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Well this morning I heard this song for the first time and had to search and hunt it down (kinda perfect for this thread too!)

"I'm Listening" by Chris McClarney: [link]

// Dor_worship / 224 weeks and 2 days ago

Sounds like every pling plong piano song ever. At some point someone is going to use artificial intelligence to generate these things. Or maybe they already do and it's all robots.

Something different, it's yer boi Ed: Stormzy ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy - Own it [link]. Goes great with the rainy weather we're having right now.

Curious enough I heard three dancehall inspired songs in a row. I'll post the other two over the weekend, if I don't forget.

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 1 day ago

Nah, just that true worship tunes always seem to have that familiar sound/tone to them. Unless it is someone secular trying to break into the Christian realm such as Kenya West or whoever these guys are.

Though this one has some decent beats:


// Doreen / 224 weeks and 1 day ago

That Stormzy tune you dropped has some good beats but me is in still in worship mode:

Symphony - Switch [link]

// Dor_worship / 224 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, I just noticed that vid has the perfect color of pink! (pink is a tricky color, most are obnoxiously bright or gaudy dark!)

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 1 day ago

That Elevation Rythm song works quite well, but it's building up to some climax that never occurs. Same for that Switch song. The chorus is the climax, but it does not differ enough from the verse to make an impact. That rapper needs to go though, that's The Script level bad.

Back to more carnal music. The second video of the three I saw: J. Balvin - Blanco [link]. Sounds a bit like streamlined reggaeton. I would not be surprised it some rapper over here would use that beat to make a song out of.

// craeonics / 224 weeks and 21 hours ago

Whatchu talkin bout Willis? Clean your ears out cuz at 2:57 the Symphony begins which is a soft climax (they could have increased the sound there but it would have drowned out the vocals I suppose)

/me goes check out your link (reggaeton I cannot refuse)

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 16 hours ago

Mmmm mmmm mmmmm! Me & Dex likes dat one, it's all creamy white with cute white cats and it's freaky deaky reggaeton (its got it all going on)

/me goes get busy in my day...

// Doreen / 224 weeks and 15 hours ago

Climax should be more than just raising the volume a bit.

Moving to video number three, and as the saying goes, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings", so: Mark Ronson ft. Yebba - Don't leave me lonely [link]. Ronson's style is usually more funk-ish, so this sort of laid back reggaeton from him is new to me. I'm also not aware of having seen this singer before.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 6 days ago

I've been researching this Bebe girl and like most of her tunes. She's been on TV a lot suddenly too, unless I never noticed her before until you dropped that link (not sure) at any rate, me will be listening to her all day today, starting with this:


// Doreen / 223 weeks and 6 days ago

Checked out your link and it's very vanilla for any reggaeton combo...

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 6 days ago

We have to bring stuff to you in that cocoon you live in for you to notice it's all around you.

"Recently used in a commercial over here"-music: Ronnie Flex ft. Sarita Lorena - Haal me naar boven [link]. Song was used in soft drink commercial aimed at school. I'm not too sure if you want your kids to associate with a guy who said he should stop blowing all day. But maybe they, like me, still remember the little dweeb he used to be [link]

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 5 days ago

"Aimed at school kids" that is. Bloody key words always going missing.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 5 days ago

Me is back in my cocoon (which is quiet, heavenly, warm & cozy) after having to go out of it to work (which is noisy, hellish, freezing cold and chaotic madness)

Kids unfortunately have to find their own way cuz if you try to shelter them too much they will only run faster at the mess in life.

Anyways, speaking of lil dweebs, look what Justin Bieber broke out: [link]

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 5 days ago

Young Mr Bieber sounds like Drake these days.

2020 is a rotten year thus far. I'll spare you most of the crap that has happened so far except for the last few.

The autofocus on my camera broke. I'm not sure if its the camera or the lens. I only use it to photograph things I collect (games, CDs, books, thee ninja t-shirts), so I know what the state of things were when I bought them. So in that sense it's a bit like a scanner.

Friend pointed me at so called "document cameras", like [link], which is exactly what I need. I ordered one, it arrived on Monday. And it was obviously refurbished. But I don't care that much as long as it works.

I come home at night, finally have time to test it. And ofcourse it's broken.

So today I had to drag it to work to drop it off at a postal point thing to ship it back.

Half way along the way I get a flat tire.

The walk back from work, bike in hand took, forty minutes.

Luckily the local bicycle shop is open until eight. They replaced the back wheel in half an hour.

A rotten year it is. Dare I wonder what tomorrow brings...

/edit #1: this is odd. The filter is eating my post...

/edit #2: I'm glad I'm flagging the reasons for filtering, otherwise this would be hard to debug

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 4 days ago

My own filter starts chewing out my very own posts is only further proof that this year is doomed. I had to disable one of the filters to get the previous message through.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 4 days ago

Hmm, First off, the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone has a built in auto detect scanner (so when I take a pic of a doc or the back of a box or anything that is Microsoft such as an excel spreadsheet or whatever it knows to scan it rather then photograph it)

Secondly, just cuz you had a few crap things happen does not mean you will have a doomed year *sigh* (it could still end up being the best year you ever had in your life thus far)

When I get a few crap days I always remember that probably the reason God made the day a full cycle is cuz it gives us a fresh start all over again the next day (if we are still alive to live it, such as a clean slate)

Instead of feeling doom and gloom which is my normal mode I force myself to "try" to embrace the new day to see what it brings and somedays I get a few good surprises, (but it take a lot to impress me)

/me sends prayers over the ocean to you that you get a Blessed 2020 and that good things happen for you.

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 4 days ago

Today a car decided to turn right without slowing down, using the rear view mirror, and signalling. I was to the right of that car.

The good thing is that my slow reflexes were fast enough.

Or maybe I am used to people who got their drivers licenses from cereal boxes.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 3 days ago

You already knowwww what I'm going to say so I won't say it! Okayyyy, I can't even stand it I'm going to say it!!!

Seee you already rec'd your first blessing of this year and didn't become road kill! It's already working! hehe

You seriously need to get a car, bikes offer no protection at all from both the weather and other people driving who are possibly not paying attention to cyclist. The fact that you've not been hit yet and been driving that bike of yours for all these years is a complete miracle to me.

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, todays adventures of crae.

I order the same scanner from some other shop. Package arrived today. Cables, software, documentation, all missing. Immediately sent it back to shop.

Ofcourse it promptly went out of stock.

I go drop off some stuff at the parents. Mother complains her laptop's wifi is gone. I check and yes, it can't even find other networks. Reboot, Windows complains about improper shutdown and wants to run a restore. It let the restore run but after half an hour it was still not done and I saw my evening melt away, again. So I told my mother to just let it run and click on any "OK" she sees.

As coincidence would have it, she ordered a new one this afternoon. Guess who gets to install it when it gets delivered.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 2 days ago

Well, today's adventures of Doreen.

I decided to take the day off work to go to take my Mother to her two Doctor appts and spend the day with her and take her out to lunch (her B-day is in a few days)

She tells me her phone has no internet connection (of course I check her settings on her phone and her cellular service is turned off) she has no clue how she turned it off. (easy fix)

While we are in the quiet waiting area she has her brother and her sister calling her on the phone and she of course has to put them on speaker so everyone in the waiting room can hear their entire crazy conversations on full blast.

Is that bad you say? Do you know how people from Brooklyn speak and behave? [link]

This is how her brother and sister both sound blazing on speaker phone... (diff conversation but still exactly as crazy and loud!)

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 2 days ago

I find it amusing when people discuss some delicate matter on speaker in public. Although they should not be doing it in a supposed to be quiet area, because then it goes from not caring about your own dirty laundray to not caring about the peace and quiet of others.

Anyways, my nose is clogged and I can sense a headache incoming, plus the "laptop has been delivered, come install it" call on the horizon later today. But other than that, no disasters today yet.

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 1 day ago

Most Brooklyn'ers either just don't care or simply don't realize, though I was hatched in Brooklyn I was raised in Cali so I neither have that issue nor accent and loudness of my family (they consider my horrible accent as if I was raised in London which is totally nuts to me)

At any rate any day spent with my Mom is alwaysss a complete adventure and yesterday was no different then I should have expected. hehe!

Hope you feel better and that the install goes smoothly for you...

/me goes run to the mall for some me time today.

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 1 day ago

If you install a new Win10 machine, Microsoft tries to trick you into creating an online acount with them. You have to disable your network in order to get a normal local account on your machine. Very shady business practice.

