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This is unreal! Can you believe it? And how weird will it be when it's 2020 in only two more years?

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 2 days ago

Anyways, not listening to anything yet (cept Dex meowing) but last night I listened to Mariah Carey torture my ears on TV with her historic second chance at Dick Clark's New York's Time Square thingie (my ears still hurt)

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, now it's time to listen and watch the New Year's Parade on TV, why? cuz that is all that will be on TV all day *sigh*

/me goes jump into 2018...

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 2 days ago

/me pokes

If this thing suddenly works now, I'm going to scream.

// craeonics / 2 weeks and 2 days ago

Maybeeee Tek just likes me better than you? hehe

Marching band playing Katy Perry's firework tune in the parade on TV. (that's it, off to do the laundry) *sigh*

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 2 days ago

That song is god awful. And having a marching band play it only makes it worse.

Tek hates my guts because I've been slacking on the upgrade (and still continue to do so; many moving parts).

// craeonics / 2 weeks and 1 day ago

Then bury it already...

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 1 day ago

Tsk, quitter.

All good comes to those who wait (although sometimes the wait can be a tad long and it implies someone is providi Besng the good). Besides, with skinning being in the state it is right now, there's no rush.

// craeonics / 2 weeks and 22 hours ago

I knew I was missing some words, but I somehow did not notice they had moved up a line.

// craeonics / 2 weeks and 22 hours ago

Quitter? I'm just assuming you have already thrown in the towel since the state of Tek kinda speaks for itself. Umm, ie: just look at the date of the last news post 2014? And it's a roll of the dice if your post here on this very message board post and not be swallowed up into the void or text be chopped off or garbled up like your own post above. hehe

// Doreen / 2 weeks and 7 hours ago

I never quit anything I start. I only put things on the backburner for a bit. Where a bit can reach decades.

Why is there no news on the front page? Hmm, well where exactly is that news then? Skinning seems to be in quite a dire state. Go peek at the WinCustomize forum. It's like a cross between a senior citizen home and a customer support section. They're one step removed from exchanging pics of the grandkids.

// craeonics / 1 week and 6 days ago

hehe! Are you seriously still visiting Wincustomize? I can't remember the last time I peeked over there, I think it was when I heard David passed away which was a while back who knows, I'm getting so old myself now I can't even remember!

// Doreen / 1 week and 6 days ago

Got to check if there's news every now and then. Move your walker over there and check that forum. It's old people doing old people things.

Switching back to music and into virtual parent mode, six months ago Reichi (rapper from Osaka) looked like this [link], but last month this "Melon Soda" video dropped [link] (shot in your backyard from the look of things) and she looks like she hasn't eaten in the period since. And her voice seems to have dropped too. If I were her parent, I'd be worried. Flow is still good though.

// craeonics / 1 week and 5 days ago

They were probably just simply researching some "authenticity" over here for their music (hopefully they didn't get bit by some wolves whilst doing so)

If they returned home quickly after shooting that vid they will be okay cuz they looked "clean" to me still...

// Doreen / 1 week and 5 days ago

By the way that shot looks like Hollywood (not LA)

// Doreen / 1 week and 5 days ago

If they shot that in LA I think they would have had to have more security but not been able to get it. I can see they blocked off the street for the vid (Hollywood would accommodate but in LA probably not, they would have been on their own)

// Doreen / 1 week and 5 days ago

I see sun, hills and palmtrees, so I assume it's California. If there were no hills but flamingos and yachts, I'd assume Miami.

Imagine waking up one morning and finding a film crew in front of your house and a car blocking the road...

Anyways, they shot two videos while they were there, the other is a generic booty video [link] (with some guy flexing his muscles). Rather generic track.

"Generic" is my word of the day.

// craeonics / 1 week and 4 days ago

Not sure what to think about that but it's weird (and they definitely chose a the wrong guy for that body shot) I still say they are simply researching "authenticity" for their booty tunes over here (which is not such a great thing for them)

// Doreen / 1 week and 4 days ago

Most guys (such as you) are attracted to the complete opposite of what they normally rep and they want to be like the booty gals over here?

// Doreen / 1 week and 4 days ago

If you are going to continually annoy me with your Asian girl fetish I need to block it out of my head with something that fills my soul! La la la la laaaaa!


// Doreen / 1 week and 4 days ago

Any fetish exists only in your head, Ms Jelly.

Got some Asian boys for you: Kowichi ft. T-Pablow & DJ Ty-Koh - Day Ones [link] (probably region locked). Not that big on Kowichi and his vocoder, but he does these type of swooping themes well.

Curious enough, I wonder how much it was inspired by this Australian track with the exact same name from this summer: Manu Crook$ - Day Ones [link].

// craeonics / 1 week and 3 days ago

In my head? You are probably right now in one of your t-shirt's with their cartoon pictures on them, sitting in a room surrounded by tons of their CDs listening to their music whilst speaking Japanese and reading a Japanese newspaper with YouTube on watching their vids! I even can picture one of them serving you tea in a skimpy waitress costume! hehe

Anyways, don't even try to turn me onto Asian Boy tunes (not gonna happen!)

// Doreen / 1 week and 3 days ago

Okay, so you already know how curious I can be (so I peeked) and their music is better than what we currently have playing on the radio over here but I still think that is a shame cuz they are attracted to this mess over here and they are always known for being clean, healthy with honor and grace (that looks strange to me) they also looked/sounded pretty authentic like they are "living" over here somewhere? I can't believe that mess would be going on in Japan's allies too!?

// Doreen / 1 week and 3 days ago

Hmm, your second link has some great beats in it too!

