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The 2019 thread, by request. One year 'til 2020. Hindsight and all that.

// craeonics / 276 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm currently listening to a god awful Aldious ballad...

/me goes look up something better...

Alright, a bit better: Lovebites - The Crusade [link] (not sure if this has a region block).

// craeonics / 276 weeks and 2 days ago

Well either your stuff is growing on me or that just happened to be a pretty decent one? But me prefers this stuffezzz better (was listening to it on my cruse home from work)


I'm gonna rolllll, I'm gonna roll

I'm gon' stay flyyyy, I'm gonna stay fly

I'm gonna bust, I'm gonna bust

Hold my hood up high, throw my hood up high

In the name of the streets

Mmm mmm! (haven't heard it for a while and it came on some radio station I found)

// Doreen / 276 weeks and 2 days ago

Can't say I ever heard that one.

So, it turns out the "start a new conversation" form was always there, but it gave a fatal error, which, for some lucky reason, was not visible to the end user. It was a one line fix, but then you'd look at the code and think "how did this ever work in the first place". I always like to skirt at the edges of what's (conceptually) possible (and sometimes go beyond). Which is also why I never get anything done.

// craeonics / 276 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, you do get it done you just take forever but once you get it done you get it done good. Anyways, probably good to only let that feature wake up once a year so that during the year you don't get spammers creating new threads? Not sure your call but you know I won't be creating any new threads until next year or you can allow specified users such as Boo Boo, sryo and Ken etc be the select users to create new threads (if they choose to do so at any time, something to that effect)

// Doreen / 276 weeks and 1 day ago

Anyways, enough of the commercials, on my way home yesterday iTunes decided to toss me a station built on my past music preferences (so in other words it's been stalking me) and here was another one it gave me yesterday. Course I should play the instrumental version because my music can be very obnoxious for those who pay attention to the lyrics instead of riding the vibes in it...


// Doreen / 276 weeks and 1 day ago

And to get our fresh thread started off right with some old stale tunes but what can I say iTunes simply stalked me pretty good cuz it came up with this old one (which was one of my favs as well)


// Doreen / 276 weeks and 1 day ago

iTunes figured out I have a wicked appetite for obnoxious tunes (the Devil owns my ear drums) but iTunes has not figured out I have a thirst for worship tunes (God owns my soul)

This tune is so beautiful dutchy:


// Dor_worship / 276 weeks and 1 day ago

Onslaught of tunes.

That Westside Connection song is region blocked, so I can't hear it. The Dog Pound song sounds like something I should know, but I can't say I've heard this one before. Bit of a mix of that style of Hip Hop in that era. On to that Elevator Worship track (what's in a name, eh)... It starts with a pling plong plodding piano and yes, there comes the wallowing singer. iTunes knows best perhaps.

// craeonics / 276 weeks and 21 hours ago

Elevator Worship? /me smacks the living Hell out of you, just for that!

King & Country: [link]

(actually these guys are my fav at the moment but this tune is almost like elevator music)

// Doreen / 276 weeks and 16 hours ago

Believe it or not I think they are brothers though they don't look much alike. The better looking one has a nose so sharp I bet his wife cuts her lip on that nose!

// Doreen / 276 weeks and 16 hours ago

Middle and bottom part of their face is quite alike. Main difference would be that one has droopy eyes and the other brushy brows.

/me is listening to a Minna no Kodomo-chan concert, which YouTube hid from me for days (they put a static camera in the back and upload that footage, so video and audio isn't all that, but it beats fancams)

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 6 days ago

/me "was" listening to pounding rain. We just don't get enough of it over here. We had the worsest fires last year so the rains brought blazing flood alerts on TV, Phone & Radio all night long since when we Californians have all the trees burnt away the rain causes rivers and floods that drown and sweep ppl, cars and houses away. Still with all that I doubt anyone has better living (but who knows I've not been a globe trotter)

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 6 days ago

People should be careful where they barbecue or where they drop their cigarettes (or just stop smoking in general). What strikes me as odd is how that fire can cover so much ground. You'd expect there would be some unburnable spots in between or something.

Anyways, first work week of the new year and the battery in my alarm clock decides to croak in the middle of the night. Woke up by myself an hour later, grrr...

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 5 days ago

It's always hard returning back to work from taking a vacation. It takes me about a 2-3 days to get adjusted back mentally to the routine. I'm sure your co-workers were glad to see you back.

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 5 days ago

I suspect the plants at work were the happiest. If I don't take care of 'em, it's up to the whims of my colleagues. Usually I come back to dried out plants and then someone walks in and goes "oh, the plants are looking a bit weak". "Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Maybe if you'd water them once in a while.", is my mental response.

I'm just a zombie four days a week and wake up during my weekend. Does mean I'm very sleepy on those four work days.

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe! Yeah it's an adjustment, normally my co-workers step up and take care of my plants without me asking (cuz I won't ask)

Most the time everyone acts as if I'm invisible but when I take time off and return, all I hear all day long is where were you? Where have you been! So obviously, they notice me like fixed furniture until the furniture gets moved.

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 4 days ago

You could view that as your colleagues seeing you as this quiet, unmissable worker that causes no fuss. Other you've been their so long you've indeed become part of the furniture. Question is if you're Dor_chair, Dor_desk or Dor_coffee_machine.

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 3 days ago

None of the above. I'm Dor_varidesk. I have a stand up desk I would go crazy over there sitting down for 10 hours. Plus when they run into meetings I'm Dor_walk around the building.

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 3 days ago

They swapped out all desks at work with those monstrosities that can move up and down, so all the couch potatoes with posture problems can switch between sitting and standing.

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, I don't do that nonsense and my desk is unplugged. Then again, I don't really sit behind my desk, I'm more draped across.

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't care about my back I care about my butt (I don't want a big booty) so I try to keep burning calories by standing and walking throughout my days. Sitting behind a desk is not good for the butt. (hence my varidesk)

I could actually see you draped across a desk you lazy cat!

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 2 days ago

Did someone say "butt"? Where's my Sir Mix-A-Lot at... Ah, here he is: [link]

I have some doubts that standing is going to do you miracles, best is just to burn those calories, or in other words [link]

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 1 day ago

Trust me standing does miracles. One of the dangers of being a Secretary is contracting big buttitis, which if you are not careful and you graze on the left over pastries from all the meetings and eat the boxes of chocolates and goodies the execs bring to you as good tidings and sit all day you will inevitably catch. I avoid all that crap like the plague.

Anyways, me is going to be busy for a bit moving Mom down the block, me needs my space and since she is still driving and independent this will be good for the both of us. I found her the perfect place and she is excited. Now I of course will be running to her every five mins when she cannot figure out how to fix this and that on her cable and internet but I DO NOT CARE I will gladly do it! hehe

Later gator...

// Doreen / 275 weeks and 1 day ago

Sounds like a good plan. You don't your mother breathing in your neck at every step you take and vice versa, she doesn't need you as the reminder of past digressions (/me ducks). And if she's a block away, she's still close, but not in your house all the time.

In the meantime, you can drop all those chocolates with me and I'll make sure they are, er, properly disposed of.

// craeonics / 275 weeks and 21 hours ago

A good plan indeed. Cept I may have to start taking steroids to keep up with her, this morning she already called me all frantic cuz she put her heater on and the smoke detector went off. I had to explain to her that it's just the dust burning for the first burn. I will be praying alot more now. I got her completely moved in but I'm currently not running on an empty tank but rather freaking fumes and tomorrow is work for me!!!

Pray for me!

// Dor_zzz / 274 weeks and 6 days ago

Baby steps. This is just her settling in. It should all calm down in a few weeks.

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 5 days ago

New music time: Band-Maid - Bubble [link]. Plenty of action, but this song does absolutely nothing for me. Bit of a theme lately.

My mother was over the other day and YouTube was doing it's auto playing on my TV. On comes Band-Maid and she sneers "when are those little Japanese women going to stop wearing those silly outfits". I'll chalk it up as culture shock. She didn't say anything about any of the other artists.

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 4 days ago

I like your Mom already, she's not blind like you!

Anyways, remember when I told you I was doing Indian rain dances to try to get it to rain? Well the rain finally showed up and now we are having massive back to back storms.

My Mom: Help! my patio is flooding and the water is rising and looks as if it will soon come into the house!

Me: Don't you have rain boots somewhere?

I seriously don't think this will let up anytime soon with her dutchy, I had to round up some guys to go sand bag around her patio and we are expecting these storms to continue back to back until Thursday evening now. *sigh*

// Dor_zzz / 274 weeks and 4 days ago

So I take it your late stepfather used to deal with just about everything. Maybe she could shop around for a new one.

Music over here is mostly mushy mushy these days. Example: Frenna & Lil Kleine - Verleden Tijd [link], which strong resembles the Abel song it is based on: [link] (2000ish).

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 3 days ago

Hopefully she will, he would want her to. That guy worshiped the ground my Mom walked on and when he passed my Mom was completely clueless what to do she never made a single bill out or paid a bill. I'm still trying to show her how to do this stuff. She was spoiled rotten. (not a good thing to be "that" spoiled)

/me goes check mushy stuff of yours out...

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 3 days ago

I actually like the second link that the first song was based on it sounds beautiful (though I've no clue what they are singing about)

Trippy when the female starts to sing and the male voice comes out of her mouth, they should have just had the female just sing.

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 3 days ago

Songs like that are usually about lost love. The woman was not part of that band and just appeared in the video as the ex-girlfriend. She makes her own songs, for example [link] (2001), but I haven't heard anything from her in ages. Not my thing anyway.

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 2 days ago

Yikes! Yup, good she keep her mouth quiet and they used the guy's voice! hehe

Anyways, not your thing cuz there were no lil Asian teenie girls in dusty old maid uniforms...

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 2 days ago

Not my thing because I don't like mushy mushy songs. Music is about music, not about who performs it or what they look like or wear. Or do in their private or public life even. This seems to be a notable difficult concept to grasp for some people.

I only want music that moves in a direction at a steady pace with conviction. No meandering. No wallowing. Hence, I can't stand Jazz music at all.

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 1 day ago

True dat, but that one had no voice (plus she was sitting on the toilet in that vid!)

Anyways, I agree Jazz and Opera are both not part of my playlist though there are some rare times that an artist can make me like something I normally hate.

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 1 day ago

Like this girl... What she can do with a Violin is completely insane!


// Doreen / 274 weeks and 1 day ago

I think that is about the closest I've ever seen of a human being, being interwoven into an instrument and able to make the instrument pour out her soul or something.

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 1 day ago

She's dancing around with a violin. If that were a Japanese woman and I were to post that, you'd be rolling your eyes and go "totally disgusting".

Besides, I can't look at violins without thinking neck injury.

It did remind me of this guy vis as vis mixing musical styles that are normally not mixed: [link] (mouth harp, no violin).

// craeonics / 274 weeks and 21 hours ago

Not true at all (unless it was a 13 yo wearing the usual maid uniform & possibly growling?)

Anyways, to attest to that check out this cool Japanese tune that I actually like: [link]

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 18 hours ago

Here is the English version I first listened to and fell in love with (but I dropped the link to the Japanese version to give you something to translate and keep you busy)


That tune touches all the right spots inside the ear drum.

Mmm mmm mmmmm!

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 18 hours ago

Okay, that link you dropped was totally crazy. Loved that guy! Totally got that vibe right...

// Doreen / 274 weeks and 18 hours ago

Argh, plingy plongy piano... I actually understood some of the words, so there's that. But that song would me much better without the piano, the singing and that ghastly revving up that plagues a lot of dubstep. And YouTube is dropping Kingdom Hearts on me is double argh.

Some new stuff that caught my ear yesterday: Future - Mask Off [link]. Or caught my eye, I should say. I was counting heads, scenes and effects and I reckon this must been quite an expensive video. Turns out it's a year old already, so curious I haven't heard it before.

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 6 days ago

Nah, that is simply "Welcome to LA" stuffezzz (during a typical riot) hehe

Also, Future is Cardi B's baby daddy...

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, Future dated Cardi but had the baby with this one: [link]

(actually, Future had everyone's goodies)

Cardi's baby daddy is Offset...

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 6 days ago

Curious, curious, I don't know any of those people. Except that Cardi B with they creepy eyes.

Also curious is why I'm now getting "well meant" sollicitations from people who want us to post crap articles. Why would anyone with a spine ever accept that. /me goes remove weird sollicitations...

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 5 days ago

If they ever release this DIY for skinning my Apple Watch I might write a crap article myself. I'm just hoping it's not only in Chinese.

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 5 days ago

This one, I forgot to post it. I've been keeping my eye on this page: [link]

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 5 days ago

What does it do that you can't do with the regular Apple watch?

New music time: Frenna ft. all his boys - Louboutin [link]. I'm always a tad enamoured by these tribal-ish or folk-ish beats.

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 4 days ago

Other than the wallpaper you cannot customize your iphone and as for the Apple Watch all you can do is use the default watch faces. Jing Jing has developed an underground site where you can install this app and design your own watch faces for your Apple Watch. Apple already shut them down twice but she just keeps dropping a new link for us to reinstall to get us back up again. Apple is adamant about controlling every single aspect of their devices but us users will jailbreak or do whatever it takes to gain control over our devices that we paid for!

Anyways, Jing Jing has developed something that is downright ground breaking for us Apple Watch users! I'm in total awe of this app right now.

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 4 days ago

By the way, awesome tune you dropped there but what is up with the shoes? Whoever made the vid must have a serious shoe fetish!

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 4 days ago

Apple wants its user base to stay inline and follow the Church of Mac doctrine.

And now I have to rewatch the video and take note of the shoes I missed... I only noticed that Jonna Fraser looks thirty years older than he is. The shoes are probably product placement and sponsorship. If you look at the description, under "special thanks", all those links lead to clothing shops.

Oh, and the lyrics are like "she wants (expensive brand of shoes) because I'm wearing (expensive shoes)".

Hiphoppers are usually obsessed with appearance, especially sneakers and sports and luxury brands.

As for the pumps and the song title, that's a reference to this designer: [link]

Beat was lifted from this French track: [link]

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 3 days ago

Not sure why anyone would wear a shoe because of the name of the designer. I normally look at the shoe itself and not the price tag or designer name.

French track is goed!

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 3 days ago

The theory is that people who do not have a lot of money like to buy luxury brands so they can show off those brands to make it appear they are wealthier than they are. Hence all the mumble rappers (living on advances from the record label) and their "Gucci" obsession: [link]

Socialites do it too ofcourse, but their life is all about appearance.

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 2 days ago

False appearances are too much work to try to keep up with (it's much easier to just be yourself)

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 2 days ago

While I'm theorising, I'd theorise that that is why people who care about false appearances die earlier. Because they either do stupid things and get shot, or are stressing out too much.

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 1 day ago

Agreed. Look at our President over here Trump. He's all about "Look at me! How much money I have! How much power I have!" (at the end of the day he is nothing but another man with no super powers at all) But he is so full of himself and bloated I'm shocked he doesn't just burst.

Humbleness, kindness & humanness is much more attractive I think...

Not too sure why anyone would need or want to impress anyone anyways? I "try" to simply please myself in a way that sustains me and hope it pleases God (but probably fail miserably, cuz I'm selfish) hehe!

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 1 day ago

Speaking of my invisible friend earlier, I must come back to drop what I'm currently listening to (just to annoy you)

A bit mellow for trying to get things done but so beautiful...

// Dor_worship / 273 weeks and 1 day ago

Link might help... hehe


// Dor_worship / 273 weeks and 1 day ago

Yes, well, I hope you're still getting paid with that shutdown nonsense. But if I recall correctly you work for the county and not the country.

Now, that worship video of yours does not start out with a pling plong piano for a change. Instead they have a pling plong guitar. Or maybe I should say a twing twang guitar. Oh, no, it's a wallowing singer.

Here, try some Bizzey instead: [link] (long intro).

// craeonics / 273 weeks and 21 hours ago

Not sure how I dodged that bullet because my work email ends in .gov so I thought for sure it would affect me but I suppose because I am a County employee and not a Federal employee? (not sure, just thankful!)

/me goes check your link...

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 17 hours ago

hehe! Dat was zo awesome!

// Doreen / 273 weeks and 17 hours ago

OMG! This is so beautiful, I had to go check out who sang it not exactly the person I had in mind (pictured a white dude) but he is so absolutely awesome!!!)


// Doreen / 273 weeks and 12 hours ago

He's going to be dead at forty with that weight. Also note how the drummer has headphones on and seems to be jamming to something completely different.

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 6 days ago

I didn't notice that but only you would! hehe

And yes, that weight looks extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable for him...

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 6 days ago

Check this stab out from Pete Davidson to Ariana: [link]

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 6 days ago

I don't know what lead to this one, but the beat was good.

Their flow on the other hand...

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 5 days ago

I keep forgetting you are over there in wooden-shoe land. Pete was engaged to Ariana and then she broke things off and he's been giving little digs to her here and there. (hence the bunny ears in the vid)

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 5 days ago

More like I don't do celebrity gossip. I can't even keep up with what rapper is in jail for what. It's funny, but since my TV viewing has been basically only news and wrestling, I don't know any actors or actresses or series. I'm going full old person mode. Maybe I should be getting a perm.

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 4 days ago

A perm? Are they even doing perms anymore in this day and age?

/me comes kick the old man...

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 4 days ago

All the fossils are still running wild with perms and walkers in my "hood". I do expect it to die out at some point. No one under eighty should walk around with that.

Not sure if there's a typical baby boomer appearance. Although women that age tend to wear scarves for some reason.

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 3 days ago

On this side of the globe they ride around in electric carts but I'm not too sure about perms still existing. hehe!

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 3 days ago

At any rate, this old fogery only now discovered that there's a (bad) 2001 version [link] of Mark Oh's 1993 "Never stop that feeling" [link] and there's also a WestBam version [link] and now I don't know which version I always listened to...

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, you old fogy, you are losing it cuz you might be thinking of this: [link]

either that or you are living a double life cuz in the 20+ yrs I've been chatting with you I never seen you drop a link to that Never Stop that Feeling!

Anyways, off today and the thunder and lightning show outside is stunning! (cept my Mom should be calling me soon about her patio flooding again soon)

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 2 days ago

Been binge watching on Netflix. Insane the way they do their zombies! You need to check this out...


// Doreen / 272 weeks and 2 days ago

Looking good. I reminds me of some samurai flic I saw the other day (Blade of the Immortal, I think), because some scenes were quite familiar. Also crazy how much Korean sounds like Japanese. Almost as if I'm listening to Swedish. Now, that would be odd, because Japanese is a "language isolate" (no related languages exist), but one theory is it stems from rural Korean fisherman language.

Anyways, that "Never stop that feeling" track predates Tek by half a decade. No plays that anywhere ever, except me when I harassing my colleagues.

And my father is secretly your mother, because he called me while I was in La La Land to ask if I could go get him some bread when doing groceries (terrible eye sight + snow = father best not go out today + mother off baby sitting = let's ring son out of bed to get supplies).

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 1 day ago

I watched all 6 episodes and now I have to wait until next year for the new season. The scenery and costumes are just completely insane dutchy. (plus the zombies are done right too)

Anyways, go take care of your Dad and get that bread! Misery loves company so now you know how I feel.

I got over she managed the rain, and now is out running all over the place again the moment the rain stopped. She's hyperactive and cannot stay still or at home for long, me on the other hand is completely enjoying having my own peace of mind and I feel like I just moved into my own home for the first time since my Mom pretty much had my entire home as her own for almost the two years that she lived with me.

She's really happy in her new place too.

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 1 day ago

See, it worked out for the best for both in the end.

And if there's anything important, she's close enough for you to scoot over.

Back to the subject of the undead, this creepy video dropped yesterday: Yuzukingdom - Pandemic [link]. Stylistically, it's almost Black Metal. That scream two thirds in is straight Call of the Wintermoon [link].

My only gripe is that the sound all seems to be coming from my center speaker. There's lo-fi recordings and then there's mono, and there's no need to go mono ever.

// craeonics / 272 weeks and 21 hours ago

Creepy indeed, her voice! I'm immune to that other type of creepy going on in that vid since I've been getting my immunization shots from Netflix...

Currently listening to my washing machine struggling to spin out my fuzzy blankee (gotta get my fuzzy blankee washed for this cozy rain going on again)

// Doreen / 272 weeks and 15 hours ago

I should note that this Yuzukingdom business is something she does on the side. Yuzuki's real "job" is being a member of this pop group [link], which is completely not my thing. In fact, I wouldn't even be able to tell which of the five she is.

/me is currently being couch potato, dreading the household chores that await

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmmm, maybe not your thing cuz they are not wearing lil maid outfits? Anyways, I'm beginning to think I may need to build an Ark or something, it's been awesome! Rain, rain and more rain! I think they said the winds were something like 80 mph on this storm called Kai, but I can't recall ever seeing rain like this and lasting for so long too! Love it!

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 6 days ago

You love it until your mother docks her rubber boat against your front door and comes plunder your fridge.

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 5 days ago

Actually it's the other way around I need to go dock my boat against my Mom's front door and beg for some food cuz my fridge is empty, she prepared for the flood I on the other hand prepared for nothing cuz I live in the moment! (not goed)

Few more days of this rain though...

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 5 days ago

Then again, you always said you were going to end up under a bridge somewhere. The water is already there. Now you only need to find the nearest bridge.

The alternative is some ad hoc dieting.

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 4 days ago

Nah, I think the human body can only survive a few days without food but as long as you have water it can survive for I think up to 30 days (so, I'm good cuz there currently is water everywhere)

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 4 days ago

It will survive by digesting internal organs and such, usually beginning with muscles. And it wreaks havoc on kidneys and such.

New music time, a random sampling of what MTV played while I was munching breakfast.

Dua Lipa - Swan Song [link]. Weird beat going on. I was having Horizon Zero Dawn flashback, with that post-apocalyptic setting (yes, I'm still not done with that game), but it turns out this if for the Battle Angel Alita movie. The producer has been sitting on that license for over two decades, very odd.

Kris Kross Amsterdam, Maan & Tabitha ft. Bizzey - Hij is van mij [link], which is the type of mushy mushy stuff that's popular these days. And Bizzey is everywhere.

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 3 days ago

Actually fasting is good for you once in a while it cleanses the body and heightens your alertness.

/me goes check out your links...

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 3 days ago

Yeah that Battle Angel movie looks intriguing, should be interesting.

/me goes check out that other link...

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 3 days ago

Nah that last one is niet mushy mushy but rather smooth and creamy (you just cannot handle smooth and creamy)

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 3 days ago

That Maan girl is working hard and releasing lots of songs and such. So good for her. But I absolutely cannot stand her style of singing. I didn't like melisma when Whitney Houston did it, not when Mariah Carey did it and not when Beyonce does it. It seems like a cheap trick to stretch notes.

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, me has no clue what you are talkin bout Willis, I only know the vibe on that last link was totally smooth and creamy...

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 2 days ago

Melisma is when you stretch notes by wiggling with your voice instead of keeping one tone. Commonly found with R&B singers.

If you recall that "I will always love you" song from Whitney Houston [link], she uses both a long tone (stretching the "I") in the chorus and then wobbles up and down in tone after "you" (melisma).

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmmm, I never even noticed that before? (nor have I ever heard the term Melisma) I may have an attention deficit disorder? hehe

As for that Whitney tune I never liked it and never understood why it rec'd so many awards or what all the hoopla was about it cuz it was annoying to me. (maybe I don't hear what everyone else hears or something)

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 1 day ago

It was popular because it was the theme song of a movie. People are sheeple like that. If I'm not mistaken the original is a Dolly Parton song.

/me heads to the google...

Yes, here it is: [link] (1973/74). The Whitney cover was a true cover in the sense that people now associate the song with her instead of the person who actually did it first.

// craeonics / 271 weeks and 20 hours ago

Yikes! Well I have to say that Whitney blew her out of the water! But still, I wonder if Dolly feels cheated from being totally ripped off!?

Anyways, me is listening to rain beating in sheets against my window...

// Doreen / 271 weeks and 17 hours ago

OMG! Another rip? I went to go grab that link from Missy E and this one popped up first!


// Doreen / 271 weeks and 17 hours ago

And when I went to find Missy E's rain vid this one popped up which is so unbelievable but true, if you avoid sugar like the plague your body responds effortlessly:


// Doreen / 271 weeks and 17 hours ago

This one, check out the transformation she don't even look like the way we remember her dutchy...


// Doreen / 271 weeks and 17 hours ago

That Eruption one sounds familiar. Missy definitely did some borrowing there.

That other video is a bit nasty, title is "almost 50" and then they say "46". Who rounds age up like that, jeez... Now, I live on candy, so I'm not one to talk, but I'm also a walking skeleton, so in the end it all boils down to: 1) don't sit on your backside all day long (people in office jobs who think going to the gym will help); 2) watch what you eat and how much you eat (without going overboard and becoming a calory counter, that's just silly).

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, 50? I didn't hear that part (but the vid may be old by now so she might be by now) anyways, everyone has their theory about food but it's all pretty simple eat what the earth provides naturally and don't process the Hell out of it. Our bodies are primarily water and protein so for me it's easy to figure it out stick with what my body runs well on.

You keep eating too much sugar and your teeth & your body are going to rebel on you dutchy...

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 6 days ago

Dentist always tells me I have perfect teeth. And the continues that I should floss.

Body is already rebelling. I think I tore a muscle behind my ribcage dragging all that litter box filing about. So now it stings when I take a deep breath and I can't sneeze anymore (because then I take that deep breath, sting happens and the sneeze says "well, maybe later").

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 5 days ago

You know me is not talking about muscles silly, my Mom is a walking skeleton but because she runs on sugar she developed Diabetes. The pancreas can only handle natural sugar not the processed crap everyone today lives on. Anyways, watch the sugar.

She don't have to take injections yet but my Aunt who is pretty young still does and my Aunt is another one that runs on sugar all day long. They bake and eat all that processed crap.

I developed an issue about 10 yrs ago that used to seem like a total curse but in actuality it's a blessing in disguise if I eat sugar I get totally sick so I have to avoid it like the plague or I get dizzy and vomit. (just like alcohol)

I went and got checked out but there is nothing medical other then the Doctor said my digestion cannot process it so it dumps it.

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 5 days ago

If it's your digestion, it's medical, no? Gut flora is a strange thing anyway. We rely on all these tiny bacteria to break down our food into bits and pieces we can process.

Anyways, the sting behind my ribs is one thing, but that nagging pain in my shoulder is bloody annoying. You go bed and think things will level out with a bit of rest and then you wake up and it has gotten worse, grrr... Weekend better get here already, so I can get some real rest.

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 4 days ago

Obviously not if the Doctor ran blood test and can't find any issues, I can eat everything else such as fish, chicken, veggies and fruits but anything over processed such as chocolates, cakes, cupcakes I can't touch or it sends me in a tail spin I get dizzy, nauseated and sick the most I can get away with is a bite if I dare to go beyond that I literally get sick so it's sucks on my Birthday!

As for your ribs and all those aches and pains? hehe! "You" my dear are simply experiencing "Old Age" and with it comes good days and bad days and if you are smart you push through the aches and pains and stay away from any pain pills because it will go away eventually. It's just your body aging dutchy...

