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At this point, I've heard bits and pieces of what kind of setup you guys are using. I figured I would start a thread on it.

Computer: I have a MacBook Air (2013) that I got for cheap ($650, new). Naturally I'm running macOS. Windows 8 made me do it. Windows 10 made me tell my Waifu to do it. She's got a MacBook Air too now (2015).

Tablets: we both have the iPad mini 2. Honestly, I'm really liking iOS. Obviously it's great for reading, but I really like working on photos and writing on it (Bluetooth keyboard). I plan on upgrading to a bigger version this year.

Phones: iPhone 6S Plus for me and iPhone 6S for the misses. I wanted the better camera, which can now take RAW photos. Best camera I've ever owned.

Network: I really want a Synology NAS, but I'm making do with a meh router with Samba share.

// RedBoo / 370 weeks and 2 hours ago

Mr Red has definitely gone over to the dark side.

How's customisation going in the Church of Steve?

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

Computer: HP Envy (all in one) [link] (I think this is the longest I've ever stayed on one machine)

Tablets: Samsung Tab S2 8.0

Phones: iPhone 7 Plus & Samsung S7 Edge (constantly swapping sim card back and forth)

Watches: Apple Watch & Samsung Gear S3 because of phone compatibility (constantly swapping watch bands according to what I wear at work etc.)

Ummm, I get bored and like gadgets?

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

Actually, a lot of apps have a nice dark mode, like Instapaper and iA Writer. Even Safari has a dark mode. Most of the time things are nice and dark and beautiful. There is a music app, Vox, that is nice and dark too. Image editing apps tend to be dark too.

Granted, there is always some app that I can't do much about, but I ran into that on Windows too. There are some apps that you can skin. It's not a "thing" though; not a feature that most people want.

Honestly, once MS made shells harder to make, and LiteStep had problem past XP, I saw myself ditching Windows eventually. There are a lot of NextStep elements still in macOS, which drew me in. I used Linux for a while first, but I liked macOS better. I just have fewer problems and things to fix.

// RedBoo / 369 weeks and 6 days ago

The only NextStep thing in there is the dock.

Shell development seems to have gone the way of the dodo. I don't think changes in the OSes have anything to do with it. It's more a generation of devs moving on in life and the next generation not being interest in shells.

// craeonics / 369 weeks and 5 days ago

Nope, it's just more of them have moved over to smaller devices and spend more time on their tablets, laptops, iPads or phones etc. so they are not spending as much time on their desktops like in the past.

// Doreen / 369 weeks and 4 days ago

Ya, it is a shame. A lot have been losts. So many devs have just vanished. At keast we see PK from time to time.

Oldly enough, I do use the Dock in iOS in the classic NextStep style now. (I still think of it as a warf. :P) I never liked things at the bottom; Windows or Mac.

I think there is more NextStep in there, such as some of the Finder views and underlying technology. Heck, having a terminal is from NextStep (the classis Macintosh had no concept of a command line).

// RedBoo / 362 weeks and 5 days ago

When Jobs left Apple, he went to NextStep (or fouded it, can't recall). When he returned MacOS was rewritten to have BSD as a backend, while the fronted was very NextStep inspired.

// craeonics / 362 weeks and 4 days ago

Now we're seeing iOS (iPad at least) becoming more NextSTEP-like with the revamped dock. The old one didn't do much, not that it needed to. Still, the new features will be useful. I'm looking forward to it.

// RedBoo / 351 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't know what to think about that crazy Touch Bar on that MacBook Pro (not much to theme there)

// Doreen / 351 weeks and 3 days ago

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