

I'd call an Uber to drive you over there to pick up that package. What were you doing in Singapore anyway?

// craeonics / 335 weeks and 21 hours ago

Who know's maybe at night when I sleep over here in Cali I sleepwalk over to Rochester, NH to buy things and then hop on Ubers to drive around in Singapore?

// Doreen / 335 weeks and 17 hours ago

No wonder your cat is so clingy then.

YouTube is now suggesting videos from a user called "Finding Your Love in Japan". What kind of nonsense is this...

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 6 days ago

Ack! Don't invite me to that wedding...

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 6 days ago

I should get a Japanese girlfriend just to annoy you.

/me goes hide

// crae_evil / 334 weeks and 5 days ago

I actually think you have one already but, yes, saying you have one would annoy me to the point of I'd have to divorce you on this message board.

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 5 days ago

The fact is, the only way you will actually learn that lingo is to move to Japan and marry a Japanese girlfriend. (and now I've annoyed myself)

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 5 days ago


By your logic, the only way I'd learn English is to move to an English speaking country and marry an English speaking country girlfriend (overly convoluted sentence).

Misschien moet ik het maar bij Nederlands houden, want dat Engels gaat het nooit worden dan.

I'm currently thinking I should go check how Chinese works. Japanese kanji are just Chinese characters, so I can sort of guess the meaning of a character here and there, but I don't know what their sentence structure is like.

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 4 days ago

You are so totally annoying! Call it what you may but English is most certainly not anything like Japanese, and to learn any culture that is that diverse you would need to eat, sleep and walk over there with them to not only learn it but to really "understand" it. Not even sure if that would really do the trick either. Trying to learn a culture from where you will only give you a "false" impression that you do. Kinda like when you say Oh, I understand to a friend and then until you walk in their shoes and go through the same mess they did that you do finally understand? (hard to explain) but no way you will really learn that Japanese.

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 4 days ago

And if you do, then maybe you should try to learn caveman carvings in caves too!

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 4 days ago

Caveman carvings are usually caveman paintings. Primarily of hands and hunting.

Which is what I would say if I actually understood English, but since I've never been to the US or Britain and can't possibly understand, all I see is random glyphs.

Maybe Google Translate can help me find its meaning.

Then again, Google thinks I am a robot and wants me to point out the cars and shop signs in pics.

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh you are soooo annoying! English and Japanese are so not the same plus Japanese writings are more like artwork rather then simple alphabets. English is the easiest lingo to learn I even hear my Mom's cat speaking English sometimes (right now it's crying Mommm)

Anyways, thanksgiving is upon us and I feel bad but I sent my Mom packing to my sisters cuz me don't feel like playing servant for the tribe this year (but I forgot to put her cat in the suitcase) hehe

I'm in an evil mood...

// Dor_evil / 334 weeks and 3 days ago

I see him at my bedroom door peeking at me like where is she? Can I come in your room? So clingy, needy! Taking forever for him to relax and I'm his slave, I don't even have to cater to Dex like I have to cater to this cat of hers! *sigh!*

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 3 days ago

And since I'm totally enjoying doing nothing I don't mind wasting time jumping through Google's stupid I'm not a robot hoops:


// Doreen / 334 weeks and 3 days ago

Dutchy, I'm so excited. They are getting ready to blast open a Fitbit app store where you can create clocks, and develop apps for fitness on the ionic watch. All it requires is css, js, svg (and of course a dash of simple graphic skills)

I created my first watch!

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 2 days ago


For some reason I suspect it is a pink watch.

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 2 days ago

Pink? *sigh* pink has it's place but on a watch? I think that would be disgusting and tacky...

Nope, just to test the script it is a high contrast black bg with white Hermes Digits (which Hermes would sue me if I used them for a public release)

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 2 days ago

Hermes Digits?

I'm going to chalk this one up to cultural differences and something about walking in someone's shoes.

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 1 day ago

Most likely has more to do with your dislike of gadgets? Hermes Paris: [link]#||Category

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 1 day ago

How can they say it's a "classic typeface" if the only mention of it anywhere is about their watches. There's wordplay and then there's swindling.

// craeonics / 334 weeks and 21 hours ago

At that price I'd call it swindling nevertheless I had to rip that clock face and put it on my fitbit watch (for myself) looks clean and easy to read...

// Doreen / 334 weeks and 17 hours ago

The dread pirate Doreen.