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 4 days ago

But to play it safe you might get a Doctor to X-ray your lungs if things look fine just carry on and don't let them give you any pain pills, just tuff it out and it will pass whatever it is, you probably sucked in cold air on your bike and your lungs are acting up or you pulled something. Get an X-ray if it keeps up to be safe okay.

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 4 days ago

No, I carried twenty kilo of litter box grid stuff on my back for half a kilometer and probably strained a muscle. Also when playing games, I sometimes lean forward and always regret that later, because I always have muscle aches in my shoulders a day later.

As Fat Joe used to say, "lean back" [link]

/me kicks old age

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 3 days ago

I don't know what a kilometer is but if you strained a muscle doing it and are getting muscle aches from playing games you are simply getting old you old man!

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 3 days ago

20kg = 44 pounds, which is not all that much, but those bags get a bit unwieldy if you move them around for 500 meter = 547 yards. Maybe I should order the bags that are half that weight, but they are more expensive and I am greedy.

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 2 days ago

kg, meters, yards etc. (me only knows big, small, tall, short) blah blah blah you are just getting old stop making all those excuses. hehe!

Anyways, I did not have a boat to get to work today and Cali is almost under water, plus it's Valentines Day so I have to ditch all the land mines of chocolate today so I'm snug as a bug at home today!

My advise is stop being greedy and get the smaller bags cuz you are getting old, you have no ride so it's easier to transport...

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 2 days ago

I order four bags, ship 'em to the parents (retired, so usually at home during the day), then pick up one a week, and then I'm set for like three months.

California seems to be a bit out of balance, first there was fires everywhere, and now it's rain...

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 1 day ago

Well I suppose that is smart then having them delivered. As for Cali yes, this rain is really unusual but awesome!

// Doreen / 270 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm thinking rain songs, but we've already had Missy, I play Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadorra too much and I can't expose you to either Phil Collins or Guns and Roses in good faith.

Though I should note that that Guns and Roses song was actually a warm up song to them.

Here's some Prince then: [link]. I can't take that guy seriously anymore every since I've seen the movie of the same name. Him riding around on his purple motorcycle...

// craeonics / 270 weeks and 22 hours ago

Shame that he's already gone (stupid drugs) he could have made a few more purple songs.

Acting was definitely not his thang...

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 6 days ago

Prince was very much stuck in the 80s musically.

Word has it there's tons of unreleased stuff.

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 5 days ago

He was pretty much stuck in his own little world which by the way was a recording studio so I'm sure he has tons of unreleased stuff. (he was a weird little dude, but I thought he was kinda cool)

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 5 days ago

Seriously bad video time: Frenna & Mula B - Viraal [link]. For some reason first you never hear of this guy and then it's all MTV plays.

Anyways, this is one of tackiest video I've seen. For one, it looks cheap as hell. Two, why is that idiot waving a gun around. Three, those dancers have no choreo. The only good shot is the one at the dinner table.

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 4 days ago

Typical, big booties, rides, money and look how bad and big me and my gun is. Lots of that over here cept big booty girls know how to bounce and dance a bit better.

Anyways, tune has major potential but the vid was made extremely bad.

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 4 days ago

Had to look up Lauren's new tune which is a bit different from her usual style of music. Not bad at all, good to hear her trying something different for a change!


// Doreen / 269 weeks and 4 days ago

This is where I point out that it starts with a plingy plongy piano...

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 3 days ago

Oh shut up you!

Anyways, dutchy you would not believe the craziness going on up in the sky lately, which I think might have something to do with the massive full moon we recently had. The sky has been switching between lightning strikes, rainbows, pouring rain, hail, tornado winds and now snow flakes the size of quarters in places that it just does not snow over here it's unbelievable. The sky is putting on it's own show but I gotta run cuz I'm currently visiting Finland in Netflix. hehe

(Been binge watching another one of those foreign Series)

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 2 days ago

Seems like you have a party going on up there in the sky.

Over on this end, winter already seems to has given in to spring, while it used to be the coldest around this time. Now it freezes at night, but temperatures are in the double digits during the day (50F and up in Doreen units).

That strained muscle seems to have healed up, so time to go drag over that last bag of litter box filling.

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 1 day ago

I should add some powerfull music to go with the lifting.

This one popped up in my recommendations again: Bloody Tyrant - Final Battle of Sun-Moon Lake [link]. The transition from guitar to lute at a third in is great. Vocals are god awful.

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 1 day ago

Strange huh? Seems your weather is changing to, maybe it's a hint to these fools that think they are so powerful and running the world? I told you if God decided to toss a small rock at the earth you would see all these idiots that are fighting over power all band together in one split second to try to figure out what to do if God tossed a stone at us. (they would not know what to do but finally pray)

Anyways, me goes check out your link with caution and hesitation cuz it's way too early in the morning for growling females in maid outfits...

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, you know what? That was actually pretty good! IF the guy screaming was removed and replaced with the girl from Lacuna Coil that could work! hehe

At any rate, glad mijn dutchy is feeling better (we are slaves to our cats)

I got a mean Netflix hangover but after I clean and get my bills all caught up I will will probably jump in my sauna and go back and overdose some more on Netflix!

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 1 day ago

Install a TV in that sauna and you never need to leave.

Climate change is hard to accept for some folks. It doesn't help that it was labelled as "global warning", because everytime it gets cold (like those polar vortex shifts on your side of the pond), ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand will go "if there's global warming, then why is it so cold?".

People are averse to change and like to think problems will go away if you ignore them long enough.

That all being said, no slippery roads ever = fine with me.

// craeonics / 269 weeks and 21 hours ago

It has bluetooth so when I'm in it I can play tunes or watch YouTube. Anyways, our crazy president over here denies global warming (but he is in denial that his hair style looks really bad as well)

Come on snow in Los Angeles? I'm normally sleeping inside icepacks to cool down and now I'm sleeping near the heater vents to stop shivering. Something def is diff here...

The people that run things on this planet are all ignorant, aggressive and blind...

// Doreen / 269 weeks and 17 hours ago

We'll end up in caves again. The French have a saying that goes with this way of thinking: [link]

New(ish) music I can't play at work: Bad Hop (T-Pablow, Benjazzy & YZERR) - Prologue [link]. Last time I played this a co-worker complained he had flashbacks of that time he got a knife put to his throat in a dark alley.

Now I'm not sure if he was joking or not, but the list of things I can't play in the office gets longer and longer.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 6 days ago

Probably joking and yes they titled it correctly. Bad Hop...

// Doreen / 268 weeks and 6 days ago

Ah, dor_hater strikes again.

Here some more stuff for you: Zedd & Katy Perry - 365 [link]. It's really odd, but I didn't recognise Katy Perry with that short, light hair until I saw those crazy eyes. Those are "run while you can" eyes.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 5 days ago

hehe though her crazy eyes got nothing on Rami Malek (Mr. Robot)

// Doreen / 268 weeks and 5 days ago

I think that guy won an Oscar for that Queen movie.

I wouldn't be surprised if everyone and their dog would suddenly start playing Queen again and all the old has-beens think they can flaunt their 70s record collection again.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 4 days ago

Queen sucked I never liked them, I was probably listening to the Ohio Players or something like that instead during the 70s since I'm one of those old has beens as well and you were probably still in the womb listening to your Mother's stomach growling (since you love all that nasty growling) hehe

// Doreen / 268 weeks and 4 days ago

The first picture of me, somewhere after birth, is me raising my finger in protest.

New music time: 21 Savage ft. J. Cole - A lot [link]. I don't know which of the two is who, but I was struck by the hair. One sports a Sideshow Bob haircut and the other looks like Drake with dreads. The song itself is not that interesting.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 3 days ago

Such a rip of an old oldie! Though I don't really care for oldies, that is one that is still fresh and cool:


// Doreen / 268 weeks and 3 days ago

If I'd play that at work, they'd throw me out of the window.

Went for dinner tonight to celibrate my sister's birthday, though I should note that she was not present, because she's on holiday.

I only had two courses, but I was stuffed so much that I skipped dessert. It's craziness. I've never skipped dessert in my life.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 2 days ago

Why would you all go out to celebrate your sister's B-day when she was not present with you guys? Anyways, I got your day beat by a mile, today we were yet "again" on lockdown because of two active shooters (we had an active shooter about 5 months ago) this time we had helicopters & Sheriff running around our work building with shotguns and we could not even leave the building for lunch or at quitting time until they lifted the lockdown on us (6 hrs later!)

Yesterday, I got another offer for the promotion I was telling you about a while back for Management Secretary III because I seriously need to get away from this building, not all money is good money. I declined it but again the list does not expire for a while so hopefully the "right" offer at the "right" place will come (this definitely was NOT it)

// Dor_zzz / 268 weeks and 2 days ago

What? So you work all day, don't get to go out, and then at the end of your shift don't get to go home for six hours? Maybe you should try transferring to jail or something...

Dinner was technically because I looked after the parents' cats while they were on holiday (in November). It just so happened to fall on my sister's birthday. Her response was "what's up with that?".

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 1 day ago

Basically I am in jail (the building is connected to the Probation Dept)

Anyways, while you were out to dinner celebrating your sister's B-day without her there did you guys all open up her B-day presents too and take them home and keep them? Crazy crae...

I remember you said you guys also cook your own B-Day cakes and bring them into work? On this side we show up for work and everyone already has a cake waiting for us. (cept obviously you have to pray you don't get shot first before you get to eat a slice of it!)

// Doreen / 268 weeks and 1 day ago

The "jarige" (the one having the birthday) is the one who has to bring the cake. This already starts you when go to school and on your birthday you treat your class to candy (in my time) or more healthy stuff (these days).

There were two birthdays at work last week, so I had cake twice.

// craeonics / 268 weeks and 22 hours ago

Well then you save ALOT of money since you only need to deal with it once (for yourself) rather then each time everyone around you (friends and family) has a B-day. Sounds better.

Since I was a kid I have always been puzzled about this B-day thing because I still do not understand why celebrate a birthday at all? It's ridiculous to me but whatever nothing much makes any sense to me. (I'm just here for ride, I suppose)

// Doreen / 268 weeks and 17 hours ago

Probably because back in the days most people died when they were very young. People nowadays think folks back in the day did not get very old. In fact they did get old, but there was high child mortality, skewing the average.

In that context, making it another year was a big thing.

This is all just theorising, I haven't done any historical study in the phenomenon of "birthdays" (though it would be a good topic, be it a bit broad). Unless there's a prior study on this, it would require and immense amount of digging and reading in multiple languages.

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm so cautious I would not trust ANY study (but then I do not trust much)

Anyways, it's a silly tradition since I don't think anyone deserves to be celebrated but we should just be thankful if we make it another year, to me, there is a difference between simply being thankful to have made it another year rather than celebrating a person and bringing them gifts and cakes etc. I always feel awkward when they do that to me and of course I always do the same back for my kids, family and friends and feel so stupid about it inside my head. (just don't know why, it feels totally ridiculous, foolish to me)

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 6 days ago

Doreen is feeling that old age creeping up on her...

First thing that crossed my mind when I heard that this guy was found dead today: [link], was that he must have had that big five oh looming on the horizon (he was 49). Ofcourse, that's just my speculation. It's very much guesswork at this point.

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 5 days ago

Yes I am...

Alot of entertainers kicking the bucket in their late 40's early 50's everyone was shocked over here today that Luke Perry died of a stroke at 52 he just signed on for another season for Riverdale recently too. Just never know how long your time is on this planet (age really has nothing to do with anything)

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 5 days ago

Good thing I am immortal and eternally youthfull then. Although nature may disagree with that will find a way to prove that point.

It's best to do the things you want to do now and not when there's a potential retirement, because by the time you retire your health is probably far less than it is today. Which is not to say that you should only live in the now.

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 4 days ago

I actually have always done the things I want to do now because I've always known I'm alive now but I don't know about tomorrow (hence why I really reallyyyy love my same day deliveries!) hehe!

Seriously, I think I was born knowing that.

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 4 days ago

Old music time, saw this one this morning: Breach - Jack [link] (2013). Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but that video is freaky.

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 3 days ago

OMG dutchyyyy, doesn't get any freakier than that! (obviously someone made that who has a fur & hair fetish on acid or shrooms)

I've not been listening to much, just rivers of rain and after work I've been cuddling up with my warm blankee and Netflix. Today was the first day I see the sun and I already miss the rain!

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 2 days ago

We've got storm like gusts. Good thing I have the day off.

Boss said I should a new machine (after I said it was at least seven years old and on the verge of a failing hard drive), so I bought this slick looking case (I get the case first and then figure out what goes in): [link]

Little did I know this thing was a monster. It's twice the size I expected it to be. So much wasted space, sniff, sniff. Ah well...

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 1 day ago

Well for one the glass lift opening is awesome the typical metal or plastic slide openings are a pain to line up. What do you mean figure out what to put in it? (boy you are getting old)

Shame it's for work since you are a gamer you would not have much to figure out for home but at any rate go for the bestest cards and processors and massive ram, memory etc. Are you crazy when the boss recently told me to get a new machine (about 6-8 weeks ago) though I'm only a secretary and the I only do graphics for our quarterly Division Newsletter my machine is smokin cool!!! And the Monitor he got for me is almost bigger than me! Alright that might be a slight exaggeration but not much because I used to have duel monitors but this new Monitor is so big it completely takes up all the room on my Varidesk so basically keeping one of the smaller 27 inch monitors on my regular desk and the my monster monitor on my Varidesk is like have 6 monitors in those two!

Don't be ridiculous when the boss says you need something new it might be the last time in years he offers you that so buy the who computer shop!

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 1 day ago

who = whole! You are still doing web designing work right? You really need the best since graphic apps are heavy. I basically do excel spreadsheets, word, type letters all day and forms the heavest graphic work I do is a small Div Newsletter (that is the funnest part of my job and also a few flyers for their parties and major events etc.)

// Doreen / 267 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't design, I build. Browsers probably take up more resources than PhotoShop these days. But I don't really need a beefy machine, I basically need to move off Win7 and onto Win10, because I can't access some (Mac) network drives anymore (and all the coworkers on newer machines can) and I need IE11 and Edge to test sites (because all the clients are on that).

Figured I might as well get a good looking machine while I'm at it, so that's were we are right now.

Now the parts picking starts. Figured out what components I need yesterday. It's crazy, back in the days you'd have a audio card, network card and seperate drives with cables everywhere. These days the motherboard can handle audio, networking (wired, wifi and bluetooth) and even graphics if the CPU supports it.

// craeonics / 267 weeks and 21 hours ago

I know, things have changed a bit now there is liquid cooling systems instead of just fans? (who would think liquid & electrical would ever go together?)

Our whole Department is set to migrate over to Win10 by 2020 as well we are finally using O365 SharePoint I've been fighting with them for two years to get with the program though I'm getting old now you should see these ppl half my age all afraid of their machines and migration to networks etc. and I'm working in a technical Division!

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 6 days ago

There's been water cooling since forever. But I prefer not to mix fluids with electronics. Such a messy business.

I severely doubt if moving everything into the browser (Office 365) is a good thing. It's much slower for one, takes up oodles of memory and the things are prone to crash. Their argument is probably easy cross platform availability.

// craeonics / 266 weeks and 5 days ago

Their argument is that now we can be productive from "anywhere" now to talk them into letting me telecommute! I can access my files from work on my phone and on my home pc so I still don't understand why we need to go into work.

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 4 days ago

The end of the story is that they're going to bug you while you're binging on some Netflix series and expect you to do work when you're off.

Meanwhile, I've got my backside drafted into some project from hell that involves long travel (I don't do travel) and four hour meetings (craziness). I told the project lead she doesn't know what she's doing and that I want out. Been spitting fire the entire morning. Boss said he'd get me out.

End of the day and ofcourse I'm still in, grrr...

// craeonics / 266 weeks and 3 days ago

And playing Aion (it's free now)

You got drafted because they see you have more potential then you let on to have (only problem is you are lazy)

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 3 days ago

Project lead is now upset with me, but I may be out of the project somewhat.

Meanwhile, cable provider dropped the analog signal. They have all kinds of bogus reasons for that, true reason is that analog takes up more bandwidth than digital.

Parents have two TVs, so I had the pleasure of checking if the digital worked on both. I couldn't get a digital signal on one of the TVs.

Me: "How old is this TV?"

Mother: "Oh, we bought it from friends recently, only a few years old"

I look up the model and it's from 2008. Hence I told them to go buy a new TV.

Guess who got to go along to the nearest electronics store to get a new TV.

Father bailed, so I went with my mother. She wanted it deliverered on Saturday. Shop clerk said "no go, schedule is full for Saturday, but if you live close, you can just carry it home".

Guess who got to carry a TV to the parents house.

And guess who got to hook it up there and got all the blame for all the cables being a tangled mess and what not.

I don't know how these oldtimers did anything technology related before I was born.

// craeonics / 266 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't think you will be able to get away with being the office DJ for much longer, at some point and time they will be expecting for you to do more specially since by now they've noticed you are very capable.

As for your parents I've learned that they play stupid alot of the time on purpose. My Mother is getting away with murder but she does not know that I know what she is doing. (I simply do not want to have any regrets)

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 2 days ago

I was setting up the TV (godawful interface) and testing the YouTube on it by playing the suggested Die Antwoord [link], while they were figuring out where the splitter of the cable was.

It only took three hours before everything was sorted.

You'd figure it's just a matter of following the cable, but they almost nailed the TV cabinet to the floor and boarded off the underside to the cats couldn't get under it.

// craeonics / 266 weeks and 1 day ago

Die Antwoord is off the hook cool, I like crazy but that couple scares me! Goed thing they went the route of music or they might have been the first couple to be locked up for some crazy murder or something! *shivers*

Only three hours? hehe

Oh boy that must have been a mess. Good thing they have your help dutchy.

When you get frustrated with them remember when you got your house I remember seeing the pics of your parents helping you get settled into it, now it's your turn to help them. Just remember that my brother and sister seem to have forgotten what my Mother did for us (I never will)

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 1 day ago

The next thing on the list is getting my mother some backup for her laptop. That thing is from 2013-ish and holds all the photos and movies of the grandkids and weddings and what not. I pointed out that I expect it to break down in the next few years and naturally my mother thought that shouldn't be possible and that it's only "a few years old".

The previous one died after a year (right after the warranty wore off), so she's been lucky with this one.

This tech stuff is just way too difficult for people.

// craeonics / 266 weeks and 21 hours ago

It's not that tech stuff is difficult it's just that either you love it or hate it and if you don't love it you are not willing to learn it. I'm compulsive about it cuz I love it (and I don't like to read the manuals) so I can spend hours on end figuring things out on my own which in turn allows me to learn things that are not even listed inside the manuals.

// Doreen / 266 weeks and 17 hours ago

On that note, I still put the washing machine on the settings the shop clerk told me when I bought it over a decade ago. Never bothered to check what other programs it has or what they do.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 6 days ago

My washer and dryer are as well but don't get me started on phones and smartwatches I can play all day on those!

// Doreen / 265 weeks and 6 days ago

Found a big box of computer supplies when I got in the office. Figured I could assemble my new machine in an hour or so. Turns out is was four hours. There's always all kinds of things, like putting the CPU on the main board at the wrong angle; fan on the CPU cooler blocking my access to the RAM, so I had to remove it again; crazy screw on the M.2 heat shield that took fifteen minutes to unscrew; figuring out which case and power supply cable goes where and why I am missing one.

And when all was said and done, hooking it up to a monitor (and discovering I don't have a HDMI to DVI converter) and checking if all work.

It worked, so there's that. But I hadn't bought a Win 10 license yet, so I just ordered that and some cables and will have to wait for those to arrive.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 5 days ago

Whatever you do just don't forget the sound card and speakers! But, yes there is a bit of work to cooking from scratch but atleast you know exactly what is under that glass hood of yours.

// Doreen / 265 weeks and 5 days ago

I still don't know what that four pin power connector on the motherboard is for. It ran fine without it, so it does not seem to be essential.

Motherboards are so crazily outfitted these days. The one I got does regular networking, wifi, bluetooth, high-end-ish audio and even has two video connectors, so I wouldn't even need a video card if my CPU had a GPU (it doesn't, this one is aimed at peopl e ("gamers") who want high performance and spend a fortune on graphics cards).

Not that I play games.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 4 days ago

Motherboards have other things built right into them now whereas years back a motherboard was just that a motherboard period. Anyways, glad you got things up and running it makes things easier when you have a lean mean machine to work (and play) on...

// Doreen / 265 weeks and 4 days ago

No play, only work. But internet is an always evolving thing, so there's always things to research and figure out. Anyway, installing the OS was fast enough, now I have to move over all the programs (and settings).

New music time: Sevn Alias ft. Mula B & Trobeats - Big Man [link]. Now this is how you do a low-budget video. Or at least I think it was a low budget video. Not too much personel, simple scenes. Looking fine.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 3 days ago

Low budget? Looked like there was alot of money flying around in that vid! Pretty decent. I've been slaughtered at work and home so I've not been able to relax and listen to much of anything. But, hopefully things will slow back down and I can get caught up on feeding my eardrums a bit.

// Doreen / 265 weeks and 2 days ago

On the subject of money flying around while still looking low-budget, Amon Amarth dropped this video yesterday: Raven's Flight [link]. Starts of well enough, but gets increasingly more tacky as it progresses. Not nearly enough flames for an Amon Amarth track. And they really should have cut out the shots against the red wall, because that does not work at all.

I'm about three years behind on stuff happening up North due to being focussed on the Far East. No sign of catching up either, I caught this one because it was suggested.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 1 day ago

Not much growling over here on this side but those guys came over here and sold out quickly (even my son Gino went to go see them) but not much after that. Diff style of tunes get all the spot light on this side of the Ocean it seems...

// Doreen / 265 weeks and 1 day ago

Well, they're getting a bit long in the tooth. Although the singer always already had that chiseled face of years of outdoor work. I have, let me see, eight of their albums and they're interchangeable to some extend.

// craeonics / 265 weeks and 22 hours ago

Long in the tooth? (not sure what that means) but definitely thin in the hair...

Still pretty decent though, I've not been listening to much since everytime I play the radio its the same ole same ole...

// Doreen / 264 weeks and 5 days ago

Perhaps because radio has "rotations". High rotations a songs that get played all the time, low rotation get played occasionally. And ofcourse they don't want to upset the listener or the advertisers and so on. This all leads to same-ish, safe-ish music.

I switched to pirate radio back in '91 or so and never looked back.

Nowadays there's YouTube, but ofcourse that's primarily songs that have a video.

// craeonics / 264 weeks and 5 days ago

Sorry mijn dutchy for dropping off the map for a few days, lots of things coming at me, most scary health issues (I think me needs to cool it with the sushi and eat meat) anyways today I had one of those MRI thingies, I've heard of them but never had one before it's a kind of tube x-ray machine that takes a 3D image of your body. (totally scared me cuz me be claustrophobic) and they are super loud of which I thought I can handle since you know I listen to tunes super load but this stuff is different. The technician puts a headset on me and it's playing "Jazz" of all things which made the experience so much worser so I asked him if he could play some Hip Hop for me and he played some of this for me. hehe!


Helped alillll, I always have issues with my blood (I'm a weakling or something)

// Doreen / 264 weeks and 1 day ago

You're a vampire and you need more blood. They probably played you Jazz because that's the most boring thing on the planet. That Chingy is way more up your alley.

Now, get well soon.

Some new music that may help: Donnie ft. Willie Wartaal - Barry Hayze [link] (futuring a long list of local celebs, 90% I don't know since I don't watch TV or follow vloggers).

// craeonics / 264 weeks and 22 hours ago

Def a vampire and vamps cannot live off of fish, need blood! Must find blood! hehe

Just a good thing that they did not put on Opera or I might have kicked the bucket right there inside that stupid tube.

Anyways, awesome tune (cool vid, love the transitions) but you got me liking that Bizzey dude's tunes that you dropped a while back...


// Doreen / 264 weeks and 19 hours ago

Mmmm, yup, me goes get busy w/ my day w/ Bizzey...

(dat beat in that tune is totally goed!)

// Doreen / 264 weeks and 19 hours ago

I've got the week off, so I won't be hearing much new music.

Recent track with a good beat: Meek Mill ft. Drake - Going Bad [link]. Has a number of scenematic breaks that royally distract from the music, but otherwise that beat is pretty evil.

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 6 days ago

You've got the week off because:


// Doreen / 263 weeks and 6 days ago

Nooooo Drake!

/me runs...

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 6 days ago

Birthday is at the end of the week.

This week off coincides with the switch to Summer Time. This time they can't mess with my time sense, it's already completely messed up due to having the week off. I have no idea what time it is now.

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 5 days ago

I know old man... Save me a piece of your cake that you are supposed to cook for everyone else!

Yeah, the time change is a nightmare that I never adjust to either. (ridiculous)

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 5 days ago

Old man crae is going out for dinner (as usual).

The odd thing is (that) I seemingly can't stand my usual medium done chunk of beef anymore. It upsets the stomach. I don't hope I end up like my father who used to eat everything and then suddenly developed severe food allergies overnight (ate a snack at a party and fell unconscious) and now has to be super careful what he eats.

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 4 days ago

Funny, sounds like you need to eat lighter (fish & chicken) cuz of your stomach and now I am being told to eat beef (instead of fish & chicken) because of my blood. My Mom just brought me over liver w/ onions that she cooked. Can you imagine me having to eat that! I normally don't eat meat! But when your life depends on it you would be surprised what you will eat. I have issues with anemia and now this thing that popped up (low WBC) which is a possible indicator of cancer/leukemia I need to go back for a third blood panel in two weeks and if it does not resolve then I am looking at a bone marrow biopsy.

As much as I hate to say it at this point I will drink blood like a vampire and eat liver or whatever it takes to avoid a bone marrow biopsy!

/me goes eat that liver my Mom made for me! hehe

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 4 days ago

I used to like (chicken) liver, but I'm completely over any type of organ meat these days. I just stick to "muscles".

Not sure whether or not liver will help with blood problems, but it's good to vary your food sources to make sure you get all the nutrients and what not. Eat your veggies and all that.

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 3 days ago

Not sure either... I don't really put too much faith in Doctors (or any other human being for that matter) watch my blood issue resolve and then from eating all this saturated animal fat I get a massive heart attack (or worser yet a big booty!)

Here I was thinking I was eating healthy, at any rate, don't get shocked but we all die so I've come to terms with it and all I've asked of my Heavenly Father is if it's time "Don't make it hurt cuz me don't like pain!"

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All these folks who were at skinz.org are already on the wrong side of the hill. What matters next is if it's a gentle slope or a yawning abyss. I'm my case ofcourse, I magically transported back to the right side of the hill, so the only way is up.

Or as Monyaka said it: [link] (I wasn't aware this song had a video).

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 2 days ago

Dat be good mon. (actually not sure I've ever hears a Reggae tune I didn't like)

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 2 days ago

But dis be da best of dom all: [link]

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 2 days ago

Nah, actually this one: [link]

Don't even get me started.

/me goes grab some grub...

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I used to think so too, but if you start one song and let YouTube do its thing you'll end with some dreadful wailing and wallowing sooner or later. Both in the "roots reggae" and the "lover's rock" (yes, that's a subgenre) directions. Offspring dancehall is particularly prone to this.

Anyways, YouTube was trying to be clever and sneaking this Korpiklaani song in between my Japanese stuff: [link] and all of a sudden everything is folk and black metal...