Anyways, while I was installing Win10, my mother managed to fix the wifi on her old machine by herself and was mighty proud of it too.

Then later she called to to tell it was broken again after reboot:

me: "I think your hard drive is on its last legs, only use that machine for important things."

her: "Yes, I'm playing some games on it."

The mind boggles...

// craeonics / 223 weeks and 21 hours ago

Umm, the problem your Mom might possibly be having is some crazy virus on her machine "from playing games"?

Parents tend to play "online" games that are free rather then just purchasing a game and installing it on their own private machine.

// Doreen / 223 weeks and 9 hours ago

The games she plays are the ones Windows ships with. One of those card games. There's no third party involved there.

Curious enough, the card games in Win10 all seem to be third party, which is shady. I haven't given it enough of a look to see if the "normal" card games are still there.

Anyways, remaining tasks for the dutiful son is to move over all the (useful) data from the old laptop, for which I need to get me an USB-to-LAN adapter, because apparently laptops don't ship with network ports no more these days.

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 6 days ago

There is no such thing as "normal" standalone games these days cuz every game has some evil intention of advertisements or habit tracking software. But, if you get too caught up on the boogieman lurking on you then you won't be able to enjoy a single thing on the internet. I've no time to care (nor do I really care what anyone assumes, though it is annoying)

Besides no more ports there is no more CD ROM to install older favorite software on the newer machines and laptops cuz everything is a download!!!

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 6 days ago

Trying to catch up on all the tech news and check this out! The new Fold 2 (though I'm married to my Galaxy Fold first gen) this looks sexy too!


I seriously think once everyone gets over the fear of it they will be the only phones everyone will use in 3 yrs time. With the one I have it's the perfect sweet spot of phone and tablet in your hand.

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 6 days ago

Yikes! Check out 5:00 on that vid! And a pen on that too?

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm thinking wear and tear. How often can you fold that thing and will it damage the material.

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 5 days ago

Well for my foldable phone it's 200,000 times, I doubt a foldable laptop would be opened and closed as much? As for the screen you need to have some common sense I don't go lathering up my hands with hand lotion then grab my phone since the screen is not glass you need to have clean hands using the screen. I've had no issues at all and I've even got long nails and I don't even see a scratch on it. (but I use common sense, not to be reckless when I open it)

Look at ppl who have glass phones they drop and shatter them all the time because they are just not careful.

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 5 days ago

I have not shattered a single phone.

Probably because I don't have a mobile.

The downside is that everything expects you to have a mobile phone, so for instance, I can't access my credit card provider's site because they suddenly required 2FA.

/me goes sit with the old fossils

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 4 days ago

Well, if I remember correctly you once said you didn't own one single credit card and look that changed so never say never you old fossil...

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 4 days ago

I can't watch my wrestling without that credit card.

It's just about the only thing I can use it for, as that's a subscription thing that was set up before all that 2FA nonsense started.

Some newish music: Rosalía - A palé [link]. It's not really my thing, but both her music and her videos have a certain unpolishedness and weirdness about it that does make it stand out from the much smoother masses of pop music.

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 3 days ago

That is a new level of crazy with the witchy nails and unibrow and gold teeth going on I was not sure if I liked it or should run from the computer in case she cast a voodoo spell or something...

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 3 days ago

Okay, had to take a closer look at her and check her out she is just crazy cool and nothing to be feared...


// Doreen / 222 weeks and 3 days ago

The unibrow is a Spanish thing. Though I'm certain she's using it her for the weird factor, as she does not normally look like that.

First non-crap Daoko in ages: Daoko - Otogi no machi [link]. Although the whisper singing does not really fit that well. But she can't sing, so what can you do... Song sounds a bit like this old Jamiroquai [link] (1997).

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 2 days ago

I agree, it looked like she was going after the shock effect (and it worked!)

Ah, both are too vanilla and have the typical old club beat going on...

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 1 day ago

Over here they are wearing this girl out on the radio: [link]

Not much variety going on the radio anymore...

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 1 day ago

I thought you liked Halsey. Or only in limited doses?

I stopped listening to the radio at home when I started buying music that never gets played on the radio (monsters in forests tend not to). And it stopped at work when the office got filled all these sensitive characters that complain at everything.

If I did not see MTV during breakfast, I would not know what's going. Cue Marvin Gaye [link]

// craeonics / 222 weeks and 20 hours ago

The key to bliss in life is "balance" of which nobody really can stay in that zone. It gets so overplayed that I don't care to hear her anymore from them overdosing her tunes on the radio.

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 15 hours ago

Why is MTV playing that old tune???

// Doreen / 222 weeks and 15 hours ago

Marvin Gaye was dead long before MTV was hatched, so I doubt they've ever played one of his songs. The song itself was actually about social unrest in the US and not so much keeping or not keeping up with current affairs.

Hmm, turns out Gaye died (shot by his own father) three years after MTV launched (respectively 1984 and 1981). So there may be a chance his stuff was shown there, if the songs had videos.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 6 days ago

I know I was hatched already by then but don't remember much of him at that point nor MTV for that matter. MTV I remember in during my oingo boingo days...

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 5 days ago

Just in case you don't know what I meant: [link]

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 5 days ago

I have never heard of that band before, but it has a very 80s vibe. Bit like a cross between Madness and The Police and then in very unfocussed fashion. That song was six minutes, but I suspect they could have gone on for six hours.

Anyways, received an album from Japan that took a full month god knows where, and it came in a box the size of a pizza box. Why would a CD arrive in a pizza box? Well, apparently the pre-order bonus was a so called "clear file", an A4-sized ("letter" or "legal" in Doreen terms) plastic sheet with a print on it.

I have no idea what the purpose of this clear file is.

Google is no help either.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 5 days ago

I will assume the reason for the pizza box is so that it does not get bent or broken during shipping. Had they used a simple cardboard envelope coming that distance it would have been bent or cracked for sures.

I cannot believe that you have never heard of oingo boingo?

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 4 days ago

Are you serious? [link]

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 4 days ago

It sounds so so 80s, but no, never heard of them. Looking at their wiki page [link] there's no NL page for them, so I don't think they've ever made waves on this side of the pond.

Remember that you're other favourites, W.A.R. are also completely unknown over here, except for maybe that Lowrider song.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 3 days ago

Your you're their they're there, the bloody homonyms strike again.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 3 days ago

Well, the real issue is that even though I call you dutchy I actually forget that you are! hehe

Oingo Boingo and WAR are both all the way L.A. (specially WAR)

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 3 days ago

Yup, yup stilll sounds good to me even as old as it is...


// Doreen / 221 weeks and 3 days ago

We have a saying "wereldberoemd in Nederland" (world famous in NL), which refers to artists everyone in the countries knows, even if by name only, and no-one knows across the border.

I was just at a wedding party where the bridegroom came from Congo originally, so the music did have an African slant for quite some time, and quite decent too, and then they started playing Whitney Houston and I figured it was time to leave.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 2 days ago

hehe! you are so silly (but I totally agree, Whitney = make a quick exit)

I remember when I ran with the wolves they listened to real oldies and I often wondered what was the deal with that since the tunes are basically as old as the hills and way before their time but still to this day if you go down deep into L.A. even today the younger crowd still listens to oldies such as this (there is a pic of a girl in this vid that looks exactly like the girls that used to hit me up and scare the crap out of me) me being hatched in NY I did not understand LA at the time. though I never got involved with gangs all my friends just respected that but they were from gangs. I hung around with everybody and stayed neutral, which I have no idea at all how I got away with that. (probably by the grace of God)


Anyways, I'm teleworking today (which means punish Doreen for not being in the office) so my Boss wants me to complete some LAC Udemy Training that is 5 tortuous hours of vids to master Microsoft Teams

/me runs off to log back on and train...

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 2 days ago

I may or may have not heard that song. It's so old you can't really tell.

Someone needs to explain to me why people make screencasts that take forever to get through instead of writing proper documentation with some screenshots that you can skim through. My suspicion is that writing proper documentation is rather time consuming.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 1 day ago

It's older than the hills! Which is my point, music transcends age, race, IQ and everything.

Anyways, me has an early dentist appt to get my teeth cleaned and then I've got to take Sammy to get his flu shot (nasty flu running around over here) and I'm not sure why I have to take him just because he refuses to drive a car (like someone else I know) but his girlfriend drives and could take him!