I still think the smart watch market is doomed. People use their phones for those things these days. I thought phones would be getting smaller, but they seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

And in my case, I've stopped caring about what time it is decades ago. Haven't had a watch in forever.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 6 days ago

Watches have sim cards my dear, so I seriously doubt that market is doomed. (some dislike having to carry a phone when they can simply make calls and pay for things by swiping their watch)

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 6 days ago

And I'm already hearing jingle bell tunes all over the place and we've not yet arrived in December yet...

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 6 days ago

December is right around the corner. Christmas is in four weeks already.

Some crap music: Marshmello ft. Khalid - Silence [link], which I only noticed because it has some guy with a bucket on his head. Sometimes gimmicks work.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 5 days ago

For me, I can give the Jingle Bell tunes a pass only on Christmas day, but that's about all I can stand of them. I hate Christmas tunes and all the pressure that comes with the fake hype of Santa Clause. (where is God in it?) ridiculous...

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 5 days ago

As for that Marshmello head I've been seeing him all over the place too. (definitely a gimmick) no good tunes at all on this side of the ocean lately worth mentioning dutchy.

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually, here is one I heard that was so so and it has some Asian accents in it for you too (cept she might be too old for your taste) [link]

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 5 days ago

You cannot just link people to Pitbul songs. That's just evil.

Santa Claus is a cross between Sinterklaas and King Winter and has very little to do with your imaginary friend. They hijacked an existing holiday and attached the birth of their lord and saviour to it, while the actual birth was somewhere in Summer.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 4 days ago

I think I remember you telling me about a creepy dutch Santa Claus a while back or something but I don't recall a King Winter?

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 4 days ago

Great now Wikipedia is spamming me to donate money. Nevermind keep your information...

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 4 days ago

To add, the current form of Santa Claus basically stems from a Coka Cola commercial. Or so I was taught at design history classes at university. Plenty of weird subjects were discussed there.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, all I know is the world would rather have this crazy tradition that you set up a tree with lights and then go to sleep and when you wake up a jolly old man with a white beard crawled down your chimney just to leave you a bunch of nicely wrapped presents under that tree? (And I'm the crazy one? because I have faith that there is a God)

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 3 days ago

Apparently your courtrooms over there do not have tight security? I just read that a guy over there in The Hague told the judge after the judge gave him his sentence "Oh yeah! Take this! And he drank poison and killed himself? Yeah that makes sense. hehe What in the world!? That should show that crazy judge!

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 3 days ago

Sore loser, I'd call that. The real mystery is where he got the poison. Or the realer mystery is where this court (UN Yugoslavia War Crimes court) actually is, because that is my town and I have no idea.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe so ridiculous right!? He kills himself? And then you have to wonder if he can get his hands on poison to drink right there in the court room surely he could have either gotten anything else he wanted or possibly even planned an elaborate escape or something.

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 2 days ago

Or maybe he just wanted to make a statement. "You can't jail me!".

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 1 day ago

Umm, yeah! But all that happened their with his bold statement is now that Judge will probably be hand out tiny lil cups of poison to everyone he now sentences. hehe

All the Judge probably thought was good now the tax payers don't have to pay for his upkeep until he dies in jail right? Just ridiculous...

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 1 day ago

Assumptions, assumptions. Lemme dig up his sentence... Twenty years and he already had been in jail since 2004 (this was his appeal) and they let you go after two thirds of the sentence if you behave, so he would have been a free man.

Unlike me. I have bloody family gatherings all month.

// craeonics / 333 weeks and 22 hours ago

/me hands you a little cup of poison...

// Doreen / 333 weeks and 17 hours ago

Disaster has struck! One of the three ninjas has drank a cup of poison some heinous villain had left for me. As a result they had to do two big concerts as two ninjas. Apparently with a backing track in some places instead of the third, because the show must go on.

And for some reason I hear both mad cackling and the sound of eyes rolling coming from California.

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 6 days ago

/me washes out your now two ninja fetish with some of this: [link] (not normally a Weezer fan but this one is pretty catchy...

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 6 days ago

Mwah. Not too impressed. Curious though, it's a Guns 'n Roses tribute without anything sounding like Guns 'n Roses. Doesn't sound particularly Weezer either. Then again, haven't heard anything from them in years.

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 5 days ago

Yeah you are not too impressed because there are no baby Asian girls in short lil ballerina dresses singing in there that's all...

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 5 days ago

Die Antwoord has a song about this: [link]

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! I remember the first time you introduced me to them I thought what in the world is that! (they are so cool they are actually frightening!)

Anywaysss, shut up! hehe

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 4 days ago

Today at work I played Russion "disco" (suggestion from a co-worker until he came to his senses), drum 'n bass (boring), retrowave (only nice in small doses), vaporwave (makes me fall asleep, but keeps some of the complainers happy) and moombathon (gets old fast, especially if mixed badly).