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 1 day ago

I didn't look and just clicked on that other thread that was bumped up on top. Anyways, me goes check out your sushi link...

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, that was not sushi? I absolutely loved it! Whatever it was (plus you can never go wrong with tossing a forest in the bg)

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 1 day ago

Which when I hear, think or see the word Forest and this automatically comes to my mind:



// Doreen / 263 weeks and 1 day ago

Early Cure is fair enough. It gets a bit erratic at the same rate as the singer's hair and overall appearance after that.

What happened in the other thread is spam. But a very peculiar type of spam. It should not be too hard to filter out, but you have to be careful with this one, because of false positives. And ofcourse there's a special hell for people who think this an acceptable practice (business or otherwise).

// craeonics / 263 weeks and 22 hours ago

If it were not a bot he would have emailed you to speak to you (I'll assume)

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 18 hours ago

Had to dig me up some Urban throwback for today:


/me goes get busy in the day...

// Doreen / 263 weeks and 17 hours ago

Seriously old stuff that.

I infrequently get mails from helpful folks trying to plug their site on topics completely unrelated to skinning. I ignore them and all their followups ("have you seen my proposal"). If only because the sender always has a email address like joeblow247 at snotmail dot com or so and never a legit domain.

And if it were a legit domain, I'd still ignore it, because that's not how we roll around here.

// craeonics / 262 weeks and 6 days ago

Yeah, proposal: "Let us utilize your site/link to bring us a few more hits" (always beware of the word proposal)

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 6 days ago

And usually also "promotion", "traffic" and such. That's how I can spot them. Oh, and they always call it a "blog".

New music talk: RagDollz - Zero [link]. 100% not safe for Doreens. Two things spring to mind. First, this is 4k video (razor sharp on my TV) and they still manage to largely obscure their faces. And secondly, that clean singing is the most awful wailing I've heard in quite a while.

I'm still going to try and get their CDs though. Very limited distribution. Very hard to get hold of.

// craeonics / 262 weeks and 5 days ago

Once again: [link] *Shivers*

So let me get this straight, they have clean singing but it's the most awful wailing you've heard? But you are still going to get their CD??? Yup, you are definitely crae_zzz

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 5 days ago

/me points at the collection hundreds of demons in forests albums. The voice is an instrument in its own right and music is not just about creating harmonies, but much more interesting when there's disharmony.

In RagDollz case, guitar, bass, drums and the grumbling are all fine. Clean singing being rather out of tune is a tad unfortunate.

// craeonics / 262 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh boy... grumbling is not singing at all but it's your wallet. hehe

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 4 days ago

Sometimes you discover a song you like is secretly a cover.

I'm quite fond of this Daoko track: [link] (2018). It's warm yet haunting and eerie. Now yesterday I was playing one of the Dark Party Mixes at work [link] (because these are dark enough for me and unobtrusive enough for the sensitive ears of my colleagues) and the very first song in the mix is this 1993 Bjork track [link] of her first solo album.

And it's the same melody.

// craeonics / 262 weeks and 3 days ago

That Daoko tune is way too jazzy, second one though I like Trip Hop that one is way too jazzy as well. Third one? Same "exact" tune right? I don't even detect a mix at all...

/me goes find some tunes to get moving today, got a mean date with dishes and laundry, been slacking on my household chores.

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 19 hours ago

And of course YouTube wants to sidetrack me with cat's cuddling with dogs and this bee thingie: [link]

Now I've lost all motivation to do my household chores!

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 18 hours ago

This one is completely insane! [link]

// Doreen / 262 weeks and 18 hours ago

Right, I think I'll stay away from those videos. There's only so many hours in a day. And besides, if I want to see crazy behaviour, I have two pointy eared demons running about.

The switch to Summer Time (DST) was two weeks ago, but it's still wreaking havoc on my biorhythm. The alarm goes off mid dream and I wake up like rising from the grave.

And weird dreams they are. In one I had composed a complete African tune in my head (not a particularly good tune though).

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 6 days ago

It's a good thing you didn't watch the bumble bee one (it made me cry when he died)

Anyways, when the day comes and I retire I will toss all clocks out the window and never deal with time changes again! I won't be needing to get up at 4:30am sharp (and since most things I watch are pre-recorded I don't even need to know what time the rest of the world is on)

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 6 days ago

I have some appointment halfway across the country tomorrow (which is basically the distance of your daily commute). Boss says he'll pick me up at home (saves me twenty minutes of biking). I go "sure, what time". Him: "8:15". Me: "Argh...".

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 5 days ago

So your Boss decided he won't take no for an answer? About time somebody make you do something!

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 5 days ago

I got up at early dawn to get driven over halfway across the country. Traffic jams everywhere. Took an hour and a half. Journey back was just an hour.

They should confiscate the car and driver's license of those idiots that cause these jams.

More fun after I got home. Microsoft has a cheap OS licensing system for netbook-like machines, like the one I'm typing on now. However they demand that the hard drive is 32G max and not upgradable. This means you can't store shit on your main drive and need extra drives for this.

Now Windows 10 has a continious update model with various smaller updates and infrequent big updates. The last big update was in Octobre, caused all kinds of problems for people, so they post-poned it. Only know are they rolling it out again.

Uh oh, problem. Windows first downloads a ton of crap onto the main drive, then tries to run the update, which takes forever, and then complains there's not enough space to run the update.

There would have been space if you idiots hadn't mandated non-upgradable 32G drives. Grrr...

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm sure you drove your boss crazy controlling his radio during the trip? You would not survive a day over here with the commuting we have to do to get from point A to point B (everything requires a nasty congested freeway of idiots either speeding or driving 3 mph)

Stop complaining old man and simply remove half the ton of tunes you ripped off your HD and you will have plenty of space...

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 4 days ago

I don't the boss even listens to music. Probably only listens to business talk radio, if any.

I did about six or seven attempts to do the 1809 upgrade yesterday, which sucked up my entire evening. Every attempt failed at some point. And curious enough, with every attempt the free space on my drive would shrink furhter and further.

The installer says "not enough space", I manage to squeeze out the last few bytes of space remaining, installer says "OK", then goes do its thing. And hour later it craps out, complaining about lack of disk space. Repeat ad nauseum.

So way past midnight I finally figured out where all that disk space was going. Turns out Windows Update has its own secret download folder and is rather bad at housekeeping. I cleared out some six, seven gig from there.

More attempts later...

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 3 days ago

Good luck! Could just be time to upgrade your Netbook thingie?

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 3 days ago

I'm mostly happy with my netbook thingy, other than having no space and a flaky power connector.

Downloaded the official Upgrade Assistent tool and gave that a spin. I had 10G free at that point. It ran for an hour, moving from one wizard to another. Then filled up the drive again and complained there was no space. I cleared out twice the required space by moving non-system folders to another drive (and moving them back afterwards). Then it launched a few more wizards and about two hours later, lo and behold: Windows 10 build 1809.

There's only one interesting thing in this version and that is that Explorer windows now have "dark mode", which works quite well.

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay so I've recently heard you say that you are going to order a CD of some Grudge flick Chick that has "the most God awful wailing you've ever heard" (your words not mine) then, you said you are happy with your netbook thingy that has a flaky power connector and absolutely no space which has caused you days of frustration just trying to upgrade your OS?

Boy you are easy to please (wish I could be like that I'd be rich!) I still think you are crae_zyyyy

/me is off today enjoying total freeeedommmm!

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 2 days ago

Argh! Which always reminds me of that scene in the Brave Heart Flick:


// Doreen / 261 weeks and 2 days ago

Braveheart, where an Australian tries his best to put on a convincing Scottish accent. I wonder how that movie is received up there in the highlands.

Random crazy tune of the day: Chotto Dake Baka ft. Creepy Nuts - Gaki Ranger [link]. Song and video is typical Creepy Nuts deadpan humour.

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay, that definitely is "Creepy Nuts"

/me goes find "anything at all" to wash that out of my head!

// Doreen / 261 weeks and 1 day ago

I think I swapped the song title with the artist there, due to their weird formatting. I suspect the song title is "Chotto dake baka" (~just a bit stupid) and the artist is Gaki Ranger (~obnoxious kid ranger).

Anyways, these are clean rappers.

On the not so clean front, some evil beats: Anarchy ft. T-Pablow - Where We From [link]. Anarchy looks like an 80 year old who has never laughed in his life, dressing like a juvinile delinquent. T-Pablow is probably the only Bad Hop member who could get a decent job due to not being covered head to to in tattoos.

I know why they have these tattoos, but it's not a very convincing or well-thought reason.

// craeonics / 261 weeks and 1 day ago

That is one scary Asian dude, not sure why the same look or sound over here in Cali does not scare me (I must have some sort of immunity to it)

Anyways, Easter Sunday and I'm just enjoying the silence and getting my house clean (nothing exciting going on as usual)

// Doreen / 260 weeks and 6 days ago

It's Easter Monday now and the air is very humid.

This calls for Tyga: [link] (better than the Nelly original, what happened to him anyway?).

// craeonics / 260 weeks and 5 days ago

Who knows, me wonders if he ever took that band aide off his face? Anyways he only had a couple good tunes such as this:


// Doreen / 260 weeks and 5 days ago

Haven't heard that tune before. Sounds very Li'l Jon production-wise. The band-aid was something about a friend of him being in jail or so.

Innovations on the postal market.

First they dropped the packages customs intercepted at that shady parrot store. Now I get to pick one up at a lingerie shop. Lingerie for men, that is.

Mailman is having a lark.

// craeonics / 260 weeks and 4 days ago

Lingerie for men!? That is totally ridiculous, probably like a train wreck you simply have to look at whether you want to or not as you are walking through that dive to pick up your three ninja packages...

The parrot store was crazy enough! hehe

// Doreen / 260 weeks and 3 days ago

The store had disco playing and the clerk, who was singing along, was totally swinging in /that/ direction. I think this is just the physical location of a webshop for people that want to see the "goods". There was a guy in the back sorting packages.

New music: Wiley ft. Sean Paul, Stefflon Don & Idris Elba - Boasty [link]. Catchy tune, good video and yes, that appears to be the real Idris Elba (the actor).

// craeonics / 260 weeks and 2 days ago

Strange, you must really be brave to go into that store just to pick up your packages. I'd be seriously complaining. (but with Amazon I get them sent the same day to my door, so I'm spoiled)

// Doreen / 260 weeks and 1 day ago

Yup. catchy dat be, anyways, me is back to my new obsession that I recently got hooked on, Silicon Valley: [link]

// Doreen / 260 weeks and 1 day ago

Some people would say that "TV rots the brain".

Thats why I play games instead. Er, I mean, work on Tek.

There's nothing brave about going into a shop to pick up a package. I very much did prefer going to the post office for that. Because, that's they are for. But the postal company, in their infinite wisdom, decided it's easier for people to pick up their packages when they're doing their other shopping.

Half truth reasoning to hide they just want to cut costs of property lease and employee costs.

Now, they probably thought supermarkets and such, and not parrot or lingerie shops...

// craeonics / 260 weeks and 23 hours ago

You better get ready for another headache:

Systems with small disks won’t be able to install Windows 10 May 2019 update

Both 32- and 64-bit requirements have been increased.

// Doreen / 260 weeks and 16 hours ago

Yes, fun times.

Well, maybe MicroSoft should start bundling less crap. Like that XBox thing, whatever it is. I don't have an XBox, but there's an XBox program thing in my start menu that's not removable.

// craeonics / 259 weeks and 6 days ago

But if you had XBox you'd be happy, as they say, you can please some of the ppl some of the time but you cannot please all of the ppl all of the time. I don't really look at MS with a microscope to really see all of it's features in the update but it does actually "feel" like things are working/running better for me on my machine? For while there I was getting so frustrated with it. (seemed like it was getting so heavy and bloated)

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 6 days ago

It's one thing if they bundle stuff I don't use.

It's another thing if they bundle stuff I don't use and make it impossible to remove said stuff.

But I've got my black Explorer windows now, so I am somewhat happy that I don't have to look at that glaring white all the time. Now it's just half the time...

// craeonics / 259 weeks and 5 days ago

They will get there don't worry it takes forever for them to get things right (course you and I won't be around to enjoy it by that time)

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 3 days ago

I almost got my hands on my dream phone (Samsung Galaxy Fold) but a few days before official release they pulled the plug (cuz they didn't get it right of course!) now it's a waiting game againnnn... been waiting for years for this phone, years!

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 3 days ago

Here is the phone: [link]

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 3 days ago

Didn't they pull that one because reviewers broke it? And I should probably phrase that as: it broke when reviewers where testing it. Samsung either did not do proper stress or endurance tests or underestimated things.

New music time. Madonna return from wherever she has been: Madonna & Maluma - Medellin [link]. It's a bit hard to describe, but I'd go with "dull". Does not flow well at all.

Quite a contrast to the Blackpink song MTV played not much later: [link]. NOt their best output. I was quite surprised MTV was playing K-Pop. But perhaps that is because this is apparently quite popular among teen girls over here.

To compare global popularity on those two videos: Madonna 15 million views in one week versus Blackpink 282 million views in four weeks.

// craeonics / 259 weeks and 2 days ago

You phrased it right the first time, it was the "reviewers" that broke it. How ridiculous that they pulled the top layer off the device? and some reviewers did drop test and then complained the screen was flickering? (judging by the screen grabs they were not just drop test the device was missing chunks of the frame as if they were playing kick ball with the device) stupid. Now the rest of us that were waiting still cannot get our hands on it! But I think they will release it next month.

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 1 day ago

That Madonna tune is definitely dull, missing some fire or something...

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 1 day ago

Welll, after listing to the Madonna one even that Blackpink sounded good to me.

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 1 day ago

This tune has been about the only tune (and it ain't all that) but it's the only tune I've heard lately that has semi caught my ears attention:


// Doreen / 259 weeks and 1 day ago

Had to investigate that and that is even too crazy for me:



Can you imaging that is even real and walking? (I think he likes the numbers 6 & 9 a bit too much)

// Doreen / 259 weeks and 1 day ago

Tattoos of any kind is bad form to me. Random scribblings is worse. Random scriblings on your face is terminal stupidity.

This particular character also likes his underage girls apparently. Perhaps we could say the tattoos are signaling his dodginess.

I'm keeping my YouTube on my TV Japanese only, but somehow Abbath still manages to sneak in. Some recent stuff: Abbath - Harvest Pyre [link]. You can take Abbath out of Immortal, but you can't take Immortal out of Abbath. Although I must say the past decade or so has been a more accessable-to-the-general public version than the Blizzard Beasts days [link]

// craeonics / 259 weeks and 22 hours ago

Agreed. Tats on the face is a sign of total insanity.

/me goes check out your links...

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 6 days ago

Can't help but think of this other group of face painters every time you show me Immortal (cept this group is boring, mellow, softer, structured sounds) which does not fit with face painting. hehe


// Doreen / 258 weeks and 6 days ago

I knew it was going to be Kiss.

I'm not too sure where the corpse paint thing comes from. Let's see what wiki says... Wiki is mentioning all kinds of artists who have nothing to do with it, I'm quite certain Merciful Fate had something to do with it: [link] (1983). Skip to about 04:00. That band was quite popular in certain circles in Scandinavia.

I don't know any of their stuff though. I've heard a colleague of mine (an old metalhead) at least mention their singer King Diamond, so they may have been popular here too.

I, on the other hand, listened to Hip Hop back in the days.

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 5 days ago

Never heard or seen that Merciful Fate (but if you seen one painted face you've probably seen em all)

/me is listening to Dexter crooning and trying to get my attention in his cute lil praying pose that he does...

Argh! It works every time!

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 5 days ago

And that's why people have cats. Sly little devils.

New music time: Daddy Yankee & Snow - Con Calma [link], which is basically Snow's Informer [link] (1992) with a Reggaeton sauce. 1992 is 27 years ago, so the kids these days probably don't even know the original.

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm not a kid and I didn't even know the original? Anyways, both are cool (I'd take either one of those tunes)

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 4 days ago

Heard one this morning on my way to work that was pretty smooth to cruise to: [link]

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 4 days ago

Khalid's stuff usually is very smooth.

How can you not know that Informer song...

Meanwhile, I suspect two of my packages from Japan have gone missing. Airmail should not take a month. The odd thing is that it was different senders around the same time. One has a CD that should be easy to reorder. The other is the two RagDollz CDs and those already were hard to get a hold of to begin with, grrr...

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 3 days ago

The reason you've not rec'd them is because I put the voodoo on them both...

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 3 days ago

I've gotten dozens if not hundreds of packages from Japan, mostly airmail with no tracking. That's stuff travelling from literally the other side of the world.

Alas, all good things come to an end.

I'm going to wait a few weeks and then reorder the CDs.

This is where I'd post a long complaint about that twohundred quid of unshipped CDs I ordered from that CD shop I'd been ordering from for decades. But you already know that story.

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 2 days ago

Yes I do already know that story and I've got my own ordering issues to deal with right now but according to this it looks like they might not cancel it all together but fix it and it may not be tooo long!

/me gets excited: [link]

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 2 days ago

On a side note dutchy, I have other good news (great news actually) I got my third blood test results and they came back normal. This is the second time I have been told I had a life threatening illness and dodge those bullets.

First time a was dealing with a serious thyroid issue (many years ago) was seeing many specialist Endocrinologist (I think that is what they were called) they wanted to do surgery and completely remove it. I got scared at the end of everything and backed off and told the Doctors to give me several weeks to pray on it at which point they told me it was too serious to wait and they needed to remove it as soon as possible. basically they laughed at me and told me that issue would not resolve itself and surgery was the only cure for it and then a lifetime of meds afterwards to fake my body into thinking I had a thyroid still.

I refused but I agreed to go back in several weeks after I prayed on it and if a re-test, which was a nuclear medicine type test a really weird test you swallow some kind of nuclear medicine capsule that lights up your thyroid so the machine can scan it (yes it sounds crazy) to make a long story short about 6-8 weeks later went back took another test and it was normal. The Doctors could not explain it.

This time two different Doctors, two different facilities and three different blood test for the same issue (Cancer/Leukemia) this last test came back normal.

Don't know what happened, don't care what happened, I'm just thankful to God.

So the moral of this long story is? apparently I'm still going to be around I suppose? hehe!

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 2 days ago

And if there is a ton of typos up there same thing, don't know and don't care!

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 2 days ago

Hurray, hurray. A normal Doreen is bad enough already. Imagine an abnormal Doreen...

/me runs

/me pokes head around corner

Why is it "abnormal" and not "unnormal" anyway...

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 1 day ago

/me kicks you, I have an early morning Dentist appt for my annual checkup and now I'm thinking what if they tell me I have a cavity and I don't really have one!!!

At any rate since I'm apparently not going to die I need to get my hands on that Galaxy Fold (though it might take the rest of my life to pay for it) Ridiculous! Did you see the stupid price they set for it!?

// Doreen / 258 weeks and 1 day ago

I try to stay clear of all manners of phone related business.

And then my credit card company secretly introduced two factor authentication without telling me and now I'm basically locked out from using that card...

// craeonics / 258 weeks and 22 hours ago

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? I thought you had no credit cards? Seems you might be human after all? I'm seriously considering using an electronic credit card since I'm sick of carrying the plastic one around (but I've not gotten quite that comfortable yet about that idea)

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 6 days ago

Can't get my three ninja t-shirts (two ninjas these days) with PayPal alone. Though last time I paid something with it there was no two factor authentication. Let's hope that remains that way next time I need it, otherwise I'm miffed.

New music time: Yosilvio - Gimma [link]. Not a particularly interesting song, but I think they show the video somewhere in your direction.

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 5 days ago

show -> shot... My fingers have a mind of their own and tend to either warp or leave out the most essential words.

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 5 days ago

Yup, those be my stomping grounds, Los Angeles and Vegas. Cept, I only go downtown LA when I'm forced to and today was one of those days. (hate it)

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 5 days ago

I take it I shouldn't be playing Ice Cube then [link] ...?

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 4 days ago

Silly, LA is exactly what you see, I hate having to go downtown LA because there is always the chance (since the percentage for crime is through the roof downtown) that you could get carjacked, raped, attacked by a homeless crazy person or caught in crossfire. I had too many friends that lost their life needlessly before they even became adults.

Unfortunately, all the really good jobs are downtown because of the high turnover (nobody stays there) in the past I grabbed my promotions downtown and after I passed probation I laterally transferred out and took my new item with me (I've been Blessed)

This last promotion I have to keep passing on because all the calls are by skid row, not worth risking my life to go back downtown to get it. =(

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 4 days ago

No matter what anyone tells you in Wooden shoe land LA is crap!

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 4 days ago

I would say everything past the town border is crap, but I seem to be alone in that. I hate travelling with a vengeance.

New music time, MTV's been plugging this one a lot: Lizzo - Juice [link]. If someone would say this was an 80s song, I would not doubt it. Though the saxophone is missing. Not really my thing, but well executed and good video.

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 3 days ago

I hate traveling as well but I will be doing it anyways mid June to see Gino in Oregon for his Graduation he got his Masters and is now shooting for his PhD in physics in gravity, something like that (he's a mad scientist)

I don't mind to travel there because once I get there I can jump into all the lush forest over there and walk forever and ever! I love it there.

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 3 days ago

That vid definitely looks 80ish for sure! (but I've never seen it before)

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 3 days ago

Doreen the forest dweller.

I may have mentioned it before, but I look down on the roof of the building next door at work. Last year there was a seagull couple with a nest on a chimney and a bunch of chicks.

This year the couple returned (or maybe it's the chicks all grown up).

Thing is, that building has been under renovation for well over a year. This week, for some reason, they rolled out grass mats on the roof.

Meanwhile the seagull was sitting on the nest, going "what's going on here".

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe, poor animals they've got absolutely no where to go anymore, we have stray coyotes, bears searching for food coming down from the hills and every morning on my way to work I see dead racoons, possums etc. apparently trying to get across the busy streets and obviously didn't make it. But the poor animals have no where to go anymore from all the overpopulation and buildings.

Can't wait to get to Oregon where you see deer's, geese, racoons and squirrels running all over in "their stomping grounds" forest, free (not squished on the roads)

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 2 days ago

People should just pay attention where they go. Then again, some of the dove around town are so tame, that they're sitting on the road and I approach them on my bike and they fly away at the last possible second. And not away from the bike, as one would expect, but towards the bike.

These pidgeons are suicidal.

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 1 day ago

I have a pair of ducks that hang around my drive way (Dexter is always on my windowpane just glaring at them all the time) in the morning when I get into my car to pull it out of the driveway I always have to check my rear tires to make sure they are not nestled under my car! Not sure why they hang around by me cuz I don't feed them or anything plus they leave poop in my driveway that I have to clean up when I get home! But they are a cute couple. The female looks like something happen to one of legs or maybe someone tried to catch them, not sure. At any rate it odd to have to pet ducks hanging around your pad...

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 1 day ago

Maybe they think your car is a mobile shelter. Cats like to sit below cars as well.

Mine are currently hanging about on the balcony, laying in the sun and staring at the birds that are flying around.

// craeonics / 257 weeks and 23 hours ago

Do you ever worry about your cats accidently falling off the balcony? Or are you low enough not to have that worry? Anyways, I only seen Mr. Duck today so now I'm worrying about Mrs. Duck..

// Doreen / 257 weeks and 7 hours ago

I'd like to think that my cats wouldn't have survived so long in the wild if they were dumb enough to fall down. I've heard three cases of cats falling down and know the cause in one case, and that was that the cat was sitting on the ledge, the balcony door flew open by the wind and the owner rushed to stop the door and in doing so startled the cat.

That cat lived, by the way.

So if you don't startle them, they should be fine.

Now one of my late cats would step through the railing to simply turn around. Gave me a heart attack every time she pulled that stunt.

// craeonics / 256 weeks and 6 days ago

If ppl are clumsy enough to fall I'd not put too much faith in cats not doing so. (I'd be a nervous wreck) Dex ran out a couple of times and I found him outside crying under the car and when he spotted me outside looking for him as soon as he made eye contact with me he ran straight into my arms. Cats may have survived in the wild in the past but today's cats are clueless what to do outside. Look at us! We can't even figure it out. hehe!

// Doreen / 256 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, but your cat is bred, mine were hatched in the wild wastes that is the trailer park.

New music time: Kygo ft. Rita Ora - Carry on [link]. Rather dull song, but I suspect all the Pikachu clips from that movie will have people fawning.

// craeonics / 256 weeks and 5 days ago

I like cute and fuzzy but I've never been amused by that Pikachu...

// Doreen / 256 weeks and 5 days ago

Especially not 3D fuzzy Pikachu...

// craeonics / 256 weeks and 4 days ago

Skip to 4:09 on this link: [link]

That! 3D fuzzy was enough to make me consider buying Dexter! (and Dexter's eyes look like that when he wants to win me over)

// Doreen / 256 weeks and 4 days ago

So basically, you are saying you are some big green creature with horns for ears...

/me runs

// craeonics / 256 weeks and 3 days ago

Only when the sun goes down...

// Doreen / 256 weeks and 3 days ago

And if they feed you after dark, you turn into a gremlin...

New music time. The dumbest song in ages: Lil Dicky - Earth [link]. I'm not sure if this is a serious "heal the world" video or a parody. They went with a "humourous" approach instead of doom and gloom (like Michael Jackson's Earth Song [link]), but these lyrics and this melody is ridiculously bad.

// craeonics / 256 weeks and 2 days ago

I actually thought that was done perfectly? Lyrics, melody, animations and purpose behind it (though nobody will follow the message in it for more than 5 mins)

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm so not the target audience.

I let YouTube do its thing and for once it did not go through the songs I always listen to, put went off in a different direction instead.

And lo and behold, it came up with this brilliant song: Gaki Ranger ft. Twigy & Ryofu Karuma - Chouetsu (Trancendence) [link]. That beat. I play it like ten times a day. The neighbours probably can't get enough of it either.

/me goes play it again

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 5 days ago

Oh boy, mijn crae_zzzy Japanese dutchy...

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 5 days ago

I can't hear you over that Gaki Ranger song.

I should note that their other output is not very good.

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 4 days ago


I've not been listening to much other then my Worship tunes (and I know how much you like when I drop those links for you) plus it's been repeat city on the stations I listen to on my way to work and on my way home and when I get bored and change to a hip hop station it's the same ole same ole stuff there as well!

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 4 days ago

Radio is always repeat. They have several playlists with "rotation" levels. High rotation gets played like every hour. Plus, they have to pay for broadcast rights and these usually come in one big bundle of songs.

New discovery of the day: spicy mayo flavoured chips is weird.

New music time, suitable for Doreens: Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road [link]. Yeehaw. Makes one wonder what happened to the previous nine Lil Nas-es and what their relation is to (big) Nas.

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 3 days ago

High rotations get played about every 15 mins (or so it seems)

/me goes check out your link since your stuffezzz is always different!

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 3 days ago

/me smacks you, cuz I've heard that a million times already (and it's a fairly new tune, though first time I see the vid) I was just waiting for his daughter Miley Cyrus to jump into that video at any moment and it never happened...

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 3 days ago

I only heard it first yesterday and was thinking "what's up with the cowboy gear" and up pops Miley's dad.

Today is a holiday, so normally I would be on my way up back to heaven. Except that it's one of my many nieces' birthday, so uncle crae gets to attend the kids party to eat cake and go deaf from all the screaming and fighting toddlers.