/end venting here!

Have a goed day/night dutchy!

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 1 day ago

Your his mother and he's momma boy. That's also why he's not moving out.

I get a letter from my doctor about getting a flu shot every year (apparently I'm in the "risk" category), but I've never gotten one, nor do I recall ever having the flu. It does not strike me as a particularly live threatening or deadly disease anyway.

And yes, I have all the other shots for the usual kids' diseases.

// craeonics / 221 weeks and 21 hours ago

It's a bit diff on your side of ocean dutchy, here at LAX airport we get everyone from everywhere and right now if anyone comes off the plane with a fever they are putting them into quarantine. The issue over here with the flu is it gets deadly (Sammy has asthma) so he's high risk.

You are probably safe since you might not have the same exposure that ppl in L.A. have. (not sure)

// Doreen / 221 weeks and 16 hours ago

People go everywhere these days. But if this is response to the China situation, I'd understand why they'd at least want to boost the resistance. Not sure if it would have any effect on a new strand of the virus, but it may help if you're susceptible to the regular variant and don't want to catch something else while you're sick.

Moving to digital diseases, normally YouTube on my TV is roughly 10% relevant new stuff; 30% stuff I've seen before; 50% somehow related stuff I won't ever watch, but it somewhat makes sense to be there; and 10% general public drivel unrelated to what I would watch and which I will never watch (vloggers and all the "trending" stuff).

It was like that up until last night.

I switch on YouTube on my TV today and it's now 95% general drivel, 5% stuff relevant to me, and to top it off, the autoplay seems dead. Grrreat...

// craeonics / 220 weeks and 6 days ago

Well, YouTube is now becoming unbearable for me with "Commercials" who would have thought it would come to having to pay even for YouTube. There is not much free and enjoyable anymore. Pretty soon we will have to pay for the very air we breath...

// Doreen / 220 weeks and 4 days ago

I still wonder if YouTube actually makes a profit. I think it operated at a loss when Google bought it.

If you play any kind of popular music, it's ad city constantly. So I play the various "dark party mix" mixes [link] all day at work. Stuff is obscure enough to remain relatively ad free, mellow enough to keep the co-workers from complaining and dark enough for me.

// craeonics / 220 weeks and 3 days ago

Trip Hop, that's why. Still pretty much underground I suppose. at least you can listen to music at work so that is good! I am now going to telework on Thursdays so my prayers have been answered. (hopefully I will get to listen to some tunes a bit more) work is completely sucking the life out of me and I'm thinking more and more about relocating to Oregon and just take the smaller paycheck cuz it way cheaper than L.A. but I still need a year to think it through. (for now, my boss giving me Thursdays to telework is enough to keep me a bit more happy)

// Doreen / 220 weeks and 3 days ago

Some new music to go with that teleworking: Regard - Ride it [link]

Not that I actually heard much of it. It caught my eye because of the car. They were trimming the bushes across the street, so I could not hear a thing.

// craeonics / 220 weeks and 2 days ago

That song sounds so much like another song I've heard but I cannot remember the name of the other song!

I've got white noise running in the background while I'm working

/me looks at the TV, Some mumbo jumbo about the president or something...

// Doreen / 220 weeks and 2 days ago

okay, now that is going to drive me crazy I hear the song in my head and cannot remember the stupid name of the other song that sounds like the song you posted. (It sounds like a total rip of it) hehe!

Hate it when that happens. (old age is setting in)

// Doreen / 220 weeks and 2 days ago

Found it! That song is as old as the hills! [link]

// Doreen / 220 weeks and 2 days ago

I can hear some similarities if you'd play it at double speed.

In reality it was all a ploy to distract you from all that home work. I may or may not have heard the Jay Sean song before, that guy popped up and was everywhere one day and then gone the next.

// craeonics / 220 weeks and 1 day ago

Yeah, well, I do need a good distraction but not much is working. Anyways, I don't like to drop off the map on mijn dutchy (yes chatting with you for God only knows how long now on an almost daily basis means you are a definite part of my normal routine in life)

But there is a tornado of nastiness spinning all around me and I'm not listening to much lately cuz I'm struggling to stay quiet to listen to my invisible friend for strength.

My wild sis is in the ICU, my crazy bro is in China as I told you (and things are not goed over in China right now)

My Mom is trying to stay strong and I'm trying to keep it together to not make things any worse on her and I take care of all her needs.

I'll be back when the storm passes...

// Doreen / 219 weeks and 6 days ago

Dor_caretakter, that's no laughing matter.

My mother is taking care of my father, who is going blind, and it/he is driving her crazy (he's just as stubborn as I am).

I'll add some sailing music: Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth [link], though I should note that only the intro is good.

// craeonics / 219 weeks and 5 days ago

/me sends some prayers to your Mother (and Father) I can relate...

Well, things are much better on this side my wild sis is out of the intensive care unit and now back at home that froze me up and I could not even breath. Hopefully she had time to reflect on what she is doing to herself. As for my bro, he is still in quarantine over in China and unable to work so he's stuck but again now he has time to stay still and reflect on what he is doing to himself?

I may be the most boring person on earth but the only drama I have is everyone else's!!!

My Mom is handling things actually better then me she's amazing and strong so I don't know why I was worrying about her but all is well again, which means tune time!!!

Something new and fresh:


// Doreen / 219 weeks and 1 day ago

I'd say the original sounds better than the bass boosted version (which wrecks the low resonance of the piano) [link]

Anyways, good that that storm has passed for now.

Meanwhile the YouTube app on my TV has somehow managed to wipe my entire view history of the past three years. That history was accumulated organically from a single search years ago and then only going through the recommended videos. Grrr...

// craeonics / 219 weeks and 20 hours ago

Yikes! You are right that is better! What an unlikely hook up that guy with David Crowder (of which I have posted here over the years for you to listen to) [link]

As for the storms the only way to survive them is to anchor yourself steady or you will get swept up and might not return...

Did you clear your history on your YouTube somehow by accident? or do something recently to your computer or browser? (you had to have)

Anyways, me is listening to this: [link]

Gotta hit the stores and get busy cleaning in a bit.

// Doreen / 219 weeks and 15 hours ago

Pling plong piano strikes again. And the voice does not help either. That lady's been smoking too much.

YouTube app on the TV, so god knows how that stores or renews its cookies. It probably phones home to Panasonic first or maybe even at every request.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 6 days ago

She's not a lady she is a young girl (younger than you even) hehe!

I'm thinking the TV app stores your history via your account sign-in therefore if you cleared your browser or history etc on your pc still the same outcome? (not sure, just a guess)

Sammy got sick anyways, (cold or flue not sure) so playing nurse yet again and I just noticed his hair is almost down to his butt! He keeps it in a pony tail so I never really noticed before how long it got! I'm jealous he has me beat. Gino went through that phase so not sure when Sam will cut it but it looks cool for now. Since he is attending Fullerton College and working at the Theatre I suppose nobody outside is harping on his as of yet.

One more day of freedom so me goes waste it finding something crazy on Netflix.

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 6 days ago

Hair that long is rather odd unless you're a midget or it's dreadlocks. And dreadlocks are a special kind of nasty.

That being said, I recall back when I was studying and the years still started with a 1 and a 9 I used to see a Chinese guy walk around near the train station every now and then, who had hair down to his ankles. It was uncanny.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 5 days ago

It is rather odd and since he was born with soft & beautiful features if he did not have a grizzly beard around his face I'm certain everyone would think he was female or something. At any rate, I'm pretty sure it's a phase (or no motivation to cut it for now)

I think the deal with the Chinese is the old fashion one think it bad luck to cut their hair (or facial hair not sure, but I remember something to that effect)

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 5 days ago

The woman cutting their hair somewhere in their 20s seems to be phenomenon that appears in all populations for some unknown reason.

A former colleague of mine said it was because it was easier when you have an unruly kid to take care off. Especially if that unruly kid gets hair lice.

New music time: Awich ft. kZm - Nebuta [link]. I don't know why, but I find that ending quite amusing.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 4 days ago

I will assume I know why buddy, but the whole thing is quite strange! hehe

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 4 days ago

It's probably the guy behind the counter tapping along with his pencil, then miming the vocals and then act like nothing happened.

New music, Mr Wavy brings the bass: JP the Wavy - Louis 8 [link]. Again, the ending is the best bit. Bass is quite deep, so works best with a subwoofer. I have no idea what "Louis 8" refers to.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 3 days ago

Yeah? Good answer. hehe

/me goes check out your link...