In the end I settled on Digital Underground [link] for nostalgic reasons, and by then it was already time to head home.

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 3 days ago

Moombathon? That's something new to me. You're pretty lucky because I'd settle for ANY music at work (even country!) it so stuffy over there.

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 3 days ago

it = it's

but most of the latest new tunes on the radio are all sounding the same (sort of a new style of draggy rap)

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 3 days ago

Mumble rap is not too bad. Main thing they play over here seems to be some sort of whiny pop. I blame the spineless youth of today.

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 2 days ago

All I know is me has three weeks off now! (so that gives me plenty of time to also find some decent tunes) going to cook for everyone and Gino is coming from Oregon etc.

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 2 days ago

Three weeks off? Until they drive over to pick you up and chain you to your desk for the rest of the year.

It seems we've had a tad of snow. As long as it melts before Monday I don't mind.

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 1 day ago

They made sure they had me work the three weeks in one day yesterday "before" I left. hehe

So, you apparently will get a white Christmas while I on the other hand am currently being roasted with fires and wind on this side...

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 1 day ago

I gave the snow a stern look and sent the cats at it and it melted.

Today I have an family dinner. With all the grandparents dead, the aunts and uncles figured we should have a semi-regular family dinner. I can appreciated the notion, but December is hell for social events (completely overbooked).

// craeonics / 332 weeks and 22 hours ago

Such is the Holidays, everyone playing tug a war with you. For me I can't handle all the food (I get sick easy)

Anyways, have fun mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 332 weeks and 17 hours ago

I read that as "sea sick" for some reason.

I have a theory that all these all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants are actually converted Chinese restaurants. Everyone of these I've been too (my family loves these things) have Chinese staff.

Which all gives me an excuse to practice eating with chopsticks there, which makes everything go three times slower.

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 6 days ago

Might as well have read it as sea sick cuz basically that is exactly how I feel or what happens to me if I eat crap food and when the Holidays come crap food is everywhere! (If I eat sweets my stomach rebels on me)

Anyways, Buffets are just about everyone's favorite cept mine because I can't eat enough to get my money's worth like most other folks can. (my stomach has expensive taste so I live at seafood grills and fine sushi places)

Sales everywhere! Time to hit the malls! Only draw back is that of course all you hear at the malls right now is Jingle Bells tunes...

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 6 days ago

I already scored two three ninja t-shirts. Only took over two months to get from the US store to me because the order was "stuck in processing". What they're not telling me is that some Doreen woman called them and told them to hold the order.

In other news, snow. I'll trade you your forest fires for this snow. We have no forests of note and biking through snow is not one of my favourite passtimes.

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 5 days ago

If Doreen was involved in that you would have NEVER rec'd them! hehe

And what kind of processing takes over two months? Were they spinning silk or something? Ridiculous and all part of the hype they falsely create to keep draining your wallet.

As for these fires, no, you seriously don't want to trade with me it's getting pretty bad (and so is the air to breathe over here because of all these fires)

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 5 days ago

But I already told the snow to go away...

The merchandise from their "international" store is handled by LiveNation, who are quite a big player in this market. They also must have hidden stashes somewhere, because those t-shirts went out of stock like half an hour after I ordered them, yet they can send me them two months later (after I asked what's going on, that is).

New music you may like: CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Cola [link]

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 4 days ago

You simply belong to the ninja cult that's all, they've got you brain washed.

Tune was zo zo, still nothing too exciting on this side, it seems they keep copying each others style so nothing really fresh and serious...

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 4 days ago

It's a bit telling that the most interesting tune they play over here is Taylor Swift. Other than that it's Ed Sheeran left and Ed Sheeran right.

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 3 days ago

Ed Sheeran is cool, I've no problem listening to his tunes but Taylor Swift, no comment...

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, should I get jelly now and make nasty comments?

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 2 days ago

And in the category "this December isn't rotten enough already", Telecide's guitarist is leaving the band (the euphemism "recharge the battery" was used in the announcement).

The good news is that I could read all that (somewhat).

The bad news is that they'll never be releasing an album at this rate. Grrr...

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 2 days ago

Yeah you should he is much more romantic sounding then you nasty boy! hehe

Tunes on this side are so bad it has me actually gravitating to Selena Gomez [link]

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 2 days ago

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are two performers in their twenties who still look like early teens for some reason. It's a tad unsettling. Perhaps it's all those years doing kids' shows.