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 2 days ago

Silly, wellll, you are a great uncle (though I know you are only there for the cake in reality!)

I survived Hell week and I am going to enjoy Freeeedommmmm! Love it!!!!!

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 2 days ago

Uncle crae survived the kids party, though he suffered from a splitting headache. The house was decorated Frozen style, there was Frozen cake, served on Frozen plates, princess dresses everywhere and the birthday girl (three years old) was dressed as Elsa.

It's always Elsa, never Anna.

Uncle crae is now going to do some shopping and some other chores and then continue to get his backside handed to him in Dark Souls 3 in a manner like: [link] (I do less cursing and screaming... well, somewhat).

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 1 day ago

hehe!!!! OMG! Dutchy, that guys had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! You can actually hear him getting up from the chair and tossing it and walking away screaming...

I've not laughed that hard in a long time. I was jumping back into Aion several weeks back (I love Aion and WOW) but my time is so limited with stupid work. I do find myself screaming at times (but not cursing) that guy was hilarious!

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 1 day ago

Shut up, don't laugh but this is my thing since I love to fly in my games (the wings are awesome) [link]

// Doreen / 255 weeks and 1 day ago

Some games do the open world bit quite well. So you never have idea that you've seen things before or that it is empty. Or some games have a basically empty world, but you don't mind because the atmosphere is great. For instance, Shadow of the Colossus: [link]

// craeonics / 255 weeks and 23 hours ago

For me the flying off cliffs and soaring around in the game is what I like about Aion. I'm one of those that gets butterflies in my stomach from those rides at amusement parks that sit you in a car and sticks a screen in front of you and jiggles the car around while you "see" a rollercoaster on the screen. (Over sensitive) therefore just from jumping my character off a cliff into flying mode makes me "feel" sensations of flying around! hehe

Anyways, I've not much time for gaming cuz of work and real life stuffezzz but I was jumping back into it a few weeks back here and there.

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 6 days ago

And not seen for a few days each time.

Yesterday I found myself in my living room at a mere temperature of 29 degrees (84 degrees in Doreen units). Now I always so I don't think, but my brain seems to shut down at temperatures North of 26 degrees (79 degrees in Doreen units), so the only think I wanted to do is sleep until the heat passed.

I may be turning Mexican.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 5 days ago

It's actually quite warm today as well, as can be deduced from my woeful spelling.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 5 days ago

If I had me my way I'd live in gameland (but I can't pay the bills that way)

And Doreen units are normally triple digits such as 107-112 degrees, when we are in the rare double digits such as 84 degrees like this year those days are easy peasy to survive however, this year has been very different and we've been having the most rain ever! Cali has not hit triple digits for a while now.

Today was perfect in the low 70's and super windy and it should remain that way all week they said so, I'm a happy camper...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 5 days ago

If I had me my way = If I had it my way

/me smacks you for the woeful spelling/wording of yours rubbing off on me!

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 5 days ago

It's that woeful heat.

And there's more fun. They're doing some kind of sewer maintenance in the street in front of the office, so they're digging up stuff everywhere. And when they're done, they have to close it again.

And to close it they use some kind of loud vibrating machine that pushed the earth down.

And not only is that thing noisy as hell, the sounds resonates quite well in the office and, worse, in your skull.

It's basically instant headache.

The workers running that machine do so without ear muffler or any other kind of protective gear. No wonder these guys die young.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 4 days ago

That's called noise pollution and it's ridiculous over here in Los Angeles like that 24/7...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 4 days ago

If all these guys with their heavy and not so heavy machinery would return to simple non-mechanic tools, life would be so much more quiet.

New music time: Tengger Cavalry - Lone Wolf [link]. Mongolian folk metal (or Chinese guys of Mongolian origin, can't recall). A rather dull song, but the chorus is very, very nice (first one around 02:00). The coda is even better, but only lasts a few seconds.

Over a million views in a week. How is that possible for an obscure band like this.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 3 days ago

Yeah, but it would take 3 yrs to fix that mess you said is in front of your office instead of 3 weeks.

/me goes check out DJ Crae's music...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 3 days ago

First link is outstanding (minus the ridiculous growling)

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, /me rubs my eyes, I could have sworn you dropped two links? Anyways I forgot to checkout 02:00 which I am sure is where he starts more of the ridiculous growling...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 3 days ago

They are amazing! I'm not kidding (the only thing that is a turn off for me is the stupid growling)

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 3 days ago

At around 2:50 you can hear a throat singer going along with the growling. The throat singing works much better with this style.

I think I have one of their albums on my pile of CDs to rip (some twenty CDs).

I can't recall where I've left that pile. I only know a vague direction.

Anyways, I could drop a second link, like for instance Minna no Kodomo-chan's latest [link] (Kabe), but the video is rather violent, and you probably would roll your eyes at the sound. Not to mention they sing out of tune, but that fits the music.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

Found the pile. I still have 39 CDs to rip, but I can skip a few that came with a download version (in better quality than a CD rip) or are limited edition versions of an already ripped album. Still some thirty to go then.

I've got this album of Tengger Cavalry [link] (just a random track), but I still haven't listenend to it.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

You are as crazy as me sometimes with the sounds you pick up on. I like the little grunts like at 1:09, 1:16 and 2:31 (if you can even hear it)

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

Nope, on that link you just dropped I get chills up my back can't even listen to it! Nope not gonna...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

The other one sounds like your ninjas so nope, not gonna listen to that one either!

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

While you're not listening to anything I'll be playing more Gaki Ranger.

I'm in birthday hell the coming month. I think I have a party to attend every week. RIP my spare time...

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 2 days ago

Ack! Parties are yuk, anyways have fun enjoying your parties

/me goes enjoy my spare time...

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 1 day ago

It's getting more interesting. First one (today) is my mother's birthday.

The parents have a "volkstuin" (wiki says it's called "community garden" in the US, but I'm not sure if that's the same). It's basically a small patch of land in the middle of town. I'm not sure about the exact origins of these things, but in my mind it's so that city folk living in hi-rise buildings or having no garden of their own, do have a spot where they can grow their own vegetables and enjoy some sort of outdoor life within the city.

Anyways, my father liks to grow his own veggies, so they have one. Mother wants to hold her birthday party there, because it's less boxed in than their own garden.

Thing is, it's raining cats and dogs, winds are strong, and it's not exactly warm. There's no shelter there, other than a small garden house (basically a shed with windows). But my mother is adamant it will be good weather and more worried that she'd have to call things off after all has been set up (guess where I get my stubbornness from).

Ofcourse I am expected to be there early to set up the party tent...

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 1 day ago

We have those community gardens over here as well. Tell Mom her message board daughter in law said Happy Birthday!

Anyways, on this side besides a quick workout and a run to two stores I ended up watching an entire season of "Tabula Rasa" which has to be the best psychological thriller I have ever seen (down to the last second I could not predict the end!)

Funny, though the series was filmed in Belgium I think they speak Dutch cuz I understood 20 percent of the dialog? I didn't even have to read the subtitles much towards the last few episodes. It was outrageous, you need to watch that!

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 19 hours ago

If your party is going on now judging by my phone you should be fighting mad winds? Hopefully you have the tent pinned down good! Have fun...

Since I have work all week and then I'm leaving for Oregon Friday to attend Gino's graduation I need to stay away from TV and get busy.

// Doreen / 254 weeks and 19 hours ago

Northern half of Belgium (Vlaanderen, Flanders in English) speaks Dutch, with a "soft" accent.

The tent flew off before I got there. Fortunately it stopped raining before the party started. We put the barbecue in the greenhouse, which lead to the place being covered in smoke. I smell like I've been inside a burning house or something.

Anyways, have fun next weekend.

// craeonics / 254 weeks and 23 minutes ago

I thought so but the sound/accent was so different I was not sure then every once few sentences words that I recognized would be said that I knew were Dutch. At any rate if the actors are doing their jobs right they could be from mars speaking marsglish and you'd understand it. Last night I visited Turkey now that sounds like they are from Mars cept the acting was so poor I stopped at episode 3 I doubt I could make it through half a season.

Glad you all survived your Mom's B-day party and did not become part of the BBQ.

/me runs off to finish my weekend and get ready for hell week...

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 6 days ago

I had two days to recover from that one party. This Pentecost thing, which, if you asked someone in the street, they wouldn't know what's it about, lasts two days over on this end. Meaning that I have today off.

The bad thing is that this is the last official holiday until Christmas. And guess who has yet another birthday party to attend the coming weekend, grrr...

// craeonics / 253 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, who really cares for me all I know is it is a day off from work so that's all I care about! Anyways, me drops off a party tune for you, la la la la...


// Doreen / 253 weeks and 5 days ago

Isn't that a bit too slow for a "party tune"?

So I was "chilling in my crib, minding my own business", when it started to rain. I rush over to close the schuifpui (sliding door) to my balcony. I look outside and there's a dead kauw (jackdaw) right in front of the door.

Harbinger of doom and all that.

Not much later I got a mail (the envelope type) with my tax return from the taxman and ofcourse I have to pay again.

// craeonics / 253 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh be quiet you! You already know me likes la la tunes...

What is a jackdaw? Do you mean a black crow? If so, yes that would be a bit creepy finding a big black crow dead at the door. As for the tax thingy just up your withholding to avoid that mess. Hate taxes, by the way speaking of tax there's no taxes in Oregon so when I get there I'm going shopping! All the cloths I buy I won't have to pay tax on, so I'm planning on doing all my shopping while I'm here too.

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 4 days ago

here = there (what happened to my t!)

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm still waiting for them to release that stupid Samsung Fold phone and I think when they release it I might have to go back to Oregon to buy it to save money on the tax for it or have Gino get it for me and mail it to me. Unbelievable what you can save not having to pay tax on things. The cars you cannot buy (until you have a Driver License showing an Oregon address) or I'd bought my car over there too! I would have flown there and drove back! But you need to have an Oregon Address on your Drivers License which sucks. So I can only buy small items such as cloths to stock up on and maybe that phone when it comes out.

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 4 days ago

No tax? No sales tax, you mean? Maybe they want to entice people to come shopping in their state.

We have four types of crow-like birds over here: raaf (raven, in theory, don't think I've ever seen one), kraai (crow, the raven's smaller cousin, plenty of those near the graveyard across the street), kauw (jackdaw, smaller than a crow, smaller than a pidgeon even) and the ekster (magpie, white black variety of the crow).

Jackdaws look like this [link]. I'm quite fond of 'em. They're small(ish) birds, but they walk around like they own the place.

// craeonics / 253 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen one of those? When I think of a crow I think of these big huge black birds over here (they look spooky) I see the majority of them when it rains...

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 3 days ago

I know just the song to go with this: Satyricon - Black Crow on a Tombstone [link], which is ten years old already... I really need to get some new CDs.

// craeonics / 253 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh boy! Anyways, enjoy the silence, me will be gone for a good week enjoying deep lush forestttt! Leaving early tomorrow morning.

later gator...

// Doreen / 253 weeks and 2 days ago

While you're hiding out in the forests, I'll grab all your clouds and rain.

Though, a little break when I go shopping for groceries would be nice...

// craeonics / 253 weeks and 2 days ago

Welll, amazing how fast that went by. Gino gave me a gift of a lifetime dutchy, he surprised me and didn't tell me that the University chose him as Valedictorian so I'm sitting there getting ready for the ceremony to begin with all the other parents and the Professor calls his name and he gets up there in front of everyone to give the speech for the ceremony!

While all the other students had multiple ceremonies outside on the grounds of the University I was blessed because Physics are a small group his ceremony was held inside the Science Building inside very cozy and quaint.

While all the other students are going to be out looking for jobs now Gino had several Professors fighting over him to stay on at the University and work with them! So he will be there for the next 6 yrs, he already has a job and can continue on for his PhD paid fully by them! (sooo I'm seriously thinking of pitching a tent in one of those forest in about 3-4 yrs when I save enough money) What a mind blowing experience to see what he accomplished for himself. Now onto the forest... He took me to Hobbit Trail and it's by an Ocean with scenic cliffs so you get the best of both worlds Ocean/Forest the air was unbelievable! You begin walking into this forest, birds and suns all out singing and shinning and then you go so deep into the forest that suddenly no birds are singing and the sun disappears from the sky and all there is, is dark, quiet coldddd forest then you can hear and see these massive talllll trees swaying, creaking and rubbing against each other dancing in the wind. Freaking mind blowing experience, you can hear silence and hear your thoughts! So quiet that it's like being high (without drugs) awesome! I told him to just leave me there forever!

Then what do I do? I get home and last night I watch a movie based on a true story "Backcountry" and it's about a couple that was camping and black bear comes along and totally rips apart the guy and eats him like a snack (but the girl escapes)that stupid move ruined it for me now!!!! I call Gino and ask him about bears and he was like yeah of course there are bears but they are black bears not grizzly bears so they are not as aggressive, I'm like really? This was a freaking black bear that ate the guy!!!!

// Doreen / 252 weeks and 1 day ago

I forgot! Gino and his girlfriend will be leaving soon to travel around Europe for 5 weeks (before they both come back and begin working) They will be visiting Italy, Germany, Netherlands and I forgot where else he said.

Of course I told Gino "Hey I know a real Dutchman with pointy wooden shoes!" Dutchy, can I please, please, please trouble you to drop a good link of a place you would recommend for me to pass on to him that you think is a must place for him to visit? Such as some kind of History museum or some kind of other great place for site seeing? I know you will know where are the best spots for him to see. Thank you dutchy...

// Doreen / 252 weeks and 1 day ago

I sense a proud mom.

Now I may be a local, but I am not a tourist. And a local that does not get out much either. What most tourists do is haunt that capital of ours in droves and go see some of the musea there. Or alternatively they take a bus trip to go see either tulip fields or windmills.

All not quite that interesting, if you ask me. The tourist board runs [link], so perhaps that has some pointers.

// craeonics / 252 weeks and 1 day ago

It's just more admiration of what he accomplished. Thanks dutchy! me goes check out the link for him, he called yesterday and said his friend Sasha finally contacted him from Germany and they are going to hook up in Amsterdam when they arrive in Europe so hopefully his friend will know some good spots for him as well.

// Doreen / 252 weeks and 18 hours ago

Hmmm, great link! There's even a link where you can book a night at a castle (not sure if that will be his thing) that looks awesome though, thanks for the link I'll send it to him now.

// Doreen / 252 weeks and 18 hours ago

One can never know how much the parents contribute to what their children achieve, but this one seems to have turned out right. Job well done, mom.

Meanwhile, my favourite trio are a duo these days. And with that they seemed to have lost their heaviness.

There's been two new videos last year and a month ago, there was the third single, which YouTube was holding out on me: [link]

This sounds like something that would be used in a hair conditioner commercial in the 80s, with a layer of distortion on top. Plus odd filtering going on on the singing.

Not good. Not good at all.

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 6 days ago

Ugh! Video unavailable

This video contains content from Amuse Inc., who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 6 days ago

As for the mom thing, all I do is pray silently for them that's about it. (and I'm going to have to pray a bit harder for Sammy) when Gino gets back I'm buying a ticket to fly Sam over to Oregon so Gino can see about getting him into one of the schools over there, Sam wants to write music scores for either movies or games (the music he writes has nothing to do with hip hop)

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 6 days ago

OMG! hehe!!!!! I tried to find that tune but found this guy instead, I could not hear the tune but his description of it and his face while listening to it was totally priceless...


// Doreen / 251 weeks and 6 days ago

I think I found it dutchy? [link]

Ack! Still sounds like trying to mix sour vinegar and seet sugar together to me...

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 6 days ago

That's basically the point of the band. Note that the video you found is a compilation of fancams from a year ago. It sounds a bit more murky than then studio version.

I'm glad that guy likes it at least.

I've heard five songs of their upcoming album, three of them (the three singles) were weak, one of the other two is the new (killer) intro (In the Name of [link]), the other only exists as live recordings and fancams (Tattoo [link]) and is quite interesting, but I want to hear a studio version first.

Oh, and there's an upcoming single. Not sure if already officially released or just leak, but it's everywhere: Pa Pa Ya [link]. First time hearing this one. The growls sound like canned samples, so not so good. No opinion on the singing. People are raging about that rapper, but I'd say that's the best part. Drummings is interesting too. Better than the other three singles, still not stellar.

I'm overloading this thing, new other music tomorrow.

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 5 days ago

Pa Pa Ya was the only one I really wanted to check out (just cuz of the ridiculous title but, of course:

Video unavailable

This video contains content from Amuse Inc., who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

I think it time that you need to travel to another side of the planet and explore some new style of music...

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 4 days ago

Not blocked here though. You're living behind sort of copyright wall.

New music time: Mark Ronson ft. Lykke Li - Late Night Feelings [link]. Not the most interesting tune. Lykke Li's voice is a bit too ethereal for this kind of stuff. But Mark Ronson is playing a low key funky bass track.

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 3 days ago

That sounds so 80's dutchy? Alil too vanilla for my taste. Not doing much listening to tunes because since returning back to work I've been playing catch up (currently being slaughtered)

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 3 days ago

Actually, somehow I did manage to catch one new tune: [link]

Not sure what I think about it (no time to think on it) hehe!

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 3 days ago

What I think that Ms Minaj stole that melody from Chakademus & Pliers [link] (1993). Wiki says they in turn got that from The Maytals [link] (1966), but that doesn't sound like the same song at all.

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 2 days ago

Boo! COOP Drill today so I get to work from home! Hooray!

As for Ms. Minaj and Ms. Cardi I simply love to watch the two of them go at each other (which makes no sense at all because they are like two peas in a pod)

I totally take the side of Cardi B (since she was born where I was born as well, so I can relate better to her)

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 2 days ago

Currently listening to this: (so so but it's okay)


// Doreen / 251 weeks and 2 days ago

Tiesto is basically going through the "ritual" there with that transition at 0:45.

Useless factoid of the day, Tiesto comes from his real name Tijs, usually spelled Thijs and short for Matthijs (a rather common noame). Matthijs is ofcourse derived from Mattheus, which in English is Matthew. So on your end, he'd be "Thewto". Also note how we went with the end of the name here, while on your end people go with the beginning ("Matt"). The name "Matt" is quite uncommon here.

In other news, the guy is fifty already...

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 1 day ago

I think I remember him from Digital underground or something but I'm getting old and senile now...

// Doreen / 251 weeks and 1 day ago

Digital Underground, you say? Enter Humpty Hump: [link]

My favourite former trio has a new album out in October. It comes in no less than four limited editions, one being "members only". I still refuse to buy into that milking operation, so I shall let the members only version pass.

I pre-ordered one version ysterday, but this heat is affecting me, because I'm thinking of getting the other two as well...

// craeonics / 251 weeks and 23 hours ago

See, I even forgot the URL I was thinking of. (cuz that was not what I was thinking of)

I can't believe you acknowledge your trio is a complete milking operation!? Then again, in the same breath you also said you per-ordered one. *sigh*

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 6 days ago

If they'd really want to milk things, they'd print more t-shirts. Received three new old ones today. Ridiculous the hoops I have to jump through to find these things.

Speaking of great music, the Pa Pa Ya genie is out of the bottle after the leak. First management officially released the single [link], then they performed the song at the UK's biggest festival yesterday [link] (but without the Thai rapper), and seeing that, management figured they should up that with a live recording from last week [link] (though the audio is probably not the live audio, but the studio version).

// craeonics / 250 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG! How many of their shirts do you need! hehe!

Okay, for the first link I got the "Video unavailable thing" Second link loaded and I can see an ocean of three ninja obsessed ppl. Third link "Video unavailable" I still don't see the attraction to their music *yawn*

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 5 days ago

That's that old age creeping up on you.

Here's some new bad stuff I heard this morning: Ronnie Flex - Non Stop [link]. Turns out it's actually a year old bad stuff...

/me only has 43 official three ninja t-shirts...

// craeonics / 250 weeks and 4 days ago

Old age is not creeping up on me old age is up on me! But I could live to be 100 yrs old and I still won't see the attraction to that band cuz it's just a gimmick to mix metal with lil Asian girls to get the guys all stirred up so they can empty their wallets out. hehe!

I'm serious look at you! You have 43 official three ninja t-shirts??? (you are insane!) hehe

Anyways, Gino sent me a link to go view his pics from Italy he arrived their yesterday morning and will be there a week before he goes to Germany and then wooden shoe land. He said to thank you for the link. He has a friend that he is hooking up with over there that will be taking him all over the place, so he should be good.

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 4 days ago

Okay, first pic that loads is a Segal/Bird perched on some bricks by water, (I thought oh great we have those here!) but all the other pics are crazy. Old, old buildings along a river but it's not a river some kinds of water with little boats looks pretty enchanting and totally different atmosphere then here! Narrow alley ways with stone pathways (our alleys are filled with trash and drug dealers, alleys are not enchanting over here) hehe

Gotta run, these pics look interesting, statues and stuff...

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 4 days ago

Old city with boats (gondolas) in narrow channels and no roads = Venice (Venezia). Centre is super crowded with tourists.

New music time. When not harrassing the colleagues with my go-to "dark party mix", I search for "mix" and try to see if anything good pops up.

This particular girl group is in the results all the time, but now is actually the first time it's what I'm looking for: Little Mix - Bounce Back [link].

It's your typical pop song, but the chorus is very much lifted from Soul II Soul's classic [link] (1989).

// craeonics / 250 weeks and 3 days ago

There is no comparison there dutchy, the first link is all plastic pop (the original is smooth and cool)

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 3 days ago

Alright, I seriously need to catch up on dropping some new stuff for you on this side. (though this is a re-fried tune from Petey Pablo, it's not too bad)


// Doreen / 250 weeks and 3 days ago

And one more for you that I think they did a decent job on (fresh and original)


// Doreen / 250 weeks and 3 days ago

A similar Freak-a-Leak inspired was also done by Ciara a long time ago: [link] (2004 ish).

That YG song is way, way too mellow for my taste. Needs more power.

No new music on this end. Turned on the the TV this morning and I had no signal, because they're working on the network in this neighbourhood. Half a dozen mechanics at the cable boxes every twenty meter. Quite an odd sight.

Not that it's going to improve my signal in the slightest.

// craeonics / 250 weeks and 2 days ago

YG (or atleast someone else driving his Escalade) just had a shootout with the police in the streets of LA night before last so he's on the run, I doubt he will be making a new tunes for a while.

Yesterday was the start of the 4th of July Holiday weekend and it started with a major earthquake so lots of shaking and fireworks and explosions going on yesterday. Today I'm hoping things will settle down...

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 1 day ago

Gino called me using that Whatsapp and gave me a tour of Rome, the Coliseum. He streamed it while they were walking around and it was like time traveling. So strange, he said Venice was cleaner, Rome was very dirty and felt like a den of thieves with the locals trying to rip you off at every turn and corner. But overall a great experience walking on the ruins of the Coliseum and I got to feel like I was there! So cool. (he said the temps were in the upper 90's though and the heat itself felt way diff than California) they will be visiting another part of Italy before they hit, Germany next and Paris then the Netherlands.

// Doreen / 250 weeks and 1 day ago

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you almost get to see the country your great, great ancestors migrated from. Perhaps he should stop by whatever village they came from, although that may not be particularly interesting.

New music time: Stormzy - Vossi Bop [link]. Song itself is not particularly interesting, but the video is very well done. Good transitions in the choreography and scenes.

// craeonics / 250 weeks and 1 day ago

Yes, it's been almost unbelievable to experience it with him, he calls me using that app and then walks me around with the streaming so I can experience it with him and his girlfriend (just like being there) I'm glad he is over there right now too cuz we have been having the most frightening earthquakes dutchy, on the 4th we had one of the biggest ones in over two decades and then the next day we had an even bigger one which is very abnormal 7.1 and though the epicenter was a bit off from where I live my house swayed for over two minutes and I cannot even believe it is still standing? It was unlike any earthquake I have ever felt in as long as I have been living in Cali. (I'm still shaking on the inside)

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 6 days ago

I just tried to check out your link but I will have to check it out later (I'm still too nervous for even that) later gator...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 6 days ago

You're living on a geological vault (San Andreas vault [link]). One day the whole western side of California is going to sink in the ocean.

I've got some bad music to go with that: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Boom! Shake the Room [link] (1993). I used to like these two before the TV show, but after that I specifically can't stand Will Smith no more.

// craeonics / 249 weeks and 5 days ago

I never understood that fault stuff, I just hope I'm on the side that does not break off and float away! Lots of nervous ppl at work today and lots of aftershocks but each day we don't have another one is a step in the right direction...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 5 days ago

Surprise, surprise:

Video unavailable

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 5 days ago

The Will Smith video? Why would a US video not be available in the US? Craziness...

// craeonics / 249 weeks and 4 days ago

Umm, probably because the person who uploaded the US Vid resides outside the US? Who knows...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 3 days ago

It does say:

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 3 days ago

It's Jazzy Jeff's legit account. Or I should say, the account of the rights organisation that handles tons of music rights stuff (VEVO). Not some random Joe. YouTube likes to make things difficult.

Moving on, this song gets played to dead: Mabel - Don't Call Me Up [link]. Not a particular interesting song, but this girl has dead eyes. If it were a novel they'd describe it as "her smile never reached her eyes".

// craeonics / 249 weeks and 2 days ago

Never heard of that before on this side, like it but yes those eyes are strange (not much soul behind them)

I've not heard anything fresh since the last two I dropped for you the well is dry on this side...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 2 days ago

I have next week off, so I'll be only hearing Japanese stuff.

Meanwhile, I caught this new one yesterday: Ronnie Flex - Achteruit [link]. Annnd yet again, it turns out it's already a year old. Is MTV stockpiling these things for dry spells or something... Anyways, the guy is no good, but you may like the beat.

// craeonics / 249 weeks and 1 day ago

May be a year old on your side but on this side it's fresh and yup me likes that beat so I might have to loop that to get me in gear to get busy on cleaning today. Bedankt!

Enjoy your week off mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 1 day ago

Day one of Japanase music only and already catch a new song: Yuzukingdom - Jail [link]. Not safe for Doreens. Curious how Blood Stain Child is better when combining with Yuzuki than on their own. Compare it to their own latest song: [link].

The real marvel is that I came across this song from the other side of the world fifteen minutes after it was posted, being the 49th viewer. If only my thre^H^H^H two ninja t-shirt reflexes were as fast. I missed out on two new ones, that were sold out in a few hours.

// craeonics / 249 weeks and 23 hours ago

Umm, yes, you are correct both are not safe for Doreen...

As for the marvel of you coming across it in only 15 mins after it was posted, I will assume you refresh the ninja pages every minute to catch their new stuff? And I seriously don't know what you will do with all those shirts you are buying? I can see 1-5 possibly but 40 something ninja shirts that's a bit extreme?

Then again I will probably go buy something I really don't need today too just to buy something new as well...

// Doreen / 249 weeks and 18 hours ago

You're ogling new bags as we speak.

43 shirts means I can wear a different every week and it almost takes a year before it cycles. Makes me look super fresh.

New music time: Migma Shelter - 69 [link]. Not safe for Doreens.

This group disbanded a year ago and recently "rebanded" with somewhat different line-up. Nature of the beast I guess. But surprise, surprise, they played this song live a year ago already [link], so why wait a year before doing the video?

Anyways, their musical style is a bit like heavy weather. Very drone-ish.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 6 days ago

Oh boy...