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 3 days ago

What in the world? What happened? did you FINALLY get bored and tired of those three ninjas!!!

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 3 days ago

The former three ninjas are busy touring and the new album is so so, so I don't expect anything interesting on that front the next few years.

More new music, I actually heard this in one of the dark party mixes before I saw the video: Billy Eilish - Everything I wanted [link]. Two things come to mind.

First, every single of hers sounds like it's coming from a car at the bottom of a lake, so in that sense this video is completely fitting.

Second, if this song is dedicated to her brother, does that means the guy sitting next to her is her brother? They look nothing alike.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 2 days ago

Janet is everywhere you turn right now since she is trying to make a comeback with new music (I think she stopped aging or something, knowing she is about 54 with a three yo baby)


// Doreen / 218 weeks and 2 days ago

Yup, that is Billy's brother and she recently did a sweep at the music awards (I don't care much for her tunes they all sound the same to me)

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 2 days ago

OMG! I want it! I want it! I want it!!!!!

Check this out: [link]

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 2 days ago

I still question the quality of that fold.

As for Ms Jackson, strange how basically only her and Michael had any type of musical career beyond the 80s, while the whole family used to be involved with music.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 1 day ago

The Fold is nearly perfect (as a mini tablet/phone) the only drawback is that it has a plastic screen vs this new one that has a folding glass screen (therefore your nails won't mess it up as easily)

I'm a collector of these things so I'm on a mission today to get me one since at midnight last night I clicked on the buy button one second after midnight and they showed sold out (which is total nonsense) I ordered me the black one but most likely it won't ship for months so I will hit the mall and see if I can physically grab one in a store though I don't expect to be that lucky I will at least get to touch one!

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 1 day ago

I got it! I cannot believe it! I might be one of seven in all of LA County that got their hands on one of em! I even got the black one! (I would have taken the purple one if I had to) but unbelievable, so I canceled my online pre-order which would have taken months if not a year since I was after the unlocked one.

Totally awesome feels like a makeup compact in the hand and flips open to a full size phone, the glass feels pretty much like the other fold able tablet/phone but hopefully won't scratch as easily, anyways, off to playyyy!

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 1 day ago

Fast forward to next week: "Dutchy, I broke my phone in half!".

Meanwhile we seem to be getting overrun by spammers. I can remover the posts fast enough, but I need to aggregate and reset the metadata by hand, which is a hassle. Two ideas to solve this spring to mind: 1) "lock" old threads, but this only cloaks the problem and is not a reliable solution; or 2) disallow the use of URL's in posts by unknown users, which will take care of this, but requires more knowledge than the existing filters and is thus a bitch to write.

Cat is sitting on my legs, so I can't go places anyway, so I might as well write that filter...

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 20 hours ago

And an hour later. Let's see if this still works...

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 19 hours ago

Right, so it turns out I had already written a script to refresh the metadata, or 90% of it, twelve years ago, and never bothered to test or finish it and had totally forgotten about it.

// craeonics / 218 weeks and 19 hours ago

Strange that the spammer stayed out of the new thread? Not sure why a spammer would want to post links in a ghost town but oh well...

Phone will not break in half since it's made super well and I'm totally impressed with this one though it should be 5G for the price of it. Nobody can really find them unless they are signing up for a carrier right now from what I am reading the unlocked versions are going to be difficult to get so I am on cloud 9 right now! The form factor on this one is killer though I cannot see a man wanting one since it's a bit too feminine so my guess is that men will target the fold (not the flip)

/me runs off to find a tiny tiny leather crossbody purse to cradle myyyy preciousssss in!!!

// Doreen / 218 weeks and 17 hours ago

Spammers post in old threads because their posts are not meant for normal humans, but for search bots spidering the site. Google and friends rank a site higher if more sites link to it, so the spammers want to get linked.

That whole limited availability thing sounds like some kind of fake exclusivity. Some companies always play the "resource scarcity" of "production problems" card, but I'm not buying any of that. It's a ploy to make the product seem wanted.

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 6 days ago

Nope, what they do is only release maybe 1-3 unlocked units per store (when there is actually 50-100 trying to buy the unlocked ones) and release a more decent supply of locked versions (20-30, which is not really a decent supply) for the 200-300 locked carrier specific customers) and thennnn say sold out in 5 mins to make it look like higher demand then reality and get everyone fooled with assumptions)

I have no assumptions. I already know I was one of the blessed or lucky ones to get the 1-3 unlocked versions at the store I went to. It's just cruel the games they play, almost pisses me off to not buy them (but like I said I'm a collector of the newest gadgets and I just don't care about the games they play, it just pisses me off a bit)

I got my itsy bitsy tiny leather crossbody yesterday to cradle my precious in yesterday so I'm a happy camper though even the crossbody I got from Coach was no easy feat to find because all leather crossbody are not bigger due to the standard phones getting bigger and bigger now whilst Samsung is breaking the barriers and being cutting edge and innovative (apple is still disgustingly stagnant, so they no longer get my money)

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 6 days ago

I meant to say leather crossbodys are huge now due to the bigger form size of todays phones and my leather crossbody I found was a discontinued item that the lady found hidden in a drawer and I got it!!!!! Like the size of my phone which is a small makeup compact and holds just my phone and credit cards and work ID. I'm excited!!!

This phone is nearly perfect it only needs 5G network and that's it...

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 6 days ago

And maybe the Cloud Pink color and then it would be sheer perfection (in my eyes anyways)

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 6 days ago

So, the only "cross body" I know is a wrestling move. A very simple move, yet it's the one that leads to the move concussions.

I'm enjoying me playing the fossil, not understanding anything of this newfangled phone tech. People looking on their phone all day long...

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 5 days ago

Most obsess on their phones with selfies or social media, I just obsess over the phone itself (if that makes any sense) hehe

I need to be contacted by the boss and family on the fly so I might as well enjoy the "phone" part. Which my boss is texting me right now to put something on his Calendar which could actually wait until tomorrow (good thing I like handling my phone or I'd shoot him)

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 5 days ago

Can't your boss put it on his calendar himself? Our new team lead uses Google Calendar for everything. I hate Google with a vengeance, so I refuse to look at it. And I don't need to because it sends you a mail for every little thing.

Newish music, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I've been listening to this group a lot lately: Migma Shelter - Tokyo Square [link]. If you ignore the singing for a bit, the part between 1:00 and 1:30 and 4:10 onwards is very well done psy-trance.

The difference being that psy-trance resonates in my head (headache inducing), while this does not.

/edit: turns out I had I typo in my query and the filter blocked everyone posting links, including me

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 4 days ago

Our organization only is allowed to use MS Office 365 and he could calendar himself in but then he put me on the unemployment line and then how will I buy my gadgets! Check out my next toy, it will be my very first 5G phone and in the PERFECT color pink! (I'm picky with pink)


// Doreen / 217 weeks and 4 days ago

As for your link, Ack! (and whats with the eye patch?)

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 4 days ago

Boreen strikes again.

More new music, not safe for the dull: RagDöllz - 1519 [link]. Up until 2:30 it great, but a bit erratic, as with most of their stuff. After 2:30 it's absolute rubbish.

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 3 days ago

Boreen is Bliss Buddy. If it's absolute rubbish after 2:30 then why oh why do you even listen to that stuffezzzz!

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 3 days ago

Reminder to self: Lower speaker volumn down before clicking on any of dutchys growling maniac links...

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 3 days ago

OMG! That is coming out of HER mouth! Unbelievable!

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 3 days ago

It's full of all kinds of interesting ideas and angles, but they jump from one thing to another way too fast. If only they'd release that in some physical form...

New old music: Goblin Land ft. Lisky S. & T.O.P. - O.O.O [link]. This first caught my eye because of their looks. Two skinny guys with the worst haircuts of the 80s. Then the vocals struck my ear. It's very abrasive, very distorted. But there's such distortion that it creates melodies on its own. The more regular bad guy rappers that come in later are quite boring in comparison.

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 2 days ago

I'm listening to my neighbor outside (who sounds like Buffalo Bill in this old creepy movie) *Shivers*


// Doreen / 217 weeks and 1 day ago

I have no idea who Buffalo Bill might be in that scene.

The only Buffalo Bill I know is some Wild West cowboy [link] (who died in 1917, which is more recent than I'd imagine).