// Doreen / 1 week and 3 days ago

So I'm sitting here in a three ninjas t-shirt with cartoon pictures on it. That's about it. The news on TV is the regular Dutch news, no CDs in sight and no music playing either, 'cause I typing on this board.

After that, I'll be over on the cat pic sight reading three ninjas news.

Anyways, the little hoodlums in that video are probably on the highway to jail anyway. As to why they find the US rap scene so interesting, can't say. Perhaps they're trying to rebel against the expectation of getting a steady life-long job.

Played some drum 'n bass at work. It's boring as hell (same drum loop all the time), but it took seven hours before the colleagues started complaining. Did run into this killer track: Current Value - Dark Rain [link].

// craeonics / 1 week and 2 days ago

So I play that song and as soon as the beat starts, the cat sitting on my lap turns her head around and looks at my netbook with a look of "the hell is that?" on her face.

// craeonics / 1 week and 2 days ago

Hmm, that is killer! I like the techy spooky type vibe but around 1:14 it has a Prodigy like vibe (that you probably like)

Speaking of cats my Dex wants me to play chase with him he runs and cuts up the carpet and then hides and I have to chase him and try to catch him (until he gets underneath the couch then when I walk away he comes out and swats my ankle to tag me and runs off. hehe

Tonight I'm dead tired from work so he's pissed off that I don't want to play chase...

// Doreen / 1 week and 2 days ago

I have two cats, so daughter tries to play with mother, which does not always work. Mother cat practices old-fashioned child raising, so daughter gets smacked across the nose when she's too clingy.

Get Li'l Dex some small toy mice or marbles and see if he plays with that.

// craeonics / 1 week and 1 day ago

Cute, welll I do buy toys dutchy but Dex wants to play he gets bored with his toys and my Mom's cat is too old so he swats back at Dex when Dex tries to play chase with him therefore I'm the one he's stuck getting his exercise with (which ain't much because after he gets a quick burst of energy to play chase and hide and seek he then tires out faster than me!)

// Doreen / 1 week and 1 day ago

Got the stupid flu, need some healing vibes: [link]

*cough & sneeze* (sharing the love)

// Dor_evil / 1 week and 15 hours ago

Ten to one that is going to be a worship tune.

/me clicks...

Yep, seems I was right. So, does that mean you're cured now?

/me goes hide

/me peeks out for a bit

There was some sad news yesterday. One of the three ninjas' guitarists fell of some high spot while stargazing and died a few days ago.

// craeonics / 1 week and 14 hours ago

Cured? Nope, it's just a reminder for me not to worry if I die (this flu is causing ppl on this side to drop dead) sorry to hear about that guitarists, that part of their tunes is the ONLY part that is good! It's the three marketeers that are so totally annoying!

// Doreen / 1 week and 12 hours ago

Only old people die of the flu. Now I know you're not one of the young ones anymore but the risk is low. Old people also can't trip over anything without breaking bones, which heal slowly and then things go from bad to worse.

// craeonics / 6 days and 14 hours ago

Not that kind of flu dutchy, I think we've had something like 35+ deaths already (even kids are dropping from it) it's knocked me out of commission, I might go to the Doctor's but the ER's are overflowing so that is not a good place to be right now...

// Doreen / 5 days and 14 hours ago

Hmm, but don't you have a doctor doctor? Over here everyone has a doctor and you visit that first and if things are bad, then you are redirected to the hospital. Emergency Room is more for when you break your leg or are in accident.

Anyways, /me sends chicken soup

// craeonics / 4 days and 22 hours ago

I have a Doctor but can't get an appt since she is booked solid (hence having to go to ER) but I'm on the mend, yesterday I thought I was going to meet my maker but today I feel a bit better and I'm taking next week off to be sure since everyone has it (including my Mom) so I'm playing nurse on top of everything.

/me grabs your chicken soup

// Doreen / 3 days and 16 hours ago

See, my virtual chicken soup is working already.

Now theoretically speaking your mother should be taking care of you, not the other way around. I hope the cats are still healthy.

// craeonics / 2 days and 14 hours ago

Yup, that and this killer lemon & Ginger tea I'm now hooked on...

Mom is going through it fine so far, it's Sammy that is worrying me he's had it for about a month, he relapsed three times already and looks like he is on the mend yet again (but this flu is not normal) and apparently this cat did not make it and he apparently was in excellent health so you really can't say who can fight it and who can't for some strange reason:


// Doreen / 2 days and 10 hours ago

I think you basically have to watch out for it hitting the chest (which is where flu's like to go once they enter your head) I had one day where I seriously thought I might be meeting my maker cuz I had a strange feeling in my chest but it went away the next day and I'm feeling alot better so I've just been cooking healthy veggie/beef soup for iron and all that and spraying the Hell out of everything, cleaning and chasing the virus out of my house and force feeding them and so far so good (not much else you can do really) the Doctors don't even know what they are doing...

// Doreen / 2 days and 10 hours ago

I will tell you this, if you even look at anyone over here on this side that has the flu you will catch it because "everyone" is getting it (so you are lucky you cannot look at me)

// Doreen / 2 days and 10 hours ago

Oh boy, I got up today and feel like I'm sick again? But it feels like a different sick, check this out dutchy:


I've been trying to poke around cuz the Doctors don't have a clue how to fix us back up other then saying it's the flu (which does not help at all)

Not even sure what to do now (I suppose pray again)

Anyways, I will be dropping off the map for few days but don't worry I'll be back to pester you when I feel better mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 1 day and 18 hours ago

Well, if the doctors don't know what to do, you can only resort to common sense: eat, sleep and exercise well and try not to stress out. Oh, and wash your hands before eating and don't cough or sneeze in people's face and stuff like that.

/me sends more virtual chicken soup

// craeonics / 1 day and 15 hours ago

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