Well, if you want to even call that a band. Anyways, today it's going to be hot so I will hide out with Netflix and avoid crowds and sun. (save myself some money in the process of doing so)

// Doreen / 248 weeks and 6 days ago

Today's pick is... Hmm, grampas or Daoko...

I'll save the old geezers for later.

New music: Daoko x Miyavi - Senkakubanrai [link]. How to describe this... Way too light for my taste, but that chorus has managed to anchor itself somewhere inside my ears, so now I hear it all the time.

Title reads as: thousand + customer + ten thousand + come, and apparently means "flood of customers". Probably some idiomactic thing, where the meaning is hard to derive from the parts alone.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 6 days ago

Now you've officially gone overboard with that stuff, it ain't even your type of music. Anyways, still nothing fresh on this end but even though this is as old as the hills I enjoyed the listen on the way home: [link]

I've not heard anything fresh in the worship department for quite a while now...

// Doreen / 248 weeks and 5 days ago

God forbid someone looks outside the bubble. We can't be having that.

Speaking of old, the old geezers released this a few months back: Ningen Isu - Heartless Scat [link]. Heavy metal in the classical sense, which makes it not particularly heavy compared to other genres.

They've apparently gained enough overseas attention that they figured they should do a "thank you for watching" video [link]. I don't know how they do it, but they sound like Scooby Doo.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 4 days ago

No we can't be having that, the bubble is safe and comfy and familiar!

Hmm, well I can tolerate the old dudes better then the asian dolls they know how to play their instruments pretty good and tossed in some forest scenery as well. (and anything Scooby Doo related is awesome)

// Doreen / 248 weeks and 4 days ago

Doll in NL is "pop".

But that can't possibly explain the title of this song: Chanmina - I'm a pop [link]. Chanmina is a bit hit and miss. Her raps work better than her singing. This one has a seriously dark bass going on. Chorus is a bit hmm.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 4 days ago

That is just so disturbing to me in so many ways I can't even process that (plus they really need to learn some decent choreography)

// Doreen / 248 weeks and 3 days ago

She always looks like she's going to chew your head off.

What's next... Rappers talking about money or more mean girls...

Let's go for the mean girls today: BananaLemon - #Slaysian [link]. I don't know what they're on about, but they look like trouble. Seriously evil beats going on, so that's good.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 3 days ago

Mean girls? Look like trouble? You are right about the decent bass going on but those are imitation wannabees that would not survive the real mean trouble making girls for one second that are on the streets of LA on this side. But, I will agree at least it has a decent beat.

// Doreen / 248 weeks and 2 days ago

Last birthday hell I was at, my four year old niece was wearing something like the one with the braids, complete with such braids.

Moving on to the rappers talking about money in all-caps: AKLO + NORIKIYO - Hyakusenman [link]. Title means "hundred thousand ten-thousand". If we'd convert that from yen to dollar, we get a little over nine million dollar. Should be enough to secure a decent pad, even with the crazy housing prices these days.

Anyways, again evil beats in this one. Very cold looking video too.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 2 days ago

I actually thought it was done well? I always think its strange when I see an Asian Gang banger, over here for some reason they call them Hoppos, they seem to be a bit more viscous then the Mexicans (probably cuz they feel they need to prove something, not sure)

Anyways, nice and quiet today and now that I've got all my chores out of the way and bills paid it's all about Netflix time! Gonna jump into some Scottish Castles and war! (Outlander) soooo awesome!!!!


// Doreen / 248 weeks and 1 day ago

Rappers always going on about money.

/me spots "time travel" in the description of that series. I tend to find the "character displaced to earlier times" trope a bit too rose coloured. I suspect if that really happened, it'd end up really bad, really fast.

Speaking of bad, it's raining cats and dogs and I've got a BBQ birthday party to attend. Typical weather.

New music: Fate Gear ft. Nana - Megabullets [link]. The singing on this song does not work at all until around 1:30 when it finally starts to make sense. So second half is good, but the first half is asking a lot of the listener.

// craeonics / 248 weeks and 23 hours ago

Ack whether first or second half is asking too much from this listener. Anyways, I'm jumping back into time travel it's getting insanely good! ye ken!

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 6 days ago

Work returns and I seemed to have travelled back in time to an MTV that's still playing this utter dull Pink song constantly: [link]

Fortunately, they played something good to: Logic ft. Eminem - Homicide [link]. Not much music going, but they've both got a good flow.

// craeonics / 247 weeks and 5 days ago

I like Pink but that particular song of hers I have to agree it totally sucks... Second one was decent.

Anyways, just stopping by to check in, not listening to much because between work and this ridiculous triple digit heat w/ outrageously high humidity is nearly killing me. I normally run to my car to relax on my lunch and escape the madness for an hour but it's been so hot I've been trapped in the office to escape the stupid heat! I hate it!

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 3 days ago

It's hotter outside than your average body temperature. That can't be healthy. I stepped out of the office and it felt like I stepped into an oven.

Speaking of the office, if you recall that Lil Nas X song [link]. Apparently that beat was bought at some beat shop site and originally created by some NL producer.

The media picked up on that and went all "NL producer scores hit in US" on it.

This lead to one of my bosses noticing it and then this discussion happened during lunch this week:

Boss (late 50s): "There's this "producer", it's not really a producer, from Purmerend that scored a big hit in the US".

* Boss plays the video on his mobile, does not skip the long intro

Colleague #1 (late 50s): "Doesn't seem there's not much going on".

* Boss skips a bit to where the music is

Colleague #2 (mid 30s): "I don't understand why people would listen to this".

Colleague #3 (mid 40s): "This is the type of music you listen to while you're young, but are ashamed of when you grow older".

Colleague #4 (mid 40s) goes off on a tangent: "My daughter was listening to some god awful hardstyle. I have no idea where she got that".

Long story short: I work with music snobs.

// craeonics / 247 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe!!! Dutchyyy, well I can't relate the stuff I listened to in my younger days is just as fowl today and I still love it the same. Our body might change as we age but our style and inner ear drums still interprets sound the same? I never will understand those that feel aging means changing. Our souls don't change a bit (but they do get possibly wiser)

The stuff I always get is this:

"How can you possibly call yourself a Christian and listen to that garbage?" In which I respond:

"First I never really like to call myself a Christian you did, and I sure hope what our ears listen to does not determine our fate or I'm surely going to Hell!"

I cannot control the fact that super killer hard beats happen to have disgusting lyrics? Right? hehe!

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 2 days ago

I have faith judging by the awesomeness of the Universe that the creator of it has more sense then that (plus he created us so he can only blame himself) hehe!

Us humans are ridiculous in every way, just look what is going on with us destroying our planet I think we will just combust soon into flames from this stupid heat! We are getting fried over here on this side and my son is over there in Europe telling me it's just as bad over there as well. He's in Germany right now visiting with his friend who was an exchange student at one time over here in Cali. Gino said he's pretty much wiped out at this point, him and his girlfriend went to Italy, Paris, Germany and they were supposed to hit Netherlands next but they are running out of money and the heat has taken a toll. So he might skip your neck of the woods and I was hoping for him to get there and stream me some woodenshoeland so I can see it! Looks like that is not meant to be as well...

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 2 days ago

If he wants a cooler place, he should either try one of the Scandinavian countries, like Sweden or Norway, or curious enough, Portugal down south is relatively cool for some reason.

Now if he's running out of money, that's the end of that trip.

You don't want to go bankrupt over some holiday trip.

// craeonics / 247 weeks and 2 days ago

He mentioned New Zealand next time. He says they will make it a point to make traveling a priority but little does he know once they get back and begin their careers the demands of life might get in the way of traveling. (but who knows)

Anyways, this morning I heard an tune that though it's as old as the hills it still sounds just as beautiful (and no it's not one of my booty tunes, so beware)


// Dor_worship / 247 weeks and 1 day ago

Ofcourse it starts with a tingle tangle guitar... I have some doubts about the lyrics structure. He streches every second sentence. Took me a while to recall where I've heard that before, but it reminds me of this Stone Age Bob Dylan track [link] (1964).

Back to new music: JP the Wavy - Neo Gal Wop [link]. Beat is fine. Structure is weird, chorus, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus, done. It's like they forgot half the song.

// craeonics / 247 weeks and 20 hours ago

I doubt I've ever listened to a single Bob Dylan tune for more than a minute since I can't stand his voice so I actually had to go back on both tunes to see and yup the resemblance is close somehow. hehe

Anyways, second link has some decent beat as you said and was weird as can be exactly as you described it. You're a nut! hehe

Booty tunes for me today since I'm needing some fuel, yesterday I was a lazy floater and I got nothing much accomplished...

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 19 hours ago

Judging by your three ninjas you like lil maid outfits so here you go:


// Doreen / 247 weeks and 19 hours ago

When you search for some hard beats these days Nicki and Trina don't pop up as fast now it's Cardi B. this one was hatched in New York and the girls over here in Cali thought they would take her out on day one but most of them can't compete with her (because she is totally crazy)

If she was born a man I think she's be in prison for life even her videos are scary! hehe

I can't help but love her! Check her out dutchy, I'm sure I you've seen her over there she's strange and I know I've dropped a tune of hers or so:


// Doreen / 247 weeks and 18 hours ago

She is total insanity (and I'm certain it's not playing around) you can see it in her videos: [link]

Anyways, this one gets the most commercial play so you know her mainly by this one: [link]

/me goes get busy with the dishes and laundry, later gator...

// Doreen / 247 weeks and 18 hours ago

The "Cookie" video has a decent beat. Though perhaps they should have left out the whistling thing.

The "Press" song might be the first time where Ms B does not have those freaky all black eyes she normally does. Good mumble rap beat going on.

That piano in the "Money" song needs to go. Doesn't flow right.

And finally that "I like it" song gets overplayed to death by none other than YouTube itself. They use it to plug their subscription service, so I hear it constantly.

Anyways, she's going to end up in jail if she keeps up her thuggish antics.

// craeonics / 247 weeks and 14 minutes ago

The rappers around the world normally try to present themselves as thugs but the rappers in NY & CA 9X's out of 10 are genuine thugs (unfortunately for them) since they reach to the point of making mad money and then end up dead or in jail...

Anyways, after my day of playing maid I ended up subscribing to Starz to get my seasons 3,4 and 5 of Outlander so back to time traveling for me today! (too hot to hit the malls)

// Doreen / 246 weeks and 6 days ago

Random new crap: Lost Frequencies ft Aloe Blacc - Truth never lies [link]

This is the type of semi-sensitive, semi-dance stuff that exists in countless forms and gets played all the time.

// craeonics / 246 weeks and 5 days ago

Yup, random and crap (but the house on the hill has a killer view!)

Nothing much over here to post since I've no time for listening unfortunately. In the place where I work I'm right outside his door and I dare not play music and when I tried once to bring my head set so I could zone out I was never able to leave it on long enough to hear even one song play because of all the "Help me, Help me's" all day long! God I miss telecommuting dutchy...

// Doreen / 246 weeks and 3 days ago

Telecommuting won't pay for your dream house.

More new stuff: DJ Snake, J. Balvin & Tyga - Loco Contigo [link]. Fits in the "smooth summer latin music" category. I wonder how the casting for this went. "We need some folks to sit in the back of a convertible and get driven through the desert. Oh, and you'll be wearing a hairy monster suit".

// craeonics / 246 weeks and 2 days ago

Paycheck remains the same whether you telecommute or not, but today the Chief Deputy of this Dept I now work sent out a blast email today they are accepting applications to certify for telecommuting to launch a pilot program in order to combat the smog and traffic issues on August 15th (so I re-certified, just a quick training and exam etc) to see if my Boss will allow me just two days a month, as a Secretary it won't be easy but the Chief Deputy is encouraging it because the Board of Supervisors are enforcing it now. Years ago it was really not easy to get away with it (I was totally blessed by above)

Anyways, the weekend is upon us yet again which means FREEEEDOM!!!!!

// Doreen / 246 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, yup mucho loco vid, cool beat & lots of colors! (stimulation for both ears & eyes)

// Doreen / 246 weeks and 2 days ago

The weekend means impending headache. I don't know what's going on, but I can sense it coming...

Anyways, good for you. I don't know how a secretary can be out so much, but perhaps you'll be on the phone constantly.

// craeonics / 246 weeks and 1 day ago

Secretary in this day does not just mean bringing the boss his coffee and scheduling his meetings, now it means typing up a ton of forms, running reports on the Division, doing budget, and somehow I got stuck doing a quarterly Division Newsletter plus PowerPoint presentations etc. etc. etc. plenty of stuff that can be done off the cloud.

/me drops some medicine for your headache, it might heal you. (if your ear drums don't shatter from the pureness of this song)


// Doreen / 246 weeks and 1 day ago

You mean you drop some extra headache inducing stuff on this unsuspecting victim.

I seem to have caught something. Nose is clogged, head feels, as we say, filled with cotton. And ofcourse, against better judged, I tried my luck against this Dark Souls boss [link] and got my backside handed to me like thirty times in a row (still have not beaten him) and now my shoulder is shot, because I lean forward when things get intense and that is not a good posture.

// craeonics / 246 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, first off that game looks amazing, but of course you got your backside handed to you because you don't have wings to fly away when your health gets low (like in Aion)

When I was playing World of Warcraft I had one killer spell I forgot the name (I think it was Drain Soul) it would shoot a rope of electricity to the target and once you hook them you drain their life, course your life bar goes up whilst you suck the life out of them (awesome spell!) I only play spell casters weak characters to play but they normally have a minion to fight along side you and once you master the spells the sky is the limit. All the other characters do nothing but run around with swords and boring instruments etc.

Anyways, feel better mijn dutchy, just hit the chicken soup & orange juice and bed rest for a couple of days. (fasting helps too)

// Doreen / 246 weeks and 18 hours ago

Sleep helps with the drowsiness, except for the headaches I get when I oversleep. A fine line to walk. The older is a matter of putting it back in place and not leaning forward for a day.

I could blame this on old age, but it's always been like that.

Or perhaps I've always been old...

Back to Dark Souls, shooting things from a mile away is my preferred tactic, but the developers of this series are actively limiting the things you can get away with with each installment.

For example, going through each installment:

1. Demons' Souls: most of the bosses can be done with bow and arrow. They are either slow or don't move if you're far away.

2. Dark Souls: either small boss areas or bosses will come to you if you try to use bows, so that options is out of the window. Basic tactic is to circle strafe them right outside their attack range with your shield up and hit them after they're done with their attacks.

3. Dark Souls 2: same tactics basically, bit bigger area, so easier to strafe.

4. Bloodbourne: devs figured we can't have people walk around with shields up no more. Shields are useless, staying out of range means long distance attack. New mechanic is that you can regain lost energy if attack quickly, so you have to be up close, dodge/roll and attack a lot.

5. Dark Souls 3: the one I'm playing now. Bloodborne mechanics, except you don't regain energy. Basically the only viable way to beat bosses is to have super reflexes. I have slow reflexes, so the levels are easy, but the bosses take forever.

6. Sekiro: played this at a friend's. Severely limited tactics. Dodging is terrible, you can only block and counterattack... I'm probably skipping this one or postponing it for a long time.

Anyways, I'm getting fed up with DS3, so I used two glitches against that boss that was giving me trouble. On to the next one...

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 6 days ago

"The older" would be "the shoulder" ofcourse.

These typos of mine are usually not about spelling, but more often core words either going walkies or swapping with its counterpart.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 6 days ago

I wouldn't know anything about shields and dodging/rolling or bows of course since all I've ever played is characters that use buffs and cast spells (and sometimes use daggers)

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 6 days ago

You play open world games where battle is an optional thing.

One in that category is No Man's Sky, which has infinite procedurally generated planets to explore: [link]. The downside is that it has no story whatsoever and you basically spend all day hunter/gathering resources so you can build up your ship and such.

It still looks enticing, but without a story, there's no point for me.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 5 days ago

That one looks too boring to me, I've got to customize my own Character and put some soul into it then be able to go walk (or fly round in the game) I cannot stand those games where most of the time your are only seeing either the hand of the character or just the "view" of where they are navigating around in the game etc. As for the a story, me don't care at all about a story, I'm totally content with being completely clueless without much of a goal cept for killing and exploring new grounds and listening to ambient (or fighting) sounds that occur as you are exploring around. Just a game there is no history needed for me...

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 5 days ago

I know WOW has this big cinema thingie that most watch to see the story behind the quests but I could care less to waste that time when I could be killing everything that is in my path...

(what a waste of gaming time! that's stupid)

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 5 days ago

I buy some twenty, thirty games a year, but only have time to play five or six of them. One reason is because I'm busy. Another is that I only play long games. None of that "completed in one weekend" things my friends play.

New music time: De Staat ft. Luwten - Tie Me Down [link]. Bit of an odd song. Not particularly interesting musically, but there's thunderbolts all over the place.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 4 days ago

I have absolutely no idea why I watched that entire vid? Nor what I even feel about it (it was just that strange) hehe

Back to gaming, when and if I ever get to stop working I plan on jumping back into gaming. I plan on wasting all the time I possibly can doing all the nonsense stuff I want to do and when I want to! Gaming is a complete waste of time and life or living and I love it! But as for right now work completely sucks all the life out of me. The demands keep increasing and of course the desire to do any of that is decreasing with each passing day now. I'd retire "today" if I could but I don't have the age to do so and it's really really really pitiful to want to hurry up and get old just to escape work!!!

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 4 days ago

What's this "retire" talk? The old Doreen always said she was going to end up under a bridge somewhere.

Anyways, I'd say gaming keeps the mind active. Much better than being couch potato and watch TV all night.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 3 days ago

The old Doreen is even older now... but I still don't have the required age to officially retire so if I left now I'd be leaving several years prior to my pension and not get my pension. You have to go the distance for the plan I am on and I chose it when I was 19 so I was not thinking of getting old.

Yes, gaming keeps the mind active and is good stimulation for the mind you are right there specially the games I play where you have to remember all the spells and buffs etc. howeverrrr, when you have been fighting monsters in real life every single day for 12 hours or more casting spells to subdue and calm their behinds down all day long I've no more energy left to kill the monsters in the games!

Netflix is where I can zone out the world... Gaming will come back when I officially just leave work all together and have time for it. Which I might be dead before that happens cuz my job is challenging (I've got 93 monsters in my Division)

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 3 days ago

Dor_potato battling the Office Monsters.

I woke up with a "closed" ear on the left side (sound on that side is like I'm stuck in a closet), got home from work and it's upgraded to a constant high pitch sounds. Let's hope this nonsense blows over soon, because I can see how a constant beep can drive people insane.

Speaking of nonsense: Beyonce - Spirit [link]. Terrible song. So, so, typical video. And don't get me started on that Lion King movie. I hate animal movies with a vengeance. The only good animal movies are cats being cats, with no sentimental nonsense going on.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 2 days ago

In World of Warcraft there is also this spell called "Fear" when you are being attacked by monsters you cast it on them and they get a skull that floats top of them and it causes them to run away (only for a few seconds but its enough time to drink a potion and recoop before they run back)

At work when the monsters are all attacking me (cuz they all think I'm their lil minion) I bring out my biggest Fear Spell (my Boss) they think they can mess with me and then when I've had enough I simply "copy" my Boss on the email and once they see his name below on the cc: they run away in fear! HA!

Anyways, it's the weekend soooo freeeeedommmmm!

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm not impressed with Beyonce and I suppose her now being a mom she will make those types of kiddie thingies, taboo to be a sexy mommy...

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 2 days ago

Cept for possibly Cardi B (I would not be surprised at all if that is her baby in the vid) she is completely insane!


// Doreen / 245 weeks and 2 days ago

You only have to take one look at her creepy eyes to know that she is completely insane.

I've seen people use the "CC the boss" tactic in large organisations. It works miracles. Meanwhile the boss is probably thinking the entire staff is incompetent.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 1 day ago

Speaking of crazy, I knew I was not entirely crazy when I ordered the three Japanese editions and the international edition of my favourite ex-trio's upcoming album.

The tracklists were just announced and as I suspect it's different. The Japanese version has two extra songs [link] (disk 1, track 7 and disk 2, track 4) and the international version [link] has a different version of one song (track 3).

Also new is that they're doing collaborations, one of which is this woman [link]. I expect that's going to rattle some people. The curious bit is that the song in question was already released as a single two years ago and she was not on it, so I guess the album version will be different.

On a final note: the album art is awful.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, on that third link I was initially hoping it would be blocked from my country cuz I thought it was the three ninjas but it was not either so I listened to it. I thought the "music" was outstanding but when that woman opened her mouth and started the growling it led me to think either she is a man dressed as a woman or she is having her vocal dubbed?

Back to Cardi cuz I'm completely fascinated by her (nobody over here in Cali understand true crazy but since I was hatched in Brooklyn New York I have been exposed to crazy over there and crazy here and there are varying levels of crazy)

She is stirring trouble over here with the female recording artist over here in Cali (and I am totally loving it!)

Check this out, I've not seen either male or female that take crazy to this level...


// Doreen / 245 weeks and 1 day ago

Watch ten minute "funny" videos of that crazy woman. I'd rather not.

I should get back to getting my backside kicked by bosses (though I beat one yesterday on my first try, but you could summon two NPCs for that fight and that helps getting the boss' attention off of you).

As for the growling, curious enough, women growling and men growling sounds more or less the same. For example the video that's actually playing right now: Yuzukingdom - Pandemic [link]. Compare that to, say, Amon Amarth [link].

Or maybe that's a bad example, as he goes quite low.

// craeonics / 245 weeks and 23 hours ago

I wouldn't even attempt to growl, not only does it sound totally disgusting coming out of a woman. Just the very "thought" of it already rips and tears my vocal cords, that would hurt! (I'd rather purr or meow)

I've not been at a BBQ for a very long time but Gino's fiance's parents invited me tomorrow so I need to wrap up all my weekend stuff today as tomorrow will be a can and do nothing day...

// Doreen / 245 weeks and 18 hours ago

A short interview wherein Yuna of PassCode is asked whether or not the growling is hard on the voice: [link] (at 1:58). Sample of her style [link].

Also has Marty "poodle haircut" Friedman giving his appraisal. That guy is the former guitarist of Megadeth, but he pops up in panel talkshows in Japan all the time.

Anyways, let's hope they have some good food at that BBQ.

Last BBQ I was at was at a friend who has a history of not getting enough supplies and lo and behold, we ran out of meat in five minutes this time as well. Then he ran of to the supermarket and came back with stuff no-one eats. Next time I'm bringing my own meat...

Meanwhile, someone is chopping wood outside. Given that I don't live in a forest... /me goes inspect

// craeonics / 244 weeks and 6 days ago

Umm, they confessed that they lip sync so that explains it sees! As for the BBQ they had plenty of everything but nothing healthy.

/note to self never accept invites for activities held on Sunday cuz Mondays are already Hellish enough...

// Doreen / 244 weeks and 5 days ago

I see you still fail at reading comprehension. They lipsynced when they started. Unfathomable.

Speaking of challenged folk, my boss:

He: "How can I rip this CD?"

Me: "None of the modern machines here at the office have a drive, that's going to be hard"

Me: "I'll rip it at home and give it to you tomorrow"

He: "I need it tonight"

Apparently it's a going away present for his daughter. He's always timely with his information and requests. Completely unfit for any project management.

I'm ripping that CD as we speak and ofcourse it's a trouble case requiring multiple reads and taking forever.

// craeonics / 244 weeks and 4 days ago

My reading comprehension is just fine, I simply wanted to ruffle your feathers (and it worked) I did hear that they only did that when they first started (but once a cheater always a cheater I say)

It's always like that whenever anyone waits for the last minute anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong just to add to the already stressful situation.

Hopefully you were able to get it done without pulling all your hair out.

// Doreen / 244 weeks and 4 days ago

Computer does the ripping, I only have to wait.

Continuing the stupid.

Two NL guys were caught at a festival in Hungary with a ton of drugs they were peddling over there. They're looking at a possible 5 to 20 years sentence.

One of the two is apparently a talented sports guy.

His athlethic club's response: "we're worried that a sentence would negatively affect his future sports career".

Right, because selling drugs is completely not a problem, eh? Those idiots are probably on tons of doping on the sports front anyway.

// craeonics / 244 weeks and 3 days ago

Nothing new there, if there were more transparency in upper ranks across the board you would see that they are the ones that commit the dirtiest of deeds...

Look at the Church/Religion - When a priest is molesting young boys and gets busted, they keep it on the down low and say "We cannot let that news out! Because it will show the Church and Religion is not without flaw!"

Look at Executives - When one of their top exec gets busted for ripping off the company, "We cannot let that news get out because it will effect the Company's reputation and will result in a loss of sales!"

Look at the Police Force - When a crooked cop gets busted "We cannot let that news out because the community will no longer look up to us and trust us!

Bottom line it's not the Church, Religion, Executive Companies, Police Department it's just one individual making stupid choices and then the rest of the stupidness soon follows and then everyone jumps off the cliff together.

Just humanity we are all not perfect and lack individuality and integrity and the fear of God.

Can you tell I've had a crappy week? so now I have a crappy attitude? hehe

Nonsense all week! But guess what? It's the weekend so it's Freeeeedommmmm!!!

// Doreen / 244 weeks and 2 days ago

Let's clear that up with some new music: Gesaffelstein & TheWeeknd - Lost in the Fire [link]

For varying degrees of newness that is, heard it first this week, but it's already seven months old.

Now the song itself is not particularly interesting, but that Gesaffelstein name is craziness. He appears like a big back blob in the video, which reminds of what invader spirits (other players invading your game if you play online) in Dark Souls look like.

// craeonics / 244 weeks and 2 days ago

I have to agree,excellent presentation of blending everything into the darkness (and really not much to do with black)

The only thing that bugged me about that vid is he seriously needed to loose the hair pick but that's his silly thing like Nelly with the stupid bandaid.

Course there was a link to the right to this vid which is my absolute fav still (love this song)


// Doreen / 244 weeks and 18 hours ago

If TheWeeknd removes that comb his afro will explode.

YouTube suggests this video when loading your Kendrick Lamarr: [link]. It's yer boy Drake. Now the curious thing is that it translated the song title. Or perhaps I should say, the video title. Such an odd thing to do.

// craeonics / 244 weeks and 10 minutes ago

/me runs even from seeing the name Drake, it's Drake overload on this side of the Ocean...

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 5 days ago

Started from the bottom, now he's here.

Moving on to new bad music: Martin Garrix ft. Macklemore & Patrick Stump - Summer Days [link]. The thing of note here is that Garrix (the guy in the convertible) started making music at a rather young age. If I recall correctly, he was featured in some TV show because he was too young (born in '96) to attend the clubs where they play his music and such.

Other than that, it's nothing special. The usual stuff.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 4 days ago

Just when you think you've seen the silliest, craziest vid ever then there is another one...

Anyways, nothing much cuz me has not had time to listen to much of anything but demands and help me's around the clock but I took today off for a "ME" day (since I'm running on empty) and I'm certain it has pissed off some ppl at work but you know the old saying you can please some of the ppl some of the time but you cannot please all of the ppl all of the time? hehe!

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 3 days ago

Lemmeee seeee, me needs me some Loco Loko for today: [link]

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm!

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 3 days ago

Nothing like good bass to fill up the tank (get to blast some good tunes today)


// Doreen / 243 weeks and 3 days ago

That YG tune is too slow, yo... You've already mentiones that Saweetie one before.