I don't watch series or movies, so I usually don't know the famous people. Not because of my contrarian self, but more because there's tons of other stuff I watch and simply not having time for any of it. Too many "hobbies", so to speak.

// craeonics / 217 weeks and 20 hours ago

I watched that old flick in the days when I had time to watch it, mostly now it's all about work, cleaning, shopping or payin my bills and my Mom's Bills etc. Netflix is when I want to partaaaa! (boring is bliss)

Some day when I quit working I will resume hobbies...

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 16 hours ago

My crazy brother returned from China yesterday now I've got to keep him away from our Mother for 14 days in case he has brought a lilll gift of coronavirus in his suitcase. (I've not seen him yet he is in Nevada today)

// Doreen / 217 weeks and 16 hours ago

I think the current path is that we work until we drop.

So either play now or never play.

As for your brother, in these cases it's better save than sorry. I still think two weeks is rather short, but the idea is that if you don't become ill in two week, then you don't have.

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 6 days ago

YouTube is on a roll today. First a five minute ad, and if that isn't crazy enough, I just got an 18 minute. Who in their right might would think that is a good idea...

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 6 days ago

Well he is still fairly young and healthy so he is symptom free but I think the suitcase that has been dragged all over the ground and airport of China is not so I am keeping him away from our Mother for a month or preferable more to keep the cooties away from her, even though she is healthy she is not young so she is high risk and so is my son Sammy who just got over a super bad bout of Type A flu and was knocked off his feet for two weeks.

My brother had the never to tell my Mom he wanted to spend a few days with her and thank God she told him no or I would have had to intervene on that mess. (he is extremely self centered and selfish)

As for YouTube the free days are completely gone dutchy, and 18 minutes is completely insane! As soon as the "Skip Ad" button pops up on the lower right of my screen I click on that in a split second (for some kind of revengeful feeling)

I use YouTube for watching tech reviews, plant based whole food recipes, and music vids of course so eventually I will just pay for it to avoid the stress of those stupid commercials but right now I can still semi tolerate them.

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 6 days ago

never = nerve

/note to self proof before submit...

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 6 days ago

Anyways, back to prison tomorrow (I mean work) so I'm off to YouTube to look up some recipes and be annoyed with those stupid ads...

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 6 days ago

I always said I would never pay for any digital medium, and yet these days I'm paying for my wrestling (which I rip, so they can't take it from me).

But I sure as hell don't see myself ever paying for YouTube, no matter how hard they plug it. They're up against Spotify, which seems to be quite popular, so I don't know if they'll make any inroads. Google has deep pockets, but Google also has a habit of suddenly axing projects.

Your brother should just facetime (or whatever is hip these days) with your mother.

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 5 days ago

The whatever is hip these days app would be the "Whatsapp"

Yes ridiculous name for an app but I had to use it when Gino traveled Europe and my brother was in China.

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 4 days ago

Of course it is free and so is calling and video abroad...

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 4 days ago

It's probably also why people value the size of their data bundle on their mobile subscription.

I don't have a phone, so I have no idea what I'm talking about here and it's great.

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 3 days ago

Most these days are unlimited everything in your package however it will not cover when you go abroad outside of the States (so most just use the Whatsapp) I got to see Italy and Paris and everywhere Gino when through the free vid app and we had unlimited calling using that free app or I am certain the fees for communication would have cost more than his trip!

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 2 days ago

The miracles of modern technology. He probably also came back with like 9000 photos and videos of his trip.

I recall back in the day, you'd have a few dozen photos at most and you'd have to get them developed first and then hope they would not get overexposed. Film was even worse. You'd have to set up the screen and a projector and sit in the dark to see some shaky picture. Which reminds me, I wonder if the parents have had that old film digitised...

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 1 day ago

A few, but he said there were more places that he visited that he was not too impressed due to the beggers and such (if I recall he was most comfortable in Paris)

Well since I'm older than you I can remember my Mom's Polaroid Camera which was magical (take a pic and watch it develop before your very eyes!)

Technology has a way of reminding us of our age as well! hehe!

My Mom saves pics but I don't really save too many, I see no purpose behind looking back at all, does not seem to matter much to me. Feeling all those feelings from another time that is gone already seems to serve no purpose to me/ (I'm not sure if that is healthy or not)

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 1 day ago

Wait until you have grandchildren. Then your phone will suddenly be filled with all kinds of photos and videos and you feel the urge to share them with everyone.

// craeonics / 216 weeks and 21 hours ago

Nah, that will be their jobs to take photos for them. I've already handed over to them the photos I took of my own babies.

Don't care to save old photos that serve me no purpose, they will need them.

And of course I now have the flu...

// Doreen / 216 weeks and 16 hours ago

I think everyone has the flu these days. I've been coughing all week. And sneezing all my life, but that's the normal situation for me.

Earlier this week it was my sister's birthday so we went out to dinner. My mother managed to sneeze across me and my food twice and thought that was really funny. That has not been acceptable behaviour since the Middle Ages.

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 6 days ago

I agree, I don't know anyone who is not coughing all over the place. Ack!

I think you live at birthday gatherings! (or they seem to be coming back to back now) As for your Mom, it sounds like shes getting even with you now! hehe

/me goes jump back in my fluffy bed. (have to somehow get better before work tomorrow)

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 6 days ago

The birthday parties never stop.

Here, some rubbish to get you back out of bed: Li Tecca - Ransom [link]. I caught this in the middle of the night. The song is bad, the video is bad, the lyrics are probably bad too. The whole thing is awful.

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 5 days ago

Ugh! I need a dose of mijn dutchy, where is he? (probably at another birthday party?

/me goes check out your link...

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, mindless rapping, booties shaking, treadmills at the gym and most important, banging base (not sure what you are talking about, sounded goed to me!)

/me goes jump back in bed...

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 3 days ago

My ears are stil clogged, so I miss half the sounds.

Here, some more rubbish for you: Black Eyed Peas & J. Balvin - Ritmo (Bad Boys for life) [link]. Probably goes along with a new Bad Boys movie. Will Smith and that Martin guy, whose name I can't recall, are going on 120 by now...

The female vocals are sampled from: Corona - Rhytm of the Night [link] (1994). Big hit around that time. Not really my thing.

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 3 days ago

Are you sick too? I'm not even bothering with going to the Doctors because I don't want to leave with something even worse than what I already have...

As for "your" thing? I already know what your thing is:


// Doreen / 215 weeks and 3 days ago

That one with J. Balvin is not too bad, this one is strange though: [link]

/me is currently listening to Dexter snoring really loud right now though! hehe

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 3 days ago

Lots of weird videos lately.

If have a song that sounds somewhat like what you were implying with the Grudge link, but so much better: Striborg - The Evil Lurking in the Woods [link]. You need a good bass for this one, because that's where the melody is hidden. It's curious that I can instantly find it now and never when I want to expose my colleagues at work to the outer limits of what can be considered music.

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 2 days ago

You know I'm just playin with you. The part of music that appeals to us both (with the diverse music we both listen to) is pretty deep under the many layers of craziness that most don't get. You can't imagine the remarks I get from the foul things I love to listen to. What they see and hear are completely diff then what I'm listening to. hehe

/me goes give myself more shivers from your link (have to check it out since it has the word "woods" in it)

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 2 days ago

Okay dutchy that seriously is messing with my head those creepy insane vibrations! My head has so much pressure in it that I can hear my heart pounding inside my head and that magnified the pressure of it!

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 2 days ago

That just made my head more dizzy and sick (not kidding at all)

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 2 days ago

"The evil lurking in the woods" might just be a poetic way to express the weird vibrations in your head. You should (as we say over here) clear your sinuses to alleviate that pressure. Though no-one ever explains how you're supposed to do so.

One of those weird recent videos: 5 Seconds of Summer - No Shame [link]. Yes, it's a boy band, but their recent stuff is less boy band-y. And no, I'm not implying it's any good.

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 1 day ago

Hmm, well I thought it was decent (and fresh) the stuff on the radio on this side is completely stagnant.

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 1 day ago

Nope that insane link you dropped of Striborg was posted in 2014 and only had a little over 200 hits so I will assume I'm not the only one that felt listening to it is hazardous to your head! Though my ears popped yesterday when I made the mistake of checking it again to see the hit count it did the same thing to my head (it's toxic to me!) hehe!

/me coughs all over you to get even for that!