I should go rip those Telecide videos for posterity's sake. I see dark clouds on the horizon for them.

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 1 day ago

Everybody ages differently that's all that is...

/me goes get some Christmas shopping done and hopefully beat the herd.

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 1 day ago

/me has yet another birthday to attend and forgot to buy a card

I think I'll just slide in through the back door unnoticed and grab some cake.

// craeonics / 331 weeks and 23 hours ago

Speaking of Birthdays my Sammy is turning 21! Amazing how time goes by (it's sneaky!)

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 16 hours ago

He finally has his first girlfriend (a cute lil geeky girl) it took him so long to get a girlfriend that I thought he was keeping a secret but he said nah, I told you I'm just very picky. hehe

// Doreen / 331 weeks and 16 hours ago

Just don't go scare off that poor girl when she comes visit.

In the meantime, I'll set the countdown to grandkids.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 6 days ago

Doubt it, just like Gino he has more ambitions in life than that so not for a long while at least. He's in College and might be going to Oregon University with his brother when he finishes up all his general ed.

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 6 days ago

Not sure how this happened but Selina Gomez? This is even sounding good to me? Mmmm mmm


// Doreen / 330 weeks and 6 days ago

Selina = Selena I might even have to buy a few of her tunes!?

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, I'd say it's early onset of dementia. Or anything else is so bad that things you'd normally skip suddenly sound good.

Anyways, you may have to relocate to Oregon. You only need a clever ploy to convince your mother to move.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 5 days ago

Could be either but only old stuffezz helps with cleaning the house so it's currently: [link]

As for Oregon that's what I'd like but not much you can really plan in life so we will see down the line (cuz I'd need to stop working for the county and that is my bread and butter) I don't need any clever ploy cuz I think my Mom & me are so opposite that she is so bored living with me that she will most likely at that point go live with my bro or sis when that happens.

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 5 days ago

What's going to happen is that your mum will move to Oregon to live with the grandkids, while you will be left behind, chained to your desk.

Two days to go and then two week off. Ofcourse there is a Christmas dinner to attend...

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 4 days ago

Nah, Oregon is way too slow for my Mom's pace (even at her age) she don't get off hiking in deep forest she likes the faster lane and lots of ppl and commotion etc. I don't like that lane at all. (we are completely opposite) If I end up in Oregon I see her going to live with my hyperactive brother, who divorced and seems that he is going to get re-married again *sigh*

I don't return until the first week of next year, I've just been enjoying freedommmmm! (and doing nothing and loving it!!!)

Have fun mijn dutchy and enjoy, I hope you have a good Christmas...

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 4 days ago

Family dinner, so same old, same old.

Christmas had better come quickly. I've already heard "All I want for Christmas" one time too many.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 3 days ago

hehe! Same here but if we are forced to hear that stupid tune at every turn it should be this version: [link]

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 3 days ago

I think I'll pass on it altogether.

Today is the beginning of Winter, the shortest day of the year. The sun set at half past five already and there was heavy fog all day. All in all, it was awesome.

And then I come home and find an envelope with a handwritten all-caps "Jesus Christ our lord and saviour love you" (in Dutch but with a similar typo). Nosender on the back. I don't dare open it.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 2 days ago

Well don't look at me cuz I never got that far along in my Dutch plus I don't even know if God loves you (cuz you're so nasty and all) hehe

But send it to me so I can open it (now you've got me all curious!)

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe! OMG! I think I just seen the look on your face when you read that envelope!

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm thinking someone who just got off the boat from Africa. They tend to be very religious. I'm going to bring it to the family Christmas dinner and spook my mother.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 1 day ago

Probably because in Africa they get to see more of God's creation when all the rest of us get to see is a concrete jungle and chase after green paper to pay for our concrete tents to sleep under. (who knows)

Not sure if you ever mentioned if your Mom is religious but yeah that should be interesting.

Have a good time!

/me goes drag my lazy behind off to the gym...

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 1 day ago

My mom hates these things. She worked in a children's hospital and has seen all types of abuse and neglect which the parents saw as "the will of god". She especially resents Jehovah's Witnesses.

// craeonics / 330 weeks and 21 hours ago

Well, life can be viewed all kinds of different ways it's scary, plus when ppl rely on religion to figure out who God is they really can get lost I suppose. Anyways, lots of shopping and cooking to finish up to get ready for company. Gino made it into town etc.