Some recent stuff from over here: Yung Felix ft. Poke & 3robi - Bangalang [link]. Always lots of shenanigans in the comments on these kind of songs. People fighting on the internet over which artist is better.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, that be yum yum! I've stopped reading comments because of stupid time constraints (I'm lucky if I have enough time to feed my ear drums these days with work demands)

Anyways, I post my comments over here for and to "you" fighting with you about your three ninjas...

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 3 days ago

Two ninjas and the third spot being rotated by three others.

Now that you've brought it up, they released a video to one of the earlier singles: [link]

I don't like this direction. Too high, too light, too much snarling.

Their German label posted samples of all songs on the new album. I didn't listen and it's been now pulled, but I've been monitoring the responses. The blind followers act like it's the second coming of your invisible friend, but the more sane fans note that it all sounds very "poppy".

That's not a good sign.

Anyways, I'll find out in October, when the album is released.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 2 days ago

What is that? Double 007 Secret Agent Spy style? Totally ridiculous, but obviously they feel the need to try something new.

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 2 days ago

Moving on to... Let's see what we've got... 5 Seconds of Summer - Valentine [link]. Came out almost a year back.

I had these guys categorised somewhere under "teen rock bands" and "boy bands", going by their super generic earlier stuff. But this one is actually quite decent. Don't expect banging beats though.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 2 days ago

I just had mean "Twenty One Pilot" vibes from their Heathens track. They sound so similar.

Anyways, this tune from Missy is not too impressive but what is impressive is that she is trying to make a come back and the younger female artist have respect for her yet they are in ring boxing with each other out of jealousy constantly...


// Doreen / 243 weeks and 1 day ago

It sounds alright enough, has Missy written all over it, but it could use an extra layer of sound to really drive the music. Bit too barren. Too much reliance on the vocals alone.

What's the most impressive about Missy is that she lost a lot of weight and now looks younger than twenty years ago.

Speaking of flow: m-flo ft. JP THE WAVY - Toxic Sweet [link]. The flow is completely off. They have no presence, look like office workers dressing up (aside from Mr Wavy ofcourse). The timing on the singing is weird. And that Tesla looks like your average sedan and not some impressive set off wheels.

Yet, I can't get it out of my head. So they must have done something right.

Video seems to have been shot somewhere around your neck of the woods.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 22 hours ago

Yup, they pulled that one off pretty well. Not much going on musically today since quietness will be the sound I'm looking forward to for today...

// Doreen / 243 weeks and 19 hours ago

Where's my Depeche Mode at... Enjoy the Silence [link]

I had some colleagues that were big Depeche Mode fans and they hated that song.

// craeonics / 243 weeks and 11 minutes ago

Video unavailable

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Not too worry I know that tune like the back of my hand. What's not to love about it, it's dark, moody and full of solitude vibes...

// Doreen / 242 weeks and 6 days ago

It's their own label, what the hell... YouTube should really mark region locked/blocked videos.

Anyways, you mentioned Missy and look who popped up this morning: Lizzo ft. Missy Elliot - Tempo [link]. It has that same emptiness as Missy's recent stuff, so it's either the same producer or Missy is the producer.

// craeonics / 242 weeks and 5 days ago

Blah Blah Boring, no hard bass in that whatsoever...

Missy is all over right now trying to make a come back so it should be interesting.

// Doreen / 242 weeks and 4 days ago

Instead of playing videos this morning there was a replay of their VMA award show. Surprise, surprise, Missy did a long medley of her old songs and got some kind of lifetime achievement award.

The whole video of people saying how much of an influence was on them made it sound like she died.

// craeonics / 242 weeks and 3 days ago

On MTV that is, which still plays videos in the dead of night and early morning. The rest of the day is scripted "reality" shows with lowlives that deserve no screen time whatsoever.

// craeonics / 242 weeks and 3 days ago

I used to have MTV constantly (as white noise in the background) when I was growing up, though I cannot pin point when exactly something suddenly changed with the channel and I just stopped watching it all together, I can't remember the last time I watched it cuz it's been a while now...

Not sure what is the deal with Missy but she is all over right now trying to break back in on the music scene.

// Doreen / 242 weeks and 3 days ago

I suspect she or her management is well connected.

Relatively new music time: J. Balvin & Bad Bunny - Que Pretendes [link].

I have next week off, so the only thing I'll be hearing is Japanese stuff. Maybe I'll do some Tek cleaning.

// craeonics / 242 weeks and 2 days ago

Pretty goed tune! Nothing new on this side of the ocean.

Enjoy your week off, I have Monday off and know how to enjoy four consecutive days off (do absolutely nothing so it goes slow!) as for Tek, I'm pretty sure it has spider webs all over the place by now...

// Doreen / 242 weeks and 1 day ago

There are a couple of mysteries in the Tek codebase that annoy the hell out of. One is that if you post anything with accents, like for instance the correct spelling of Beyonce (with a accent acute on the last e), odds are high the filter will eat it.

Another is tackling spammers who post in old threads.

Anyways, I always have grand ideas going into a holiday (I also want to paint the balcony shed doors) and end up doing nothing, so we'll see how that goes.

// craeonics / 242 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm certain nothing will happen, enjoy your Holiday off, this site if probably getting ready to be buried soon (look at the news post 2014?)

// Doreen / 242 weeks and 18 hours ago

If Ms doom & gloom would have had her way, this site would not have lasted a month. Skinning may have gone well the way of the dodo, but I have no intention to pull Tek down, ever.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 6 days ago

Curious if anyone is still reading news post from 2014? hehe

If so they are seriously behind the times! And I'm not Ms doom & gloom just never seen news that old without some new for almost 6 years!

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 6 days ago

Look now. It's gone.

Was "watching" a long wrestling show (four bloody hours) yesterday, so while keeping half an eye on the actions, I finally grabbed a complete copy of all the files on the server and put the thing in revision control so I can go tweak things.

I've been postponing this for over a decade.

Problem is I always think "I'll do that tonight" and then tonight comes and I'm all couch potato and nothing gets done.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 6 days ago

All these years and your news post still make me laugh out loud. (Umm, cept I was unable to leave a completely useless comment on that news post)

And that problem of always thinking "I'll do that tonight" mine is "I'll do that tomorrow" thing is I never used to wait until tomorrow to get things done which I could blame on you rubbing off on me but actually I think it happens to "all" of us and is part of being human...

I actually still skin but I skin my Android phone using Nova Launcher which allows me complete & total dominion over every aspect of my phone. I still cannot allow one icon on my device not to look the exact way I want, same with my smartwatch. I HAVE to tweak things constantly, I think all of us that lived on skinz.org actually had some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder and made that handicap into a hobby!

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 5 days ago

Well, last day off work so I'm going to float around in it and savor it! New tune I heard recently so of course I had to search it out and though I'm 100% you will hate it (and of course it has piano) it's a good tune to float around in:


// Doreen / 241 weeks and 5 days ago

Has anyone told that guy that his piano is on fire? What's the point of putting stuff on fire... Wanton destruction and all that.

I seem to have disabled commenting on news articles two years ago, but I can't recall why. Maybe because there was spam seeping through without me noticing (because there's no master view of all comments).

Also, I was just going through the code to figure out what is eating special characters, but curious enough, there's nothing there that could cause this. And I'm quite certain it used to work originally. This requires some more digging.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 5 days ago

That's cuz that tune is on fire, they play it to death on the radio, a bit slow and boring but nevertheless a decent tune...

As for the special characters, I remember you complaining about that for years so I thinks it's always been an issue.

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 4 days ago

Here, let me test: Beyoncé (this should get blocked for mysterious reasons).

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 3 days ago

What the hell... Suddenly it works...

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 3 days ago

Speaking of hell, all my favourite bands end up going there one way or another. Let me run down the list:

Galmet went on indefinite hiatus.

Bridear first went pop, then lost a guitarist, then the other guitarist, followed by the drummer. All over "musical differences".

Telecide lost their (only) guitarist and called it quits a year later. Which is an extra shame because they never released a physical album, so I have nothing of them.

Kaqiryo Terror Architect saw the exit of all three members, one after another. There's three new members, but it's basically a new group. If you replace everything is it still the old thing or a new thing? See Theseus' Ship [link]

My favourite trio lost my favourite member and I fear the worst for the direction they're moving in musically. But I've wallowed on that long enough.

And now, my favourite duo (Minna no Kodomo-chan) is now a, what do you call it, "solo". One of two wrecked her neck and has to retire. Being that she wrote 99% of the lyrics, I wonder what will happens.

At least they still post full concerts: [link] (warning: bad audio and very out of tune singing, but that's part of the charm).

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 3 days ago

Which leads me to believe one of two things either your groups have absolutely no staying power or my voodoo is better than I thought!

As for that last link it's not too too bad and that guy on the far left has unbelievable killer long hair, but I still don't see why the obsession.

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 3 days ago

Obsession would be if I'd were to follow their individual twitter. I don't even have a t-shirt... But I do have their super limited EP (run of 300). I have a bit of a collector habit.

I have two sheds or closets on my balcony. One on each end. Spent last Monday painting the woodwork on it, because the paint was starting to come off.

It needs at least another layer, but ofcourse it has been raining ever since. Typical.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 3 days ago

A bit of a collector habit? Pretty soon you won't have any room in your house for you or your cats! You are going to be like those TV shows about horders, they collect so much trash they cannot find a clear path to the bathroom!

I don't even want to see that word rain, I'm dying over here dutchy with 105 degrees temp and no relief in site until next week (which is not soon enough)

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 2 days ago

I ship stuff to work, so the pile of boxes is over there.

But it's a small pile these days. I toss out most of the boxes right after opening them. But some of my colleageues still think I'm their "box dealer", so I keep some around for them.

Speaking of boxes, managed two snag two new official three ninja shirts from their official UK shop just now. Last time these two went up, they were sold out in minutes. As a matter of fact, the size I ordered on one of them is now sold out. Example print: [link]

The true hoarder is a friend of mine and his wife. In their old house you'd have to slither like a snake through a corridor up to your middle of random stuff in their living room.

They've since moved to a bigger house and it's a bit less snaking these days.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 1 day ago

Welll, that t-shirt gets an A (would have given it a A+ if it did not have the silly Babymetal on it) hehe

I do alot of shopping as well with Amazon but I toss most the boxes out as well (cept I keep one or two just in case I need to return a random item that did not work out or whatever)

Anyways, freedom today but the hot temps has me held up hostage in my house.

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 1 day ago

We suddenly moved to autumn here. And when I mean sudden, it's one week every one in shorts, the next winter coats everywhere. Sun sets around eight now, so it gets really dark really early. Constant rain and wind.

And ofcourse I've been sneezing and coughing the past few days. The sneezing is fine (clears up the airwaves), the coughing I could do well without.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 22 hours ago

We pretty much go from Hot to Hotter then we go back to just Hot...

We are currently Hotter but should be going to Hot by Wednesday.

I think I need to get my run on early today before it gets too hot (then I need to stay hidden in my house with the air on)

// Doreen / 241 weeks and 19 hours ago

Send some of that hotness over here. I'd prefer it if at least my commutes to and from work were dry next week.

Meanwhile today is yet another birthday hel^H^H party. My mother came over yesterday and filled my fridge with, which I'm supposed to bring over. Which also means I have to be there early... Exit Sunday.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 10 minutes ago

Filled the fridge with cake that is.

This "most important word of the sentence goes missing" thing I have is getting mighty annoying.

// craeonics / 241 weeks and 9 minutes ago

A bad day to be calls for a bad song: Petz ft. Gab3 & kZm - Chrome Hearts [link]. The song itself is not particularly bad and I don't know what chrome hearts are, aside from some sort of jewelry apparently, but that guy with the pink hair looks like he just had a toddler tantrum.

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 6 days ago

/me sends you some hotness...

Pink hair is just the in thing for right now, it's all over on this side as well.

// Doreen / 240 weeks and 6 days ago

Since it's my float around day today and since I'm posting in a I'm listening to thread this tune is appropriate:

I'm listening - Chris McClarney


// Doreen / 240 weeks and 6 days ago

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, it starts with a tingle tangle piano. If I were you imaginary friend I'd hasten the apocalypse to rid of this stuff.

But consider this: perhaps that is exactly the point.

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 5 days ago

If you keep messing with my invisible/imaginary friend you might find yourself peddling that little bicycle in the rain with fierce winds knocking you all over the place! He tosses heat waves at me when I'm being a disobedient child (which I am 99 percent of the time) so it's constantly hot!

// Doreen / 240 weeks and 5 days ago

Your imaginary friend is completely focusessed on you, it was dry here all day.

And our invisible friend Ken passed me the transfer code to the tek domain, so I'll be moving the domain in a bit. And probably break stuff in the process...

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 4 days ago

Hey he does not listen to me so I've no idea when he will send that rain and crazy wind your way to beat you down on your way to work I only said beware...

And we are moving??? But I've not time to pack!!! But since I hate moving I'll let you take care of the move...

// Doreen / 240 weeks and 4 days ago

Your imaginary friend is slow. Today was rain and wind all day long.

We're not moving, I'm taking over the domain (as in: I foot the bill, not Ken). The move has been set in motion, but due to god knows what reason, the actual transfer won't happen until the 14th. And only then do I get to set the DNS records, so Tek may be unreachable for a bit that day.

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 3 days ago

Ken's paid enough, and I will just continue to be a freeloader.

Note to self: Sept 14th if Tek is unreachable post what I'm listening to in crae's inbox so that it will get caught in his junk mail...

// Doreen / 240 weeks and 3 days ago

I have to drag Ken out of my inbox constantly because he keeps attaching pics of his garden. The 14th is a Saturday, so if they do it overnight, I should be able to add the DNS records on Sunday. I already wrote things down.

If things don't bounce that is, always a possibility.

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 2 days ago

Well if you need me for anything you know where I'm at (which you won't) I'll be binge watching "Vikings" can't stop watching it! I keep expecting Bathory to start playing in the background battles but instead they play other sucky viking music...

// Doreen / 240 weeks and 1 day ago

Here's the show: [link])

My fav char is "Lagertha" she kicks some serious booty!


// Doreen / 240 weeks and 1 day ago

History dot com redirects to the front page of history dot nl, so they probably have some bad IP-to-geolocation thing going on.

Anyways, did they not use Wardruna in that series? Something like [link] (the part from 2:40 is best, I should let them play this at my funeral).

Which reminds me of three things: 1) I'm way behind on these type of records (yes, I say that a lot); 2) I should really read that 400+ page Edda translation and get all the other translations from the same author; and 3) maybe I should pick up Norse after I'm done with Japanese (in a few decades).

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 23 hours ago

Actually, they did play a few decent northern pagan war battle tunes but most sounded so fabricated to me...

(not that I really know but my ears were telling me so)

At any rate, I've got a mean Viking hangover and me is going back for more!!! (but after I get my things done so it will have to be tonight and will probably be an all nighter)

I need to see how many seasons there is I think I'm towards the end of season 3 somewhere, the first season was slow (I almost gave up on it) but the second season it caught up on what it was meant to be and the "Seer" is so freaking scary and cool all at the same time I got hooked.

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Check him out, what a character he plays!


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Andddd there goes YouTube taking me off for a joyride, and now they just spoiled it cuz I know a dragon is coming and I've not see one dragon so far! Argh! It did not say spoiler alert!


// Doreen / 240 weeks and 18 hours ago

But is it historic or is it fantasy... If it's fantasy, there shouldd be no dragon, though maybe they run into dinosaur fossils.

Anyways, I figured last night that I could already setup the DNS before the transfer, so that should go without downtime.

Let's see if it has already moved...

Annnd it has not. What's going on here now...

// craeonics / 240 weeks and 27 minutes ago

I will assume a mix of both since some of the characters names are real from history.

As for things migrating over smoothly, if you are wise enough to already know that nothing in life goes smoothly then if it does by a slim chance you can rejoice!!! (I doubt the transition over will be automatic as you prepared dutchy)

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The good thing is that it's not been unreachable once! hehe

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 6 days ago

It should have transferred yesterday, so this is all very odd. And if I recall correctly, the domain was going to expire the 15th, which is today (if Ken would not prolong that is).

Also weird is that I've only just discovered that green tea makes me sleepy. It's the only thing I've been drinking the past few decades.

// craeonics / 239 weeks and 6 days ago

Wellll, today is the 16th and it's still alive and reachable!

As for green tea it's very healthy for you but it could explain your sloth ways...

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 5 days ago

Or maybe I get sleepy after the effect of the tea has passed.

And yes, the domain has transferred. Ken had to hit a "transfer" button (he and I thought that was going to happen automatically). I've got a bill sitting in my mailbox already.

Meanwhile, I riding my bike to work, minding my own business. I'm passing the final crossing before the office, when some crazy women comes at me from the right, screaming and cursing and yelling that "traffic from right comes first" and that I don't know the traffic laws.

I'm quite certain those rules of priority are not for when you've already crossed, but hey.

Cranky folk are best ignored.

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Well now you need to stop buying all those three ninja t-shirts and pay that bill! *evil laughter*

Over here if you yell at someone for almost killing you in their car they will simply get out of their car and walk up to you and shoot you point blank!

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 4 days ago

They're just making sure you're actually dead.

Speaking of crooks: KennyDoes, Fanku, KZ, KBD, Teekuemu, KOPERU, peko & R-Shitei - Travolta Custom [link]. I had a serious hard time parsing that title, it's phonetic English but good luck figuring that out.

Anyways, good beat. Good flow. Well, except that screaming KZ fellow.

// craeonics / 239 weeks and 3 days ago

Not bad for Asian Loco... And again, I'm having a dry spell due to work sucking the life force out of me.

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 3 days ago

Meanwhile on this side Broederliefde with a tacky joke: Broederliefde - Hoelang [link]

I had to do a double take when I saw the name of the Chinese guy. Basically "hoe lang" (how long) and "Hu Lang" (a Chinese name) are pronounced the same, so from that you get the awful joke "How Long is a Chinese", which I first heard when I was like eight or something. Rather bad form from these guys.

Song itself is hmm...

// craeonics / 239 weeks and 2 days ago

I keep watching atleast one episode each night when I get home of Vikings and then the theme song is in my dreams all night long: [link]

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmmm, that song you dropped is Mmmmm (got my ears all excited)

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm sitting here waiting for that song to start... Not exactly an exciting one. Nor very vikingy... And it's a cover version.

They missed a perfectly good opportunity to start with some Falkenbach [link] (random pick), although perhaps that one is a bit too hard on the synths.

// craeonics / 239 weeks and 2 days ago

They are playing a lot of the Viking tunes throughout the battles and when they are on the ocean traveling to explore and raid etc but some of the tunes are hit and miss. I'm totally hooked at this point, if I could do nothing but watch the episodes all day and night I'd be just fine with that! Cept, today is Dentist appt for checkup and teeth cleaning, shopping and laundry, dishes so no Viking stuffezzz for now...

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 1 day ago

Unless your dentist plays viking tunes.

Mine plays classical music, for some reason. Says he finds it calming.

// craeonics / 239 weeks and 23 hours ago

I get to pick a movie! He has a screen on the wall when the chair is upright and a screen on the ceiling when the chair is reclined. I'm serious and not kidding at all. It's totally awesome, and it completely takes my mind off having strangers poking around in my mouth (cuz I do NOT like going but never miss my appts since I do like keeping all my teeth)

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This little girl totally amazes me: [link]

IF we are still around in 12 years and have not annihilated our earth by then we will see her face doodle on google...

It amazes me that a little girl speaks more sense then all the adults in power. unbelievable.

When I was a little girl I remember having to stand in front of the class and do an oral presentation on what I seen for the future (I was so nervous and scared, my very first oral presentation, was at the cartoon age) all the other little kids gave their oral presentations talking about cartoon visions and action hero stories etc.

I get up there in front of the class and tell them we will be having to pay for water in bottle like we do for soda and will need oxygen tanks to breathe filtered air because the air will be so bad. I'm so old this was before we paid for water.

I remember the teachers and my classmates all stopped talking and it got silent and serious and then everyone began to laugh at me.

(jokes on them now)

// Doreen / 239 weeks and 18 hours ago

You didn't pay for water? Did your parents dig a well and got it from there or something?

The thing with this girl that gets attention is that she's young. She's also blunt and driven, but if she were older, she would not nearly get the attention she gets now.

And it will have zero effect, since the way these things go is that people don't change their habits until they themselves are affected by it. Or in corporation cases, if there's profit to be made.

Or as we say over here, "(only) after the calf has drowned the well gets filled" (als het kalf verdronken is dempt men de put).

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 6 days ago

We paid the water bill so water would pour out the sink and shower etc but selling water in bottles like it was some kind of special soda or energy drink was not common like it is today, back then when years passed and then you first began to see ppl selling water in a bottle everyone was screaming how ridiculous it was, you probably were not even born yet so you have always seen water being sold like soda.

What is nuts to be and crazy about that saying you guys have over there is that absolutely nobody is getting it? Pretty soon we will not have a well to fill and pretty soon there will be no existence to spend the money everyone is chasing in life? How ignorant can people be as smart as they claim to be, the problem is they spend so much time in offices working they forget the planet and dirt underneath their offices!

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 6 days ago

If I recall correctly that part of the world around you is so dry that big forest fires are a common thing these days. But people don't care as long as they get to water their lawn.

Crazy tune of the day: Tones and I - Dance Monkey [link]. Rather awful track, but that video especially is such a train wreck that you keep watching.

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 5 days ago

I guess they are common but I'm not sure how many forest are left to burn pretty soon, anyways, I'm not in the mood for a headache thinking about this crazy world.

/me goes check out your crazy link instead...

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 5 days ago

Sorry that is one train wreck I can't watch (the cloths they are wearing alone is too much to bear!)

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 5 days ago

Not much you can do, aside from not running that airco all the time.

And yes, that video is watch once and never again.

I've discovered why JP the Wavy songs are always so short.

Considering this new one: JP the Wavy ft. OZworld - Good people good coffee [link]. The melody and beat are fine on their own, but three minutes of this on repeat with no changes is just too much.

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 4 days ago

Decent beats not bad but I was wondering where was his grillzz? hehe

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 4 days ago

I had to post this one (which is a good ole beat)


// Doreen / 238 weeks and 4 days ago

That Smelly track works well if you set the playback speed to 1.25x. Otherwise it's just too slow. If you put it to 2x and add song drums, it's bubbling.

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 3 days ago

Add _some_ drums that is.

These typos are getting weirder and weirder.

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 3 days ago

Hurray, hurray, a new video from my favourite former trio: Shanti Shanti Shanti [link]. Best one of the five videos from the upcoming album. Not that that is an archievement, because of the previous four only two were somewhat decent.

Anyways, this one has an Indian vibe, in the singing, in the melody, in the instrumentation, in the lyrics (shanti = peace in Hindi) and in the choreo. And yet there are still culturally challenged out there that think it's "Middle Eastern"...

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, do they even know who they are at all? That is beyond nuts (all of it) and you! hehe

What in the world do you see in that! But, to each his own...

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm listening to all the news about our President over here trying very hard to get himself impeached or at least testing the limitations of what he can get away with! hehe!

Trump is totally unbelievable and how he got to be president is testimony to how crazy this world really is. If you only could hear the news on this side right now it's hilarious...

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 2 days ago

And that said from someone who hates politics, but this news is more entertaining then Netflix right now!

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 2 days ago

And the sad fact is that nothing is going to happen because his party has a majority in the senate and they'd rather keep some idiot of their own in power, regardless of behaviour or damage, than risk losing that power in an election. So they value the good of the party over the good of the country.

Meanwhile, new music: Abbath - Hecate [link]. At first I was thinking "Abbath looks weird these days", but then it dawned upon me that's a woman (the bassist), and the Abbath crabwalks in...

// craeonics / 238 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm not too sure what will happen but he is definitely pushing the boundaries of what he can do and get away with, this will be interesting and it only seems to be making the worse of humankind be exposed during this process...

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 19 hours ago

What!? No Asian music vid? Now I'm confused that is what you used to listen to back in the day...

// Doreen / 238 weeks and 19 hours ago

People used to joke that all these black metal guys are skinny, but Abbath looks like Meatloaf these days. Or that drunk uncle at family gatherings. For example this interview from three months ago: [link]

Did I hear someone request "Asian music vids".

Here's a new duo: Mada Mita Koto no nai Sekai ft. Yuzukingdom - Escape [link], featuring a singer who cannot sing. But given what I've been listening to for decades, I'm used to bad vocals.

So I was watching this and a few seconds in I though "I know that guitar from somewhere, isn't that..." and yes, it's Mitsuru, formerly of Bridear. She used to write most of Bridear's music, so I'm curious what she's up to these days.

Long story short: album ordered, even if the singing is no good.

// craeonics / 237 weeks and 6 days ago

At least he still has his hair so that is good for him...

Ack! Too early in the morning for me to stomach growling Asian girls.

/me goes wake up and get busy in my day.

// Doreen / 237 weeks and 6 days ago

There's no way that at his age... lemmesee... 46... Wait, what, only 46? What the hell...

Anyways, he should be having grey hairs at his age, so I'm sure he dyes it.

Speaking of growling, it's yer boys Amon Amarth - Shield Wall [link]. Bit of an odd title. The whole song seems a bit uninspired.

// craeonics / 237 weeks and 5 days ago

Guys sometimes start losing their hair in their early 30's so if he is 46 and has his hair still that is actually pretty good.

Hmm, as for that Amon Amarth they ripped my show Vikings! They still sound pretty good though...

// Doreen / 237 weeks and 5 days ago

/me is currently listening to Dexter "Meowww, Owwww, Meowww, Owwww" which translates into get me my grub and get it nowww!

// Doreen / 237 weeks and 5 days ago

Or it can mean "pet me".

Or "I just left you a present in the litter box" (yes, I know, I can smell it).

Back to music, does she remind you of Lady Gaga or is that just me: Ava Max - Torn [link]. It's the voice, the appearance and the weird videos.

// craeonics / 237 weeks and 4 days ago

She does and alot of ppl actually go under the knife to look like their favorite celebrity so maybe she did? Same ole same ole over here I think I listen to 2-3 tunes before I get annoyed at the fact that there is nothing at all new on this side of the ocean...

// Doreen / 237 weeks and 4 days ago

There's always new stuff out there.

Or crazy stuff: J-Rexxx ft. Pizzalove - Galfy [link]. Sometimes I can't tell if a video is sincere or a parody. This one is really skirting along the edge.

// craeonics / 237 weeks and 3 days ago

Crazy indeed, but not as crazy as my brother who is currently in China! (Don't ask) but from the vids me and my Mom are seeing it looks pretty crowded over there yuk! I still cannot believe he never made it to the place he had his heart set on which was Italy (and at the rate he is going I doubt he will ever make it)

No knew tunes over here nothing fresh at all but I got a 6 month gift for Spotify so I will be checking that out to see what I come across and what that is all about.

// Doreen / 236 weeks and 6 days ago

Yes, I thought your brother was returning to the "motherland". How did he suddenly end up in China of all places.

Anyways, I flick on YouTube on my TV and the app complains my internet is down. The internet was ofcourse not down, it was their bloody ET-phone-home server every smart TV app call at startup that was down...

Meanwhile, TV was playing commercials left and right. Terrible, terrible.