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 1 day ago

So you're saying that what we have here is a piece of music that evokes a physical response. I'd say that's quite the accomplishment.

I need to go try this at work...

// craeonics / 215 weeks and 21 hours ago

Yikes! Goodluck with that mijn dutchy (you might find yourself on the unemployment line)

// Doreen / 215 weeks and 13 hours ago

Uh oh! You better duck! It's pling plong piano for me today!


// Dor_worship / 215 weeks and 12 hours ago

The singing in that pling plong tune reminds me of something, but I can't recall what. Very annoying when you know you know something but it is just beyond recall.

Probably some Celtic thing with a flute...

// craeonics / 214 weeks and 6 days ago

Killer oldie all mixed up and crazy good! [link]

// Doreen / 214 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm the 600th hit on that thing since it got posted in 2014.

Two minutes in and the song finally starts. Does not sound familiar at all. Don't think I've heard the original of this one.

// craeonics / 214 weeks and 5 days ago

I was watching an action movie or something and they were playing some old tunes and I remembered hearing that one before but when I went to search it I found that mix (which was awesome)

Doubt you ever heard it before since it's most likely never been played on your side of the pond and because it's an oldie too.

// Doreen / 214 weeks and 5 days ago

Oldies never die on this side of the pond they only become more popular over time (lil gang bangers keep them alive)

Here's the original version dutchy:


// Doreen / 214 weeks and 5 days ago

It sounds familiar in the sense that it sounds like your average Soul record, but I don't think I've heard it before.

Apparently the only Ben E. King song that got played over here was Stand By Me [link] (1961).

// craeonics / 214 weeks and 4 days ago

Might be before you were even hatched and not played at all on your side but I know I've heard it before, so when I heard it in that movie I went to search it out, strange that tune in the link you dropped does not even sound like the same style at all (but it says the same guys name so I suppose he was very versatile?)

// Doreen / 214 weeks and 4 days ago

Basically, if it was a hit over here, it should have a wiki page. It does not, so it was not a hit. That "Stand by me" song is one that my father always requests when he's at a party with a DJ.

New music time: Broederliefde - Nog lang niet [link]. Three things of note in this song.

First, the intro is better than the song

Second, this title is untranslatable to English. You can only paraphrase it with extra verbs and nouns. Literally it's "yet long not" and in proper English it would be "still a long way to go".

Third, I'm not sure if having little kids practice full contact sports is good parenting.

// craeonics / 214 weeks and 3 days ago

So you father was a lil gang banger? Just kidding dutchy...

As for your tune, twas decent enough but not too many vids make any sense to the song.

Seems the world has gone crazy right now and me being a civil service employee might get caught up in the craziness on this side of the pond. Schools and public service buildings are under emergency situations and closing and things are happening fast, so if I drop off the map for a small bit it's just I'm running on empty these days and the demands are getting heavier on me.

// Doreen / 214 weeks and 3 days ago

People are overreacting as usual.

And then you have others that are saying they're not overreacting enough.

This nonsense will all pass eventually. I would not get anything done if I started working from home.

// craeonics / 214 weeks and 2 days ago

I hope eventually comes fast (cept for the teleworking part) but so far it's getting worse by the day, and to think some think I'm nuts for feeling safe with my God and they are running for toilet paper to feel safer. (ridiculous)

Anyways, thinking about mijn dutchy and wondering how things are going on that side of the pond?

I'm a civil service work so I'm on call for whatever now from home (could be sent somewhere to be a nurse or Doctor for all I know)

Are you at home picking your nose or what?

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 4 days ago

I refuse to work at home, so I ride my bike to work every morning. Yesterday there were five people in the office (out of about 25), the rest were either sick or working from home. One was a new colleague, so part of my day was lost to get her up and running (because for some reason it's impossible to set up someone's machine and accounts and what not before they're physically there).

Today there were four of us.

I went for my usual weekly grocery shopping on Friday and the supermarket was out of veggies (don't eat those, don't care), grinded meat (probably for people making their own meatballs, I don't know), bread (almost, I got my stuff), and, for some crazy reason, toilet paper.

I don't know who those assholes are that think they need to go hoard stuff, but the world would be a lot better off without them.

// craeonics / 213 weeks and 4 days ago

Good thing then you were not picking your nose then cuz apparently you can't get toilet paper either!

I bought my dutch chocolate and vanilla cream whey protein powder so if I can't find food I'm good for two months with only water.

Sam lives on frozen entrees and when I get time to cook so he's at the mercy of what is in the freezer stocked right now because the market was completely empty cept Dexter lucked out cuz there was cat food!

Very strange to see the panic but the real thing everyone needs to fear here is "each other"

Anyways, glad to see my dutchy is okay and as sarcastic as ever. Stay safe mijn dutchy...

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 4 days ago

I'm getting very miffed at everything though.

I'll spare you the details, but for example: I've been hearing a very present, very low bass at home all day long for weeks now, ever since my ears got clogged. But I can't locate the source. So it's either in my head, ongoing construction work outside, or my idiot neighbours downstairs have some device running.

// craeonics / 213 weeks and 3 days ago

Well that sounds kinda crazy but not as crazy as what my mind is thinking, which is that this virus is man made biological warfare and the Government is not telling us everything to avoid an even worse panic. I've got a headache from hearing the very word "Coronavirus" but last week I had pressure in my head and could hear my heart beating in my ears. So it's probably just your ears stuffed up or something.

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 3 days ago

I heard the exact same sound at work, so it's in my head.

This ears being clogged for many weeks thing has managed to mess up my hearing. Grrreat.

The good news is that my ears suddenly popped on the way back from work. I think they quickly got scared from all the sounds and reclogged, but it's a great feeling to suddenly hear normally again, if only for a short moment.

The other bad news is that my newfangled spam filter is apparently not working. The theory is sound, so the fault lies in the execution somewhere. But I'm not in the mood to go digging at the moment (it's a bitch to debug these things).

// craeonics / 213 weeks and 2 days ago

Sounds like the same thing I was going through (my ears were stuffed for a couple of weeks when I was sick and then one day suddenly popped open)

Don't go crazy with debugging there is too much going on at the moment to care about that, just ignore it and take care of "yourself" and your family right now dutchy.

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 2 days ago

No, these are the things that should not be neglected. This is a bit like people loitering on the streets. Might seem like a small problem, but that's how you slowly slide into seedy neighbourhood territory.

But I'll tackle it later, first have to go see if all the old fossils have left some bread on the shelves at the supermarket (and then go play games all day long, the important things in life).

// craeonics / 213 weeks and 1 day ago

As you may mijn dutchy, anyways, on this side at midnight last night we were all ordered on lock down so only markets are now open for food (of which we cannot find on shelves even though they are open)

I remember praying for more teleworking but now the whole world has it! God I only prayed that for myself!

All playing aside, the panic is crazy but I'm totally enjoying the part of not having to go into work, they can't even reassign us to go work anywhere (as they normally would in an emergency situation) because the administrative order came through last night that we are ordered to stay at home! Yowza!!!

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 1 day ago

I like to keep work and home strictly split, so I work at work and "home" (why is this not a verb?) at home. These shenanigans only lightly affect me. Most annoying thing when everyone is hiding out at home is that customers still call the office and guess who picks up the phone and has to deal with all urgencies (which are sometimes only urgent in the mind of the customer).

I'm actually listening to something right now: Lovebites - Battle in the East [link], which is a live-stream of one their (recorded) concerts. Their music is a bit hit and miss and usually a bit on the miss side (like the vocals), but sometimes it's quite good. But at least there's no constant ad breaks. The guitarist on the left just played a solo on the keyboard with one hand while still playing her guitar with the other hand...

// craeonics / 213 weeks and 21 hours ago

Yeah, but what we might like to do might not be wise at this time. (especially for you since you are a high risk with your wheeziness) should you catch this nasty virus what are you going to do drive your wheezy but to the over crowded hospital on your bike? Take the precautions and be smart about it silly.

On this side we have no choices we are on lock down so that is that, good thing is my cable provider tossed in a couple of pay for channels that I did not have before and the new release movies are within a week allowing streaming so that helps with the boredom.

// Doreen / 213 weeks and 17 hours ago

What is this "boredom" thing? I'm only bored at parties. Too many games to play, books to read, things to make (digitally, so it never gets done), and so on.

Speaking of games, I think I played well over twelve hours of Uncharted 4 yesterday. For some traditional reason I play games in this series on the highest difficulty only, and this one is royally kicking my behind with shenanigans.