// Doreen / 330 weeks and 16 hours ago

Do you have your Christmas dinners on the 25th itself or the day before (which is today)? I somehow have the impression people do it on the "eve" over on your side of the ocean.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 6 days ago

Most ppl do it on the eve but for me it would be just like any other day of the year if it were not for my family asking or putting this on me. I'm not big on Holidays at all (cept the part where I get paid for being off work) I think it concerns everyone that I'm not into things the same way they are but, I'm 100 percent fine with it my soul is just content...

(plus these are just fake Holidays)

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 6 days ago

Oh, and I'm cooking "tomorrow" but the lines to get all the shopping done are insane so it takes days to prepare and buy all the things needed. Was a total trip that Gino and his finance met Sam's girlfriend yesterday that was strange. They both picked girls with almost the same name and both picked girls of the same exact nature. (it went well)

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 6 days ago

Are you sure it is not the same girl?

Have you seen them both in the same room at the same time?

/me goes hit stuck Windows Update with a hammer

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 5 days ago

No but they sure look almost the same. One is all Italian the other is half Italian and half Mexican, both are quirky, geeky and cute plain janes. That Windows update is a monster and nothing worth while in it (as usual)

Anyways, I better get to chopping! I had so much company pass through yesterday that it put me behind schedule.

Heb a goed one...

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 5 days ago

Let your guests do the dishes.

That silly update won't even install on my TV computer. It gets stuck at 80% and then grabs like 35% CPU for hours, until I kill the process. There's a built-in troubleshooter, but all that does is let you jump through twenty hoops and reset the process.

The best bit of it all is that there is zero feedback on what the cause might be. You'd think the people in Redmond would have figured out how to do these things by now.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 4 days ago

Nah, you invite ppl over you do it right and simply tell them to bring their appetites when they ask what to bring and you treat and spoil them like royalty. (then you save all the bitching and complaining for after they leave about how much freaking work it all is)

As for your issues with the update and "almost" installation stop complaining you grumpy old man and just fight with it until it installs (which it will "eventually")

Got the perfect tune for today! [link]

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 4 days ago

Yikes I swear I thought that tune was by Twenty One Pilots?

/me grabs a few tunes by these Dirty Heads and go dance with my dishes and this dirty house...

Check this one out: [link]

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 4 days ago

That first one seriously sounds like Twenty One Pilots, but I'm still waiting for it to get started. It seems to build up to something that never happens. Lyrics fall a bit into the "easier said than done" category.

That second one is way too happy. And slippery. The type of stuff that is so generic they can play it on the radio all day without anyone complaining, because it has no hooks or edges anywhere. And then the DJ would say it's a "great summer" song and then follow it up with five minutes of mindless banter. Which is why I moved to pirate radio back in '90-91.

As for for what is playing here right now, one could take a guess.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 3 days ago

There is nothing on the radio that's even worth listening to for months so that sounded pretty decent to me. I will guess you are listening to chop stick music?

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't know on that side but on this side of the ocean I'm drowning in listening to this on radio: [link]

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 3 days ago

Ah yes, whiny music. They play that a lot here too for some unknown reason.

I recently struck upon this song, which has settled itself into my mind and won't leave: GARNiDELiA - Tougen Renka [link], or more specifically, this rendition: [link]. I can see the smoke coming out of your ears already.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 2 days ago

I suddenly feel very nauseated...

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 2 days ago

Dor_hater detected.

Right now I'm puzzled over a news item I just saw where labourers were cutting pieces of ice from a lake and labelling it "heavenly ice". In this age of freezers and refridgerators, why would you still cut blocks of ice?

Wiki has a page on the subject: [link], but it's a tad above my reading level. First line says it's "ice cut from lakes and ponds". Nothing new there.

Perhaps it was just an item on a traditional field of business that for some reason still exists.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 1 day ago

If it's a above your reading level shall I even click on that link? (might as well since I'm nosy like that)

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 1 day ago

Never mind! That obsession of yours! Obviously you are reading ninja newspapers now...

// Doreen / 329 weeks and 1 day ago

Watching ninja news more like it. Today it had the prime minister playing golf, something about the local cuisine in Hiroshima and a topic about an increase in Loch Ness monster sightings. News anchors use big words and speak rather formally, so I can only catch a word here and there (most commonly "police"). Every new word I understand is a small victory.

I'd be better off watching soaps.

// craeonics / 329 weeks and 21 hours ago

Oh look, it's the last day of the year already. I's gots me a lot of fireworks, so it had better nog start raining tonight.

// craeonics / 328 weeks and 6 days ago

I can see a 30% chance of rain at 12:00 midnight over there so you should be good. Over here the fog is so thick you need a knife or better yet a machete to cut through it.

// Doreen / 328 weeks and 6 days ago

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