Some new music that may be to your liking: Apocalyptica - Ashes of the Modern World [link]. These guys from Finland first rose to fame decades back when they played Metallica songs completely on cellos (big violin things).

This song is instrumental as well. I keep waiting for some vocals to spice it up a bit, but alas.

// craeonics / 236 weeks and 5 days ago

I've no idea dutchy, my Mom says it could be due to all the high fevers he had as a child (I think it's due to a mid life crisis)

He divorced his wife then when he jumped out of the frying pan and back into the fire and got married again only to leave wife #2 over here and jump on a plan to China! I think he is tryingggg to find happiness but that is something you need to find within "yourself" (or as in my case, a new fresh smelling leather purse)

Anyways, me goes check out your tune...

// Doreen / 236 weeks and 5 days ago

Hmmm, dark, moody, eerie, unpredictable, theatrical, exciting? Yeah, it was to my liking, but it could have used some female vocals somewhere in there?

But then again it seemed perfect as is...

// Doreen / 236 weeks and 5 days ago

Your brother is going for wife #3 and then ex-wife #3.

Meanwhile, the latest former-three-ninjas album has shipped. Official release date is the 11th, so they're a bit early (and this is the official UK shop, the orders from Japan have yet to ship).

But then again, these shipments from the UK are always without tracking for some reason (I thought I paid for the extra deluxe shipping, but apparently no tracking on that). And it would not be the first time a package vanishes along the way...

// craeonics / 236 weeks and 4 days ago

My brother is a bit crazy. I jumped off his roller coaster a year ago and said go bug Mom with your madness cuz I can no longer deal with you and your craziness. Though I feel sad about that my stress level went down a bit.

Anyways, back to you and your Asian fetishes, isn't there a way to add "insurance" so that if the package gets lost you can get reimbursed or something? Most business will replace the item by default if it gets lost but not sure what you are dealing with over there.

// Doreen / 236 weeks and 1 day ago

If limited stuff gets lost in transit and they tell you to wait three months in case it might still turn up, you're plain out of luck.

As for your brother, he makes his own decisions. His cross to bear, so to speak.

Found a long (2cm) tooth on the couch a few days ago. Obvious suspect is one of the cats. First I though such a long tooth could not possibly come from the mouth of such a small cat. But then I somehow managed to look into her mouth and it appears she suddenly has no teeth in her upper jaw.

Very odd.

It does not disturb her as much as it does me. For her it seems to be business as usual. Except that she smacks her tongue loudly now.

// craeonics / 236 weeks and 23 hours ago

First off, not sure what cm is but if that is inches that is a thing of nightmares! Secondly, that sounds beyond disturbing and now I have questions and concerns in my head:

1. What happened to all her/his other teeth? Did the cat bury them, eat them, or did the cat tooth fairy take them all away and leave cat treats under her/his pillow?

2. How is that cat eating without teeth!?

3. How old is that cat!?

/me goes run off to look inside Dexter's mouth for the very first time to check out his teeth!

// Doreen / 236 weeks and 18 hours ago

Former stray cat from a trailer park, so age and previous history unknown. She still has the teeth in her lower jaw and I suspect all the molars are still there.

And she's eating just fine, even dry food.

If I were to lose a tooth, you wouldn't hear the end of it.

// craeonics / 235 weeks and 6 days ago

Me too I think we have our teeth for a good reason, but it's amazing that animals don't have dentist appts nor Doctor appts like we do and they seem to make it to the finish line just fine...

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 6 days ago

They also don't live as long as us. If I recall correctly one prime factor in tooth decay is too much sugar in food.

New ghetto tunes: DJ Bullset ft. Asura Mic, Jin Dogg & Dogma - Pack [link]. This is so bad it wraps around and becomes good again. Especially the tall guy who sounds like he recorded his vocals in the shower.

// craeonics / 235 weeks and 5 days ago

hehe oh boy dutchy, my brain cannot even process that it's just toooo weird...

Nothing much on this side of the Ocean and of course work is still sucking the life out of me.

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 4 days ago

All work and no play...

Meanwhile on this end, some guy or club or whatever (I don't actually know) over here sued the government about their environmental policy. This went all the way to the highest civil which ruled that the government policy is ineffective and they have to act now. One area in particular what nitrooxice exhausts that happen in industries, construction and (livestock) farming.

As a result some ten thousand construction operations have been halted.

So the goverment has to act and they did the math and concluded that the farmers are responsible for 60% of the problem and should downscale.

Result: angry farmers that hopped into their tractors en masse and came over to protest. So this afternoon there was a long parade of loudly honking tractors passing along the office, clogging part of the inner city.

Anyways, I was thinking of ordering some stuff and hopefully getting that tomorrow, but with these shenanigans going on I'm not sure if it will get delivered before my weekend starts.

// craeonics / 235 weeks and 3 days ago

is not good for the soul...

Well whether or not that shenanigans is going on you still obviously should not be sure if you will get your delivery! It's always hit and miss getting your deliveries so I doubt that will have little effect on the outcome. hehe!

Anyways, I've got three days off so my soul is well for now!

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 2 days ago

It was raining cats and dogs, so the farmers called it a day and went home.

One mind wonder what kind of stuff these guys listen to. It's things like this: Snollebollekes - Links Rechts [link]. Some footage from two weeks ago: [link] (on the way to an earliest protest).

// craeonics / 235 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay now, I wake up extremely dark in the morning, too dark for that happy thingie or whatever that first link is, and I don't mean the kind of dark it is outside at 4:30am.

/me goes check out your second link...

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 1 day ago

Andddd, I did happen to find that second link quite amusing. The very fact that they were in sync with the dancing tractors gets an A+ from me! You Dutch are completely insane (but in a goed way)

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 1 day ago

Snollebollekes only works while intoxicated. The "links rechts" thing is, er, a thing over here: [link]

Now that you mention dark, caught this one last night: Camila Cabello - Shameless [link]. The vocals are a bit grating (probably intentionally, going by the lyrics), but there's a seriously dark bassline going on there. Skip to 0:55 if you just want to hear that part.

// craeonics / 235 weeks and 23 hours ago

hehe! Awesome, though I cannot see myself doing that it looks like they were having fun (I'm a stick in the mud, hard for me to jump on board and let loose like that)

And I cannot imagine that you talk like that dutchy, I suppose since I am only used to you talking to me this way. hehe!

/me goes check out that second link...

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 15 hours ago

Hmm, strange I know her but that tune must have gotten by me? Awesome tune! All of it...

I've been listening to my Spotify lately but again nothing but the same tunes over and over again, I must venture out to new channels or something.

// Doreen / 235 weeks and 15 hours ago

Good thing then that I don't talk like that. That's some rural accent from the South East.

Was annoying the colleagues with old music last week and came across a track I had not heard before: Skitta - Loesoe [link] (2012). I could say this guy seems to have fallen off the planet, but one could ask if he ever was here to begin with. Genre is Koduro, rather fast Caribbean music.

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 6 days ago

Genre is "kuduro", not "koduro". I can't read early in the morning... Wait, it's past noon already...

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 6 days ago

Never heard of that dude (that frame around the vid was torture)

I don't know how you get away with sleeping in that late, even on my off days my biological clock wakes me up at 4:30am every day (course at 1:00pm I'm ready for bed again)

/me goes get busy with the laundry...

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm nightbreed. I wake up late and go to bed late. Then again, I have to get up "early" during work days, to be in the office at nine (theoretically, I usually arrive at 9:40).

Right now I'm in hell. I have two internet lines and the one the TV is on has been down all evening. No YouTube today...

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 5 days ago

Whatchu talkin bout Willis!? You arrive at 9:40? Do you own that business? I'm up at 4:30am everyday and at my work desk at 6:00am working.

Today however, I'm teleworking (something our Dept is barely getting on board with)

/me is confused why anyone needs to have two internet lines but I suppose having a second one as a backup can be a good thing (then again alot of good it is if your YouTube is not working?)

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 3 days ago

When I started working here, there were four bosses. And the eldest and most senior of the lost said: "I don't care how late you show up, as long as it's before ten o' clock and you make your eight hours a day".

Now, bosses come and go, and some disagree on this, but I still fulfill my hours, so they don't complain.

I've got two lines because the cable provider said, "we'll throw in internet and voip for ten quid extra per month". That's quite a bargain, because if I were have this with their normal subscriptions I'd pay twice as much.

I don't want to be dependent on a single line, so this is the backup line. First downtime in 416 days though.

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 3 days ago

Eight hours a day? and you only work a four day week? What in the world!??? Over here if you want your Fridays off you have to do the 4/40 work schedule which is 10 hour days! They are complete slave drivers over here!!!

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 3 days ago

Plus the Division I work for is like none of the other Divisions in my Department since we are a technical Division and handle monitoring they work 24/7 so being the Secretary of this Div means I get help me, help me around the clock 24/7 though I am on the 4/40 so I'm having the life sucked out of me. If I was getting paid OT it might help a bit but I'm not!

As for today though I'm a happy camper I really really missed telecommuting and it feels like some sort of relief and it's more tolerable (for today anyway)

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 3 days ago

Every time you mention "quid" I think of a squid (I've no clue the value of a quid dutchy) hehe!

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 3 days ago

*cough* I also have twenty days off each year plus national holidays *cough*

/me runs

/me comes back

In fact, I have next week off. I've been sneezing continuously the past three weeks, so may that will finally clear up now (or get worse).

"Quid" is how Brits talk about money. The US analog would be somthing like "bucks".

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 2 days ago

So that would mean 10 bucks a month you pay for internet? I have to pay $200.00 per month now for my cable & internet! Boy things sure are different over there.

And the fact that you can actually get to work and back via bike is unbelievable.

Over here like I said you must really have a car if you work to get around. The drive to Los Angeles from where I live is approx 45 mins or so but during rush hours it is literally 2 hours each way so with a 10 hour work day you are looking at 14 hours combined it's Insane. (Hence why I declined a few offers that have come in for promotions a few months back the money is not worth the hassle of the commute to LA)

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 2 days ago

Plus you show up for work at almost 10:00am.

/me kicks the hell out of you!!!!!

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 2 days ago

Fortunately virtual kicks won't work until we get haptic feedback devices everywhere.

It isn't all flowers and rainbows over here (forgot the correct wording of that saying).

For example, it's a very crowded country. My house is 70m2 (~750 square feet in Doreen units) and I basically have boxes with books everywhere. But with housing prices going through the roof, I simply cannot buy anything bigger (if prices would have remained roughly the same over the past ten year, that would have been possible).

Now I look over on your end and there's endless suburbs where even the poorest of the poor live in a freestanding house with a garden around. Granted, the garden is a mess, and the construction of the house is shoddy (you can't punch holes in walls over here), but overall there's much more space.

Then again, normal people don't have as many books as I have. For the average bloke, 70m2 is perhaps plenty.

Song to go with suburbs: Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia [link] (1986).

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm not certain if I will remain here in Cali I'm leaving it to fate, the way the rents are climbing I might move out of State to Oregon eventually where I can pitch a tent in a forest if I have to! hehe

The property over there is more affordable and you get more bang for your buck and it's less crowded but it's beginning to change over there quickly so by the time I can quit my job and move it may no longer be attainable for me. (not much in life you can actually plan for these days)

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 1 day ago

/me goes float around in this day: [link]

// Dor_worship / 234 weeks and 1 day ago

I'm predicting that song starts with a tingle tangle piano... Ah, no, it starts with a pling plong guitar. The tingle tangle piano comes in a bit later. All these songs are basically Coldplay's Clocks [link] in the remix, which makes you wonder who did it first.

I'm cursed with yet another kids birthday party today.

I look forward to sitting in circle with various family and non-family members and hear the same boring stories about three times at least.

This day is lost.

// craeonics / 234 weeks and 23 hours ago

I don't know anyone on earth that attends more birthday parties than you! Unless I am physically pulled and dragged off to one I won't attend.

As for Coldplay's Clocks tune that is my most favoritest tune ever I could listen to it forever and love every single remix I ever listed to of it.

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 11 hours ago

/me goes back to that link of yours and listen to it yet again as if it were the very first time! Love that tune...

// Doreen / 234 weeks and 11 hours ago

All those worship tunes of yours are (stylistic) rehashes of that particular song. It's very strange.

I think I'm done with birthday hell for the rest of the year. There's still three left (aunt, cousin, brother in law), but I'm skipping all of 'em. Soon December will roll in with family holiday hell.

// craeonics / 233 weeks and 6 days ago

Totally unbelievable how fast this year went right? The way time is speeding up each year it's like someone stuck the vid in fast forward and won't turn it off! hehe

But then again "time" probably has nothing to do with where our focus should be.

Super windy outside today and the temp dropped about 20 degrees or more since yesterday! Awesome! And I'm listening to my neighbors wind chime (which always sounds good)

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 6 days ago

The wind and deep sounding wind chimes, both have no direction or pattern in sound and both unpredictable and soothing. (yes, today is deep thinking day)

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 6 days ago

"Doreen" and "thinking" sure is an odd combination.

I used to have a big wind chime outside. Made just one little mistake, I hung it on the outside of the balcony, so everyone could see it. Within a few hours I had an angry old hag from down the block at my front door, yelling at me.

// craeonics / 233 weeks and 5 days ago

I find it much healthier to "not" think, less stress, but sometimes it can't be helped.

You should have slammed the door in the angry old hags face she has no business telling you what to hang around your property.

When I first moved in I had to deal with my nasty old man neighbor who was poking his nose in my business when I was getting my landscape done. Apparently he was concerned that I might get the wrong plants that would eventually grow onto his property line, now he finally spoke (or tried to) and said that it looks nice.

I don't care to deal with everyone's craziness anymore, I've no time to beg to be friendly to them on their good mood days.

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 4 days ago

I would have ignored the angry old hag if she wasn't ringing my doorbell non-stop. And I have a really annoying doorbell. If that doorbell was easy to replace with something less annoying, I would have done so a long time ago. But alas, it seems to be rather hardwired.

I have the week off, so I not much new music going on. YouTube thinks it's prudent to shove a three minute kitchen company add in my face when I want to watch a video...

// craeonics / 233 weeks and 3 days ago

You never think of me! You could have mailed me out that wind chime, I would have used it. I still need to get one but I'm so picky, I like only certain deep sounding wind chimes not the light metal clingy clangy ones. (besides my neighbor has a pretty decent one)

I'm taking the day off today, fires all over Cali right now the wind is blowing smoke and fire everywhere and I cannot swallow or breath it's so smokey outside.

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, perfect tune for today! Oldie but still goed! [link]

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 2 days ago

If I'd played that stuff at work, I'd get shifty eyes.

My wind chime is made from bamboo, so it has that typical hollow bamboo sound, like: [link]. And suddenly my recommendations get filled with "relaxing" and "meditation" stuff...

/me goes clean up some spam and do computer help duty for my mother

// craeonics / 233 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, no wonder the old hagg came ringing your bell! (Those bamboo wind chimes are made to keep the peace with the neighbors)

This is my kind of wind chime: [link]

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 1 day ago

Or better yet!!! Check this one out, surely most of your neighbors would go crazy. But this would be my fav wind chime of all time!


// Doreen / 233 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG! Listen from 20:36 on... That is just insanely beautiful!


// Doreen / 233 weeks and 1 day ago

You mean to say you listened to twenty minutes of that.

This metally sound reminds me of the gamelans (Indonesian music instrument) used in my favourite boss battle music [link] (Secret of Mana, 1993). Comments are proving useful for once and tell me the music style it is based on is called Kecak [link]

// craeonics / 233 weeks and 22 hours ago

Strange, not sure why people always feel the need to gather in groups to chant or worship? Always makes me feel uncomfortable? I think it's more of a "personal" thing to do?

Anyways, to each his/her own...

// Doreen / 233 weeks and 16 hours ago

Man is a social animal, gathering in flocks is what it does.

That's why the lone drifter living in the wilderness is always seen as an oddity.

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 6 days ago

Well then I must be a total freak in this society, I can't pretend to go along with the madness when I don't feel the same way as the herd.

At any rate I do have to do chores & work as the herd does so we do have "some" things in common.

// Doreen / 232 weeks and 6 days ago

Meanwhile, winter time (the original time) is upon us.

I don't think I've ever had the week off during one of these adjustments. Was looking out the window last week and noticed the sun started setting at four (!!) and was under by five thirty. And there's still a month and a half to go to the shortest day of the year.

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 5 days ago

I awoke at 3:30am ready to get up for work, don't even get me started about this thing where they juggle the time around. The good thing is that this is my favorite time of year! (I only hate summer)

// Doreen / 232 weeks and 5 days ago

3:30 is criminal. I would not survive that.

Some happy music to go with all this darkness: Jonas Brothers - Only Human [link]. I always have the impression this is some long running boyband or something. But this particular song has a decent Reggae melody going on.

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 4 days ago

Not bad at all (but anything with decent Reggae flavor added is good to me as well)

As for the Jonas Brothers, this guy is responsible for keeping them alive for so long:


// Doreen / 232 weeks and 4 days ago

I do wonder where I know there name from.

/me checks wiki...

It's very odd. I've known their name for a long time, but they don't seem to have any hits around these parts. So why do I know them?

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 3 days ago

So I was taking a stroll through nostalgia fields and going through a bunch of old bookmarks to see what I could clean up and what was even still around, and apparently this site is one of the very few remaining functional spots left over from those skinning glory days. Sorry to interrupt the real topic of this thread, but it was the most recently active. I'm actually enjoying this little trip down memory lane -- cheers to all of you who actually remember those times.

// regener8ed / 232 weeks and 3 days ago

Dutchy! Quick grab a cup of tea for our guest! /me wipes the spider webs off the sofa!

As old as I am now I seem to remember your nickname regener8ed.

Anyways, glad you dropped by the old SkinCastle: A SkinCastle is an old skinnerz castle roamed by ghost skinnerz.

// Doreen / 232 weeks and 3 days ago

Nothing but skeletons and ghosts here.

This reminds me that I need to go clean up the links in the left column (and didge that links page I've haven't even started filling yet, and it's been around for over fifteen years).

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 2 days ago

Now, in sadder news. If you recall that Tengger Cavalry tune I posted some five months back, [link].

I was annoying the colleagues with some of his earlier stuff today (they can't handle throat singing) and read the YouTube comments.

Turns out the guy was found dead in his apartment a month later (June 13th). He was 29. Cause of death was unmentioned, but he did have a history of depression and felt betrayed by the music industry, due to an earlier deal gone bad.

Such a waste. I liked all the tunes I've heard of him. So much talent lost.

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 2 days ago

You mean the Asian growler? Probably was harakiri shame (depression is probably the #1 killer in the world)

Anyways that band kicks a** what a shame (hopefully the rest of them can find another vocalist to keep going)

As for my weekend I have a hot date with this dutch stuffezzz:


// Doreen / 232 weeks and 2 days ago

Looks like the link is weird up there but it's called Redbad:

Redbad is a 2018 Dutch drama film directed by Roel Reiné.[3] It is based on the life of Redbad, the medieval king of Frisia. The film was intended as the middle part of a trilogy about iconic Dutch heroes, starting with the film Michiel de Ruyter about 17th century admiral Michiel de Ruyter and ending with a film about William of Orange.[4]

Can't wait to jump on that!

// Doreen / 232 weeks and 2 days ago

Tengger Cavalry was a one-guy project, who assembled a band to back him up. More practically speaking, I need to see if I can get my hands on his albums. If he was self publishing, that's going to be hard.

I've never heard of that Redbad movie. What I do read about it says it cost seven million to make and only made 480k.

Historically speaking I've never heard of any of this either, and I studied History... The focus is usually more on how the present world came to be (which I think is a shame). Medieval history classes tend to focus on church history.

// craeonics / 232 weeks and 1 day ago

Hopefully you can find more of his albums, he was quite good! (I liked it too)

As for that Redbad movie, I finally got around to watching it last night (sooo many movies and soooo lil time) anyways, it was totally strange and very hard to put my finger on it. Movie was made to be epic and had all the bells and whistles of an epic movie however, the movie was almost three hours long (too long) the epic music (though they tried very hard) it did not either work for the scenes or the timing was off for the scenes so something was majorly wrong there and that felt like the main issue to me. It lacked soul another words it had all the right components but it was not put together right, whoever directed it lacked being in tune with the movie itself (I think)

// Doreen / 232 weeks and 16 hours ago

I read that after the movie bombed, they reworked it into a four episode series. But even with that, I had never heard of it until you mentioned it. They must have done some seriously bad promotion on it.

New music time. On my nightly YouTube travels ("Time for bed, but let's see if there's new music out first", fast forward two hours), I stumbled on the craziest stuff.

You're going to hate it.

So for you, here's Coldplay's new video: Orphans [link]

And for me: Kindan no Tasuketsu - Flashing Light (Neubaten Time) [link]. Rather hard to pin down. It seems to be one guy, with some friends and an ever revolving cast of young girls fronting the project (in this case a guest singer). Videos always follow the vaporwave aesthetic, meaning lots of seemingly randomly sampled stuff and lots of glitches and distortion. Musically it fits in with that vaporwave, future funk, city pop stuff (80s sounding stuff with glitches), combined with god awful whisper singing (par for the course in Japan).

Or in other words, it's so bad, I love it.

At the end of the video she holds up an Einstürzende Neubaten record, this one [link] (1985), which is an expirimental German band from the early 80s, so not sure if this was a homage or a cover.

I'm going to play it at work. Let's see how long they can handle it.

// craeonics / 231 weeks and 6 days ago

I doubt promoting that flick had anything to do with it flopping, I still think it had more with the epic music, it seemed to take away from the movie rather then enhance it. (something was terribly wrong there)

/me goes check out your links and read the rest of that book you wrote!

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 6 days ago

I think I miss his simpler fantasy feel tunes from back in his earlier days such as this: [link]

Now, the question is do I dare click on that other link you said I will hate?

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope can't handle that at all. *shivers* yuk!

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 6 days ago

Okay last link? Teeth and scratchy simbol thingie just looks like someone with Schizophrenia had something to do with that design? *shivers again*

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 6 days ago

If we were to go to a fancy restaurant, you'd order mashed potatoes...

I was looking into getting the most recent Tengger Cavalry albums. They're on BandCamp (online shop for indie artists), but only as downloads. I don't do downloads. I want a physical copy.

On the other hand, BandCamp stuff always has a "download as FLAC" option, which means lossless compression and at least CD quality and the albums are like $4 (the guy lived in the US). So maybeee, hmm...

Speaking of CDs, I finally sat down to rip my favourite former trio's latest album. I had low expectations of this album, given the new songs that were already released as singles and played at concerts. The Japanese version has sixteen tracks, which is two more than the international version, and is released as two discs.

Disc one is the "light" side and is ho hum, very pop/rock and not much metal going on. Only one good song basically.

Disc two is the "dark" side and has the two killer tracks I expected, but I got a pleasant surprise when I heard the bonus track on that disc: BxMxC [link]. It's so far out there, completely different from anything they've done before and by far the heaviest track on the album.thing.

// craeonics / 231 weeks and 5 days ago

Nothing wrong with mashed potatoes but nope, I'd order something a bit more expensive. hehe! (specially if you were paying just to be evil)

I need to see what else that guy did out of curiosity but shame he killed himself. What a waste of talent...

I keep hearing this girl (I love her voice) [link]

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 4 days ago

Halsey gets lots of airplay on this end (on MTV that is). For instance, this song [link]

New music time: Bridear - Ghoul [link]. Video to go with new album due in December.

Their previous release was a big step in the wrong direction and three of five original members have left the past two year, so I have very low expectations. This video only confirms that. It starts of well enough, but Kimi seems to be singing a completely different song and it all comes grinding to a halt.

// craeonics / 231 weeks and 3 days ago

Doesn't she have a synthesized type voice (and that's her voice!) very cool voice, so unique.

OMG, Kimi? So you are on a first name basis now? hehe!

I don't like it too commercial still...

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 3 days ago

Synthesized type voice? There are plenty of singers who sound like Halsey...

Some more Tengger Cavalry: Cian Bi (Fight your darkness) [link]. One of the more heavier songs.

I'm going to say again that it's a bloody shame he's dead. Guy was responding to the comments, unlike most other artists. Ofcourse whether it is wise to pay attention to YouTube comments...

// craeonics / 231 weeks and 2 days ago

It is a bloody shame, that is some grungy good stuffezzz! Anyways me goes back to all the horribleness going on over here, another school shooting (two kids dead) and our president getting impeached.

Now I know why I fell in love with Netflix.

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 1 day ago

Some times people are so stubborn that they can only continue in the direction they are moving in, even if that leads not only to their doom, but also that of those around them.

And then there's those that are waiting for some magical creature to come or return and take them to the promised land (at which point I should go play Joe Smooth). Or in other worlds, so focussed on what may be that they disregard what they have.

Anyways, some recent mainstream stuff with some interesting things going on, before I forget:

Dominic Fike - 3 Nights [link]. Apparently already sevens months old, but I only heard it first this week. Quite a deep bass for such a song.

Selena Gomez - Look at her now [link]. Hmm, let's just say she does not have the face to pull the hair back like that. Especially with those weird tufts of hair going on. And the thing that she's 27 but looks 14... People usually grow out of that.

Anyways, the beats are quite decent. They've got some good producers these days.

// craeonics / 231 weeks and 23 hours ago

Magical creature? hehe! As for me, I don't think I fall into either of those categories.

I simply believe that God created everything. (It's just stupid to think that nothing created everything) I'm not sure what God looks like but it's obviously not physical but more energy, spiritual and perfect. I know nothing other then that and was born feeling that way so nothing was taught or injected into me by anyone here on earth so that's my story and I'm sticking to it (cuz I don't even know how not to) Plus I only hope it does not hurt when I check out (cuz I seriously don't like pain)

/me goes check out your crazy links...

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 16 hours ago

As for your first link, tune is goed but for some reason it give me reggae vibes but then not really? so that is strange.

As for Selena, I never know what to think about her it's always hit and miss so I can never say I like her or dislike her (she is a bit luke warm for my taste)

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 16 hours ago

As you know dis be more My Type: [link]

Bangin hard sounds going on...

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 16 hours ago

Seems that hard deep bass always scratches the right part of my ear drums: [link]

// Doreen / 231 weeks and 16 hours ago

That Saweetie song is just Petey Pablo with different lyrics. I'm not sure if they are still doing that crunk stuff. Haven't heard anything from Lil Jon in ages.

As for the bass boosted song, this is not a good mix. It distorts the song, makes it sound unbalanced.

Anyways, I'm fairly certain the apartment below me is vacant. My idiot downstairs neighbour sold the place to some rental company years ago when he moved out and there's been Polish season workers living there ever since.

That is, until the last tenants left overnight some months ago. The were there before the weekend. They were gone after the weekend. I was at home the entire weekend and I did not hear a thing, but from the looks of it, the entire house is empty.

Now, then why do I hear doors closing every now and then?

And yesterday I heard someone or something skulk about the place.

This calls for Burzum - Stemme fra Taarnet [link] (1992), which has these lyrics (roughly translated): a voice was heard / from the tower / where no-one dwells / beyond the forest / where nothing lives.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 6 days ago

Possibly a cat or squatter as we call them over here that know when a house is vacant and they sneak in late at night to sleep etc.

As for your Burzum that still sounds like an insane person venting his frustrations at him being alive...