// craeonics / 212 weeks and 6 days ago

Shopping Malls, Hair Salons, Nail Salons are all closed = Boredom.

Thank God I have my own gym but even so I'm beginning to feel like a hamster on a run wheel.

Getting back to gaming is a thought now though...

// Doreen / 212 weeks and 6 days ago

Don't do it like I do. I figured it was enough gaming when I saw the sun peek over the horizon. At that point I still had not had my dinner (hurray for microwaves) and I was very wobbly when I got off the couch.

The weirdest bit was that I went to be and woke up at ten as usual like nothing happened.

// craeonics / 212 weeks and 5 days ago

Even though we are on lock down and are all teleworking I still automatically wake up at 4:30am as if I am actually having to go into work. I think after a while we just run by our biological clocks alarm.

Have not been able to jump into game world because I would have to pay to activate my WOW account and not sure I would really use it much since I'm still being swamped with work if not more from all the "help me" emails and calls. (Surprising how many ppl cannot even figure out how to telework!!!) OMG!!!!

// Doreen / 212 weeks and 5 days ago

That is actually the best bit. One of my coworkers has the brain capacity of a caterpillar and needs help with everything. But now that he's been working at home I haven't heard a thing from him in weeks.

There's all kinds of other pluses of being the only one at the office (aside from the receptionist and some bosses in seperate rooms): 1) I can bask in the sun all day (no idiot colleague who keep the blinds shut); 2) no bloody artificial lights; and 3) I can play any music I like. Now if only YouTube would stop the constant ads...

// craeonics / 212 weeks and 4 days ago

By the time everyone finally gets on board with the teleworking thing then everyone will be called back into the office.

I've been incorporating a run around the community in between the help me!, help me! emails and calls (so I feel better)

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Spotted this crap song recently: Tabitha ft. Ronnie Flex - Zeldzaam [link]. Not only is the song bad, the video is especially bad. Looks like they were going for an 80s vibe, but they picked all the bad elements. I suspect they plundered their parents' wardrobe for the outfits.

Melody wise it's an obvious rip of Cameo's Candy [link] (1986).

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Ack! Too happy poppy for even me...

Just checking in on you, hopefully on your side of the pond it is not too bad but over here on this side of the pond in Los Angeles (better known as the City of Angels) it has been nothing but sheer Hell.

// Doreen / 211 weeks and 12 hours ago

A lot of folk staying at home and such and the government telling people to only go out when there's a necessity (like getting groceries) and to keep their distance.

Young folk are deaf and blind to news, so some artists made a song to get the message across to them: Ali B ft. Poke & Judeska - Anderhalf [link] (long intro). There's various famous-over-here people in this video. The intro is a popular entertainment news show, the reporter is a guy that usually does undercover crime reporting. The guy in drag is a character of a comedian. He appears as himself as the guy with the mask on the left in the intro.

// craeonics / 210 weeks and 6 days ago

Good beats and crazy vid (goed! me liked)

Well it sounds like you guys are having your share of the madness on that side too. This virus is taking out even young ppl too so they will begin to take it more serious soon enough. At first no body was listening so they locked down all the beaches and Griffith Park Observatory, Disneyland, Knots and all the rec parks etc. All our meetings at work have moved over to Video Conferences (MS Teams or WebEx) definitely a diff way of life right now. Plus it just turned mandatory to wear masks in Riverside County so everyone is wearing bandanas like Lil gang bangers! hehe

Stay safe mijn dutchy!

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You mean you're back to the old Doreen. Careful they don't start doing crib walks and what not.

I have this week off and disaster has already struck with my (network) switch going poof, so the TV no longer has an internet connection, hence no videos for me.

Already ordered a replacement, but mail takes a few days with the current situation.

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They are indeed doing crib walks...

Are you able to telework? With your line of work it should be easier for you (and safer)

Just be careful, alot of the ppl that laughed about this and took it very lightly are now dead and buried over here on this side of the pond. (several ppl from my job caught it)

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 5 days ago

I've been having some strange cough for some two, three months, so who knows, maybe I already caught it.

I don't think holing up at home is the answer. It is government policy to advise this because this will delay the spread, it won't stop the spread. Delaying is good, the hospitals won't get overburdened that way.

Anyways, Spring is upon us. I need to get some new plants for the balcony. The birds ripped out half of the old ones, with roots and all.

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I think it will be nearly impossible not to catch it, I'm 99.9% certain Sammy had it with him working at the Theater and attending Public College he was down for over two weeks before I even heard the word Coronavirus with fevers spiking to 104, 105 (freaked me out) then a week later I got sick (but I never went to the Doctor, and just toughed it out) I'm only really worried about my Mom catching it because of her age but she will not listen and stay home.

Today is a rainy day and work is pressing so I better jump/drag myself back to it!

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Eat well and exercise regularly (which these days is an hour and a half of light exercise per week, my trips already cover that) and use your common sense and the risk of bad stuff happening already drops significantly.

Or such is my look on these health related matters.

Peace of mind helps too. Right now they're working on the street with heavy machinery in front of the house and the neighbour downstairs is cutting some tiles with some kind of grinder...

Newish music: The Weeknd - Blinding Lights [link]. Now this is how you do an 80's style song.

// craeonics / 210 weeks and 3 days ago

That is my look at it as well, plus if you simply keep away from large crowds such as underground gatherings/parties etc.

At any rate this has been something to watch... the so called ppl in power scrambling about trying to fight against something so natural and invisible not even war related (can you just imagine a massive asteroid or nuclear war) goes to show them who really is in power (definitely not them egotistical ppl in power)

Today they reported by testing that our air over here in Cali is the cleanest it's ever been since 1995 (from a few weeks of not allowing us humans to muck it all up for just a few measly weeks!) and our beaches are squeaky clean already

I'm pretty sure when we are allow to go back to our normal routine only 1% of ppl will even remember the "positive" effects to our planet from removing our disgusting man-made habits.

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 3 days ago

Hmm, that was a pretty good tune dutchy, like the way they played the quick slow mo part and a few seconds of alpha waves at the end. hehe!

I don't care too much for that guy but that one was goed!

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It will be business as usual in a few months.

That being said, this is the first time I've experienced such a "maatschappijontwrichtende" (society disrupting) event. I don't think we've had one like this in many, many decades. So in that sense, it's interesting and I do wonder if there will be lasting effects (aside from a ton of bankrupcies).

// craeonics / 210 weeks and 2 days ago

Yikes! That is one long word dutchy! As for business as usual it won't be for me, my boss called me yesterday to prepare me for today's electronic roll call (that I do each morning) that another one of my co-workers caught it and died.

At the rate my division and branch is going we might return back with only half our staffing...

This brings to life what the Bible's Passover must have actually felt like in the Biblical days.

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 2 days ago

Hmm, so are these the seven fat years or the seven meager years?

YouTube app on the TV seems to be very glitchy today, but I got this new track: Ydizyy x Blaise - Inainaibaaaa! [link] (all his stuff is crazy).

// craeonics / 210 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't know what the seven fat years or seven meager years are?

This thing that I was referring to was some movie I seen about a Biblical thing called the Passover where they put blood over the top of their doors so this plague that God sent (which in the movie they represented it as a dark gloomy foggy smoke) and if you had lambs blood smeared over the top of their door outside the plague passed over the house and God did not take their firstborn son? Everyone was in the dark locked in their houses sheltering with their families, frightened and waiting for that plague to pass over. (Something like that)

I would reference it in the Bible but not sure where it is since I never really read the whole Bible (just google it, you'll find it!) hehe

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 1 day ago

I don't know what to think about that tune but that black mask looks pretty cool. Which reminds me it is now mandatory effective today here to wear a mask or they won't allow you in to shop. I did like the black ninja mask he was wearing in that vid.

/me goes search for some cool masks online...

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 1 day ago

OMG dutchy, not only do you end up looking like a thief having to wear one of these masks things the ppl selling them are actually thieves! They are ridiculously expensive!

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 1 day ago

Hey! I actually found that plague thing that I was talking about:


// Doreen / 210 weeks and 1 day ago

I always get that bit of myth mixed up. Let's say it's an earlier season of the series. In the early season, the Jews go live in Egypt and rise in power and there's the episode where the Pharaoh has a dream of seven fat years followed by seven years of famine (Genesis 41).

