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Look, a new thread!

An idea I have had for some time now.

Wouldn't it be interesting (or just sign of very in-crowd like warmness) to ask the people from yesteryear to do a screenshot of their current desktop. Now I don't mean one of these fancy screenshots made for awe's, but rather a glimpse of the true day to day situation on a persons desktop. Maybe some people defaulted to the virgin desktop environments provided by their OS, some others might have customized it in their very own way, and some else might've done no more than scratching the basics and tweak the default theme. Seeing this could give some inspiration to some and satisfy mere curiosity for others.

Does that sound interesting at all?

// PK / 860 weeks and 4 days ago

It's a good idea. I'm always in favour of the human interest angle over software (hence the focus on interviews). I wouldn't be surprised if the desktop of many past and present skinners isn't very skinned.

There is a risk of "in-breeding", meaning that this might only be interesting for the incrowd.

On a more logistic note, this would be an easy article to format, since there's not much text, but I'm quite short on time to do the actual data hunter/gathering.

// craeonics / 860 weeks and 3 days ago

Ok, let's start. I'll see if I can dig up email addresses and will start to send invitations. We'll see how it goes (it's not that Tek is working with tight deadlines..)

// PK / 860 weeks and 3 days ago

Cool. We have oceans of time, so don't worry about that.

// craeonics / 860 weeks and 3 days ago

I probably should have left out the word tight.

// PK / 860 weeks and 3 days ago

I doubt you'll find it easy to find the old yesteryear crowd's emails around these days so how will you contact them? But I'd like to be nosey and see what ppl are looking at on their desktop these days as well...

// Doreen / 859 weeks and 4 days ago

Well dutchy another hit and run over here on Tek but I'll go ahead and post this for PKtje when he returns? Here's a pic of my current desktop. =)


// Doreen / 859 weeks and 2 days ago

I don't really skin my desktop much these days as I used to but I can't seem to leave my iphone alone. (I think it's cuz it's more challenging to skin the iphone than the desktop)



// Doreen / 859 weeks and 2 days ago

1) Vertical screen? I rarely see people use that.

2) Gah! Internet Explorer. Vade retro, Satana!

My screen is the same as it always was. Black.

// craeonics / 859 weeks and 2 days ago

My boss had me working on a project which included bottomless pit excel files so I was in scroll hell until I realized I could toss my monitor in portrait mode w/ software I had already, but now that I've been in his mode I think I like it and may not go back to landscape.

// Doreen / 859 weeks and 2 days ago

his = this

my keyboard has been typing what it wants rather than what I want...

// Doreen / 859 weeks and 2 days ago

Oh uhm... Now I understand why tek #14 has not yet been released...

Those screenshots look good Doreen!

Some days ago I finally gave in and bought myself a nice 19" widescreen TFT. Gone are the days of having only my laptop running at 1024x768. I still find myself using "windows classic" and with as less fancy stuff as possible.

Yesterday I visited a customer of us and borrowed a computer of them. It came with eight (EIGHT) pre-installed Internet Explorer toolbars (including their very own to constantly check webmail even though they use outlook), an annoying always-on-top Novell launchpad and the most ugly custom visual style (with the company name as a watermark in any place possible) I've ever seen. Being able to use the external desktop app to login to our own system and see windows classic again (with Lotus Notes!) was a lifesaver :)

// PK / 854 weeks and 20 hours ago

It took me time to get used to the widescreen cuz to me everything looked so warped all the time but alot of ppl are now making things customized for the widescreens so it's becoming more and more common...

Anyways, me comes wave to PKtje. =)

// Doreen / 853 weeks and 5 days ago

Aha, and again I understand why #14 might never see the light :)

My new customizing project: [link]

// Captain PK / 844 weeks and 6 days ago

Aha, and again I understand why #14 might never see the light :)

My new customizing project will take even more time away: [link]

// Captain PK / 844 weeks and 6 days ago

Hmm, so how's your thesis coming along, Mr Love Boat? Looking good though.

Anyway, I bought a house, so there's way too much customising going on for me.

// craeonics / 844 weeks and 6 days ago

Alright Captain PKtje! (after you and your girlfriend wearout out our Tek T you can hang that up on top as a pirate flag)

Looks very nice PK... =)

// Doreen / 844 weeks and 6 days ago

you can remove one of those "out" words up there if you want.

// Doreen / 844 weeks and 6 days ago

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