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 6 days ago

This morning when I was in my sauna I caught something intriguing (only watched the first episode) but it looks good so I've now traveled to Japan! Check this out, you might like it:


// Doreen / 230 weeks and 6 days ago

Electronics is the sauna? How does this work?

/me ain't got no Netflix, but it sounds like a movie that uses a foreign country as a means to portray alienation ("alone abroad").

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 5 days ago

It works like this: My sauna has bluetooth. TV is mounted on wall across from the Sauna and when I jump inside the sauna and turn the TV on it connects via bluetooth and then the sound plays inside the sauna while I watch it through the glass door (same for my tunes)

I got my own sauna because I'm hooked on using a sauna and when I was going to the gym they only had co-ed one, guys & girls (which basically feels like you are taking a shower with strangers) I did that for years but now having my own it's sheer heaven I'd never go back to that mess at the gym.

The Japan thing I was watching ended up being ridiculous unfortunately.

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 5 days ago

You're in sunny California and apparently that is not hot enough already.

Meanwhile my ISP has sent me both an email and a letter saying that my modem does not function properly (it runs like a charm) and is not able to get optimum speed (yet I max out the line). So they're sending me a new modem.

And then the line that intrigues me: they say I do not have to stay at home to receive it.

Right, so how is that modem going to enter my house then?

Someone just did ring my bell and when I looked out of the window I saw a delivery truck scoot off, but who knows what that was all about.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 4 days ago

I know, and even stranger is I despise heat but it's just different when you are in a sauna and mentally anticipating heat vs having your cloths and makeup on and fighting the heat. I melt all my stress off in the sauna (plus it's just good for you)

Sounds like your ISP is after your wallet. My bill went up to $197.00 per month so I went down there over the weekend and returned the cable boxes, DVR and shut off my silver package and got my bill down to half by just streaming through their app on my smart TVs (I should have done it a long time ago) so I now have basic channels and I use Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV etc. I'm more at work then at home anyways so I don't need all those channels.

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 4 days ago

The temps were in the upper 90's and suddenly it's in the upper 50's and pouring rain! Between that, being able to telecommute and this oldie but goodie tune, me is in yowza mode! Mmm mmm mmmm!


// Doreen / 230 weeks and 3 days ago

It was close to freezing this morning. I was exhaling clouds.

And I've discovered how they're getting that modem into my house without me "having to stay at home". They deliver in the evening. I did not ignore the bell this time, and lo a behold, a new modem. I'm in no mood to set it up right now (lots of configuration I need to replicate), so I'll take a swing at it this weekend.

I would say you pay much more than me for your internet, but if I add up TV + phone + internet, it adds up here as well.

Now that song, I've never heard it before. But the video you linked to was a performance on Top Pop, which was basically the only music show we had on TV here. I used to watch Sesame Street first and then Top Pop.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 3 days ago

You know I have heard that tune probably a zillion times and I just listened to the lyrics today when I dropped that link for you, which led me on a search of that girl singing and what an amazing story I found out about that Destination Unknown tune? She took a 52 foot fall out of a window and survived it! Which of course made her ponder life and she ended up writing that tune during her year long recovery? Apparently she was blind for a year from the fall but regained her vision, I still cannot believe she survived a 52 foot fall on concrete? I worked around alot of death at the hospital 15 feet or greater is normally 100% fatal? (that was pretty interesting)

As for the new modem from your ISP I don't trust it at all... hehe

Gotta be a catch somewhere or an offer that will come to you soon for faster and improved speeds and now a higher bill to go with that faster modem or something.

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 3 days ago

Rumour has it, the modem is a custom build by the ISP (as in, you can't buy it elsewhere) that has been locked down hard in order to cater to your average idiot computer user.

If that is the case, I'm going to be miffed. It should come as not surprise that I've tweaked plenty of settings in my current modem.

A lot of those 80s songs, even if they sound so happy, are super dark if you check the lyrics. Righeira always comes to mind [link]. At first glance it's "let's go to the beach". Yes, but the sea is glowing and the fish are all dead, because it's the aftermath of a nuclear war.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 2 days ago

If it ain't broke don't fix it just keep the old one, I'm sure there is a catch coming on a new and improved faster service package deal with that wonderful free modem, wait...

/me goes check out your link before I go take off for a week on you. My birthday, thanksgiving and I'm taking a few offers to go out of town and be spoiled instead of being home cooking and slaving for everyone in the family.

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 2 days ago

Never heard of that one you dropped but obviously they had nuclear war on their minds back in the 80s and we are still here?

Anyways, here is another one from that girl you never heard of all their tunes were cool. She was pretty much like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga rolled up together.


// Doreen / 230 weeks and 2 days ago

When there's two countries pointing nukes at each other and you'r stuck in the middle, people write dark songs. That whole generation is a bit morbid.

So, that Missing Persons band, I don't think they've made much waves over here, despite that Top Pop appearance in the first song you linked to. These are very, very 80s tunes, so it would have fit right in.

It also serves as an illustration that we live in a small world. The drummer of that band is the stepfather of the drummer of Aldious: [link]

Anyways, have fun on your week off.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 1 day ago

Strange that connection of the drummer and Aldious? (or maybe not)

Anyways, they may not have made much waves over there because they seem to be over here.

Hence this tune: [link]

Says somewhere in the Bible there is a time for everything so maybe it's my time for fun (at any rate I am going to force myself)

I will be back in our Castle next Saturday...

// Doreen / 230 weeks and 1 day ago

Given this thing called "the internet", which can connect people from all over the world, I would expect people would listen from all over the world. Turns out some do, but the fast majority seems to prefer their cozy bubble.

Or perhaps the traditional of acquiring said music have yet to adapt to the wide new world.

// craeonics / 230 weeks and 21 hours ago

Well I'm back in my cozy bubble anyways...

Jumped on a boat and onto a small island then back on a boat then drove to Las Vegas, laughed, cried, ate, drank, threw up and all it did was make me realize there is no place like home. hehe!

Only thing I wish was that I did not have to return back to work on Monday (but I suppose I'm even ready for that too)

/me comes back to my cozy haunted castle as well...

// Doreen / 229 weeks and 1 day ago

J-Lo, Mariah & Gwen Stafani are all in Vegas now too (but I didn't have time to catch any of them, not much into shows)

// Doreen / 229 weeks and 1 day ago

Doreen visits Vice City... Or was that another city?

Anyways, welcome back and happy birthday too. I ate all the cake.

// craeonics / 229 weeks and 22 hours ago

Don't know about Vice City but Las Vegas is a bit over rated (for me atleast)

I would have passed on that cake as I currently have a mean food hang over (I ate more in a week then I may have eaten in 5 years!)

I seen something pop up on my phone about a nutcase stabbing around your neck of the woods I'm glad to see you are alright dutchy. We have that kind of stuff every minute over here but I don't recall seeing much of that pop up over there?

// Doreen / 229 weeks and 17 hours ago

I've (almost) completely missed any stabbings. I watch too much news during workdays, so I purposely don't watch news during weekends, holidays and vacations. Saves a ton of time (which I use to watch wrestling...).

It was in my town though, so there's that.

Anyways, remember how I said it's like the apartment below me is haunted or something. Well, fun times are over. A family moved in on Thursday. With them came some kind of little demon that screams and cries all day long. I'm glad my floor is reasonably soundproof and I feel sorry for the old lady (80+) that lives below them).

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 6 days ago

Sounds like a good time to buy some really good ear buds! As for wrestling I used to hate it because it's so fake but a few weeks back I started watching a show called GLOW and it hooked me on wrestling now I don't see it the same way anymore. hehe

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 6 days ago

I have not watched GLOW (neither the new, nor the old incarnation), but I do know there's a character on that show called the "wellfare queen".

She's an actual wrestler going by the name Awesome/Amazing Kong [link]. She's super imposing in the ring.

She vanished for a few years and her back is a bit shot these days, but she returned some months ago: [link]. I was over the moon. Even in the fall of her career, she's as imposing as ever.

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 5 days ago

Interesting? I did not know she was actually a wrestler? Well all of the characters in GLOW are pretty amazing but my fav of them all is Zoya the Destroya! The TV series made me reconsider wrestling prior to watching that show I could not even tolerate watching it for more than 2 mins tops. It is just so ridiculous but it's kind cool now. Anyways here is Zoya!


// Doreen / 228 weeks and 5 days ago

There's not nearly enough trailer trash in that audience...

New music time: Georgia - Never let you go [link]. I initially glossed over this song, as the singing is rather generic. But there's quite a nice bassline going on.

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 4 days ago

Ack! Not my cup of tea. If you put the radio on over here you will hear this tune about every 3-5 mins.


// Doreen / 228 weeks and 4 days ago

Not much different from here than, I think I see that video every morning.

Hmm, let's see, was there anything interesting on this end... I listen to wannabe criminal Japanese rappers a lot these days.

Compare this song: Red Eye & OVER KILL - Pocket [link] with the Jin Dogg & D.O> remix [link]. Note: the second video is rather violent. And note #2: you need a device with good bass.

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 3 days ago

They play it wayyy too much, anyways I get to Telework at least for right now two days a month which means I get to multi task and have fun whilst I work:

Outstanding comeback: [link]

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 3 days ago

Nicole Whatshername and four random women who could or could have been in the original line-up, if not completely overshadowed by the lead singer.

Today is Sinterklaas, AKA the OG Santa. Sister requested I'd be at her place at 17:30. So uncle crae got to spent half anf hour in the tram during rush hour like a sardine in a can and then half an hour in the bus, because my sister lives in the middle of nowhere.

Anyways, the nieces where rather well-behaved today and I scored some presents of my own (read: candy), so all ended well.

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 2 days ago

You crazy dutchy... all that for some candy? (It's obvious though that you are a fantastic Uncle)

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 2 days ago

All that for the family thing. You want the kids to have a normal celebration, so you put up with things.

The parents (sister + brother in law) do need to think on how they're giving the presents though. They let the kids grab the presents out of the bag (Sinterklaas drops of jute bags with gifts), which ofcourse leads to kids rushing and fighting over who gets a present first and what not.

Better to let a parent hand out a present one at a time. The little critters will learn some patience then.

Moving on, a sample of the mushy mushy music that gets played on this side constantly. It's yer boi Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid - Beautiful People [link]. Seems to be an ode to normal folk. Ed Sheeran and Khalid only have cameos in the video (you can't really miss Khalid with hair like that).

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 1 day ago

Funny how different traditions (superstitions) are from diff parts of the world. The Santa Clause over here pretty much replaces God (or the true purpose of Christ mas) not sure I never can figure out all the Holidays and things exactly (I only care about being able to take the day off from work!) hehe

/me goes check out the mushy mushy music...

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't think I paid attention at all to the tune cuz the vid was so adorable and funny. (I've not heard that tune on this side yet) but Ed Sheeran keeps popping up in cameo parts on major tv series, it's pretty strange, and he has some decent acting skills too.

Anyways, catch up time with cleaning today and bills and all that fun stuffezz.

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 1 day ago

Ed Sheeran knows how to write songs that appeal to the general audience, so every song of his becomes a hit, even if it's all mushy mushy.

Moving on to something faster: Lovebites - When destinies align [link].

Visually I find it odd that they post a 4k video when the entire thing is blurry, as if it's an upscale. Colours and lighting are too much as well.

Musically, too much seems to be exactly where they are aiming for. This song is fast and upbeat and very musical-ish. Or in other words, typical power metal. The bass gets drowned out. On the upside, that long dual solo starting at 3:15 is quite nice.

// craeonics / 228 weeks and 22 hours ago

Ed Sheeran seems to have a romantic heart. You link takes me to "This Video is not available"

// Doreen / 228 weeks and 7 hours ago

You live in a walled garden that shields you from the wider world.

YouTube thought it was prudent to show me an unskippable thirty second funeral service ad after the video...

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 6 days ago

YouTube is not YouTube any more it is YouCommercialsAdvertisements (but what choice do we have)

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, we get to pick funeral services.

Today I was harrassing my colleagues with Wardruna and I got cosmetic commercials constantly.

Now, with that said, some more sampling of the rubbish that gets played here daily: Maroon 5 - Memories [link]. I'm sure there's people who like this kind of stuff. But I also think they should consider not having kids, lest their bad taste spreads.

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 5 days ago

I'm going for the Viking funeral (burnt & out to sea)

Maroon is in a league all it's own of mushy & vanilla...

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 4 days ago

Chinese folk love 'em.

More mushy stuff: Niall Horan - Nice to meet you (MTV EMA 2019 live version) [link]. Note the crazy amount of spotlights. And what a coincidence, I search for that song and it suggests Maroon 5...

Now for me, two new Band-Maid songs: Rinne [link] (super grimy video) + [link]. When I first found this band they were somewhere in between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Recent stuff shifted from Hard Rock to plain Rock, and was not particularly interesting. These two still are still not very heavy, but a step in the right direct.

I expect you will only focus on the cosmetic aspect.

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 4 days ago

Not too sure who that guy is in the first link (but definitely has a country vibe/tone) other two links all I can think of while watching them is "When will they EVER get new outfits and lose the Lil maid costumes?"

Quiet on this side and all I'm listening to at the moment is my old man neighbor outside by my window coughing and smoking his cigs...

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 4 days ago

The costumes is the gimmick. It won't change.

Some mashed potatoes for you: Major Lazer ft. J. Balvin & Et Alfa - Que Calor [link]. Main melody was lifted from Timbaland & Magoo - Indian Flute [link] (2003). Now, despite the Indian sounding melody, Timbaland sampled it from this Colombian song [link] ('91 or so).

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 3 days ago

So that mashed potatoes tune was mashed three times over before it was served??? No wonder it was so creamy! Mmm mmmm mmmmm!

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 2 days ago

some older potatoes, this one gets played by MTV a lot, but I don't think it was a particular hit or something: G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha - Me, myself & I [link] (2015).

This G-Eazy fellow is virtually unknown here, but as far as I know this is Rexha's first hit. After that she died her hair blonde and went on to stardom. Wiki says it's actually her song and she contacted him to do a collaboration because her label did not want to put it on her debut album.

Which makes you wonder, who's album is it anyway.

This Bebe Rexha thing seems to run deeper, but I'll get into that some other time.

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 1 day ago

That's not potatoes that's caviar. (cept when I spotted the name I first thought it was this older potato)


// Doreen / 227 weeks and 1 day ago

I was dragged off out of the country for a month long holiday when that De La Soul track came out, so I almost missed it. De La Soul is great in small doses. You don't want to put on a full album of them.

Back to the Bebe Rexha thing. I thought she was "just" a singer, since she collaborates a lot on other artist's tracks, but turns out she's primarily a songwriter and writes a lot for others. Her first actual hit was on this: David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack - Hey Mama [link], but she was uncredited at first for some reason, even though she sings the chorus.

I always find it interesting when it turns out one artist is way bigger than you'd expect to be. Or international collaborations for that matter, Guetta is French, Afrojack is from over here, Minaj is from Trinidad (originally).

// craeonics / 227 weeks and 22 hours ago

I didn't even know who at all she was but I thought she had the most amazing vocals I had ever heard in my entire life and was drawn to her so of course YouTube always feeds you more of their music on the right so I clicked on a few of "her" tunes and then had to search out who she was exactly (I thought she was from Europe) turns out she was hatched in the same exact city and state as me (Brooklyn, New York)

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 18 hours ago

To me she is totally relatable Brooklyn crazy: [link] (her vocals and range the diff way she sounds in diff tunes is just amazing!)

I have to check out more of her tunes today...

// Doreen / 227 weeks and 18 hours ago

I don't think I've heard that one before. The only one I know where she has black hair is the "Me, Myself & I" video I posted earlier.

Over on this end, she's primarily known for guest vocals, like for example: The Chainsmokers ft. Bebe Rexha - Call you mine [link] (2019). Chainsmokers' music is way too generic for my taste though.

Meanwhile, I was doing chores and heard the rustling leaves sound of a tree falling, dozens of clays balls dropping and rolling and the distinct trip trip of four legged pointy aired creatures getting scarce.

One of my potted plants is basically a small tree (about 1.5m tall). Cats like to use it as a scratching post. The plant disagrees. Plant figured it should fall over and teach 'em a lesson.

// craeonics / 226 weeks and 6 days ago

I ended up listening to a few of her tunes and if I didn't have a free Spotify account for a few more months I probably would have bought a few of her tunes.

As for your lil demons apparently they are trying to get your attention. Dex has to literally get in my face to get my attention, when I go to brush my teeth he jumps up on the sink and tries to lick my toothbrush! Royal pain, it's like having another kid!

Anyways, freezing, windy cold on this side and tons of jingle bells tunes driving me nuts and way too much going on with these Holidays, hate it, tired and can't wait for it all to be over, I cannot keep up much longer.

// Doreen / 226 weeks and 4 days ago

I've got some music to cheer^H^H rile you up then.

My favourite former trio put out a new (live-ish) video: Da Da Dance [link].

Intro, general verse structure, break is all decent.

The short rap is very much a throwback to the 90s.

The "woo" also come straight out of the 90s and reminds me a lot of this 2 Unlimited track [link] (1992). In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the source of the sample.

The vocoder stuff too is 90s but needs to go.

And then there's the chorus. It is abject rubbish and ruins the entire song. Sounds like a cats fighting outside.

// craeonics / 226 weeks and 3 days ago

I might even take those three ninjas over these jingle bells tunes everyone keeps playing on every station right now but thennn noooo, not possible.

My Holiday time off will begin after tomorrow and all will be well soon again (just to be way from all the madness at work)

// Doreen / 226 weeks and 3 days ago

I somehow have managed to elude all Christmas tunes, other than the one I plagued my colleagues with: [link]. Two days of work next week and then a week off.

I should go look up a Christmas song... Hmm, but is there actually such a thing as a non-crappy Christmas song?

// craeonics / 226 weeks and 2 days ago

I would have strangled you if you were my colleague and played that God awful tune! (as if being at work is not bad enough!)

I have freedom for a week now but I return on December 30th it will super quiet though since most everyone else will be off.

Okay, I had to search to see if there were such a thing as a non-crappy Christmas tune and nope no such thing! Not even cooked up in Trance? How is that even possible?


// Doreen / 226 weeks and 2 days ago

Well it was sorta okay until the stupid Jingle Bells started. OMG! Ack!

// Doreen / 226 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh boy, almost gave up but this has got to be theee ONLY decent Christmas tune I can find:


// Doreen / 226 weeks and 2 days ago

That's more like "what would happen if we give Coldplay some big drums and tell them to play slower".

I was blissfully unaware of any Christmas songs this year, and then the news decided to do an item on Christmas songs... Premises was that, basically, people listen to old crap because it's nostalgic.

Some new stuff, I was channel swimming in the middle of the night and came across one of those Christmas fundraisers they run to help Good Cause X. So you have radio DJs walking across the country, tracked by a camera, and they ask people to walk along. This is all broadcasted live on TV then.

Now the goal is to raise money, so people can request songs to be played while you see them walking.

Someone requested this Turkish I had never heard before: Altın Gün - Süpürgesi Yoncadan [link]. The singing is rather typical, but those instrumentals are superb.

// craeonics / 226 weeks and 1 day ago

Always miss the key part: people can donate money and then the song they requested will be played.

// craeonics / 226 weeks and 1 day ago

That is what I'm listening to when Sammy has his friends over in the room and they are working on their school assignments (they are writing and composing weird music scores) Sammy is going after some kind of music degree, not sure if there is money in that for his future but I suppose it depends on how good he is (I feel he should keep that as a hobby) but whatever he decides upon at least he has his goals set now. I thought he would chase physics like Gino but he decided on music. Gino is now doing his PhD thingy.

Anyways, my Christmas shopping is almost done and I'm just now waiting for the rain and my vacation.

Vacation = Stay at home and do absolutely nothing but enjoy rain and solitude (can't wait)

// Doreen / 226 weeks and 13 hours ago

And pet the cat.

Kids should pursue whatever career they fancy, as long as it is not vlogger or "influencer" on social media. Terrible people.

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 6 days ago

Pet and cuddle with my Dex so you got that right! Rain is coming in tonight and supposed to rain for several days so it's perfect timing!

And you were right about Italian kids living at home until they're 30 (atleast for my last one) he just turned 23 and if he is chasing a music career I belief he might be 30 before he moves out, thank God he is a good kid so I've no problems if that happens.

Anyways, happy Holidays to mijn dutchy, I hope you have a warm cozy one as well, me hands you an invisible box with warm cozy vibes swirling around in it. (fits my budget too, now that I've been emptied out at the mall) hehe!

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 6 days ago

Your cozy vibes seems to have had some kind of effect. Today I ran across a song I had been searching for for more than two decades.

Since half the office is out and the team lead was in meetings all day, I was blasting 90s house at full volume all day, when I came across this song: Subliminal Cuts - Le voie le soleil [link] (1994).

And when that piano kicked in at 1:38, I was thinking: "I know this melody from somewhere, but then at double speed".

Turns out I found the source of the sample used in a song I had been looking for since the late '90s: Scott Brown meets Paul Elstak - Cheese 'n Beats [link] (1995). Sample pops up at 1:08.

This songs was one of the last one the local pirate stations played before they were pulled from the air for the last time, so it was the end of an era for me.

But I never knew what the song was called, except from the usual misheard lyrics that lead nowhere.

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 5 days ago

Slight Prodigy vibes running around in those tunes, anyways my warm cozy vibes flew out the window last night when I was surfing around Netflix trying to find something to watch and it popped up a few newly released things to watch and one was "Don't F**k with Cats" (I then catch the word internet, and fail to read anything more) so I'm thinking it's some kind of compilation of cute online/internet cat videos, or something silly, I don't know, welllll it was the most horrific thing I may have ever watched in my entire life, completely disturbing and I woke up all night long from gruesome nightmares and today I feel ill like I'm sick with a flu or something, dizzy and sick it effected me so bad. I've still no idea why I watched it but I think I got frozen scared and could not turn it off! I'm traumatized from it dutchy! I feel as if I seen inside the soul of that kid that did the horrible things and it was probably like as if you visited Hell. *Shivers*

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 5 days ago

Lemmesee what you're talking about...

Yes, going by how wiki describes it, it's not something I would want to watch. I've been on the internet since the dawn of time and it really exposes the depths of some people.

Some advice: you might want to read a synopsis of the thing before jumping right in expecting happy things. Or maybe Netflix should add a "no nasty shit" filter.

/me goes look up happy things for Doreen...

Hmm, I don't do happy music. Here's some Party Animals: [link]

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 4 days ago

Depths of people? Dutchy I'm not sure that guy was even born with a soul at all, he was completely void of a soul. I've seen a few dark things in my life but I'm still recovering from that (not sure if it was just coincidental or not but I got sick, I'm still feeling dizzy and ill) I'm still trying to figure out why that happened to me. I think because the sequences of events or something. One minute you are focused on two adorable innocent kittens and your own soul is completely unguarded and open/exposed and then the evil crap jumps inside you! (who knows) just be sure not to watch that stupid thing.

/me goes check out your happy tune (I need it!) hehe

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 4 days ago

hehe dutchyyy (only you) that did help but a bit too happy for my taste so I can only stand 2 mins of it.

/me runs off to finish cleaning...

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 4 days ago

Something less happy and more heavy. I've queued up about half my record collection, so I've been hearing bit of pieces of all kinds of songs I should have but cannot recall.

For example: Heidevolk - In het woud gezworen [link] (2012) or if that one does not work: [link]. That intro is great. The bridge at 4:10 too.

This particular album is a concept album about the local tribes banding together against the encroaching Roman legions two thousand years ago. I'm not a big fan of concept albums, so that's probably why I could not remember this song.

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 3 days ago

First link I get the message "Video Unavailable" second link worked and yes that is more like it! (which reminds me after listening to it that I have one more Viking episode to watch later on tonight)

One more Holiday to get through and then it's everyone back to reality...

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 2 days ago

Christmas was "screaming nieces hell". To make a long story short, the nieces (age 3 and 7) were fighting the entire day.

At some point they were fighting over a skippy ball, so uncle crae got fed up with it, grabbed the skippy ball and tossed it on top of a closet. This lead to both of them throwing tantrums. The youngest tried climbing up the closet, the older was giving me the evil eye.

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 1 day ago

I have a feeling that girls are way different then boys? My boys never gave me any problems very calm in nature. Sammy is like having an invisible kid so if he decides to stay until he is 30 (like you said) I won't even have a problem with it.

He's still the same gentle in nature kid even at 23 now, so calm in nature that I actually worry that maybe I should be worried because that's strange right? He's soothing to be around. (His friends however are a completely diff story, total gremlins)

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 1 day ago

His girlfriend I cannot even explain, but as his Mother I know to let him make his own choices so I stay out of that. She's a plain Jane very hard for me to figure out, but they are cute.

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 1 day ago

As long as they are happy. And as you mentioned, them Italians live with their mama until way in their thirties.

In the case of the nieces, from my observation my sister and brother-in-law are raising their kids from the couch, basically yelling "don't do that, put that down" and so on, from a distance. The youngest is very obviously baiting the oldest, but the parents just sit and watch. Meanwhile grandpa is not helping either, everytime they throw a tantrum he tries to placate them with candy or dessert...

I never got that much dessert when I was a kid.

Now, I'm sure it will end up well in the end, but these two are rascals.

Some old rascals: Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris - Dance wiv me [link] (2008).

// craeonics / 225 weeks and 23 hours ago

CrazyCrae... Anyways, as long as they are raised with love no matter what else they will thrive in this world...

// Doreen / 225 weeks and 17 hours ago

Well, uncle crae gets to see the rascals again on New Year's eve. But I don't show up until ten at night, so they should be soundly asleep by then, or at least one of 'em should.

New-ish music: SULD - The Memory of Nomadism [link]. More of that Mongolian stuff. Though this one is a bit too much in the easy-listening direction for me.

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, I thought it fresh and outstanding...

Anyways, I will be either watching on TV the what happened and who died in 2019 shows or The Witcher on Netflix or even more exciting be in la la land. (not much into the madness of drunks and/or dodging bullets)

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 6 days ago

Given that I'll be visiting the parents and given that the parents like to watch glammy quiz shows, odds are I'll have to sit through one of those god awful quiz shows. Those things give you brain rot.

That's one reason why I don't go over until late at night.

New music time. YouTube's been hiding this one from me: Banana Lemon - #Slapanese [link]. For some reason the vocals are rather low in the mix, but on the plus side, that creates more space for this, eh, "slapping" beat.

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 5 days ago

Wellll, in less then 30 mins you will be saying "Happy New Year!!!"

I on the other hand still have a lil over 9 hrs to go therefore, me wishes mijn dutchy a "Happy New Year!" (and of course goes check your link out)

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 4 days ago

oh boyyy, neverrrrmind... hehe

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 4 days ago

I hope 2020 brings less prejudice. It's unbecoming.

Other than that, it looks largely the same. Rather quiet this year, probably because all the troublemakers got arrested a few days earlier.

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 3 days ago

Other than the smell of sulfur in the air this morning everything looks exactly the say in 2020 so far...

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 3 days ago

I woke up with this song in my head: Alphaville - Sounds like a melody [link] (1984). I think I like it more than Forever Young at this point.

The melody itself was later sped up and recycled by Cappella [link] (1993).

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 2 days ago

You must have had some kind of crazy dream! Anyways, why are you still posting in this old thread?

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 2 days ago

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