Now, in a later season the Jews have fallen out of favour in Egypt and it's time to leave (Exodus 7-11). That would be boring television without something happening, enter the ten plagues.

The mask thing reminds me of a certain other religion, one with quite a bad rep.

Unrelated, with all this "stay at home" business, my favourite trio's biggest show was put on YouTube under the monniker "stay home / stay metal", so that's what playing on my TV right now (even though I have the better quality blu-ray).

// craeonics / 210 weeks and 21 hours ago

By now they are no longer "baby" metal. And I'm having a down day, my boss notified me again yesterday that we lost yet another co-worker in our division. (two in three days, so it's happening at a crazy rate) this is getting ridiculous and frightening. I think most are thinking teleworking means vacation time or party time and are not staying home.

Jumping back into Netflix to distract my brain from all the madness outside and all around me right now...

// Doreen / 210 weeks and 9 hours ago

Prime risk factors seem to be: 1) male; 2) old age; and 3) overweight. I still maintain that if you live a healthy life you should not be at risk. I only know of one person who has it and she's a doctor and only midly affected (last thing I heard before my holiday), so that was to be expected.

Meanwhile, I've got night two of said concert playing in the background. It's their tenth anniversary this year. When did I hit upon this...? 2016 I think, around this time. Time flies.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 6 days ago

I'm not scared at all for myself dutchy (I think I may have already even had it) I'm frightened for everyone around me that touches my life.

And by the way, though I agree with the same risk factors in actuality this particular virus does not discriminate in regards to age, race or gender so the people around me that I personally know and have died were not expecting it and would not have died had this virus not risen.

Anyways, I awoke this morning to Easter Sunday (which I forgot about during my Netflix binge yesterday) and on every channel I turned to I was reminded who is in charge of this world and everything and everyone in it.

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 6 days ago

By that reasoning that imaginary friend of yours would also be the one responsible for the current situation.

Great, I just kicked out spam about face masks. I already knew these spammers lack any kind of common decency, but apparently they can even stoop lower.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 5 days ago

I don't know mijn invisible dutchy, I only know he is in charge over the world and us, could be he tired of watching us muck everything up that he created and wanted to allow us to have a different perspective on life really fast before we completely destroy it. I think this has alot of ppls attention to suddenly "stop" and look around with a diff perspective on what is important? Who knows, I know nothing (I only have faith in a Creator, but I don't understand anything else)

And I certainly don't know why I have to waist my life working for lil green paper in order to live on this planet. Not fair!

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 5 days ago

OMG dutchy this is really getting comical, yesterday our President spent two (2) hours making it clear to the Governors and I quote his words here "As the President of the United States, I CALL THE SHOTS, it is MY decision" in regards to when this is over. hehe!

Still no one gets it... what a bunch of fumbling idiots that think they rule the world and everyone in it (God forgive me but this is comical to watch)

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 4 days ago

It's pretty clear to me that it would actually take an Asteroid to humble the world all at once cuz this virus ain't working.

It's terrifying to watch the complete stupidity of the world and the so called educated and ppl in authority of this world.

/me jumps back to work and waste my day so I can earn my lil green papers with presidents pics on them...

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 4 days ago

I think you're going off the deep end...

Some new music: Tyga x Curtis Roach - Bored in the House [link]. I suspect the guy that looks like he dumped some caustic substance on his head is Curtis Roach.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 4 days ago

Oh be quiet! I think you guys are still dealing with Queens and Kings on that side while over on this side we have had the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as our Governor! You can't even imagine...

It's hard not to go crazy with all this craziness!

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 4 days ago


/me smacks you, vid was cute though...

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 4 days ago

But if people are going crazy, should you be going crazy too? I walk my own path, regardless of what people think. Groupthink always seems to be inversely corrolated to common sense.

New music: Nielson - Entree [link]. So this is a bit of an odd one. This guy usually falls squarely into the singer/songwriter category. But this song is way too smooth for that. It sounds very produced.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 3 days ago

No dutchy, It's a bit difficult to not be effected by the craziness as I am a county employee which makes me a DSW (disaster Service Worker) and I'm hearing crap like it's mandatory to be dispatched out to hotels to checkin positive COVID homeless ppl in Los Angeles that are infected with this stupid virus. The stuff being announced by our crazy president and governors is directly impacting my life pretty soon (and my boss keeps reminding us we could be dispatched soon)

Stupid job... (but I might quit) it is quite diff on this side of the pond so yes I'm losing it...

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 3 days ago

How do you go from secretary to some some front line function?

I've said it before, but you seem to be chained to you job and victim to the whims of your bosses who move you around like some commodity.

Anyways, fell asleep watching TV, woke up a three thirty at night. Had to get up for work at the usual time. Fast forward to three thirty in the afternoon and my body was basically shutting down. I don't know why I am so tired, but I'll probably hit the hay early today.

I reckon it's a delayed after effect of the switch to Summer time. That always messes up my rhythm.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 2 days ago

Umm, you are a sucky message board husband! You are supposed to say "Don't worry everything will be alright!"

I remember the first time you said the word commodity to me I had to look it up but yes, that is EXACTLY what us county employees are when we first start with the county we sign all kinds of papers (I was a teenager, never read one of them just signed them all) one of those papers states when you become a Los Angeles County Employee no matter what your current title/item is (mine being Sec III) IF an emergency or disaster should arise in the County you are also above all else a DSW (Disaster Service Worker) so when my boss told us in our last huddles we are soon to be dispatched out I really did not take it serious but they are just waiting to find out from the BOS (Board of Supervisors) where the needs of the County are and off we go! I might be handing out food to a boat load of ppl or checking in homeless ppl to the California Donated Hotels to get them off the streets because they tested positive with the virus! However if it comes to that I will refuse which I'm going to deal that when it happens and he said it will be within a week or two now.

This is a nightmare dutchy, and I've been forgetting to pray...

BTW you are tired cuz you are getting old dutchy! hehe!

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 2 days ago

I can't recall ever waking up "rested". I don't think I've ever been one of those "step out of bed full of energy" types. I do have plenty of ideas, but then real world chores interfere and then the evening hits and I go "I'll do that tomorrow".

Come the morning, repeat.

I've been thinking of some songs for your situation. Let's start with: Sam Cooke - Chain Gang [link] (1960). I'm actually looking for a different chain gang song, but this one tends to pop up first.

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 1 day ago

Which of course this tune jumped into my head for whatever reason:


/me goes jump into this day of freedom!

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 1 day ago

Ah see, let's continue that with: Grace Jones - Slave to the Rhythm [link] (1985).

Which is the only song of hers that I know of. I hope she had more hits, because having to play the same song for thirty years is a bit sad.

I've seen more movies with Ms Jones in it (two to be precise, a James Bond movie and the second Conan the Barbarian movie).

// craeonics / 209 weeks and 22 hours ago

You are so lucky I'm too tired at the moment to continue on with my bitching and complaining about work...

That Grace Jones tunes was possibly the worsest tune I have ever heard,so, I will wash it out of my head with going back to my old playlist that I found on my Spotify yesterday beginning with this: [link]

// Doreen / 209 weeks and 17 hours ago

That's how I walk down the streets, except that in this day and age people step aside when they see me coming. On an unrelated note, YouTube seems to have added an auto dark mode finally.

More music suited for your work situation: Depeche Mode - Master and Servant [link] (1984). Alright, so it's technically not about work, but about certain other... relationships.

// craeonics / 208 weeks and 6 days ago

Never heard that one (though I am familiar with Depeche Mode) YouTube was trying to lure me off to all kinds of nasty horrible tune recommendations so I ran back here.

BTW YouTube has had dark mode for quite a while now it makes a big difference when watching vids. (should have been a dark mode since day one)

// Doreen / 208 weeks and 6 days ago

There's a new-ish CSS selector that lets the site detect what the visitor's preference is. It's just a matter of implementing that to auto-switch to dark mode.

Tek has no dark mode, by the way, it's all beige.

Oh, YouTube is now light again...

Time to round up the songs related to your work situation: Inferno Bros. - Slaves to the Rave (PCP mix) [link] (1995). Intro runs through to 1:10, that's where the good stuff starts. If I put this on at work, one colleague gets all excited and the other grind their teeth. They ain't got no taste.

Now, I see people saying the DE 2001 mix better, so let's see [link]. Hmm, it's rather dull until 3:45, but no, I prefer the PCP version.

// craeonics / 208 weeks and 5 days ago

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